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Chapter 165

(TL by Bagelson)

Liu Erlong was somewhat temperamental, and these days she was especially twitchy, and having heard what was said was immediately angry, raising her right hand, tyrannical spirit power fluctuations immediately suppressed the Spirit Master in front of her.

Grandmaster shouted, blocking Liu Erlong’s actions.

Slowly walking over in front of that Spirit Master, Grandmaster nodded to him,
“Fine, I’ll train with you. As long as I still haven’t fallen, you can’t halt either.”

Hearing this, Liu Erlong couldn’t help being anxious,
“Xiao Gang, don’t be impulsive, remember your age, and moreover, you haven’t been resting these days, how can you play around like this.”

The corner of that rebelling Spirit Master’s mouth twitched, saying in a low voice:
“I knew he couldn’t. Just abuses us.”

Grandmaster looked towards Liu Erlong with a gloomy gaze,

Even though his intonation was very flat, his tone was unquestionable. Even a powerful woman like Liu Erlong unexpectedly didn’t dare prevent him at this moment.

“When there are matters for a disciple to handle, Teacher, let me train with them. I also want to take a look at how strong so-called impossible training is.”

Hearing this voice, Grandmaster’s ice cold expression finally changed a lot. Astonished turning his head, looking in the direction the voice came from, he found Tang San carrying a white rabbit, walking over with large strides, very quickly reaching him.

“You’re back.”
Looking at his disciple, Grandmaster couldn’t help all sorts of feelings welling up. Even to the extent that he didn’t notice Xiao Wu in his arms.

Tang San nodded to Grandmaster, then turned to that robust Spirit Master, saying:
“I’ll represent Grandmaster to train with you. I’ll do twice the training you do. No one has ever researched the extent of human limits. I’m Grandmaster’s disciple, so I’ll prove Grandmaster’s theory to you.”

The robust Spirit Master said somewhat disdainfully:
“You can talk big when you don’t know how we’ve trained. I want to see your double training.”

Tang San stroked Xiao Wu in his embrace, walking over to Liu Erlong, handing her over,
“Teacher Erlong, I’ll trouble you to help me hold her. This is Xiao Wu.”

Liu Erlong stared blankly. Taking Xiao Wu from Tang San, for a moment she didn’t understand what he was saying.

Tang San turned and walked over to that robust Spirit Master, looking straight at him face to face,
“If I do it, apologize to Teacher.”

While speaking, he walked to the center of the field with large strides, then turned to Grandmaster,
“Teacher, please guide me.”

Tang San’s appearance finally made Grandmaster’s gaze soften somewhat. Nodding, Grandmaster said:
“You will run laps under Zhao Wuji’s Gravity Control. Gravity is tripled. Twenty laps. You may not use spirit power or spirit abilities.”

The place where Zhao Wuji was the center of this practice field, relying on his Spirit Douluo strength, he could just spread his Gravity Control over the surrounding field.

Tang San nodded to Zhao Wuji,
“Teacher Zhao, I’ll trouble you. Give me six times gravity.”

Zhao Wuji smiled faintly, nodding to Tang San. Even though his gravity strengthening ability wasn’t true gravity control, unable to weaken gravity, his present strength was still enough to strengthen gravity by ten times.

The light of the third spirit ring brightened, six times gravity directly falling on Tang San.

Tang San felt himself sink. His gaze turned to those halted students,

As his words fell he was already running.

Tang San didn’t run very fast, but the length of every step was practically equal, moving forward at an even speed. Very soon he came running up the outer ring.

Those students weren’t too convinced Tang San really was enduring six times gravity right now, and subconsciously approached him. As Tang San passed by them, they immediately felt a formidable pressure, almost falling paralyzed to the ground from the weight. Then they were certain Zhao Wuji wasn’t throwing the game for Tang San.

Of course, this couldn’t make them give up on inspecting. Each Spirit Master carefully observed Tang San. If he used spirit power, there would naturally be spirit power fluctuations, and they could instantly spot it.

However, they very soon discovered that not only didn’t Tang San use spirit power, his running speed also started to accelerate.

Tang San was no longer the Tang San from back then. Two hundred years, one thousand year, two ten thousand year, one hundred thousand year, six spirit rings had a frightful growth effect on his body. Let alone when he still had the baptism of two great immortal herbs, and the attribute growth of four spirit rings. The power of his physical body wasn’t something a human could compare to, not even the Motionless Bright king Zhao Wuji.

Very soon, ten laps had passed, and Tang San was going faster and faster, the expression in his eyes without changing in the slightest, his breathing even. His complexion was level, just as if nothing was going on.

“Teacher Zhao, apply your strongest gravity.”
Tang San yelled to Zhao Wuji when he started his eleventh lap.

Zhao Wuji secretly laughed, a little monster really was a little monster. With him taking Grandmaster’s fights, this time there was a good show to see. While his heart thought so, his mouth warned:

Rather than saying this was his reminder to Tang San, it would be better to say he was telling those dumbstruck students.

Gravity increased once again, but Tang San didn’t slow at all, the only change was that his face was a lot more flushed.

These Heaven Dou imperial family Spirit Masters were all new transfers, and they hadn’t seen the the Shrek Five Devils fight Zhao Wuji and Flender last time, so they naturally didn’t recognize Tang San. Watching Tang San unexpectedly madly rush around under such terrifying gravity while relying only on his physical strength, everyone were instantly dumbfounded. The mouth of that robust Spirit Master that previously provoked Grandmaster hung open even further, looking at him with incredulity.

Twenty laps finished very quickly. Tang San once again returned to the center of the field, saluting to Grandmaster,

Grandmaster waved his hand to Tang San, indicating he come over. Tang San very quickly reached Grandmaster, and right now, only a faint sheen of sweat was visible on his forehead.

His eyes displaying a gratified expression, Grandmaster turned to the previously yelling robust Spirit Master,
“Now you tell me, twenty laps in triple gravity, is that an impossible task for humans?”

The robust Spirit Master stupidly looked at Tang San,
“You, are you really human?”

At these words, even Grandmaster and Liu Erlong’s faces couldn’t help displaying a slight smile.

Liu Erlong kicked over that robust Spirit Master with one foot,
“Less nonsense, return to your position. Everyone who stopped right now, start over with your laps. Begin. Whoever causes trouble again, don’t blame me for being blunt.”

That robust Spirit Master even leaned over to run back to his unit, but still couldn’t help turning his head to look at Tang San,

“Brother, what rank is your spirit power now? Was your physical strength trained by Grandmaster?”

Tang San nodded to him,
“I cultivated under Grandmaster’s instructions from childhood, right now I’m sixty sixth rank.”

Putong—— The robust Spirit Master’s legs softened, falling to the ground.

“Ho-, how much?”
His voice trembled somewhat.

Tang San calmly said:

While speaking, a formidable pressure abruptly radiated from him, instantly spreading over the whole field, giving each training Spirit Master a feeling of being unable to breathe.

These Spirit Masters were for the most part at the fortieth or fiftieth level of spirit power. Capable of making them feel such pressure, only sixtieth rank Spirit Masters and above could manage it. Therefore, even though Tang San didn’t release his spirit rings, these Spirit Masters were already convinced beyond a doubt of what he said.

All the Heaven Dou Empire affiliated Spirit Masters were stupefied. When the robust Spirit Master looked at Grandmaster again, his expression had undergone a heaven and earth revolving change, deferentially bowing deeply to Grandmaster,
“I’m sorry. Grandmaster, just now I offended you. I accept my punishment.”

Grandmaster evenly said:
“Another ten laps.”

The robust Spirit Master’s body trembled, but he still quickly returned to the squad, running with the other Spirit Masters under Zhao Wuji’s gravity control.

Grandmaster sighed lightly, clapping Tang San’s shoulder,
“If all of them were as obedient as you all were back then, Heaven Dou Empire would inevitably be able to compete with Spirit Hall one day.”

“Little San, you said this is Xiao Wu? How is that possible?”
Liu Erlong looked doubtfully at Tang San.

Tang San hurriedly moved over to Liu Erlong, pulling back Xiao Wu do his embrace. He discovered that even when Xiao Wu had turned into a rabbit, leaving her for even such a short while, his heart felt a bit restless.

“Teacher, teacher Erlong, let’s find somewhere quiet to talk.”

Seeing Tang San’s darkening expression, Grandmaster and Liu Erlong knew that something had definitely happened.

The couple didn’t say anything else, bringing Tang San into the forest to the side.

“Little San, speak.”
Grandmaster nodded to Tang San.

Tang San stroked Xiao Wu in his arms, his with great difficulty calmed heart dashing once again. Grandmaster was his family, seeing Grandmaster, all the defensive walls in his heart collapsed. The rims of his eyes reddening, he said:
“Teacher, you might have guessed it at the end of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, but Xiao Wu isn’t human. But rather a hundred thousand year spirit beast. It’s also just because of this that Bibi Dong originally wanted to attack her back then. It was my father who appeared timely and brought us away.”

The pupils of Liu Erlong’s eyes suddenly contracted,
“You’re not telling me, that this little rabbit you’re holding really is Xiao Wu.”

Tang San nodded, then immediately recounted in detail the events since leaving the Academy and entering the Star Dou Great Forest.

As he spoke of how Xiao Wu sacrificed herself to save him, he was already sobbing uncontrollably.

“...... it’s all my fault, I didn’t protect Xiao Wu.”
Holding Xiao Wu, Tang San knelt on the ground in front of Liu Erlong with a putong sound.

Grandmaster’s body trembled slightly, and Liu Erlong was equally sobbing voicelessly, both hands firmly grasping Tang San’s shoulders,
“Spirit Hall, Bibi Dong, I’ll kill you.”

In a violent rage, Liu Erlong turned and walked away.

Tang San hurriedly took a step forward, catching Liu Erlong’s arm,
“Teacher Erlong, don’t be impulsive.”

Liu Erlong fiercely threw off Tang San’s hand,
“Impulsive? Why can’t I be impulsive? Tang San, if you’re still a man, follow me to Spirit Hall. Even if I die, I’ll still turn the sky and earth upside down.”


“What use is doing that? You’ll only sacrifice yourself in vain. It’s already happened, don’t tell me you’ll also bring little San to die with you?”

Staring at Grandmaster, Liu Erlong’s lips trembled. Finally, she threw herself into Grandmaster’s embrace, crying bitterly. Her clan was destroyed, her clansmen massacred, even the goddaughter who was the only one she had entrusted her heart to had been turned into this by Spirit Hall. The grief and indignation within her heart had already reached a peak. If she didn’t cry, she might directly go insane.

Grandmaster pulled Liu Erlong in tight, looking at the tearful Tang San,
“Alright, men, men of character, may bleed but not cry. Spirit Hall owes us a debt. There will be one day when it’s repaid a hundredfold. What happened to Xiao Wu can’t be blamed on you. You couldn’t have done any better. What you will do right now is to increase your strength as quickly as possible, the sooner you reach the Title Douluo Level, the sooner you can help her resurrect. Understand?”

Tang San wiped his tears, heavily nodding to Grandmaster.

Grandmaster said:

Just as he said this, Grandmaster’s body suddenly went swayed. Liu Erlong in his arms was in close contact, and reacted immediately, hurriedly pulling Grandmaster in close, but discovered his complexion was already pale, he had unexpectedly already passed out.

“Teacher, what’s going on?”
Tang San jumped from fright, hurriedly stepping forward and helping Grandmaster lay down on the ground.

Liu Erlong said with teary eyes:
“Ever since the clan was destroyed, he’s always made himself work stressfully. Hasn’t given himself a chance to catch his breath. You also brought this bad news about Xiao Wu, and he also relaxed a bit when he saw you. His body is finally unable to hold up, Little San, if you were a few days late, I don’t know what would have happened to him.”

Tang San took out a Dragon Zoysia Leaf from the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse and stuffed it into Grandmaster’s mouth, pressing on Grandmaster’s chest with both hands, slowly massaging.

His spirit power was the Mysterious Heaven Skill, the most orthodox sect inner skill. Under his meticulous control, a gentle inner force twined into Grandmaster’s chest and stomach, urging the Dragon Zoysia Leaf’s medicinal effect to enter his blood, helping him bank up his vitality.

The circumstances of Grandmaster’s body were still pretty good, having eaten that Purple Zoysia Tang San gave him back then. Now with Tang San’s Dragon Zoysia Leaf added to the Mysterious Heaven Skill, in a while of work, he could be heard breathing deeply, slowly waking up.


“I’m alright.”

Tang San sternly said:
“Teacher, you can’t go on like this. If your body collapses, then who will lead us against Spirit Hall later? You’re mentally overdrawn, you have to rest more. Don’t say anything. I’ll have you rest properly for a while even if I have to tie you up. Leave training those Spirit Masters to teacher Zhao and teacher Erlong.”

Seeing Tang San and Liu Erlong’s gazes, Grandmaster finally surrendered, irresistible painful tears flowing. Closing his eyes, he nodded silently.

Men’s lives would always be more wearing than women. That men didn’t cry wasn’t because they didn’t hurt, but because men had to be strong. Suppressing everything in their hearts no matter what. Just because of this, men would never live as long as women.

Tang San brought back Grandmaster to his room on his back, guarding at his side while he slept, then left the room. He had a great many things to say to Grandmaster, but now clearly wasn’t the time. He’d wait for Grandmaster’s body to recover.

Seeing that Grandmaster had agreed to rest properly, Liu Erlong also heaved a sigh of relief. She couldn’t bear the tiredness of several days either, and fell asleep next to Grandmaster.

Closing their door, besides their room, Tang San directly went to the dean’s office to find Flender, telling him about what happened to Xiao Wu.

Finished listening to Tang San’s story, even though Flender wasn’t as impulsive as Liu Erlong, he still angry enough to make corpses jump, calming down after a long time.

“Little San, what are you preparing to do now?”
Flender asked.

Tang San said:
“First I plan to cultivate a while, and also make some useful hidden weapons.”

Flender nodded, saying:
“Right now Rongrong and Ma Hongjun are both cultivating in the Academy. You can stay together. Mubai and Zhuqing returned to the Star Luo Empire. Come find me if you need anything. Right now the Heaven Dou Empire is supporting us with their full strength. Resources are no problem.”

Tang San nodded, saying:
“Then I’ll trouble you.”

Flender looked at Xiao Wu in Tang San’s embrace, his eyes brimming with sadness,

“What trouble? You little monsters were all fostered by my hands. I haven’t married in all my life, you’re like my own children. Seeing Xiao Wu like this, I really wish I could go kill my way through Spirit Hall with Liu Erlong. Fine. Don’t talk about it. You’re tired from travelling, go rest first. Rongrong and Ma Hongjun are both staying in that forest cottage you cultivated in. There’s plenty of space, you go there too. Rongrong’s mood hasn’t been good recently either, the casualties of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School directly related disciples were disastrous. Ai, why do you children run into such trouble……”

Three monsters met again, but it was difficult to be happy. Tang San found a place to stay in the forest cottage. After learning about Xiao Wu, it was difficult for Ning Rongrong and ma Hongjun to avoid grief. Everyone’s hatred for Spirit Hall had imperceptibly already reached a peak.

Three days later.

Tang San sat cross legged in his room, Xiao Wu placed next to him. Bizarrely, even turned back into her original form and with her mind lost, even if Tang San didn’t pay attention to her, Xiao Wu still scampered around within a five meter range of him.

Tang San had always cultivated in the past three days, stabilizing the advancements Xiao Wu’s hundred thousand year spirit ring as well as Eight Spider Lances’ evolution brought his body.

Tang San discovered that even though his spirit power rose more than six ranks this time, because it rose so quickly, his foundation was somewhat unsteady. For a very long time hereafter, he had to cultivate in order to stabilize his spirit power. Finally above the sixtieth rank, the speed of of Spirit Masters’ improvement would clearly drop. Even these geniuses were no exception. Tang San also understood that he couldn’t rush, otherwise he’d only reach the opposite result. Therefore, he steadfastly cultivated.

He knew that, compared to his father, he was still considered lucky. At least Xiao Wu still had the hope to resurrect, and could also always stay with him. As long as he wasn’t cultivating, Tang San would carry Xiao Wu outside, breathing in the fresh air, bathing in the sunlight. Telling Xiao Wu about what was on his mind.

His skill circulation perfected, a great heaven circuit closed, his Mysterious Heaven Skill had also stabilized somewhat. With Mysterious Heaven Skill breaking through the sixth tier, that is, after the sixtieth rank spirit power, he could already manifest internal strength externally. In Tang San’s previous world, this was also known as protective big dipper qi. This was also a reason why he had to stabilize his internal strength. Otherwise, the protective big dipper qi would have gaps, and couldn’t be used for comprehensive defense.

Exhaling a white energy left his mouth, revolving around Tang San quivering with a tiny cry just like a dragon. After connecting the eight extraordinary meridians, his Mysterious Heaven Skill had entered another level of cultivation. With the experience from his last world, further adding the instructions of Grandmaster in this life, Tang San clearly understood that cultivation relied mainly on stability.

Expression shifting slightly, Tang San stood up and pulled open the door. Grandmaster quietly stood in the doorway to his room. After these few days of rest, Grandmaster’s expression already seemed a lot better, only the ice chill in his eyes showed no intent of dissipating, on the contrary growing even denser.

Tang San hurriedly let Grandmaster into the room. He knew that Grandmaster definitely hadn’t come here just now, only he hadn’t knocked in so as not to disturb his cultivation. Even though this was only a tiny detail, it still showed how much concern Grandmaster showed for him.

Grandmaster looked at his beloved disciple, his face displaying a rare smile,

He had worked with researching spirits for more than half his life, even though he fainted, he had still recorded Tang San’s words in his heart, and was extremely mindful about these unusual circumstances.

Tang San naturally knew Grandmaster’s temperament, and also didn’t say anything. Removing his clothes, placing Xiao Wu aside on the bed, he immediately circulated spirit power, releasing his twice evolved Eight Spider Lances.

As the blood red Eight Spider Lances broke out of Tang San’s back, Grandmaster couldn’t help drawing a cold breath. A dense blood reeking aura radiated from those curtailed to three meters long blood red Eight Spider Lances, filling the entire room with a ruthless energy. Even Tang San’s eyes turned blood colored.

Strangely, this time the armor from last time didn’t appear. Tang San only felt a wave of heat on his back, but after the burning feeling covered his back it no longer spread, lacking the protection of his front from last time, and the other three spirit bones didn’t react either.

Tang San somewhat astonished poured his spirit power into the Eight Spider Lances, but the Eight Spider Lances only grew a deeper blood color, without any changes appearing.

“Teacher, last time wasn’t like this.”
Tang San spoke somewhat anxiously. He didn’t want Grandmaster to think his words before were unfounded.

Grandmaster’s eyes revealed a somewhat pondering light,

Finished speaking, he quickly stepped around behind Tang San, carefully observing the Eight Spider Lances.

He naturally couldn’t see his own back, but Grandmaster clearly saw a layer of fiery red plate armor covering his entire back. The design was completely the same as the muscles it covered, like a part of his body, along with the movements of Tang San’s upper body, the armor also shifted with the muscles. This was also why Tang San only felt a hot feeling and nothing else. This armor appearing on his back was unexpectedly completely a part of his body.

Done looking at the armor on his back, Grandmaster also carefully observed the changes in Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances. The Eight Spider Lances were rendered with a layer of cun deep blood colored light, the wicked blood reeking aura extremely strong. When observing carefully, one could even catch some monstrous aura within.

Grandmaster moved around in front of Tang San again, saying:
“Describe what you sensed back then again in detail.”

Tang San nodded, saying:
“Back then I only felt the Eight Spider Lances had changed, completely turned blood red, and at the same time, my back was very hot, a scorching feeling passing from my back around to my chest. After that I finally saw the blood colored armor appearing. Just when I thought the Eight Spider Lances had mutated, my three other spirit bones also all changed. The armor that spread linked up. Only each spirit bone was different according to their attributes, and also gave me different feelings. Only when they combined with the Eight Spider Lances armor on my chest, did they also turn to blood red armor. It felt, besides strengthening my defensive power, all my abilities were also released together, and each ability had a certain amplifying effect, and the spirit power consumption also dropped drastically.”

“At the time I felt as if something shattered within me, and also as if something fused together. But each spirit bone gave a different feeling, making me very uncomfortable. Only the increase in strength was certain. At the same time as all my past spirit abilities didn’t decline, the spirit power consumed by the spirit abilities dropped by ten percent. The power also rose ten percent. Under that amplification, my overall strength increase a lot.”

A pleasantly surprised expression was now in Grandmasters eyes, he suddenly clapped his hands,
“I understand. It seems my conjecture was right. Even though it’s only an embryonic form, it’s very possible you will obtain that kind of unique ability.”

Tang San looked at Grandmaster without understanding,
“Teacher, what ability are you talking about?”

Grandmaster lowered his voice:
“I’m talking about a spirit bone fusion ability.”

“Spirit bone fusion ability? Teacher, you’ve never mentioned it to me before.”
This was still the first time Tang San heard this word, he only knew about spirit fusion abilities, and had never heard mention of some spirit bone fusion ability.

Grandmaster sighed, saying:
“I never mentioned it to you before because I didn’t believe you would have the chance to come into contact with a spirit bone fusion ability in your lifetime. I didn’t expect that with your profound talent, you could actually come into contact with such an eccentric field.”

Tang San couldn’t help asking:
“Teacher, just what are spirit bone fusion abilities?”

Grandmaster said:
“This is an almost unattainable area, according to what I know, there is currently only one person in the present Spirit Master world that might be able to obtain such an ability. What is called spirit bone fusion abilities, are additional abilities caused after the fusion of spirit bones. Generally speaking, such abilities are all extremely formidable, their boost to oneself no less than that of two Spirit Masters joining hands to use a spirit fusion ability. Moreover, because it’s produced by the spirit bones themselves, it’s capable of reaching a seventy percent degree of fusion.”

Tang San said:
“Then it shouldn’t be some ability caused by two spirit bones. Otherwise you wouldn’t talk about it as being so rare.”

Grandmaster nodded:
“Of course it’s not that simple. To have such a spirit bone fusion ability to appear is practically harder than reaching the sky. Spirit fusion abilities only rely on the matching between spirits, but spirit bone fusion abilities rely on the attributes of the spirit bones and still, to a very large degree, luck. The greatest challenge caused by spirit bone fusion abilities is, in order to produce such an ability, you first have to gather a complete set of six spirit bones. Afterwards there’s a one in thousand chance of a spirit bone fusion ability appearing.”

Listening to Grandmaster say this, Tang San thoroughly understood the difficulty of producing this ability, and for a moment he couldn’t help shocked saying:
“Then you’re saying the armor that appeared was a spirit bone fusion ability? But, including the Eight Spider Lances, right now I only have four spirit bones!”

Hearing Tang San say this, Grandmaster couldn’t help smiling wryly,
“Don’t tell me you’re still not satisfied? Still? Don’t you know that even a Title Douluo level power might not be able to possess one spirit bone, and a kid like you has four, two of them still being from hundred thousand year spirit beasts, it could even be called a profound blessing.”

Tang San smiled mockingly:
“It’s possible my luck is comparatively good. You understand, if I could, I wouldn’t want to have those two hundred thousand year spirit bones.”

Compared to spirit bones, his mother and Xiao Wu were more important. If he could choose, Tang San definitely wouldn’t hesitate to have his mother and Xiao Wu alive.

Grandmaster said:
“There’s still another extremely harsh condition for spirit bones to appear, that is, the six spirit bones must all come from the same kind of spirit beast. Imagine, spirit bones in themselves are so difficult to find, and moreover to have one kind of spirit beast produce spirit bones for different positions, what are the odds? In the history I know, only Spirit Hall possesses such an inherited set of spirit bones. But I’ve never heard of anyone who could fuse with all six of them. Bibi Dong is regarded as a genius, and also has twin spirits. The one person I mentioned that might possible have a spirit bone fusion ability, is her.”

Hearing Grandmaster mention Bibi Dong, Tang San’s face couldn’t help revealing an intense hatred. It was on the orders of this woman that Xiao Wu became like this. The destruction of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School and the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan were perhaps also inextricably linked to her.

Grandmaster looked deeply at Tang San,
“What happened to you is very like the foreshadowing of a spirit bone fusion ability. The reason why it didn’t appear again is because your spirit bones are incomplete, and you yourself furthermore doesn’t have the capability to use this kind of ability.”

Tang San frowned:
“But, my spirit bones really aren’t produced by the same kind of spirit beast, how could a spirit bone fusion ability appear?”

Grandmaster said:
“This is just what I was coming to next. If I’m not mistaken, the reason why something like this would appear, is because of your Eight Spider Lances. The six spirit bones required for a spirit bone fusion ability are the most orthodox six spirit bones. And the spirit bone fusion ability precursor that appeared for you now is caused by the external spirit bone not counted among the six. In other words, the Eight Spider Lances has become the catalyst to cause such an ability. As an external spirit bone, it will grow and evolve several times along with your strength increasing, especially this time, successively provoked by Xiao Wu’s hundred thousand year spirit ring as well as the energy of a several tens of thousands of year cultivation Man Faced Demon Spider, it made a qualitative leap, and this leap also gave it an ability, like a bridge helping all your spirit bones connect. However, even I don’t know what degree this ability can reach.”

“You said that when that armor appeared, the different feelings each spirit bone gave you made you feel extremely uncomfortable. This is because your spirit bones really aren’t produced by the same spirit beast. Even though the Eight Spider Lances connected them, in itself it’s still incapable of connecting these spirit bones. It’s impossible in the future as well. After all, even if it evolves again, at most it can only be equal to a hundred thousand year spirit bone. Consequently, whether a true spirit bone fusion ability appears hereafter, depends on the spirit bones you obtain in the future, especially whether the spirit bones can change.”

Having heard Grandmaster’s explanation, Tang San understood the circumstances of his body. Even though what Grandmaster said was only conjecture, Tang San understood very clearly that his Teacher wouldn’t shoot without aim. If even he didn’t know, then there might not be anyone in the Spirit Master world that knew what was going on.

Grandmaster said in a low voice:
“Don’t waste any energy into researching this. Researching spirit bone fusion abilities is my matter. What you need to do is continue cultivating assiduously. After all, to you, even though this ability is pretty good, it’s far too vague. The possibility that it can become something you truly can use isn’t large. To you, it’s more crucial to increase your own strength, but cultivation must be stable. The speed of your progress is already fast enough. You have to make your foundation even firmer to continue charging ahead.”

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