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Chapter 320

Seven Devil Titles And Restored Asura God’s Power

(TL by Bagelson)

Oscar said unhappily:
“What Phoenix Douluo, you should be called Evil Fire Douluo. Oh, no, calling you Brothel Douluo is even better. Rongrong, I feel that after we return, we should properly tell Xiangxiang about this Brothel Douluo’s title history.”

“Don’t! Second brother, my mistake.”
On mention of Bai Chenxiang, Ma Hongjun’s face instantly collapsed, his previous pride completely obliterated, looking imploringly at Tang San,
“Third brother, you have to take charge for me! See how that husband and wife want to bully me. Xiangxiang still hasn’t completely accepted me. You can’t let them ruin our feelings!”

Tang San laughed:
“That’s between you, I’m not getting involved. Actually, there’s nothing special about that time, back then you were after all suppressing your evil fire.”

At Tang San’s words, Oscar, Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing couldn’t help laughing.

Ma Hongjun said bitterly:
“My reputation! You’ve all ruined it. Yi, boss Dai still isn’t done?”

Even though Fatty’s change in subject was suspect, everyone’s gaze still involuntarily fell on Dai Mubai who still hadn’t finished. They of course wouldn’t worry about Xiao Wu, on one hand because Xiao Wu was last to start absorbing, and second, with Tang San here, what problem could Xiao Wu run into?

Tang San said:
“Don’t worry, boss Dai will be fine. He’s almost finished absorbing. His physical quality is better than any of you, so when absorbing the god bestowed spirit ring he’s able to reach a bit higher limit. That’s why his absorption time is longer as well. To tell the truth, I really am looking forward to seeing what level boss Dai and Zhuqing’s Hell White Tiger will reach when both are Title Douluo. Back then, Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo were able to block Da Ming and Er Ming for a long time when they used their spirit fusion ability. Their spirit fusion ability matching wasn’t very high. Mubai and Zhuqing’s strength has already surpassed theirs, and their matching is even higher, when you use your spirit fusion ability, even god level powers might not be able to stop you.”

Zhu Zhuqing giggled:
“It might be possible for a short time, but nobody knows until we try.”

While everyone were talking, the mist surrounding Dai Mubai loudly exploded, surging vapor drifting out behind him. As everyone watched, it formed a giant white tiger image. Dai Mubai suddenly opened his eyes, two lines of cold lightning cutting through the air. Where his eyes turned, the air seemed to crackle with lightning.

Without Dai Mubai making a move, the giant white tiger behind him roared at the sky, and that energy wave caused a hurricane to sweep across the sides of Seagod Mountain. Dragons formed clouds, tigers caused wind, Dai Mubai’s White Tiger spirit was finally completed at this moment.

Dai Mubai’s shoulders shook, like a divine dragon trembling, he sharply leapt up, shaking off all the bloodstains on his body, leaving not a trace behind. The aggressiveness of the King of White Tigers abruptly emanated, the formidable wind howling around him.

His bones erupted in a series of pops as Dai Mubai stretched, there was no part of his body that wasn’t brimming with a sense of power. Nine spirit rings appeared one by one, climbing up from below his feet, and that last blood red spirit ring had an even deeper color than any of the others’. It was hardly any different from any of Tang San’s original hundred thousand year spirit rings. Only Tang San could tell that this level of hundred thousand year spirit ring was at least equivalent to the spirit rings he god from Da Ming and Er Ming’s sacrifice. But what shocked Tang San the most wasn’t Dai Mubai’s rise in strength as a power attack type Douluo, but rather his mental strength. When Dai Mubai’s eyes flickered, Tang San could clearly sense that his mental strength was already at a quite formidable level. Even though he still couldn’t compare to his original Boundless level, his fully aggressive mental waves combined with his evil eyes was nevertheless a different route.

“Rank ninety five, boss Dai, congratulations.”
Tang San smiled and nodded to Dai Mubai.

Dai Mubai laughed,
“That’s right, it’s rank ninety five. I really never thought I would actually reach this level. The feeling of strength exploding is really nice. This time I wouldn’t worry even if I faced those Spirit Empire priests. They have six priests, and we sans little San have six as well. Later on we have to properly pit ourselves against them, and let the Spirit Empire see how strong we are.”

Everyone nodded, Dai Mubai definitely wasn’t exaggerating. Even if the Spirit Empire priests all had spirit power at rank ninety five and above, the truly strongest was only Golden Crocodile Douluo, who reached rank ninety seven. But don’t forget that besides Tang San, the Shrek Six Devils not only had Dai Mubai at rank ninety five, but also his and Zhu Zhuqing’s Title Douluo level spirit fusion ability. Even more importantly, they had the dual boost from Oscar and Ning Rongrong. Especially the Title Douluo level Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda could practically instantly raise everyone’s strength above rank ninety five, and stiffly fighting it out with the Spirit Empire six priests really wasn’t impossible.

Dai Mubai turned to Tang San:
“Little San, when are you ready to go sort out that God of Angels? With your current strength, that shouldn’t be a problem.”

Tang San smiled:
“I already went. Xiao Wu went with me. Qian Renxue ran away.”

“You went?”
Everyone were shocked, looking at each other. Oscar said:
“Little San, did you go take up Qian Renxue’s challenge while we were absorbing spirit rings because you were worried about us? You……”

Tang San laughed:
“It’s not that I worried about you, there’s just not enough time to use. If Xiao Wu didn’t insist on going, I wouldn’t have brought her either. Qian Renxue could do nothing to me when I still hadn’t become a god, so what about now that I’m the Seagod? Only, her understanding of god level abilities has progressed a lot, but due to innate reasons, her physical qualities and divine sense aren’t equal to mine, that’s why I could repel her. I estimate that she’s already left for Jialing Pass. Once Xiao Wu has absorbed her spirit rings, we’ll pursue as well, link up with the army win the battle, and cooperate with Heaven Dou and Star Luo empires to destroy the Spirit Empire. We’ll erase Spirit Hall as an organisation, and then we won’t have anything else to worry about, we can go pursue whatever we like.”

Dai Mubai grinned:
“Oh little San, you clearly didn’t tell us you were going to fight Qian Renxue, but you can still sound so pompous. We won’t worry about you, we’re just a bit regretful that we couldn’t see a god level clash. You’re probably a monster even in the divine realm, you don’t have even one black spirit ring.”

Tang San’s eyes shone,
“You’ll definitely see it. Before Jialing Pass, me and Qian Renxue will definitely fight. I won’t give her another chance.”

That unavoidable battle would also be Tang San and Qian Renxue’s last battle. The reason Tang San didn’t chase and attack Qian Renxue was because he had already injured her divine sense, and an injury like that wasn’t easy to recover from. Once she recovered, he could naturally also return in time with his companions. In front of Jialing Pass would very likely be the site of their last conflict. The Spirit Empire’s lineup was still formidable, six high priests, plus another six or seven Title Douluo level powers, as well as the large numbers of powerful spirit masters left in the Spirit Empire and the rank ninety nine peak Douluo Bibi Dong, such power was definitely terrifying. But as the Shrek Seven Devils truly matured, Tang San as Seagod was enough to contend with the God of Angels Qian Renxue, and the Heaven Dou Empire’s side also didn’t lack in powers. The brothers Tang Xiao and Tang Hao, the Golden Iron Triangle’s Golden Saint Dragon, Sword Douluo Chen Xin, Bone Douluo Gu Rong, and Poison Douluo Dugu Bo were all strong enough, and once the Shrek Seven Devils returned, there would be six more Title Douluo level powers. Compared to the Spirit Empire, their strength was at least equal.

Tang San knew that the difference in strength at the battlefield at Jialing Pass would even out with the arrival of the Shrek Seven Devils. The one who could obtain victory in the god level battle between him and Qian Renxue would be the key to deciding the outcome of the war. In other words, the side that could add a god level power into the battle would immediately reverse the entire battle. Without a doubt, Tang San was completely confident, and after his previous battle with Qian Renxue, he already had a grasp of the God of Angels’ abilities, he definitely believed he could defeat Qian Renxue, and thereby obtain the ultimate victory in the war. As long as they broke Jialing Pass, the Spirit Empire would no longer be able to organise an effective resistance, and the Heaven Dou army could charge straight in, then link up with the Star Luo army spirit masters and levelling the Spirit Empire would be imminent.

Dai Mubai nodded to Tang San, looking at the others, smiling:
“Well, have you figured out your titles? We’re all Title Douluo.”

Oscar grinned:
“Of course, brother can hereafter call me by the title Food God, Good God Douluo Oscar, so handsome.”

Dai Mubai stared blankly,
“Little Ao, how’d you think of that title? I feel like calling you Sausage Douluo would be more fitting.”

Oscar snorted, then immensely self-satisfied explaining about his and Ning Rongrong’s divine visitations. Ma Hongjun and Dai Mubai who finished absorbing their spirit rings last stared wide-eyed.

Ma Hongjun couldn’t resist saying:
“Lucky bastard! I can understand Rongrong getting the attention of the Nine Color Goddess, but I can’t understand why the Food God would fancy a vulgar big sausage uncle like you.”

“Vulgar your face, big bro is the first food type spirit master to become a Title Douluo, the Food God’s inheritance is natural. I know you’re jealous I’m more handsome than you, and even more jealous big bro got a divine inheritance, hahahaha.”

Seeing Oscar’s wide smile, Ma Hongjun snapped:
“Would I be jealous of you? If you want to cultivate to rank ninety nine as a food type spirit master, I expect it’d take two hundred years. My Phoenix spirit can easily be cultivated to that level. By then I might have casually found a divine inheritance, even faster than you.”

Dai Mubai smiled:
“Okay, Fatty. Little Ao and Rongrong might be lucky, but we’re not worse off! To be able to reach Title Douluo before the age of thirty, we’ve already set the standard for the Douluo Continent. Little Ao’s title is Food God, what about the rest?”

Very soon, everyone’s title’s were decided.

Rank ninety five power attack type battle spirit master Dai Mubai, title: White Tiger.

Rank ninety two food type utility spirit master Oscar, title: Food God.

Rank ninety three power attack type battle spirit master Ma Hongjun, title: Phoenix.

Rank ninety four support type utility spirit master Ning Rongrong, title: Nine Color.

Rank ninety three agility attack type battle spirit master Ning Rongrong, title: Hell.

Of course, there was also the soul of the Shrek Seven Devils, rank one hundred control type god Tang San, title: Seagod.

Everyone’s titles were decided, and their gazes also focused on the still cultivating Xiao Wu. Ning Rongrong said:
“Now we’re only missing Xiao Wu. Once Xiao Wu finishes absorbing the spirit rings, we Shrek Seven Devils will have one god, six Douluo. Little San, what will Xiao Wu’s title be?”

Tang San smiled slightly, looking at Xiao Wu, his eyes gentle,
“Call her Soft Bone. Originally, didn’t we give her the name Soft Bone Demon Rabbit? Afterwards Xiao Wu is called Soft Bone Douluo. I’ll help her finish absorbing the spirit rings quickly, then we’ll hurry to the front. She sacrificed herself for me once and our lives are linked, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

His comrades had already finished absorbing their ninth spirit ring, and Tang San was free to put all his efforts on Xiao Wu. Xiao Wu was different from the others, they absorbed their last spirit ring, and Tang San wouldn’t easily get involved unless they ran into danger like Oscar, because rashly helping them absorb their spirit rings would influence their future growth. But Xiao Wu was different, she had once been a part of Tang San, and their hearts and thoughts were linked, even their blood was connected, Tang San was only too familiar with her energy, and with this familiarity, Tang San could fully help Xiao Wu absorb without influencing her future.

Light and shadow flashed, and Tang San arrived behind Xiao Wi. Sitting cross legged behind her, Tang San slowly raised both hands, raising the forefinger and middlefinger on each hand. Behind him, golden blue light slowly seeped out, enveloping him and Xiao Wu.

Inside that golden blue light, Tang San released his divine sense, condensing it around Xiao Wu, and gradually fusing with Xiao Wu’s thoughts. This was why he couldn’t disregard everything and go help the others, and could only help Xiao Wu absorb the spirit ring. Their souls were once symbiotically linked in Tang San’s body, the power of their souls wouldn’t reject each other, even if Tang San’s cultivation had already reached the god level. As long as she slightly sensed Tang San’s presence, even in such a critical moment of cultivation, Xiao Wu’s soul and mental power would still open up, allowing Tang San’s divine sense to enter her mental world.

“Relax, follow my lead.”
Tang San’s voice echoed in the depths of Xiao Wu’s soul. Xiao Wu’s frown at absorbing the spirit ring evened out, her body and mind opening up completely, so much that she no longer blocked that god bestowed spirit ring’s enormous energy from invading her body.

In fact, this was extremely dangerous. One mistake, and the god bestowed spirit ring’s energy would break through her energy channels or mental barriers, and she would be completely destroyed by the energy. But Xiao Wu still did it, if for nothing else, then for trust that needed no reason. Her future, even her life, were handed over to Tang San. In Xiao Wu’s eyes, this was normal. Tang San was the person she loved the most in this world, and they would both die for the other.

Golden blue energy appeared in Xiao Wu’s body. Tang San really wasn’t relying on his god level strength to directly oppose the god bestowed spirit ring’s energy, this not only wouldn’t lead to the spirit ring being absorbed, but on the contrary directly destroy it. The so called god bestowed spirit ring was in itself bestowed by the gods, if a god absorbed it, how could it have any effect at all?

What Tang San did was rely on his divine sense to assume control over the energy within Xiao Wu, using his divine sense to control it to absorb the god bestowed spirit ring.

The split second Xiao Wu gave up resisting, Tang San was already in control of her energy, once again blocking the bot bestowed spirit ring’s invasion. Right now, Tang San could clearly see every change within Xiao Wi.

The first thing Tang San saw was a faint golden color within Xiao Wu. This didn’t particularly startle him, thanks to the effect of the exceptional immortal herb the Yearning Heartbroken Red, as well as absorbing the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng, another kind of immortal herb, this was enough to make her body reach this level. If Tang San had eaten the Yearning Heartbroken Red when he was demigod level, it could have directly brought him to assail the god level. This was also why Xiao Wu could endure even more energy than Dai Mubai and the others. It was also by relying on this demigod level constitution that Xiao Wu could absorb the god bestowed spirit rings even easier than them. Even without Tang San’s help, she would still be able to smoothly complete the process.

With the power of Tang San’s divine sense, after Xiao Wu’s spirit power came under his control, he immediately split it into multiple strands, controlling all of them just like a battle spirit master’s spirit abilities. Facing the enormous energy of the god bestowed spirit ring, staying clear of the main offense and striking the weakpoints could easily resist it. With Tang San’s divine sense in control, Xiao Wu also didn’t feel any pain, and even had a slight smile on her lips.

While Tang San used his divine sense to control Xiao Wu’s spirit power to resist the god bestowed spirit ring’s pressure and imperceptibly absorb it on one side, his hands were also moving on the other side. The Shrek Five Devils could see through that golden blue light that Tang San’s hand flashed like illusions, turning into a mirage on Xiao Wu’s back, their eyesight unable to clearly catch Tang San’s movements.

But Xiao Wu’s previously smiling face suddenly stiffened, her whole body emanating a special kind of energy pulses.

What Tang San wanted to do was extremely complex, he not only wanted to help Xiao Wu absorb the god bestowed spirit ring, but even more help her perfectly absorb the Deep Sea Demon Whale King energy and Seagod energy that had been hidden within her recently. Under his divine sense control, the god bestowed spirit ring’s energy was restricted to a certain range around Xiao Wu. Her energy channels were durable enough that there was no need to worry about damage from absorbing the god bestowed spirit ring. At the same time, Tang San also infused his own Seagod power into Xiao Wu, not to give her power, but rather help her connect her energy channels.

Xiao Wu’s energy channels were extremely unobstructed to begin with, the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng and Yearning Heartbroken Red had unblocked the majority of them, but back then Xiao Wu still didn’t have enough strength to guide the medicinal force and connect all her energy channels. Therefore, even if those channels were already connected, the passage was still extremely narrow. What Tang San did now was to help her connect the twelve standard meridians as well as the eight extraordinary ones. Regardless of how unblocked they were, Tang San used his Seagod power to make them as wide as avenues.

Splitting attention in two was something even Ning Rongrong could easily manage, her heart splitting control ability was already extremely powerful. But her skill could only control different abilities to hit different targets. And Tang San’s attention splitting was still used for two entirely different things, on one hand to the energy in Xiao Wu to withstand the god bestowed spirit ring, and on the other to help unblock her energy channels with all his strength. Any one of these was difficult beyond difficult for Title Douluo level powers, let alone doing both at the same time. Even Tang San absolutely couldn’t have done it before he became the Seagod.

The formidable Seagod divine sense gave him the absolute power and mental strength to complete the work. Xiao Wu’s faintly golden energy channels were connected one by one through the golden blue Seagod power’s effect, while the remaining immortal grade medicinal power piled up energy flowed into her veins guided by Tang San’s Seagod power. In just one circulation, Xiao Wu’s spirit power had practically doubled. Even the broken spirit ring-less spirit power couldn’t climb to such a degree, forcing the god bestowed spirit ring to climb to an all new level. Moreover, with Tang San’s Seagod divine sense guidance, the speed with which this eighth spirit ring was absorbed was geometrically multiplied.

Back when Tang San helped his father clear his energy channels he had been extremely exhausted, but now he was still in glowing spirits even performing two tasks, this was the power of the god level.

From where Tang San sat bahind Xiao Wu, that dazzling blood red eighth spirit ring climbed up over Xiao Wu. In just the time it took for a cup of tea, the spirit power within her was like a vast river, unstoppably coursing through her energy channels. The enormous energy gave Xiao Wu’s skin a luster like white jade.

At the same time as the eighth spirit ring was completely absorbed, Tang San completed connecting all the energy channels. The spirit power within Xiao Wu was vivid, the enormous energy waves already directly reaching the Title Douluo level. And next, was the ninth spirit ring.

Xiao Wu called softly.

Tang San whispered:
“Don’t be distracted, use the second god bestowed spirit ring, let’s continue.”

Xiao Wu burst into giggles,
“With you here, what does it matter if I’m distracted?”

Tang San said sternly:
“Xiao Wu, don’t rely on me too much, that’s not beneficial to your future cultivation. While I help you resist the god bestowed spirit ring, earnestly sense how I control the energy within you, that will be very beneficial to your future strength.”

To have a god level power control your energy was an extremely valuable experience to common spirit masters. Xiao Wu nodded softly, putting her thoughts in order, then took out the second god bestowed spirit ring.

With the stacked reward, Xiao Wu had obtained altogether three god bestowed spirit ring, and this second one was enough to bring her cultivation to the peak.

A golden ring of light quietly spread out, then instantly blended into Xiao Wu’s body. After the gentle energy entered Xiao Wu’s body it instantly grew violent. Since Xiao Wu already had one hundred thousand year spirit ring, this god bestowed spirit ring’s energy immediately rose to the highest level as soon as it entered her.

Tang San sat behind Xiao Wu, calmly circulating Xiao Wu’s spirit power to resist the god bestowed spirit ring’s eruption. This moment was the most crucial to absorbing the god bestowed spirit ring. The greater the erupting force you could withstand, the greater the benefits of the energy you absorbed next.

In order for Tang San to reach his purpose, even though he had already completely opened Xiao Wu’s energy channels, he still held both hands on her back, helping her absorb this last spirit ring.

Tang San was able to help Xiao Wu resist the god bestowed spirit ring’s energy even with his attention split in two, let alone now that he was using all his attention to control her energy.

Sensing Tang San controlling the spirit power within her, Xiao Wu could only describe it in one word: Shocking.

When the god bestowed spirit ring’s energy erupted, it erupted according to the total amount of energy within Xiao Wu, then by relying on the enormous pressure, it would arouse her potential. Enduring greater pressure could give an even stronger spirit ring. But after the god bestowed spirit ring’s energy erupted, Tang San’s methods widened Xiao Wu’s ken.

Tang San split Xiao Wu’s energy into ten, each one controlled by a strand of divine sense. Under Tang San’s control, nine of the energies not only blocked the god bestowed spirit ring’s eruption, but even constantly counterattacked it, striking it from all directions. Even though this couldn’t absorb the god bestowed spirit ring, the just attacked spirit ring energy could only condense into one certain point.

Xiao Wu’s spirit power wasn’t as formidable as the god bestowed spirit ring, but Tang San used his divine sense to stubbornly compress Xiao Wu’s spirit power to a certain degree, and the explosive energy of the compressed spirit power naturally rose substantially. If it was just one strand of energy moving like this, Xiao Wu thought she could try it too, but Tang San had nine pieces of spirit power act in different places, and this control was something Xiao Wu couldn’t even imagine. Absorbing a god bestowed spirit ring should have been a kind of trial, but the spirit ring Xiao Wu now absorbed had been forcefully struck by her spirit power, and completely restricted. If the god bestowed spirit ring was intelligent, it would definitely feel it was extremely unfair.

What shocked Xiao Wu the most was that the shocking compressed explosive attack force of the nine streams of spirit power Tang San controlled restricted that god bestowed spirit ring’s energy, and could frequently blast off a bit of the spirit ring with the attacks, draining a way a bit of its energy. And the last stream of energy that Tang San controlled, the one that didn’t join in the frontal battle, would easily wrap up these strand of god bestowed spirit ring energy, absorbing them into Xiao Wu.

Just at the start, the results of Tang San’s actions weren’t entirely clear. After all, the god bestowed spirit ring’s explosive power was still extremely terrifying. But as time went on, and more and more energy was blasted from the god bestowed spirit ring, its and Xiao Wu’s energy gradually changed in contrast.

Tang San started slowly, and the initial nine blocking strands compared to one energy gathering strand changed, becoming eight to two; eight strands of spirit power blocking, two absorbing. At this point, the energy absorption speed definitely rose substantially. Eight to one gradually changed to seven to three, then six to four. When this distribution changed to five to five, Tang San gathered all of Xiao Wu’s energy together, launching the final strike on the god bestowed spirit ring.

“Will this work too?”
Xiao Wu shocked sensed the energy change within her, admiring Tang San. Leaving aside how exquisite Tang San’s use of divine sense to control her spirit power was, just this way of thinking was shocking enough. Facing an opponent that actually surpassed you, relying on one force to draw all it’s power, then using a small force to deal with the small separated energies with complete superiority, slowly nibbling away at it, reaching the ultimate goal. The poor god bestowed spirit ring was forcibly absorbed by Xiao Wu’s spirit power. And this absorption process clearly didn’t leave a shred of waste, the god bestowed spirit ring’s quality would inevitably be displayed. This clearly showed how terrifying Tang San’s all out divine sense control was.

But, just as Tang San controlled Xiao Wu’s ten strands of spirit power to completely absorb the god bestowed spirit ring energy within Xiao Wu, and a blood red spirit ring emerged above Xiao Wu in the ninth position. Suddenly, a change occurred.

Without any warning, Tang San only felt a chill in his left palm, an ice cold flow suddenly pushing through his palm into Xiao Wu’s body through her back. This moment was also just when Tang San was going to pull his hand back. That sudden flow shocked Tang San, not only didn’t he dare remove his hands, he quickly controlled Xiao Wu’s spirit power to frantically push the cold flow into one place. Tang San even immediately unrestrained poured his Seagod divine sense into Xiao Wu. His previous completely calm face instantly turned ashen, cold sweat covering his forehead.

What could shock a god level power like Tang San so, even making him panic?

When that cold flow left Tang San’s palm, he already sensed that it was astonishingly his evolved Asura Domain energy. He truly felt the substantial killing intent, and moreover god level killing intent. Back then, even a million year spirit beast like the Deep Sea Demon Whale King didn’t dare resist this terrifying Asura killing intent. Why was energy like this pouring into Xiao Wu? With such a sudden change occurring, how could Tang San not panic?

Even though Xiao Wu’s body had already reached the demigod level, and even just reached Title Douluo, perfectly absorbing the energy with Tang San’s help, her spirit power no less than Dai Mubai’s, while she hadn’t completely broken through to rank ninety six, she was already at the peak of rank ninety five. This was already quite frightening strength. But what she faced was the Asura God’s presence! That was the Asura God that might even be above the Seagod. The divine inheritance that the strongest Clear Sky School lord of a generation, Clear Sky Douluo Tang Chen had never been able to inherit with his life’s effort. The killing intent of one of the divine realm’s five supreme powers and one of the three grand enforcers. Moreover, this energy reached Xiao Wu through Tang San. Tang San didn’t dare imagine that Xiao Wu would have some accident, he didn’t dare imagine what he would turn into if it did.

In this instant, fear, regret and all kinds of negative emotions filled Tang San’s heart, even his divine sense became a bit disordered. Just what is called ‘concern causes confusion’, when his most beloved was in mortal danger, Tang San’s eternal calm could no longer be maintained.

Compared to Tang San’s instant mood changes, Xiao Wu was instead much calmer. She only felt an ice cold feeling flow into her from behind, then a refreshing chill flowed out through her entire body. And at this moment, Tang San had brought out all her peak rank ninety five spirit power, as well as all the Seagod power he could pour into her without harming her, quickly striking that cold flow, in order to completely annihilate it before it could completely disperse.

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