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Chapter 250

Seagod Douluo, Strength Infinitely Close To Gods


(TL: Armored Raven)


‘What to do?’ Tang San’s brain was turning quickly. Before truly facing against Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi, none could ever determine the extent of her strength. But right at the start, she gave everyone a rude awakening. One should know that even now, Bo Saixi didn’t even use her battle spirit. In other words, this gigantic whirlpool she just released wasn’t a spirit ring or a spirit bone skill, but something released directly from her spirit power. This easily held onto a spirit douluo, four spirit saints and a Xiao Wu whose spirit power was unknown.


Ning Rongrong and Oscar had already been pulled closer and closer to Bo Saixi. At this time, Tang San’s decisiveness was shown. He went back selflessly and used Bo Saixi’s pulling force to do so.


Tang San understood very clearly that in the Shrek Seven, Oscar and Ning Rongrong’s battle strengths were the lowest, but they must definitely not lack these two. Without their support, the overall strength of the Seven would decrease by a huge standing. At this point he couldn’t care much more. No matter what, he must definitely not let the two of them fall into Bo Saixi’s hands. If that were to happen, then with Bo Saixi’s strength, the four others would be easily destroyed.


Without switching back to his battle spirit, Tang San depended on Needle-tailed Swift battle spirit to fly. In mid-air, his legs glowed in deep blue light, yet his eyes actually turned gold. Meanwhile, the Seagod trident brand on his forehead shot out an intense blue light, which went straight towards Bo Saixi without losing focus. It was Seagod’s Light.


Tang San would never make his moves without a reason. The pressure caused by Seagod’s Light was one that could deter all marine creatures and sea spirit masters. Even though Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi was powerful, she wasn’t Seagod, but just the high priest of Seagod Island, and also amongst the ranks of sea spirit masters.


As expected, when Seagod’s Light landed on Bo Saixi, her expression changed slightly. Tang San clearly felt the pulling force on everyone was cut down by half. Right at this moment, two beams of radiant gold light was released from Tang San’s eyes. Make no mistake, they were truly gold instead of the usual purple. The light was very thin, which seemed like it was woven from a few strands wrapped together, but facing these particular thin strands of golden light, Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi’s expression became unprecedentedly serious.


Facing Bo Saixi, Tang San had no reservations. Or it could also be said that in front of Bo Saixi’s pressure, his own potential was stimulated to the extreme. This strike could be said to be the peak state of his purple magic eyes after reaching Boundless stage. All of the spirit power was compressed into those two little golden beams without even the slightest outgoing loss, to the point that no one could observe how powerful they actually were from the looks of things.


But what no one would feel, Bo Saixi who reached the same level of spirit power could feel it very clearly. To her, Tang San’s strength wasn’t anything noteworthy, but Tang San’s vast sea spirit power would pose a threat to her. Tang San only had this level of spirit power for a short time and used it in a very elementary way so it couldn’t be compared to her level of control, but it was still the same stage of energy, so she could not afford to be careless in response.


Bo Saixi’s hands then clasped together and a red brand appeared on her forehead. The look of the brand was actually the same as the golden trident brand on Tang San’s forehead. Only Tang San’s was gold, and Bo Saixi’s was dark red.


A dark red light beamed on her palms, and then suddenly burst forth, like a blade of light, slashing towards Tang San’s golden lights from his eyes.


Right now, the intensity of the purple magic eyes was displayed. They were the same as giving Tang San a way to release spirit power and turning into an attack. Without the purple magic eyes, Tang San’s release of spirit power could only be in a large area instead of being focused like this. Bo Saixi obviously didn’t have such a power, but she could use her palms to gather her spirit power and then attack, with brilliant skill. Yet even so, the concentration of her spirit power wasn’t as great as Tang San’s purple magic eyes.



Dark red and bright gold, two colors of light collided in mid-air. To put it more accurately, it was a soundless and lifeless collision. The five others of Shrek only felt their bodies becoming lightened, as the earlier pulling force had vanished in an instant. Everyone already planned for this. They didn’t even eye the battlefield and accelerated again towards their own separate directions.


With both hands closed on each other, the joss stick in Bo Saixi’s hand had become sandwiched between her palms, which seemed weird as it made her look like she was going to offer prayers. When the two spirit powers collided, Tang San shuddered fiercely, while Bo Saixi simply drifted backwards to more than a thousand metres in the blink of an eye. It became apparent how the force of this soundless clash was so terrifying.


Tang San’s face became deathly pale in an instant as blood came out of his nostrils and ears at the same time, like a beaten snake. He was indeed stronger than Bo Saixi when it came to spirit power concentration, but when it came to overall spirit power strength, he was still inferior in comparison. Both sides reached a tie under the clash of spirit powers, yet now, Bo Saixi displayed her stronger side. Although both sides matched evenly when attacking each other using spirit powers, since the sustained force would be the same, right now, their reactions to it were not. She just moved backwards, yet she didn’t bleed like Tang San, whose spirit power experienced a huge shock.


Everything blurred for a moment in Tang San’s eyes. He struggled to get to a normal state, and now, his brain became extra clear and found out the gap between himself and Bo Saixi immediately.


Indeed, on a spiritual level, he might’ve reached the same stage as Bo Saixi, but when it came to the use of spirit power, the two of them were not on the same level. Bo Saixi’s control over spirit power was too great. After the attacks collided, she used a direct and special controlling force to mitigate the shock after the collision.


It should be known that spirit power could not compare with soul power. If it was soul power, Tang San had countless ways to dispel shockwaves as well. But to treat spirit power as soul power and use it to mitigate the shock, forget about doing; Tang San didn’t even think about it. Bo Saixi was no doubt using her own actions to school him deeply. However, this lesson was tremendously painful.


Right now, Tang San only felt that his head was so painful it was about to split, as spirit power was rumbling unchecked in his brain. The energy of Seagod’s Light could help him contain the energies, but they still gave him a huge pain. He could definitely not use purple magic eyes again in a short time even if he wanted to. Meanwhile, Bo Saixi had recovered and she was charging straight towards Tang San. It seemed that she thought clearly to defeat Tang San first, and then capture the others. After all, Tang San’s spirit power was the only one that could pose a threat to her in the Shrek Six.


When facing Bo Saixi, let’s not talk about if she was spreading energy to threaten others. But when watching this Seagod Douluo, it would make even Tang San’s heart produce a massive pressure. ‘Pinnacle Douluo’s strength was already at this level of power, that I’m far from her match even without her use of battle spirit? Are we going to lose this way?’


If it were an ordinary person instead, perhaps they would’ve relented by now, maybe even losing the confidence in fighting back. But Tang San wouldn’t. The stronger pressure he faced, he greater his rebound. He bit the tip of his tongue sharply and used the stinging pain it brought to focus some of his spirit, forcing the discomfort of his brain down. Without retreating, he charged towards Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi.


Looking at Tang San’s persistence in his eyes, Bo Saixi couldn’t help but nodding to herself. A lack of strength could be compensated through training, but if one lost confidence, determination and fortitude, then one couldn’t possibly be at the top even after hard work. Tang San had no doubt possessed such qualities.


However, admiring Tang San didn’t mean she would show any mercy. With a light slap towards Tang San, it seemed that it didn’t carry even a slight wave of energy.


Tang San’s eyes flickered. When he faced Bo Saixi, he disengaged the mirror image sausage’s effect and unleashed his Blue Silver Emperor while releasing his seventh spirit skill ‘Blue Silver Avatar and sixth spirit skill ‘Void’. Using two skills at the same time, Tang San’s appearance instantly appeared to be phantasmal. The blue golden light made it appear especially dazzling under the morning sun.


With a flash, Tang San’s disappeared at the spot. Xiao Wu’s spirit bone skill ‘Teleportation’ was activated. When he appeared, he was behind Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi and punched without hesitation. He didn’t use abilities for this attack, not because of how powerful this fist was, but because of how using fists would grant him the fastest responses so that there wouldn’t be delays that usually come after using skills.


Meanwhile, seven people were standing in front of Seagod Hall quietly. They were watching this battle in the mid-air. Standing here was a proof of their identities. These seven people were none other than Seagod seven sacred pillars’ Guardian Douluos.


Sea Star Douluo sighed, “For how many years had no one dared to attack Lady Bo Saixi. Sea Dragon, do you dare?”


Sea Dragon Douluo was flabbergasted and then shook his head helplessly, “I don’t. Facing Her Highness, I couldn’t even form any thoughts of attacking. I think you should be the same as well. Her Highness had already become the second god in our hearts after Lord Seagod.”


The incomparably ugly Sea Devil spoke, “Yeah! This kid has courage. He even dared to attack when facing Her Higness. And he just used that spirit shock to make her flinch back. It’s enough for him to be proud from this alone. The last time someone made her move backwards, it was that something called Clear Sky Sect’s master, Tang something, right?”


Sea Horse Douluo added, “That person was Tang San’s great grandfather. Didn’t you notice, Sea Dragon? The hammer that Tang San used against you that day was just like that person’s. Only Tang San’s hammer didn’t have spirit rings.”


Sea Dragon Douluo sighed, “This kid really has a bright future ahead of him! If he can really put nine spirit rings into both of his battle spirits, then perhaps he can really have the strength to challenge Her Highness’ strength.”


Sea Witch said, “I don’t know about that. But I wonder, will he have the conditions to defeat Lady Bo Saixi at the final trial of Seagod Nine Trials?”


Sea Dragon frowned, “Don’t talk nonsense. None of us have seen the final trial. The first six trials have precedents, but as for the contents of the last three trials, I’m afraid perhaps even Lady Bo Saixi can only know it by the time it really appears. But I truly wish to see that day come. I really want to see what the strength beyond Lady Bo Saixi is like.”


When they spoke to this point, Tang San’s fist had already reached Bo Saixi’s back. While the attack was a fist, from the teleportation to this punch, Tang San can be said to be doing it more than his standards in front of a huge pressure. Like clouds and rain, his spirit power burst out the instant the fist was closing in on Bo Saixi, with no loss of the power and straight into her back.


Bo Saixi didn’t turn around and her long red skirt moved slightly. It was like the air was lifting it within and Tang San’s fist just landed on that red skirt.


Tang San then clearly felt that at the tip of his fist, there was an irresistible massive energy that surged up, and it made him spin in a circle, leaving him with no chance to use the next teleportation. His entire being had been thrown away. In that instant, Tang San was locked down by a vast soul power. In the next moment, Bo Saixi had already appeared before him.


This was the first time Tang San saw Bo Saixi’s eyes so clearly. They looked so clear, it’s hard for anyone to think that she was actually an elder who was already more than a hundred years old. With just a simple press of her hand on Tang San’s chest, she stopped his tumbling motion.


It was also at this moment that Tang San emitted a strong golden light, because when Bo Saixi’s right hand pressed on his chest, he still felt a heart-exploding pain while being in the state of Blue Silver Transformation and Void. As soon as he stopped, Tang San immediately used his first Golden Invincibility for the day without hesitation.


Undoubtedly, he made the right choice, as the next moment, he was already crashing down like a meteor falling from the sky. The speed was so quick it made a sharp whistling sound.


BOOSH——. He crashed directly into the sea without even raising waves. Tang San only felt his entire body tightened as he went below a hundred metres in seawater, caught in the sands beneath the seabed while still going down rapidly. It was already darkness in front of his eyes. As the descent went on, the pressure around him felt greater and greater.


It resulted in this from just a single blow, which Tang San dared not imagine. If he wasn’t in Spirit Avatar, then his body would’ve been shattered under Bo Saixi’s attack. She wasn’t in her own Spirit Avatar to begin with, but she was this terrifying already. As someone who’s already at the stage of Title Douluo in terms of strength, Tang San didn’t even have the slightest chance in fighting back in the face of Bo Saixi’s might.


Now Tang San truly understood why Spirit Hall’s Great Priest Qian Daoliu gave heavy orders not to allow the Spirit Hall to invade Seagod Island. Indeed, if you were to face such a strength like Bo Saixi’s, what use would it be if you were to throw more Title Douluos at her? It should be known that Bo Saixi could still use the power of the sea and Seagod Hall. In here, she wouldn’t be that different from god.


Tang San was unable to breathe, but he reacted before his movement stopped. A faint blue light emanated from his forehead and he disappeared. At the same time, his whole presence was gone from the spot.


With three seconds of Golden Invincibility’s protection, Tang San wasn’t injured from Bo Saixi’s attack. He also made the most appropriate response by striking out with both his hands, and the seawater and sands all turned into crystallites in a red light. In these crystallites, Tang San slipped around like a swimming fish while hidden in Vast Sea Veil’s protection, and quickly rolled out towards a single direction.



Another sound of fierce explosion. The crystallized seawater and sands all turned into diamond dust. Tang San’s reaction might have been quick, but it would still be dragged down. Fortunately the defensive effect of the Vast Sea Veil and the toughness of his own being let simply fly out from this force instead of being turned to dust like those crystallites.


Floating in mid-air, Bo Saixi frowned. Before this trial started, she hadn’t told Tang San that he was different from the others. For them, she could not employ lethal force, and would even use her authority as the great priestess to pardon them from the outcome of not being able to pass the Black Class Trials. But the same couldn’t be said for Tang San, for if he couldn’t pass this trial then he would die for sure. It was because he knew too much of Seagod’s secrets.


And that’s why Bo Saixi would not show him mercy. Tang San’s partners had fled and left him alone, which would prove to be extremely disadvantageous for him. Tang San’s trial was Seagod Class, which was doubtlessly harder than others by far. According to the standards of the trial, Bo Saixi would naturally have to take care of him first. That press and the fist seemed to have bevelled the ring shaped sea for a hundred metres, and for her, it seemed to be like she just did a very simple thing.


But she still frowned, and the reason was simple. She lost track of Tang San’s presence. Tang San’s spirit power was at the same stage as hers. With the protection of Vast Sea Veil which could also cloak him and hide his presence, Bo Saixi being unable to find him was also natural. But Tang San had one thing he didn’t know, which was that while being in the location of the trial, Bo Saixi could use the aura generated from the trial to estimate his general location and body condition. Obviously, Tang San didn’t die, and was still in the ring shaped sea.


In front of Seagod Hall, the seven Guardian Douluos were now as silent as frozen cicadas. They haven’t witnessed Bo Saixi’s strength for many years. Watching that noble and elegant Lady Bo Saixi unleash such terrifying destructive force with elegant movements made all of their faces pale.


Sea Dragon Douluo immediately retracted his statement of being able to hold Bo Saixi back for a joss stick’s time with the seven of them in his heart. Until now, they still hadn’t seen Bo Saixi unleash her battle spirit! With just soul power, such a terrifying strength could be unleashed. What would it be if battle spirit were added to the mix? Using ‘unimaginable’ to describe it was the most fitting.


Tang San however had no such feelings, because he wasn’t even contemplating about this. Right now he was thinking about how to protect himself by surviving under Bo Saixi’s attacks. According to the calculation of time, it was only a few minutes from start till now. That joss stick’s burning point would definitely not be past one sixth.


Tang San didn’t dare to unleash his spirit power. Bo Saixi wasn’t like Seagod’s seven sacred pillars’ Guardian Douluos who were unable to sense his spirit waves. Being in the same stage, Bo Saixi would naturally search for Tang San’s exact location with gusto. But once Tang San’s spirit power would be used to counter the search, though that would be mutual locating on purpose, how would he be able to face Bo Saixi’s attacks?


Blue Silver Emperor right leg spirit bone’s flying skill was activated. Tang San skidded along the seawater in high speed, and using the cloaking ability of Vast Sea Veil, even when creasing across, the seawater wouldn’t show any waves.


Bo Saixi was using the connection of the trial to find Tang San’s location, but it was constantly changing as he was moving irregularly.


Right when Bo Saixi was ready to attack the sea directly, she was shocked to discover that Tang San was already out of the sea and his presence was no longer there. It was then at Seagod Mountain. Bo Saixi couldn’t help but frown again.


Bo Saixi could unleash large area attacks without reservations anywhere else, but the same couldn’t be said for Seagod Mountain. That was the sanctuary of Seagod, and there was Seagod Hall. If it were to be attacked, she would never dare to receive Seagod’s wrath.


Tang San was evidently clear about this point when he flew to the mountain. Using the time of Bo Saixi’s hesitation, he also got to catch a breath. With his mental tracking, he knew that his companions would be scattered around Seagod Island by now. Bo Saixi would never find it easy to catch them. Now he just had to survive.


While he thought about it, Tang San started climbing the mountain in high speed. He didn’t dare to fly, because he feared that he would immediately be hit by Bo Saixi’s omnidirectional attacks as soon as he left the mountain. His spirit power could still not be released, but he could feel that Bo Saixi’s spirit power was coming after him. It was obvious she had a way to find his general location.


Eight Spider Lances were deployed from the back, and Tang San travelled in the woods of Seagod Mountain quickly towards the top of the it. Seagod Mountain was just several hundreds of metres in height. Now, without the obstruction of Seagod’s Light from before, in just a few blinks of eyes, Tang San neared the top of the mountain.


Bo Saixi then hit a realization and knew what Tang San was up to. Her eyes once again shined in praise. Watching that burning joss stick, she flashed and floated down in front of Seagod Hall.


Bo Saixi arrived suddenly, which scared the seven Guardian Douluos. They quickly got out of the way and showed the empty spot of land in front of Seagod Hall. Right then, a wave of incomparably stern presence was released from Bo Saixi herself. Under the cover of the massive blue light, a gigantic golden illusion was gradually projected behind her like a human figure. The stern presence was coming from that. Although the face wasn’t clear, it could still be seen vaguely. The illusionary figure was holding a gigantic trident.


Indeed, this was Bo Saixi’s battle spirit, Seagod. Due to Tang San’s cunning, she was finally forced to release her battle spirit. Eight black and one red, nine spirit rings lined up neatly on Bo Saixi. She didn’t display any changes due to the appearance of her spirit rings, and she seemed to be the same old her. Just with extra nine spirit rings around, that’s all.


Bo Saixi’s hands were locked together before her chest, and the third spirit ring glowed. This was followed by a spreading of blue light like flowing waters. The spread was actually like mercury, moving out to all of the surroundings. When touching plants and rocks, the blue light would disperse on its own, but it didn’t miss any single crack of Seagod Mountain.


Now, Tang San was already nearing the peak. When he looked at the blue light coming from Bo Saixi, his mind was stunned. It wasn’t because of how powerful the blue light was, but because of how it was completely one with her spirit power. The fusion of them was harmonious. In other words, every bit of her soul power also had a bit of spirit power. This blue energy completely had dual elements. With how massive Bo Saixi’s spirit power was and a search was done with soul power in a mix, even when Tang San had Vast Sea Veil’s cover, he would be discovered immediately if he made contact with it. Yet if he wanted to fly out of the mountain, then Bo Saixi would immediately give him a large area attack, leaving him with no means to escape.


Although he finally forced Bo Saixi to use her battle spirit, Tang San’s plans were undoubtedly ruined. Right now, his situation became even more passive than before.


Just then, a scene suddenly showed in Tang San’s eyes. Before this, when he led the Shrek group and received the trophy of being the champion group of the entire continent’s high class spirit master schools, due to Xiao Wu’s identity leak and was about to be hit by Spirit Hall, Tang San’s father Tang Hao appeared and used his attack to attract the attention of Spirit Hall experts, bringing Tang San and Xiao Wu away. ‘That’s right, the Seagod Hall!’


Tang San’s plan was to retreat into Seagod Hall when climbing the mountain. There, Bo Saixi would surely be limited in her movements. Using his other abilities, there would be greater chances. Evidently, Bo Saixi also knew about this, and that was why she got in front of Seagod Hall to release her battle spirit. It was to prevent Tang San from grabbing this chance.


‘Since you’re not letting me in, then I’ll just attack.’ When thinking about this, Tang San retreated in haste with Vast Sea Veil while focusing his soul power. He raised his right arm and a thick concentration of Blue Silver Emperor formed quickly.


His fifth spirit ring glowed, and blue golden light mixed with that red spirit ring’s energy waves, Tang San’s right arm was covered in a blood colored glow.


The fifth spirit skill ‘Blue Silver Overlord Spear’ had evolved to one hundred and fifty thousand years level, and the name also changed, into ‘Blue Silver Tyrant Emperor Spear’. It was a single target, hundred thousand year spirit ability, and was a focal point attack. From the looks of things, it was Tang San’s fifth spirit skill, but compared to other hundred thousand years level spirit attacks, this was one with the highest attack power of all Tang San’s spirit skills.


The Vast Sea Veil would only disappear when releasing mixed traces, yet wouldn’t when focusing energy. When he saw that he was about to retreat to the bottom of the mountain, Tang San didn’t hide, but advanced, while blue silver domain was released instantly. He also ate an erect gold fly at the same time.


The blue silver domain was released while in spirit avatar state, entering Boundless Nature domain. Under the pressure of Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi, Tang San’s potential was surely pushed to the limits. The entire process flowed like a seamless work without stopping. One should know that he was now deploying both his domain and one hundred and fifty thousand year spirit skill at the same time. The consumption of soul power and the use of spirit power were all a massive burden, especially he was still spiritually damaged. It was more than his usual load.


The difference between Blue Silver Dominant Emperor Spear and the usual Blue Silver Overlord Spear was that it’s no longer shining gold, but bloody red all over. In the bloody redness there was a gold colored brand which appeared to be dazzling. The energies all around the surroundings of the spear were frozen and wouldn’t flow out. When the red light burst forth from Tang San’s hand, it shot directly towards the sky. The speed of it was so fast that Tang San and Bo Saixi’s spirit powers would never capture it in time.


At the same time, Tang San’s blue silver domain was pushed to the extreme. In his brain, the spiritual collision had calmed down, and it was now completely in charge of the domain’s functions. Meanwhile, Tang San slammed his fists into his own chest, and with a ‘wah!’, he coughed out a mouthful of heated blood, which then splashed right on his domain.


What Tang San had was Blue Silver Emperor’s blood. Even though his blood had extreme ice and fire energies, under the effects of blue silver domain, the blood’s energies were released completely as if the two energies were filtered out by force, making the Blue Silver Emperor blood spread throughout Seagod Mountain with the domain.


The plants on Seagod Mountain appeared to thrive at an insane rate under the effects of Boundless Life Domain. If one were to look from a distance, it would appear as if Seagod Mountain was instantly bloating in size right now.


Bo Saixi had to concern herself about avoiding damage to Seagod Mountain, but Tang San had none of it. In order to protect his own life right now, he could resort to any means possible.


And it had to be right now that Bo Saixi couldn’t care about stopping Tang San. Even when his location was detected, she couldn’t launch attacks against him. The reason was simple; The Blue Silver Dominant Emperor Spear had formed a perfect parabola in mid-air with the speed of a bolt of lightning, straight towards the top of Seagod Hall. The speed of it was so fast, even Bo Saixi would find it extremely difficult to do so. After all, it was a hundred thousand year spirit skill! Even with Seagod Hall’s own defensive power, as Seagod Island’s hierophant, she would never take the risk. Even this good tempered Bo Saixi couldn’t help but cursing Tang San in her mind right now. ‘He dares to attack Seagod Hall in order to delay my attacks against him? This kid really has the gall!’


Now when Bo Saixi flew up in order to block the falling spear, the plants on Seagod Mountain all swarmed upwards with Tang San’s reckless urging. They rose up like swarms of bees, rapidly covering Seagod Hall without acknowledging the seven sacred pillars’ Guardian Douluos. The swarm appeared to be so crooked and vile, it seemed poised to crush Seagod Hall into bits and pieces.


It should be known that although this was Seagod Mountain, plants were not sea spirit masters or sea spirit beasts. They wouldn’t obey Seagod’s commands. Blue Silver Emperor on the other hand didn’t have as high a standing as Seagod when in the world of plants, but there weren’t a lot of other echelons which were above them. Under the effects of Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor blood combined with blue silver domain, it would be strange if the plants weren’t in such a frenzy. Especially when Tang San seemed to use his own blood to nourish these plants. When he didn’t extract a sliver of their life force, but used his own massive lifeforce to infuse them, how could these plants not go insane? Their simplistic lives executed Tang San’s commands without error. Facing these plants’ frenzied attack, the seven sacred pillars’ Guardian Douluos didn’t hesitate to meet it head on, so they couldn’t see that Tang San’s lips had formed a faint smile. From the start of the trial until now, he was finally on the active side of things.

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