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Chapter 310

Two Inheritance Options, Seagod Or Asura God?

(TL by Bagelson)

Tang San had guessed Bo Saixi’s changes might be due to his great grandfather Tang Chen, but he had never thought it would actually be like this……

Bo Saixi spoke faintly:
“Only, you’re wrong on one point, it’s not that Tang Chen didn’t understand my feelings. When he came here and we met again, everything before that was meaningless. A hundred years, we’ve both lived in this world for more than a hundred years, what could we not let go of? Unfortunately, even though he gave me happiness by coming here, it also brought even deeper grief. None of it is his fault, I’m the one who was too proud back then, I never clearly told him, never even hinted at my feelings for him. All of it is my fault……”

Bo Saixi’s mood was a bit out of control. Even though she still sat there motionless, she trembled slightly, and her right hand tightly grasped her golden scepter, causing tapping sounds where it hit the floor.

“Senior, you…… Just what happened? Where is great grandfather?”

Bo Saixi looked somewhat absentmindedly at Tang San,
“Did you know, you’re very similar to when he was your age? Only back then he was much more brash than you, not as reserved. Of course, this was also related to his strength. When he was thirty, he was already the power of a generation. None of his peers could match him. It’s also just because of this that I couldn’t help liking him, even fully aware that he already had a wife. Oh, Tang Chen, you really are the bane of my life, you still won’t let me go even at the end.”

Listening to Bo Saixi, Tang San was shocked. He couldn’t help standing up, looking at Bo Saixi with a dumbstruck expression in his eyes.

Bo Saixi’s voice sank,
“Yes, Tang Chen has already passed, passed into eternity. Even though he understood my feelings, and came to find me, what he showed me was still his face at the end. Three days, he only gave me three days before he left me. Then I aged ten years in a day, and ended up looking like this.”

“No, that’s impossible.”
Tang San couldn’t help being stirred up:
“Senior Bo Saixi, my great grandfather already has a demigod body, how could, how could he pass like that? You’re definitely mistaken, definitely.”

Even though Tang San had only met his great grandfather face to face once, in his heart, his great grandfather still held an extremely majestic position. Even someone with his father’s character was filled with respect when mentioning him. Moreover, back then his great grandfather Tang Chen had already begun the process of inheriting the Asura God, his physique was already demigod level. On this trip to Seagod Island, besides inheriting the Seagod, at the same time he would also ask his great grandfather to leave. With his great grandfather overseeing things, plus his own strength, the situation on the Continent would naturally be under control. Now hearing Bo Saixi’s heartbroken words, he was unable to take them for facts. With such strength, how could his great grandfather die in obscurity?

Bo Saixi raised her head to look at him,
“Child, sit down. I called you here to clarify these matters with you. This is also your great grandfather’s explanation.”

Tang San sat back down again with heartfelt doubt, gazing at Bo Saixi with eyes filled with puzzlement.

Bo Saixi spoke softly in her gentle yet heartbroken voice:
“Back then, after your great grandfather and Qian Daoliu heard my conditions, they left the Seagod Island together. Qian Daoliu was like me, he was the guardian of a divinity, guarding the Seraphim God, he would never be able to truly become god. Therefore, he naturally chose to give up. But, your great grandfather didn’t. Besides my feelings, his pride made him unwilling to return before he completed his promise to me. After untold hardships, he found it, but the latter half of his life was a nightmare. He should have told you that he discovered the Asura God’s inheritance in Slaughter City, but it was also there that he lost his consciousness, becoming the host body of the Blood Red Nine Headed Bat King, and also the Slaughter King of Slaughter City.”

Tang San nodded silently. Even though he and his great grandfather had only met briefly, he had described this.

Tang Chen lived in Slaughter City for so many years, and even though he ultimately threw off the restraints with the help of your Seagod Trident, finding himself again, his body was long since completely rotted. The Blood Red Nine Headed Bat King’s poison had long since corroded him. Despite the strength he possessed, his body still basically wasn’t enough to endure that power. It was well enough when he was still Slaughter King and the power within him still wasn’t too vast, and while controlled by the Blood Red Nine Headed Bat King he could still stay alive. But, after he regained his consciousness, his own strength, and a portion of the Asura God’s power entered him, the tremendous energy immediately broke his body. He tried to endure, until he came here, until he saw me……”

Tang San watched Bo Saixi dumbstruck, whispering:
“It was me, I killed great grandfather……”

Bo Saixi said bitterly:
“Idiot child, don’t talk nonsense. Even dead, he still lived better than as that Blood Red Nine Headed Bat King’s host body. Besides, you let him return to find me. Even before his death, your great grandfather still wanted glory for you. When Tang Chen came here, his body had already collapsed. I tried to think of a way but couldn’t help him persevere. He originally wanted to wait for your return, to personally see his great grandson inherit divinity, possess the power of gods, but he couldn’t. The Asura God’s energy was too overbearing, how could his shattered body hold out?”

“In his last three days after coming here, Tang Chen spoke with me the whole time, as if he wanted me to listen to everything on his mind over all those years. He said very, very many things, he and I chatted, and unconsciously, three days passed.”

Big teardrops rolled down Bo Saixi’s cheeks, her body trembling uncontrollably, sitting there like she was demented. Whenever she recalled Tang Chen’s death, her heart ached so she couldn’t breathe. What she didn’t say was that, after Tang Chen had drawn his last breath in her arms, she held his body unmoving for a full seven days. After seven days, her appearance had changed to this.

“Senior, my condoleances. I didn’t expect I would only meet great grandfather once, and then Heaven would forever part us.”
Bo Saixi’s grief couldn’t be faked. When he just came here and heard the news, it had been an enormous blow to Tang San. Even if his mental qualities were quite powerful, he still found it difficult to accept. After all, that was his great grandfather!

After a long time, Bo Saixi forced herself to calm down, the grief on her face gradually disappearing. In its place was instead a gentle smile,
“Fine, let’s not mention these sad things. The old will always die. These are the rules of nature. Unless one becomes god, only then is there a chance to break them. Even though your great grandfather met a lot of difficulties in Slaughter City, he still lived for more than a hundred years, and he also lived an extremely rich life. He did not live this life in vain. Everything he left behind is bound to benefit your Clear Sky School forever. The bitterness he received was all because of me. In our next life, I will definitely serve him well.”

“Before your great grandfather passed, his sole regret was that he couldn’t see you become god, inheriting the Seagod’s divinity. Tang San if you truly respected him, you will definitely fulfill his final wishes. Also, before he died he left something for you. Look after it well, even if only as a memento.”

While speaking, Bo Saixi flicked her wrist and beckoned towards the side of Seagod Palace. A red light abruptly brightened, and in a flash arrived between Bo Saixi and Tang San.

That was a two meter long blood red giant sword, precisely the one Tang Chen once used to block Tang San’s Seagod Trident, and also sent him flying with.

The broad, slender blade was densely covered with deep golden magic patterns, the entire blood red sword brimming with extremely severe slaughter aura. Even a power on Bo Saixi’s level couldn’t help frowning when faced with the presence of this wicked sword, clearly influenced by it.

But, as Tang San lay eyes on it, he was dumbfounded.

Tang San felt nothing of what Bo Saixi did, not a trace of the sword’s slaughter intent influenced him. On the contrary, as he saw this sword, Tang San immediately had an intense urge, uncontrollably raising his left hand. His palm also revealed an equally red magic pattern, its ice cold presence reaching all the way to his shoulder, and it seemed to form a perfect understanding with that wicked sword.

Instantly, a question that had always puzzled Tang San was made clear, he finally understood what the blood red energy that helped him kill the Deep Sea Demon Whale King and then also had an important effect on absorbing the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s spirit ring energy.

Indeed, that was a change in his Deathgod Domain, and moreover a change after it reached the highest level. It was no longer the power of the Deathgod Domain, but rather a connection to the power his great grandfather tried to inherit, the Asura God!

Yes! If that wasn’t the case, then how could the blood red energy filled with slaughter aura fight as equals with his Seagod’s power for a time? If it wasn’t a god level power, then how would his Seagod’s power find it so difficult to contend with? How would the Deep Sea Demon Whale King be so completely suppressed? The Asura God, he actually possessed a portion of the Asura God’s power? This, just what was going on?

Reason made Tang San make the most proper choice. He sharply raised his right hand, grabbing his left hand, without letting it touch that sword. In his heart, Tang San vaguely sensed that if he touched that sword at this moment, then the Asura God’s power already suppressed by the Seagod’s power within him might rear its head once again. At that time, his body might once again become their battlefield.

That was no joke. Last time on the bottom of the sea, he still had the Deep Sea Demon Whale King spirit ring’s energy for them to absorb, but that wasn’t the case now. If they really started a fight inside of him, the unlucky one might be him. Don’t bite off more than you can chew, Tang San absolutely didn’t dare think of simultaneously inheriting two divinities at once, that was pure lunacy.

Perhaps the Asura God might be even stronger than the Seagod he was now prepared to inherit, but even his great grandfather couldn’t absorb that Asura God’s divine power over so many years, and it ultimately still caused his death. This clearly showed just how overbearing it was. The Seagod’s power was much more gentle by comparison, and Tang San had completed the process to inherit it step by step, gradually passing the first eight of the Seagod’s nine trials and now the last. Even if the Seagod Trident was damaged, Tang San would still choose it for his inheritance, there was no need to doubt this.

As a result, he absolutely couldn’t give the Asura God’s power within him any chance to recover. His great grandfather had left behind this sword with good intentions, giving him one more option, or to say that this Asura devilsword was very possibly the key to the Asura God’s inheritance, but he absolutely couldn’t touch it now. At least he had to wait until he completed the Seagod’s inheritance. Inheriting a divinity really was too dangerous, and understanding the energy within this devilsword would could wait for later.

In fact, Tang San’s guess was at least seventy percent correct. Tang Chen did leave behind this Asura devilsword to give Tang San another option. When he met Tang San back then he had seen that Tang San already possessed the Deathgod Domain, but what Tang Hao, his son Tang San as well as Hu Liena had no idea about, was that the Deathgod Domain they possessed was actually the Asura God’s first trial. As long a someone had passed the first trial, they had a chance of inheriting the Asura God’s divinity. And Tang Chen leaving behind this devilsword meant that he had already passed the majority of the Asura God’s power of inheritance. As long as it was a spirit master with the Deathgod Domain, they stood a chance of inheriting its divinity.

The fundamental difference in the Asura God’s inheritance from the Seagod’s lay in the method to choose the successor. The Seagod’s successor was singular. As long as one was chosen, they would be imperceptibly influenced in their cultivation until they possessed enough to complete the process of inheritance. This could be seen in how the trace of Seagod’s divine intent in the Seagod’s Heart saved Tang San’s life several times, as well as how he directly drew the Seagod nine trials after coming to Seagod Island, and moreover taught him the Golden Thirteen Halberds’ first three strikes.

But the Asura God’s inheritance was much more dangerous. As the god of slaughter, the Asura God’s successor had even harsher requirements, and inheriting the Asura God wasn’t easy even without the Rakshasa God’s interference. Consequently, when the Asura God chose its successor, it cast a wide net with the thought of growing one after another. As long as they got the Deathgod Domain, they were all considered chosen. And who could inherit the god of Asura in the end, that was up to their efforts.

Of course, Tang San had no idea about this. To him it seemed there was nobody else who could inherit the Asura God. The Asura God’s level was half a step higher than the Seagod, Rakshasa God or Angel God. Even though the previous generation’s Asura God had long since left this world, the divine intent left behind needed no carrier, as long as omeone could cultivate the Deathgod Domain to a degree where it evolved, becoming the Asura God’s power, the divine intent would discover it.

Previously, Tang Chen regained consciousness from Tang San’s Seagod’s Light, and immediately gained the Asura God’s approval, and could therefore directly reach the Asura God’s demigod form. As long as he also completed the inheritance, he could inherit the Asura God’s divinity. After all, back then Tang Chen had already passed the majority of the Asura God’s trials.

Unfortunately, Tang Chen’s physical condition no longer allowed him to undergo the inheritance, and his broken body also couldn’t endure the enormous energy shock. After barely managing to reach the Seagod Island, he only persisted for three days before departing this world. Facing death, Tang Chen was of course unwilling to let his energy pass between heaven and earth, and so he focused the refined Asura God’s power he had received into this Asura devilsword. He believed that as long as Tang San held this sword, he would have a chance of inheriting the Asura God. Moreover, he also specifically guided that the Asura God’s strnegth was even more tyrannical than the Seagod.

How could Tang San suppress the Deep Sea Demon Whale King? Because of the effect of the Deathgod Domain evolved to Asura Domain. Even gods would tremble at the Asura God’s presence, and even though the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was a million year spirit beast, and also extremely powerful, its level was still far lower.

The reason why one might say that there was nobody that could inherit the Asura God’s strength besides Tang San right now, was just because when his Deathgod Domain evolved to Asura Domain, he had obtained the Asura God’s approval. With Tang Chen dead, Tang San who possessed the Asura Domain was naturally the first successor candidate. Unless he also died, this Asura God’s divinity could only be inherited by him. Of course, Tang San didn’t choose to inherit the Asura God, but that was another matter.

The Deathgod Domain was in some sense similar to Tang San’s Seagod’s Light as well as Seagod affinity. As Tang San’s strength increased, the Deathgod Domain constantly evolving was actually equivalent to Tang San constantly accepting the Asura God’s trials.

When he faced the million year Deep Sea Demon Whale King and simultaneously detonated six spirit rings, the Deathgod Domain inscribed on the Clear Sky Hammer was stimulated by the extremely enormous energy explosion, thereby causing a qualitative leap, evolving to Asura Domain. And as Tang San added the last spirit ring to the Clear Sky Hammer, the Deep Sea Demon Whale spirit ring, it even further gave adequate energy to the Deathgod Domain’s evolution, the process where the Clear Sky Hammer turned from black to red, truly completing the Asura Domain’s evolution.

When later absorbing energy, the Asura God’s overpowering slaughter energy directly entered Tang San’s body, trying to invade all his spirit bones, soaking him in divine intent, immediately suffered the already present Seagod energy’s rejection. This caused the huge was inside Tang San.

If the Seagod energy inside Tang San was intelligent, it would definitely have been extremely depressed. This was obviously first come, first served, and when someone had already picked Tang San for so long, some outsider wanted to come force their way in at the last moment.

Although the Asura God was even a bit stronger than the Seagod, the Seagod’s divine power had after all taken root in Tang San earlier, and with the Seagod Trident present and years of subtle influence of the Seagod’s power finally gave it the advantage. But even so, the Seagod’s power could only suppress the Asura God’s power to Tang San’s left arm, and not expel it. This showed how overbearing the Asura God’s power was. The reason why it finally stayed in Tang San’s left arm was mainly because that was where Tang San released the Clear Sky Hammer. The Clear Sky Hammer had now already become the gathering point for the Asura God in Tang San.

The sword Tang Chen left behind was the condensation of years of the Asura power he had saved, and with all his remaining energy poured into it before his death, it had already reached the level of a divine weapon, gaining the Asura God’s approval. Its quality was in no way inferior to Tang San’s Seagod Trident, and could also be considered the intermediary for the Asura God’s inheritance. Therefore, if Tang San really had grasped this devilsword, the situation within him might have immediately transformed. As for what the final outcome would be, nobody knew. No matter how overbearing the Asura God’s divine power was, don’t forget that this was the Seagod Palace, on the Seagod Island in the middle of the ocean. To whom the deer would fall could not be known. But it could be imagined that if the two gods fought over Tang San, he naturally wouldn’t find it easy, and might be beyond all hope of salvation.

Tang San’s wisdom showed an important effect at a crucial moment. He didn’t covet the Asura God’s power, instead firmly holding his left hand and even retreating a few steps, opening some distance between him and the Asura devilsword, resisting its intense lure without being fooled.

“Tang San, what is it?”
Bo Saixi couldn’t help asking as she watched Tang San’s odd actions.

Tang San smiled wryly:
“It’s nothing, great grandfather really left me a big gift. Only, no matter what, I’d better inherit the Seagod’s divinity first. The energy within the Asura devilsword great grandfather left is too overpowering, if I hold it now it might influence my inheritance of the Seagod.”

Bo Saixi gave Tang San a deep glance, then nodded silently,
“That is true, if I help you complete the inheritance a bit earlier, I can also be freed earlier.”
While speaking, she waved her right hand and pulled on the Asura devilsword, returning it to a corner within the Seagod Palace.

With some more distance between him and the Asura devilsword, its powerful attraction immediately weakened a bit, and Tang San’s expression eased. In terms of willpower, with all the tribulations he had undergone, he was definitely one of the strongest in the present world. Very quickly shifting focus, he turned and looked at the largest platform in the center of the Seagod Palace. That was where he had once drawn the Seagod Trident.

Bo Saixi said:
“Call over your comrades. The Seagod’s energy is too enormous, large amounts of it will overflow when you undergo the inheritance. In order to keep this place from being destroyed, them being here can not only absorb the overflowing energy, at the same time it can also protect this place.”

“Senior, before starting the inheritance, there’s something I have to tell you.”
While speaking, Tang San raised the Seagod Trident grasped in his right hand, holding it in front of Bo Saixi.

Bo Saixi looked distracted, but as her gaze fell on the empty cavity on the Seagod Trident’s main blade, her expression instantly changed,
“The Seagod’s Heart? What’s happened?”

After meeting Tang San again, Bo Saixi’s heart had been filled with Tang Chen’s shadow, and she didn’t pay any attention to the Seagod Trident. But now that Tang San held it out to her, Bo Saixi saw the big problem.

Tang San said bitterly:
“It’s all my fault, I couldn’t protect the Seagod Trident. It’s like this……”
Next, he described how he had been chased by Qian Renxue, how the Seagod’s Heart shattered at the last moment, and the Seagod’s divine intent protected him until he escaped into the ocean.

Listening to Tang San, Bo Saixi’s expression grew more and more unsightly. Looking at the Seagod Trident in front of her, she couldn’t keep her eyes from flashing.

“...... and that’s it. In order to save me, the Seagods Heart shattered. Senior, you’re the Seagod Douluo, the high priest of Seagod Island, do you have any way to restore it? If not, can I still receive the Seagod’s inheritance?”

Bo Saixi’s eyes flashed, revealing a pondering expression, but the ugly expression on her face didn’t change. Clearly, the broken Seagod’s Heart wasn’t so easily mended.

“Tang San, do you still remember the Seagod’s seventh trial, Draw, Divine Instrument, Seagod Trident?”

Tang San nodded,
“Of course.”

Bo Saixi lowered her voice:
“Then you certainly remember that when you saw this trident for the first time, it didn’t have the Seagod’s Heart. After you drew it, the Seagod’s Heart was branded on it. The Seagod’s Heart was something you originally brought here. And in fact, the Seagod’s inheritance also mainly relies on the Seagod’s Heart. The Seagod’s Heart wasn’t in the Seagod Island, where it went, even I as the Seagod Island’s high priest cannot say. Only when it meets a suitable candidate for the Seagod’s divinity will it fuse with them, and silently guide the chosen one here to experience the Seagod’s trials. Only after experiencing the trials can they become Seagod. The importance of the Seagod’s Heart is obvious.”

“According to the circumstances you described, I can first of all be certain of two things. Firstly, the Seagod’s Heart had a very high approval towards you, that’s why it wouldn’t hesitate to be damaged in order to save you. And second, the Seagod Trident has also lost its intelligence due to the Seagod’s Heart being broken, thereby making you lose the capabilities of this divine weapon. In the materials the Seagod left behind, it is clearly stated that the lord Seagod utilized the majority of his power through the Seagod Trident. It is obvious that the Seagod Trident has an enormous effect on the inheritance process. Since you could kill the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, and also pass the preceding trials so easily, if the Seagod Trident was here, you could certainly extremely smoothly finish the inheritance. But, now that the Seagod’s Heart is gone, without the support of the Seagod Trident, I also don’t know what will happen during the inheritance.”

Tang San said:
“Is there no way to restore the Seagod’s Heart?”

Bo Saixi sighed:
“I’ve already told you, the Seagod’s Heart is not something I am capable of understanding. I don’t even know how it can be restored. Maybe, if you can complete the Seagod’s inheritance, this Seagod Trident will recover on its own. But this inheritance will also turn incomparably difficult. You’re Tang Chen’s great grandson, and also his most outstanding descendant, and also so outstanding that you’ve reached rank ninety nine before you’re thirty. Honestly, Tang San, from my point of view, or maybe from your great grandfather’s point of view, I don’t want you to proceed with the inheritance. You know that if you fail, you will only die.”

Tang San sighed,
“Senior, I understand your kind intentions. But, I can’t possibly not proceed. If no gods ever appeared in this world, then my current rank ninety nine strength should be enough to deal with it, and not becoming a god wouldn’t matter. But the god of angels has already appeared, and if I can’t complete the Seagod’s inheritance, then there is nobody in this world to oppose her. I can’t watch the Spirit Empire unify the entire Continent. If you won’t allow me to proceed with inheriting the Seagod’s divinity, then I have to take even greater risks and try with the Asura divinity my great grandfather left me. But you also know that even someone with my great grandfather’s astonishing talent finally ended up dying. Moreover, I already possess a large amount of the Seagod’s divine power, if I chose to inherit the Asura God, it might be even more dangerous. Therefore, please help me, senior. I promised the Seagod Trident that, no matter what, I would definitely help it recover. It’s my partner, I can’t leave it soulless like this forever.”

Bo Saixi watched Tang San;
“You really have thought it over. Without the aid of the Seagod Trident, it’s very likely you will die nine times out of ten in the process. Just like how the god of Angel’s inheritance required the Angelic Raiment as intermediary, helping the successor with absorbing the divine power, the Seagod’s inheritance also needs the Seagod Trident to guide the energy and continuing the process. Without the Seagod Trident, you won’t have any buffer in the inheritance. You might even suffer even more brutal trials.”

Tang San nodded silently,
“Senior, you don’t need to try persuading me. I’ve already decided, inheriting the Seagod is my only choice. I have no way to retreat.”

Bo Saixi sighed,
“Oh, Tang San, your stubbornness is exactly like your great grandfather’s. All you Tangs are so stiff. Even a kid who seems to think so carefully and act so reservedly is no different.”

Tang San didn’t speak up again, but the increasingly resolute light in his eyes had already answered Bo Saixi. Yes, he had no choice. In order to defeat Qian Renxue, in order to avenge his parents and Xiao Wu, in order to end the continental war, he had to do this.

Bo Saixi waved her hand, looking a bit tired, she turned towards the central stage in the Seagod Palace,
“Call your comrades here.”

Tang San nodded silently,
“Senior, please keep it secret for me. I don’t want my friends to worry.”

Bo Saixi nodded silently.

Tang San then opened the Seagod Palace’s great gates, stepping out into the sunlight.

The seven Seagod sacred pillar guardian Douluo as well as the Shrek Six Devils all waited outside. Seeing Tang San walk out, Xiao Wu and the others showed questioning expressions.

Tang San nodded quietly to them:
“Everyone follow me inside. We will begin the inheritance.”

The expressions of the seven Seagod sacred pillar guardian Douluo changed practically simultaneously. Among them, Seawitch Douluo seemed to want to say something, but was stopped by Seadragon Douluo.

Right now Tang San was completely immersed in the impending inheritance, and didn’t notice these details. Calling out to his friends, he turned and returned to the Seagod Palace.

Seadragon Douluo watched the other guardians with a strict gaze, until the other six slowly lowered their heads. Led by Seadragon Douluo, they fell to one knee at the same time, shouting:
“Our respects, lord.”

The thick Seagod Palace gates closed behind the Shrek Seven Devils, isolating inside and outside. Seawitch Douluo couldn’t suppress her agitation,
“Why, why must the divinity be inherited? Lord Bo Saixi is already pitiful enough……”

Seadragon Douluo sighed:
“Seawitch, don’t talk drivel. Have you forgotten our mission? Our mission is the descent of the new Seagod. To personally witness this scene already makes us more fortunate than generations of guardian Douluo.”

Seawitch sobbed:
“But, the price for the Seagod’s inheritance is lord Bo Saixi’s life!”

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