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Chapter 312

Seagod And Asura God

(TL by Bagelson)

Tang San passed through the pure golden flame gate Bo Saixi opened for him, arriving outside the true Seagod Temple, but was blocked by the golden barrier of light protecting it. He immediately thought of the most direct method, to force his way inside. WIthout the Seagod’s Heart, this was the most direct method he could think of.

Just as Tang San focused the energy, ready to start, the ice cold voice from before echoed once again,
“Breaking the Seagod Temple barrier, will lead to to temple being crushed by the water pressure.”

Having no choice but to disperse the just focused energy because of these words, Tang San couldn’t help frowning. How come? If he couldn’t break the barrier, and without the Seagod’s Heart, how could he enter the Seagod Temple?

If it was someone else, their first action might be to turn around and look in the direction they came for, to see if that pure golden flame gate was still there. If it was, at least they had a way back. But Tang San didn’t. In his heart, there was no longer any way back. As the Seagod’s successor, Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi had given her life for him, it was impossible to retreat.

Looking at the barrier in front of him, Tang San calmed down as far as possible. Even though he wasinwardly anxious, at this moment anxiety was useless.

The Seagod’s Heart was the key to passing through this barrier. This was undoubtedly because the Seagod’s Heart was the Seagod’s token. He had already passed eight Seagod trials to come here, there was no chance he was stopping here. Since that was the case, the problem was very clear. The best way to deal with this issue was to prove he was the Seagod candidate to this barrier, that he was the Seagod’s chosen. If he proved this, wasn’t that the same as having the Seagod’s Heart?

Thinking so, Tang San focused his attention, condensing all his mental strength, and then slowly infusing it into the Seagod Trident brand on his forehead.

Rich golden light shone from the Seagod Trident brand, illuminating the barrier in front of him. Just as Tang San expected, it trembled slightly under the Seagod’s Light, and the ice cold warning from before didn’t reappear.

This barrier was extremely solid before, but Tang San discovered that when illuminated by his Seagod’s Light, the barrier began to slowly soften. Its ability to stop the seawater wasn’t influenced, but the barrier softening undoubtedly ignited hope in Tang San’s heart.

At the same time as he constantly radiated Seagod’s Light, Tang San began to control the Seagod’s Light to envelop his body. Then he slowly leaned into the place softened by the Seagod’s Light.

At the very start it was extremely difficult, but influenced by the Seagod’s Light, Tang San began to gradually enter that light barrier. He wasn’t breathing in the seawater to begin with, so not breathing in this barrier didn’t matter. Of course, Tang San didn’t plan to force his way through. He still clearly remembered the ice cold voice’s warning. After his whole body was inside the barrier, passing through the area softened by the Seagods Light, Tang San stuck both hands into either side of the barrier, and slowly pulled it together behind him, closing it, and then intensifying the Seagod’s Light to use as something like glue, welding together the gap opened where he passed throught. Like this, when the inside broke through, the outer barrier would still be closed and block the seawater from breaking through.

After checking repeatedly, the barrier was already flawless, without any cracks. Tang San then poured even more Seagod’s Light below him, causing the barrier to soften even more. At the same time, the Seagod Trident’s main blade began to cut into the barrier while infused with his spirit power.

It had to be said that this barrier was extremely tough.If not for the Seagod’s Light, it would have been impossible for Tang San to cut through it without at least increasing his strength above his level with Ring Detonation. Only, with the Seagod’s Light, this barrier’s resistive ability was reduced by a lot. Finally, was Tang San stabbed full strength with the Seagod Trident, a splashing sound came, and his whole body felt lighter, squeezed out of the light barrier, falling straight down. And the light barrier above was still as before, showing no difference from before.

Wisdom was infinite power, Tang San knew he had passed this first obstacle.

Releasing the Blue Silver Emperor Right Leg Bone’s flight ability, balancing himself in the air, Tang San descended towards the Seagod Temple.

It was already apparent that this great palace was grand when viewed from the outside, but as he really floated down into the grounds, he still couldn’t help being shocked once again.

Standing in front of the temple, Tang San felt insignificant. Everything around was extremely quiet, and when looking up, the seawater outside of the barrier was still crystal clear blue.

Drawing a deep breath and adjusting the spent mental strength from opening the barrier just now, Tang San gripped the Seagod Trident, and walked into the Seagod Temple with large strides.

Two large sliding doors blocked Tang San’s bath. The Seagod Temple was two hundred meters high, and the gates in front of him now were a hundred meters tall, the thickness clearly unknown. Designs were carved on the two gates, on the left was carved a likeness of the Seagod, tall, holding the Seagod Trident, standing on waves. The right carving was the Seagod striking forward with the trident, and in front of him was a giant whale soaring through the seawater. Its appearance was just like that of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King that Tang San killed and got his spirit ring from.

Just standing before these gates, Tang San could deeply feel the shock the designs on the gates gave him. The carvings weren’t particularly detailed, but standing there, he still felt like he was part of it. As if he was personally seeing the Seagod rushing forward.

“August lord Seagod, Tang San has come to accept your inheritance.”
Tang San shouted loudly. At the same time he gripped the Seagod Trident with both hands, bowing slightly in salute to the two gates.

“You’ve already lost the Seagod’s Heart, do you still want to vainly attempt to inherit my strength?”
A dignified voice suddenly appeared. There was basically no way to tell where the voice came from, but listening to it still made the soul tremble.

Lowering his head, gazing at the Seagod Trident in his hands,Tang San’s eyes revealed a shameful expression,
“Yes, I lost the Seagod’s Heart. The Seagod’s Heart chose me, but I didn’t protect it. But, I still want to inherit your power. I need your power to protect my family, my friends, and I also need your power to avenge the broken Seagod’s Heart. Please give me a chance, I will accept the punishment for the Seagod’s Heart shattering.”

“Since that’s the case, enter.”

With a rumbling sound, the two hundred meter tall giant gates slowly opened, folding into the Seagod Temple. Immediately, intense golden light shot from the Seagod Temple, dazzling Tang San so he couldn’t open his eyes. Enveloped by the vast sacred power, that feeling of insignificance appeared once again. At this moment, he felt like a grain of sand immersed in the ocean, so negligible and insignificant.

This was the power of gods? Tang San suddenly smiled slightly, a smile filled with confidence. Having once faced a true god, even if Qian Renxue was an immature god at that time, she was still already a god. At that Time Tang San had been far from as powerful as he was now, but he had the courage to fight Qian Renxue, and had survived. How could the difference between gods be so enormous? He lacked only this final step. Besides, even if he was a grain of sand in the sea, this grain would still stir up the entire ocean.

Just because he had this thought, Tang San strode forward with a smile full of confidence. At this moment, even though he was so minute compared to the Seagod Temple, he already considered himself the center of this place.

Within the great Seagod palace, thirty six giant pillars supported the great ceiling on either side, and in the center, a three hundred meter wide corridor lead straight inside. At the end of the passage stood a giant chair, and in that chair sat a person. No, it should be a giant.

Tang San halted his steps, slightly distracted. That giant looked no different from a human in terms of appearance, draped in white gilded robes, a three pronged circlet on his head, with a water blue gem embedded in the central prong. He looked extremely familiar, just like the remaining Seagod’s intent released as a shadow from the Seagod’s Heart once before. Only, at that time he could only see a shadow, but now he saw his true appearance.

The Seagod?

The Seagod’s appearance was simple, not exactly handsome, but still extremely dignified. A pair of gentle but still somewhat strict eyes watched Tang San as he walked down the passage, faint light flickering in his eyes. The enormous pressure felt outside before, became even more oppressive here. Tang San got a feeling like when he experienced the first Seagod Trial, Enter The Seagod’s Light. Only that time he endured the pressure with his body, and this time it was pressure on the depths of his soul.

“Hello, revered lord Seagod. I really didn’t expect you to personally conduct this inheritance ceremony.”
Tang San calmed down after being briefly stunned. He maintained a rational attitude, camlmy watching the Seagod at the end of the passage, speaking neither servile nor overbearing.

“You see me, but don’t bow?”
The Seagod spoke up, his dignified voice filled with pressure.

Tang San calmly said:
“I’m only your successor, I’m not your servant, so why bow?”

The Seagod smiled, slowly rising from the chair. Him standing immediately gave a feeling like a towering mountaint. In fact, this lord Seagod was fully one hundred meters tall.

“Are you resentful because of Bo Saixi’s sacrifice?”
The Seagod smiled at Tang San.

Tang San said:
“Leaving aside senior Bo Saixi helping me, spending a life to protect your shrine, to protect the Seagod Island, and finally even ending her life as a sacrifice. How do you think I should feel like?”

Tang San also knew that contradicting a god wasn’t wise. Only, thinking of Bo Saixi’s death, he was filled with indignation.

The Seagod said indifferently:
“She only returned to my embrace, what about life? What about death? Some times, a human life is even more painful than death. Even gods are no exceptions.”

Tang San gave a cold laugh,
“And that’s why you decided her fate, yes?”

The Seagod shook his head:
“No, you’re mistaken. She chose her fate herself. Even gods cannot decide someone’s fate. That was her choice. Everyone will make their own choices, including you. Coming here is you choice. Bo Saixi’s ancestors were subjects who followed me to war in the oceans. The people of Seagod Island’s ancestors were all so. They guard the Seagod Island not only to wait for your arrival as successor, but also to protect those memories. That is their choice, and not my request. What I left behind was only the way leading here, I never stipulated that she had to do it. Only when the Seagod Island’s High Priest believes doing so is worth it, will she make that choice. Do you understand?”

Tang San hadn’t thought the Seagod would explain things so calmly. Yes, each person of the sea made their own decision, this wasn’t wrong. Only, he still couldn’t give up the responsibility for Bo Saixi’s sacrifice.

The Seagod smiled again,
“A person’s death is actually the separation of body and soul. Tang San, tell me, to a person, is the body or the soul more important?”

Tang San said:
“In some sense, the body should be the abode of the soul, but if there is no body, don’t tell me the soul will still exist? It would probably dissipate.”

The Seagod nodded:
“Since you understand this reasion, then it’s very easy for me to explain it to you. Indeed, after ordinary humans die, their souls will soon dissipate. Even spirit masters are no exception. But, after Bo Saixi passed, even if she died, her soul still wouldn’t dissipate. Her soul would be guided through my power to another world. After every god dies, their souls will go to that world.”

“A world where gods go after death?”
Tang San stared vacantly at the Seagod.

The Seagod smiled slightly,
“No price is for nothing. How could I not know what Bo Saixi paid? What I can do is give her soul eternal life. Eternal life of the soul is what gods can reach. Even though her physical form hasn’t reached the realm of gods, after death she will still be equal to gods. Do you still believe she sacrificed herself in vain? Moreover, I know Bo Saixi’s feelings. When your great grandfather died, a part of his soul was already influenced by divine power, I gave him a hand, and made his soul continue existing too. Thus, even though they have already died in the human world, their souls will never separate. Then, now I ask you, do you believe Bo Saixi is better alive, or dead?”

Tang San stared dumbstruck at the Seagod, already unable to speak. But he could be sure of one thing, the indignation he felt had already quietly disappeared.

“Didn’t you already guess that gods are actually humans whose power has reached a certain level? Indeed, your guess is very correct. Therefore, gods are actually also people. Therefore, the lives of gods are also limited. Only much longer than that of humans. After gods die, their souls won’t dissipate like humans, but rather become divine souls. Divine souls won’t stay in the human world, at most they can stay behind for a few years, but divine souls will ultimately enter another space. It’s also necessary to enter another world. Consider the divine realm. The passage between the divine realm and human realm is one directional, only divine souls can enter the divine realm, but not humans, and neither can divine souls enter from there.”

Speaking of this, the Seagod revealed a trace of helplessness,
“If I could reincarnate as a human, I would actually prefer not to be a god. Life in the divine realm is a lot more tedious than the mortal realm. Did you know? Even I envy Bo Saixi a bit, because she can become a divine soul and find her lover in the divine realm, without being alone. Being alone is the most terrifying. In the divine realm, everyone are undying divine souls, power is basically meaningless.”

Tang San couldn’t help saying:
“Don’t tell me you didn’t look for a lover?”

The Seagod laughed in spite of himself:
“You think it’s that easy? Besides, there’s no way I could do it now. Because my divinity has yet to be inherited, I can’t be a carefree divine soul. After waiting so long, I picked you. You didn’t disappoint me either, walking the whole way here. You’re very good, better than I imagined. At first I thought you would think of any way possible to gain my inheritance as soon as possible after arriving here. But you challenged my authority because of Bo Saixi’s death. Just this character of yours qualifies you to inherit my power.”

Tang San looked at the Seagod Trident in his hands,
“Unfortunately, I didn’t protect the Seagod’s Heat. Your divine didn’t save me just once.”

The Seagod sighed:
“Back when I was in the mortal world, my road to becoming god was the fastest, spending a lifetime conquering on the ocean. Once in the divine realm, I felt regret. Because I didn’t have one friend that could cultivate to that level with me. At first I thought I shouldn’t meet you face to face when passing on my inheritance, but to me this is a rare chance to communicate with mortals. Fortunately I didn’t let that Asura God snatch you away. Inheriting divine power is extremely painful. Without the protection of a divine instrument, your body will very possibly be unable to endure. Only, you’re different from ordinary humans, you have two spirits. Your spirit ring allocation is even more astonishing, this gives you the conditions to far surpass an ordinary person’s physique. Only, I must warn you of one thing. When undergoing the inheritance, you can’t use the power of that Clear Sky Hammer. Because it is already permeated with the Asura God’s divine power. It will influence my divine power passing on to you. Your inheritance is split into eight parts, and you will expereince different pain and trials. With toyu hpysique, you have a chance to succeed. Remember, no matter how painful it is, you have to hold on to your heart, only with unswerving faith can you be the new Seagod.”

If Qian Renxue saw this scene now, she would definitely feel bitter hate. They both inherited gods, so how come the treatment was so different? Back at her inheritance she didn’t get any directions, and the god of angels’ divine soul didn’t contact her. Even though she completed the inheritance, that was also because of her heart’s devil causing some flaws, and leaving behind Tang San as a giant flaw in her heart now. But now Tang San got the Seagod’s divine souls’ personal instructions, and even though the Seagod didn’t say much, this conversation first of all meant Tang San wouldn’t suffer any barriers due to Bo Saixi and his great grandfather Tang Cehn’s deaths, leaving him to wholeheartedly undergo the inheritance, and second that the Seagod explained the whole process of the inheritance to Tang San, undoubtedly making Tang San even more confident and able to avoid indirect routes.

If divine inheritance could be said to have back doors, then Tang San definitely counted. Of course, he didn’t know about Qian Renxue’s inheritance process, and naturally had no idea his divinity inheritance was so advantageous.

Only, the Seagod clearly thought his instructions weren’t enough, continuing,

“Oh, right, I forgot to tell you. The pearl you got from the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s head, use it in the last part of the inheritance. That will save you a lot of trouble.”

Listening to the Seagod, Tang San’s heart twitched, and he hurriedly asked:
“Then is the last inheritance related to the trident, can that whale pearl help me restore it?”

At Tang San’s question, the Seagod’s expression changed, the previous gentleness gone in an instant,
“Are you undergoing the inheritance or me? Less nonsense. The inheritance starts now.”
While speaking, the Seagod’s eyes suddenly brightened, just like two suns. Tang San only felt his soul seem to be sucked in, everything around him turning unreal in an instant. Golden mist constantly rose all around, so much that there were even golden bubbles that twisted and silently disappeared.

Light flashed, and a giant golden globe appeared on the Seagod’s chest. In that instant, light radiated, and the entire Seagod Temple shook, heaving violently, just like everything was purified.

Humm—— Lost in the golden light, Tang San disappeared as the giant golden light exploded, and the Seagod Temple also scattered and restored with this golden light.

The Seagod exhaled slowly, wiping the basically nonexistent sweat from his forehead. Looking at where Tang San disappeared, he muttered to himself:
“This kid is too clever, fortunately this god reacted before he became the victim of his ingenuity. Humph humph, anyway I didn’t give any clear instructions, even the divine realm enforcers can’t blame it on me. Hehe, hehehehe……”

If Tang San saw the Seagod’s current expression, he might dumbstruck remember a comrade. The Seagod’s smile was precisely identical to big sausage uncle Oscar’s most rotten smile. With a bit of dignity.

Suddenly, an ice cold voice echoed. The entire Seagod Temple shuddered, and the wretched smile just on the Seagod’s face instantly turned vigilant, the smile frozen, his divine dignity reappearing. Turning, he looked toward the entrance.

A figure equally as enormous, but completely wrapped up in dark red magic patterns stepped in. With each step, the incomparably immense Seagod Temple trembled. Dark red light revolved around him, making people unable to see his appearance. All that could be seen was the armor covered with dark red magic patterns.

The atmosphere in the entire Seagod Temple seemed to freeze, and the Seagod’s expression also became a bit unsightly,
“Asura, what did you come running over here for?”

The man addressed as Asura by the Seagod said coldly:
“Bo Saidong[1], what are you doing yourself, don’t you understand?”
The man dressed completely in dark red magic patterned armor had a voice as sonorous as iron striking gold, and with each word, the air seemed a bit more frozen.

The Seagod’s lip curled disdainfully,
“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Just act stupid.”
Asura said coldly:
“You not only personally descended to the inheritance ground, you even gave the successor directions, and even tried to lower the difficulty of his inheritance. You’ve already broken the rules of the divine realm. You should know what the repercussions are. Those who oppose the rules of the divine realm, are erased.”

The Seagod’s expression changed, his voice turning equally ice cold,
“Asura, enough slander. Don’t think you can frame gods just because you’re a divine realm enforcer. With what ear did you hear me giving the successor instructions that lower the difficulty?”

Asura now stood only five steps from the Seagod, and the two equally tall god level powers looked face to face,
“Don’t tell me you forgot what that human called Tang San just said?”

The Seagod suddenly smiled, and his smile was even more vulgar than before,
“Haha, hahahaha……”

Asura’s blood red eyes instantly turned even colder,
“What are you laughing at? Don’t tell me you believe you can still escape the rules of the divine realm?”

The Seagod looked somewhat lightly at the Asura God,
“Who says what I said would be punished? Asura, everything big brother does is within the rules of the divine realm. Don’t tell me you don’t know the theory of the successor having affinity beyond the limit?”

“Affinity beyond the limit? You’re saying, that Tang San……”

Before Asura could finish, the Seagod already interjected:
“That’s right, in the process of the first eight of my nine Seagod trials, Tang San earned one hundred fifteen points of affinity. Even though only sensed ninety nine points of affinity towards me due to the Seagod’s Heart he had breaking. But the Seagod’s Heart breaking was due to interference from the god of angels’ successor. A god level power causing his affinity to be unable to be calculated normally doesn’t affect the affinity itself, past one hundred percent is still calculated according to normal affinity, don’t tell me you don’t know? My lord enforcer.”

Asura was silent, clearly he was unable to refute the Seagod’s words.

The Seagod continued:
“Before the successor undergoes the divinity inheritance, if the succeeded god’s affinity reaches one hundred percent, then at the time of inheritance, the succeeding god’s divine soul can descend to the inheritance ground to give a certain measure of instruction. Therefore, my coming here is perfectly within the rules of the divine realm. But, as far as I know, even as an enforcer, you can’t lightly leave the divine realm to come here. Even though the inheritance ground is between the divine and mortal realms, and considered a buffer zone, gods still can’t come here without special circumstances. You’re an enforcer, but still knowingly break the law, be careful I don’t report your misconduct to the divine realm committee.”

Asura looked coldly at the Seagod,
“No need to flaunt the sharpness of your tongue. I heard what you just told Tang San. You dare say your words didn’t exceed the permissible limits? The instructions you gave him were already too clear.”

The Seagod quibbled:
“Don’t say the instructions I gave him were clear. I sent him to receive the inheritance when he still didn’t understand what was going on. Oh, Asura, don’t think I don’t know why you ran over here. Isn’t it for Tang San. Your own divine power couldn’t be approved by Tang San and was suppressed by mine, so you wanted to abuse your authority to influence his inheritance. You were definitely planning on Tang San being unable to endure halfway through the Seagod divinity inheritance because of the Seagod’s Heart shattering, and you’d act to save him and switch him to inherit your Asura God divinity, am I right? Let me tell you, don’t dream of it. After so many years, was it easy for me to find a successor like this? With eight trials done on my side, and you suddenly run over and want to pick the peach. Don’t even think about it. Who told you the Seagod couldn’t be inherited without the Seagod’s Heart? It’s just a bit more dangerous. Besides, you might not have thought of some things. The little whale that once bothered me was killed by Tang San, and he even got its whale pearl. With that thing, restoring the Seagod’s Heart isn’t a problem.”

The Asura god glanced coldly at the Seagod,
“He could kill the Deep Sea Demon Whale King by relying on your Seagod’s power?”

The Seagod suddenly remembered that a very large reason Tang San killed the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was because of the Deathgod Domain mutating, drawing out the Asura God’s power, using the Asura God’s powerful slaughter aura to dominate the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, thereby gaining victory. And in fact, even if Tang San’s Seagod affinity passed one hundred percent, the Seagod still couldn’t necessarily come here. But he knew the Asura God thought of stealing Tang San, and so he scuttled over here as fast as he could, hoping there would be no problems with Tang San’s inheritance that would give the Asura God a chance to snatch him. Divine power was eternally unable to act in the mortal realm, only the trace of divine intent left behind when becoming god and leaving the mortal realm could help the chosen pass the tests, and absolutely not act selfishly. Otherwise, the Seagod would already have used his power to deal with Qian Renxue when Tang San was in danger. The Seagod’s way of thinking was to first use the fastest speed to help Tang San complete the inheritance, and once objections were raised the rice would already be cooked, and even with the Asura God’s sublime position in the divine realm, he couldn’t forcefully steal Tang San.

“So what if your power was used then? You clearly knew he was my successor, but still stuck a pole in, Asura God. We’re all main gods here, I wouldn’t fear you even if the divine realm committee denounced me. What are you looking at? Don’t accept it? Don’t use those dead fish eyes to look at me. This is my Seagod Temple, even if we fight you might not be able to take me.”

The Asura God didn’t erupt, his voice was still so ice cold and sonorous,
“You’re bringing up first come first served with me?”

The Seagod puffed out his chest,
“That’s right. There will always be an order of arrival. You waited until Tang San had completed my eight Seagod trials before showing up like a robber. As an enforcer, aren’t you knowingly breaking the law?”

The Asura God nodded slowly,
“Fine, then I’ll argue the order of arrival with you at the divine realm committee. Let me just ask you one thing, how was Tang San able to use my power when hunting the Deep Sea Demon Whale King? Power cannot reach the mortal realm from the divine realm, so what did I give him? Bo Saidong, we’ll meet at the divine realm committee.”

Finished speaking, the Asura God ruthlessly turned around and directly walked out of the Seagod Temple.

At his words, the Seagod first stared blankly a moment, but very quickly reacted, and unable to help cursing,
“Fuck me.”
His expression also instantly turned awkward.

He’d always thought the Asura God had suddenly run over to pick the peach just when Tang San was about to complete the Seagod Trials and inherit his divinity, but the Asura God suddenly reminded him that Tang San’s Deathgod Domain seemed to have been there before his Seagod’s Heart met him. That thing apparently carried the Asura God’s presence on its own, and was also a mark of the Asura God’s chosen.

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