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Chapter 166

(TL by Bagelson)

Tang San held the same view as Grandmaster, and hurriedly agreed.

Withdrawing the Eight Spider Lances, Tang San put his jacket back on.

Grandmaster sighed,
“Little San, don’t feel too sad about Xiao Wu. Since there’s a possibility she can resurrect, we’ll always have a chance. Having returned, what are you planning to do?”

Tang San pondered, and said:
“Teacher, at present it seems that Spirit Hall is perhaps mainly conspiring to rule the Continent, increasing the authority of their word one step further. Erasing everything that might influence their voice. Whether you or me, it’s impossible to turn everything around by relying only on our own strength. You’ve chosen to adhere to Heaven Dou Empire. But I don’t want to do that.”

“Eh? Then what are you thinking?”
This time Grandmaster had come in order to have a proper chat with Tang San. He originally planned to ask Tang San support the Heaven Dou Empire like him. After all, the influence of a great empire was formidable enough. As long as it was used appropriately, it would be a shortcut to contending against Spirit Hall.

Tang San’s brows wrinkled slightly, saying:
“Teacher, drawing on Heaven Dou Empire’s strength is admittedly a feasible method. But I believe that the inside circumstances of the imperial family are too complex, I don’t have the time or the desire to get involved in such complex struggles. That would influence my cultivation and future path too much. Before coming to the Academy, I met senior Dugu Bo. His words gave me a very deep impression. You be careful too……”

Immediately, Tang San gave Grandmaster a detailed account of what Dugu Bo told him.

“...... senior Dugu Bo also might not know the full story. I don’t believe that Xue Beng would be better than Xue Qinghe. The relationships within are too complex. I fear we’ll toil for a long time, and finally not even reach our goal, but instead get implicated. Rather than this, I’d be better off developing my own strength. Perhaps I won’t be able to deal with Spirit Hall in one or two days, but it’s still very easy to find Spirit Hall some trouble.”

Hearing Tang San speak, Grandmaster’s face had already fallen. These days, he was also always soaked in hatred, and his choice to walk closer together with the Heaven Dou Empire practically hadn’t passed mature reflection. After now hearing his disciple say this, he also gradually came to himself.

“Like this it seems that this Xue Qinghe is rather complex. Not just us, perhaps even school master Ning is also in the dark. Only, where did you say he got that mixed poison from? Don’t tell me there’s a poison Spirit Master more difficult to deal with than the Poison Douluo?”

Tang San shook his head, saying:
“I don’t know either. But if I were to guess, there might still be Spirit Masters with more powerful poisons than Poison Douluo, but such an outstanding Spirit Master wouldn’t appear on the Continent. If it’s in Xue Qinghe’s service, that can only prove one thing, that there’s inevitably a formidable power backing this Spirit Master. Judging by senior Dugu’s diagnosis of emperor Xue Ye, it’s impossible for this backing power to be the Heaven Dou Empire itself. Then, that only leaves outsiders.”

Grandmaster’s expression changed,
“You’re thinking, it might be Star Luo Empire?”

Tang San shook his head,

“No. I most fear that the power behind it is Spirit Hall.”

The atmosphere in the room abruptly turned silent, Grandmaster and Tang San both sank into a brief reflection. Having heard Tang San’s simple analysis, Grandmaster’s heart suddenly felt very heavy. If it was really as Tang San said, then, what was the meaning in him training these Spirit Masters these days?

“Teacher, I’m thinking like this. I’m preparing to establish a sect. But I want to slowly develop it while relying on one faction. Like this, I’ll have enough time to adjust to changes, and the strength I possess will also be considered my own. No matter how to deal with Spirit Hall later, with a sect to rely on, it can be poured into attack, or guard a retreat. It’ll be a lot more relaxed.”

Grandmaster said:
“You’re thinking of having me help you?”

Tang San shook his head, saying:
“At present emperor Xue Ye trusts you a lot, you can’t leave. Even if the Heaven Dou imperial family’s inside circumstances are tangled and complex, we can’t completely give up on them. If it stabilizes, I think a battle between Spirit Hall and Heaven Dou Empire is unavoidable. They’re using you to train their Spirit Masters, why can’t we use them to deal with Spirit Hall?”

The corners of Grandmaster’s eyes suddenly revealed a gratified light,

“Little San, you really have grown up. It seems you no longer need your teacher’s directions in very many matters. You can do very well on your own. Explain your plans in detail. If it can help you, your teacher definitely won’t spare his strength.”

Tang San smiled slightly. In these days he’d gone over the plan in his mind again, and already had a rough idea.

Compressing sound to a string, Tang San began to relate his plans in detail to Grandmaster. The master and disciple stayed in the room for a full four hours. When Grandmaster left Tang San’s room, the chill in his eyes had already weakened a lot, and besides gratification, the smile on his rigid face didn’t disappear even when he left.

Having consulted with his teacher, Tang San’s plans had become even more complete. Seeing off Grandmaster, he directly went into the courtyard, spreading his spiritual force, exploring Ning Rongrong and Ma Hongjun’s cultivation rooms.

Ma Hongjun seemed to have just finished cultivating. Tang San’s spiritual fluctuations condensed, touching his spiritual force, calling him out. But Ning Rongrong was still cultivating. In these past days, the blow she had suffered wasn’t small. Her heart always longed for Oscar, and with the major events of her sects, she had stayed here in the Academy largely to relieve her boredom, keeping herself from thinking about the matters on the sect’s side.

Originally, as the sect’s successor, she shouldn’t run away like this. However, right now even the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s sect was destroyed. Ning Fengzhi, in extreme fury, was even a bit downhearted. He had a daughter like Rongrong, naturally he didn’t want her to be sad because of her clansmen. Therefore, he also had her stay cultivating in Shrek Academy.

“Third brother, what did you call me for?”
Fatty stretched his body forcefully, his little eyes crammed in by the fat on his face until they almost couldn’t be seen, but occasionally they would still display a radiant light.

Ma Hongjun could be said to be the most simple minded of the Shrek Seven Devils, but he was also the happiest one. The carefree feeling left him without doubts.

There was no skirting the issue between brothers. Tang San looked at Ma Hongjun, saying:
“Fatty, I want to found a sect, I hope you can help me.”

Ma Hongjun stared blankly,
“Found a sect? Third brother, you’re not joking?”

Light flashed in Tang San’s eyes,
“Isn’t Spirit Hall hosting the seven great sect martial competition in one year? Then we’ll properly stir up trouble.”

Fatty grinned,
“Stir it up, I like it. Maybe, in that seven great sects contest, my martial prowess can attract some unaware girls to throw themselves at me.”

Tang San snapped:
“Does your brain have anything other than women?”

Fatty smiled wryly:
“I don’t know either! But as a child I was influenced by that evil fire, I got accustomed to the smell of women. If I go a few days without touching women now, my heart will itch. You six are all in couples, only I’m alone. If I didn’t find some fun, wouldn’t that bore me to death.”

Hearing Fatty mention couples, Tang San’s expression immediately darkened somewhat, looking at Xiao Wu in his embrace without speaking.

Ma Hongjun naturally saw Tang San’s dark mood, and hurriedly said:
“Look at me opening my mouth, saying what shouldn’t be said. Third brother, don’t mind me. What sect do you want to make? I’ll definitely help you. As my brother, is there a need to ask me for help? First tell me the name of the sect, I’ll help you plan, we have to think of a flashy name.”

The light in Tang San’s eyes rose sharply,
“I’ve already decided on the sect’s name. It’s called: Tang Sect.”

“Tang Sect? Why does that sound a bit strange?”
Ma Hongjun looked puzzled at Tang San.

Tang San drew a deep breath. ‘Tang Sect, my home of almost thirty years, I can only use this way to cherish you.’

After coming to this world, even when he was very young, Tang San had dreamed of being able to establish the Tang Sect. To develop and carry forward the Tang Sect on this Douluo Continent. Right now, he had begun to achieve this wish, but it was impossible to make it as simple as in his childhood dreams.

Ma Hongjun said:
“Third brother, aren’t you with the Clear Sky School? If you found a sect on your own, wouldn’t that be a complaint to your Clear Sky School?”

Tang San smiled calmly,
“The Clear Sky School is already sealed, even if I’ve already recognized my ancestors and clan, the Tang Sect doesn’t conflict with the Clear Sky School. They can hereafter have a mutually beneficial relationship. As for what comes later, it will depend on what our Tang Sect can grow into.”

Ma Hongjun laughed out loud, saying:
“Third brother. Now I discover that you really are an idealist. Anyway, I’ll follow you to do it. Right now the Tang Sect only has the two of us, you’re the sect master, then I’m the vice sect master, right?”

Tang San laughed despite himself:
“The sect still hasn’t been founded, but you’re actually thinking about positions. I’ve already thought of the way the sect will be established. I’ve begun to arrange matters in the past few days. You want to be the vice sect master, then you’re the vice sect master. I’ll go out first, I’ve got something to do. If Rongrong wakes up from cultivating, have her wait for me, I have something to talk to her about.”

Before Ma Hongjun could reply, Ning Rongrong’s voice already spread from the room,
“Third brother, if there’s something to say, say it now. I’m done cultivating.”

Opening the door, Ning Rongrong walked out from the room. The previously always lively and vivacious her was no somewhat steady, her charming face even somewhat changed.

Looking at Xiao Wu in Tang San’s arms with a soft gaze, Ning Rongrong as far as possible kept her somber mood from infecting Tang San.

Tang San said:
“Rongrong, what are the circumstances of your Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School right now?”

Ning Rongrong sighed, saying:
“What could it be like? When we just came to Heaven Dou City, we first stayed at the Academy for a while. Then dad brought the clansmen to the imperial palace at the invitation of emperor Xue Ye. Emperor Xue Ye specially opened up an area within the palace grounds for us.”

Tang San said:
“I’d like to see uncle Ning face to face, but not in the Heaven Dou palace, the people there are talkative. I have things to discuss with uncle. Rongrong, can you ask uncle Ning to make a trip here?”

In terms of status, it should naturally be Tang San visiting, but Ning Rongrong saw from Tang San’s serious expression that her third brother definitely wanted to talk to her father about something important. She immediately nodded without the slightest hesitation:
“Alright, I’ll go find father. How about tonight, is that alright?”

Tang San smiled:

“No problem. Then I’ll trouble you. Only, besides uncle Ning, don’t let anyone know I’ve returned. Especially those Heaven Dou imperial family people. Tell uncle Ning what I said before, he’ll understand my difficulties.”

Ning Rongrong smiled widely,
“What trouble. Do we still need to talk like that? Don’t worry, dad will definitely want to see you. Without meeting for five years, if I didn’t say anything, he definitely wouldn’t recognize you.”

Ma Hongjun to the side couldn’t help laughing:
“Your description is too vague, if other people heard it, they’d think you had some special relationship.”

Ning Rongrong shot him a glare, saying:
“Damn Fatty, don’t talk drivel in front of Xiao Wu. I’m leaving.”

Tang San said:

His desire to establish the Tang Sect wasn’t a sudden thought, but had rather passed mature reflection. One sect, could never be just him and Ma Hongjun.

Leaving the Shrek Academy, Ning Rongrong said goodbye to Tang San with a smile, then left towards the imperial palace.

Just when Tang San prepared to leave for his own destination, suddenly, his spiritual sense pulsed once, a feeling of being spied on sharply raising his alertness.

Even if he wasn’t using the Blue Silver Domain, along with the growth of his spiritual force, even when Tang San didn’t control it in detail, there would still be a spiritual force field in his surroundings. This range wasn’t large, but if there were spiritual pulses clearly directed at him, he could sense them immediately.

This was the gate of the Shrek Academy, Tang San naturally didn’t fear anything. His gaze freezing, an ice cold murderous spirit suddenly spread from him, thrusting in the direction of that spy.

Turning a corner, a completely grey clothed figure walked out. This person expressed an unfathomable aura, without using his Deathgod Domain, Tang San was astonished to discover that he unexpectedly couldn’t target this person.

This person’s aura gave him an impression somewhat like a spirit douluo. Even though it was far from the strength of a Spirit Douluo, his energy fluctuations made Tang San’s heart shiver, the corners of his eyes immediately flourishing with killing intent.

The experts Ghost Douluo and Chrysanthemum douluo brought to hunt Xiao Wu were all one of the enemies Tang San had to kill, and now finding someone with an aura somewhat similar to Spirit Douluo spying on him immediately ignited the flames of vengeance within Tang San’s heart.

The grey clothed person wasn’t only wearing grey, on his head was also a conical bamboo hat, from which hung a chi long cloth, concealing the face.

“Who are you?”
Tang San asked coldly.

An equally cold killing intent spread out from the counterpart, ice cold, reeking of blood, even if it wasn’t as strong as Tang San’s Deathgod Domain, Tang San could still judge just from the counterparts killing intent that this person in front of him definitely wasn’t a common scholarly Spirit Master, but rather someone who had passed a true baptism of blood. Moreover, the counterpart was clearly filled with hostility towards him.

Someone sent by Spirit Hall? This was Tang San’s first thought. Raising his foot, walking towards the counterpart step by step. With each step, the pressure he radiated grew a bit stronger. He still didn’t want to easily use his spirit, after all, that red hundred thousand year spirit ring really was too conspicuous.

In order to avoid unnecessary crisis befalling Xiao Wu, Tang San placed her into his Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse. His killing aura rose once again. If he confirmed the opponent was from Spirit Hall, he definitely wouldn’t hold back.

The grey clothed person’s both hands were suddenly behind his back, a slight sonorous sound echoing from behind.

Hearing this voice, Tang San couldn’t help staring blankly, because this voice was extremely familiar. His mind twitching, his steps halted. Watching the counterpart closely, he asked once again:
“Who are you?”

The grey clothed person didn’t cower back in the slightest in front of the pressure Tang San released, nor did any clear mood fluctuations appear, this proved that his spirit power level wasn’t much lower than Tang San’s.

Seeing him stretch one hand under his veil, Tang San with Purple Demon Eye managed to just see something silvery flash in the counterpart’s palm.

“Just who are you? Why are you together with Ning Rongrong?”
A somewhat hoarse voice echoed from under the veil.

Hearing this voice, Tang San immediately felt somewhat familiar, the killing intent in his mind dropping somewhat,
“What relationship I have with Rongrong, how is it related to you?”

“Rongrong? An intimate appellation!”
The grey clothed person’s voice abruptly turned menacing, that hand behind him suddenly throwing out, amidst resounding noise, a series of broken shadows shot straight for Tang San.

As early as when the slight sounds appeared before, Tang San was already prepared. Left hand waving slightly, more than ten tiny flashes shot like lightning from his fingertips.

A series of ear piercing colliding sounds accompanied a series of sparks in the air. Even though the sixteen flying needles Tang San launched couldn’t knock away the opponent’s attack, it was still enough to make them change trajectory, shooting off in all directions. In using hidden weapons, perhaps no one in the Douluo Continent could compare to him.

Just at the same time, blue light rushed out, Tang San finally couldn’t help moving. Blue Silver Emperor agitatedly came out, countless Blue Silver Emperors discharging from his body with countless red and golden colored lights, swiftly moving at the opponent.

With Tang San’s strength and battle methods, he originally wouldn’t use a method like this to attack the opponent, but the opponent launching an attack on him made him change his mind, but a lot of his killing intent had already disappeared.

The location of the Shrek Academy wasn’t any flourishing district, and right now it was morning, there were no people on the road, only the students on duty at the Shrek Academy gate saw this scene.

Two yellow, one purple, two black, one red, six spirit rings calmly appeared around Tang San. Especially that last strangely blood red ring of light almost made people choke. With the appearance of the six spirit rings, the pressure Tang San emitted was immediately entirely different.

That grey clothed person’s aura clearly slowed, two yellow, two purple, two black, equally six spirit rings appeared around him. A lump of silvery light exploded from his head, and with a shake, unexpectedly transformed into an exactly identical figure.

Doppelgänger? Tang San was inwardly alarmed, the Blue Silver Emperor he released immediately spreading all around, a blue light halo releasing from him, Blue Silver Domain already fully in use.

Under the effect of the Blue Silver Domain, the ends of all the Blue Silver Emperors stood upright, swiftly enveloping that grey clothed man within their range like a Blue Silver Emperor forest.

“From where did you get your Godly Zhuge Crossbow?”

“Why do you have the Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges?”

The two spoke up practically simultaneously. Only Tang San’s voice was filled with astonishment, but the counterpart’s voice held more killing intent.

Glancing at the opponent’s hands, those were two already swollen large hands, fluctuations of tyrannical force radiating from within.

Tang San couldn’t help scratching his head somewhat. He had only given Godly Zhuge Crossbows to the Shrek Seven Devils and the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School people. Judging by the fluctuations of power from the opponent, he wasn’t like that person in his memories, could it be a Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School person? That still didn’t necessitate such great hostility because Ning Rongrong was together with him.

Tang San flicked his wrist, his own Godly Zhuge Crossbow falling into his hand,
“Whether the Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges or the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, these are all my things. Why couldn’t I have them?”

The grey clothed person’s mood clearly grew agitated,
“Farts, those are little San’s.”

Light flashed in Tang San’s eyes, saying with shock:
“Oscar, is it really you?”

Hearing Tang San call his name, Oscar clearly looked distracted, his voice somewhat strange:
“You, you recognize me?”

Tang San swiftly withdrew his spirit, angrily saying:
“Bullshit, you attacked me with the Godly Zhuge Crossbow I made, you also say the Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges is mine, playing around with being so mysterious, who else could it be. You really have returned alive.”

Oscar also stared blankly. This youth in front of him, whether in appearance or temperament, didn’t have the slightest resemblance to the previous Tang San, but the excitement no displayed in his eyes really wasn’t fake. Returning from experiencing the bitter cold of the north for five years, he had matured a lot compared to before. Not easily daring to believe it was Tang San, he swiftly retreated two steps, saying in a low voice:
“Don’t come over.”

Tang San halted, snapping:
“Little Ao, you still don’t believe me? Let’s go, follow me to see Teacher. With Teacher as proof, you’ll believe it. Since you’ve returned, what are you doing like an evil spirit like this? Do you know how much Rongrong has missed you?”


“You really are Tang San?”

Tang San stared speechlessly at him,

Finished speaking, he was going to walk into the Academy.

“Hold on, I can’t go to the Academy. We’ll find someplace outside to chat.”
Oscar hastily blocked Tang San. While speaking, he withdrew his doppelgänger, both hands also recovered to normal. Even if he couldn’t believe this youth in front of him was Tang San, judging by how Tang San came out from the Shrek Academy, and still that excited expression just now, it still made the hostility in his heart gradually fade. Of course, his guard still didn’t relax.

Tang San stared blankly, but didn’t ask further,
“Then let’s go.”

Leading the way, Tang San brought Oscar to the tea house closest to the Academy. He originally had something to do, but compared to Oscar’s return, the importance of that was far less. Whether his voice or all kinds of signs, all made clear that this grey clothed person was Oscar, but Tang San vaguely felt that something was amiss with the present Oscar, but as for what the concrete issue was, he didn’t understand either.

When the two were seated in a private room, Tang San said to Oscar:

He also wanted to first make sure that this person in front of him was Oscar, otherwise how could he speak of his experiences?

Oscar was vigilant towards Tang San, and Tang San was also equally vigilant towards him. Visible in how Tang San didn’t take out Xiao Wu.

“First let me see your Clear Sky Hammer. In addition, tell me what you once gave me to eat.“
Oscar said in a low voice.

Tang San raised his left hand without the slightest hesitation, the Clear Sky Hammer quietly appearing in his grasp. Under his meticulous control, it didn’t distribute any of its overbearing aura. At the same time, he said to Oscar:
“Back then I fed you a Six Petal Immortal Orchid, by now it should be more or less absorbed. Actually, how many people our age can reach six spirit rings? Little Ao, you know, everyone’s missed you very much, for you, Rongrong has suffered a lot these years.”

“Little San, it’s really you?”
When the four words ‘Six Petal Immortal Orchid’ appeared from Tang San’s mouth, Oscar already believed. This secret was only known by them Shrek Seven Devils and Grandmaster.

Raising his right hand, Oscar took off his bamboo hat.

Oscar appeared before Tang San. The full beard across his face almost hid his appearance. His hair was also disheveled. The only facial features of his that could be clearly seen might have been his slightly changed peach blossom eyes. At the side of his left eye, a scar stretched from the corner of his eye all the way down into his beard.

Their eyes met, agitated and excited moods visible. Getting up almost simultaneously, they have each other a forceful bear hug.

Tang San raised his hand to pound Oscar’s chest,
“Since you’ve returned, why didn’t you enter the Academy? You should know about what’s happened to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. Your hostility towards me was because you saw me walking together with Rongrong, jealous?”

Oscar didn’t conceal it, nodding silently, raising his hand to point at the scar on his face,
“I look like this, how can I still see Rongrong. I’m already satisfied with being able to see her from the dark.”

“You won’t go see Rongrong because of that scar?”
Tang San’s intonation rose somewhat.

Oscar didn’t reply, once again sitting back in his seat.

“Oscar. You bastard. Who do you take Rongrong for? Do you know how she’s missed you? Do you think Rongrong would dislike you because of your face?”
Grabbing Oscar’s collar, Tang San forcefully pulled him up.

Oscar didn’t quite dare look straight at Tang San’s gaze, sadly saying:
“Little San, you don’t understand, Rongrong is even more beautiful than five years ago, I’m not suited for her. Looking like this, how would you have me go find her?”

Slowly releasing his grip on Oscar’s collar, pushing him back in his seat, Tang San slowly walked back to his seat and sat down. He understood that Oscar always felt a bit inferior to Rongrong. Oscar came from a common family, and Ning Rongrong was the direct successor of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, their statuses could be said to be poles apart. Moreover, Oscar was still a food system Spirit Master. It was difficult to avoid feelings of inferiority. Otherwise Oscar wouldn’t have chosen to leave back then, going out to learn on his own.

Tang San’s sudden calm left Oscar somewhat uncomfortable. Looking at him sitting in front of him, Oscar wanted to say something, but still didn’t speak up.

He had already returned several days ago. First he had gone to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, and as a result found that place deserted. When asking about he had learned of what happened to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. At that time Oscar’s heart had been extremely anxious, fearing that Ning Rongrong had been harmed, after asking around more, he had chased her to Heaven Dou City. Near Shrek Academy he had heard Ning Rongrong was alright, and always waited for her at the Academy gate.

Today his wait finally came to an end. When he saw Ning Rongrong again, his heart seemed to leap out of his throat, but, very quickly that excited mood turned into pain. Watching Ning Rongrong leave the Academy together with an extremely handsome youth, again thinking of the scar on his face, he felt as if strangled with distress. Naturally an intense hostility had risen towards Tang San. Now he knew his misunderstanding, but he still didn’t have the courage to go see Ning Rongrong.

In five years, Tang San had become handsome, but he had become disfigured. How could he confront the woman he loved with these feelings of inferiority?

Sitting on the other side, Tang San took out Xiao Wu from the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse. On leaving the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, that crystalline white furred little rabbit immediately rubbed against Tang San’s injuries.

Softly touching Xiao Wu’s long ears, Tang San held her in his arms, faintly saying:
“At least you can still silently watch your lover from a distance, but, my Xiao Wu doesn’t even have a human form anymore. You might be feeling emotional, but, even if I were even sadder, right now I still can’t see my Xiao Wu again.”

Tang San’s gaze was very calm, but from his words, Oscar could could clearly sense that profound sadness.

“Little San, what do you mean?”
Oscar looked frightened at the white rabbit in Tang San’s embrace.

Tang San raised his head, looking straight at his peach blossom eyes,
“I’m telling you, it’s Xiao Wu. My Xiao Wu.”

Oscar was dumbfounded,
“This, what’s going on?”

Tang San’s faced displayed a trace of bitterness,

“What use is being handsome? If I could choose, I’d rather be hideous than to let Xiao Wu suffer any harm. But now, even if I paid everything, it’s still impossible for her to be alive. That day, after me and Xiao Wu were saved by father, ……”

Oscar quietly listened to Tang San’s account of these few years, Tang San spoke of his crippled father, his dead mother, and still Xiao Wu sacrificing herself to save him. All of this, everything in Tang San’s calm narration, touched Oscar’s heart.

Oscar had originally believed he had suffered in these few years, but compared to Tang San in front of him, he suddenly felt that the hardships he had endured didn’t count for anything.

Just as Tang San said, no matter how it was put, right now Ning Rongrong was at least alive and could be seen. But Xiao Wu was only a soulless rabbit.

“...... and now you know where my hundred thousand year spirit ring came from. If I had the choice, I’d only want my Xiao Wu. That said, I only want to tell you one thing, treasure the people before you. If you really lose them one day, there won’t be enough time for regret.”

Oscar’s peach blossom eyes had long ago reddened,
“Little San, I’m sorry. I didn’t know, you and Xiao Wu actually……”

Tang San waved his hand, interrupting Oscar,
“Don’t apologize to me. You should go talk to Rongrong. Yes, perhaps you didn’t have the power to protect her before. But she still wished even more for you to be at her side. Now is Rongrong’s weakest time, since you’ve already returned, if you still don’t protect her, then, you really might lose her forever, understand?”

“I understand. Little San, it’s my wrong. Let’s go, I’ll follow you back right now. No matter what comes after, whether school master Ning agrees to let Rongrong be together with me, I won’t leave her again. Even if I can only guard at her side, my heart will still be content.”

Speaking, Oscar shot to his feet, the light in his peach blossom eyes no longer slack.

Tang San’s face revealed a trace of a gratified smile. Softly caressing Xiao Wu’s fur, in his heart thinking, ‘Xiao Wu, you see? Rongrong and little Ao can be together, be happy for them with me. We’ll always be together. No matter what price must be paid. I guarantee it.’

Without realizing it before, Oscar’s heart had always been tormented by pain. Now coming to a realization, he was impatient to see Rongrong, grabbing the bamboo hat from the table and walking outside.

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