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Fourth Trial, Shark Whale Battle


(TL by Bagelson)


Overlooking the sea, Oscar said:
“How do we find Xiao Bai? Don’t tell me we go in the sea? If by some chance she isn’t here, what do we do if we run into her offspring, and they attack when they don’t recognize us?”


Tang San smiled slightly,

Speaking, he didn’t release his spirit, but rather directly used the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone flight ability to rise into the air.


Ma Hongjun didn’t dare be slow, starting Phoenix Ascension, his wings flapped lightly, and he followed Tang San to soar in the air. Along with his strength increasing, he no longer needed to worry about his Phoenix Ascension flight ability, even without the Spirit Avatar, this third spirit ability was still enough to support him for regular flight.


“Release your spirit avatar and domain. Fire and water oppose each other, and Xiao Bai is also very familiar with your aura. As long as she’s in the nearby sea, she’ll definitely be able to sense it. I’ll help you expand your domain area.”


Ever since taking the ten headed fierce yang serpent neidan, even though Ma Hongjun didn’t mention it, he took Tang San’s word as law. In his eyes, Tang San wasn’t just a brother, at the same time he was also a benefactor. The Cockscomb Phoenix Sunflower had neutralized his evil fire, making him truly possess a fire phoenix spirit. The ten headed fierce yang serpent neidan had even more pushed his strength to another level, especially when he got the domain ability it was possible for Title Douluo to possess. These were favors he would never dare forget. He knew that Tang San didn’t like him keeping track of this, and so he hid it in his heart. Fatty had inwardly long since decided that, no matter where Tang San was in the future, that was where he would would be. What Tang San asked him to do, he would do.


As the Seven Headed Fire Phoenix appeared in the sky, even the sun paled. Dazzling tail flames made the sky shimmer with orange red radiance. As Ma Hongjun controlled his spirit avatar to float in midair, his Seven Headed Phoenix Domain began to spread.


Circle after circle of orange red light swiftly spread out, scorching hot explosive aura descended from above, making not only the air temperature rise, but at the same time washing everything in the surroundings, revealing the dignity of the Phoenix.


Just at this moment, Tang San’s eyes brightened, two lines of deep blue light quietly shot out. The two rays of light joined together in midair, and directly fell on the spot between Fatty’s eyebrows. In an instant, the domain emanating from Fatty that could only cover three hundred meters in diameter became one thousand meters. And that golden red light also became even more intense, just like a giant barrier of light appeared in the air above the sea near Seagod Island. Terrifying pressure made the almost still water begin the tremble. On the surface, sea spirit beasts had already begun to stick their heads up, but on seeing that terrifying presence in the air, they didn’t dare have the slightest thought of attacking.


What Tang San helped Ma Hongjun was his spiritual force, which had reached the highest level just like the Purple Demon Eye. Using that boundless force, gently infused into Ma Hongjun’s spiritual world, provoked his spiritual force to instantly rise for a short while, frantically absorbing the fire element in the air and transforming it into the spreading phoenix power. This process was simple to describe, but was in fact quite difficult in practice. If not for Tang San’s spiritual force being so much higher than Ma Hongjun’s, it wouldn’t have been doable. After all, no matter how Ma Hongjun trusted him, if the spiritual world was invaded, the body would instinctively resist. But right now his spiritual force was infused with Tang San’s vast Purple God Light, and even resistance was impossible. And Tang San himself also clearly understood that, just because the Purple Demon Eye had risen to the Boundless realm, he could also finally in a true sense confront any Title Douluo below the ninety fifth rank. He was confident even without an eighth spirit ring.


Along with Fatty’s domain spreading, before long, white triangular fins began to appear on the surface of the gradually boiling sea. As the ocean calmed once again, at least several dozen Devil Spirit Great White Sharks showed their backs. As the guardians of the Seagod Island, how could they not react to a sudden provocation from the sky?


Before Tang San and Ma Hongjun could speak up, the closest thirty Devil Spirit Great White Sharks raised their heads simultaneously, emanating circular light waves, simultaneously rushing towards Tang San and Ma Hongjun. Just like how Xiao Bai once used the Despair Light Wave.


Even though these Devil Spirit Great White Sharks by far couldn’t compare to Xiao Bai, right now they still won out in quantity. Launching a coordinated attack in unison, the large scale Devil Spirit Light Wave targeted Tang San and ma Hongjun. Even though Fatty was in Spirit Avatar state, he still felt a burst of trembles. After all, these Devil Spirit Great White Sharks in front of them might all be of the ten thousand year level!


Tang San still didn’t mind. Silently watching the light waves rising below, he raised his right hand and pressed at the space between his eyebrows. Instantly, with his head as center, intense deep blue light suddenly spread out, just like an ocean wave rolling out. On meeting this blue energy, all the light waves immediately melted quietly into nothing. Both were spiritual energy attacks, but there was no kind of collision between both sides, it felt as if the Devil Spirit Great White Shark group’s Despair Light Wave was swallowed by the blue light Tang San released.


“We are Xiao Bai’s friends, we have no bad intentions, we just need to find Xiao Bai. I’ll trouble you all to notify her.”


Tang San didn’t speak these words out loud, but rather transmitted it through the wave like blue light he released. A situation that was previously unimaginable was now something he could easily resolve.


In these days of research, Tang San discovered that his spiritual force really had risen to a brand new level. He couldn’t say just what this level meant, but he also discovered a lot of clever uses. For example communicating with those of the same level, just like he did with Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi. There was also the present way of transmitting his thoughts via his spiritual force to those with vastly lower spiritual abilities. This wasn’t communicating, but rather unilaterally imposing his thoughts on the counterparts’ minds. Of course, such an imposition could naturally easily transform into an attack. If the previous Purple God Light could be described as a single target attack, then the current Boundless level Purple God Light could conduct area attacks, and moreover with even more power than the previous single target attack.


Tang San was still getting the hang of even more clever uses of spiritual force, but he already believed that the Purple God Light rising to the Boundless level brought him advantages that absolutely weren’t inferior to Spirit Avatar.


The blue light he released wasn’t simply the Purple Demon Eye from before, at the same time it fused the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud’s Vast Sea Violent Wave ability. After the mind condensing wisdom skull bone fused with the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, it was equivalent to merging his Purple God Light with the four original abilities of the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud. That was also the reason why Tang San didn’t dare be certain of his skull bone’s present level. After all, even hundred thousand year spirit bones couldn’t possess more than two abilities. But now he really did possess four such abilities, and that still didn’t count the clever uses of his spiritual force after it advanced.


Sensing the message Tang San transmitted, the Devil Spirit Great White Shark’s in the sea were a bit restless. Even if the spiritual force Tang San impressed on their minds didn’t bring much pressure, it still broke through their mental defenses. All the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks gave up on attacking and submerged in the sea.


“It’s done.”
Tang San called out to ma Hongjun, indicating he withdraw his Spirit Avatar.


Fatty returned to his original form, employing Phoenix Ascension to hover next to Tang San as he looked at this third brother with a somewhat strange gaze.


“What? Don’t recognize me? Why are you looking at me like that?”
Tang San somewhat laughing looked at Fatty.


Ma Hongjun sighed disappointedly:
“Third brother, you’re giving me a more and more impenetrable feeling. Just how strong are you really?”


Tang San laughed out loud:
“What are you doing wondering about that? No matter how strong I am, you’re still always my good brother! That just now was just a way to release spiritual force. Using the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud.”


Ma Hongjun smiled:
“Anyway, afterwards I’ll be following you. The stronger you are the better. Gives your little brother some face too. Haha.”


Just as the two were chatting, the sea below them heaved once again, and Xiao Bai’s familiar silhouette appeared before them all.


The giant shark head broke the surface, and looked somewhat bewildered at Tang San. The information she had gotten from her kin was unbelievable. When she watched him now, nothing seemed different about Tang San! Could it be that, in the altogether one year and change they hadn’t met, this fellow had yet another good fortune?


“Xiao Baibai.”
Ma Hongjun called out with a somewhat bantering tone.


Xiao Bai snapped:
“You call me Xiao Baibai? That name is exclusively for the lord Seagod’s use. You human’s can’t use it. What are you looking for me for?”


Oscar said from the shore:
“Xiao Bai, don’t go asking questions when you know the answer. Don’t tell me you don’t know our fourth trial is related to you?”


Hearing the words ‘fourth trial’, Xiao Bai’s eyes clearly grew a bit more serious, and she replied:
“You’ve already finished preparing?”


Tang San and Ma Hongjun floated down, landing on the beach. Xiao Bai also flew out of the seawater, transforming into human form in front of everyone.


Tang San said:
“We only have one year to pass the rial. Even if we keep cultivating, it’ll still be very difficult for us to make any major breakthroughs in that time. So we plan to finish the mission a bit early.”


Xiao Bai’s elegant brows wrinkled. Under the sunshine, her body reflected a grey blue light,
“The Evil Spirit Orca’s aren’t that easy to deal with. They're not as well spoken as me, they’re all extremely savage fellows of the ocean. Besides the Deep Sea Demon Whale King who can awe them somewhat, those bastards have always been rampaging without fear in the sea.”


Dai Mubai said:
“Then what level of strength do these Evil Spirit Orcas have? Our mission must be completed. I assume the bastards you mention and your Devil Spirit Great White Shark clan don’t have a very good relationship.”


“Good? Of course it’s very good.”

“My little brother died in the jaws of the Evil Spirit Orca King. If I had the strength, I would long ago have eradicated that stain on the ocean. There are levels among us sea spirit beasts too. Generally speaking, we Devil Spirit Great White Sharks, Deep Sea Demon Whales and Evil Spirit Orcas are all considered at the top of the marine food chain. But in fact, there’s also a certain gap between the three of us. The Deep Sea Demon Whales are undoubtedly the strongest, but this clan is also quite rare. Moreover, they all live alone. Moreover, the Deep Sea Demon Whales are completely lazy, ordinarily they’ll only open those idiotically giant mouths and wait for food to deliver itself. And besides the Deep Sea Demon Whales, the strongest would be the Evil Spirit Orcas. Even though I don’t want to admit it, those stains on the sea are a bit stronger than us.”


At this point, Xiao Bai’s eyes displayed an intense loathing,
“The Evil Spirit Orcas are a kind of sea spirit beasts extremely addicted to killing. Even the Deep Sea Demon Whale King won’t lightly provoke them. Because the Evil Spirit Orcas are flock spirit beasts, and because they have practically no natural predators, the have quite considerable numbers. These stains on the sea are absolutely unrestrained in the ocean, they’ll constantly kill even if they don’t need food, when they encounter any creatures they’ll tear them to pieces without a trace of politeness. Any sea spirit beast is brimming with hatred of them. Just that they’re so strong that nobody dares step up and challenge them. There’s an Evil Spirit Orca flock about five hundred li from here. They’re our old enemies. There’s a holy war between our two clans every few decades or centuries.”


Seeing that the subject of Evil Spirit Orcas was clearly a bit taboo to Xiao Bai, Zhu Zhuqing couldn’t help asking:
“You lost?”


Xiao Bai nodded unwillingly,
“We’re at a disadvantage each time. If it wasn’t because they don’t dare approach Seagod Island, for fear of drawing the lord Seagod’s wrath, even our clan might have already ceased to exist.”


Tang San said:
“Since we’ll have to confront them, Xiao Bai, give us a detailed description of the Evil Spirit Orcas.”


Xiao Bai said:
“Adult Evil Spirit Orcas are twenty to twenty five meters long. They have robust bodies, sharp teeth, as well as formidable abilities of all kinds. One Evil Spirit Orca is enough to fight two of our clansmen to a standstill. These savages never leave survivors. As long as they hold the advantage, they’re bound to tear the opponent to shreds. The Evil Spirit Orca flock has around three hundred overall, approximately two hundred adults. About the same as us. To us, the only thing worth being happy about might be that their fertility isn’t equal to ours. Otherwise, their numbers would be even scarier. One might say that, if we’re speaking about the area led by the Evil Spirit Orca King, then this clan is already qualified to challenge the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. Or course, that might also lead to their clan being exterminated, so they’ve never dared directly enter the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s domain.”


The Shrek Seven Devils looked at each other, and Oscar swallowed:
“Then, that means our fourth task of helping you exterminate the Evil Spirit Orca flock, is equivalent to taking on half a Deep Sea Demon Whale attack?”


Xiao Bai snorted disdainfully:
“Why? Scared? If you’re scared you can not go.”


Little Ao imitated her appearance to snort as well,
“I actually want to not go, but if I don’t, my black level six tests trial will have my life. Besides, so what if it’s a hundred Evil Spirit Orcas? How do you know we won’t win?”


Xiao Bai’s expression seemed extraordinarily serious,
“I don’t care about whether you have courage or strength. I’m worried about my kin. It’s after decades of recovery that my clan has managed to reach its present state. Just in case you aren’t strong enough, and can’t exterminate the Evil Spirit Orca flock, then my kin will pay with our lives.”


Listening to Xiao Bai, the Shrek Seven devils all grew silent. When it involved the lives of Xiao Bai’s kin, they had no choice but to be careful. However, the trial was before them, could they really not go?


After a long time, it was still Tang San who spoke up,
“Xiao Bai, I can’t guarantee your kin won’t be harmed. But I can promise you, if this operation fails, then we will definitely die in front of you. Please believe me, we won’t treat our own lives as a joke. Even if you were our second trial examiner, you should understand that we regard you as a friend. Your kin are all naturally also our friends. I can only say, we will make all effort to reduce the casualties of your clan. If you really aren’t willing to participate in this fight, then we’ll trouble you to see us there, and we’ll confront them on our own.”


Xiao Bai was silent, watching Tang San with a burning gaze,
“Can we not go? This isn’t just your trial, it’s also the lord Seagod’s mission to us. Exterminate the Evil Spirit Orca flock for the peace of our home sea. As servants of the lord Seagod, we are duty bound. Since you say you’ve already prepared, we’ll set off.”


While speaking, Xiao Bai turned to the sea, gaped and issued a bizarre humming sound. Just at the start the sound was very weak, but as time passed, the sound gradually grew greater, so much that it even suppressed the sound of the waves.


The water in front of Seagod Island boiled, and strong white figures began to reveal their triangular fins on the surface, arrayed in a neat formation. A picture of two hundred devil spirit great white sharks in formation formed. These great white sharks were all more than fifteen meters long, and each emanated powerful energy fluctuations. Hidden under the seawater, they were like an army at the ready.


The sound Xiao Bai was making came to an end. Turning, she once again looked at Tang San,
“Tang San, I know you will experience the Seagod nine trials. Otherwise a trial like this absolutely wouldn’t appear. Before leaving, I have something I hope you can promise me.”


Tang San said without the slightest hesitation:
“Speak. As long as I can do it, I absolutely won’t decline.”


Xiao Bai’s expression grew a bit gentler, but her eyes were still completely serious,
“If I can’t return alive this time, then there are still more than a hundred of my clan’s juvenile devil spirit great white sharks in this area, I hope you can help look after them. Can you?”


Tang San’s heart shook, not because of Xiao Bai’s conditions, but rather because of Xiao Bai’s lonely tone. Clearly, she wasn’t optimistic about the coming battle.


“Xiao Bai, don’t be pessimistic. We will definitely win, definitely return alive. Not just us, but you and your kin. Those juvenile devil spirit great white sharks will still wait for your protection. You might not know, but Rongrong’s fourth mission is to guarantee your survival. If you die, it would be the same as our missions failing.”


Xiao Bai was distracted, looking astonished at Ning Rongrong. Muttering to herself:
“So, the lord Seagod didn’t abandon his servants. Don’t tell me we really won’t need to die?”


Oscar gathered by Xiao Bai,
“It seems you’re quite afraid of that Evil Spirit Orca King, weren’t you always very arrogant? You’re both hundred thousand year spirit beasts, how can the gap be that big?”


“Bullshit, who’d be afraid of that bastard?”

“Let’s go.”
Speaking, she leapt up, diving into the ocean and returning to her original form.


Oscar rolled to a stop on the ground. He pleasantly discovered that, even though Xiao Bai’s slap hadn’t used any force, there wasn’t any of the pain that still should have appeared. His bones and flesh had automatically unloaded the force when he was slapped. It might look like a miserable situation, but it actually didn’t even hurt.


The Shrek Seven Devils leapt up simultaneously, and under Xiao Bai’s directions they mounted seven especially large devil spirit great white sharks. Xiao Bai went first, fiercely leaping forwards. Two hundred devil spirit great white sharks followed closely behind, bringing the Shrek Seven Devils directly for the deep sea.


Tang San held Xiao Wu close as he stood on the back of a devil spirit great white shark. With his present strength, even though the sharks’ backs were extremely slippery, he still wouldn’t fall. Even though Oscar and Ning Rongrong were in difficult straits, relying on the Spriit Sage level body control as well as their strengthened physiques, even if they couldn’t stand on the sharks like Tang San did, they could still ride on their backs and keep stable by grabbing their dorsal fins.


In the true ocean, the Shrek Seven Devils directly experienced the powerful side of the devil spirit great white sharks. Braving the wind and the waves, their speed forward was something no boat could compare to. The whistling sea breeze cut at them like knives, and the surrounding seawater turned into a blue haze as it constantly swept past on either side. That kind of feeling could be called extremely provoking, and extremely thrilling.


Even Bai Chenxiang flying in the air, widely known for her speed, also had to use her second spirit ability to not fall behind.


This was the embodiment of the devil spirit great white sharks’ true strength. In the ring sea, because it was too small, Xiao Bai had never revealed her true strength. However, discovering it made even the Shrek Seven Devils alert. Such powerful devil spirit great white sharks still feared their targets, the evil spirit orcas, this clearly showed the difficulty of their fourth trial.


The devil spirit great white sharks moved forward, and Tang San didn’t stay idle either. With the devil spirit great white sharks for transportation, he could also wholeheartedly consider tactics.


Without a doubt, the Evil Spirit Orcas were extremely powerful, so much so that it was even double that of the devil spirit great white shark flock. Could the seven of them really deal with more than a hundred of the apex spirit beasts of the ocean? Xiao Bai clearly couldn’t defeat the Evil Spirit Orca King. Even the ordinary evil spirit orcas already made them overextended, let alone speaking of helping Xiao Bai.


With both sides’ strength in mind, even if Tang San was confident in himself, he absolutely wouldn’t go meet force with force.


Intelligence was also equally a part of strength. One could imagine, since the evil spirit orca flock was this powerful, then they would inevitably have traits of arrogance and overconfidence. Even if they ultimately won a frontal confrontation, the devil spirit great white shark flock would also take disastrous losses. That wasn’t something Tang San wished to see. Xiao Bai’s sorrowful expression was always deeply branded in his mind. Since that was the case, he wanted to think of some other way.


Five hundred li wasn’t close, but with the astonishingly fast devil spirit great white sharks way of travel, it still wouldn’t be more than a couple of hours. At Tang San’s request, Xiao Bai commanded her clan to stop when they were fifty li away.


Tang San let out the Dragon Abyss Boat, giving the Shrek Seven Devils somewhere to stand. He also called over Xiao Bai. Even always curious about new things as she was, right now she still didn’t have the heart to appreciate the boat, only quietly sitting there contemplating.


Tang San said:
“Xiao Bai, are you still worried?”


Xiao Bai rolled her eyes at him, as if saying, if your clan was about to be trapped in danger, don’t tell me you wouldn’t be worried?


Tang San smiled slightly:
“Right now I have a method that might minimize our losses. I don’t know if you’re willing to try it?”


Xiao Bai’s eyes brightened,
“Method? What method? Tell me. The devil spirit orcas have a kind of ripple scanning method. As long as creatures with energy appear within ten li, they won’t be able to hide, and will immediately suffer devastating attacks. If you want to use some little tricks to deal with them, give up on the idea immediately. If it was that easy, we would have gotten rid of them long ago.”


Light flashed in Tang San’s eyes:
“Scanning abilities are unrelated to my plan. I only ask you, do the evil spirit orcas fear poison?”


Xiao Bai looked distracted,
“Poison? Medical poison? That’s right, we sea spirit beasts have abilities to resist poison. But don’t forget how large our bodies are. Adding on formidable spirit power, even if we ate a large amount of poison we could rely on our natural immunity to resist it. The poison of poisonous serpents can be said to be the strongest in the sea. But both we and the evil spirit orcas can use them as food. What poison do you have that’s stronger than poisonous serpents? Besides, if you spread the poison in the sea, with the evil spirit orcas’ vigilance, they’d very quickly discover it, only making them even more savage.”


Tang San smiled calmly:
“Don’t mind that. I only ask you, do you dare go into danger with me, you and me?”


Xiao Bai frowned,
“You and me? You’re not planning on having us two go attack the evil spirit orcas?”


Tang San said:
“Of course it’s not attack, it’s to raid. Don’t tell me you don’t know about something called assassination?”


Xiao Bai looked at Tang San,
“I don’t understand, what way do you have to approach the evil spirit orca flock without being discovered.”


Tang San smiled slightly,

Pointing to his forehead, in an instant, he disappeared without warning right before Xiao Bai’s eyes.


Xiao Bai opened her eyes wide, her formidable spiritual force suddenly spreading out to examine the place Tang San was. But she was shocked to discover that Tang San seemed to actually have truly disappeared. Her spiritual force spread to an area several hundred meters in diameter without discovering a trace of Tang San. So much that she even raised her hand and waved it where Tang San stood before, but still didn’t touch anything substantial.


“Tang San is?”
Xiao Bai looked to Oscar.


Oscar spread his hands,
“How should I know? Didn’t you say he had no way to approach the evil spirit orcas without being discovered?”


Xiao Bai excitedly said:
“I believe it, how could I still not believe it? Hurry up and come out, tell me your plan. As long as we can annihilate those stains on the sea, I’ll dare anything.”


Faint blue light flashed, and Tang San’s silhouette reappeared in sight, still standing where he was before, so much so that he hadn’t even changed his posture, as if he’d never moved.


“Tang San, how did you do it?”
Xiao Bai asked excitedly.


Tang San smiled:
“This is an ability of mine. Capable of hiding us. I’ll need you as my mount, that way I can come and go without leaving a trace. You’re right, I don’t have any certainty of being able to poison the evil spirit orcas, however, how can I understand the level of their immunity without trying? Besides, poison is only the first present I’ve prepared for them.”


Xiao Bai laughed out loud,
“Since that’s the case, what are we still waiting for?”


Tang San waved to Oscar, and simultaneously placed Xiao Wu into his Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse.


Oscar got the meaning and threw over a length of sausages, all pink and dark green. As for Xiao Wu, that was something Tang San couldn’t help. If he was going to take risks, Xiao Wu had already threatened him via his soul that he had to take her along. Tang San had made a supreme effort to oppose, and finally the two had reached a compromise, Xiao Wu would be in the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, that could also be considered following at his side.


Dai Mubai said:
“Doesn’t the devil spirit orcas’ scanning ability only reach ten li? Then shouldn’t we move forward a bit, at least to twenty li away from them. That way we could support you better.”


Tang San and Xiao Bai shook their heads practically simultaneously, and Tang San said.
“Even if the evil spirit orcas’ sensing range is limited, we absolutely can’t be careless. Just in case we let them discover our main army and come to attack, forcing us into a frontal confrontation, we couldn’t bear the losses. You wait here for my signal. Hold back the troops unless I signal. Xiao Bai, let’s go.”


Xiao Bai couldn’t wait any longer, and with a leap dove into the ocean transforming into her original form. Tang San floated over, the tips of his toes poking her head. The immense white silhouette instantly accelerated, heading straight out.


Tang San used spirit power to block the oncoming wind, and asked Xiao Bai:
“Can you sense the precise location of the evil spirit orca flock? Would they be constantly changing location?”


Xiao Bai said:
“Don’t worry, if I didn’t have even this ability, I wouldn’t be suited to leading the tribe. As long as we’re within fifty li of them, I can catch their scent. In terms of sense of smell, there are no spirit beasts in the ocean that can compare to us devil spirit great white sharks.”


Without being held back by her clansmen, Xiao Bai’s speed rose to the limit, even when Tang San used Boundless eye to sense the changes in the surroundings, he still couldn’t completely grasp the changes in the surrounding seawater. Such an absolute speed in the sea wasn’t any slower than the needle tailed swift flying in the sky.


In practically just a few breaths, Xiao Bai’s speed gradually dropped, her voice clearly lowered,
“We’re already less than twenty li or so away from them. I propose we don’t approach further. Even though that Evil Spirit Orca King is repulsive, he really is powerful. I’m afraid it might discover my spiritual fluctuations if we approach.”


Tang San nodded.

While speaking, he pointed to his forehead, and blue light quietly appeared, enveloping him and Xiao Bai, and they noiselessly entered the sea.


As Xiao Bai was truly enveloped in this Vast Sea Barrier light, her heart suddenly shuddered. That energy fluctuation was so familiar. After sensing this familiar aura, her originally hesitant heart no longer wavered, on the contrary becoming incomparably stable. She brought Tang San to swiftly dive into the ocean.


After the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud fused with Tang San’s mind condensing wisdom skull bone, Tang San had discovered that when he used this ability, it no longer restricted movement, and he wouldn’t be revealed even when in motion. But there were still limits, he couldn’t use any abilities, if he did, the hiding effect would immediately disappear.

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