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Chapter 167

(TL by Bagelson)

The two left the tea house. Oscar was back, and Tang San wasn’t in the mood to go deal with his business, so he might as well go back to the Academy with him. He didn’t want there to be any accidents with Oscar and Ning Rongrong’s reunion, especially when Ning Rongrong very possibly might bring Ning Fengzhi.

Leaving the tea house, Oscar wore his bamboo hat again. Tang San knew that he was still very mindful of his ruined appearance. Without saying anything further, the two very quickly returned to Shrek Academy. Just when they prepared to enter the Academy, Oscar went dumbfounded, his steps halting, looking motionless in one direction.

“Third brother, I’m back. I moved quickly.”
Ning Rongrong was pulling Ning Fengzhi’s hand, also walking in the direction of the Academy. Bone Douluo followed quietly behind them. Even in this Heaven Dou City, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School still didn’t dare relax the guard on the sect master a bit.

Five years had passed, and Tang San discovered that Ning Fengzhi had aged, the hair at his temples already grizzled, the space between his eyebrows also having lost its previous light, only his manner was even more solemn, his aura reserved. The smile always on his face had turned apathetic.

Seeing Tang San, Ning Fengzhi also stared blankly a moment. Even though Ning Rongrong had already told him Tang San’s appearance had changed very much, he still hadn’t expected Tang San’s changes in appearance and temperament to be so large. Just as Ning Rongrong said before, if the two ran into each other, he definitely wouldn’t have recognized Tang San.

Very quickly, both sides came together. Ning Fengzhi looked Tang San up and down, smiling:
“Truly difficult to believe! Changes in the spirit would thoroughly alter a person. Little San, you’ve shown me another miracle.”

Tang San bowed in salute,

Oscar next to him also saluted, but didn’t speak up.

Ning Fengzhi’s gaze fell on Oscar,

With outsiders present, he naturally wouldn’t say much to Tang San.

Tang San raised his hand and clapped Oscar’s shoulder, but didn’t say anything. Some things he had to confront on his own.

Tang San clearly felt Oscar’s body being somewhat rigid under his palm, and secretly sighed, but he still fiercely pushed down the thought to mediate, only silently waiting for him to react.

Heart struggling, Oscar finally drummed up his courage, strenuously raising his hand, grabbing his bamboo hat and slowly pulling it down.

When Tang San clapped Oscar’s shoulder, Ning Rongrong’s expression had already become somewhat strange. For some reason, the beating of her heart suddenly accelerated. Unblinking looking at that gradually descending bamboo hat.

As the bamboo hat was finally unable to hide his appearance, Ning Rongrong’s expression turned deathly pale, her whole body completely frozen. The rims of her eyes instantly reddening, a watery mist filled her eyes.

Oscar’s eyes were equally red, with some difficulty speaking up in that hoarse voice,
“Sect master Ning, Rongrong, I’m back.”

Ning Rongrong burst into tears, fiercely throwing herself at Oscar, both hands forcefully pounding his chest. But not a single word came out.

Looking at the unmasked Oscar, Ning Fengzhi was unable to hide his shock, especially as he saw that long scar on Oscar’s face, he couldn’t keep from displaying a deep ruefulness. Just like Tang San not saying a word, only silently standing there looking at these lovers who hadn’t met for five years.

Oscar let Ning Rongrong beat his chest, without doing anything, only letting the tears flowing from the corners of his eyes wetting the full beard across his face.

The sound of Ning Rongrong’s weeping didn’t reduce a bit, but she seemed to have tired of beating, suddenly opening her arms, tightly holding onto Oscar’s waist, letting her soft body fit closely to his, as if she wanted to blend into him.

The flames of his heart overflowing, at this moment, Oscar wasn’t able to care about anything in the surroundings either, tightly pulling Ning Rongrong to his chest. Holding his lover with his whole body trembling. As if embracing heaven and earth. At this moment, whether in his eyes or his heart, there wasn’t the shadow of anyone else.

“Sect master.”
Gu Rong stood quietly at ning Fengzhi’s side, a somewhat beseeching light in his eyes.

Ning Fengzhi sighed lightly, and nodded to him.

With the eye of a bystander, Tang San naturally saw this, and his face couldn’t help smiling somewhat. Lowering his head, he kissed the forehead of the little rabbit in his arms.

Ning Fengzhi said to Tang San:
“They haven’t seen each other for so long, they definitely have a lot to speak of. Little San, bring me to have a seat. Didn’t you have something to say to me?”

Tang San nodded, and leading the way, he brought Ning Fengzhi and Bone Douluo into Shrek Academy. Oscar and Ning Rongrong weren’t the slightest bit aware of their departure. They were already completely immersed in the joy and excitement of meeting again.

Walking on the small road into the Shrek Academy, Ning Fengzhi said:
“Little San, I heard about your matters from Rongrong, sorrowful. I believe you can definitely resurrect Xiao Wu.”

Tang San nodded,
“Thank you, uncle Ning. I’ll definitely do all I can.”

Ning Fengzhi suddenly asked:
“Little San, what do you think of Oscar and Rongrong’s matters?”

Tang San pondered, then replied to Ning Fengzhi most succinctly,
“I believe Oscar will guard Rongrong with his life.”

Ning Fengzhi sighed lightly,
“I understand. Each of you Shrek Seven Devils is a heaven warping genius.”

Tang San smiled:
“Thank you for your praise. Uncle Ning, this time I had Rongrong invite you because I have an important matter I would like to consult with you on. I only want your Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School to know about this, without making it known to the Heaven Dou Empire. Is it possible?”

If it was a common young Spirit Master, Ning Fengzhi might not even pay any attention to him. Even if the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School was destroyed, no matter how it was said he was still once the sect master of one of the three upper sects. Tang San’s words were equivalent to making conditions.

Regarding Tang San, Ning Fengzhi of course wouldn’t brush his sleeves and leave. On the contrary, he attached extreme importance to Tang San’s words. Because, even without considering the Clear Sky School behind Tang San, only Tang San himself, still had enough capital for him to be important.

Guiding the Shrek Seven Devils against outstanding heroes, taking the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament championship, creating so many outstandingly elaborate hidden weapons. If not for Tang San’s hidden weapons, maybe the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School would have left the stage like the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan. Even though Ning Fengzhi didn’t say it out loud, he had always recorded this debt in his heart.

Ning Fengzhi said sternly just as if confronting a collaborative partner of equal status:
“Even if I don’t know why you have to keep the Heaven Dou Empire outside, I can promise you. At the same time I also look forward to collaborating with you. If you have something to say, just speak.”

A faint blue light spread from Tang San’s eyes. The range the blue light covered wasn’t large, only him, Ning Fengzhi and the Bone Douluo were enveloped. This faint light couldn’t be discovered without observing carefully, and moved along with the three of them.

Ning Fengzhi and Gu Rong were simultaneously gobsmacked. Even though their spirit research wasn’t as profound as Grandmaster’s, they still clearly recognized this energy radiating from Tang San. That was a special power that might appear on Title Douluo! Among the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s two Title Douluo, even Bone Douluo didn’t have a domain, only the seriously injured Sword Douluo did. In the battle that day, it was Sword Douluo with the assistance of Ning Fengzhi who greatly expended the power of his soul, fighting off the opponents, then pulling strongly against the crazy tide until he collapsed, saving the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School from destruction.

Now, sensing the aura of a domain from Tang San, how couldn’t it shock these two Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School seniors?

Tang San didn’t hide it either,
“This is the ability that appeared after my Blue Silver Grass’ second awakening to Blue Silver Emperor. I’m using it to isolate sound, outsiders won’t hear our conversation.”

Ning Fengzhi somewhat gasping in surprise said:
“Little San, each time I see you, you’ll give me some massive shock. It seems this time is no exception.”

Tang San smiled slightly, saying:

Releasing the Blue Silver Domain wasn’t only in order to block their voices, he was also imperceptibly revealing his own strength to Ning Fengzhi, because the cooperation he wanted with Ning Fengzhi was really a discussion of equal parties. He had to fight for an even more advantageous position for himself.

Truthfully, Tang San didn’t want to collaborate with anyone to found the Tang Sect, however, from a realistic point of view, that was impossible. He was a barely twenty years old young Spirit Master, his clan sealed away. If he didn’t have the backing of any strength, only relying on his own meager savings, he couldn’t do anything. Therefore he had to draw support from outside. Of course, Tang San’s choices could naturally all be trusted unconditionally. Otherwise he also wouldn’t have Ning Rongrong go find Ning Fengzhi to avoid the Heaven Dou imperial family from learning about it.

Ning Fengzhi engrossed said:
“Let me hear it, I believe you can definitely leave me pleasantly surprised.”

Tang San smiled faintly, then started to give an account of his plans while making use of the Blue Silver Domain’s sound cancellation.

When he just started, Ning Fengzhi still listened with a smile. Gradually, Ning Fengzhi’s expression grew serious, nodding repeatedly at Tang San’s words, from time to time raising some questions, which Tang San answered one by one.

To the side, Bone Douluo’s face was alarmed as he listened to their conversation, his gaze at Tang San turning monstrous.

Tang San didn’t stop walking as he talked, returning to their residence, he also called out Ma Hongjun, discussing with Ning Fengzhi and Gu Rong behind closed doors.

The sound of weeping came to a rest, Ning Rongrong leaned against Oscar’s chest slightly panting.

Without meeting for five years, Oscar’s body wasn’t as young and immature, already twenty two, he seemed fairly mature with that full beard across his face. Sensing that aura specific to an adult man, Ning Rongrong closed her eyes, tightly pulling on his waist, as if afraid everything was just a dream and, as long as she opened her eyes, she would wake from it.

Oscar also held Ning Rongrong, neither of the couple willing to say a word, just quietly holding each other, sensing each other’s hearts beat.

Five years, after a whole five years, the lovers finally reunited, no matter what taboo Oscar held in his heart before, at this moment were thrown to the back of his head. He would rather hold Ning Rongrong like this forever than let go again.

They didn’t know how much time passed in this kind of atmosphere, until Ning Rongrong softly moved because her body was somewhat stiff, making their connected hearts tremble simultaneously.

Gently caressing that soft long hair, Oscar softly called out.

Ning Rongrong quietly answered. Gradually raising her head, looking at Oscar’s peach blossom eyes filled with tender light, she couldn’t keep from displaying a sweet smile.

“You’re even more beautiful, but I’m disfigured.”
Oscar said somewhat ruefully.

Ning Rongrong had naturally seen the scar on his face. Raising her hand, caressing the scar, she shook her head,
“No. You’ve become more mature. Compared to before, you’re more secure now.”

Oscar smiled wryly:
“It seems my fears really were groundless. Little San was right, why would you care about my appearance? Rongrong, you know, in these five years there’s never been a moment I didn’t miss you. Whenever I met formidable enemies, met impassable ravines, as long as your face appeared in my heart, I would be filled with courage. No matter how difficult, I withstood it all. My efforts weren’t wasted. This time I won’t separate from you again no matter what. I believe I can definitely conquer sect master Ning, have him look favourably on you and me.”

With the man she loved at her side, Ning Rongrong was indescribably meek, nodding softly. Again tightening her arms around Oscar’s waist.

“Yi? Where did little San and sect master Ning go?”
Oscar noticed only the two of them were left here, and still those not distant Academy gate guard students peeping in their direction.


“It’s your fault! They, they’ll definitely laugh at me.”

Oscar smiled slightly, Ning Rongrong’s approval now filling him with confidence,
“Then let them laugh. Rongrong, we’ll go inside as well. I’ll beseech sect master Ning about us.”

Ning Rongrong nodded, taking the initiative to pull Oscar’s hand, leaning on his arm, the two entered the Academy like this.

As they returned to the forest residence, it had in fact already been more than two hours. The two entered the courtyard just in time to see Ning Fengzhi and Bone Douluo walking out accompanied by Tang San and ma Hongjun.

“Uncle Ning, then we’re agreed. For a very long time hereafter, the Tang Sect will rely on uncle’s support.”
Tang San said with a smile.

Ning Fengzhi clapped his shoulder, saying with a mild expression:
“Even though brother Tang Hao has gone to live in seclusion, he’ll definitely be very gratified with a son like you. For the matters we talked about today it can’t be said who is supporting who. From the view of the sect, this is all mutually beneficial to us. Don’t worry, only the few of us will know about this. I’ll deal with the imperial family side. I’ve already been careless once, almost destroying the sect. There won’t be a second time. After you’ve chosen the address for the Tang Sect, let Rongrong notify me. I’ll secretly deliver the things you need. If there’s anything, pass it through Rongrong. We can’t meet too often to avoid drawing attention.”

Tang San nodded:
“I understand, don’t worry. Rongrong’s back.”

Everyone’s gazes turned to Oscar and Ning Rongrong who had just entered the courtyard. Ning Rongrong was immediately too shy to raise her head, but still clung tightly to Oscar’s hand.

Oscar bowed twice, deferentially saluting Ning Fengzhi,
“Sect master Ning, hello.”

Ning Fengzhi looked over his daughter, again looked over Oscar, then sighed, saying:
“You silly brat, why would you leave so stubbornly back then? Do you know what Rongrong has gone through in these years? Even though the sect has the sect’s rules, don’t tell me I couldn’t consider my daughter’s happiness as sect master?”

Oscar’s heart delighted,
“Then that means, you approve of me and Rongrong?”

Ning Fengzhi’s face displayed a bitter smile,
“Even the sect’s location has been destroyed, what use are the former rules? You kids settle your own matters. I will only give you one word of warning. Always remember, I, Ning Fengzhi, in all my life, only have the one daughter Rongrong. Understand?”

Oscar’s heart shivered, resolutely saying:
“Sect master Ning, don’t worry, I now have the strength to protect Rongrong. Anyone who wants to harm Rongrong, will definitely first have to step across my corpse.”

To the side, Ma Hongjun stared wide eyes at Oscar. He had already heard about Oscar’s return from Tang San, and even though Oscar’s appearance wasn’t as thoroughly changed as Tang San’s, that steadfast expression on his face now was still a huge change from before.

“Sect master Ning, if little Ao isn’t good to Rongrong, we won’t let him off.”

Oscar looked face to face with Ma Hongjun. Even though the two of them hadn’t spoken to each other, the intangible feelings between brothers still instantly warmed the air.

To the side, Bone Douluo suddenly spoke up,
“Oscar, you say you already have the strength to protect Rongrong. I want to know what this strength is. Rongrong is an auxiliary type Spirit Master, if the people closest to her can’t protect her, honestly speaking, I still can’t be at ease. Rongrong is the little princess of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, I’ve always regarded her as a granddaughter. You’ve left for five years. Let us see your results.”

Hearing Bone Douluo’s words, Ning Fengzhi also nodded slightly. They had heard what Oscar said when he left. They also believed that, if he hadn’t gained some success, Oscar wouldn’t easily return. They all wanted to know just how a food system Spirit Master would protect an auxiliary type Spirit Master.

Oscar nodded, he originally hadn’t thought to use only his and Rongrong’s feelings to conquer Ning Fengzhi.

Comfortingly squeezing Ning Rongrong’s hand, taking a few steps forward, he could clearly feel the deeply concerned gaze of Rongrong on his back, and a heroic spirit immediately rushed into his heart.

“Little San, lend me a drop of your blood.”
Oscar said to Tang San.

Tang San didn’t ask why, the thumb of his right hand cutting the middle finger, flicking the finger, a drop of blood slowly flew towards Oscar.

Tang San’s hidden weapons techniques were powerful, that drop of blood flew very slowly, giving Oscar enough time to react, and as the blood reached him it moved even slower.

Seeing this scene made Ning Fengzhi and Gu Rong secretly nod. They grew even a bit more confident in what Tang San had told them before.

Oscar smiled slightly. His whole body erupting with spirit power, instantly, six peak configuration spirit rings simultaneously appeared around him.

Seeing these six spirit rings, Ning Fengzhi and Gu Rong couldn’t help secretly nodding again. No matter what was said, Oscar hadn’t wasted these years. His spirit power level wasn’t lower than the other Shrek Seven Devils. When thinking that these children were all still only twenty, they also couldn’t help being somewhat jealous.

If it was said five years ago that, in terms of true strength, Spirit Hall’s Golden Generation still had the ability to suppress the Shrek Seven Devils, then today, five years later, it was already pretty good if Spirit Hall’s Golden Generation could stand on the same level. Don’t forget that the Golden Generation were a lot older than the Shrek Seven Devils.

“I, your father, has a mirror sausage.”

Oscar moved very quickly, his sixth spirit ring suddenly flashing, a ring of black light bubbling out of his palm. That drop of blood immediately fell into it. Immediately afterwards, intense spirit power fluctuations surged from his palm. The sixth spirit ring also constantly expanded and contracted.

Right now, everyone’s gazes all fell on his hand, amidst those intense spirit power fluctuations, a silvery sausage slowly appeared.

Suddenly, Oscar’s face revealed a painful expression, his originally fully confident eyes turning somewhat shocked. Immediately afterward, the silvery sausage in his palm changed, the originally one silvery sausage suddenly splitting into another smaller one, simultaneously appearing in the center of his palm. And Oscar discovered that his spirit power didn’t decrease by one third like when he made mirror sausages before, but rather by half.

After one large and one small silvery sausage appeared, Oscar loosed a breath, somewhat helplessly looking at Tang San, saying:
“Little San, your blood really is a bit too potent.”

Tang San associated this with when he saw Oscar eat that silvery light before, and in his heart he guessed some things about this sixth spirit ability of his. Smiling:
“Then you hurry up and show us what this sixth spirit ability of yours is.”

Oscar laughed out loud, saying:
“Revealing the effects will require an opponent. Nevermind you, Fatty, come, us brothers haven’t met for so long, let’s talk with our hands first, affectionately.”

Ma Hongjun pointed to his own nose,
“Little Ao, did you make a mistake? You want to spar with me?”

Oscar nodded without the slightest hesitation, making an inviting gesture to Ma Hongjun.

Ma Hongjun looked at Tang San, who gave him an affirming look. And on the other side, Ning Fengzhi and Gu Rong’s expressions both grew full of interest.

A food system Spirit Master challenging a power attack type Spirit Master, even though the spirits of both sides differed by a level, Ma Hongjun was still a Spirit King. Don’t forget that the spirit of this Spirit king was the Fire Phoenix. If not for him not being as hardworking at cultivation as Tang San and Ning Rongrong, by now he should also be at the sixtieth rank or so. In terms of burst power, he definitely ranked among the top of the Shrek Seven Devils.

Ma Hongjun strolled over to stand ten meters in front of Oscar, pinching his fingers, issuing a burst of bone cracking kaka sounds, looking at Ning Rongrong with a rotten smile,
“Don’t worry, Rongrong, I’ll start off leniently.”

Oscar snapped:

While speaking, he put the silvery sausage in his hand into his mouth. Among all his six spirit abilities, only this sixth spirit ability wouldn’t lose effectiveness because he ate it himself.

Ma Hongjun’s chubby body flashed slightly, scarlet red flames abruptly soaring, the surrounding atmosphere immediately distorting, surging heat radiating, that rich flame seeming to form the image of a fire phoenix behind him.

What nobody had expected was that the first to move would be Oscar. With a silver flash of light in his eyes, before Fatty reacted, ten mixed blue, gold and red colored Blue Silver Emperors suddenly shot from the ground, instantly completing a Blue Silver prison, enveloping Fatty’s whole furiously burning body.

Ma Hongjun was gobsmacked, the next moment, Oscar’s right arm was already raised, flashing golden light mixed with a smear of red began to swiftly condense on his right arm.

“This is……”
Ning Fengzhi stared wide eyed.

Oscar’s expression was as free of ripples as a dried out well, but the spirit power he released seemed extremely strong.

From the energy radiating from Oscar’s arm, Ma Hongjun finally sensed a crisis. No longer daring to take it, the flames all over his body suddenly intensified, the two formidable amplifying abilities Bathing Fire Phoenix and Phoenix Ascension simultaneously erupting.

However, the Blue Silver prison trapping him still remained unmoved before such heat, enveloping him extremely solidly.

Oscar’s clone mirror sausage was drawn from Tang San’s blood. Even though he had paid even more spirit power to manufacture it, this sausage still duplicated Tang San’s strength. Even so much that it included the fire and ice immunity within the blood. Even the phoenix flames were unable to melt that Blue Silver Emperor.

However, Ma Hongjun hadn’t cultivated in vain over these years either. Clearly drawing a deep breath, Fatty immediately swelled up, the flames in his surroundings visibly dulling. A condensed until solid flame abruptly spit from his mouth. Rather than calling it a fire wire, it would be better to call it a sharp arrow out of flame condensed until solid.

With an explosion, the compressed Phoenix Fire Wire heavily bombarded the surface of the Blue Silver Prison. The tyrannical explosive force immediately blasted open a crack.

Even if Oscar had now duplicated Tang San’s spirit abilities, he had also consumed fifty percent of his spirit power when he used his sixth spirit ability before. Further supporting Tang San’s fifth spirit ability, the Blue Silver Overlord Spear, immediately produced a feeling somewhat his of strength being unequal to his will. Inwardly he couldn’t help smiling wryly, but he still had no choice but to continue pouring spirit power into his right arm.

Ma Hongjun successively spit out three Phoenix Fire Wires on the Blue Silver Prison before finally blowing open this solid barrier. The enormous wings of flame behind him unfurled, throwing himself at Oscar, his fourth spirit ring simultaneously shining, his tyrannical follow up control ability reinforced with burst strength, Phoenix Heaven Cry Strike, launched.

First putting aside whether Oscar had the speed to dodge the Phoenix Ascension, even if he could, next, Ma Hongjun could inevitably display his potent burst strength. Under constantly unleashed attacks like waves beating the shore, still unfamiliar with Tang San’s spirit abilities, spirit power also largely consumed, it would be very difficult for Oscar to hold out.

Just at this moment, silvery light flashed once again in Oscar’s eyes. Everyone felt a flash before their eyes, and the originally one Oscar had turned into two. From the hands of this second Oscar, countless Blue Silver Emperor flew directly to block Ma Hongjun.

Mirror Doppelgänger, the ability of the mirror skull bone. After launching the effects of the mirror skull bone, Oscar’s mirror sausage duplication effect grew by ten percent, in other words, the originally seventy percent spirit ability duplication effect grew to eighty percent. At the same time, it made an exactly identical clone of him, this clone possessed eighty percent of the main body’s power, and lasted for one minute.

These were all the benefits accorded to Oscar by that twenty thousand year cultivation Mirror Image Beast, that ten percent amplification was the special result of absorbing both the spirit ring and spirit bone of the same spirit beast.

Suddenly faced with one more Oscar, Ma Hongjun was immediately somewhat unprepared. Even though under his tyrannical burst strength, that twenty percent weaker body was unable to harm him, it was still enough to block him. Amidst a loud explosion, the Phoenix Cry Sky Strike landed on the doppelgänger. And immediately, Oscar’s long prepared Blue Silver Overlord Spear was also finally completed.

The doppelgänger was defeated by the Phoenix Cry Sky Strike without the slightest suspense, but that pure gold Blue Silver Overlord Spear was already in front of Fatty.

Ma Hongjun’s had plentiful combat experience, a lot more than Oscar who had only just touched on close combat recently, and wasn’t the slightest bit frantic in a crisis, right arm lifting, rich flames shot out, becoming a three meter long fire phoenix, meeting the Blue Silver Overlord Spear’s attack from the front.

This was the ability of the immolation flame right arm bone awarded to ma Hongjun after the conclusion of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, Phoenix Burst Strike. After combining the spirit bone and his spirit, this ability had formed. And the instantly erupting tyrannical burst attribute flame attack was powerful, in no way inferior to the final strike of the Phoenix Cry Sky Strike. It also consumed very little spirit power. It might be called Ma Hongjun’s secret weapon. It was also after possessing this spirit bone that his phoenix flames gained the explosive attribute, giving him no small advantage against flame immune characteristics like Tang San’s.


A violent explosion suddenly erupted, intense spirit power fluctuations soaring in all directions, Bone Douluo’s figure flashed, already guarding in front of Ning Rongrong and Ning Fengzhi. And Tang San swiftly retreated a few steps.

The intense spirit power pulses made the log house behind them tremble, fortunately the two controlled the collision of their abilities into the air as much as possible, avoiding any irreversible results.

Ma Hongjun was right now in the stun effect added to the Blue Silver Overlord Spear, but Oscar wasn’t feeling any better. He wasn’t Tang San, and even though the Blue Silver Emperor had the fire immunity, he himself didn’t. Further adding the large amount of spirit power consumed by the doppelgänger breaking, right now he was unable to mount any pursuit. If the fight continued, the victor would inevitably be Ma Hongjun.

Of course, this wasn’t to say that Oscar’s spirit ability was weak, but rather due to him creating the clone mirror sausage on the scene, instead of making it in advance, that led to his spirit power being insufficient, unable to support more spirit abilities, and he was also unfamiliar with using Tang San’s spirit abilities.

However, Oscar clearly didn’t want to concede at this point, his right hand extending, black light rushed out, Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer astonishingly appearing in his grasp. Unfortunately, his wrist dropped, the Clear Sky Hammer falling to the ground and disappearing.

Under the influence of Xiao Wu’s spirit bone, after Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer evolved, it’s weight had already reached a terrifying eight hundred jin[1], that wasn’t something the present Oscar could move. He only cloned Tang San’s spirit abilities, not Tang San’s physique.

Ma Hongjun now also recovered from the stunned condition, clearly seeing the appearance of the Clear Sky Hammer in Oscar’s hand falling to the ground, he couldn’t help saying:
“Fuck me, little Ao, when did you get even both of third brother’s spirits?”

Oscar smiled wryly:
“I can use them temporarily. I’m still not practiced. Moreover, I consumed too much spirit power before.”

To the side, ning Fengzhi had already recovered from the shock,
“Just hold on here. Oscar, can’t you explain the effects of this sixth spirit ability for us? Also, if I’m not mistaken, you should also possess a spirit bone.”

Ning Fengzhi was after all the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master, he had already seen a great many things from this battle between Oscar and Ma Hongjun. Ma Hongjun wasn’t just some common Spirit king, with his strength, ordinary Spirit Emperors wouldn’t be his opponents either. Oscar clearly wasn’t practiced with the spirit abilities he copied, and had still consumed a substantial amount of spirit power with the clone ability, but even so, still wasn’t at a disadvantage while contending against Ma Hongjun for a while. For a food system Spirit Master, this was already extremely stunning.

[1] 800斤 = 400 kg

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