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Chapter 177

(TL by Bagelson)

Ma Hongjun moved up next to Tang San, whispering:
“Third brother, it seems we really are scary people at our age! This won’t do, I’ll immediately go cultivate to the sixtieth rank, the feel of seeing six spirit rings is different from five. That Bai Chenxiang really looks pretty good, tell me, after I become the vice sect master, will there be some secret rules for chances on her?”

Tang San glanced at Ma Hongjun, patting his shoulder,
“Fatty, if you want to truly gain someone’s love, you have to start with investing your own love. Even though you might not get the corresponding return on your investment, if you don’t invest anything at all, you definitely won’t get any returns. If you want to truly pursue someone, you have to bring out a bit of sincerity.”

Ma Hongjun really hadn’t thought that Tang San would actually lecture him on relationships, when it came to women, he had a lot more experience.

Tang San really was only moved by Xiao Wu alone, but what he knew about relationships really was more than Ma Hongjun. Ma Hongjun regarded women with desire, while Tang San had pure love. It was just because he saw Xiao Wu again today that he spoke some of his thoughts to Ma Hongjun.

An eventless night.

Early morning, Tang San still woke from cultivation before dawn. Lowering his head to look at Xiao Wu lying next to him, sleeping soundly, her plump body like a white little ball. It seemed as if the golden color at the roots of her fur had grown stronger. When looking at it suddenly, it seemed to give a feeling of gold and silver splendor.

Softly stroking Xiao Wu’s fur, Tang San stood, opening the window and letting the fresh and clean air stream into the room.

He didn’t look at Xiao Wu again, because he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to keep himself from summoning Xiao Wu from his spirit ring again. Carefully placing Xiao Wu in the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, he then moved onto the roof, conducting his daily routine of cultivating Purple Demon Eye.

The distant east gradually revealed a smear of marble white, the familiar purple qi pulsing along with Tang San’s breathing. Ever since Tang San absorbed that mind condensing wisdom skull bone, his Purple Demon Eye had reached a bottleneck. Even though Tang San was still constantly cultivating it, he still didn’t feel a bit of progress. But Tang San still didn’t stop. Cultivating Purple Demon Eye had long since become a part of his life, and absorbing that purple qi also had benefits for his Mysterious Heaven Skill.

With his spirit power stabilized at the sixty sixth rank, even though Tang San always cultivated painstakingly, it was all to stabilize his spirit power, without accelerating his pace in breaking through. He knew that being at his current level at his age was already remarkable, and he definitely couldn’t forge ahead blindly, if not for him then for Xiao Wu.

“To possess great strength certainly isn’t just a matter of luck. Sect master Tang, you are the most hard working youth I have seen.”

Tang San turned his head to the side with some surprise, to find Bai He standing on a rooftop about twenty meters away, just now stretching. Worthy of being the Speed Clan’s chief, while his spiritual force wasn’t released to examine his surroundings, he had still arrived without Tang San hearing a sound.

“Clan chief Bai He is polite. Junior is just accustomed to cultivating every morning.”

Bai He had arrived already when Tang San was cultivating Purple Demon Eye, and even though he didn’t know what Tang San was cultivating, but he could see the purple golden beams of light shooting almost two chi from his eyes, and he could feel the intangible pressure even twenty meters away. Twenty years old, six spirit ring Spirit Emperor. Bai He had thought deeply last night, and Tang San’s display in the daytime was on his mind.

Bai He smiled faintly, with a flash already reaching Tang San,
“Is your father still well?”

Tang San stared blankly a moment. He hadn’t expected Bai He to actually ask him about his father, didn’t they hate the Clear Sky School? What happened back then had been caused by his father.

He sighed lightly,
“Not too good. In order to repay the Clear Sky School, to repay the wrongs he committed to the sect back then, he cut off two limbs to return the spirit bones to the sect.”


“He’s still so impetuous. It’s just because of those bad habits that……”

Looking at Tang San, he seemed to again see the high-spirited Tang Hao from back then. The clan chiefs of the four single attribute clans could be said to have watched Tang Hao grow up. Among them, Tang Hao and the Strength Clan chief Tai Tan were the closest. Besides cultivation, he had spent the majority of his time together with Tai Tan. Bothering him to learn forging. But besides Tai Tan, Bai He and Tang Hao were also fairly close.

“Little San. Can I call you that in private?”
Bai He said in a low voice.

Tang San nodded,
“Of course you can, you’re senior.”

Bai He sighed lightly:
“The old orangutan and old rhino, those fellows, already knew I would compromise. Those Tang Sect hidden weapons of yours really are outstanding, but they’re still not the true reason for my compromise. Do you know why I want the Breaking Clan to agree to join your Tang Sect?”

Tang San looked somewhat startled at this proud elder, and shook his head.

Bai He said:
“Because, in terms of family relations, you should call me granduncle. Your grandmother was my elder sister.”

Tang San was shocked, and his gaze at Bai He immediately changed a lot. His father had never said anything about the family relationships within the Clear Sky Clan, and he had no idea that clan chief Bai He in front of him was actually his relative.

Bai He’s eyes revealed a light of recollection,
“My sister died early, at that time your father was still young. Tang Xiao and Tang Hao, we saw these children grow up. They were the pride of a generation of the Clear Sky School. Especially your father’s talent was unusual, his cultivation fast, leaving us subsidiary clan people not knowing how to evaluate it. When the Clear Sky School originally declared itself in seclusion, we subsidiary clans left voluntarily. But I have never blamed your father. I know that, even if he’s impulsive, he absolutely wouldn’t do something so impertinent out of impulse. There was inevitably some reason that led to him and Spirit Hall having such a profound hatred. Seeing Tang Hao have a son like you, I truly feel gratified. The Breaking Clan will definitely arrive this morning, but before they arrive, I’ll tell you something about Yang Wudi[1]. Eh, Yang Wudi is the Breaking Clan chief. He’s half a year older than me.”

Tang San focused his attention. He had long ago heard from Tai Tan that Bai He and Yang Wudi had a very good relationship.

Bai He said:
“Yang Wudi has a great many shortcomings as a person, obstinate and self-opinionated, even prouder than me. His strength is the greatest among our four single attribute clans. Don’t look at his spirit power only being at roughly the same level as mine, in a true fight, I’m afraid old orangutan and old rhino might not be his opponent. Because their defense still isn’t enough to resist Yang Wudi’s ‘Breaking’ word.”

“Besides cultivating, Yang Wudi only has one pleasure, and that’s the Breaking Clan’s inherited medicine compounding skills. He has a close to zealous interest when it comes to refining all kinds of medicines. Therefore, medicine can be said to be his only weak point. If you want to persuade him, appealing to strength or emotions is useless. Besides, right now there’s still no small gap between you and him in strength. Only in medicine might you be able to make him give in. Take this.”

While speaking, Bai He pulled out a case from his spirit tool and handed it to Tang San.

That was a pure white jade case, half a meter long, a third that in width, completely lustrous and glossy, carved from top quality sheep fat white jade.

“Granduncle, this is?”
Because of Bai He’s relation to him, Tang San had already changed his form of address.

Bai He smiled slightly, saying:
“This is something I got by accident. It’s also an heirloom of the Speed Clan. After I obtained it, I’ve always been hoarding it, most afraid that fellow Yang Wudi would see it. This time I have no choice but to take it out in order to persuade him. I think that, with it, you can at least improve that old fellow’s opinion of you a bit, giving us a much greater chance. Even if Yang Wudi is headstrong, he’ll still at least give the three of us old fellows’ some meager face.”

Tang San carefully opened the jade case. Immediately, a sweet scent wafted from the box, penetrating deep into the heart. Within that jade box quietly lay a one chi long ginseng.

Ginseng wasn’t enough to surprise Tang San. Even though this ginseng wasn’t small, that still wasn’t rare. What shocked Tang San was the color of this ginseng.

This was a blood red human shape, and moreover a sparkling and crystalline blood red. On the surface was a layer of protrusions that connected together, forming a peculiar design. This design was like a five clawed dragon flying to the ninth heaven.

Swallowing, when Tang San again raised his head to look at Bai He, Bai He was no longer visible, only his voice could be heard,
“Don’t refuse. Little San, this counts as granduncle’s gift for meeting you for the first time. Granduncle will hereafter entrust you with the Speed Clan’s future. I believe you won’t let me down. You’re even more outstanding than your father.”

Tang San’s heart was bursting, absolutely not just a bit of excitement. This particular ginseng was something he didn’t even find back around the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well. He was very clear on just how immensely valuable this ginseng was. This was a Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng. If the Ten Thousand Year Ninth Grade Ginseng King was the emperor among ginseng, then the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng was their empress.

There was a theory regarding the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng, and that was that the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng was naturally eighth grade, evolving over ten thousand years.

What was called a Ten Thousand Year Ninth Grade Ginseng King was really an immortal ginseng that had grown for more than ten thousand years, but when the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng was just recently grown, it was already eighth grade, and it only needed ten thousand years of cultivation to turn into ninth grade. That clearly showed how precious it was. Tang San looked at the slender blood colored ginseng roots, he understood that this Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng he held was at least five thousand years old. Even though it was placed in the jade case, since the jade case had absorbed the essence of heaven and earth, it was still slowly growing. Compared to the Ten Thousand Year Ninth Grade Ginseng King he had to find, this Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng was really only half a grade away.

Such a precious item couldn’t be weighed with money. That Bai He hadn’t taken it out even when the Speed Clan was suffering, clearly showed how much he valued it. But he had actually handed it over to him. It was no wonder his granduncle would be so confident in being able to move the Breaking Clan chief with this Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng. Also studying medicine, Tang San equally understood the effect of this thing.

In terms of efficacy, it was absolutely on the level of immortal treasures, even to the extent that it could compare to the Yearning Heartbroken Red Xiao Wu ate!

Just when Tang San stood on the roof, he didn’t know how long, but he suddenly felt a squirming at his waist. When he lowered his head to look, an adorable little nose was poking out from the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, and moreover constantly shrugging. As it moved, it also revealed its whole head, a pair of red little eyes blinking and looking at the jade case in Tang San’s hands, its long neck stretching, gradually pulling out the rest of its body.

Tang San was shocked to see Xiao Wu show her head, this Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng’s scent really was potent, actually able to make even Xiao Wu show herself from her sleep in the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse. Moreover, looking at her drooling with desire, it seemed she was quite interested in this Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng.

In fact, there were a lot of medicinal herbs deposited in Tang San’s Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, but Xiao Wu had never shown any interest. In order to keep her from eating something by mistake, Tang San had always followed her with a trace of his spiritual force when he put her inside the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse. If she wanted to eat, Tang San could react swiftly. But ever since Xiao Wu had turned into a rabbit, something like this had never happened.

But Xiao Wu had changed before his eyes, naked thirst in her little eyes. This was the first time Tang San had seen rabbit form Xiao Wu show such a mood.

Could she eat it? Tang San absolutely wasn’t reluctant to part with the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng, he would definitely repay the Speed Clan what he owed Bai He. But could Xiao Wu’s rabbit body withstand the medicinal efficacy of the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng? In fact, the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng was always known for its potency.

Just when Tang San was hesitating, suddenly, Xiao Wu fiercely exerted herself in the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, unexpectedly leaping up with surprising speed.

his was the first time Tang San saw this always fond of sleeping rabbit move with such speed. Once he reacted, Xiao Wu had already taken a large bite out of that Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng.

Actually, having eaten the Yearning Heartbroken Red, this rabbit’s body was an unknown number of times more powerful than a normal rabbit, let alone when Xiao Wu had originally cultivated for a hundred thousand years! How could her physical body be matched by ordinary rabbits?

“Xiao Wu.”
Tang San was anxious, hastily wanting to stop her. But at this moment he sensed a warmth on his body, his spirit unexpectedly revealing itself uncontrollably, his six spirit rings appearing simultaneously, the blood red spirit ring condensed by Xiao Wu releasing in a flash. That figure that had captivated Tang San yesterday appeared before him again.

The difference was that the illusion of Xiao Wu’s soul appeared forcefully, without any threat to Tang San, but rather because of that aura.

Tang San raised his head to look at Xiao Wu. He discovered that Xiao Wu’s eyes were unexpectedly filled with pleasant surprise.

“Xiao Wu, can your body withstand the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng?”
Tang San asked anxiously. Right now, Xiao Wu’s body was just swallowing the juices of that Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng with big mouthfuls.

The illusory Xiao Wu watched Tang San, pleasant surprise filling her eyes, nodding to Tang San without hesitation. Just this one simple motion immediately made her body somewhat more illusory.

Even though Xiao Wu’s soul was infused within this spirit ring, if she used her own soul to forcefully summon this illusion without the prompting of a spirit ability, it would greatly consume the power of her soul.

Sensing her soul dissipating, Xiao Wu hurriedly returned, her silhouette flashing, once again disappearing into Tang San’s spirit ring.

Tang San looked dumbstruck at the already having forcefully seized the position of his lower right arm, but sticking against him, head stretched into the jade case to unreservedly eat the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng, Xiao Wu.

With the confirmation of Xiao Wu’s soul, he was already a lot more relieved. It may be assumed that with the transformation of the Yearning Heartbroken Red as well as a hundred thousand years of cultivation, the ability of Xiao Wu’s body to endure wouldn’t be lacking. Seeing her expression just now, this Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng should be greatly beneficial to her. Thus, there was even greater hope for Xiao Wu’s resurrection.

Thinking of this, Tang San immediately grew excited. He of course couldn’t keep lingering here, hastily leaping off the roof with steady balance, he returned to his room to watch Xiao Wu gorge herself.

Even though this Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng didn’t seem small, there was a large amount of juice inside, but with Xiao Wu’s vigorous sucking, after a moment’s work all that remained was a dried up husk. But Xiao Wu didn’t even let that off, eating even the shriveled ginseng husk.

Throughout the process, Tang San could already see changes in Xiao Wu. The gold in her fur spread with speed visible to the naked eye, and in a while, Xiao Wu had changed into a sparkling golden rabbit.

What Tang San found even more strange was that, as Xiao Wu ate that Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng, her body began to distribute a faint fragrance. Not the fragrance of the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng, but rather a kind of fragrance that made people feel intoxicated.

The changes still didn’t stop there, after Xiao Wu’s fur had completely turned gold, the roots began to change again. By now she had already finished that Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng, and crawled into Tang San’s arms, closing her little eyes and falling asleep. Her fur also gradually changed from the gold just now into red.

What Tang San didn’t know was that the two immortal treasures, the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng and the Yearning Heartbroken Red, had a complementary effect. That Xiao Wu originally didn’t eat the Yearning Heartbroken Red was partly because she liked the flower, and partly also because she didn’t have a Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng to go with it. This point even the Tang Sect had no accounts of.

Under the effect of the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng, the medicinal power stored in Xiao Wu’s body from the Yearning Heartbroken Red had already been completely absorbed, this was the process of her fur turning gold, and the current change to red was due to absorbing the effects of the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng.

Xiao Wu’s body was warm, and Tang San might as well place her on his bed, crouching in front of it to focus on watching her body change. As long as there was anything amiss, he would immediately think of a way to save her.

Before long, Xiao Wu’s body had turned completely blood red, curled up there she seemed like a sparkling ruby. Her entire body was crystal red, quite similar to the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng in the jade case before.

Xiao Wu’s body hadn’t grown any larger from the medicinal effect, but Tang San quietly felt that refined fragrance grow a bit stronger. Looking at her quietly, Tang San’s nervousness surpassed his battle with Bai He yesterday. Xiao Wu could be said to be his most important treasure, and if anything happened to her, Tang San might collapse on the spot.

Bizarrely, after Xiao Wu’s body had turned completely red, it began to show a new change. This time the changes were even stranger. Still starting from the roots of the fur, that red color started to change again, turning creamy white like an ordinary rabbit. Just even more supple, even more lustrous.

How come it changed and changed and changed back again? Tang San looked at this scene without understanding, everything he saw now already exceeded his knowledge of spirits. He knew that even if his teacher was here, he still might not be able to tell why.

Right now he could only constantly tell himself to accept Xiao Wu’s own choice. Her choice definitely wouldn’t be wrong.

It had already been an hour since Xiao Wu ate the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng until she had turned white. Her whole body was white like pure and untainted snow, quietly lying there. And now Tang San also sensed the fluctuating energies at a certain distance from Xiao Wu start to calm, radiating from her whole body, but no longer transforming it like before.

Xiao Wu’s body alone was covered in a layer of white frost, stuck to her fur and wrapping her entire body.

Just at this moment, there was suddenly the sound of footsteps outside,

“Third brother, the Breaking Clan has arrived. Elder Tai Tan asked me to get you.”

Tang San clapped his forehead. He head even forgotten his proper business over Xiao Wu’s changes. He immediately stood, Xiao Wu was stabilized now, and he placed her in the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, then pushed open the door and stepped outside.

Ma Hongjun waited in the doorway. On seeing Tang San, he couldn’t help saying:
“Third brother, that Breaking Clan might not be easy to deal with! That clan chief seems quite troublesome, even when speaking he doesn’t say much, as if someone owes him money.”

Tang San smiled slightly, saying:
“Don’t say that, we’ll go take a look first. We’ll always think of a way.”

The two brothers very soon reached the drawing room. Sure enough there was already one more old man inside, and behind him stood two youths, apparently around the same age as Tang San, Bai Chenxiang and the others. As soon as he entered, Tang San noticed that the gazes of these two youths would float over towards Bai Chenxiang from time to time, clearly they were a bit interested in this beautiful young woman.

Tang San’s attention didn’t linger on them, immediately staying on that old man. That elder was slim, built somewhat similar to Bai He, but one head taller than him. His hair also wasn’t as snow white as Bei He’s, but rather pitch black. His complexion was rosy, but his expression somewhat gloomy, cold eyes giving the feeling of a vulture. Bai He now sat next to him, speaking to him in a low voice. Clearly, this was the Breaking Clan’s chief, Yang Wudi.

Tang San and Ma Hongjun entered, and immediately became the focus of every gaze in the room.

Tai Tan stood up, smiling and walking over in front of Tang San, pulling his shoulder to face Yang Wudi,
“Come, old goat, I’ll introduce you to my young friend.”

Yang Wudi stared, indifferently saying:
“Old orangutan. Since when did you have such young friends?”

Tai Tang wasn’t offended by Yang Wudi’s cold tone, he was already accustomed to this old fellow’s manners,
“Age doesn’t equal ambition. My young friend here isn’t some ordinary person. Old goat, you absolutely can’t underestimate him.”

Yang Wudi frowned, and said:
“Old orangutan, this is the gathering of our four clans, I don’t want to see outsiders here. I still have some things to discuss with you.”

Tai Tan frowned, Yang Wudi’s mood didn’t seem too good today. Even if he was usually always moody, he still wouldn’t refuse to give him face like this.

“Old goat, don’t be so old fashioned. If he’s brought by old orangutan, he definitely isn’t some outsider.”
Niu Gao couldn’t help speaking up.

Yang Wudi glanced at Niu Gao,
“You’re the host, if you don’t mind, why should I care? Then let him stay.”

Tai Tan felt somewhat dull having his words choked back by Yang Wudi, and pulled Tang San to sit next to him. Niu Gao said to Yang Wudi:
“Old goat, we’ve all come together, what’s up with you today? Your face looks darker than the bottom of a pot.”

Yang Wudi snorted coldly,
“It’s those Spirit Hall bastards. Do you know about the three upper sects?”

The three chiefs glanced at each other, nodding simultaneously.

Yang Wudi said coldly:
“Besides those Spirit Hall lunatics, who else would be able to do it. The upper three sects are broken, and Spirit Hall has convened a great reselection assembly. There’s one of the original four lower sects in our town. They shouldn’t know about our grudges with Spirit Hall, and unexpectedly came to find me, asking me to join their sect. Otherwise they’d raze my Breaking Clan to the ground. Old orangutan, old rhino, old whitebird, you’re like my brothers, we’ll join together, establish a sect, and properly fight it out with Spirit Hall. Let them learn that our four single attribute clans aren’t so easily bullied.”

The three chiefs looked dumbstruck at Yang Wudi, for a moment forgetting to speak. The depth of Yang Wudi’s grievances surpassed their expectations by far. Now it seemed like he was a volcano on the verge of erupting.

Yang Wudi looked at the three,
“What? You scared? If our four clans join together, we’ll also have close to a thousand Spirit Masters. With our strength combined, we won’t be much less than any of the four lower sects. Don’t tell me we’ll struggle on at death’s door to survive? It’d be better to fight it out. There are people from the two great empires I do business with, and I’ve recently always had contact with the Star Luo Empire. If I establish a sect, it would be in Star Luo Empire’s capital. There, Spirit Hall’s strength still isn’t too powerful. Existing shouldn’t be any major problem. Our Breaking Clan has also put aside some savings over the years, supporting the lives of all the clans isn’t a problem for the short term. And the Star Luo imperial family will also support us to some extent.”

Niu Gao couldn’t help saying:
“Old goat, haven’t you suffered some loss? Ordinarily you wouldn’t be so impulsive.”

Yang Wudi’s expression turned even uglier,
“A loss? If it just stopped at that. Those lower sect bastards have already prepared to attack our Breaking Clan. If I don’t have any plans when I return this time, you won’t see me next year.”

Tai Tan said:
“Old goat, we seem to hold the same view without even talking it over. The day before yesterday the Elephant Armored School also came here to old rhino the day before yesterday. If we stay alone, it might be difficult to exist hereafter. However, I’m not optimistic about the Star Luo Empire side. We’re not familiar with the Star Luo Empire, and we don’t have people who have lived there long. I talked it over with old rhino and old whitebird, preparing to go to Heaven Dou City. No matter what is said, I’ve still done business there for twenty years, that can count as some foundation, giving everyone a place to stay.”

Yang Wudi frowned,
“Going to your place? That’s not impossible. Only, our Breaking Clan’s business contacts are in the Star Luo Empire. If we went to the Heaven Dou Empire, we would have to start anew with everything. Relying on only the financial ability of your Strength Clan alone might not be enough to provide for everyone. Establishing a flourishing business network isn’t so easy.”

Tai Tan grinned, saying:

While speaking, he pouted towards Tang San to the side.

Yang Wudi stared blankly, looking doubtfully at Tang San,
“He’s the sect master? A kid still smelling of mother’s milk?”

Tai Tan said:
“Is that impossible?”

Yang Wudi stood, glowering at Tai Tan,
“Old orangutan, the flames are already burning my eyebrows here, and you’re still in the mood to crack jokes.”

Tai Tan’s expression dropped, he was just a bit unhappy about Yang Wudi verbally abusing him. In terms of spirit power and age, he was always the boss of the four single attribute clans, and now his anger surged,
“Old goat, nobody’s cracking jokes here. Tang San isn’t just the sect master of our Tang Sect, but also master’s son.”

The pupils of Yang Wudi’s eyes suddenly contracted,
“You’re saying, he’s Tang Hao’s son?”

Tai Tan snorted, but didn’t speak.

Yang Wudi glared fiercely at Tang San, then turned sharply and walked towards the exit. The two youths who had followed him hurried to catch up.

“Old goat, what are you doing?”
Bai He hurriedly stepped forward to pull him back.

Yang Wudi didn’t turn his head:
“You’ve all compromised with Clear Sky School, I have nothing else to say. There’s no place for me here, I’m leaving. Treat it as if I didn’t come today.”

Bai He hastily said:
“Don’t be rash, listen to me. Do you only trust your old brothers so much?”

Yang Wudi had the best relationship with Bai He, and hearing this, his complexion eased somewhat,
“To have me stay behind, first have that brat called Tang San fuck off. Also, don’t mention the Tang Sect in front of me again.”

Bai He’s complexion immediately grew unsightly, no matter what was said, Tang San was his grandnephew, and Yang Wudi wouldn’t even give him the chance to talk. His original plan seemed to have lost effect.

“Senior Yang Wudi, can you let junior say a few words.”
Tang San stood from Tai Tan’s side and walked over.

Yang Wudi turned sharply, coldly looking at Tang San, dense killing intent suddenly releasing without the slightest cover,
“I swore that the Clear Sky School would be my eternal enemy. Take the chance while I can still hold back to fuck off out of here, otherwise, don’t blame me for cutting your corpse into pieces.”

Tang San’s gaze abruptly turned cold, looking at Bai He next to Yang Wudi,
“Granduncle, I’ll trouble you to step aside. I want to see how senior Yang Wudi can cut me to pieces.”

Tang San absolutely didn’t say this out of impulse. Confronting Yang Wudi, he understood that there was no sense in exchanging words. This person was headstrong to an unimaginable degree. If he didn’t suppress his anger, he wouldn’t even have the chance to speak.

Yang Wudi smiled rather than grow furious,
“Good, good, good, even a kid still smelling of mother’s milk dares hoot at me. You’re Tang Hao’s son alright. Old whitebird, don’t accuse me of not giving you face, I’ll leave him with one breath left.”

Bai He looked somewhat anxiously at Tang San, but saw Tang San send him a relieved expression. In an instant, Tang San and Yang Wudi simultaneously radiated imposing manner.

Tai Tan and Niu Gao looked face to face, helplessly whispering:
“Fighting, fighting, it’s more useful to speak with force with the old goat’s temper.”

Tang San coolly watched this slim elder in front of him,
“Senior Yang Wudi, what shall we bet?”

When Bai He heard this to the side, his face immediately turned bizarre, and Bai Chenxiang used her hand to cover her mouth, keeping her laughter from escaping. They had already learned from Niu Gao that Tang San had bet with him on his first day here, and won. On the second day he had bet with Bai He. And when confronting this Yang Wudi, he was unexpectedly still betting.

[1] Yang Wudi - (杨无敌) “Poplar Unequalled”, the word for poplar is also a homophone to the word for goat, thus his nickname.

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