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Chapter 263

Sacrifice! Forest King, Tang San’s Nine Rings


(TL by Bagelson)


That dignified voice in Tang San’s mind was already faint by the end, but Tang San still felt deeply respectful. He didn’t need to ask to understand that, whether that golden figure or this voice, both came from the true Seagod. Perhaps it could be called the Seagod’s brand on this world. He’d also finally for the first time peeked at the door to divine skills.


At the same time as Tang San regained control over his body, the four seriously injured Title Douluo were just crawling up from the ground, their faces overwhelmed with shock. And in the air, the purple fragments Bibi Dong had transformed into were swiftly circling and gathering, actually stitched together by lines of purple light. At the same time these fragments were also surrounded by a ring a bizarre purple light.


Tang San fully believed the Seagod, and since the Seagod said he couldn’t kill Bibi Dong before becoming a god, then he certainly didn’t stand a chance. Without any hesitation, with his mental strength almost completely exhausted, he managed to raise a wisp of energy to urge the Vast Sea Barrier’s stealth, quietly vanishing in the depths of the forest. And those four rising Title Douluo didn’t dare pursue. They were already truly terrified by the Golden Thirteen Halberds true divine ability.


It was also no wonder they were this way. Seriously injuring five Title Douluo with one strike, including the Spirit Empire’s Empress, the peak level Bibi Dong. How could they not fear such strength? The Seagod Trident in Tang San’s hand was too shocking.


The purple magic lines grew more and more intense, and the shattered Death Spider Emperor form slowly came together, once again returning to its condition before breaking. Only, the purple magic lines on her body had faint traces of gold. Having just restored her form, Bibi Dong immediately withdrew her spirit avatar, transforming into her real body, and even withdrawing her spirit.


With a retching sound, she vomited a mouthful of gold flecked blood, her body trembling violently, her eyes filled with unwillingness,
“This person, is my greatest obstacle to unifying the Continent.”


Finished speaking, she directly sat down on the ground, assuming a bizarre posture with both hands as she entered cultivation.


Previously Bibi Dong had used the Death Spider Emperor’s ninth spirit ability, called Undying Body. Ordinary spirit masters definitely wouldn’t absorb a support ability for their strongest ninth spirit ability, but Bibi Dong possessed twin spirits, she naturally wouldn’t be afraid. Her ninth spirit ability came from the same spirit beast as her spirit, a hundred thousand year Death Spider Emperor. Back when she killed this spirit beast, she spent a full year to complete her purpose, obtaining this spirit ring and the Death Spider Emperor’s spirit bone. Of the two abilities this hundred thousand year spirit ring gave her, one was the life saving support ability she just used, Undying Body. Even if her body was smashed and scattered by the enemy’s attack, it could still reform. One step further than Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone.


When Bibi Dong clearly sensed the threat the golden trident constituted to her life, she quickly switched over to her Death Spider Emperor spirit, and then used this life saving ninth spirit ability. No matter how powerful the enemy’s attack was, it still wasn’t enough to kill her. But, the Seagod’s golden divine power wasn’t that easily resolved. Even though she r

elied on Undying Body to block the majority, she was still invaded by a portion and forced to neutralize it on her own.


In such circumstances, let alone mentally searching for Tang San and the others, even defending herself was a problem. The four Spirit Empire elders quickly guarded around her. Of course, deep in their hearts, even Chrysanthemum Douluo who wished he could cut Tang San’s corpse into ten thousand pieces didn’t dare pursue. Everyone only had one life, and having strenuously cultivated to the Title Douluo level, where would they be willing to take risks? At the same time, the strength Tang San displayed gave them a powerless feeling. What kind of enemy was it who possessed such a degree of power, even seriously injuring the lord Supreme Pontiff.


But in fact, the ability Tang San had of course wasn’t enough to accomplish this. Just like he didn’t understand Bibi Dong’s abilities, Bibi Dong and these Title Douluo were the same towards his abilities, and especially ignorant of the Seagod Trident. In such circumstances they were caught unprepared, plus that the true Seagod brand showed its strength, thus beating them back in one go. If the true Seagod was here, that second Millennial Space was enough to take their lives, even directly injuring Bibi Dong. After all, rank ninety nine peak Douluo might just be one step short of gods, but their strength were as different as heaven and earth. Moreover, the present Bibi Dong also wasn’t the complete Bibi Dong. A portion of her strength was used elsewhere, and couldn’t be transferred. The use over there was even more important than the two Forest Kings’ spirit rings.


When Tang San escaped, he was already overdrawn. The Seagod Trident’s consumption of mental strength and spirit power really was too large, even if the last attack had relied on the Seagod brand’s own energy, Tang San had already used it three times before. Although he wasn’t a dried out lamp, he was still out of strength. Maintaining the Vast Sea Barrier was difficult.


Drawn by his soul, very soon Tang San sensed Xiao Wu’s anxious soul waves, and quickly approached. His estimation of Bibi Dong’s and the Title Douluos’ circumstances was the same as the facts. Within at least an hour, they absolutely wouldn’t dare leave Bibi Dong to pursue. This gave him plenty of time.


Xiao Wu and the others hadn’t run very far, five li from the site of the previous battle. As Tang San arrived, Xiao Wu was crying bitterly.


“Da Ming, Er Ming, you have to hold on, you can’t die! Ge is coming. He’s a poison expert, he can definitely save you.”
While crying, Xiao Wu constantly poured her soul force into the two great divine beasts.


But, whether Da Ming or Er Ming, the light in their eyes was still growing duller and duller, they were already unable to move again.


“Xiao Wu, stop wasting your strength. We can’t hold out. That person’s spirit has the strongest poison of this era. The Death Spider Emperor’s poison is basically unsolvable. Besides, the poison hasn’t just entered our organs, it’s also corroded our souls. Don’t cry, we’re already happy that you and Tang San could save us from being killed by the enemies. We’ve both lived for a hundred thousand years, dying now isn’t too early. Not dying by the hands of the enemy, not becoming her spirit rings, we’re satisfied.”
Da Ming’s eyes were now almost closed, even the strength to lift his eyelids was almost gone.


While they were talking, Tang San had arrived and removed the Vast Sea Barrier.


Seeing Tang San, Xiao Wu was like she had caught a life saving straw, hurriedly pulling him:
“Ge, hurry up and save them. Da Ming and Er Ming will die.”


Tang San was shocked, not caring about his own weakness, he hurriedly came closer and pulled out two antidotes he’d refined himself back when and gave them to the two spirit beasts. At the same time he used his remaining spirit power to hasten it.


“Tang San, don’t waste your strength. Even if a god came, he still couldn’t save us. Our bodies are built differently from you humans. You came just in time. Before we die, there’s still time to thank you. Thank you for not letting us die in that person’s hands.”


Tang San hurriedly comforted:
“Da Ming, you’ll be alright. I will definitely think of a way to bring you back.”


Suddenly, Da Ming’s eyes opened sharply. His eyes unexpectedly again possessed an intense luster, as if he’d instantly recovered his vitality.


“Tang San, listen to me.”
Along with his mind recovering, Da Ming’s voice grew forceful. Seeing this, Tang San’s expression was tragic. He could see how deep the poison was, and Da Ming was now truly a lamp running on its last fuel, the sudden recovery was the last flash!


“I don’t have much time.”
Da Ming looked at Tang San, then at Xiao Wu. Next to him the equally at his last gasp Er Ming also opened his eyes, but his originally yellow eyes had now become murky.


“Tang San, we know the state of our bodies. This body has already been completely corroded, unless you can now take out the same kind of medicinal herb as saved Xiao Wu last time, there is no chance for us. I don’t have much time, let me finish.”


The herb Da Ming meant was of course the Yearning Heartbroken Red. Where would Tang San find that? Even if he could, it was already too late. The restrictions to consuming it was also so severe.


Tang San sadly watched Da Ming and nodded. Xiao Wu fiercely threw herself forward, hugging Da Ming’s thick neck and weeping bitterly.


A lazy light flickered in Da Ming’s eyes,
“Tang San. To be honest, at the start, I didn’t like you. In the past, Xiao Wu was always together with us, us three were together for close to a hundred thousand years. No matter what she did, me and Er Ming always supported her, even when she finally decided to become human. When you appeared, we discovered that Xiao Wu’s heart was already set on you, do you understand that feeling? Just like your sister following someone else. But, after the events last time, we both understood that you truly love Xiao Wu. In order to save Xiao Wu, you would rather give up your own life, Xiao Wu didn’t choose wrong. You are the best home for her. This time, we are truly happy that you returned together. Seeing that Xiao Wu can already attach her soul to her body, I understand, these years, you’ve always untiringly worked for her resurrection. Xiao Wu truly has insight, finding you, I am happy for her. I will leave, but, I still have a final wish. I hope you can help me achieve it, can you?”


Tang San nodded firmly, getting straight to the point:

No matter anything else, he would complete Da Ming’s final wish just for his and Er Ming’s affection.


Da Ming nodded to Tang San, gratified:
“Thank you, Tang San. Today might be the day I’m the most thankful. Xiao Wu, don’t feel sad. You are like us, we’ve all lived a hundred thousand years. You have Tang San, evolving as a human, you have a new hope. But we’ve lived in this big forest for a hundred thousand years, we no longer have anything keeping us in this world. In some sense, Dying can be considered the end, but also a new beginning.”


“Tang San, me and Er Ming have seen through life and death, dying isn’t frightening to us. We are already satisfied with not dying in humiliation by the hands of the enemy. My only remaining wish, is Xiao Wu. My final desire, my wish in the final moments of my life, is to see Xiao Wu being resurrected with my own eyes.”


Tang San looked distracted, he hadn’t thought Da Ming would actually raise such a request. Sadly he said:
“I’m sorry, Da Ming, it’s still impossible. I still don’t have the strength of a Title Douluo. I may have to disappoint you.”


Da Ming’s gaze suddenly became severe, his burning eyes fixed on Tang San,
“If course I can sense it, your current spirit power is rank eighty five, right? Isn’t that just five ranks short? I and Er Ming will give you these ranks. But. After having these five ranks, you must resurrect Xiao Wu. Can you do it?”


Tang San was shocked,
“Da Ming, you’re……”


Xiao Wu sharply raised her head, tightly holding on to Da Ming’s neck,
“Don’t, Da Ming, Er Ming, you can’t do this.”


The always silent Er Ming suddenly opened his mouth. At this moment, his eyes were also bright, just like Da Ming he had entered the final flash of radiance before death, and equally stared at Tang San with burning eyes,
“Xiao Wu, if you don’t want our deaths to be without any value, don’t stop us. Me and Da Ming thought it through just now. Since we will die, why not give our deaths meaning. If we can help you resurrect, our deaths will also be worth it. Bsides, after we become Tang San’s spirit rings, we can still watch over you. Tang San, do you agree? We three are men. For Xiao Wu, wouldn’t you want to pay together with us?”


Da Ming and Er Ming both knew how large the harm to Tang San would be in order to resurrect Xiao Wu. They knew they were dying, and hoped to force Tang San to resurrect Xiao Wu together with them in their last moments.


They had seen Tang San’s strength. Resurrecting Xiao Wu meant giving up on the last ten ranks of spirit power, forever unable to become a true power. This part would be even worse than death to a talented Spirit Master. That’s why they worried that Tang San would finally let Xiao Wu stay in her current condition, and not help her truly resurrect.


Sensing the two great divine beasts’ gazes, Tang San’s eyes grew equally bright, cold light flickering,
“Da Ming, Er Ming. What are you worried about? Even if you’ve been together with Xiao Wu for a hundred thousand years, while me and her have only been together for ten odd years, my feelings for Xiao Wu absolutely aren’t shallower than yours. I originally brought Xiao Wu back to the Star Dou Great Forest this time in order to resurrect her. More words are useless, watch.”


While speaking, Tang San suddenly patted Xiao Wu next to him with one palm. Xiao Wu was now completely lifeless, she could never imagine Tang San would attack her. Before she could react, Tang San’s palm hit her forehead, and she fell limply to the ground with a groan. Red light overflowed from her body, struggling and unwilling to return to Tang San.


“What are you doing?”
Da Ming and Er Ming shouted simultaneously. But they couldn’t move a bit now, and could only watch Tang San act.


Due to his lacking mental strength, Tang San’s Seagod’s Light was very faint, but as that golden light appeared, it immediately bound Xiao Wu’s soul, pulling her into his body.


His gaze sweeping Da Ming and Er Ming, the corner of Tang San’s mouth twitched. Suddenly, his left hand flipped the Seagod Trident, the main blade stabbing straight at his right arm. The Seagod Trident was a true divine tool, and even his incomparably durable physical body couldn’t block it. Blood splashed, and he immediately severed his right arm.


Tang San’s complexion instantly paled, but he still didn’t even grunt, his gaze still ice cold. With a flip of his foot, the right arm flew into the air, and at the same time his left arm poked continuously, sealing the blood vessels of his right shoulder.


Watching this, Da Ming and Er Ming’s originally severe gazes completely changed. Tang San didn’t explain anything to them, using actions to prove his determination. First pulling Xiao Wu’s soul back into his body, and then immediately severing his right arm.


Tang San’s right arm was where Xiao Wu’s spirit bone was, and as a not yet rank ninety spirit master, only death would separate the spirit bone. Put a different way, when the spirit bone left his body, he would die. Tang San even used the Seagod Trident out of fear he couldn’t sever his arm, that was the strength of his determination.


Tang San stabbed the Seagod Trident in the ground next to him, his left arm catching his falling right arm. With a sudden tremble, he broke down the surrounding flesh, extracting Xiao Wu’s spirit bone within. Before the gazes of the two great divine beasts, he coldly said:
“I don’t have much time either, this is a man’s determination.”


Da Ming and Er Ming looked at each other. Right now, not only were they nearing death, Tang San was as well. As long as his spirit power couldn’t reach rank ninety, and break his connection with the spirit bone, he would die.


“I’m sorry.”
Da Ming and Er Ming spoke simultaneously, their severe expressions already softened. Even though they were a lot bigger than Tang San, at this moment, in their hearts Tang San was now standing far higher than them. Especially that madness of sparing nothing for Xiao Wu, made the two even more feel ashamed. They asked themselves, if it wasn’t because their lives were ending, they absolutely couldn’t do the same as Tang San. Yes, he was a true man.


Two heaven-drowning roars resounded. Two balls of blazing red light ignited in the Star Dou Great Forest. The glaring red light was released simultaneously from between the eyebrows of the two great divine beasts, and everything in the range of that red light turned completely static.


Sacrifice, yes, it was Sacrifice. This was the method Da Ming meant when he said he and Er Ming would make Tang San directly enter rank ninety. The growth from the sacrifice of two overlords of the Star Dou Great Forest, two hundred thousand year spirit beasts. Enough to directly let Tang San’s spirit power jump five ranks, rising to rank ninety.


“Tang San, we will leave Xiao Wu to you.”
Da Ming and Er Ming’s voices echoed simultaneously in Tang San’s heart. Tang San’s cold gaze grew burning hot, and in the instant that red light spread, two hot tears hung fixed on his face. He of course knew what the two great divine beasts had decided, both he and Xiao Wu knew. But like the two spirit beasts said, they didn’t want their deaths to be without value. Helping Xiao Wu resurrect was their last wish.


Red flames began to burn Da Ming and Er Ming. That wasn’t fire, but rather an extremely special blood flame. And within it burned their blood, life, as well as a hundred thousand years of cultivation.


This was the second time Tang San had received a hundred thousand year spirit beast’s sacrifice, and even though a long time had passed, when he received Da Ming and Er Ming’s sacrifice, he still couldn’t help recalling everything that happened with Xiao Wu back then.


Tang San could no longer budge within the red light, but he used his soul to tell them:
“Da Ming, Er Ming, don’t worry. I will definitely resurrect Xiao Wu, and guard her with my life. At the same time, I will definitely help you take revenge, to kill Bibi Dong, to destroy the Spirit Empire.”


Da Ming and Er Ming’s bodies were already gradually fading. Hearing what Tang San said, the two forest kings’ eyes revealed satisfaction. They of course understood, this was a man’s oath. Tang San definitely wouldn’t spare any effort to complete it.


The blood flame grew more and more flourishing. Gradually it turned from red to deep red, and Da Ming and Er Ming also gradually faded in this process, like red crystals growing more and more transparent.


Da Ming’s body faded first, all the red expanding into a giant ring that slowly contracted, revolving around and slowly merging into Tang San’s body. Immersed in the blood flame from the two great divine beasts, Tang San’s whole body constantly itched, the near death feeling completely obliterated. The spirit power within him, in chaos from the severed arm and previously exhausted from the fight with Bibi Dong, now grew geometrically, charging at one bottleneck after another at a mad pace.


But Tang San wasn’t the slightest excited over his rising spirit power, his heart was instead filled with grief. His rising strength came from Da Ming and Er Ming’s sacrifice. If he had a choice, he would wish his strength never rose in this way.


Da Ming, Er Ming, leave at peace, I will definitely avenge you. Spirit Empire, the hatred between us has another cause.


Finally, Da Ming’s light completely faded, and a red arm bone flew uncontrollably towards Tang San’s severed shoulder, forcefully stabbing into the wound.


Da Ming’s last voice echoed in Tang San’s heart,
“You are the best human I have seen. Actually, both me and Er Ming like Xiao Wu, only since we are brothers we never wanted to hurt each other, to your benefit. Tang San, I’ll repay you with my spirit bone and spirit ring, perhaps, you won’t have to lose ranks. Therefore, I won’t owe you. Don’t forget your promise, protect Xiao Wu for us. The moment you severed your arm, I took you as a brother……”


“Da Ming……”
Tang San’s tears finally fell. Da Ming’s voice faded and disappeared, and his enormous body turned into a small cyan snake that fell to the ground. The cyan light gradually faded, turning a dull gray.


And at this moment, Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor showed itself, and at the same time appeared yellow, yellow, purple, black, red, red, red, red, eight spirit rings. Along with Da Ming’s energy turning into a giant blood red ring slowly revolving in the sky, it converged around Tang San, finally occupying the last position.


Yes, under Da Ming and Er Ming’s combined sacrifice, Tang San’s spirit power had finally attacked the rank ninety bottleneck, promoting to the Title Douluo level. The spirit ring from Da Ming’s sacrifice also became his ninth spirit ring. Emperor of the forest, hundred thousand year Sky Blue Bull Python ninth spirit ring.


At the same time, along with that blood red right arm bone stabbing into Tang San’s shoulder, Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone violently undulated with energy, one blue ray of light after another surging, crystal blue light constantly revolving around the wound. Flesh and arteries began to wiggle around that red arm bone, growing at a pace visible to the naked eye.


Title Douluo level spirit power made the Blue Silver Emperor right arm bone’s Wildfire Burns Without End, Spring Wind Breathes Life Again ability to completely erupt. A hundred thousand year spirit bone’s ability required Title Douluo level spirit power to completely erupt.


Da Ming could be called the number one power of the Star Dou Great Forest. Even though he and Xiao Wu equally had lived a hundred thousand years, but as imagined, his spirit ring and spirit bone quality were absolutely above Xiao Wu’s. This was also why he said he wouldn’t owe Tang San. Even if Tang San lost a spirit bone and a full spirit ring, his and Er Ming’s two spirit bone and two hundred thousand year spirit rings could absolutely make up the difference. After all, lost spirit rings could be hunted again, but finding two hundred thousand year spirit rings and bones wasn’t so easy. When he saw Tang San’s four hundred thousand years spirit rings, Da Ming already understood that Tang San absolutely wouldn’t need to give Xiao Wu all his spirit power to resurrect her.


Er Ming’s red flame was still burning, only already a lot dimmer than before. The spirit power the sacrifice could reward was already completely infused into Tang San. If it wasn’t for him and Da Ming being so powerful, it absolutely wouldn’t have been possible to help Tang San rise five ranks of spirit power and break through the most difficult rank ninety bottleneck.


Seeing Tang San’s right arm bone grow back, the ninth spirit ring also completely fusing with the Blue Silver Emperor, Er Ming’s deep voice echoed,
“My turn. Tang San, please don’t tell Xiao Wu me and big brother liked her. We don’t want her to suffer. Let her always be glad, let her be happy. I believe, you can do it. If one day you truly break through rank one hundred and become a god, you will have the ability to condense our souls, and release us for a short time from the spirit rings and spirit bones. At that time, we will meet Xiao Wu again. Also, your current spirit ring quality is too high, definitely don’t lose it to Xiao Wu. That will have the opposite reaction. Actually, big brother was wrong. We still owe you. If you didn’t rescue us today, we wouldn’t even have the chance for this sacrifice. Put the abilities we give you to good use. Love Xiao Wu well, I wish you two happiness.”


The blood flame ring once again expanded, seeing Da Ming’s big gentle eyes, Tang San clenched his teeth.


The blood colored ring of light landed on Tang San. Immediately, the Blue Silver Emperor disappeared, the nine spirit rings around him also vanishing. In its place, that black Clear Sky Hammer appeared out of nowhere in front of Tang San, floating quietly.


The Clear Sky Hammer’s dark golden pattern flowed like mercury, as if it knew it would possess its first spirit ring, and looked forward to it with excitement.


The blood colored flame vanished, turning into an enormous spirit ring enveloping Tang San and Er Ming. As that ring contracted so it revolved only around Tang San, Da Ming’s body was already gone. The last of the red light froze on the Clear Sky Hammer, the bloody light making the originally already heavy presence of the Clear Sky Hammer grow even more domineering. The Deathgod Domain inscribed on the Clear Sky Hammer this moment burst forth with white radiance, letting the bloody color of this first spirit ring permeate within, adding a bit of a bloody luster to the white light of the domain.


Da Ming became the last spirit ring of Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor, and Er Ming became the first spirit ring of Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer. If a hundred thousand year spirit ring was appropriate in the ninth position, then Er Ming’s hundred thousand year spirit ring becoming the first on the Clear Sky Hammer was unprecedented.


This year Tang San was only just twenty five. Not only had he set the record for the youngest Title Douluo in history, at the same time, he also a terrifying record of having a spirit’s first spirit ring being hundred thousand year. Even though it might not never be repeated, it was absolutely unmatched in history.


At the same time, Da Ming and Er Ming had given thought to Tang San’s capabilities. Da Ming’s physical form was long and thin, somewhat similar to Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor strands, and naturally most suited being the Blue Silver Emperor’s spirit ring. And Er Ming was focused on force and violence, just in keeping with the Clear Sky Hammer’s requirements. Tang San had never given any spirit rings to the Clear Sky Hammer, and even he himself had never expected that the first would actually be this powerful.


But, all this wasn’t finished. Along with the Clear Sky Hammer’s first spirit ring appearing, a scarlet spirit bone grew transparent and disappeared in front of Tang San. That was a left arm bone. Even though a hundred thousand year’s spirit beast poured his soul into the spirit ring and spirit bone, equally, they decided the forms of the spirit bones formed from their sacrificial energy. The left arm bone and right arm bone matched, and at the same time Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer came from his left hand, so consequently Er Ming chose for his spirit bone form to be Tang San’s left arm.


The scarlet spirit bone instantly disappeared, but different from Da Ming’s gentle endless spirit power, the split second Er Ming’s spirit bone merged with Tang San’s left arm, Tang San’s whole body produced an impression of explosive power. Even though the left arm didn’t seem to change on the surface, Tang San felt as if his left arm was expanding unhindered, a forceful feeling filling his arm, the vessels beneath the skin constantly wiggling. At the same time, these two hundred thousand year spirit rings and spirit bones merging with him made all of Tang San’s bones crackle.


Whether spirit ring or spirit bone, both would increase the attributes of the user’s body, and a hundred thousand year spirit ring and hundred thousand year spirit bone were undoubtedly even more outstanding. Tang San originally already had eight formidable spirit rings, and his body had also passed the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well’s forging, his innate attributes were already quite formidable, surpassing that of ordinary Title Douluo. Now, joined with another two great spirit rings and bones, immediately gave a feeling of his body bursting.


All attributes related to strength rose explosively, and Tang San’s skin also became blood red. The meridians within his body pulsed explosively, his blood circulation speed tripling from before, even his mental strength moved rhythmically.


That the human body could absorb energy was of course a wonderful matter, it could make one’s physical qualities strengthen comprehensively. But if the energy absorbed was too great, especially if it was absorbed in one go, if it surpassed the limits of the body, the result would absolutely be appallingly miserable, meridians bursting to become crippled, and even explode and die.


This was also why, back when they discovered Tang San had twin spirits, both Grandmaster and Tang San’s father Tang Hao warned him not to lightly add spirit rings to his second spirit.


Tang San himself hadn’t expected that just absorbing the first spirit ring of his second spirit would produce such a burden. But in fact, these circumstances didn’t actually appear because his body couldn’t bear it. On the contrary, it happened because Tang San’s physical endurance was too powerful.

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