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Chapter 280

Planning The Main Attack

(TL by Bagelson)

On the Spirit Empire’s side, besides the Sacred Dragon Legion commander Tang San instantly killed, there were eight Title Douluo that followed Bibi Dong into battle. In the first engagement, one was thrown into Bibi Dong’s all out attack by Xiao Wu’s Burst Kill Eight Stage Drop and met a violent death, and Yang Wudi left Snakelance Douluo near death. The Title Douluo that lent his mental strength to Bibi Dong was also seriously injured when he was implicated in the mental attack, leaving only five Title Douluo in fighting shape.

Seeing Bibi Dong blasted flying by Tang San’s attack, striking the walls so hard she bled, the ignorant Title Douluo leapt down almost at the same time, two of them catching Bibi Dong, the other three guarding in front, warding Tang San’s follow up attack. Seeing Tang San leave, they all couldn’t help but breathe a huge sigh of relief. In today’s battle, this seemingly extremely young, but extremely cunning youth that had given them enormous losses, had left a deep shadow in the hearts of these peak experts of the spirit master world. Especially when Tang San had taken back the Seagod Trident, they really had no hope of fighting him.

The Heaven Dou Imperial Army drew back five li like a tide before they stopped under Grandmaster and marshal Ge Long’s command, then again arrayed themselves into neat formations that looked as if they were ready to launch a second assault at any time. When the order to retreat came, the Golden Sacred Dragon had already split back into Grandmaster’s trio. When Tang San charged the fortress, Grandmaster had already ordered the other six Shrek Seven Devils to move up and prepare to support Tang San. They were just in time to welcome him back.

Gathering with his comrades, Tang San immediately reached out with his left hand and pulled Xiao Wu close, whispering:

Saying so, he struggled to draw breath, swaying softly, scaring Xiao Wu enough to hurriedly infuse him with her spirit power and support him. The feeling Tang San now gave Xiao Wu was as if he might collapse at any moment.

“Ge, are you alright?”

Tang San softly shook his head,
“Let’s get back first.”

The Shrek Seven Devils had been together for so many years, they already completely understood each other. Oscar immediately produced a big recovery sausage, letting Tang San eat it. The six crowded around him, swiftly returning to camp.

At the moment, the Tang Army was already moving again. Only, this time they didn’t attack, but rather swept the battlefield.

Each of the crossbow bolts the Tang Sect forged was priceless, and they only carried one hundred twenty on their person, plus forty eight in the crossbow, each Tang Army soldier was only equipped with one hundred sixty eight bolts. That’s why they had to recycle crossbow bolts from the battlefield, to use them again. This was also why Grandmaster and marshal Ge Long didn’t lead the army the whole way back. With them as deterrent, the Spirit Empire army in Jialing Pass wouldn’t dare act without thinking hard first.

The people on the Heaven Dou Empire’s side that could see something wasn’t right with Tang San was only those of Spirit Douluo strength and above, and Grandmaster who was extremely familiar with him. In the eyes of the common soldiers and even the spirit master legion, he was king Lan Hao returning in victory after crushing the enemy. In their eyes, Tang San was now simply synonymous with the word unequalled.

“King Lan Hao! Long live, long live, long long live!”
The two hundred thousand strong army gave Tang San a hero’s welcome. Each soldier raised the weapons they held high, cheering indiscriminately.

Ordinary people could only see battles between spirit masters in the great spirit arena, and even then it was impossible to see Title Douluo level fights. For the majority of the common soldiers, this was the first time seeing spirit masters of this level fight. Tang San’s Seagod Trident had left too deep of an impression, and their cheering like landslides or tsunamis was completely unorganized, completely heartfelt. In their eyes, it was this young king Lan Hao defeating Spirit Empire Empress Bibi Dong as well as a host of Spirit Empire powers that had ld them to this victory.

Heroes were frequently those with the deepest impact. The entire Heaven Dou Empire’s morale was already at a peak. Before this battle, who could have thought that the Spirit Empire’s spirit master legions would actually break so easily? Not even sixty percent of the Spirit Empire’s heavy legions had returned to Jialing Pass in the end. Those were losses of at least thirty thousand in the previous battle. Even more importantly, there was no longer any way of reforming the Spirit Empire’s all spirit master Sacred Dragon Legion.

This was a perfect victory, a perfect victory nobody had imagined. The Heaven Dou Empire that had an absolute numerical advantage from the start, had relied on this battle to pressure the Spirit Empire till they almost couldn’t breathe. Not only was morale at the lowest, but a shadow had even been left in the hearts of those generals. So much that some even feld schadenfreude over the Sacred Dragon Legion’s losses. After all, the spirit legions’ lofty position had always in the past made people not only jealous, but those arrogant and despotic Spirit Empire spirit masters had always had a very strained relationship with the ordinary generals and soldiers.

Tang San clenched his teeth and endured. The originally hundred something jin Seagod Trident that he would easily swing around, now felt like it weighed thirty thousand in his hand. His spirit power overdraft was a bit better, somewhat alleviated by eating Oscar’s big recovery sausage. His body was after all extremely tough. But, his mental strength’s overdraft was still immensely painful, as if his entire brain was hollowed out. And this mental strength was something he could only recover himself.

Marshal Ge Long asked Grandmaster:
“State Preceptor, won’t we assault once again? Right now is when our morale is highest, and enemy morale is lowest. Perhaps we can even charge into the city, and eve if not, we can still use attrition.”

Grandmaster said:
“The strategy is of course marshal’s decision. Only, I personally believe that now isn’t a good chance for assault. Even though Jialing Pass has low morale, the Spirit Empire’s soldiers also know what the pass being broken means for them. Most important is that there is still a Spirit Empire elite spirit master legion behind the pass. Marshal, absolutely don’t get careless because we defeated the enemy’s spirit master legion today. You saw the true power of a spirit master legion in our attack just now, but our six thousand spirit masters are far from being able to compare with any Spirit Empire spirit master legion. Them fortifying the terrain leaves our side’s Tang Sect unable to show the might of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow. If we force a charge, the losses might be disastrous.”

Marshal Ge Long’s original haughtiness was already completely obliterated after this battle. Whether Grandmaster or Tang San, the strength they revealed and the might the Tang Army as well as the spirit master legion showed when commanded by Grandmaster, had given him a very large shock.

Listening to Grandmaster, he pondered:
“Fine. Our first battle was a great victory. Being too risky really is inadvisable. Come, pass on my orders. Sound the gongs for recall.”

The Heaven Dou Imperial Army slowly withdrew, neatly returning to the camp fifty li away, and Xue Beng personally met them. Even though he didn’t understand why the army just withdrew, he didn’t express any concerns on the field. Questioning the commander before the troops absolutely wasn’t sensible.

When they returned to camp, Tang San was already in a daze. He didn’t even know how he entered the camp and returned to his own tent. When Xiao Wu helped him lie down, he immediately fell into deep sleep. Ever since his mental strength reached the Boundless level, and especially after entering the Title Douluo level, this was the first time Tang San had been this severely overdrawn. He was even more exhausted than when he connected his father’s meridians or helped his mother resurrect.

That one Asura Demon Light had exhausted Tang San’s mental strength, will and spirit power.

Tang San slept for a full three days. Each of these days the Heaven Dou Imperial Army would routinely invite battle, but Jialing Pass remained shut. After the walls were quickly mended, they let the Heaven Dou Imperial Army shout and curse outside, no matter what going out to battle again.

Tang San’s overdraft was admittedly severe, but Bibi Dong’s injuries were even more serious. Not only was she injured by the Seagod Trident, even more important was Tang San’s last Asura’s Light, which knocked Bibi Dong unconscious almost immediately. After being rushed back by the five Title Douluo, she always remained unconscious. Jialing Pass was already in a bit of chaos, fortunately there were still those five Title Douluo as well as the Angel Legion who managed to keep it under control. But they clearly didn’t agree to go out on the battlefield.

The Heaven Dou Empire also moved over siege equipment, trying to siege the walls. But the results were minimal, and moreover came with large losses. Just as Grandmaster said, when the Tang Army’s hidden weapons couldn’t show their power, and the spirit master legion within the pass joined the defense, it was difficult for the Heaven Dou Empire to advance a single step even with millions of heroes.

What Tang San first saw when he woke from unconsciousness was black hair flowing like a waterfall, Xiao Wu in white, leaning over next to him, sleeping very sweetly. Her silky black hair was like a blanket, drawing the outlines of her perfect curves. Looking at her, Tang San’s heart was immediately filled with tender feelings. His mental strength exhaustion was already almost recovered, and his spirit power was basically already restored without needing him to deliberately cultivate since he reached great accomplishment in Mysterious Heaven Skill.

Quietly snuggling up to Xiao Wu, he pulled her into his arms. Feeling that rich feeling that made his pulse speed up, Tang San couldn’t help lower his head and softly kiss Xiao Wu’s red lips. He loved her too much, even such a simple embrace constantly stirred up the softest parts of Tang San’s heart.

Four lips met. Xiao Wu’s tender body trembled slightly as she woke back up. As she opened her eyes and saw Tang San, her arms already half raised to push him away instead circled around his neck like water snakes, answering passionately. Her two slender legs even more directly twisted around Tang San, like an octopus, she fitted close to Tang San. That completely alluring feeling made Tang San’s blood boil almost instantly.

Just as Tang San couldn’t help caressing Xiao Wu’s butt, and the two were already somewhat unable to hold back, a shout came from outside,
“Xiao Wu, is little San awake?”

Hearing this voice, Tang San and Xiao Wu separated as if by electric shock. Raising the tentflap, Liu Erlong walked in from outside. Seeing Tang San’s awkward expression and Xiao Wu’s charming blush, Liu Erlong immediately revealed an envious expression,
“I’m sorry, I disturbed you kids.”

Xiao Wu shyly jumped over to Liu Erlong, grabbing her arm and rocking forcefully to hide her embarrassment.

Liu Erlong laughed in spite of herself:
“Don’t shake, you’ll break my weary old bones if you go on.”

Tang San’s mood had already recovered, smiling:
“Aunt[1], you’re still very young!”

Liu Erlong rebuked:
“Enough flattery. Since you’re awake, me and your teacher can both be relieved. Recuperate properly, don’t mind what’s happening outside. The Spirit Empire is already playing a turtle in its shell.”

Tang San said:

While speaking, he nodded apologetically to Xiao Wu, who gave him a warm smile in return, coming over to pull Tang San’s arm.

“I’ll go with you.”

As the State Preceptor as well as the Heaven Dou Empire spirit master legion commander, Grandmaster had a large tent of his own, specially for discussing strategy with the high level spirit masters. As Tang San and Xiao Wu were led there by Liu Erlong, the tent was already bustling. The Shrek Seven Devils were present as non voting delegates, and at the same time Poison Douluo Dugu Bo, Strength Hall master Tai Tan representing the Tang Sect, Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master and spirit master legion deputy commander Ning Fengzhi, Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School elders Sword Douluo Chen Xin and Bone Douluo Gu Rong, and Shrek Academy dean Flender were also there. Not one wasn’t a high level power of the Heaven Dou Empire’s spirit master world.

Tang San’s appearance immediately made everyone show happy expressions. Poison Douluo was the one who hid his thoughts the least, and directly stepped forward to give Tang San a big bear hug,
“Little Freak, I knew you were more tenacious than a cockroach. How is it, all recovered?”

Tang San laughed:
“If an old freak like you is fine, how could I have any problems?”

Grandmaster nodded to Tang San,
“Since little San has come, he’ll attend as a non voting delegate. We’ll continue the conference.”

Because Tang San was late, he didn’t insist on sitting in front even though his position in the Heaven Dou Imperial Army was exceedingly high. He just pulled up a chair and sat next to the other Shrek Seven Devils.

Even though Grandmaster and Ning Fengzhi occupied the first seats in the big tent, seeing the calm and composed Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master, Tang San couldn’t help sighing to himself. The events back then had in the end left repercussions. Ning Fengzhi’s judgement wasn’t wrong, but he had personally assumed responsibility for lessening emperor Xue Ye’s lifespan, otherwise, whether in terms of seniority or strength, he should have sat in the seat of the State Preceptor. This was presumably also the reason Ning Fengzhi planned to leave the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master position to Ning Rongrong after the war. Ning Rongrong and the seven devils’ relationship would inevitably improve the misunderstanding between the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School and the Heaven Dou Empire, even more so when even if Xue Beng hated the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, he still wouldn’t dare really do anything to them. After all, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School was extremely closely related to the Shrek Academy as well as the Tang Sect, and these three great systems supported the entire Heaven Dou Empire’s spirit master world. Consequently, Xue Beng could only suppress the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School with authority.

“Despite our army’s overwhelming victory in the first battle, heavily damaging the Spirit Empire army as well as the spirit master legions, the present circumstances are still extremely unfavorable to us.”

Grandmaster continued his speech. Perhaps it was because of holding a high position these years, but his rigid face was a bit more dignified.

“Our army might seem to have millions of heroes, with vast imposing manner, suppressing the Spirit Empire army until they don’t dare leave Jialing Pass. But in fact, with Jialing Pass fortified, they have it a lot easier than us. We have to guard against surprise attacks at any moment, but they have pretty much no concerns in that respect. At the same time, and most important, is that just because our army is big, the consumption of supplies is astronomical. We can’t afford delays. Even though we’ve always prepared all these years, if it drags out like this, before long the logistics won’t be able to keep up and our army will collapse without a fight. On the surface the Spirit Empire has much fewer troops than us, but relying on the natural defenses of Jialing Pass plus their enormous numbers of spirit masters, it’s very difficult for us to break through. Even if we want a war of attrition with the enemy, that’s also not that simple. The Spirit Empire possesses tens of thousands of spirit masters, but we only have thousands. If we don’t dispatch spirit masters during siege assaults, then our soldiers will be consumed at a frightening pace. If we send spirit masters, we basically can’t afford the losses. Either we find a good way to storm the pass, or, we draw the Spirit Empire out on the field again. And our conference today is on how we can achieve these two possibilities.”

Listening to Grandmaster, practically everyone frowned. Jialing Pass was like a flawless stronghold, walls and moat incomparably firm, and behind stood a numerous spirit master army as the cornerstone of the defense. In such circumstances, the Tang Army the Heaven Dou Empire used to restrain the Spirit Empire’s spirit master legions couldn’t show their effect and effectively kill enemy spirit masters. The trouble they understood, the Spirit Empire naturally understood as well. The purpose of their current entrenchment was to drag down Heaven Dou.

The original plan formulated by marshal Ge Long was for a war of attrition with the Spirit Empire, relying on the formidable national power to smash the enemy. But after the last few days of trying to launch assaults with the army, the result was completely different from the planned circumstances. Due to the large number of Spirit Empire spirit masters assisting the defense within Jialing Pass with powers like trees in the forest, the Heaven Dou Empire’s losses during siege assaults was astonishing. This wasn’t even the most important point, most important was that while they suffered large losses, the Spirit Empire’s losses could basically be neglected. If it went on like this, marshal Ge Long’s original plan would undoubtedly be broken.

Siege equipment was basically nothing before spirit masters, practically the same as losses from soldiers. In the first two days, marshal Ge Long had once proposed that Grandmaster lead the spirit master legion to assist the assault, but Grandmaster had vetoed.

Grandmaster’s explanation to emperor Xue Beng was very simple. If the Heaven Dou Empire possessed the same number of spirit masters as the Spirit Empire, assisting the assault was naturally no problem, it was just a question of losses. But, the actual gap in spirit masters between the Heaven Dou Empire and the Spirit Empire was too large. If the spirit masters assisted in the assault, as long as Jialing Pass turned their ballistae to fire on the Heaven Dou Empire spirit masters, they would definitely suffer disastrous losses. If their foundation was harmed, then there would be no way to continue this war.

Xue Beng agreed with Grandmaster’s explanation, but the crucial point was that he wanted to wait until Tang San recovered to hear his proposal. The deep impression Tang San left in the first battle that day had also given this new Heaven Dou emperor a huge surprise.

Only then did Xue Beng understand why his father regarded Tang San so highly, naming him as king Lan Hao. Besides the Tang Sect’s enormous effect on the Heaven Dou Empire, Tang San’s own growth potential was also the most important part. Only, even if emperor Xue Ye was resurrected, he might not have imagined Tang San’s potential would be roused quite this quickly.

Grandmaster looked towards Ning Fengzhi,
“School master Ning, what do you suggest?”

Ning Fengzhi smiled slightly:
“Little San has recovered, so we better listen to him first. This world already belongs to young heroes like these.”

Hearing Ning Fengzhi say this, Grandmaster’s rigid face couldn’t help showing a faint smile. To him, Tang San was undoubtedly the greatest pride of his life, even more glorious than his position as State Preceptor. When he heard Ning Fengzhi praise Tang San, Grandmaster hardly concealed his happiness. Being without children of his own, Tang San was his child.

Grandmaster’s gaze turned to Tang San, smiling faintly:
“Then little San, tell us, do you have any good plans?”

Tang San pondered:
“At present I seem to have two ways.”

Everyone else couldn’t help staring shocked at Tang San. These last days they’d always been considering it from different angles, but without getting any good ideas. Tang San had only just recovered, and had actually straight up told them he had two plans to solve the problem without even asking what had happened over the last days.

Tang San stood:
“Teacher, school master Ning, all seniors. What teacher said is correct, a frontal confrontation is definitely unwise. Jialing Pass is easily guarded but hard to attack, causing us too many losses. Forcing the attack would very possibly turn this pass into a meatgrinder. Bibi Dong was seriously injured in the last battle, and by my expectations she won’t appear on the field again within half a month. But she can still give orders. I think that no matter what method we use to draw them out, the Spirit Empire won’t easily take the field. Of my two methods, the first possesses a certain degree of risk. Everyone here are on the same side, and all seniors are very familiar with us Shrek Seven Devils. Among us seven, my second brother Oscar’s original name at Shrek Academy was Sausage Monopoly. And now he is already a food type Spirit Douluo past rank eighty. Among the many sausages his spirit can produce, the third spirit ring ability is known as Swift Flight Mushroom Sausage. With Oscar’s current strength, the flying mushroom sausages he makes can allow anyone to fly for ten minutes, at a speed that at least equals an early level Phoenix Tailed Crested Serpent. That is already a considerable speed. After it produced, the Flying Mushroom Sausage is effective if used within ten days. In ten days, if my second brother has everyone’s help, he should be able to produce at least twenty thousand flying mushroom sausages. If used on my Tang Army, every man can have two sausages. If my Tang Army suddenly takes to the air while the army assaults the front and attacks the enemy spirit masters on the walls of Jialing Pass, it will inevitably be quite effective. Two flying mushroom sausages is enough for every Tang Army soldier to fly into the air, fire the Godly Zhuge Crossbows three times, and return to the formation.”

Listening to Tang San, everyone’s gazes instantly focused on Oscar, their eyes brightening at the same time. Tang San’s idea was undoubtedly brazen and imaginative, but thinking carefully, in theory it should be quite workable.

Grandmaster nodded:
“This is a very good suggestion. If it’s done appropriately, we can definitely give the Spirit Empire spirit masters another big surprise.”

Tang San said:
“But, this method also has risks. First of all, our Godly Zhuge Crossbow bolts will be fired into the walls, and will be very difficult to retrieve. Three volleys will waste forty eight thousand crossbow bolts, more than a quarter of our entire supply. Second, after our Tang Army flies into the air, they will definitely become moving targets. Even though the Godly Zhuge Crossbows has excellent range, spirit masters over rank sixty specializing in ranged attacks will still very easily be able to attack. Plus the fortress ballistae, the Tang Army might suffer very large losses. Best is if the spirit master legion is thrown in with a full scale attack. Only like this will our attack have its greatest effect, and the losses kept at a minimum.”

Listening to Tang San, everyone nodded one after another. At present, this was the best plan they had heard.

However, Tang San very quickly surprised them again,
“My second method is comparatively safer. That is for me alone to destroy the enemy’s defenses as far as possible.”

“Everyone probably saw my fight with Bibi Dong that day. Relying on the Seagod Trident, Jialing Pass’ solid walls are nothing. As long as I have enough time, I can even completely level their defenses with the ground. My second plan is for me to attack Jialing Pass’ defenses at close range while protected by all you seniors. I believe I can destroy faster than they can rebuild. Doing it this way will not only likely draw out the enemy spirit master legion to attack, but at the same time also pave the way for our future main attack.”

At this point, Tang San paused, his eyes flashing,
“Of course, in my opinion, the best way is to use these two methods at the same time. To us, Bibi Dong’s injuries is a rare opportunity.”

Silence. The entire tent sank into silence. Each person thought deeply, their brains moving swiftly, calculating all kinds of possibilities.

Tang San sat back down in his seat. His two plans wasn’t something he came up with on the spot, he had already thought it over on the way to Jialing Pass. He couldn’t command an army, but with his agile mind, as a control type spirit master he could still think of the best way to apply the power of spirit masters.

After a full half stick of incense of time, Grandmaster sharply stood from his seat, drawing everyone’s eyes. He looked towards Tang San,

Without question, everyone also saw that after Grandmaster had carefully calculated, he was completely convinced by Tang San’s proposal.

Only Oscar had a bitter expression, looking miserably at Tang San. Tang San laughed in spite of himself:
“Little Ao, it seems you’d better start making sausages now. Rongrong, stay with little Ao. Work in secret, the faster the better. Twenty thousand sausages, not one less. The faster you move, the sooner we can launch the attack. Our greatest opportunity is while Bibi Dong is gone.”


Seven days later, in front of Jialing Pass, the battlefield that had stood silent for several days was bustling once again. This time The Heaven Dou Empire’s million man army was fully mobilized. The fastest light cavalry, the solid heavy cavalry and heavy infantry, as well as large numbers of regular infantry, were all arrayed in formation, gradually advancing. Even though the numbers were enormous, they still neatly slowly pushed forward in units of legions.

On the walls of Jialing Pass, standing in the main position in place of Bibi Dong was astonishingly Hu Liena. Hu Liena had been appointed from sickbed. Bibi Dong had been unconscious for a full seven days after the last engagement, and after she woke up she immediately sent orders for Hu Liena, who at the time was in charge of the Spirit Empire’s army supplies, to take over her position, defending with all strength. As the Spirit Empire’s previous Spirit Hall Holy Maiden, Hu Liena had an extremely high position among all the spirit masters related to Spirit Hall. Adding that she was Bibi Dong’s personal disciple, even though it wasn’t enough to attack, it was plenty to defend the walls.

Right now Hu Liena stood on top of the walls, at the head of five Title Douluo, with a serious expression attentively watching the millions of soldiers slowly approaching Jialing Pass, frowning deeply.

That was an army of millions! Even though the battle still hadn’t begun, the intangible pressure from such an army still made it hard to breathe.

Bibi Dong and two severely injured Title Douluo were still gone. After all, not many possessed Tang San’s recovery capability, and their injuries were even more severe than Tang San’s. Even though Bibi Dong’s recovery ability was also very strong, unfortunately, this time it was her soul that was wounded. Tang San’s attack was an extremely heavy blow to her, and injuries to the soul could only be slowly restored with time. The half a month Tang San gave for her to recover was originally a conservative estimate. In fact, after Bibi Dong woke from seven days of unconsciousness and gave a series of orders, she had fallen back into unconsciousness. It was only in the last two days that her condition had taken a turn for the better.

“Holy maiden, no need to worry. The Heaven Dou Empire is just acting strong. If they really do dare attack, we’ll teach them a harsh lesson. The Angel Legion has already finished preparations, and even though the Sacred Dragon Legion took great losses, the remainder are still elites. Our spirit masters still number more than fourteen thousand, more than twice that of the enemy.”

The speaker was a Title Douluo next to Hu Liena. Listening to him, Hu Liena slowly shook her head,
“No, the Heaven Dou Empire shouldn’t be blustering this time. Please watch, even though that special troop you mentioned previously are somewhat to the rear of the formation, they’re all filled with a murderous aura. If it’s just a token threat, they absolutely wouldn’t appear like this. Also, the Heaven Dou Empire troops furthest ahead all give me the same kind of feeling. Pass on my orders, prepare the whole army. Very possibly, the Heaven Dou Empire is taking advantage of my teacher’s injuries to launch their main attack. At the same time, pass on my orders to cut the four drawbridges. That will block the Heaven Dou Empire from sending experts to forcing them open. Move the whole Sacred Dragon Legions up on the walls, keep the Angel Legion at level one readiness within the walls. Prepare for battle.”


Possessing the Deathgod Domain just like Tang San, Hu Liena at this moment fully revealed her killing intent, showing her strong side before all the high officers and first rate spirit masters.

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