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Chapter 309

Treasure In Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s Head

(TL by Bagelson)

Even Tang San himself had overlooked it, since after successfully passing the Seagod’s Eighth Trial, he longed even more to become Seagod. They had already been held up here for a long time, and Tang San was also feeling nervous about what Dai Mubai worried previously, that Qian Renxue would go on the battlefield. Their family and friends were all there! When Xiao Bai warned him now, he remembered that this Deep Sea Demon Whale King might still have something for him. Xiao Bai definitely wouldn’t speak without thinking. As another fish type demon beast, she understood the Deep Sea Demon Whale King even better than him.

Nodding to Xiao Bai, Tang San smiled:
“Many thanks.”
Even though he was still a bit bewildered over his current situation, at the very least he had already passed the Seagod’s eighth trial. Everything after that would have to wait until they reached the Seagod Island. Even though killing the Deep Sea Demon Whale King and absorbing its spirit ring was difficult, it had still gone relatively smoothly, at least everything was completed according to plan without too much trouble. Especially after his spirit power rose to rank ninety nine, Tang San was confident that he at least wouldn’t get killed even if he met Qian Renxue. Of course, that was under the premise that the battlefield was over the ocean or in a forest.

Soaring up, surging spirit power was instantly infused into the Seagod Trident. Even though this divine weapon couldn’t display its proper splendor, with Tang San’s enormous spirit power as well as the Blue Silver Emperor’s release, intense golden light instantly filled the Seagod Trident, making its three blades glisten anew.

The Deep Sea Demon Whale King was worthy of being a million year spirit beast. Even though seven days had already passed as it soaked in seawater, its body was only very slightly decomposed. Moreover, after Tang San leapt up he discovered that within this sea region there were already Devil Spirit Great White Sharks everywhere. Clearly Xiao Bai had used some special method to summon her clan. If nothing else, she was definitely very reluctant to just abandon the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body.

Even though they had absorbed the majority of its energy just after it died, some still remained. Also adding in that the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body was near god level, there were enormous benefits for the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks to eat a bit. It could be easily imagined that, after a bit of work, the Devil Spirit Great White Shark clan’s strength would increase substantially. Xiao Bai might even break the age limits of hundred thousand year spirit beasts and become a true overlord of the sea.

Only, Xiao Bai had protected the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s head very well, only eating its flesh. Rank ninety nine spirit power erupted, and without need for any spirit abilities, just physical strength and spirit power infused in the Seagod Trident, the sharp main blade stabbed straight towards the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s head.

“From the side, be a bit careful.”
Xiao Bai hurriedly warned.

Tang San nodded in the air, shifting the Seagod Trident slightly and stabbing into the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s gills. This was a comparatively weak part of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body to begin with, and now that it had lost its energy defense, the Seagod Trident easily cut through it, causing a soft splashing sound.

Tang San’s wrist turned, and he flew sideways in the air, forcibly cutting open the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s head, starting from the first cut.

Unexpectedly, the fishy stink Tang San originally expected didn’t appear, and instead a strong fragrance wafted from the wound. Being the closest, he couldn’t help sniffing it a few times, and immediately had refreshing feeling.

The Devil Spirit Great White Sharks in the sea now stopped their movements, no longer swimming around, simultaneously looking in this direction. Even Xiao Bai’s eyes revealed a somewhat thirsty light.

The Seagod Trident flipped up, and the top of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s head was lifted up. Instantly, golden light filled the surface of the sea. In fact, this Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body was extremely large, its head alone was more than ten square meters, lifting the top of the skull immediately exposed the whale brain inside.

Although the whale’s body was large, the brain was very small. Even one as strong as the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was no exception. The limit of the brain was also an important reason its mental strength wasn’t equal to Tang San. Right now, after that more than ten square meter head was opened, the brain revealed was less than one square meter. But, that strong fragrance emanated from within that less than one square meter brain.

The whale brain was pure gold, seemingly moist and smooth, like melted gold. The intense fragrance was extremely attractive. And in the middle of that whale brain lay a fist sized, entirely purple gold pearl. Although the whale brain was very attractive on its own, as he saw that pearl, Tang San couldn’t move his eyes away.

He had once seen a pearl when he killed the Dark Devilgod Tiger. That one had three colors, but was much smaller than this one. The only difference was that the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s pearl seemed more spiritual, while this one was like something dead. However, in terms of the energy it contained, this whale pearl had far more. At just a glance, Tang San discovered that this definitely was a heavenly treasure.

Xiao Bai’s voice came faintly from behind,
“The brains of sea spirit beasts above one hundred thousand years will evolve, turning into a special medicine. This medicine is an enormous tonic to any living creature, and moreover contains enormous energy, and can have very many effects. This Deep Sea Demon Whale King cultivated for a million years, its whale brain is naturally a good thing. Whether living or dead, flesh or bones, its definitely a treasure. As for how to use it, that’s up to you. You killed it, you deserve this. I don’t fear telling you, after you helped us kill the Evil Spirit Orca King, I secretly ate the Evil Spirit Orca King’s whale brain. Do you feel I’m very selfish?”

Tang San shook his head:
“What, I’m your friend. Besides, back then I already had the biggest benefit of the Evil Spirit Orca King’s spirit ring and spirit ring both. Let alone that whale brain, if you wanted, I’d let you take this one as well.”

Xiao Bai stared in surprise.

Tang San smiled softly:
“Why? Doesn’t my word count?”

Sighing, Xiao Bai shook her head:
“Nevermind, I appreciate your good intentions, but you better keep this thing yourself. I can’t have it. It’s not that I’m being polite, it’s just that I’ve absorbed too much outside energy recently, it’s already enough to advance my cultivation another step. I still know what biting off more than I can chew means. Take it. Judging by this Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s brain, eating it might be beneficial even if you’ve become a god. Next you have to go accept the Seagod’s inheritance, this might be able to help you in the last step.”

Tang San nodded slightly, pointing at the pearl lying inside the whale brain:
“What’s that? Something that grew from the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s brain?”

Xiao Bai said a bit vacantly:
“I don’t know either. It’s possible it’s something that will appear from a million year cultivation. But it may be assumed it’s the condensation of the spiritual influence of heaven and earth the Deep Sea Demon Whale King absorbed over the years, it’s definitely a treasure. Embed it in a weapon, and you might be able to forge a divine instrument.”

Listening To Xiao Bai, Tang San couldn’t keep his heart from twitching. Looking at the rhombic cavity in the Seagod Trident, he turned his head to look at his comrades. Dai Mubai smiled:
“What are you being polite with us for? Even it this thing is any use to us, it’ll still have to wait until we reach the Seagod Island. Senior Bo Saixi will defintiely explain it to us. Hurry up and take it, let’s go.”

Tang San nodded, taking off the Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse from his waist. Placing such medicinal things in the Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse was more suitable. Only the whale brain was too large, and he didn’t have such a large container. He could only clear out a space in the Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse and leave it there for now.

Grabbing in the air with his right hand, a faint golden blue light densely covered Tang San’s palm, causing a powerful suction force from the sky. First to fly out was that whale pearl, and when Tang San caught it, the rich fragrance cleared his mind. Breathing deeply a few times, he felt unspeakable comfortable.

The whale bead was warm and soft, just like egg yolk, just much larger. Even though it felt very warm and soft holding it, the surface was still extremely tough, cutting it open wouldn’t be easy. Moreover Tang San vaguely felt that the warm and soft whale pearl didn’t contain liquid, but was rather extremely soft all the way through, like gelatin.

Without studying it further, Tang San placed the whale pearl in the Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse, and then increased the suction force from his palm, using Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon. In the process, Tang San radiated golden blue light that circled his arm, faint dragon cries echoing. His arm seemed to produce a dragon with the suction force of a whale, inhaling that whale brain like a golden stream, pouring it directly into the Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse.

Hunting the Deep Sea Demon Whale was painful, but the rewards were correspondingly enormous. Just that unknown level spirit ring and powerful torso spirit bone made Tang San’s strength rise a large chunk.

“Let’s go.”
With a splash, Xiao Bai flitted past the distracted Tang San, landing in the water in front of him.

Tang San smiled faintly, soaring. At the same time his right hand stretched out, and a strand of Blue Silver Emperor twisted around Xiao Wu’s waist, pulling over his lover to land on Xiao Bai’s back. The other Devil Spirit Great White Sharks that Tang San infused the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s energy into with the draining gold threads also one after another carried the other Shrek Seven Devils, accelerating together to move in the direction of the Seagod Island.

Xiao Bai leaned in Tang San’s arms, without saying a word, only quietly holding onto his waist. Her quiet made Tang San think something was odd, Xiao Wu seemed a bit different from before.

“Xiao Wu, what is it? Are you angry? I don’t want to take chances either, but you know……”

Xiao Wu hurriedly shook her head,
“No, I’m not angry. Ge, I know, you’re helpless as well. If you don’t grow stronger, how can you deal with powerful enemies? I just hate that I can’t help you.”

Tang San put strength in his arms, pulling XIao Wu’s soft body close against him, whispering.
“Who said you don’t help me? As long as you’re by my side, you’re the best help. Because only by seeing you will I not be at a loss, and everything I do will be more valuable. Whenever I think that, once all these crises are over, I can live quietly together with my beloved Xiao Wu, my heart fills with happiness. Just this happiness for the future encourages me. When I was chased by Qian Renxue, all I could think of was you. Every moment I told myself I had to do anything to survive, survive for my Xiao Wu. I definitely can’t let you be heartbroken again. If I didn’t have these thoughts to push me, I might not have been able to return to see all of you.”

Listening to Tang San’s not quite a confession, but still sincere words, Xiao Wu’s throat seemed to choke on something, holding tightly to Tang San, her eyes hazy.

Tang San apologized:
“It’s all my fault, after you revived I haven’t had the time to keep you company. Xiao Wu, you know, I really want to marry you, take you as my wife with the grandest wedding ceremony on the Continent. Remember, this is my vow to you. Before much longer, once the Spirit Empire is smashed, I’ll definitely make you my wife. Then we can spend all our time together, ok? Then, you can give us a few children, and wherever you like, we will live.”

“Cough cough, I can’t stand you, I’m still here you know, can’t you not be so sappy?”
Xiao Bai twisted slightly beneath them. Only, her eyes still revealed admiration.

Tang San smiled silently, and Xiao Wu’s face turned bright red, burying her head in Tang San’s arms. Her charming appearance, so beautiful and alluring it was unreal, made Tang San somewhat stupid.

From the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s area to the Seagod Island only took the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks one day at full speed.

Seeing the jade sea and silver beaches again, the Shrek Seven Devils all had a feeling of pride. Last time they had come here like thieves, using the Vast Sea Barrier to its fullest extent and even walking here across the sea bottom. At that time even the strongest of them, Tang San, had only had a spirit power in the sixty something ranks.

But now the Shrek Seven Devils’ strength had undergone a heaven and earth revolving change. Let alone Tang San who had become a peak absolute rank ninety nine Douluo, the others’ spirit power had all progressed enormously after absorbing the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s energy.

Calculating in terms of levels, Dai Mubai had changed the least, but that was because his cultivation was the highest of everyone besides Tang San, now he had already reached rank eighty eight, already very close to Title Douluo. With his talent, he would definitely rise to become a young Title Douluo if he cultivated normally for just five years. Even though he wasn’t as freakish as Tang San, right now Dai Mubai was still just thirty years old!

Because of his physique, Oscar had absorbed less energy, but his spirit power had still definitely progressed, reaching rank eighty five. As a food type spirit master, reaching such a level was already extremely terrifying. Oscar believed that he definitely could become a food Title Douluo, unprecedented in history. Then he would definitely have even stronger Title Douluo sausages. The only thing he prayed for was to definitely not have any “daddy has a caterpillar” and such incantations. No matter how thick his cheek, his mental endurance still had limits.

Ma Hongjun’s spirit power rose one more rank than Oscar, of course because his physical strength was even higher and could absorb even more Deep Sea Demon Whale King energy. At rank eighty six, his attack power was even more terrifying, and the power of the phoenix flames had also increased under the imperceptible influence. The higher his level, the more clear the advantage of his first rape spirit would be. Among the Shrek Seven Devils, besides Tang San, only Dai Mubai had the strength to compete with him.

Xiao Wu’s spirit power reached rank eighty. Of course, this was just under the present circumstances. By Tang San’s estimates, the amount of energy Xiao Wu absorbed was second only to him, and her spirit power should still be able to rise another three ranks or so. In other words, after Xiao Wu got a spirit ring and reached rank eighty one, she’d directly advance to rank eighty four. Like this, she was extremely close to the others. There was morover one thing Tang San had never forgotten, Xiao Wu had received a first rate one trial on Seagod Island, and this trial would conclude once Tang San completed the nine Seagod Trials, and until then the rewards were stacked. Very clearly, the rewards from Xiao Wu’s first rate one trial would surpass that of Ning Rongrong’s first rate seven trials. Tang San clearly remembered how many spirit power ranks Ning Rongrong had gained. After he completed the inheritance, Xiao Wu’s spirit power might very well catch up to Dai Mubai.

Ning Rongrong’s spirit power had broken through rank eighty seven, second only to Dai Mubai. Even though she hadn’t absorbed very much of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s energy, her Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda spirit really was too outstanding, and after passing the first rate seven trials, her spirit power increase was also more than their companions. Her current spirit power already surpassed Ma Hongjun, reaching an even stronger level.

Zhu Zhuqing’s spirit power was rank eighty six. Her personal strength wasn’t much in the group, but absolutely don’t forget that if she combined with Dai Mubai to launch the Hell White Tiger, even rank ninety nine Tang San didn’t dare say he could defeat them quickly. Moreover, this spirit fusion ability would keep growing more and more terrifying as their strength increased.

Rounding their spirit power down to eighty, compared to six years ago they had advanced twenty ranks, and with the peak Douluo Tang San there, the current Shrek Seven Devils even challenged the deep history of all the current powers on Seagod Island. In fact, the teamwork and understanding between them was something even the Seagod Island’s seven guardian Douluo couldn’t compare to.

They had always cultivated together from the day they entered the Shrek Academy, and now more than a decade had passed. The rapport produced from life and death together was absolutely wasn’t something ordinary spirit masters could reach only by cultivating together day after day. The Shrek Seven Devils could all trust their lives to their comrades.

“We’ll leave you here. We have to go back to digest the energy. Tang San, I wish you luck. Once you’ve truly become Seagod, I will congratulate you together with all the creatures of the sea.”
Xiao Bai stood upright in the water, waving her forefins at the Shrek Seven Devils. Then she turned and led her clansmen back into the ocean.

Tang San drew a deep breath, his right hand holding the Seagod Trident, his left hand holding Xiao Wu’s hand. Raising his head, he looked in the direction of the Seagod Palace. Even though it was blocked from his view here, he could still confirm its presence from afar, as if it was calling out to him.

Seagod Island, Seagod Mountain, Seagod Palace. I, Tang San, have returned. The last trial approaches, Seagod, I will definitely possess your power, returning your august might to this world once again.

Dai Mubai stepped up next ot Tang San,
“Do we go right away? Do you want to rest a bit?”
His question naturally made sense. Ever since leaving the Heaven Dou Imperial Army, Tang San had hardly stopped. Hunting powerful spirit beasts in the Star Dou Great Forest, then being chased by god level Qian Renxue, barely managing to escape into the sea, then having barely recoverd from the influence of ring detonation he had started another battle with the million year Deep Sea Demon Whale King, plus finally absorbing the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s enormous energy. It was obvious that Tang San was tired.

Seeing his comrades’ deeply concerned gazes, Tang San shook his head:
“Don’t worry, I’m fine. My current recovery ability is very powerful. Even going a month without sleep isn’t a problem.”

Oscar grinned:
“Naturally, with my crystal caterpillar sausage, there’s no need to fear injuries. Besides, don’t forget that little San is a freak. Even though we Shrek Seven Devils are all monsters, he’s definitely the biggest one. Don’t delay, even if we rest it’ll have to wait until the Seagod Palace. Trust that senior Bo Saixi wouldn’t let little San start the inheritance if his condition was off.”

Just as the seven were preparing to set off, suddenly, Tang San frowned and raised his head to look into the forest ahead.

In the forest, one figure after another slowly walked out. Seeing them appear, Tang San and his comrades couldn’t help being shocked. Altogether seven people stepped out of the forest, the people that had once been their examiners, and moreover each guarded the Seagod Pillars, the seven Seagod guardian Douluo. They could be called the backbone of the entire Seagod Island’s strength. Led by Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi, this power was enough to contend with any continental spirit master.

Seadragon Douluo walked furthest ahead, the other six following behind him, slowly advancing together. Judging by their expressions, Tang San couldn’t help frowning slightly, because he discovered that these seven Title Douluo weren’t looking too well, frowning slightly and with a faint sorrow between their brows.

Had something happened on Seagod Island? Tang San was inwardly shocked, and hurriedly went to meet them,
“Seniors, this is?”

Seadragon Douluo raised his spirits, squeezing out a smile:
“We knew your friends returned and came to meet you. Lord Bo Saixi is waiting for you in the Seagod Palace.”

By the meaning of Seadragon Douluo’s words, it’d be a wonder if anything had happened on Seagod Island, but what was up with their expressions?

Tang San said doubtfully:
“Senior Seadragon, has something happened on the island? Your expressions are so unsightly.”

Seadragon Douluo’s heart trembled, and he hurriedly controlled his mind, speaking deferentially:
“It is nothing, we’ve only waited for so many years, our guardian mission will finally come to an end with your inheritance, we’re a bit at a loss, that’s all.”

Tang San then understood. Yes! Once he inherited the Seagod’s position, there would no longer be a need for these seven douluo to guard the sacred pillars. They would also be relieved of their mission. Always quietly devoting themselves to guarding the sacred pillars for so many years had already become habit, and now they would become idle. It was no wonder they would be discomforted and reluctant.

Immediately, he couldn’t help consoling them:
“Seven seniors, no matter what the future holds, you are all the cornerstones of Seagod Island, this place cannot do without you.”

Seadragon Douluo smiled and nodded:
“Lord, please follow us to the Seagod Palace.”
He was already turning as he spoke, and as his gaze met the other Seven Seagod Sacred Pillar Guardian Douluo, the smile was gone, deep sadness flashing past the corners of his eyes. But by then his back was to Tang San, and Tang San didn’t notice.

Everyone were powerful spirit masters, and when they put their backs to it, the Seagod Mountain was already in view again in an hour of effort. The mountain seemed no different from before. Tang San’s eyesight was now much stronger than before, and surveying the top of the mountain, he caught sight of a figure in a deep blue dress, standing quietly at the peak and looking in their direction, Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi.

Only, seeing Bo Saixi also shocked Tang San. The Bo Saixi Tang San remembered, or to say, from first glance Bo Saixi hadn’t changed from the seemingly thirty years old beautiful woman, she had a noble, graceful, gentle, reserved moving temperament, giving people an unreachable feeling. Her beauty was one that thrilled the soul, yet wouldn’t give people fanciful thoughts.

Tang San still deeply remembered the first time he saw Bo Saixi, in a red gown holding a golden scepter, leaving him with an extremely deep impression. But what he saw now was a completely different Bo Saixi.

Still in a red gown, still that golden scepter, even her azure eyes as deep as the ocean hadn’t changed, but, her youthful complexion was gone. Wrinkled skin and greying hair, she seemed like one at the end of her years. Despite still having a kind of unapproachable, untouchable feeling as she stood before the Seagod Palace, her appearance still gave Tang An an enormous shock.

If the presence she radiated wasn’t still so powerful, Tang San really wouldn’t dare believe this was the peak power of the Seagod Island, Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi. What happened? Why would she change like this? With Bo Saixi’s strength, she could remain eternally youthful basically without any need to take care, until the moment she died. But, her cultivation hadn’t changed now, but she was already old, as if she might be carried off by the wind at any moment.

“Tang San, I’ve waited a very long time. Come.”
A faint voice came from the Seagod mountain. Even though it was still such a distance, Bo Saixi’s voice clearly reached the ears of the Shrek Seven Devils. Her voice was very calm, as if nothing had happened, only, from this calm Tang San heard some apathy.

Tang San looked at Seadragon Douluo and the others, and Seadragon Douluo saw from his expression that Tang San had already seen Bo Saixi. He shook his head at him with a sigh, without saying anything. Speeding up, they headed towards the Seagod Mountain.

Tang San frowned, catching up together with his comrades. They reached the ring shaped sea in a moment. The ring shaped sea was no longer a trial capable of stopping them. Tang San only soared up, six strands of Blue Silver Emperor shooting out and bringing his comrades to smoothly cross the two hundred meter wide sea, reaching the foot of the Seagod Mountain.

The Seagod’s Light on the Seagod Mountain was still so touching, all the scenery still exactly the same as when they left. The beautiful view made everyone feel carefree and relaxed. Unfortunately, right now Tang San wasn’t of a mind to appreciate any of it. Without waiting for the seven Seagod sacred pillar guardian Douluo to lead the way, he sharply accelerated and headed directly up the mountain. In just a few leaps, he arrived before the Seagod Palace at the top.

Tang San naturally didn’t have bad eyesight, none of what he saw before had changed. Bo Saixi’s aged, end of her life appearance made Tang San’s heart ache. Why would this elder who had given all her life to the Seagod Island suddenly……

Bo Saixi quietly watched Tang San. Her crystal clear eyes seemed to see something, but she didn’t say anything, as if searching for something in Tang San’s face.

Tang San didn’t speak either, letting her watch him. He wanted to ask questions, but watched by Bo Saixi’s clear and flawless eyes, he couldn’t open his mouth.

The others also arrived at the top of the mountain. As Dai Mubai and the rest saw Bo Saixi’s appearance they couldn’t help crying out. Especially Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing covered their mouths. Only Xiao Wu who hadn’t directly met Bo Saixi was better off.

Bo Saixi’s kindly gaze swept across everyone,
“Are you very shocked? It’s actually nothing, appearance is meaningless to me. You wait outside a while first. Tang San, follow me. I have some things to explain to you.”

Tang San nodded silently, following behind Bo Saixi into the Seagod Palace.

Bo Saixi casually waved her hand, and soft spirit power slowly pulled close the two large gates, isolating everything outside. The lightless Seagod Palace was still dark, the seven platforms still exactly the same.

After entering the palace, Bo Saixi didn’t walk further inside, but rather stopped directly, stepping aside and sitting down crosslegged beside the door. She pointed opposite her, gesturing for Tang San to also sit.

Tang San sat down as she asked. Looking at Bo Saixi, he drew a deep breath,
“Senior, your current appearance, is it related to my great grandfather? Don’t tell me he didn’t understand your intentions?”

As the peak Douluo of the present world, no enemy could possibly cause Bo Saixi to change this much. With Bo Saixi’s status, even if she really met a god level power, she would definitely sacrifice her life to protect the Seagod Island, but still definitely not turn so old as this. In Tang San’s impression, Bo Saixi was an extremely proud person, otherwise she wouldn’t have used that kind of method to reject his great grandfather Tang Chen as well as Qian Daoliu back then.

Therefore, there was only one explanation for her current appearance. That had to be related to his great grandfather coming here after they separated. Bo Saixi loved his great grandfather, the only man she had loved in her life. Tang San could also only think of that kind of explanation for Bo Saixi to change so much.

Looking at Tang San, Bo Saixi’s eyes revealed a slight smile, but this smile contained even more of a strange mood.

Tang San, you’re very intelligent, and I will moreover also thank you. You finally let me see him one last time. I really am grateful. Even Tang Chen might not have thought that you could guess I changed like this because of him.”

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