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Chapter 258

Reunion, Slaughter King


(TL by Bagelson)


That’s right, it was blood mist, exactly the same nauseating blood reek as when he entered the forest before.


A miserable shriek echoed, clearly someone else had suffered. Immediately after, a cry of alarm Tang San was somewhat familiar with echoed from within the blood mist.


Even though he hadn’t heard this voice for many years now, Tang San still instantly recognized the owner, Hu Liena? Was it really her? What was she doing here?


This red blood mist was something similar to a domain, and Tang San naturally wouldn’t intrude rashly. That dense slaughter aura was somewhat similar to his Deathgod Domain, but even more wicked, and that stench of blood itself was intensely corrosive, and all the plants near the edge of the blood mist were being violently corroded.


With a cold snort, a circle of blue light spread out from Tang San. His Blue Silver Emperor launched, at at the same time, he also released his Blue Silver Domain. As the ruler of plants, how could Tang San stand still and watch so many plants suffer?


The blue light spread rapidly, not only covering the entire range of the blood mist, but also enveloping all the forest he passed through before. A surging vitality was aroused almost instantly, and prompted by the Blue Silver Emperor’s aura, the large forest made its counter attack. All the plants began to grow madly, the blood mist’s corrosive poison and the flourishing vitality of the plants weaving together. Each plant emanated a golden blue light at the same time as they grew, blocking the invasion of that bloody light.


Meanwhile, that surging vitality began to collide with the bloody aura, constantly filtering the harmful toxin. The blue ring of light filled with a breath of life began to spread through the forest, and with the support of Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain, these plants issued an incomparably enormous aura of vitality.


Life and death were two kinds of extremes to begin with, and the sudden explosion of life naturally influenced that blood colored death energy. Very soon, the scene in front of Tang San began to grow clear. Even though the bloody light was still there, the mist blocking his view began to gradually fade.


Several hundred meters ahead of him in the forest, there were now still three silhouettes constantly colliding, attacking each other. In a corner lay one shattered corpse. Strangely, that corpse was constantly releasing bloody mist, as if its blood was evaporating.


One of the three fighting was Hu Liena. Currently, her six spirit rings were constantly flashing, and each time that enormous foxtail behind her swung, it brought forth a surging energy. She emanated a ring of white light, enveloping her and another old man, blocking the invasion of the bloody light. But constantly assailing them was a red silhouette. When he laid eyes on it, Tang San couldn’t help being shocked, inwardly shouting. So it was him.


Blood colored robe, high necked cape, pale features. Tang San knew this person. It was astonishingly the ruler of Slaughter City he and Hu Liena met back then, the Slaughter King.


Compared to back then, the Slaughter Kung had undergone very large changes. His pale skin showed very faint blood lines, and on his forehead was a magic mark in the shape of a sword. Behind him a pair of enormous blood red wings were spread, integrating both attack and defense, as they could be used to attack, but also worked as two enormous shields. He was terrifyingly fast, and Hu Liena and that other old man forced into the flickering light were already in danger.


That old man fighting alongside Hu Liena had a full eight spirit rings, and the configuration was quite good. But the Slaughter King didn’t show a single spirit ring. But even so, Hu Liena and that old man could barely defend. It looked like they couldn’t hold up.


“You finally came? I’ve been waiting for a long time. In order to wait for you, I’ve let them live for this long.”
The Slaughter King’s voice didn’t hold a trace of humanity, only endless ice cold and evil.


The blood red silhouette swept past, and that eight ring old man screamed, his whole body seemed to be inked with the color of blood, and then exploded with a loud sound, ending up the same as all the corpses Tang San saw before. The blood within his body rushed out, constantly blending into the bloody light the Slaughter King radiated. But when he moved the red light could only suppress Hu Liena’s Deathgod Domain to reach that eight ring old man, and couldn’t harm Hu Liena.


“Tang San?”
When Hu Liena saw Tang San appear, for some reason, her heart relaxed. Even though that strange bloody light couldn’t kill her, one of the Slaughter King’s wings flapped, smashing her flying out to crash through two large trees.


When the blood color descended once again, Hu Liena’s body was already missing, a strand of Blue Silver Emperor twisted around her waist and brought her over to Tang San.


If it could be said that Tang San still held a good opinion of anyone in Spirit Hall, then that might be Hu Liena. Tang San had always remembered how they collaborated to pass the Hell Road back then, and even when Xiao Wu was ambushed in Star Dou Great Forest later, Hu Liena hadn’t stood against him.


Catching Hu Liena’s shoulder with his left hand, a mellow and rich Mysterious Heaven Skill was infused into her body.


Hu Liena belched, vomiting up a mouthful of blood. Her face had become deathly pale, but she still just about managed to breathe.


“What’s going on here?”
Tang San asked in a low voice.


Hu Liena leaned on Tang San’s shoulder, gasping for breath:
“I don’t know either. This monster suddenly appeared, attacking me and my people. His bloody light is weird. Inside its range, besides me who has the Deathgod Domain, the others couldn’t use any spirit abilities. Of the more than twenty people I brought, there were five powers at the Spirit Douluo level, and the remainder were Spirit Sages. But, weakened in his strange bloody light, he was constantly killing them. This freak is too terrifying. He said he came to find us for revenge.”


Listening to her, Tang San finally understood where that trace of mental targeting came from. It wasn’t Hu Liena, but rather this Slaughter King.


“Revenge? You two lowly creatures destroyed Slaughter City, even if your corpses were cut into ten thousand pieces it wouldn’t make up for Slaughter City’s losses. Tell me. Just which of you put poison in the grand blood river. Just what poison was it, take out the antidote and I’ll give you a quick death.”


The Slaughter King walked step by step towards Tang San and Hu Liena. He walked very slowly, but with each step forward he brought an immense pressure, making it difficult to breathe.


Confronting the Slaughter King, Tang San’s expression was as always. When he passed the first trial, in the Seagod’s Light, the pressure he faced was ten times, a hundred times greater than this, but he still successfully passed. No need to mention this situation.


Tang San calmly asked back:
“Slaughter City was destroyed?”


The Slaughter King’s ice cold blood red eyes were filled with hatred,
“It was you, it was you who destroyed my Slaughter City. Making my people die miserably from the backlash of the great blood river. It was you, wasn’t it, it was you……”


Tang San smiled,
“If it was destroyed then good. I didn’t waste an immortal herb for nothing. That’s right, I’m the poisoner, I’m the one who poisoned the blood river. Actually, that doesn’t count as a poison. That was a Snow Colored Swan Kiss, it only has one result, to cause excitement. The Bloody Mary in Slaughter City contained a slow poison that could let people grow even stronger through slaughter, and could also imperceptibly alter their minds and bodies. Therefore, I added such an immortal herb to that blood river, making that slow acting poison show its effect a thousand times faster. It seems my medical estimation was extraordinarily correct, I’m very honored to be able to become the destroyer of Slaughter City.”


“Bastard, the antidote?”
The Slaughter King was already almost unable to hold back, but in order to get the antidote, he still managed to endure his urges, and didn’t charge up and attack Tang San.


“Tell me your symptoms first?”
Tang San asked calmly.


The Slaughter King roared impatiently:
“I’m so hot, the important blood inside me is constantly evaporating, no matter how much blood I drink I can’t stop it. But I’ve also become even stronger, my body seems to be changing. But, I can’t control it. Antidote, give me the antidote.”


“Antidote? There is no antidote. What antidote would a beneficial immortal herb have? Truly a pity, why didn’t you perish along with that depraved world of yours? A degenerate kingdom like Slaughter City should never have existed in this world. Destroying it is meting out justice on Heaven’s behalf. Perfect. You’re here today too, then let’s finish it. Once I’ve wiped you from this world too, that degenerate realm will also have truly disappeared.”


“Bastard, I’ll kill you!”
Even had the Slaughter King been an idiot, he would now still have understood that Tang San was playing with him. The bloody light suddenly flourished, and with a flash he had already arrived in front of Tang San. Two blood red long nails thrust at Tang San’s chest like claws. At the same time, his dense bloody light also rose, rushing towards Tang San.


“Hurry up and use the Deathgod Domain, otherwise you can’t use abilities, you’ll be killed instantly.”
Hu Liena spoke anxiously, Doing her utmost to start her Deathgod Domain to protect her and Tang San. But at this time, Tang San threw her away, sending her flying several dozen meters away.


Intense blue light suddenly exploded from Tang San. In that instant, his body was like a ball of blue light. Next, tyrannical blue light instantly blossomed, and Tang San turned completely golden blue.


Blue Silver Avatar launched, and at the same time the Blue Silver Domain’s evolved ability Boundless Nature also launched.


The potent bloody light the Slaughter King released couldn’t only be stopped by the Deathgod Domain, but rather required domain abilities to resist, because that bloody light was in itself originally a kind of domain ability.


And through observing the previous battle between him and Hu Liena before, Tang San understood that even though the Deathgod Domain could guarantee Hu Liena could use spirit abilities, very clearly, the white light the Deathgod Domain released couldn’t completely block the Slaughter King’s red light. That was a suppression in domains. In other words, the Slaughter King’s domain was of a common origin as the Deathgod Domain, but it was above the Deathgod Domain, and so restrained it.


Just because of this, Tang San didn’t use the Deathgod Domain, and chose his Blue Silver Domain. This was the forest, the best battlefield for the Blue Silver Domain.


The surrounding world suddenly turned golden blue. Hu Liena closely followed Tang San with her eyes, and as she saw eight spirit rings extending from Tang San, she turned completely lifeless.


They hadn’t met in close to five years, he, he had actually become so powerful? Eight spirit rings, Spirit Douluo level strength. Four hundred thousand year spirit rings. Was this really a level humans could reach? Tang San’s current circumstances already far exceeded Hu Liena’s understanding.


As those red and blue lights started to violently collide in midair, fighting to control the empty space, the Slaughter King’s movements clearly became a beat slower when attacking Tang San, and Tang San swayed with his upper body, whis whole body releasing a blue mist.


Confronting the opponent’s attack, Tang San didn’t dodge. Or you might say, he basically didn’t think about dodging. Holding the Seagod Trident horizontally, he directly blocked the Slaughter King’s attack.


A loud explosive sound echoed. The Seagod Trident suddenly issued a ringing sound, and the Slaughter King pulled back as if electrocuted, his blood red eyes brimming with disbelief. The intense shocking force made both his hands tremble.


Tang San was equally surprised, he could feel the shock transmitted from the trident. Ever since obtaining this divine tool, this was the first time someone had caused this kind of slight tremble in the Seagod Trident with a frontal attack. Such strength. It seemed this Slaughter King’s strength wasn’t less than Seadragon Douluo. Only, how come he didn’t show any spirit rings?


The Slaughter King roared unwillingly, raising both hands on either side, one blood red ring of light after another rippling out from within him, the intense bloody light not only filled with the aura of corrosion, but also possessing a special energy fluctuation.


Instantly, sounds of compressed blasts constantly erupted from where the Blue Silver Domain and that red light touched. Tang San’s expression changed. Even though this was a forest, with a huge supporting effect to his Blue Silver Domain, he was shocked to discover that his domain actually couldn’t resist.


The Slaughter King cackled with laughter,
“How about it, how’s the taste of my Slaughter Domain? Compared to the Deathgod Domain you got, my Slaughter Domain is the strongest domain in Slaughter City, and it’s also a reduced version of the ability ban effect in Slaughter City. Do you think your plant attribute domain can resist? Slaughter Domain. It’s the world’s most potent domain. The ability ban attribute is established absolutely. You better use your Deathgod Domain, otherwise your spirit ring abilities will be completely useless.”


Tang San was secretly alarmed. It really was as the Slaughter King said, even though he still hadn’t come into contact with that bloody light, his body had already begun to separate from the spirit avatar state. The Blue Silver Domain could originally manage to compete with the opponent, but without the support of the Spirit Avatar it couldn’t sustain Boundless Nature, and was immediately forced back step by step, a formidable suppressing force coming head on.


But just at this moment, before the Slaughter King’s proud laughter ended, Tang San suddenly disappeared from his place.


The Slaughter King reacted very quickly, turning around practically subconsciously, the two giant wings swinging behind im like sharp blades. But, Tang San’s current position wasn’t behind him, but rather behind and above him.


Falling sideways, bringing up his left leg with a natural and fluent motion, it was also a red light filled with a wicked aura, falling from the sky like a giant hatchet. It was the Evil Spirit left left leg bone’s spirit ability, Orca Evil Spirit Hatchet.


Tang San was well aware that you couldn’t let the enemy lead you around by the nose in a fight. Even if the Deathgod Domain might let him use spirit ring abilities, the Deathgod Domain would be restrained by the enemy’s Slaughter Domain, that absolutely wasn’t a good thing for him. It would very possibly lead to him always being suppressed. Even though the Seagod Trident was formidable, the Slaughter King was incredibly fast, giving a feeling even more like an agility attack type spirit master. As long as he relied on speed for a roaming battle, it wouldn’t be easy for his Seagod Trident to show its power. Consequently, he chose to fight like this. After all, with five spirit bones, he had complete confidence.


Red light burst forth, the Blue Silver Domain was already completely shattered. Confronting Tang San’s attack, the Slaughter King snorted disdainfully, raising his left wing, he actually blocked Tang San’s extremely powerful single target attack just like that, and moreover swept him away. Spinning twice in midair, he once again relied on teleportation, and just managed to dodge the Slaughter King’s pursuit.


Besides Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi, there had never been anyone that could catch Tang San’s attack this easily, especially an excessively powerful attack like the Orca Evil Spirit Hatchet.


“Gaga, attacking the Slaughter King with evil energy, I can only feel sorry for you. Kid, you’re already enveloped in my Slaughter Domain. If you give me the antidote now, I can still leave you with an intact corpse. This is your last chance.”


The Slaughter King didn’t pursue, but instead stared fixedly at Tang San, his eyes even more focused on the Seagod Trident in Tang San’s right hand. Clearly, he was extremely wary of this weapon.


Tang San had suffered two setbacks in succession, but his expression still didn’t change. Listening to the Slaughter King, he suddenly smiled,
“By that, you shouldn’t be called Slaughter King, you should be called Evil King. You’re right, evil energy of course has to be resisted with the energy of justice. Do you really believe your Slaughter Domain is unparallelled? Unfortunately, your level is still far too lacking. Just let me use justice energy to to help purify you. You shouldn’t exist in this world.”


While speaking, Tang San raised the Seagod Trident, and the Seagod Trident brand on his forehead suddenly brightened. No matter how powerful this Slaughter Domain was, it still couldn’t stop him from using the ability that stemmed from gods, the Seagod’s Light.


Brilliant golden light turned into a pillar of light, shining perfectly straight down on that rhombic gem on the trident. Instantly, Boundless Nature burst forth. Intense light even more dazzling than the sun, rendered Tang San’s body completely golden.


At this moment, a dignified, divine aura filled the whole forest, and the previous wide expanse of vicious red light shattered.


What Tang san said about insufficient level, of course didn’t mean that the Slaughter King’s strength was below his, but rather that no matter how powerful the Slaughter Domain, it was still just a domain of the human world. But what this Seagod Trident possessed, was divine light.


Tang San had already started to figure out a way to defeat the Slaughter King since he saw him. Without a doubt, the ability the Slaughter King possessed was evil energy, and the Seagod’s divine power was definitely a just and honorable energy. Adding the difference in levels, this was why Tang San didn’t use his attack abilities all out before.


The divine power of the Seagod Trident spreading out immediately had an evil vanquishing effect, simply breaking through the Slaughter King’s Slaughter Domain, cleanly sweeping away the evil aura in the air.


At the same time, this was also the first time Tang San used the Seagod Trident’s power in a true sense. Through the connection of the Seagod’s Light, a torrent of information rushed madly into him from the Seagod Trident. Tang San was completely enveloped by the golden light of the trident, and his mind frantically absorbed the information reaching him. It was only at this moment that he truly understood how powerful the divine instrument he got from the seventh trial was.


Different from the mad rush of energy Tang San felt, as the Seagod Trident’s dark form turned golden, covered with a dazzling golden pattern, the golden light that dispersed with the rhombic Seagod’s Heart as center was calm.


The gentle golden light was filled with a radiant flavour, as if it would heal all pain, and also like it would awaken dormant life. However, this gentleness still held a stubborn attachment, to expel the darkness.


No matter how powerful the Slaughter Domain was before, even suppressing and forcing back Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain, at this moment, in front of a truly divine power, that wicked Slaughter Domain quickly melted like ice, broke like tile.


The Slaughter King was completely immersed within the Seagod Trident’s golden light, so much that he still maintained the previous stance with both arms spread, the two giant wings on his back unfolded, looking vicious and evil. Now, his body seemed to be frozen in place, even the malicious expression on his face was frozen. As if influenced by something.


Hu Liena had already crawled to her feet. Seeing this scene, she hurriedly covered her mouth. If the feeling the vicious and powerful Slaughter King gave her before was beyond terror, then the strength Tang San now revealed gave her heart a kind of fantastic and complex feeling.


It was happiness for Tang San’s strength, but at the same time also a deep grief over how formidable he was. She understood too well that the enmity between Tang San and the Spirit Empire couldn’t be settled. He would only be the empire’s enemy. Having an enemy like this clearly wasn’t a good thing for the empire. If he was still in his twenties, but already had the power to contend with Title Douluo level powers, then, in ten years, twenty years? What would he be like then?


Hu Liena’s mind was already in chaos, blankly watching Tang San, feeling that golden light warm her body and disperse the fear in her heart, she didn’t know how she would face Tang San.


The scene of the battle was a bit strange. Both sides stood there motionlessly. Tang San was suffering the enormous information attack from the Seagod Trident, and was unable to move for the moment. But the Seagod Trident also seemed to have merged together with him, plating his body with a bizarre defensive energy.


And the Slaughter King was frozen in the divine light the Seagod Trident radiated, clearly influenced by that evil vanquishing force. But his body was also just frozen there, without undergoing any significant change.


Time passed second by second. The golden light over Tang San’s body began to grow more and more intense, the Seagod Trident in his hand even more emitting ten thousand rays of light, each magic line on its surface becoming exceptionally distinct.


And at this moment, the Slaughter King also finally showed a change. Red light began to roam across that sword shaped blood colored magic line on his forehead, gradually growing from faint to more intense, a red faint luster appeared over his body, unexpectedly blocking the divine light of the Seagod Trident. And the Slaughter King’s pale complexion also began to change, gradually replaced by an unhealthy flush. The wings on his back broke into fragments, turned to ash and blown off by the Seagod’s Light. His hair also gradually went from red to black, the same change occurring in his eyes at the same time. All over his whole body, only one place remained red, only that magic mark on his forehead.


Tang San’s eyes gradually recovered their clarity, but after he woke up, his expression was shocked. Because he clearly sensed that, even though the Slaughter King in front of him had shed the bloody color, his wings shattered, the aura he radiated was still rising geometrically, as if it would continue without limit. The red light protecting his surroundings began to overflow outside, unexpectedly slowly pushing back the Seagod Trident’s golden light.


How was it possible, this was the Seagod Trident’s evil vanquishing light, even though he still wasn’t the true Seagod and couldn’t use its full power, this divine light was still a genuine divine force. It was unexpectedly unable to break the Slaughter King’s bizarre red light, this was just……


Using all his spiritual force to target the Slaughter King’s body from all directions, Tang San finally discovered a fundamental change in the Slaughter King’s basic nature. His killing intent was not only not weakened by the Seagod’s Light, but on the contrary rose geometrically along with his strength, however, his original wicked aura had disappeared completely. That red light was unexpectedly the purest killing intent, even more pure than his own Deathgod Domain.


It couldn’t continue. Tang San sensed an intense danger. The situation had exceeded his expectations for the first time. After the Slaughter King’s strength, originally not beneath Seadragon Douluo, rose severalfold like this, it wasn’t something he’d be able to resist.


Raising the head of the Seagod Trident to slowly point forward, until it was parallel with the ground, Tang San gave a loud shout, once again displaying the Blue Silver Avatar, eight rings circling around him, left foot heavily stepping forward, his whole body shooting towards the Slaughter King like an arrow, the trident’s long blades stabbing straight at the opponent’s chest.


Tang San’s spirit power pushed the, in his hands, only one hundred and eight jin Seagod Trident to a high velocity, but the trident’s actual weight was one hundred eight thousand jin. At the same time as Tang San operated the Seagod Trident, the pattern covering it rippled like water, from the end of the shaft to the tip of the central, longest blade, the tip of the blade radiated golden light like a small sun, energies combined into one, body and polearm uniting. Even though there was no technique to speak of, his spiritual force and the Seagod Trident’s aura had already completely targeted the enemy.


Rousing the Seagod Trident’s energy required the immense support of the Seagod’s Light and Tang San’s spirit power. Even with Tang San’s present strength, he could still only do it for a very short time. He wasn’t the Seagod, and using the Seagod Trident wasn’t easy. This kind of all out attack style was something he could only use three to five times at most right now. Now all his strength was thrown into the attack, in order to settle it in one stroke, completely eliminating the enemy. No matter how powerful the Slaughter King was, once he was run through by this truly divine weapon, he wouldn’t escape even if he was a god.


But in the instant Tang San launched the attack, the Slaughter King’s eyes suddenly brightened. His eyes were black, an incomparably deep black. His features also seemed to have changed. Even though he still looked middle aged, he’d become a lot more handsome, all the evil replaced by a healthy impression. The black hair behind his head moved without wind. Standing there, he no longer had the previous Slaughter King’s fleeting form, but was solid as a mountain.


Red light rushed out from the wide hands that were no longer claw shaped, without the slightest influence from the Seagod Trident’s targeting. In this moment, the imposing manner erupting from his body was already formidable to an indescribable degree. The shadow of a giant hammer filled with infinite killing intent flashed behind his back. Strangely, after that giant hammer appeared, it very quickly transformed, in the blink of an eye the hammer seemed to have melted, transforming into a more than two meter long giant sword.


The Slaughter King held the sword with both hands, advancing rather than retreating, all the red light around him smelting into one whole, the heavy sword swung up from below with the power to scorch the Heavens, meeting Tang San’s Seagod Trident.


From Hu Liena’s perspective, all that could be seen was a dazzling golden light colliding with a gaudy bloody light.




Golden and bloody colors fused together for a moment, then instantly exploded. Hu Liena only felt an enormous energy hit her like an avalanche, all she could do was curl up as tightly as possible, surrounding herself with that giant fox tail. The next moment she was thrown out like a pebble, going far into the distance. Hu Liena completely lost consciousness while still in the air, but fortunately, she still released her Deathgod Domain at the same time as she was attacked, and so eliminated the worst outcome.


The energy fluctuations didn’t spread very far, only three hundred meters or so. However, within this range, all plants and rocks completely vanished. It wasn’t that they turned to ash, but that they disappeared into nothing.


On the ground appeared a three hundred meter diameter crater, more than a hundred meters deep.


A golden light shot out of the crater like a roving dragon. The golden rays of light dulled as it flew, and as it reached the highest point it was already completely black. But even so, when it landed next to the crater, it still once again caused a loud boom, sinking a whole ten meters into the ground before coming to a stop.


There was no dust cloud, the scene inside the hundred meter crater was perfectly clear. The golden figure had darkened, but that red radiance was still intense.


In the moment the Seagod Trident was knocked out, Tang San’s body was flung into the wall behind him. Even the solid rock couldn’t stop him, and he finally came to a rest in a hole five meters deep. But he still madly spurted blood, his five viscera and six bowels seeming to roul, his spirit power and spiritual force both suffering an unprecedented suppression.


If he had to describe the feeling of the collision, then it would be like that fight with Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi before he had gotten the Seagod Trident.


The feeling of the split second the Seagod Trident met the opponent’s heavy sword was clearly branded in Tang San’s mind. He hadn’t sensed any effect from the Seagod Trident’s weight, on the contrary the opponent’s explosive strength had far surpassed his. That blood red light of slaughter energy filled with the purest killing intent wasn’t in any way inferior to his own Seagod’s Light, so much so that his Seagod’s Light had even been comprehensively suppressed in the moment of the collision.

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