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Chapter 254

Seagod’s Trident, 108 000 Jin


(TL: Armored Raven & Bagelson)


Tang San’s heart shook, “Of course I remember. It nearly took my life.”


Bo Saixi spoke deeply, “Not nearly. It was supposed to kill you. If not for the power within Seagod’s heart scaring him away, you would’ve died right then. Compared to Xiao Bai, Deep Sea Demon Whale King is much more powerful. You can say that it’s the strongest spirit beast in this day and age, land or sea. Even I don’t have the confidence to win against it for sure. If we have to measure with human strength, it should also be a level 99 Titled Douluo. It even surpassed the lifespan of hundred thousand year spirit beasts, and only one step away from becoming a dragon. If it succeeds, then it will be second only to humans.”


“Becoming a dragon? Whales can also become dragons?” Tang San asked curiously.


Bo Saixi spoke calmly, “Never assume that the dragons I refer to are the same as the dragons you know of. If it succeeds, then it will be a true sea dragon. Do you know how many years of training it takes? For a spirit beast, it needs entirely one million years, while having to overcome nine calamities during the period. It’s much more difficult compared to spirit masters’ training to become gods.”


“What?!” Tang San was shocked out of composure, “You mean, that Deep Sea Demon Whale had trained for nearly one million years?”


Bo Saixi shook her head, “That’s not the case. That fellow trained for about three hundred thousand years, but with his devouring of other sea spirit beasts, and its own special skills, it has already overcome eight calamities, which is equivalent to a million years of training. Other than fear towards Lord Seagod, it’s the true dominator of the seas.”


Tang San listened to what Bo Saixi said about Deep Sea Demon Whale’s situation. He couldn’t help but ask in shock, “There’s still a theory about one million year spirit beast?”


Bo Saixi spoke, “The so-called one million year spirit beast, is actually spirit beasts becoming gods, which is much harder than spirit masters training to become gods. Even hundred thousand year spirit beasts training to take human forms is much easier than that. It’s not only tedious, but also those nine calamities are almost insurmountable. No one knows how this Deep Sea Demon Whale King can overcome eight calamities. If it can overcome another one, then it will very likely become an unprecedented one million year spirit beast, towering above other spirit beasts. If the lands are still lacking a god before that happens, I’m afraid the entire continent will be in peril. I don’t mind telling you this in advance, that your Seagod Nine Trials’ final trial is split into two parts. One of them is to strike down Deep Sea Demon Whale King. Only by killing him, can you completely fulfill the right to inherit Lord Seagod’s position.”


Tang San didn’t bother covering up his bitter smile, “Strike down Deep Sea Demon Whale King. Isn’t that the same as defeating an opponent the same level as you? And he’s inside the ocean to begin with….”


Bo Saixi smiled, “Spirit beasts are not human, after all. Besides, have you forgotten about this thing?” While saying that, Bo Saixi’s finger pointed at the pitch black Seagod’s Trident in front of him.


Tang San’s eyes brightened, “Senior, I’ve been meaning to ask you. After I passed the seventh trial, I received a notification, ‘Obtained Seagod’s Trident’s approval, received Seagod’s Trident’s usage rights.’ What powers does it have?”


Bo Saixi smiled, “It’s not something I can tell you. Seagod’s Trident is Lord Seagod’s weapon. How can it be something I know about? As for its power, it’s something you need to look for on your own. But don’t forget that it’s a true divine instrument. At the same time, when you take the ninth trial, it will surely not have just have this kind of strength. Look at your eighth trial’s goal and I will briefly introduce you to this trident.”


Tang San nodded after hearing what she said and focused his spirit. After he pulled out Seagod’s Trident, his forehead’s brand had become flat and smooth. Using spirit sense, the brand felt somewhat phantasmal, but as the affinity with Seagod increased, he discovered that his spirit power had increased subtly. It had become one with Seagod’s Light.


“Seagod Nine Trials, Eighth Trial. Conditions of completion: Increase battle spirit level to nine rings stage, gather all spirit bones, revive accompanying trial examinee. Time limit, five years. Only after completing the eighth trial, can you return to Seagod Hall and accept the final trial.”


After sensing the conditions of his eighth trial, Tang San couldn’t help his eye sockets from leaking tears. Nine rings. He was getting closer and closer to nine rings, and finally able to revive Xiao Wu. This had nothing to do with Seagod Nine Trials. This was what he had hoped to do all along!.


“Are you thinking that the eighth trial is a little too easy?” Bo Saixi asked flatly.


Tang San looked at her and said, “Compared to the seven trials earlier, this one’s difficult part should be at reviving Xiao Wu, right. With my current condition, reaching Titled Douluo stage in five years is somewhat difficult, but definitely not too much. I’m confident about this. The catch is that after reviving Xiao Wu, my spirit power will drop by ten levels as the spirit bones and spirit rings leave me. This way, I might never be able to recover such a strength.”


Bo Saixi’s eyes shined as she stared at Tang San with a burning gaze, “You still have time to regret this. As long as you don’t revive Xiao Wu and let her maintain this current state, I can even help you pass the eighth trial and head straight to the ninth. Maybe the affinity with Seagod will be affected somewhat, but not in a major way for sure. Don’t forget that if you revive Xiao Wu, not only will your spirit power drop, you will also lose a spirit bone. Even though you now have five spirit bones, but you actually only have four. The external one doesn’t count. Finding two more spirit bones in five years isn’t an easy task. If it’s three, then it’s even harder. I am certain that if you revive her, then you will never have the chance to pass the eighth trial, not to mention inheriting Lord Seagod’s position after the ninth trial.”


Tang San looked at Bo Saixi, his eyes gradually becoming colder.


Bo Saixi spoke, “After coming this far and paying a huge price, don’t you want to become a true god? This is the only chance in your life. After you revive Xiao Wu, you will always be just a Spirit Douluo in your life. Even if you have hundred thousand year spirit rings, without being above level 90, you will never become powerful. Never to reach my level, not to mention surpassing me.”


“Speak no further!” Tang San interrupted Bo Saixi, “I respect you, senior, so I don’t want to speak insulting words. But I can tell you that to me, there’s nothing more important than reviving Xiao Wu right now. Even if I can’t become a god and can’t reach Titled Douluo stage, or even lose my life, I don’t care. But I still have to thank Seagod’s magnanimity. This eighth trial gave me five years of time, after all. I am satisfied for being able to be with Xiao Wu for five years. I love the complete Xiao Wu, not her shell. If I cannot revive her, I will not close my eyes when I die.”


While saying that, Tang San stood up and faced Bo Saixi with a grave expression, “Lastly senior, I have a request. Please don’t tell my partners the contents of my eighth trial, especially Xiao Wu. I sealed her external awareness just now. This is between us, and I don’t want anyone mixing in.”



Finished speaking, Tang San didn’t even go to grab the Seagod Trident stuck in the floor. With his back perfectly straight, he walked outside in big strides.

Bo Saixi snapped.


Tang San subconsciously paused, speaking without turning his head:
“Does senior have any instructions?”


Bo Saixi’s voice was partly laughing,
“What if I said I had a way to let you revive Xiao Wu, and at the same time not lose any of your spirit power? Or influence your future cultivation? Do you want to know it?”


Tang San was dumbstruck, struck by sudden understanding. He turned sharply to look towards Bo Saixi.


Bo Saixi’s eyes were filled with a satisfied smiling expression;

“Xiao Wu’s blood wasn’t spilled in vain. You’re quite good, really worthy of what she did.”

“Senior, you were testing me?”


Bo Saixi’s face suddenly grew flat:
“Only, you have one bad point.”


Tang San scowled.


Bo Saixi said sternly:

As she spoke, she couldn’t keep from laughing. She was obviously in a good mood.


Bo Saixi was indeed testing Tang San. Even if the Seagod Nine Trials tested Tang San in all respects, the matter of Xiao Wu giving her blood for Tang San had still touched her very deeply. Her love had a tragic end, and she didn’t want to see that girl Xiao Wu finally end up like her. That’s why she tested him.



But in order to resurrect Xiao Wu, Tang San hadn’t hesitated in the slightest to give up on becoming god, so much so that he had even given up on his own future. As the genius of his generation of the spirit master world, that he could do this already proved far more. How could Bo Saixi’s mood not be good? Seeing Bo Saixi’s smiling expression, Tang San also understood he was duped. Originally, with his intelligence he shouldn’t have been unable to see Bo Saixi’s intent, but concern clouds the mind, especially in regards to Xiao Wu’s resurrection.


Bo Saixi smiled softly:
“Poor Seagod Trident! Having just found a new master it was ruthlessly abandoned. A grand divine tool is so unwanted.”


Tang San said awkwardly:
“Senior, my mistake, I wasn’t deliberately abandoning it, I……”


Bo Saixi clearly didn’t intent to keep teasing Tang San:
“I understand your meaning, no need to explain. I basically understand you and Xiao Wu’s circumstances. In order to resurrect Xiao Wu, all you now lack is ninetieth rank spirit power. After you reach rank ninety, and infuse all spirit rings into Xiao Wu’s body, then return that spirit bone to her, you can complete this resurrection under the Seagod’s Light. After it’s finished, your losses will be your right arm and right arm spirit bone, as well as all your spirit rings. If I’m right, this should be your previous thinking.”


Tang San nodded.


Bo Saixi said:
“The facts already differ from the circumstances of your plan. Do you know why you can extract spirit bones without dying after rank ninety, but still lose ten ranks of spirit power? The reason is quite simple. Breaking through rank ninety, to be precise, the spirit master is no longer categorized as human. Title Douluo with strength far surpassing that of ordinary humans naturally won’t die so easily. But pulling out spirit bones is bound to ruin your constitution, especially mutilating your limbs will leak spirit power, leak vitality, immediately leaving behind irreparable damage. That’s why spirit power would fall ten ranks. Actually, this isn’t all of it. Only the spirit bones of the four limbs can be extracted, the skull and torso spirit bones can’t be removed before death. There’s no need for me to explain the reasoning for this.”


“Your current circumstances are quite special, they can’t be described with common sense. Resurrecting Xiao Wu actually doesn’t require all your spirit rings. Because Xiao Wu sacrificed herself for you, all of her quintessence was concentrated within the spirit ring and spirit bone, even adding the soul, fusing together with your body. Resurrecting her will require returning these to her. But if you truly give all your spirit rings to Xiao Wu, then, it will on the contrary be harmful to her. Because Xiao Wu basically can’t accept your current spirit rings.”


“First disregarding what your ninth spirit ring will be, among your first eight spirit rings, two are hundred year, one thousand year, one ten thousand year, and the remaining four are all hundred thousand year level. But when Xiao Wu sacrificed herself for you she was just sixtieth rank. Even if her body has been transformed and is extremely durable, it still doesn’t have the spirit power foundation to accept your spirit rings. You transferring all of them only leaves two possibilities, one is wasting them, and the other is that she explodes and dies. You’re intelligent, recall what happened when you absorbed a hundred thousand year spirit ring, and you’ll understand.”


Tang San said impatiently.
“Then how can I resurrect Xiao Wu appropriately?”


Bo Saixi said:
“I’ve carefully inspected Xiao Wu’s body these two days, and judging by her present circumstances, when you resurrect her, I propose you just infuse completely her with your first four spirit rings, then skip the fifth spirit ring, adding the sixth spirit ring Xiao Wu gave you. That sixth spirit ring is actually condensed from all her previous abilities, and your first four spirit rings can very easily have a guiding effect. Even though your fifth spirit ring is in between, don’t give it to her, because that spirit ring is fused together with your spirit. If it leaves, not only will it cause you enormous injuries, it would even lead to death. Moreover, it’s also impossible for her to receive it. That spirit ring requires the support blood.”


Tang San said with some concern:
“Is that enough? I fear…….”


Bo Saixi waved her hand:
“No need to fear anything. Don’t tell me you think the Seagod’s Light is useless? Relying on the Seagod’s Light, it’s actually enough to just to resurrect her with that sixth spirit ring, it just can’t guarantee she will reach her best condition before sacrificing herself. Your Seagod Affinity should already be more than eighty percent, then I can tell you with certainty, within your Seagod’s Light there is an ability, Healing. It can heal all internal and external wounds, consuming your spiritual force according to different injury conditions. It’s especially effective on mental wounds.”


“The question of the spirit rings required for Xiao Wu’s resurrection is already settled. Next is the spirit bone. That spirit bone of hers is something you have to return. But I found that your right leg bone has a very formidable ability, physical regeneration, even severed limbs should grow back, right?”


Tang San nodded:
“Probably. If not for it, I would be dead long ago. It’s the spirit bone my mother left me.”


Bo Saixi looked somewhat curiously at Tang San, but didn’t ask further, continuing the subject of Xiao Wu’s resurrection,
“Since that’s the case, you have the ability to escape that spirit power loss. The preconditions are that, before you resurrect Xiao Wu, you find one more right arm spirit bone. After you sever your right arm and return the spirit bone to Xiao Wu, immediately install this new spirit bone in your right arm, then immediately rely on your right leg bone’s regeneration ability to regrow your right arm. The more powerful a spirit bone you can find, the less spirit power you will lose. It also won’t harm your vitality or influence your future cultivation.”


Tang San conscientiously reflected on every word Bo Saixi said. Related to Xiao Wu’s resurrection, he absolutely couldn’t tolerate the slightest carelessness. After careful consideration, he could be certain that everything Bo Saixi said was reasonable. Even if problems appeared, they would only be problems with him, without influencing Xiao Wu’s resurrection. She was quite right, if he rashly placed hundred thousand year spirit rings into Xiao Wu, she would very possibly be in danger due to being unable to endure.


After figuring these things out, Tang San said gratefully:
“Many thanks for High Priest’s help.”


Bo Saixi smiled lightly:
“No need to thank me. I also hope you, the future lord Seagod, can truly complete the Seagod’s inheritance. Remember, find replacements for the five spirit rings you give Xiao Wu as soon as possible. Moreover, among the spirit rings you find, besides the sixth, the first four have to be of the same race as the spirit beasts you killed before. Then they can be perfectly absorbed. After all, your spirit already has some memories. If you change them for other types of spirit rings, there’s bound to be conflicts. Of course, the spirit ring cultivation age depends on your own skill. It’s impossible for all to be hundred thousand year, but you can manage all ten thousand year, right?”


All ten thousand year? Tang San’s heart immediately grew scorching hot, what Bo Saixi said sounded like resurrecting Xiao Wu not only wasn’t bad for him, but on the contrary changed into a good thing?


Before Tang San could speak up, Bo Saixi continued:
“There’s one more thing you have to keep in mind, it’s your eighth trial. Raising your spirit to the nine ring level doesn’t just mean one spirit, it’s all your spirits. You’re different from ordinary spirit masters, you possess two spirits. Therefore, after resurrecting Xiao Wu, you will also have to find spirit rings to amplify your hammer as soon as possible. When you return, you must have twin nine ring spirits. This corresponds to the requirements for the eighth trial and counts as passing. Understand? Five years’ time seems long, but you have to obtain three spirit bones, and more than ten spirit rings. This isn’t a simple mission!”


“Many thanks for High Priest’s warning. Five years should be enough.”

“Senior, I have twin spirits, but the human body has limits. Each spirit ring will boost my body somewhat, and even though I’ve used some immortal herbs and my body is somewhat stronger than most spirit masters, I’m afraid after giving the Clear Sky Hammer high level spirit rings, my body will……”


Bo Saixi gave a laugh,
“If this problem concerned someone else’s body, it really would require attention. But you’re already different, don’t forget that you’re the Seagod’s successor. The moment you pulled out the Seagod Trident, in some sense, you were no longer human. But rather someone one step into godhood. The Seagod’s Light can’t just help you resurrect Xiao Wu. It equally imperceptibly influences and changes your body. This bit is something you should have sensed from the Seagod’s Heart. So, don’t worry, go absorb spirit rings without hesitating, the stronger the better. Twin spirits might be your blessed advantage, even the lord Seagod didn’t have such an ability back then. Each spirit ring you absorb will raise your spirit power somewhat. With your current spirit power, your Clear Sky Hammer can already absorb another eight spirit rings of at least the ten thousand year level. Once these eight spirit rings have been absorbed, even if you don’t cultivate, I think your spirit power should still be close to rank ninety.”


Becoming the Seagod successor unexpectedly solved even this problem. Tang San couldn’t help being wild with joy. Even though the Blue Silver Emperor’s control power was formidable, beneath the surface Tang San had always felt that he lacked attack power. Leaving the Clear Sky Hammer unused, without daring to add spirit rings. Now was different, adding spirit rings to the Clear Sky Hammer not only wouldn’t influence his body, but with his present spirit power level and physical endurance, even the highest limit of hundred thousand year spirit rings could be absorbed. Waiting until the Title Douluo level was meaningless. And if he could reach eight spirit rings with the Clear Sky Hammer, then, not only the problem of raising spirit power, if he could also at any time switch over from control type Spirit Douluo to power attack type Spirit Douluo, his strength would also rise substantially, and there would also be innumerable permutations of tactics.


Bo Saixi smiled:
“If I may give you a suggestion; your ninth trial will be to kill the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. Then don’t waste it. Let him become the last spirit ring of your hammer. He will also give you a spirit bone. Hundred thousand year spirit bones have a property you might not know of. Whoever kills it, it will give a spirit bone that the killer doesn’t have. This is also one of the reasons hundred thousand year spirit beasts are so valued by spirit masters. In other words, no matter what the last spirit bone you lack is, as long as you successfully kill the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, you will have gathered all spirit bones. The quality of the spirit ring and bone it gives you will be an enormous advantage in accepting the last inheritance.”


Tang San’s heart twitched,
“High Priest, by what you say, I can leave Seagod Island to complete the eighth trial?”


Bo Saixi said:
“The rules of Seagod Island affects spirit masters that have passed the trials. And you’re not just a spirit master, you’re also the Seagod’s successor. After you pulled out the Seagod Trident, one might say you’re already half a Seagod. Naturally the rules don’t apply.”


Tang San exulted,
“Then can I bring my comrades?”


Bo Saixi said calmly:
“You still haven’t completely understood your Seagod’s Light! Within the range of the Seagod’s Light, the might of the Seagod is revealed. Under its shelter, the Seagod’s laws naturally won’t descend. Of course, your Seagod Nine Trial excluded.”


“I understand.”
Tang San drew a deep breath, his face showing unconcealable excitement. They’d been here for more than four years, but could finally leave. Indeed, sea spirit beasts didn’t completely suit his Blue Silver Emperor and Clear Sky Hammer. But returning to dry land, he could find the spirit beasts that suited him the most. That was especially the case for the spirit rings he had to give up to resurrect Xiao Wu.


Bo Saixi’s gaze showed a bit of kindness,
“Rest a few days on the island before leaving. Oh, right, I’ll share what I know of some of the circumstances of the Seagod Trident with you. Pay attention.”


“First of all, only your hands can hold the Seagod Trident, it can’t be left in any spirit tools. If you try it, the spirit tool will break. Next, you must pay attention to the Seagod Trident’s weight. When you hold it in your hand, it will weigh one hundred eight jin, however, when you let it go, the weight will no longer be one hundred eight jin, but rather……”


At this point, Bo Saixi paused, the said gently,
“But rather one hundred eight thousand jin.”



“One hundred eight thousand jin?”


Bo Saixi nodded affirmation:
“That’s right. It’s one hundred eight thousand jin. I don’t know what it’s made of either, but I can be sure that without its approval, it would be very difficult to use without god level strength. Consequently, you must be careful when carrying it. If it’s not somewhere that can stand the weight, you absolutely can’t put it down. Best is if it doesn’t leave your body, then it’ll just be one hundred eight jin, and not that terrifying one hundred eight thousand weight.”


“Then that means, when I use it to attack, it will also give the effect of one hundred eight thousandjin?”
Tang San asked.


Bo Saixi smiled slightly,
“This is the might of a divine instrument, even back when your great grandfather cultivated to ninety nine rank spirit power, his Clear Sky Hammer was still only eighteen thousand jin. There is no stronghold the Trident cannot overcome in the Seagod’s hand. Even the Angel God’s Holy Sword is just thirty six thousand jin.”


Tang San again stepped up to Bo Saixi, stooping to pick up the Seagod Trident. He really found it difficult to imagine that what weighed a hundred something jin in his hand possessed all the power of more than a hundred thousand. It was terrifying even without adding any abilities. Even a major city’s thick walls couldn’t stand up to even one strike.


“When you want to use it, you must awaken it with the Seagod’s Light. Until you truly become the Seagod and can unleash its might permanently. As for its other abilities, you’ll have to figure it out on your own.”


“Thank you, High Priest.”
Holding the Seagod Trident firmly, even though it was completely black, it still gave Tang San a kind of completely harmonized feeling.


Bo Saixi smiled:
“I’ve given you the warnings I can. You can go, and can leave Seagod Island at any time. I’ll wait here for your return. I hope to soon see you inherit the position of Seagod. Oh, right, also, when you return, you have to bring back those seven friends of yours as well. You’ll need their help when you inherit the position of Seagod.”


Tang San gripped the Trident, deferentially bowing deeply to Bo Saixi. Then he retreated from the Seagod dais, until he had passed the seven platforms, then turned and left.


As he reached the door of the Seagod Hall, Bo Saixi’s faint voice echoed behind him,

Her voice was filled with melancholy. Tang San turned, nodding sharply to Bo Saixi, then left Seagod Hall.


Warm sunlight bathed his body, wrapping Tang San’s weakened body in warmth. Even though the light was a lot more intense than inside the hall, Tang San still adapted very quickly, his Purple Demon Eye originally didn’t fear strong light.


“Our respects, lord.”
Seven voices spoke in unison.


Tang San turned his head to look. The seven Seagod Sacred Pillar Guardian Douluo knelt on one knee at the same time, saluting him.


Tang San knew that what they saluted was even more the Seagod Trident in his hand. Their gazes were focused on the dark stave, their expressions reverent.


“No need for all seniors to be like this, Tang San can’t accept it.”
Tang San took a few steps away, counting as half accepting their salute.


“Yes, seven seniors, don’t be like this. Little San isn’t the Seagod yet.”
Dai Mubai and the other six devils plus Bai Chenxiang all waited outside as well. Xiao Wu appeared to have already returned to normal, of course, soulless normal. Having taken the Yearning Heartbroken Red, her body’s recovery ability was certainly formidable.


Seadragon Douluo said sternly:
“Lord Tang San has already formally accepted the position as the lord Seagod’s successor, and at the same time also obtained the Seagod Trident’s approval. The Seagod rules the oceans, we must naturally pay our respects as the lord Seagod’s subordinates.”


Tang San smiled and walked forward, right hand holding the Trident, speaking cordially:
“We will leave Seagod Island immediately. In these few years we’ve accepted the trials on Seagod Island, we’ve been indebted all seniors’ care. Especially Seahorse Douluo has given us even more assistance. Regardless of whether I inherit the position as Seagod, in the eyes of Tang San, you are all my seniors.”


Before Seadragon Douluo’s seven sacred pillar guardian Douluo could change expression, on the Shrek Seven Devil side, Ma Hongjun already cried out:
“Third brother, you’re saying we’re leaving Seagod Island?”


Tang San nodded.
“I’ve already negotiated with the High Priest. My eight trial will also be completed on the mainland. Of course we’re leaving. Only, once the eighth trial is complete, we must still return for the ninth trial. If nobody has anything to prepare, we’ll set off immediately.”


Hearing Tang San say this, everyone couldn’t help beaming with joy. No matter how beautiful the Seagod Island’s scenery, living here for several years while painstakingly cultivating, everyone were long since weary, and this place also didn’t have that kind of free and leisurely feeling. Besides Xiao Wu and Bai Chenxiang, everyone’s strength had broken through eightieth rank, and they also hoped to return to the mainland to measure their strength against Spirit Hall. They could finally leave, and moreover with Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi’s consent, so how could they not be happy?


Oscar laughed out loud:
“What’s there to prepare? We’ll leave now. I don’t know how the continent has changed in the more than four years we’ve been gone.”


Tang San turned to the Seven Seagod Sacred Pillar Guardian Douluo:
“Then we’ll take our leave from all seniors here. We will definitely return within five years.”


The Seven Seagod Sacred Pillar Guardian Douluo followed them the whole way down Seagod Mountain, then followed them with their eyes.


Tang San grasped the Seagod Trident in his right hand, his left hand holding Xiao Wu, and flew furthest ahead. Very soon they’d crossed the Ring Sea, and everyone turned in the direction they came.


While walking, Ning Rongrong asked Tang San:
“Third brother, are your injuries already all well? No need to rest a while?”


Tang San said:
“It’s nothing, my spirit power and spiritual force will recover just as well on the road. I don’t know why, but even though I didn’t feel anything before, after the High Priest allowed us to leave, I’ve had an urge to hurry home. I don’t know how the Heaven Dou Empire is doing, or what Spirit Hall has been up to these years. Or how the teachers and the rest of Shrek Academy are.”

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