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Chapter 245

Sea Witch, Mermaid Princess?


(TL by Armored Raven)


In full contact, Tang San clearly felt his own soul power being drawn away several times more severely, and in just a blink of an eye, he felt it plummeting. But his face had a trace of smile, for the real surprise was now here.


Blue golden light spanned out and massive life force spread out instantly, engulfing not only the sacred pillar platform and the sea, but also the wide forest along the coastline. The massive life force instantly flooded and became Boundless Nature.


Eight golden spears were released from Tang San’s back with countless golden threads nimbly combined with the numerous Blue Silver Emperor. It was Blue Silver Domain’s evolved skill ‘Boundless Nature’ and Eight Spider Lances, both of which came out the same time as the domain itself as a combined skill after consuming the golden threads.


Blue Silver Domain was Blue Silver Emperor’s innate domain. Boosted by the spirit’s own innate domain, the Blue Silver Emperor themselves were thickened in an instant. The soul power that was flowing away stopped suddenly, with every blade of the grass stopping the drain like stingy nobles fighting for their money. When the golden threads were affixed to the Blue Silver Emperor, the draining of the soul power stopped entirely. The battle has become a close fought wrestling.


The devouring golden threads could not devour the opponent’s power, and Sea Star Douluo could not devour Tang San’s soul power through them as well.


Sea Star Douluo’s devouring power should not be underestimated. Though it was his third spirit skill, it was in fact the innate skill of his battle spirit, plus he also had a spirit bone which had the exact effect. Once this devouring ability was deployed, it would not pale in comparison to his eighth spirit skill. Even Sea Illusion and Sealance Douluos would suffer a sure defeat if they were to be grabbed like this now.


Tang San’s devouring golden threads seemed to have an impressive devouring effect, but if compared to Sea Star Douluo’s skill at it, they still had a ways off. However, blue silver domain’s buff and weakening effect closed this gap. Under the pressure of the domain and seagod’s light, the golden threads on the grasses would barely manage to break even. The situation started to change however, when Sea Star Douluo went all out with his devouring. The scales were starting to tip towards Sea Star Douluo. Even so, now would be where he was surprised the most. He couldn’t anticipate that this young individual who got the prestige of Seagod Nine Trials would have such powerful devouring ability. Tang San dared to use this method to compete with him.


The massive body convulsed as Sea Star Douluo’s ninth spirit ring finally shined. Although Blue Silver Emperor wrapped around the body, it couldn’t completely cover every part of it. The blades of grass that were sucked in had completely turned blue. In the sea, columns of seawater were released like arrows and then sucked in by Sea Star Douluo’s suckers. Tang San then discovered that Sea Star Douluo could use the suckers to filter the seawater and use the energies within to add to his own. Furthermore, the body started becoming slicker while all the suckers were moving irregularly. The devouring continued, but Tang San’s golden threads were getting less able to capture Sea Star Douluo’s body, while the latter’s devouring power became increasingly powerful.


Several blue halos kept coming from Sea Star Douluo’s body, and as the suckers turned blue in color, his body had also started becoming solid. In the center of the sea, tentacles came out and surrounded the entire area while every tentacle’s suckers were radiating in eyecatching blue glow. The devouring was not only limited to the suckers on Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor, but the ones on the new tentacles also started devouring, and the target was Tang San’s domain’s energy.


This was Sea Star Douluo’s ninth spirit skill, Thousand Touches Ten Thousand Suctions. Devouring any form of energy within the tentacles’ reach, even the domain energies were not exceptions. The energies were then infused to his own, recovering lost energy. Seawater was no doubt his greatest buff. In places which had seawater, the skill’s power would increase by 30 percent. It was an absolutely terrifying ninth spirit skill.


The best way to counter this ninth skill was in distance. Using distance instead of close contact to attack him. Not being in the range of his devourment, wait until his skill power would run out, then move in for the kill. Sea Star Doulou clearly knew the shortcomings of this spirit skill, therefore, whenever he would deploy this skill, the condition would be that the opponent was already in his devouring range and was already being devoured. Under his ninth spirit skill, the most powerful thing that could be used would also be an ultimate melee skill. Facing Tang San’s Boundless Nature and golden threads’ devourment, the cautious Sea Star Douluo used his strongest skill without hesitation, to prevent further complications.


Even the usually calm Tang San wouldn’t anticipate that Sea Star Douluo’s ninth spirit skill would be this insane, which completely abandoned attack power and focused on devouring. It could be said that it would be extremely difficult for flightless spirit masters to come out after entering his area of attack. Because if all forms of your attacks could be devoured of their energies and added to his, then the majority of the attack power would be devoured first, and adding the thickness of his flesh and powerful restorative ability into the equation, even if you had a greater strength, being tangled to death would not be a strange matter.


With no other ideas, Tang San made an instant judgement. Even if he should use his strongest attack now, he wouldn’t be able to break free. Using teleportation to leave the battlefield was also out of question, since that would mean giving up all of the Blue Silver Emperor. With great loss of soul power and the main body itself, a continued battle would spell his own defeat. Therefore, he only had one option left, and that was to keep on countering devourment with devourment.


Upon eating stimulant pink sausage, the Blue Silver Emperor glowed intensely after stimulation. At the same time, Tang San ate an erect golden fly. Facing such a freakish opponent, he was forced to give his next action some extra insurance.


The eighth spirit ring glowed and dark red waves came out like a torrent, covering every part of Sea Star Douluo’s body in an instant. The convulsion just now stopped momentarily, but the ninth spirit skill had no signs of disappearing.


Blue Silver Emperor’s eighth spirit skill first technique, Blue Silver Orca’s Devil Absorption was activated. Forced initiative, absolute effective technique. Three seconds long dizziness befell on Sea Star Douluo, making his movements stop temporarily. But Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor and Sea Star Douluo’s tentacles were tangled, and with the suckers, he could never use these three seconds to break free.


And Tang San had no such intention, as he braced himself and slammed towards Sea Star Douluo like a shooting star towards the moon. Xiao Wu’s figure appeared from behind him for this attack as Tang San couldn’t use the Vast Sea Barrier to hide her any further. The Blue Silver Emperor around Xiao Wu’s waist was released, which flung her through the gap of Sea Star Douluo’s tentacles and into the air. Sea Star Douluo was still dizzy so he couldn’t obstruct her.


With a ‘POOF’, Tang San lat the center of Sea Star Douluo’s position and didn’t touch make close bodily contact. Even so, he could feel the pressure from those giant suckers under him. Eight Spider Lances stabbed fiercely into Sea Star Douluo’s body and a bright golden glow shot out.


Sea Star Douluo’s ninth spirit skill was for devouring, and likewise, Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances were his strongest spirit bone that was used for devouring. As an externally attached spirit bone, up until now, besides the golden threads and for direct attacks, Eight Spider Lances could be said to have just one devouring skill. The majority of the toxins it had was due to Tang San’s consumption of two extreme enchanted herbs.


This was Tang San’s all or nothing gamble. Under the effects of erect golden fly, Eight Spider Lances’ devouring power was ramped up to 150 percent.


Fearsome devouring power burst forth in an instant. Though three seconds were short, for Tang San it was enough. In the first second, he landed on Sea Star Douluo’s body, then in the next two seconds, he could clearly see that Sea Star Douluo’s body was drying up rapidly under the fearsome devouring effect of the Eight Spider Lances. Tang San used all of his energy for devouring, and Eight Spider Lance’s toxins made quick way into Sea Star Douluo’s body.


Back when he was facing Deep Sea Demon Whale, Tang San also used Eight Spider Lances to inflict great damage. Now that his strength was two spirit rings greater, and after eating the erect golden fly, the lances’ devouring power had a considerable increase. The lances couldn’t compare with Sea Star Douluo when it came to wide area devourment, but it was another story if it was a small area instead. Unless Sea Star Douluo’s suckers could be stacked together, then they couldn’t be compared to the lances.


In just two short seconds, Tang San devoured as much spirit power from the dizzy Sea Star Douluo as the amount he spent using Blue Silver Orca Devil’s Absorption, while the toxins managed to enter Sea Star Douluo’s body as well. He knew that Sea Star Douluo had the ability to use poison, so his poison resistance would be considerable, on top of being a Title Douluo. Even if the Eight Spider Lances had toxins, they wouldn’t just take his life right off. That’s why Tang San attacked in such a way without reservations.


With the Eight Spider Lances’ point of entry as the focus, the gigantic starfish was becoming dry from the middle while convulsing. When Sea Star Douluo came to consciousness after dizziness, he was taken by complete surprise. Spirit power and life force were fading away rapidly from eight wounds, while extreme cold and heat, polarizing sensations that could turn anyone insane with pain, were spreading inside the body, paralyzing his ‘five limbs’ for a moment. The spirit power’s flow slowed down, while keeping up the ninth spirit skill became difficult.


When he felt that the Eight Spider Lances could bring such terrifying sensations after piercing his body, Sea Star Douluo panicked. He struggled with all his might, intending to knock Tang San away with his movements. But, Tang San stuck on him firmly like a festering maggot as the limbs were fastened onto the body by the Blue Silver Emperor. The more the struggle, the faster the loss of soul power and life force.


In exact opposite, as the devouring dragged on, Tang San’s blue golden light became brighter. After taking in massive amounts of energy, the earlier losses were rapidly compensated. Even the devouring golden threads could gradually suppress the powerless tentacles. Facing the opponent that could counter he himself in a certain caliber, Tang San chose the most proper fighting style, and finally got the lead after using Eight Spider Lances which evolved several times, taking full and firm control of the entire situation.


Sea Star Douluo’s body gradually became half scorching hot, and half freezing cold. His defenses and self recovery were powerful, but he was completely helpless upon facing such fearsome toxins. He could only delay the speed of the spread, but he couldn’t stop the devouring of his energies. At this point the battle’s outcome was decided. Xiao Wu descended slowly from mid-air, and Tang San even used a Blue Silver Emperor to wrap around her waist, supporting her descent. Now he didn’t even let Xiao Wu’s soul enter her body. It was better to have options when there were still two more challenges ahead.


The Eight Spider Lances under the effects of erect golden fly was too terrifying, to the point that Sea Star Douluo’s ninth spirit skill broke down. The tentacles in the sea fell down quickly and the suckers’ color were fading. Even his own body was shrinking rapidly as he condensed his energies to halt the advance of the devouring and toxins.


“Admit defeat, senior.” After saying that, Tang San suddenly stopped the devouring and didn’t keep it up. Because he clearly felt Sea Star Douluo’s heartbeats. Finding the opponent’s heart meant that Sea Star Douluo had no more strength to protect himself. If this went on, there would be an irreversible damage.


“I lost.” A somewhat weak voice came. Though Sea Star Douluo wasn’t happy, he was also not too upset. After all, four other partners before him also suffered similar fates.


The Eight Spider Lances didn’t leave Sea Star Douluo’s body, but quickly took back the ice and flame toxins while returning the life force that was taken instead. Of course, Tang San wouldn’t return the spirit power that was taken since Sea Star Douluo could always get it back through meditation, and Tang San needed it to compensate for what he used in this trial.


With an ripping sound, the Eight Spider Lances left Sea Star Douluo’s body, and the massive starfish of a body quickly shrinked back to human form, which was the weird man seen at the beginning.


“That power you used on me was from an external spirit bone?” Sea Star Douluo’s voice was very hoarse, and sounded very uncomfortable.


Grabbing Xiao Wu, Tang San nodded, “It was my external spirit bone, Eight Spider Lances.”


With a sigh, Sea Star Douluo muttered, “No wonder! My most deft devouring skill lost to yours. My defeat is without objections. You won.” Tang San already showed him mercy and didn’t bring him real harm, so he wouldn’t find any issue in all of this. While he said that, his left hand extended in length and smacked on the sacred pillar. Just then, star shaped slivers of light flowed out of the pillar and landed on Tang San and Xiao Wu. The test of the fifth sacred pillar was finally passed.


After thanking Sea Star Douluo, Tang San carried Xiao Wu on his back and returned to the coast without rest, and hurried to the next stop after rendezvous with their companions. Next up, they had to face the last couple of challenges, which would undoubtedly be the hardest among all seven. Tang San had to face the most powerful of sacred pillar guardians, the Sea Dragon Douluo at the very end, and Zhu Zhuqing in Black Class Fifth Trial had to undergo her own final test as well. For the last test, she had to face what was considerably harder than other Black Class tests. After passing it, she would be regarded as having the seagod’s approval and become one of Seagod Island’s members. The prestige would also be the same as Guardian Douluos of the seven sacred pillars.


When traversing the forest, Tang San spoke to Zhu Zhuqing, “Zhuqing, don’t force yourself in the next challenge. If things don’t go well, then admit defeat to conserve your strength. After I defeat the Sea Witch, you will be able to win after trying again as well.”


Zhu Zhuqing knew of Tang San’s good intentions of course. She looked at the nodding Dai Mubai and let out a smile with her cold face, “Thank you, San Ge, but I believe I can succeed. You’ve done so much for us in the earlier tests. It is appropriate that I repay you. Don’t forget, besides you and Mubai, my spirit power is the highest.”


Zhu Zhuqing’s current spirit power was level 78. As Dai Mubai managed to make it past level 80, the next one to break through the stage of Spirit Douluo would be her. As the team’s genuine agility attack spirit master, she wouldn’t give in that easily. Perhaps she didn’t have Dai Mubai’s resilient body, or Ma Hongjun’s fearsome burst of strength, but she had the speed they didn’t have.


Tang San wouldn’t dampen Zhu Zhuqing’s confidence. He looked at Rongrong and said, “How about you, Rongrong? Can you still hold up?”


Ning Rongrong also took part in three challenges. She seemed to just support others behind them, but in fact, her consumption of spirit power was the greatest except for Tang San. For the victory of companions, she had to give it her all. With Oscar’s sausages as guarantee, every time Tang San fought alone he could rest for a time. But she wasn’t like Tang San who had cleared his eight extraordinary meridians and could recover spirit power anytime anywhere, so her state was far from the one before. Still, she nodded, for only the final battle was left. After assisting Zhu Zhuqing, she would also complete her own fifth trial.


Tang San didn’t say anything else and everyone rushed on. Dai Mubai rested after the two battles earlier and recovered his spirit power after Oscar’s sausage. He engaged his White Tiger transformation and took Ning Rongrong, Oscar and Zhu Zhuqing on their way. When they arrived at the sixth sacred pillar, the Sea Witch Sacred Pillar, the golden light in the sky showed that the time had passed the 16th hour. From how it looked, there was still enough time, while Tang San still had 56 hours to complete the later challenges.


Tang San couldn’t rest, for the outcome of this battle was very important. It concerned whether Zhu Zhuqing could pass all of her tests and offer further consultation. His soul power had recovered up to 80 percent after all the devouring earlier, but the fatigue he experienced in the previous five battles was far from soothed. Every battle was about facing Title Douluo class powerful opponents, and the Sea Illusion Douluo battle was especially taxing. Even with Boundless level spiritual force, he still felt fatigued. Fortunately there was plenty of time. Until the sixth battle was over, he would have enough time to rest.


The Sea Witch Sacred Pillar’s platform had an incredibly simple form, as it was just a square. But the pillar itself at the center of the platform was different from the others. Rather than a pillar, it should be called a statue. The exterior was like an ivory color. A statue of a maiden, kneeling on top of the platform with both hands clasped together before the chest, facing the Seagod Hall in prayers. Although it was a statue, the devout look on the face was vivid and lifelike.



At the edge of the platform, a young girl sat there. What was surprising was that she had a large fishtail. A beautiful arc extended to the waist. Her fishtail was hitting the surface of the sea light, and the upper body was clad in a black shirt without covering the midriff. She had large sky colored eyes, and rather than the ocean, her face would be like the beauty of the blue sky, as her lips formed a constant smile while the fishtail slapped continuously on the seawater with glee. Feeling the arrival of the Shrek Seven Devils, she raised her head and looked towards the coastside. “Are you here to challenge me?” Her voice came like it had the ringing of bells. The pleasant sounding voice couldn’t raise any hostilities in anyone.


The young girl appeared to be so, but everyone knew that as the Guardian Douluo of the sacred pillar, Sea Witch Pillar, her actual age wouldn’t be much less than those of other Guardian Douluos.


Tang San bowed down and said, “We’ve come to ask senior’s guidance. Please be lenient.”


“Okay. I’ll start off easy.” This surprised everyone, as this Sea Witch Douluo actually nodded and consented, while no ulterior movements could be seen from her look of naivete. The Shrek Seven Devils all thought, ‘Is she really this young?’


“What are you weirded out about? No need to feel that way. I’m not a human, but part of the mermaid race. Half human half sea spirit beast I suppose. We mermaid females will never get old. I’m not a monster. Heehee.” Sea Witch Douluo giggled as she explained. After hearing what she said, while everyone didn’t pay it much attention, Tang San’s expression changed drastically, “Mind reading?”


Sea Witch Douluo was also surprised when looking at Tang San, “Yeah! You actually saw through my innate ability. Looks like you’re strong! This is bad, this is bad, I might lose today. Why can’t I see through your heart?” Her beautiful expression was centered by curiosity, and she soon saw Tang San’s golden trident brand on his forehead, which caught her off guard, “I see, you’re that human who had the honor of getting the Seagod Nine Trials! With the protection of seagod’s light, no wonder I can’t see through you. You’re all very bad, you want to beat me by relaying. How can you stand for it?”


Looking at Sea Witch’s joking nature, the Shrek Seven Devils were speechless, and the one struck the most was Dai Mubai. This Sea Witch no doubt had a great charm to her. He would rather struggle against Sealance Douluo and not willing to face such an opponent. Fortunately, this challenge was to be taken by Zhu Zhuqing, a female.


“This is our test. It doesn’t matter whether we can stand for it or otherwise.” Zhu Zhuqing’s cold voice broke Sea Witch’s voice. Taking Ning Rongrong and soaring through the surface of the sea, they landed before the sacred pillar after a few jumps.


Sea Witch didn’t have the slightest intention of attacking them and just stared with wide eyed curiosity, “You’re beautiful, you two big sisters. It’s my first time seeing girls as beautiful as I am.” This wasn’t self exaggeration. In terms of looks, she really was on the same level as Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong, even more when the two women didn’t have the grace of the sea.


Zhu Zhuqing shielded Rongrong behind her. While unleashing her own spirit Ning Rongrong couldn’t help but ask, “Big sister? Let me ask senior, what age are you now?”


Sea Witch Douluo twiddled her fingers naively as the long fishtail raised from the seawater, landing on the platform before turning into a pair of legs with a black long skirt covering them. “I can’t remember. Something like 96 or 97? Wah, big sis, your expression is so unpleasant! I’m not saying you’re old since we mermaids have five times the lifespan of you humans. According to your calculations, I’m not even twenty. Calling you big sisters should be appropriate right. Look, this statue was my ancestor. When we leave seawater, we turn into human in appearance but only for a short amount of time, otherwise we die. My grandpa is now the chief of mermaids. He said I have exceptional talent just once in ten thousand years, so he sent me to guard this sacred pillar. But it’s so boring here. I don’t like this monotonous life, but I can’t leave here. You two big sisters, since you’re so beautiful, let’s not fight like we’re killing each other ok? I’ll blow you a tune. When it’s over, you’ll pass. How’s that?’


Her left hand moved a bit, and a black short flute appeared in her grasp. She spinned it around and took it to her lips with both hands.


“Don’t let her blow it and attack immediately. Rongrong, no domain. Attack in full force!” Tang San didn’t use telepathy, but screamed it out.


Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong had their hostilities lowered by Sea Witch’s words, but Tang San’s voice was like an absolute command for them. Almost on a reflex, Zhu Zhuqing kicked out and turned into a series of afterimages to attack Sea Witch. Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda also appeared and the first buff on Zhu Zhuqing was agility. Zhu Zhuqing’s body became illusory for a moment. Razor sharp cat claws were set to grab on Sea Witch’s wrists and black flute.


Sea Witch’s brows curled as the light of her surroundings became a mirage. Nine neatly positioned spirit rings appeared around the black flute. The second spirit ring glowed, and in the mirage, her figure became wavy. Although she couldn’t completely avoid Zhu Zhuqing’s rapid attacks, the black flute in her hand resisted three blows, repelling Zhu Zhuqing’s cat claws. She glared at Tang San at the coast, “You are a bad person. Not even a single tender thought for the fairer sex. So mean. My flute’s tune is very good you know.”


Although she said that, Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong’s expressions had darkened. When the nine spirit rings appeared on the black flute, they knew they fell for a trap just now. If they really let Sea Witch play a tune, no one could tell what would happen next.


Sea Witch didn’t seem to mind being caught on one bit. Her figure slipped off while evading and blocking Zhu Zhuqing’s attacks at the same time. She spoke a little urgently, “Big sisters, don’t listen to that bad person. Just listen to my tune. It’s very nice.”


Zhu Zhuqing didn’t pay her attention, but her mind was gradually being filled. This Sea Witch didn’t use a lot to block against her attacks, and she appeared to be a Tool Spirit Master. The difficulty of this challenge would be worryingly great.


Under Zhu Zhuqing’s hail of attacks, Sea Witch was somehow displeased and curled her lips, “This big sis, how can you be like this? You’re a girl. Why are you so rude like those guys. But, I won’t blame you still. Have a tune.”


While saying that, Sea Witch’s body slipped in a flash, avoided Zhu Zhuqing’s cat claws, vaulted backwards and fell towards the sea.


Zhu Zhuqing wouldn’t let her opponent off easily, so she chased fiercely. Third spirit skill Hell Execution erupted in an instant. Using Ning Rongrong’s speed and attack buff, even when this was just her third spirit skill, for swift attack spirit masters, having this speed would also mean greater increase of attack power.


Black figure in the air chased Sea Witch in the middle of backflipping, but everyone on the coast heard the bell-ringing voice, “Big sis, you fell for it.”


A circle of bizarre waves expanded from Sea Witch, covering Zhu Zhuqing and herself then actually shut off Ning Rongrong’s buffs by force. Sea Witch shifted in the air by three feet horizontally and dodged Zhu Zhuqing’s pounce. As soon as the toes landed on the seawater’s surface, the two legs turned back into a fishtail. With a twist, the large fishtail smashed against the falling Zhu Zhuqing.


At this point, Dai Mubai was very worried. He could tell that Sea Witch’s attack and explosive force weren’t that great, but her skills were variable and numerous. Complimenting her mind reading and looks which people would easily fall for, she had firmly controlled Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong.


Just then, Zhu Zhuqing suddenly disappeared as Sea Witch swam towards the air with waves of distortion behind the fishtail. Her clear eyes had traces of fear, showing that she didn’t understand why this would happen. Zhu Zhuqing’s mind could understand the mind reading, but everything before her was happening too quick.


Of course Zhu Zhuqing wouldn’t disappear for real, because when the fishtail slammed her, her body was split up. That’s right. It separated into dozens of figures scattered in mid-air. Every figure was seemingly real, and using the seawater’s surface, they charged at Sea Witch at the same time. What she used was her own fourth spirit skill, Hell Shadow Doppelgänger. Just then, Ning Rongrong at the coast side didn’t apply buffs in a hurry, but flashed away and hid behind the sacred pillar.


The situation had changed, and Sea Witch’s adapting speed was incredibly quick. Facing multi directional attacks, her body suddenly sped up, heading downwards instead of evading. With a plop, she disappeared into the seawater.


Zhu Zhuqing’s thoughts were surely affected by mind reading, but Tang San’s telepathy managed to let her make a difference. From Tang San’s voice to Zhu Zhuqing’s Hell Shadow Doppelgänger, it was just a blink of an eye but Sea Witch couldn’t sense anything for just a short moment.


“Rongrong, be careful!” Zhu Zhuqing screamed while heading towards the sacred pillar from mid-air.

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