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The Ocean Soul Brother’s Fifth Spirit Ability, Demon Spirit Arrow Rain, launched.


Their fifth spirit ability came from killing a special type of aquatic spirit beast in the sea. This spirit beast didn’t live in the deep sea, and didn’t look for food in the sea either, but instead specialized in hunting birds near the shore. In order to obtain this spirit beast, the Ocean Soul Brothers had gone to a lot of trouble, even giving up on possibly obtaining ten thousand year old spirit rings. That was in order to deal with the natural predator of sea Spirit Masters — Spirit Masters in the air.


Devil Spirit Arrow Rain erupted, with each water arrow roughly a meter long, spindle shaped, the thickest middle part the size of a person’s arm, and moving so fast that it seemed like it would pierce the sky, as it issued a hair-raisingly sharp whistling sound. Countless water arrows shot up towards Ma Hongjun in the air.


These weren’t just common water arrows. Each water arrow held condensed spirit power, and under the effect of the water attribute spirits, this fifth spirit ability could be said to be mutually reinforced. Just like Tang San using Blue Silver Grass in a forest.


In the VIP booth, Tang San and the others were already standing. Tang San scowled,
“Fatty might lose.”  From circumstances and spirit power exhaustion, as well as in other respects, Fatty’s circumstances weren’t encouraging. Especially when their opponents had already begun to release spirit abilities as he rose into the air. Now he was a beat slow — he didn’t have enough time to use any more spirit abilities. Of course, if he was cooperating with the Shrek Seven Devils right now, the result naturally wouldn’t be the same. Unfortunately, it was very difficult for the pure speed type Bai Chenxiang to help him.


However, just at this moment, Bai Chenxiang who had always hovered in the air, moved.


The white silhouette left a faint series of afterimages through the air. Bai Chenxiang could be seenturning, the wings on her back folding at her sides, only spreading slightly, as she threw herself towards the pool from up high in the air with incomparable speed.


“What’s Xiangxiang doing?”
Dai Mubai said with shock. Everyone also couldn’t help being nervous. They were still very clear on Bai Chenxiang’s circumstances. Even one arrow of that Devil Spirit Arrow Rain that targeted her might cause her severe injuries.


However, Bai Chenxiang amply displayed her abilities for them. Her third spirit ring brightened, as that swiftly diving body nimbly swayed in midair, unexpectedly piercing through the rain of arrows, weaving through the gaps, and charged directly towards the water surface.


Ma Hongjun was also scared enough to jump when he saw Bai Chenxiang throw herself down in front of him, his heart rising into his throat. But faced with the large quantity of the Devil Spirit Arrow Rain, he couldn’t mind anything else. His phoenix wings unfolded, and combined with the amplification of Bathing Fire Phoenix, which allowed him to block the opponent’s attack from the front. At the same time, without sparing his spirit power, he began to prepare his fifth spirit ability, Phoenix Meteor Shower.


Bai Chenxiang’s dodging movements in the air were extremely graceful, like a constantly spiralling white line pouring down from above. She was actually constantly dodging those Devil Spirit Arrows. No matter how powerful the attack, it was still useless if it couldn’t touch Bai Chenxiang. In practically just the blink of an eye, Bai Chenxiang had already reached the water surface.


The Shrek Seven Devils knew Bai Chenxiang didn’t have any attack power, but the Ocean Soul Brothers didn’t. Ma Hongjun’s attack power had already shocked the two brothers, and even though Bai Chenxiang only had four spirit rings, she still had an ideal spirit ring configuration. This was the first time she had attacked since the beginning, and she did it with an appearance of power equal to fifteen tons of thunder.


The two brothers immediately reacted in shock, hurriedly focusing the Devil Spirit Arrow Rain that was targeting Ma Hongjun to a narrow range, concentrating it on where Bai Chenxiang was descending — trying to snipe her before she reached the water surface.


However, there was still a certain gap between their attack speed and Bai Chenxiang’s movements. Besides, Bai Chenxiang basically had no thoughts of attacking. The moment before she was about to hit the water, her delicate body turned, the wings on her back flapping once, as her momentum abruptly shifted, before she turned less than three meters from the surface. She cut a graceful arc, shooting back into the sky.


The wind pressure from the extreme momentum left a long ripple in the water, and the Devil Spirit Arrows targeting her naturally also hit nothing.


Ma Hongjun had relied on his body to endure the Devil Spirit Arrow Rain attack. The pressure was originally enormous, but with Bai Chenxiang’s charge and retreat, she had considerably drawn the Ocean Soul Brothers’ attention, leaving him to endure a lot less. Relying on Phoenix Ascension and Bathing Fire Phoenix, he forcefully took it head on. And at this moment, his fifth spirit ability, Phoenix Meteor Shower, launched.


Intensely hot flames condensed in the air, turning into a wide cloud of flame. And Ma Hongjun was the heart of this cloud. As the Ocean Soul Brothers forced back Bai Chenxiang, their Devil Spirit Arrow Rain ability was also close to exhausted. It was also at this moment that they felt an immense pressure from the sky.


Seeing the dull black light from Ma Hongjun’s fifth spirit ring, the brothers’ hearts immediately sank. How couldn’t they know the gap between a ten thousand year and a thousand year spirit ability? The brothers’ eyes displayed a resolute light, four hands joining, as their fifth spirit rings brightened again.


Phoenix flame meteors began to condense, each meteor the size of a lower millstone, and began to shoot straight for the pool, leaving behind a trail of flame.


At the same time, the Ocean Soul Brothers revealed their superiority in water. Relying on the water of the spirit arena pool, their much more exhausted fifth spirit ability launched once again, Devil Spirit Arrow Rain shooting into the air once more.


However, this time was different compared to before. Ma Hongjun no longer passively took the beating. When he used Phoenix Meteor Shower, all of his spirit power was already poured into his two great supporting spirit abilities. To him, this attack would succeed, or he would die trying.


Phoenix, the king of birds, and the phoenix flames even more, were the pinnacle of fire. Even though the two sea Spirit Masters’ water attribute suppressed fire, there was a vast difference in quality between their water and the phoenix flames.


One flame meteor falling would frequently block several dozen Devil Spirit Arrows, and even then more flame meteors were already descending.


Ma Hongjun’s present spirit power still wasn’t enough to completely control this spirit ability. Therefore, even if the phoenix flame meteors falling towards the pool was a magnificent sight, it was only when the first flame meteor fell into the water that the spectators knew just how terrifying the fifth spirit ability that this Evil Fire Phoenix Ma Hongjun used was.


Just a single flame meteor entering the water brought an enormous plume of steam. The flame meteor suddenly spun in the water — when it suddenly erupted, launching a giant pillar of water. Just this one flame meteor made the spirit arena pool water level drop by more than half a chi. The water temperature also climbed with frightening speed.


The two fifty eight ranked Ocean Soul Brothers joining hands to launch the Devil Spirit Arrow Rain still weren’t enough to withstand the might of the Phoenix Meteor Shower. The countless water arrows shooting into the cluster of flame meteors could only postpone their fall, and that enormous fiery red light was constantly pressing downwards. There were none who could doubt the result of these flame meteors falling into the pool.


At this moment the spectators understood. Ma Hongjun’s provocation at the start wasn’t arrogance, but rather true strength.


The Ocean Soul Brothers’ expressions grew more and more unsightly. The enormous pressure left them unable to breathe, as several flame meteors that hit the water one after another had already brought the water temperature above their body temperature. If this went on, they basically wouldn’t be able to stay in the water, let alone block these hundreds of enormous flame spheres still ahead.


Hai Bai shouted.


The Ocean Soul Brothers simultaneously drew a deep breath. The next moment, the two brothers spread their arms, embracing each other. Intense blue light suddenly erupted from their bodies, an incomparably intense aura erupting. The entire pool undulated just like when they had used their Raging Waves and Stormy Seas spirit ability. Intense blue light instantly dyed the water.


Pu—— Another flame meteor hit the water. However, this time that flame meteor was extinguished by the massive water pressure just as it hit the surface.


In midair, Ma Hongjun had already lost the effect of his Bathing Fire Phoenix. He didn’t have the spirit power to spare for his second spirit ability. The light of Phoenix Ascension had also dulled a lot, only managing to support him in the air with some difficulty.


Right now, Fatty’s wide open eyes saw the circumstances in the water. After the Ocean Soul Brothers embraced, an enormous blue light had swallowed their bodies. The next moment, an incomparably intense blue beam of light had shot towards the sky. It wasn’t attacking Ma Hongjun, only shooting into the air. However, the intense aura it contained shocked Ma Hongjun.


Could he really have such bad luck? Ma Hongjun laughed bitterly in his heart. Originally, he had only come to show off, yet why would he meet freaks like these? With his battle experience, how couldn’t he see that this was what the rarest, and also most formidable of spirit master abilities, the spirit fusion ability?


One versus two, he didn’t fear. However, with these two using a spirit fusion ability, that wasn’t a question of one plus one — that was an exponential increase. Confronting these opponents, let alone winning, even Fatty defending himself was a problem.


The blue water in the pool seemed like it was pulled in by the blue light. As that enormous blue light shot towards the sky, an enormous imposing manner made Bai Chenxiang, who had returned into the air, basically unable to approach. Suppressed by the frightful aura, she could only keep flying higher. As stream after stream of water poured inside, it made that blue light start to rotate violently. In a moment, it had turned into a terrifying existence.


This was the Ocean Soul Brothers’ spirit fusion ability, Forbidden Water Tornado.


Appearing in front of Ma Hongjun was an enormous maelstrom disconnected from the ground. The water in the pool was unexpectedly completely drawn into the air. Even by thinking with his foot, he understood that these two brothers using their spirit fusion ability might be equivalent to a seventieth ranked spirit ability. One with a Spirit Avatar.


Bai Chenxiang called from the air. Even though she didn’t say anything else, whether it was Ma Hongjun, or the Shrek Seven Devils, they all understood her meaning. When there was no chance, they needed to withdraw. This was just a spirit fight.


However, Ma Hongjun didn’t pay attention to Bai Chenxiang. His gaze was focused and serious. Drawing a deep breath, the phoenix wings behind his back suddenly stretched out, and immediately afterwards, he made a circle in the air. Along with the help of the influence of his phoenix wings, he barely even stinted his spirit power in order to affect the Phoenix Meteor Shower to bombard that giant maelstrom.


Actually, even without his control, that giant water tornado possessed extreme attractive force.


Detonations constantly resounded from the water tornado. Each flame meteor caused an enormous explosion. However, after each explosion, the splashing water would immediately return to the water tornado. The enormous maelstrom, slowly but inexorably shifted in Ma Hongjun’s direction.


Ma Hongjun’s phoenix wings almost couldn’t support his body, but he still raised his right arm. Intense reddish golden light immediately disintegrated his sleeve. He hadn’t given up. With a roar, his right fist swung out brazenly.


This punch wasn’t aimed at the water tornado, but rather towards the flame cloud of his own fifth spirit ability.


Amidst an explosive sound, the entire flame cloud abruptly detonated. Even more irregular flame meteors fell from the sky, all blasting towards the water tornado.


After Fatty blasted out this punch, he fell straight down with a waxen complexion.


Bai Chenxiang didn’t mind the enormous pressure that made her feel extremely unwell. Travelling in an arc as close as possible to the edge of the spirit arena, she chased after Ma Hongjun. Just as he was about to hit the ground, she managed to catch him.


In fact, there was no longer any water in the spirit arena pool. If he had truly hit the ground, even if he didn’t die, Fatty would still have lost a layer of skin.


Even though Bai Chenxiang didn’t have much in the way of attack and defense, she was still a Spirit Ancestor level Spirit Master, so the quality of her physique was still up to par. Relying on her powerful flight ability, she managed to endure Fatty’s weight. But she still couldn’t carry Fatty, and the two directly fell to the bottom of the pool.


But just at this moment, those countless flame meteors were also violently colliding against the water tornado. Countless explosions occurred, and water flew out, as the scene immediately entered its peak state.


The spectators were already crazed, but strangely, they weren’t cheering, all their energy focused on that final collision. This two versus two spirit fight today had given them too many surprises. They had never seen such a vast spirit ability confrontation.


Along with the sounds of explosions, the red color was gradually swallowed by blue. Even though that final attack was supplemented with Fatty’s flame right arm’s flame burst attack, what he confronted was still two sea Spirit Masters’ spirit fusion ability.


The enormous maelstrom had shrunk by half, as a vast amount of water had been evaporated by the flame meteors. But the remainder of the giant water tornado was still several dozen meters tall, spinning in a somewhat distorted manner.


“Are you ok?”
Bai Chenxiang anxiously supported Fatty. Fatty’s complexion was too frightening, as his spirit power had been overdrawn. It had turned his plump face completely blue and white, while his fat constantly shivered.


However, even turned into this, Fatty still didn’t forget to take advantage of the situation to lean against Bai Chenxiang. His round face displayed a strange smile, squeezing out:
“Don’t worship me, I’m just a legend. Break!”


As if waiting for Fatty to speak, that several dozen meters tall water tornado exploded, turning into countless waterfalls in the sky. Waves of water shot in every direction from the rotation, not only falling in the spirit arena pool, but practically into every corner of the two versus two spirit arena.


Instantly, the spectators cries of surprise rose, as they freely got a hot water shower. That’s right, hot water shower. Just a bit scalding. The water temperature was at least sixty degrees, and this was still after cooling a bit as if flew through the air. The magnitude of the Phoenix Meteor Shower’s effect on water temperature was obvious.


The Ocean Soul Brothers fell into the spirit arena pool. The brothers’ spirit forms had already vanished, unconscious in the water. Their faces were both fiery red. Fortunately, the water tornado had washed into the pool first, and even though it was just one meter deep, it was still enough to cushion their fall, and the brothers had avoided breaking anything.


Bai Chenxiang was completely soaked in hot water. She couldn’t swim, and when that warm water fell, her heart rose into her throat. At this moment, with her speed, if she wanted to defend herself, she could definitely fly away. But, it was impossible to bring Ma Hongjun with her.


Would she leave? No. She stood in the water supporting Ma Hongjun. Even though her expression was a bit fearful, she still steadily supported the Fatty next to her. Suddenly closing her eyes, she buried her head under Fatty’s arm, enduring the falling screen of water.


The scalding water was very comfortable to Fatty, and that meter deep water was just enough to reach Bai Chenxiang’s stomach, not enough to drown her. The water temperature was a bit high, but Bai Chenxiang discovered that by leaning on Fatty, the surrounding heat seemed to be absorbed by him, and she wasn’t as influenced. Only, right now, their clothes were completely soaked, and sticking close together like this, some ambiguous things were even more ambiguous. Of course, right now Bai Chenxiang basically couldn’t pay attention to this. To her, everything that happened was like a rollercoaster, changing too quickly.


Fatty laughed out loud. Even though his complexion didn’t look good, soaked in the hot water, his spirit had clearly recovered somewhat. And those Ocean Soul Brothers were long since unconscious. This fight, with a bit of drama, was over.


The announcer was as soaked as a chicken in soup, but his lifeless posture still hadn’t changed. The corners of his mouth constantly moved. The Ocean Soul Brothers, had actually, actually lost? He always knew that the Ocean Soul Brothers had had a spirit fusion ability, otherwise he wouldn’t have supported them like that. But they had already used their spirit fusion ability. Obviously they completely held the advantage. How could they lose?


He wasn’t the only one who didn’t understand. Even in the VIP lounge, the Shrek Seven Devils who were intimately familiar with Fatty didn’t understand. Everyone looked at each other. Dai Mubai couldn’t help asking Tang San:
“How did he win? It couldn’t have been a fluke?”


Tang San’s eyes were now also wide. Even though he always planned ahead, even he was unable to foresee every detail,
“Even though I don’t know just how Fatty did it, I’m sure this isn’t mere luck. I could see those Ocean Soul Brothers’ expression. Their complexion was fiery red, so clearly the fire energy invaded their bodies and injured their energy channels. If not aided in time, it might leave behind residual effects. Especially for sea Spirit Masters, the flame attribute is even more harmful. Only, how did Fatty break their spirit fusion ability? Let’s go, we’ll take a look.”


“Announcer, announcer?”
Ma Hongjun called twice. Even though he was a bit out of breath, he was still very excited. Not only because of this match, but even more because of the soft body sticking close to him. Bai Chenxiang leaned into his chest like a little bird. Her clothes were completely soaked. The sensation of holding her was quite wonderful. Especially with steam rising, Bai Chenxiang’s hair was emitting a faint fragrance that made Fatty even more intoxicated.


The announcer finally managed to react. Hurriedly walking over from the side, hesitantly asking,
“This Lord Spirit king, do you have any matters?”


Ma Hongjun snapped,
“Matters our face, declare the results of the competition! They’re unconscious. We won, right?”


“Right, right.”

“Competition end, Phoenix Fragrance team wins.”


Ma Hongjun said,

Let alone flying, right now it was impossible for him to even bring out his spirit.


When Fatty was laboriously pulled out by seven or eight staff members, even though his appearance was wretched, standing somewhat unsteady, the surrounding spectators still collectively stood, cheering and applauding enthusiastically. People all worshipped the strong. Ma Hongjun could defeat two sea Spirit Masters of the same level in this all water environment, that earned their admiration.


Bai Chenxiang had now already sobered up. Looking at Fatty self satisfiedly holding his hands at his waist she couldn’t help feeling that it was ridiculous. However, when Fatty had fallen into her arms before, what he said to her, still constantly replayed in her mind.


…… Don’t worship me, I’m just a legend…...


This damn Fatty, his face really was thick! Only, he still won. Bai Chenxiang pulled out outer clothing from her spirit tool to cover herself, hiding her supple curves. Fortunately she was wearing a mask, and didn’t expose her appearance. Otherwise the crowd would’ve gone even more crazy.


Standing behind Ma Hongjun, Bai Chenxiang suddenly discovered that the fat-that-was-like-a-city-wall figure in front of her really seemed capable of sheltering her from any storm.


Then the Ocean Soul Brothers were also pulled out. The two brothers were still unconscious. When they came up, the staff members discovered that they were frighteningly hot. Exchanging a few words with the announcer, the announcer hurriedly ran over to Ma Hongjun who was proudly waving to the audience, telling him in a low voice,
“Noble lord Spirit King. The Ocean Soul Brothers are unconscious. Our medical personnel can’t do anything, I don’t know whether you……”


Fatty looked distracted a moment, then immediately understood,
“No problem, I’ll take a look at them. Xiangxiang, help me over there.”


Bai Chenxiang replied, cleverly supporting Ma Hongjun to walk over. Even though Fatty was currently weak, his mind was still extremely excited. Especially the feeling of Bai Chenxiang’s arms — pleasurable.


Reaching the Ocean Soul Brothers, Ma Hongjun didn’t watch for long, directly using his right hand to press on the chests of the two brothers a few times. Strangely, that scorching heat that left the spirit arena medical staff with their hands tied, disappeared extremely quickly with a few presses from Ma Hongjun. The Ocean Soul Brothers’ body temperature very soon recovered to normal.


When Ma Hongjun stood back up, the two brothers could already open their eyes.


Ma Hongjun grinned at them, saying,
“How embarrassing, brother used cheap tricks. In true strength, I’m not your equal. Xiangxiang, let’s go.”


Bai Hai and Bai Gui looked at Ma Hongjun slowly leaving, in their hearts both sighing. They weren’t in the habit of looking for excuses. A loss was a loss. Moreover, were the two of them really stronger than that Fatty? If they didn’t have the spirit fusion ability, if it wasn’t in the spirit arena pool, what chance would they have had? In this fight, from beginning to end, Bai Chenxiang had only drawn their attention once — she basically didn’t participate. The two brothers both understood that their loss wasn’t unjust.


When Fatty entered the contestants’ passage, the other Seven Devils were already waiting for them there. Oscar took over Fatty from Bai Chenxiang’s hands. Even though Ma Hongjun was a bit reluctant to part, it really was a bit difficult for Bai Chenxiang to support him, and he had no choice but to lean on Oscar’s shoulder.


Oscar laughed out loud, saying:
“Alright, Fatty, you’ve got some skill, even winning this.”


Ma Hongjun said joyfully, self-satisfied,
“Don’t worship me, I’m just a legend.”


Ning Rongrong giggled, saying,
“Brother, I worship, you. Worship your face.”


Everyone immediately burst into laughter.


Oscar gave Fatty a few large recovery sausages, helping him restore his strength and spirit power. Without staying long, they very soon left the Vast Sea Great Spirit Arena. In order to avert being noticed by Spirit Hall’s people, they had no choice but to be a bit careful.


The auction house was next to the great spirit arena, or one might even say, the two were basically one. After spending ten gold spirit coins to buy badges, and another hundred as guarantee, they then entered the auction.


Oscar accompanied Fatty to the bathroom to change clothes. Bai Chenxiang also left to change clothes on her own.


When they entered the auction, it had already begun. The inside was painted dark, and the badges in their hands glowed fluorescently to help raise the price when bidding.


Everyone finally sat in one row. When Ma Hongjun’s butt hit the seat, he heaved an enormous sigh of relief. He was enormously exhausted. The feeling of spirit power overdraft wasn’t good.


Tang San specially sat next to Ma Hongjun. Right now the object on auction was an antique, and the Shrek Seven Devils naturally weren’t interested. Tang San raised one hand to push on Fatty’s belly, slowly infusing his Mysterious Heaven Skill.


With the support of the orthodox school’s inner strength, Fatty immediately felt a warmth in his belly, and along with the recovery sausages he ate before, the overdrawn feeling gradually disappeared, and he felt a lot better.


Tang San’s low voice reached Ma Hongjun’s ear,
“Are you very pleased with today’s battle?”


Ma Hongjun looked distracted a moment. He’d heard that Tang San’s voice was a bit strict. Recalling the scene of his previous battle, he couldn’t help being a bit speechless with embarrassment.


Tang San said indifferently:
“If this was a life and death struggle, you would already be dead. Fourth brother, your spirit integrates attack and defense. Formidable burst power. But at the same time, each spirit ability exhausts large amounts of spirit power. When fighting, any single bit of pointless exhaustion can lead to defeat. What does defeat mean? Being Infinitely closer to death. I can understand your wish to show off in front of Xiangxiang. However, don’t let there be a next time. I don’t want to bury your corpse.”


Hearing Tang San’s words, Ma Hongjun hastily said in a low voice:
“Third brother, my mistake. I didn’t think the enemy would be that strong. Remembering it now, I know to be afraid. Being careless when facing unknown enemies is taboo. I understand. It won’t happen again.”


Among the Shrek Seven Devils, including Dai Mubai, they were all a bit reverent towards Tang San. Even though he was ranked third, that wasn’t in terms of strength. In regards to overall team effect, as well as his selfless help for his companions, he had earned everyone’s respect. One might say that right now he was not only the soul of the Shrek Seven Devils, but also their true leader. Ma Hongjun of course knew Tang San wanted the best for him, moreover, he had also told him in private after he had calmed down. That was giving him enough face.


Moreover, he knew even better that Tang San had always called on him when they needed to fight recently. Perhaps letting him go out to fight might not be because of his strength, but rather out of consideration. Right now he was fifty ninth rank, the one amongst everyone who most needed to raise his strength. And constantly facing the pressure of battle was clearly a very great help for him to break through. Even though Ma Hongjun was always jovial on the outside, in fact, he was also very intelligent. How could he not understand how much thought Tang San was giving to him? Even though he didn’t say it, he never forgot how good Tang San was to him. If not for Tang San giving him the Cockscomb Phoenix Sunflower back then, he would still be trapped in the shadow of the evil fire now.


Withdrawing his hand from Ma Hongjun’s stomach, he patted his leg,
“If you understand, it’s okay. Tell me how you won today. Even I didn’t see it. According to the energy collision back then, you shouldn’t have been able to beat that spirit fusion ability.”


Hearing Tang San say this, Fatty couldn’t help being a bit proud of himself. Even Tang San hadn’t seen how he won, that was enough to be proud of.


“Actually, it’s very simple. When I passed through their water barrier at the start, even though it consumed a lot of spirit power due to spreading the wings, I also took advantage of the concealment of the water barrier, and Phoenix Ascension, to send out two flame energy streams using the flame right arm ability. In my recent cultivation, I discovered that there are a lot of ways to combine the flame burst attack with my own spirit abilities. This soft flame energy is one of them. Even though its power weakens a lot, it can’t be guarded against. Therefore, those Ocean Soul Brothers at most felt a burst of heat entering their bodies, then recovered very quickly. In fact, my phoenix flame had already entered their bodies. Once they finally launched the spirit fusion ability and comprehensively mobilized their spirit power, this flame energy naturally erupted. I ultimately couldn’t block their spirit fusion ability, but at that time they could no longer persist in maintaining it. So I won.”


Tang San looked distracted,
“In other words, the reason why you passed through the water barrier with both wings was in order to draw their attention, thereby using the flame right arm to secretly gain the advantage. I accused you wrongly.”


Ma Hongjun somewhat awkwardly scratched his head,
“Not that, I felt that was a quite handsome thing to do. I originally planned on settling everything in one move with Phoenix Meteor Shower. Even though those two sea Spirit Masters didn’t have weak spirit power, I completely restrained their spirits. If they didn’t use that spirit fusion ability, I should still have been able to win. Infusing them with that flame energy was just something I did in passing.”


That he could win this fight today, to Fatty, was still reliant on luck. Fortunately the auction hall was dark, and the others couldn’t see him blush right now.


Tang San smiled:
“Then you’ll have to practice a few times later.”


Tang San and Ma Hongjun were both using sound compression to converse. Even though Ma Hongjun couldn’t do it as well as Tang San, he could still limit his voice to a certain range. So even though Bai Chenxiang on the other side knew that Fatty was talking, she couldn’t hear what he said.


The fight today let Bai Chenxiang see Fatty’s overall strength for the first time. The opponents used a spirit fusion ability! When she saw the water tornado forming, let alone victory, her first thought was whether the two of them could escape unharmed. But confronting such a powerful attack, Fatty didn’t seem the slightest bit flustered, meeting and overcoming the challenge, defeating the opponents in one move! No matter what means he used, each time Bai Chenxiang saw his phoenix wings spread open, she felt a sense of security.


Just at that time, the object in the auction changed. The announcer loudly said,
“Next, the item we will auction is a spirit tool, most suitable for use in coastal areas, the Sea Conqueror named ‘Dragon Abyss Boat’.”

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