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Chapter 215

Sea God Island Worships The Sea God


(TL by PiggyBottle)


“Oh? You were from Sea God Island?” Hearing Ji Xiang’s words, Tang San couldn’t help but look at him in shock.


Nodding his head, Ji Xiang said “I was born in Sea God Island and lived there until I was ten years old. My parents were also from Sea God Island, but they didn’t know why I was born with zero innate spirit power. For those who live on Sea God Island, at the age of eighteen they are required to undergo a trial. Only those who pass the trial can stay and worship the Sea God, while those who fail will be sent away. For me who had innate zero spirit power, I had no chance of succeeding. Thus, my parents sent me here and requested Captain Purple Pearl to take care of me. As I couldn’t train my spirit, since young I learnt some medical skills from the folks of Sea God Island. After coming here, I became their resident doctor. My cousin was also sent here with me, his situation is not unlike mine.”


Tang San would never have guessed that his disciple actually came from Sea God Island. Regardless, this was a piece of good news to him. After the encounter with the Deep Sea Demonic Whale, whether it was Tang San or the others of the seven devils, they had become wary of the sea. It was to their benefit to learn more about a power such as Sea God Island before heading there.


Seeing everyone’s gaze fall onto him, without waiting for Tang San to ask, Ji Xiang took the initiative to say: “Master, seniors. Sea God Island is a special place. Can I ask what you are all heading there for?”


Tang San replied: “We are heading there this time to train ourselves. As we were told by our elders, Sea God Island is an extremely dangerous place where there are many strong Oceanic Spirit Masters and Oceanic Spirit Beasts. As you can tell, amongst people of the same age, our Spirit Ranks are slightly higher. At this level, if we wanted to improve ourselves it is not easy. My teacher had carefully tested out many different training methods and realised that the best way to improve one’s strength is through near-death encounters. As such this time our trip to Sea God Island is to train and improve ourselves.”


Ji Xiang looked at Tang San then the others, in his heart he secretly thought, Master your spirit ranks are not just slightly higher but rather horrifyingly high.


Although he had not seen the strength of the other members of the Shrek Seven Devils, for them to be able to travel with Tang San, they definitely would not be much weaker.


“Master, if you wish to head to the Sea God Island to train yourselves, then i recommend you all to turn back now.” Ji Xiang sincerely spoke, his face revealing a hint of panic.


Tang San calmly asked: “Why is that?”


Ji Xiang said: “Because, when outsiders arrive there, there can only be two outcomes, either get kicked out or get trapped inside forever.”


Tang San nodded his head. Saying: “I heard about it before, can you tell me more about the origin of this saying?”


Ji Xiang replied: “Sea God island is a special place for Spirit Masters, you can also consider it the domain of the Oceanic Spirit Masters. The Oceanic Spirit Masters are very different from land Spirit Masters, only in the vast ocean can they fully bring out their powers. It can be said that the whole ocean is their domain. In there, equally ranked land Spirit Masters will never be able to defeat an oceanic Spirit Master. Just as the land Spirit Masters have faith in Spirit Hall, the oceanic Spirit Masters also have their own faith, but it really isn’t a sect, rather a god, the Sea God.”


Ji Xiang’s words had roused the interest of everyone there, no one interrupted him, they all only listened intently.


“Every Oceanic Spirit Master believes in the existence of the Sea God. The ancestor of all Oceanic Spirit Masters and the one who controls the oceans. And it is precisely because of the blessing bestowed by the Sea God that the Oceanic Spirit Masters are able to have their strength and the ability to control the oceans. Perhaps, to land Spirit Masters Spirit Hall is not their faith, but to all Oceanic Spirit Masters, they have absolute faith in the Sea God. No one there would dare be blasphemous to the Sea god.”


“And Sea God Island is a sacred place for Oceanic Spirit Masters and is where they worship the Sea God. Those with great merit have become the messengers for the Sea God and lead the strongest Spirit Masters on the Island. Any who enter the Island will have to undergo a test, this test is not by the Spirit Masters who govern the island but rather it is given by the lord Sea God.”


Hearing till here, Dai Mubai could not hold himself back and asked: “Does the Sea God really exist? Then does that mean that gods really exist on this world?”


Ji Xiang seriously affirmed: “Yes, definitely, the Sea God definitely exists. Most of the Spirit Masters on the Sea God Island have personally seen the manifestation of the Sea God.’


Oscar said: “Then the test you were speaking about, is it given by this manifestation?”


Ji Xiang replied: “Not really, that is merely a method the Sea God uses to communicate, the test will be given through the Grand Worshipper who is known as the right-hand man of the Sea God, having the duty to protect the authority of the Sea God and exercising rights of the Sea God.”


Tang San said: “In that case, doesn’t the test still comes from a person instead.”


Ji Xiang’s expression grew strange, “Master, this is something I am unable to explain. Only after experiencing the test can one understand the situation. To each individual the tests are different. Some people’s tests are easy, for example going to the ocean and collecting a shell, while for others it may be extremely difficult such as having to withstand the attack of the Grand Worshipper. Each test is different person to person, generally speaking though it should be related to the overall strength of each individual.”


“All the Oceanic Spirit Masters on Sea God island will have to undergo a test when they are eighteen. If they pass the test, they can stay on the island to attend the Sea God, if not they will be forced to leave the island. If the test is too hard, sometimes they might even lose their lives. While outsiders who enter, regardless of age will have to take the test. If they fail, they will be evicted immediately, and if they succeed they will have to remain permanently on the Sea God Island. As long as one passes the test regardless of whether you are an outsider or a native Oceanic Spirit Master, you will not be permitted to leave the island unless you wish to invoke the wrath of the Sea God.”


“I would suggest you all not go there, because the tests towards outsiders especially those land Spirit Masters are exceptionally tough. It will very easily result in your deaths. Even if you do pass it, you will be trapped there forever. The Sea God Island is the sacred land of the Oceanic Spirit Masters, it definitely is not a place suitable for training.”


Tang San faintly smiled, saying: “We have already considered that. To us, entering the Sea God Island and taking the test is also a sort of training. Whether we can leave the island or not is also another kind of training. If we are unable to leave the island with our own strength, then it would mean that we have failed our training. Ji Xiang, I understand your good intentions, but this trip to the Sea God Islands is something me definitely need to do.”


Ji Xiang seeing the calm and determined look in Tang San’s eyes, could not hold back his worry, “But, masters. You just do not know how difficult the Sea God Island test is. No mentioning the Land Spirit Masters, many non-native Oceanic Spirit Masters have also come to take the test only to die. I lived on the Sea God Island for over ten years, and never have I even heard of a single land Spirit Master managing to become a member of the Sea God Island. The strength of the Grand Worshiper is not something you can imagine.”


Tang San lightly smiled once more, saying: “I understand what you are trying to say. But, if I were to back down every time I have to face something tough, then I will never be able to become a truly strong Spirit Master. From how I see it, I think the Sea God you speak of really exists. I believe that when an individual achieves a strength that no one else can even hope to achieve, then he can definitely be called a god. I reckon that this Sea God you speak of is an Oceanic Spirit Master than had managed to breakthrough the pinnacle and gained the ability to borrow the power of the entire ocean. Such a person would indeed be impossible to be overcome by anybody else in the world, giving him the title of Sea God. As a Spirit Master, this would also be one of my goals. I have decided, in three days, we will head towards the Sea God Island.”


Ji Xiang did not say more, although he had not spent much time together With Tang San, he knew that this master of his, once he decided on something, he would not easily change his mind.


The three days quickly passed, and the Shrek Seven Devils had mostly recovered their health and peak condition, Bai Chenxiang’s physical condition had too mostly recovered.


The sea breeze blew alongside the sun beams illuminating the ocean surface creating a dancing myriad of colours.


A relatively large boat navigated the surface of the oceans, with its mast up adorned with a huge purple sail. This was the famous Purple Pearl Ship in this region of the waters. The private ship of the Purple Pearl Pirate Group’s leader.


The Shrek Seven Devils stood on the deck of the ship looking into the distance, after experiencing an encounter with the Deep Sea Demonic Whale, they finally once more headed towards Sea God Island. Although the previous encounter cut it close, the pressure from the attacks of the Deep Sea Demonic Whale had given them quite some growth.


In these days, Tang San had managed to assimilate all of the absorbed energy in the Eight Spider Lances, and as predicted, he had reached the sixty-eighth rank.


As for the rest of the Shrek Seven Devils, other than Xiao Wu, they all had also risen about half a rank, the most significantly affected was still fatty.


After Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing were grievously hurt and Tang San’s whereabouts were unknown, these people all relied on him for protection. The ten days struggling out at sea helped Fatty to breakthrough and reach the sixtieth rank, with a spirit ring he too would be able to enter the ranks of a Spirit Emperor.


“My ship is really fast so it will take us at most two days before we arrive near Sea God Island.” Purple Pearls said while standing beside Tang San. After hearing that Tang San and company wanted to head towards Sea God Island she immediately volunteered to send them over. Naturally, when she volunteered Tang San could see her face happily enjoying the misfortune Tang San and company would face, as she knew the situation at Sea God Island.


“But, my master, I cannot send you all the way to Sea God Island, I can only stop at a nearby island before sending you on your way. Near the Sea God Island is many powerful Oceanic Spirit Beasts, if a ship were to approach they will definitely face a terrible end. Moreover, i don’t dare infringe on the Sea God’s dignity.”


Tang San glanced at Purple Pearl, “Sending us nearby is enough, as long as we can see the Sea God Island, then your mission is complete.”


Seeing Tang San’s calm expression, Purple Pearl could not help but feel disgruntled. She truly respected Tang San’s strength so she did not dare speak much more. She had also considered having a bout with Tang San in the ocean, but after remembering the blue light from the other day, she vanquished this thought from her mind. This man was indeed someone she could not deal with.


Without wasting time, in these few days Tang San had handed down to Ji Xiang the methods to train the Mysterious Heaven Skill and its key points, the positions of the human acupunctural points, the techniques to control the Tang Sect Hidden Weapons as well as his Mysterious Jade Hand, the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, the Controlling Crane Catching Dragon and even the Purple Demon Eye skill.


Ji Xiang had an extremely good memory so although time was short and he did not fully understand these skills yet, memorising them down first was no problem for him. At the same time, he also urged Purple Pearl to take good care of Ji Xiang and help him hunt Spirit beasts to increasing his strength after he leaves.


Xiao Wu leaned in Tang San’s embrace, her large beautiful eyes blinking occasionally as she gazed at the vast ocean. Even Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong were slightly envious of her, having lost her soul she naturally did not have any misgivings, so intimately in her lover’s embrace while carefreely enjoying the sea breeze.


The following two days of sailing went by smoothly, on this boat ride, Purple Pearl very detailedly explained the various Oceanic Spirit Beast Territories that one had to look out for. Especially those of the Hundred Thousand Year Old Spirit Beasts which they even had to detour around. Although surviving them was simple for someone of Purple Pearl’s caliber her ship would be unable to withstand its attacks.


According to Purple Pearl, in the ocean the number of Spirit Beasts were something that no one knew, but for Hundred Thousand Year Old Spirit Beasts she knew of at least three of which the Deep Sea Demonic Whale was the most formidable. Besides it was another Oceanic Spirit Beast in the distant seas, and the other one was one which resided in the waters near the Sea God Island. According to legends, it was apparently the mount of the Sea God previously, with strength only second the the Deep Sea Demonic Whale and was also one of the overlords of the sea.


In the distance by the horizon a small black dot appeared. Purple Pearl stood by the bow watching, once she saw the black dot she immediately asked her crew to stop the ship.


The Shrek Seven devils knew that they would soon arrive at their destination and were all already prepared.


Purple Pearl came to Tang San’s side saying: “Master, we can only send you up to here. Any further and it will be the territory of the Sea God Island. If any ships enter the area, they would be attacked by the Hundred Thousand Year Old Spirit Beast protecting the area. Do take care when you all approach it later. The Spirit Beast protecting the island is pretty terrifying, and its attack power is especially powerful, even the Deep Sea Demonic Whale is wary of it.”


Ma Hongjun said from the side: “Purple Pearl, you keep speaking about this protective spirit beast, what exactly is it?”


Purple Pearl said: “The protector spirit beast is a shark that had been cultivating for a hundred thousand years, and it is the fiercest variant, the Demonic Great White Shark. It has been known as the hunter of the seas, its strength is its attack power which makes it the spirit beast with the strongest attack. Even a ten thousand year old Demonic Great White Shark’s attack power could match up to an ordinary Hundred Thousand Year Old Spirit Beast. Its body may not be as big as the Deep Sea Demonic whale and only about twenty meters or so long, but its speed is  incomparable to the Deep Sea Demonic Whale. It would be impossible for its target to escape. Whatsmore, after it claimed its territory here, there have been no less than a hundred Demonic Great White Sharks there creating an all encompassing net.


After hearing Purple Pearl’s words, Tang San could not help but say: “From my knowledge, about twenty years ago there should have been a group of land spirit masters arriving at Sea God Island and attacked. Apparently they were annihilated while fighting the Oceanic Spirit Masters at Sea God Island. But, there were no mentions of them being attacked before reaching the island itself.”


Purple Pearl blinked, “Master, you even know about that incident? I had heard from a senior that it was actually because the Demonic Great White Sharks have a large appetite, and the number of lifeforms in the waters here is too few. As such, every half a month the Hundred Thousand Year Old island protector will lead them out to hunt for about three days or so. The incident twenty years ago should have been due to coincidence on their part, as they fortunately came when the shark was out hunting.”


Tang San replied: “I see, I wonder if we will be as lucky today.”


Purple Pearl said while shrugging: “I too have no idea, no one knows the patterns of that great white shark, if someone did try to learn them, they probably would all have died.”


Ma Hongjun laughingly said: “Aren’t you just hoping that we all get eaten by the Demonic Great White Shark?”


Purple Pearl stared at him, saying: “What? Damn fatty, picking a fight!” Other than being restrained towards Tang San, she was still very crude towards others.


Ma Hongjun said: “Why would I want to fight you? You are my third brother’s servant, hearing you call him master sounds pretty good.”


“You……” Becoming Tang San’s servant was something that actually depressed Purple Pearl fairly. Seeing Fatty taking pleasure in her misfortune made her rage on the verge of exploding.


Without waiting for Purple Pearl to explode. Tang San pressed down on her shoulder, “That’s enough, stop fighting. Purple Pearl, we are leaving, just give us a lifeboat and you can go back.”


Purple Pearl was momentarily stunned, “Aren’t you all going to wait and observe things a while?”


Tang San shook his head, saying: “You said it yourself, no one would be able to predict the Demonic Great White Shark’s patterns. We will manage.”


Hearing that Tang San and company were leaving, Purple Pearl’s expression changed slightly, deeply looking at Tang San, she said: “Master, if you really do run into the Demonic Great White Sharks, don’t harm even a single one of them, even the weakest smallest one. If not you will be attacked by all of them. If you want to enter Sea God Island, the best method is to wait. Although the Demonic Great White Shark’s feeding habits cannot be ascertained, I am sure of one thing. Every night, at midnight their activity is the least, if you sail then, your chances would be slightly better.


Tang San nodded towards Purple Pearl, saying: “I understand. Thank you for taking care of us these few days at Purple Pearl Island. The bet the other day was just a figure of speech, you don’t have to be too serious about it. When I leave this time, I don’t even know if I can make it back. Although you are a pirate group’s leader, I hope that you will check properly the people you are acting against. Those who are not seeking to die, leave them an escape route. Launch the lifeboat.”


“Hm.” Purple Pearl quietly nodded her head. Seeing this man more than a decade younger than her, a strange feeling surfaced inside her. After acknowledging Tang San as her master, her normally hot temperament had actually been voluntarily restrained by her. She did not know why either, only that when she was standing beside this young man or when she saw his eyes, her imposing mannerisms would fade.


And it was precisely this young man’s appearance that helped let her realise, that she actually once more developed an interest in men. What's more, she was certain, the one that she fell in love with was precisely this young man ten years younger than her. Although he already had a wife, Purple Pearl could not help but fall for him. But of course, she knew it was impossible for anything to come out of it.


They were already going to split up, and as Tang San already said, it was impossible to know if they would even be able to meet again in the future. An inexplicable sense of loneliness and forlorn quickly surfaced in Purple Pearl’s heart.


These few days while calling Tang San master, she had been inwardly cursing in her heart. Yet when they were about to separate and she would be free from her misery, she was somewhat unwilling.


After the lifeboat was detached, the shrek seven devils one by one jumped into this life boat that could easily accommodate more than ten people, Tang San too walked to the bow of the ship.


Ji Xiang and Purple Pearl escorted him off, with his eyes red Ji Xiang said, “Master, take care.”


Tang San patted his shoulder: “Good men bleed but not cry, the next time we meet, teacher will want to see the results of your cultivation.”


Ji Xiang wanted to speak but something seemed stuck in his throat leaving him only able to nod while trying his best to hold in his tears.


Tang San then nodded towards Purple Pearl before picking up Xiao Wu and jumped down onto the lifeboat.


Seeing Tang San land on the lifeboat, Purple Pearl turned around and raised her hand, shouting: “Weigh anchor, return.”


The Purple Pearl turned, its bow turning back towards the direction it came from, and this was when Purple Pearl could no longer hold back her feelings. Rushing back towards the bow, she shouted towards the lifeboat in the distance,  “Master, one must always honor his bet, I am willing to acknowledge you as my master, you will always be my master. I will be waiting for you at Purple Pearl Island. You all better fucking come back alive!”


With tears in her eyes, she saw Tang San’s smile, and his waving hands and his firm resolute look.


“Ji Xiang, they will come back alive, won't they?” Purple Pearl turned to face the young man beside her who too could not hold back his tears.


Ji Xiang practically used all his force to nod his head, “Definitely.”


After seeing the Purple Pearl disappear into the distance, Tang San turned back around to see everyone staring at him strangely.


“What are you all staring at?” Tand San asked full of doubt.


Dai Mubai patted Tang San’s shoulder, “Tang San you are pretty good, her fierceness is indeed not bad, although she is a bit old, she is still pretty well maintained.”


Tang San discourteously smacked Dai Mubai’s hand off, “Mubai, as the boss you should already know I have Xiao Wu and will only have Xiao Wu.”


Holding the dazed Xiao Wu, the toughness in Tang San’s eyes melting, as Ma Hongjun and Oscar prepared to continue poking fun at Tang San.


Zhu Zhuqing pouted, “Do you think third brother is the same as you? Third brother is a good man.”


“Urh……, Zhuqing, can you not keep jabbing me with your elbow like that!” Dai Mubai bitterly laughed, “Even the ocean cannot wash me clean.”


Zhu Zhuqing rolled her eyes. “I wonder who had so many indecent conquests at those places.”


“I……” Dai Mubai while dejected saw Ma Hongjun laughing at him from one side, immediately lashed out saying: “Darn fatty, what are you laughing at, your indecent history……” as he said these words he saw Ma Hongjun glaring daggers at him, as such, he laughed and stopped half-way.


Bai Chenxiang suspiciously looked at Dai Mubai then back to Ma Hongjun, “What indecent history does he have.”


Dai Mubai looked at the fatty angrily staring at him before coughing and awkwardly saying: “Nothing much, nothing much, it’s just things from when he was young and wild. You should just ask him yourself.”


In the past half a month while Tang San’s whereabouts were unknown, with Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing grievously wounded, Ma Hongjun became the strongest fighter in the group. Especially while they were drifting in the sea, Fatty single handedly took the oars and was especially protective towards Bai Chenxiang. People’s memories on the verge of death were the most vivid, so how could Bai Chenxiang not remain moved. In addition, the rest of them were all couples, in her heart, fatty was also one of men she could rely on. As such her relationship with fatty had improved greatly.


Seeing Bai Chenxiang’s gaze shift towards him, Ma Hongjun quickly withdrew his stare and turned to Tang San, asking: “Third bro, Purple Pearl mentioned that there were demonic Great White Sharks in the area, how are we going to get through it? If there are a few hundred of those strong Spirit Beasts then it would really be hard for us to cross this area.”


Tang San naturally knew Ma Hongjun was just trying to change the subject, and he was definitely not going to expose his good brother, so he hurriedly replied: “First we don’t have to rush, this should be time for us to try out our Abyssal Dragon Ship.


While saying that, he reached into his Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, the Abyssal Dragon Ship he originally bought at the auction appearing in his hands. After infusing it with spirit power, it transformed into a ray of light and drifted onto the surface of the ocean. Its hull rapidly expanding, in an instant it had transformed into a twelve meter long ship.


The abyssal Dragon Ship was glistening as if it had been carved out of a piece of crystal, its surface giving off a faint white luster as it landed into the ocean without a sound. Its front part looking like the head of a dragon while its rear portion was like a fish, on both sides were wings designed like a fin. The ship was milky white as if carved from a piece of jade, while the strangest thing with this ship was that it was completely sealed, with just a hatch open on top revealing twelve seats within. Inside was the handles of oars by all the seats except for the four in the front and back.



The wing like oars were also very special, the general design was understood by Tang San who made secret weapons as one which was meant to reduce water resistance. Following Tang San’s lead, the group one-by-one jumped into the ship, however the ship did not shake the slightest and was extremely stable. Tang San already understood how to use the ship by activating it using his Spirit Power earlier. The eight of them sitting at the eight places with oars. Tang San lifted his hand and pressed it against a crystal ball about the size of a head and infused it with spirit power, immediately the hatch above them closed and completely sealed off all outside air and sound.


About half of the Abyssal Dragon Ship had been submerged into the water, if they lowered their head they could actually see the strange aquatic world below them. From inside the ship they were able to see all three hundred and sixty degrees around them with not a single blindspot. After standing up to stretch, he reseated himself on the seat by the crystal ball, this was the rudder of the Abyssal Dragon Ship, the ship's movements can all be controlled from there.


Tang San said: “let's first try and steer this ship.” While saying that, he merged his mental power with the Abyssal Dragon Ship, and with the assistance of his Spirit Power, the ship started to submerge into the ocean. Following Tang San’s instructions, other than Xiao Wu the remaining six of them touched the paddles beside them and the fin like wings started to move.


With a whoosh, the Abyssal Dragon Ship shot through the water, with them only touching the paddles, the ship already shot forth about twenty meters or so. Only the amount of force each of them used different resulting in the ship not travelling straight. However due to an oceanic force the ship slowly turned back to their original direction as everyone’s eyes brightened.


“It’s fast.”


“It was really worth the money spent.”


The speed of the Abyssal Dragon Ship exceeded everyone’s expectations, they could clearly feel that the power they put into the oars was not much, but it had actually swung so powerfully.


After Tang San thought deeply awhile he said: “Three times, I don’t know what special method it used but this spirit tool can triple the amount of spirit power used to move the wings. Also, as we advance the tail like section at the back will swing along thrusting us further. I checked just now, the tail segment is controlled from where I am, the more Spirit Power infused into it the stronger the thrust, it should be the same as the oars there, the more force you use the faster it will move.


They were all still young, and were naturally curious about new things. Under the guidance of Tang San, they began to practice using the Abyssal Dragon Ship.


It was as Tang San said, when they supplied more spirit power into the oar handles, the abyssal Dragon Ship’s speed would reach a horrifying level. The first time they tried, due to differences in spirit power released they actually ended up turning over, but after a few rotations thanks to the oceanic force they would return back on course which was very strange.


The Shrek Seven Devils had been together many years, as such they had some experience working together and after two hours they already managed to master how to stably control the Abyssal Dragon Ship. The twelve meter long Abyssal Dragon Ship under the united control of the group swap in the oceans like a sea monster.


Seeing the various sights in the ocean, the group became mesmerised, especially the girls.


Without truly entering the ocean, one would never understand the kind of sights there. Inside the clear blue waters were various colourful stones, coral and fish and some unnamable organisms creating a colourful and enchanting sight.


The waters here cannot be considered deep, it was only about two hundred meters deep or so. Beneath the surface the reef varied bumpily like a mountain range. After two hours, Tang San made the Abyssal Dragon Ship surface.

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