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Chapter 175

(TL by Bagelson) 淡淡

Tang San said:
“The improved Godly Zhuge Crossbow, since the crossbow bolts aren’t the same, will also have different power. The most powerful can threaten a sixtieth rank Spirit Master going all out on defense. The most ordinary is still a level of power above this basic one. Enough to make forty fifth ranked Spirit Masters hateful. Split into twelve types of crossbow bolts, they’re each Bone Piercing Bolts, Thunderflame Bolts, Armor Breaking Bolts, Edge Cracking Bolts, Devil Suppressing Bolts, Overlord Bolts, Deep Yin Bolts, Dragon Cutting Bolts, Extinguishing Lust Bolts, Dragon Beard Bolts, Meteor Destruction Bolts and Seven Killing Bolts. The most difficult to deal with among them are the Meteor Destruction Bolts and the Seven Killing Bolts. Just that since these crossbow bolts require extremely fine craftsmanship and uncommon materials, the cost is high.”

While speaking, Tang San took back the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, swiftly winding the mechanism,

While speaking, Tang San raised his hand and fired. Along with a series of sonorous cracks, sixteen streaks of shadow entered the ground in an instant. Bai He didn’t clearly see how they shot, but the granite floor already had sixteen small holes.

Bai He couldn’t help asking:
“How large is the killing range for this thing?”

Tang San said:
“The greatest killing power is guaranteed within fifty meters, further than that, the power gradually weakens.”

Drawing a deep breath, Bai He was unable to conceal the excitement revealed by his eyes,
“Good, I’ll buy this thing. How much? I want two hundred.”

Tang San smiled slightly,
“Not expensive, one hundred fifty gold spirit coins.”

Bai He pondered, then said,

Even though his character wasn’t willing to haggle, one hundred fifty gold spirit coins wasn’t a small sum to the entire Speed Clan.

Bai He never allowed his junior clansmen to go draw the Spirit Hall stipend. The level of poverty for the whole clan ranked among the top in the Spirit Master world.

Tang San pondered, then said:
“Since you’re friends with senior Tai Tan, I’ll give you a favorable price. One hundred twenty gold spirit coins. I can’t go lower.”

Bai He, slightly relieved, said:

While speaking, swiping the spirit tool bracelet on his wrist, he took out a pouch of precious and heavy gold spirit coins.

“Here is one hundred gold spirit coins. I’ll give you the remaining twenty after the Breaking Clan has arrived.”

Tang San didn’t accept it, somewhat awkwardly saying:
“Senior, you seem to have misunderstood. The one hundred twenty gold spirit coins I mentioned was for one. If you want two hundred Godly Zhuge Crossbows, then the price should be twenty four thousand gold spirit coins.”

“What did you say?”

“Are you playing with me?”
An almost severe pressure immediately gushed out from within his body. Even if he cultivated in the direction of speed, no matter what was said, he was still a Spirit Douluo level power.

The young woman sitting by Bai He’s side also stood up with him, glaring at Tang San:
“Why don’t you go robbing?”

Tang San smiled calmly, as if he didn’t feel the pressure Bai He released. Equally being Spirit Douluo, the pressure Bai He gave him was a lot less than Niu Gao,
“Be calm, senior. When our Tang Sect does business, it’s absolutely without cheating either old nor young. One hundred twenty gold spirit coins is cheap rather than expensive. When I sell to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, the price is closer to one hundred eighty gold spirit coin for one. You already have completely favorable treatment. Don’t forget that my Godly Zhuge Crossbow is made from refined iron, according to the price you wish for, wouldn’t that be less than one gold spirit coin for each Godly Zhuge Crossbow? The manufacturing cost for the refined iron is more than this. Even more so the craftsmanship and technique, I dare say it’s unique and unmatched on the Douluo Continent. Before senior gets angry, please think clearly.”

While speaking, Tang San raised a foot and lightly stomped on the ground. Faint white light stealthily rushed from him. Bai He clearly felt the pressure he released being forcefully cut apart. And on the ground, sixteen black shadows shot up, caught in Tang San’s hand, then slowly and calmly returned the sixteen crossbow bolts to the Godly Zhuge Crossbow.

Tai Tan said:
“Bai He, I can prove this on his behalf. Selling this Godly Zhuge Crossbow for one hundred twenty gold spirit coins absolutely isn’t expensive. As far as I know, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School is the Tang Sect’s long term client. This price for you is already very low. My meaning is, if you’re interested, you can buy one for self protection.”

Bai He disappointedly sat back in his seat,

Just as Niu Gao said, the greatest problem perplexing the Speed Clan was attack power. If they had sufficiently formidable attack power, then even going to specially hunt spirit beasts was enough to support the clan. The appearance of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow undoubtedly made Bai He’s eyes brighten, but, to him, this price really was a bit too difficult to accept.

Tang San smiled slightly, saying:

While speaking, he once again held the Godly Zhuge Crossbow in front of Bai He.

Bai He snorted,

In his heart, one hundred twenty gold spirit coins was no small figure. Accepting the help of the four single attribute clans was one thing, accepting the gifts of other people was definitely something else. If he wasn’t so proud, the Speed Clan wouldn’t have reached its current state.

Tang San said:
“Then how about this. This young lady should be senior’s granddaughter. Junior has always been extremely interested in speed. I don’t know whether me and this young miss could compete in speed. If I win, senior gives me the one hundred gold spirit coins you hold. If I lose, this Godly Zhuge Crossbow will be regarded as the stakes for senior. How about it?”

Hearing this, Bai He’s heart immediately thumped. Speed was the greatest advantage of their clan. Even if the aura Tang San revealed just now wasn’t weak, he still absolutely didn’t believe his granddaughter would lose to him. Moreover, he assumed that Tang San himself was planning to give this thing to him, and this was just finding a justification. Even though Bai He had a very proper face, the lure of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow was just too large. He couldn’t help subconsciously looking to his granddaughter.

That beautiful young woman directly leapt up from her chair, in practically an a flash, she stood at the center of the hall,
“Fine, I’ll compete with you.”

Tang San put the Godly Zhuge Crossbow aside, strolling over in front of that young woman. Right now, looking face to face, he couldn’t help praising her inwardly. This young woman really was beautiful. Especially her harmonized figure. Only, he still only appreciated her. In his heart, besides Xiao Wu, there was no longer room for a second woman.

The young woman haughtily faced up, looking at the half a head taller than her Tang San,
“How do you want to compete?”

Tang San smiled slightly, saying:
“I have always admired the speed of the Speed Clan, we’ll do it according to nimbleness. We’ll be within this drawing room. As long as you can touch me anywhere, it will be your win. The time is one stick of incense. Conversely, I win.”

The young woman said without the slightest hesitation:
“Fine, then light the incense.”

Tang San’s Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges had everything. Casually stroking it, pulling out one stick of incense, he threw it to Ma Hongjun. Ma Hongjun flicked it with a finger, immediately lighting the incense, holding it in his hand.

“Tang Sect’s Tang San, please guide me.”
Tang San gracefully made an inviting gesture, immediately focusing his entire attention.

The young woman disdainfully curled her lip. She didn’t believe Tang San could compare to her in speed,
“Speed Clan’s Bai Chenxiang[1]. I will begin?”


Tang San’s words had just fallen when Bai Chenxiang was already in motion. Even with Tang San’s eyesight, he only caught a smear of shadow in front, before Bai Chenxiang had already reached him.

However, he was also long since prepared. At the same time as he said ‘please’, his feet shifted slightly, moving half a chi to the left.

Bai Chenxiang was strangely fast, but exactly because she was fast, her momentum was naturally also powerful. Immediately charging past Tang San’s side, she missed him by a hair’s breadth.

Right now, azure color already burst from his eyes within a purple golden luster. His back was also cold. The Speed Clan’s speed was even scarier than he had imagined. He didn’t dare be careless, directly using Purple Demon Eye, his spiritual force also spreading out.

Bai Chenxiang charged and leapt dexterously, the tips of her toes lightly poking a pillar within the drawing room, using even greater speed than before to return. One charge and one return, added together, took only the blink of an eye.

Tang San was now extremely careful, Purple Demon Eye targeting Bai Chenxiang, using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step, his whole body immediately turning illusory.

Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step absolutely wasn’t the fastest of footwork, but it was absolutely the most profoundly nimble. Even if Bai Chenxiang was fast, Tang San’s movements were still always outside of her expectations, and she struck empty air again.

Bai Chenxiang naturally wouldn’t give up, chasing Tang San with all her strength. Tang San just didn’t look at her, relying on spiritual force to track her, minding his own business and using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step within a narrow range. The reason why he reacted as he did today, was his previous consultation with Tai Tan and Niu Gao. The most crucial of this was whether he could convince the other party.

Speed was where the Speed Clan was best, and just like Tang San defeated Niu Gao in defense, if he could defeat the Speed Clan in speed, everything would become a lot easier.

The choice to compete within the drawing room was also considered Tang San’s painstaking efforts. Bai Chenxiang in front of him wasn’t difficult to deal with, the difficult one was the Speed Clan chief, Bai He. Tang San knew that even if he added his Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone, it was still impossible for him to compete with Bai He in straight line speed. Therefore, he could only choose agility. There were no Spirit Masters faster than the Speed Clan in a straight line, but linear speed and flexibility, after all, didn’t completely overlap. Tang San would exploit his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step to conquer the other side.

Just at the start, Bai He’s expression was still completely relaxed, but along with Tang San successively dodging Bai Chenxiang several times, his face gradually fell.

Even though Bai Chenxiang still hadn’t used her spirit yet, in fact, speed was still something every Speed Clan member had in their bones, they were extremely fast even without the aid of spirits.

The burn speed of the incense was a bit faster than ordinarily, this was of course the effect of Ma Hongjun’s phoenix flame, just that nobody paid attention to him right now. Even if the incense burned even faster right now, the Speed Clan’s speed was still enough to carry out multiple lunges in this time.

Bai He gradually saw some clues. Tang San really wasn’t faster than his granddaughter, but that footwork of his was mysterious, and he could always dodge Bai Chenxiang’s lunges at the edge of danger just by relying on this profound footwork.

The stick of incense had already burned close to half, and Bai Chenxiang was still unable to deal with Tang San without using her spirit. With a low shout, the hair on her head grew, her arms stretched out, her spirit releasing in a moment.

Two yellow, two purple, four spirit rings appeared around her tall delicate body. Twenty years old, fortieth ranked Spirit Ancestor, her strength was quite uncommon. Moreover, she still had an ideal spirit ring configuration. Even though this girl wasn’t old, she was still the pride of Bai He’s Speed Clan. Bai He firmly believed that his granddaughter would have a chance to attack the Title Douluo level in the future.

Abruptly putting her spirit to use, Bai Chenxiang shot out like lightning, both feet gathering as if stuck together, each of her two arms turned into wings, flapping once, and along with her third spirit ring flaring, she flew in the air. Her speed suddenly increased, and she lunged towards Tang San.

This third spirit ring was undoubtedly her spirit ability. Under the effect of the flying ability, some tables and chairs and other small objects on the floor could no longer block her. Further adding the increase in speed, the pressure she gave Tang San instantly increased substantially.

Immediately afterward, Bai Chenxiang’s first spirit ring was also used. Behind her four broken shadows appeared simultaneously, and they were moreover extremely distinct shadows. Looking exactly like her, as she flew horizontally, it seemed as if five Bai Chenxiangs charged Tang San simultaneously. The area covered immediately increased substantially. Despite being fully aware that four of those five were illusions, such a sudden appearance would still very easily cause optical illusions.

Unfortunately, Bai Chenxiang had encountered Tang San. The light of the Purple Demon Light pulsed, and practically none of the shadows had any meaning against his powerful eyesight. Tang San’s pace suddenly accelerated, the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone displaying its effect. Even though Tang San didn’t use speed boost abilities, along with his spirit power infusing, his speed still rose, dodging between the illusions in the drawing room just like smoke.

Despite Bai Chenxiang’s flight speed being incomparably fast with her spirit released, and moreover with her extremely agile lunges in the air, she was still unable to catch Tang San’s silhouette. The two chased and dodged like this, and time unceasingly drained away.

Bai Chenxiang was filled with an unreconciled feeling. She could clearly see that even after Tang San accelerated, his speed still couldn’t compare to her. But that strange footwork caused great problems for her judgement, it always seemed like she would catch him, but he still dodged as if he anticipated it.

Right now, besides Bai He, everyone watching the fight, even Tai Tan and Niu Gao, were also stunned. Six silhouettes constantly flickered within the hall, and it was already very difficult to clearly see the movements of both sides. Especially Bai Chenxiang. Her movements were too fast. It seemed she lunged directly, but suddenly turned nimbly, her body would twist beautifully in midair, instantly changing direction. But Tang San’s reaction couldn’t be called slow either, no matter how fast Bai Chenxiang’s Needle-Tailed Swift flying speed was, he could always dodge in time, not letting Bai Chenxiang touch him.

Bai He’s brows wrinkled sharply. he knew that his granddaughter was already using her full strength, and that their side had lost this battle. Bai Chenxiang’s fourth spirit ability was only advantageous in straight line flight, no use in such a narrow space. It seemed that if it continued, it was impossible for his granddaughter to catch that youth called Tang San no matter what. Lowering his head, he looked somewhat grudgingly at the coin purse in his hand, inwardly thinking, ‘don’t tell me Heaven really wants wants to set itself against my Speed Clan?’ People can’t be greedy? With greed, even this final bit of coin couldn’t be preserved. In the next days, how would the Speed Clan continue? Would they really have to go seek shelter from a sect? Even if they wanted to find shelter, in the present world, the upper three sects no longer existed, when all was said and done, how many sects still had enough strength to stay unrelated to Spirit Hall?

Ma Hongjun shouted, the incense in his hand finally ended.

The two figures suddenly halted. Tang San still had a smile, his graceful temperament unvarying, leisurely straightening the clothes that were in disorder from the fast movements.

Bai Chenxiang couldn’t be as leisurely as him. Because of her gasping for breath, her small chest heaved, glaring fiercely at Fatty,
“Shameless, how could one stick of incense be so short?”

Ma Hongjun grinned,
“With another stick of incense, you still couldn’t have touched one hair on my third brother’s head! The result would still be the same.”

Bai Chenxiang still wanted to say something else, but was stopped by Bai He. With movements nobody saw clearly, he had already arrived next to Bai Chenxiang. He threw the purse of gold spirit coins in his hand to Tang San,”
He’s right. You couldn’t touch Tang San. We’ve lost. If you agree to bet you must accept to lose.”

Tang San caught the coins, but didn’t put it away,
“Miss Bai, you let me win.”

Bai Chenxiang looked at Tang San with an unreconciled expression,
“What let you win, if you have the skill, we’ll compete in long distance speed.”

Tang San smiled, and Bai He shouted:
“Enough. If people compete in speed with our Speed Clan, they should naturally choose the manner. It’s your own cultivation that’s imperfect, and you still dare show off? Defeat isn’t dreadful, but you have to find the cause for your defeat.”

Bai Chenxiang felt somewhat wronged, but was clearly very fearful of her grandfather. She fiercely glared at Tang San, then furiously walked towards her own previous seat. When she passed by Ma Hongjun, she ‘very carelessly’ stepped on Ma Hongjun’s foot, eliciting a grimace of pain, but no complaints. This fellow was always extremely forgiving towards beautiful women.

Bai He looked at Tang San,
“Your footwork is very marvellous. We are convinced in heart and word of our loss.”

Tang San bowed slightly, saying:
“It’s junior’s tricks. In pure speed, nobody can compare to your noble clan.”

Bai He’s eyes displayed a trace of darkness,
“What use is that? Of the four single attribute clans, our Speed Clan is the most useless.”

Tang San said:
“You can’t say that, it’s just that your noble clan doesn’t have a suitable space to use. Senior, it would be better if we competed again. You’ve also seen that our Tang Sect has enough hidden weapons to arm your clan. Moreover, we aren’t a Spirit Master sect in the traditional sense. If senior loses, I hope senior can join the Tang Sect. The Tang Sect will completely  provide your noble clan with equipment as well as all necessary resources. Furthermore, we won’t issue any requests in the forms of commands to your noble clan. What do you think?”

The light in Bai He’s eyes suddenly grew almost severe, just like two sharp blades thrusting straight at Tang San’s eyes. But, he still confronted Purple Demon Eye. Wouldn’t making anything out from Tang San’s eyes be easier said than done?

“Young man, you’ve got a big appetite!”
Bai He said coldly.

Niu Gao sitting in the main seat snorted disdainfully,
“Just you alone still dare compete with old whitebird in speed. Young people being a bit proud is nothing, but if it comes to arrogance, you can only suffer the painful consequences.”

Tang San smile was as light as a breeze,
“From the start, junior didn’t think about winning. I only want to try it once. Just like the possibility of the Speed Clan joining our Tang Sect is extremely small. Senior Bai He, if I lose, we’ll provide your noble clan with a full complement of hidden weapons. Everyone will have equipment worth five hundred gold spirit coins. Including one Godly Zhuge Crossbow, two Silent Sleeve Darts, one Tight Back Head Bowed Crossbow, one Sand Projecting Shadow, as well as two Leg Crossbows.”

Hearing Tang San’s words, even Tai Tan and Niu Gao couldn’t help secretly being speechless. Niu Gao’s words were clearly a concealed provocation, but they originally hadn’t even planned for Tang San to actually win against Bai He in a competition of speed. If Tang San lost, since everyone were friends, they could pull close the relationship between both sides by relying on the attraction of the Tang Sect hidden weapons. But they hadn’t expected Tang San to actually toss out such large bait. If they lost here, the price would be a bit much. The Speed Clan still had more than two hundred people, a full set of five hundred gold spirit coins of equipment was definitely a hundred thousand gold spirit coins. Even to some Spirit Master sects with notable strength, this didn’t count as a small sum.

It was naturally impossible for Tang San to be sure he could win, but he still wanted to bet. Admittedly he hoped to even more directly obtained the backing of the Speed Clan, but at the same time it was also to reveal his strength one step further in front of these clan elders, to obtain even better approval. Besides, there were still a lot of secret skills Tang San hadn’t used in his previous fight with Bai Chenxiang. Facing Bai He, had at least fifty percent certainty in his success.

Even if he lost, as long as they could pull the Speed Clan into the Tang Sect later on, these hundred thousand gold spirit coins in equipment still wouldn’t be a loss. Equipping their own side, wasn’t that very regular?

“Fatty. You come act as target, alright?”
Tang San looked at Ma Hongjun.

Ma Hongjun directly jumped up,

“No problem! Come.”
He was just looking for an opportunity to show off in front of the beautiful woman. Eager to take on this task, he walked over to stand ten meters in front of Tang San.

“Third brother, wait for me to prepare. Those hidden weapons of yours aren’t so easy to block.”
While speaking, Fatty immediately released his spirit.

Along with his spirit releasing, Ma Hongjun’s body immediately straightened somewhat, his hair gathering into a mohican, turning scarlet, his bare limbs displaying dazzlingly beautiful feathers, and his whole body seemed to thin a bit. What drew most attention was naturally those five spirit rings of his.

Two yellow, two purple, one black. Five rings altogether.

Even Niu Gao was secretly startled. Originally he hadn’t paid this always smiling and giggling Fatty much attention, he hadn’t expected him to actually also be a Spirit King level Spirit Master. From how he called Tang San third brother, he was clearly even a bit younger than Tang San.

The grandfather and granddaughter Bai He and Bai Chenxiang thought even more deeply. First putting aside Ma Hongjun’s spirit rings, when he released his spirit, both of them simultaneously felt an indescribable pressure hitting them. That was a feeling that made their souls tremble, an innate fear of their spirits.

How was it possible? Their always proud expressions immediately changed greatly.

Ma Hongjun somewhat boastfully said:
“Junior is Ma Hongjun. Fifty seventh ranked power attack type Spirit King. Spirit, Fire Phoenix.”

As he spoke, his second and third spirit rings flashed simultaneously. Red hot flame suddenly soared from his body, the temperature in the entire drawing room suddenly rising sharply, a pair of wings of flame extended from his back, immediately making this originally harmless seeming Fatty filled with an oppressive might.

“Third brother, come.”
Ma Hongjun shouted to Tang San.

Tang San took out one hidden weapon after another from his Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, at once wearing them over his clothes. With his present strength, he wouldn’t ordinarily wear these hidden weapons, non mechanical hidden weapons were enough for him to use. In order to display them now, his actions weren’t slow, at once installing the hidden weapons he mentioned just now, besides the Godly Zhuge Crossbow.

Raising both hands, Tang San said:

Each of his arms shot a dark shadow, flashing past, reaching Ma Hongjun in the blink of an eye.

The flame on Ma Hongjun’s body suddenly burned brighter. He had already prepared in advance, Phoenix Firewire shooting out, turning into a sheet of flame under his clever control and the amplification of two great spirit abilities, blocking the two sleeve darts with tyrannical impact force.

Immediately afterward, another two volleys, four sleeve darts also silently shot out. All blocked by Ma Hongjun. With a series of jingling sounds, six cooked deep red sleeve darts fell to the ground and Ma Hongjun also retreated half a step to dissolve the impact force.

Tang San pushed on his stomach,

With a puffing sound, countless flying needles shot out along with poison mist. His movements didn’t stop, legst shifting slightly, relying on muscular contractions, the crossbow mechanisms on his legs fired simultaneously.

Ma Hongjun’s both hands swiftly drew a circle in front of his chest, spirit power jetting out. In front of the red hot phoenix flames, the poison mist naturally lost its effect, and concentrated popping sounds echoed continuously. Ma Hongjun retreated several steps in succession, and when confronted with the leg crossbows, he already had some difficulty warding them off.

Just when he had when difficulty blocked this round of hidden weapon attacks, Tang San bowed his head sharply, and with a sonorous crossbow crack, the most formidable Tight Back Head Bowed Crossbow abruptly fired, the bulky crossbow bolt shooting straight for Ma Hongjun’s chest.

“Third brother, do you want me dead!”
The red light on Ma Hongjun’s right arm rose sharply, the flame wings on his back abruptly expanding. With a loud explosion, his fist blasted out, relying on the flame right arm’s added Phoenix Burst Attack ability to just manage to block this attack.

Tang San’s entire chain of attacks was as fluent as moving clouds and flowing water. All the Spirit Masters here were experts, and could naturally sense how frightening the attack power of the hidden weapons were. Of course, they also sensed ma Hongjun’s formidable strength. He seemed to be blocking in a fluster, but very clearly, these hidden weapons still weren’t enough to threaten him.

Tang San then said to Bai He:
“Senior, the full set of equipment I mentioned is all here. This is the full deployment of five hundred gold spirit coins. Of course, these still don’t count as my Tang Sect’s most tremendous hidden weapons. Only sect disciples have the right to use those most powerful ones. Please forgive junior for being unable to provide them. You’ve seen he might of these hidden weapons. I think that if the Speed Clan’s clansmen were equipped with them, it would definitely have a pretty good effect. Do you wish to bet with junior on this?”

Bai He’s expression changed continuously. Ma Hongjun had now already withdrawn his spirit, and the pressure naturally also vanished. Tang San and Ma Hongjun’s team gave him a very great shock. Even more important was these hidden weapons, making even a proud person like him unable to keep from being greedy. He really couldn’t refuse the stakes Tang San had raised, and Bai He sincerely believed that this youth in front of him couldn’t escape him in a bout of speed. No matter how miraculous his footwork was, before absolute speed, its effect was still limited.

Thinking about this, Bai He lowered his voice:
“Fine, I’ll bet on this fight with you. If I lose, then, I’ll lead the Speed Clan to join your Tang Sect. You were brought by Tai Tan, I believe there shouldn’t be any relation between you and Spirit Hall. I’ll first declare that if this Tang Sect of yours and Spirit Hall has any relationship in the future, I’ll immediately lead my clan to leave.”

Tang San said coldly:

While speaking, he once again threw a stick of incense to Ma Hongjun.

Bai He dodged ten meters away from Tang San, and just the instant Ma Hongjun lit the incense, he was already moving. With the fate of his clansmen in the balance, he had no choice but to do his utmost.

With this move by Bai He, Tang San learned what pure speed was. Even his Purple Demon Eye only caught a white shadow flash in front of him, before Bai He’s hand was already before his eyes. In this moment, Tang San couldn’t rely on Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step to dodge.

Too fast, he really arrived too quickly. Since Tang San obtained Purple Demon Eye, this was the first time he felt his eyesight couldn’t keep up with the opponent’s movements.

Of course, he still wasn’t caught by Bai He. Bai He’s hand only grabbed the afterimage left behind by Tang San.


(Author’s note: In some places there was an error. Xiao Wu’s spirit bone is in Tang San’s left arm. I confirm it here. Everyone please excuse the error. Hereafter it’s the left arm.)

Bai He stood in Tang San’s previous location and looked at him,

While speaking, Bai He suddenly radiated light, his spirit releasing.

Two yellow, three purple, three black. Eight spirit rings appeared simultaneously. The split second his spirit was released, Tang San’s spiritual force fluctuated slightly, and he teleported a second time without the slightest hesitation. This time, he couldn’t even see Bai He move. The next moment, Bai He’s hand already flitted past where he stood before.

So fast. Tang San felt cold all over. Worthy of being a single attribute spirit cultivator, this speed could no longer be described as astonishing, it was simply universally shocking.

Without any hesitation, Tang San was already using teleportation once again. This time his body appeared at the doorway.

Bai He disappeared, in the whole room one could only see a faint mirage. He didn’t use any spirit ability, only spirit amplified pure speed. Wherever Tang San appeared with teleportation, Bai He’s hand would inevitably appear the next instant. Tang San was forced to constantly teleport to avoid Bai He’s pursuit and attack. And after each time he teleported, he only had a moment to pause. The Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track he previously used against Bai Chenxiang was unexpectedly completely useless.

This was Spirit Douluo level Speed Clan speed! Tang San constantly changed direction, making himself move irregularly as far as possible. Purple Demon Eye and his spiritual force were used to their limit, and even then he could only barely keep up with Bai He’s silhouette.

[1] Bai Chenxiang - (白沉香) “White Agarwood”

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