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Chapter 163

(TL by Bagelson)

For instance, for the blue silver grass within one hundred meters of Tang San, he could rely on Blue Silver Domain to completely give them the durability of Blue Silver Emperor, to the extent that its shape was even exactly the same.

Fighting in the forest with this Blue Silver Emperor he possessed, even disregarding spirit bones, it would still be impossible for equally ranked Spirit Masters to win.

Finally, the Man Faced Demon Spider’s enormous body was already in sight ahead. Tang San faced the sky and issued a mournful howl, all his hatred seeming to burst forth in this one moment. At the same time as he howled, he also temporarily placed Xiao Wu’s body in the capable of holding living things Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse. He didn’t want Xiao Wu to see his vicious side, even if she was currently unconscious.

Amidst the frantic roar, white light like sharp awls surged from Tang San, directly thrusting at that Man Faced Demon Spider like a giant white spear.

The Deathgod Domain erupted. Just like the Blue Silver Domain’s evolution, under the effect of a hundred thousand year spirit ring, Tang San’s Deathgod Domain had also advanced. What he used right now was the ability the Deathgod Domain had gained after evolving, Slaughter Assault[1].

Slaughter Assault’s effect: Releases the Deathgod Domain straight in one direction, after locking on to the target, while Tang San was in combat with this target, his speed would increase by one hundred percent, his attack power increase by thirty percent. This boost was effective on any attack Tang San launched, including spirit abilities.

If the Blue Silver Domain’s progress could be said to be purely about control power, then the Deathgod Domain after advancing pointed at destructive power.

The white light targeted that Man Faced Demon Spider’s body in a flash without the least suspense, and Tang San’s already extreme speed accelerated once again. He shot at that enormous Man Faced Demon Spider just like an artillery shell.

Right now, all the blue silver grass within one hundred meters had completely turned a dazzling golden color, countless Binding abilities frantically superimposing on that Man Faced Demon Spider.

Even though throwing off such Blue Silver Emperor wasn’t too difficult for the ten thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider, the Blue Silver Emperor it confronted was really far too numerous.

Faced with close to unlimited Binding, the Man Faced Demon Spider couldn’t display its speed advantage, it could only quietly watch Tang San charge towards it. Now it understood that running wouldn’t work. In order to survive, only destroying this pursuing enemy would work.

A rich gray light suddenly erupted from this Man Faced Demon Spider, and a strange scene took place. Its originally incomparably enormous body expanded once again, its main body expanding to more than seven meters in diameter in a flash, just like an enormous millstone. Each giant leg also grew countless barbs, as if inlayed with countless daggers.

Layer after layer of grey streams spiraled around its body, all its carapace at least doubling in thickness.

When confronting life threatening danger, this Man Faced Demon Spider planned to go all out. The ability it used now was the same as human Spirit Masters’ Spirit Avatar.

Only Spirit Avatar was an ability to Spirit Masters, and the strength the Man Faced Demon Spider erupted with now required burning its cultivation. This ability was called Spider God Possession, and with each second it maintained this state, it would burn one year of its cultivation. If it always fought like this, before too long, it would collapse. Therefore, it had to use a blitzkrieg strategy.

After Blue Silver Emperor once again twisted around its enormous body, it would immediately emit thick smoke. After the Man Faced Demon Spider fully used the Spider God Possession, its strength became extremely frightening. Spider legs moving quickly, it directly pulled apart the swiftly corroding Blue Silver Emperor. Its hind legs forcefully supporting on the ground, its enormous body rose to meet Tang San.

The formidable pressure made Tang San’s heart shiver. After using the Spider God Possession, even though the strength of the Man Faced Spider in front of him couldn’t compare to the Titan Giant Ape or the Sky Blue Bull Python, the aura it released was approaching that kind of power. Tang San knew that he couldn’t stiffly collide head on.

A strand of Blue Silver Emperor flew out from the sound, twisting around Tang San’s waist, forcefully pulling him away, instantly avoiding the impending collision.

With a pu sound, an enormous spiderweb shot from the Man Faced Spider’s mouth, directly covering Tang San’s direction. This frightful spiderweb was also completely grey, and the range it covered unexpectedly reached more than a hundred meters.

A halo of pink light abruptly erupted from Tang San’s right arm. At the same time as the red light flashed, Tang San’s bones quickly issued a series of cracks. The next moment, his body quietly disappeared from its place, and with a flash, he appeared in the air above the Man Faced Demon Spider. His right arm was also simultaneously enveloped in Blue Silver Emperor, turned pure gold, the fifth spirit right flaring.

That’s right, the spirit bone Xiao Wu left Tang San contained a teleportation ability.

Different from the Teleportation Xiao Wu originally used, this spirit bone’s teleportation ability had a one hundred meter range. Moreover, it didn’t need any buffer time, instead usable continuously. With each use, it would consume one percent of Tang San’s spirit power as price.

The Man Faced Spider suddenly discovered Tang San had disappeared, and after it was distracted a moment, Tang San’s aura appeared once again. It immediately faced upward, the small eyes on its abdomen attentively watching Tang San, at the same time the two eight meter long front legs directly pierced straight at Tang San’s abdomen.

Hong—— Pure gold light abruptly erupted, Blue Silver Emperor’s fifth spirit ability, Blue Silver Overlord Spear, erupted.

Under the amplification of the Blue Silver Domain as well as the thirty percent boost of the Deathgod Domain, when the pure gold Blue Silver Overlord Spear abruptly left Tang San’s arm, it erupted with an astonishing blood flame behind it, completely warping the surrounding air, it even tore open a minute black crack in space, frantically swallowing everything in its surroundings.

Along with cultivating to the Spirit Emperor level, and the hundred thousand year spirit ring’s boost to his body, the Blue Silver Overlord Spear no longer needed as much time to charge. Among all capabilities he currently possessed, this was also the one with the most formidable attack power.

With ten thousand year cultivation, the Man Faced Demon Spider was extremely sensitive. Discovering it couldn’t dodge, it almost immediately leaned over, not agreeing to expose the vital locations of its eyes.

Tang San originally didn’t plan on attacking its vitals either. This fifth spirit ring the Blue Silver King helped Tang San condense possessed an effect equivalent to an ability produced by a fifty thousand year spirit beast. Let alone when Tang San now possessed so many boosts. The attack power displayed by his Blue Silver Overlord Spear wasn’t inferior to a seventieth ranked Spirit Sage’s attack after using Spirit Avatar, at the same time, due to its focused nature, the pure might of the attack was even greater than what a Spirit Sage had with Spirit Avatar.

Amidst the loud explosion, pure gold light abruptly erupted. The Man Faced Demon Spider’s enormous body after using Spider God Possession was directly blasted flying. As that enormous body fell, it was instantly covered by the surrounding vegetation.

Even if it wanted to hide its vitals again, it was still unable to oppose absolute force. The Man Faced Demon Spider also couldn’t have expected Tang San’s attack power to actually be so great.

Widespread cracks had appeared on its most solid back carapace, its whole body completely turned over in midair, and it was also already in a stunned state.

Even though the additional stun effect of the Blue Silver Overlord Spear didn’t last long, to a control type Spirit Master specializing in optimal timing like Tang San, this was already enough.

A blood colored light flashing at the corners of his eyes, the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone pushing out, at the same time as that Man Faced Demon Spider was blasted flying, Tang San also charged tightly after.

Spreading his limbs, Tang San’s compared to the Man Faced Demon Spider completely unproportional body shot directly at its abdomen, and simultaneously, the Eight Spider Lances abruptly unfolded from his back.

Different from the changes in the Blue Silver Emperor, this evolvable external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances had been almost completely reconstructed by Xiao Wu’s power, and right now the numerous barbs on the tips of the lances had completely turned a terrifying blood color, as if they could drip blood at any moment.

The overall volume hadn’t increased again with the evolution, but it was no longer as sparkling as translucent, having rather turned turbid, brimming with killing intent.

Tang San directly threw himself in front of that Man Faced Demon Spider’s body, several dozen strands of Blue Silver Emperor bursting out, unexpectedly Binding his body together with that Man Faced Demon Spider, the Eight Spider Lances abruptly thrust out, exploiting this extremely brief moment to resolutely thrust into the Man Faced Demon Spider’s eyes.

It wasn’t that the Man Faced Demon Spider was weak, it was really because the suddenness of Tang San’s Teleportation was too powerful. Further adding that peerlessly tyrannical Blue Silver Overlord Spear, this created the present situation.

Even though the Man Faced Demon Spider’s body was durable, its eyes were still its greatest weak point. Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances resolutely thrust into its eyes, purple blood instantly splashing out.

An extremely sharp lamenting cry burst from the mouth of that ten thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider, its eight immense eight meter spider legs withdrawing simultaneously, resolutely thrusting at Tang San.

If this thrust went true, let alone a Tang San, even ten of him wouldn’t be lucky enough to escape. This was the counter attack of the Man Faced Demon Spider at death’s door.

However, pink light once again flashed from Tang San’s right arm. This time, it wasn’t Teleportation. That pink light instantly turned into a barrier of light, covering all of Tang San, and also covering the Eight Spider Lances.

With a loud sonorous sound, Tang San only rocked once, the ten thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider’s terrifying spider lanced unexpectedly unable to do any harm to him. But his own Eight Spider Lances had already begun to drain frantically.

The hundred thousand year spirit bone’s additional spirit ability number two, Invincible Golden Body. Effective for three seconds.

The Soft Bone Demon Rabbit right arm bone Xiao Wu bestowed on Tang San didn’t have one ability, but two. Besides Teleportation, there was still Invincible Golden Body.

These two abilities both belonged to Xiao Wu, and even Tang San didn’t know why the hundred thousand year spirit bone would hold two abilities. What he could understand the least was, both being hundred thousand year spirit bones, why his Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone only gave one flying ability.

Even though the Invincible Golden Body only worked for three seconds, this was already sufficient for Tang San. The blood colored Eight Spider Lances’ powerful drain ability collapsed the ten thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider’s defenses in a split second.

It was invaded by extreme toxin and frantic draining. Tang San could clearly feel eight streams of ice cold energy follow along the Eight Spider Lances into him, directly condensing at his back. But the ten thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider below him shuddered violently, its bulky spider legs without a chance for a second thrust.

Tang San’s eyes had already completely turned blood red, the frightful killing intent released with the Deathgod Domain laying out a faint layer of frost within one hundred meters.

“Xiao Wu, did you see? I’ve already begun retaliating. As long as they harmed you, no matter who, there will be only one ending.”

The Spider God Possession affected Man Faced Demon Spider’s body gradually shrank, very quickly recovering to its previous appearance. The energy frantically rushing into Tang San’s body condensed at his back, without entering his body. This was completely different from when he drained the Spirit Hall experts before. Tang San understood that this might be because the target was the same kind of spirit beast as the one that produced the Eight Spider Lances.

The Man Faced Demon Spider beneath him gradually shriveled up, even that solid carapace slowly softened. Suddenly, Tang San felt his back heat up, an extremely scorching sensation entering his body through his back, immediately giving his whole body a relaxed feeling.

Immediately afterward, the heat began to withdraw, quickly condensing at his chest and abdomen. Tang San clearly felt something solid spread from his back, folding around and gathering at his chest.

Variation? Eight Spider Lances had mutated? Tang San was inwardly alarmed, subconsciously looking at his chest. The clothes he wore had already turned to ashes by that constantly spreading bloody color. Even the Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges and Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse were completely covered by that bloody color.

Each Eight Spider Lance had shrunk somewhat, going from the original four meters to about three, but its color was no longer turbid, once again turned sparkling and crystalline, regaining that tint from when Xiao Wu sacrificed herself.

Must peculiar was that along with the forerunner of the spreading blood color, bloody light began to ripple like water. Very soon, his chest, stomach and back were completely enveloped, appearing as a layer of bloody red plate armor. The silhouette of each armor plate was completely the same as Tang San’s muscles, the whole armor seemingly having a ruby texture. This red armor only spread upwards to his neck, and down to his waist, without spreading towards the four limbs. Moreover, Tang San could clearly feel that even though the plate armor on his back was just as thick as on his chest, it was still much more resilient.

What was going on here? Eight Spider Lances’ evolution?

Yes, Tang San guessed correctly, this time the Eight Spider Lances had not only evolved, but moreover made a qualitative leap.

The first man Faced Demon Spider had assigned Tang San the external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances, the second Man Faced Demon Spider supplied it with even more energy. Along with the constant progress of Tang San’s strength, the Eight Spider Lances and also constantly progressed, bit by bit revealing the formidable force of the external spirit bone. Draining the extremely high cultivation of this third Man Faced Demon Spider today, and even draining it while in the Spider God Possession state, it immediately caused a different change.

Even if the Man Faced Demon Spider’s might still couldn’t compare to hundred thousand year spirit beasts under the Spider God Possession, its aura was already similar, and the chance of producing a spirit bone was thereby greatly increased. After its painful death by being drained by the Eight Spider Lances, it had caused something similar to the Eight Spider Lances Tang San originally obtained from that first Man Faced Demon Spider, equivalent to the appearance of yet another external spirit bone.

However, the external spirit bone that appeared this time was swallowed by the external spirit bone Tang San already had, the two spirit bones fusing into one, causing a special fusion effect. It was also just because of this that Tang San’s original Eight Spider Lances made a qualitative leap, appearing as this solid armor.

One formidable energy after another constantly transmitted from his back into the hundred bones of the four limbs, simulating his body. Tang San discovered that his spirit power once again rose a large chunk, from sixty fifth rank entering the sixty sixth rank. After passing the sixtieth rank, each rank of progress required tremendous spirit power, it clearly showed how large the effect of the Eight Spider Lances’ current evolution was.

Just when Tang San thought everything was finished, suddenly, his head, right arm and right leg immediately showed changes.

At his head, a refreshing stream spread downwards, in a flash connecting with the fiery hot ruby armor at his chest, the right leg producing an extremely gentle aura, also equally connecting with that ruby armor. The aura transmitted by the right arm was the most monstrous, Tang San unexpectedly sensed a tender love from that aura.

A clear cold blue color emerged from the space between Tang San’s eyebrows, and immediately afterward, a spot of blue light burst open, an ice cold feeling covering Tang San’s entire head and neck in the blink of an eye.

A complete helmet appeared over Tang San’s head. The helmet was very simple, all blue, and on the back altogether nine pole arm shaped metal protrusions stood out, extremely aggressive. On the forehead, a ball of illusory blue light condensed, releasing a faint splendor. The ice cold current connected with the fiery hot armor on his chest, and the color immediately changed, as if polluted, Tang San’s helmet also turned a ruby color. Where it connected to the armor on his chest, there wasn’t the slightest crack.

The same circumstances also appeared with his right arm and right leg. Pink armor began to spread on his right arm, layers of armor just like fish scale spreading. When it connected with the chest armor, it also turned red.

The right leg armor was the most peculiar. Along with ring after ring of blue silver grass coiling, pure gold colored light spread. On the outside of his calf there was still a one chi long wing-like metal spike.

All the armor connected together, finally forming a dazzling blood colored ruby suit, only Tang San’s left arm and left leg were still exposed.

Instantly, Tang San felt as if something within his body shattered, and also as if something had fused together. Mysterious Heaven Skill operated within his body with astonishing speed. Incomparably enormous energy constantly dashed in his surroundings. When this energy revolved around his chest, left leg, and right leg, it clearly slowed. But even so, Tang San could still sense his abilities seem to obtain a terrifying amplifying effect.

Just what was going on here? Tang San didn’t know, he only felt that all his spirit abilities quietly appeared within his heart, like a tree formed from abilities, with a thought, abilities would immediately appear. All spirit abilities seemed to no longer need buffer times, even that sixth spirit ability he just received.

At the same time, the effect of these abilities also increased by ten percent, and the spirit power consumption required reduced by ten percent.

However, making him feel somewhat unwell was that the armor that seemed to become the same color, gave him completely different feelings. The Eight Spider Lances armor was burning hot, the helmet was ice cold, the right arm was gentle, the right leg was kindly. The four different feelings were very uncoordinated. It seemed as if they might collapse at any time.

Disappear. With a thought from Tang San, the head, right arm and right leg armor disappeared first. Immediately afterward, the armor on his chest also slid to his back like red blood, following the Eight Spider Lances into the eight ribs at his back.

Different from the past was that after the Eight Spider Lances withdrew into his body with this bizarre armor, that scorching feeling didn’t disappear with that, but rather instantly spread through his whole body, gradually vanishing. And the spirit power within Tang San’s body also instantly dropped by a third.

This really was a grotesque ability, Tang San’s eyes revealed a deeply pondering expression. One hand clapping the Man Faced Demon Spider’s body beneath him, he shot up.

Even though he didn’t know what changes this new ability would bring him, he faintly sensed that he already seemed to have grasped something, only right now it was still unclear. Even though this ability had brought no small boost previously, it was extremely unstable, and would also require large amounts of spirit power. It wasn’t at all useful to the current him. But that it wasn’t useful to him right now didn’t mean it wouldn’t become better later. Tang San immediately decided to ask his Teacher for help with this question. After all, in Spirit Master research, Grandmaster was an absolute authority.

Changing his clothes, Tang San then took out Xiao Wu from the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse. Xiao Wu was already awake, both red little eyes blinking, nestling against Tang San’s chest, revealing an intimate aura. Even though she didn’t have any awareness, Tang San’s aura still gave her body a familiar feeling.

Touching Xiao Wu’s glossy fur, then kissing her head again, Tang San shot out once again, towards the outside of the Star Dou Great Forest.

In the process of leaving the forest, Tang San had already made a plan. Along with the ten thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider being hunted down by him, his heart had also gradually calmed. He knew that sadness was of no use, what was most important to him was how he could quickly grow stronger, help Xiao Wu resurrect as early as possible.

Leaving to find Spirit Hall for revenge right now clearly wasn’t realistic, it was basically impossible to contend with Spirit Hall with his current strength. However, that didn’t mean he couldn’t strike at Spirit Hall. If he couldn’t do it in the open, then don’t say he couldn’t do it in secret? Of course, before moving, he had to spend some time to prepare. Only with sufficient preparations would his attack on Spirit Hall become heavier.

Therefore, after leaving Star Dou Great Forest, Tang San headed straight for Heaven Dou City. He had to first go find his Teacher, and at the same time, only in Shrek Academy could he advance his preparations in peace.

Heaven Dou City. Shrek Academy, dean’s office.

Flender’s brows were tightly creased, Liu Erlong was just standing in front of his desk, looking at him imploringly.

Flender smiled wryly:
“Erlong, there’s nothing I can do either. Don’t you know Xiao Gang’s personality? Your words can’t move him, what use am I going to be? You also know that Xiao Gang’s greatest dream was to one day obtain the sect’s approval. This is also the greatest reason why he always worked with spirit research for so many years. The Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan’s massacre, really is too great a blow to Xiao Gang. What he’s doing right now is all venting. If you really have him calm down, I’m afraid his heart will be even more tortured, even less able to bear.”

The rims of Liu Erlong’s eyes were slightly red,
“But, now he’s like this, I’m afraid his body will collapse before long. Training those Spirit Masters every day without rest, neglecting sleep and spirit research, even I can only occasionally persuade him to eat a bit and rest a while. If this goes on, he……”

Flender pondered, and said:
“It really won’t do. You use the strategy of injuring yourself to gain the enemy’s confidence. Perhaps it’ll be effective. Oh, right, how’s the gathering of your Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan’s outside surviving members going?”

Liu Erlong smiled wryly:
“Only less than a hundred. And they’re almost all of the young generation. The strongest are only fiftieth rank. Right now I’m the strongest Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon family member.”

Flender sighed,
“Spirit Hall really is too vicious. Without warning, moving with the weight of thunder. Most dreadful is that your sect actually didn’t receive any news in advance. If my guess is correct, Spirit Hall definitely gathered all participating Spirit Masters in advance to look over them together. Completely sealing the information. Then won by a surprise move. Otherwise, the price they would have had to pay would have been even greater.”

A resentful light flashing in her eyes, Liu Erlong tightly clenched her fist, the sound of bones creaking,
“Spirit Hall, fiercely done, Spirit Hall. Bibi Dong. You slut, I definitely won’t ever let you live in peace.”

Flender said:
“It would be good if little San was here. He was raised by Xiao Gang, if he was here, Xiao Gang’s mood might be pacified a bit.”

Liu Erlong smiled wryly:
“What use is saying this? It seems I really will have to injure myself to gain the enemy’s confidence. I no longer have a family, I can’t lose Xiao Gang as well. Flender, what does the Empire say?”

Flender said:
“Just discussed it with the Star Luo Empire’s side. With Mubai and Zhuqing helping, and adding the two great empires’ common interests, mutual cooperation isn’t any difficult matter. But the power Spirit Hall holds right now is too dreadful. Even though they currently still don’t dare publicly challenge the empires, the Spirit Masters they hold as well as the military forces of the duchies and kingdoms is already enough to rival the two empires. If war really starts, it’ll be disastrous for the whole Continent.”

Liu Erlong nodded,
“We’re vulnerable right now, especially in terms of Spirit Masters. We basically can’t compare to the strength of Spirit Hall. That Xiao Gang is neglecting sleep and forgetting food right now is also just because of this. Unfortunately, if the Clear Sky School was still here, with them to guide us, we wouldn’t be so passive either.”

Flender’s eyes revealed a trace of sorrow,
“I really hope war won’t break out. Bibi Dong really is insane. Just what does she want to accomplish?”

Supreme Pontiff Palace.


Hu Liena’s body flew through the air, striking the wall of the official business hall and slowly sliding down. On her gorgeous face was a red bloody hand print. A trickle of blood flowed from the corner of her mouth.

Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong slowly withdrew her right hand, cold light blossoming in her eyes,
“Can’t even differentiate between enemies and friends, you’re lucky you’re the Sacred maiden I chose. Go face the wall in the rear palace, don’t come out without my orders.”

“Yes, Your Holiness.”
Hu Liena’s voice was somewhat indistinct due to her injured face, and she clambered up with difficulty. But in her eyes wasn’t the slightest bit of bitterness, still a faint blankness. Even though they had already returned to Supreme Pontiff Palace, in her mind still spun Tang San and Xiao Wu looking at each other at the end. She knew that she would never be able to forget any part of the scene that happened there that day.

On returning to Supreme Pontiff Palace, despite the objections of the two Title Douluo and Xie Yue and Yan, Hu Liena had taken the initiative to beg forgiveness from Bibi Dong, resulting in the previous scene.

“Your Holiness, calm down .”
Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo bowed simultaneously.

Ghost Douluo was still a vague shadow, and Chrysanthemum Douluo’s face appeared very pale. After using the spirit fusion ability that day, their bodies had been seriously injured, and they still hadn’t recovered yet.

“Calm down?”

Cold light glittered in Bibi Dong’s eyes,
“Elders, how would you have me calm down? Hu Liena made a mistake, and you? As senior elders of Spirit Hall, Title Douluo, you still let a twenty year old kid outsmart you, and still ultimately led to the hundred thousand year spirit beast dying by Sacrifice. Very well done!”

Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo’s expressions changed simultaneously, from Bibi Dong’s words they heard an intense killing intent.

Cold light flashed in Bibi Dong’s eyes, and under her gaze, Chrysanthemum and Ghost Douluo were already soaked in sweat. With their strength, they were unexpectedly unable raise a trace of resistance.

Bibi Dong somewhat twitching waved her hand, the killing intent in her eyes vanishing. According to her character, killing them would be very normal. But she couldn’t do so. Spirit Hall had just begun operations, it was time to use people. These two elders were both considered loyal to her, and both were also Title Douluo and members of the Elder Council. Really dealing with them would inevitably influence Spirit Hall’s later operations.

The two Title Douluo clearly loosed a breath, hurriedly saluting Bibi Dong for the favor of not blaming them, then quickly left the great hall.

Watching their disappearing backs, Bibi Don’g eyes flashed with austere light,
“Titan Giant Ape, and still that Sky Blue Bull Python creature. Fine, you’ve destroyed my happy occasion, wait until I have the time and I’ll come for your spirit rings.”

Dressed in plain and simple clothes, holding a little rabbit with sparkling and crystalline fur, Tang San strolled into Heaven Dou City.

Even though his clothes weren’t conspicuous, that blue hair and handsome appearance still easily attracted attention.

Tang San walked forward, basically without watching the road, only looking at Xiao Wu in his arms, one hand feeding her a carrot.

Restored to her original form, what Xiao Wu most liked to eat was carrots. Tang San had bought them in bulk and deposited them in the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse.

Even though she no longer had any awareness, as long as he held her fuzzy body, Tang San’s heart could calm, at least he wouldn’t suffer excessively. The hope for Xiao Wu’s resurrection could be said to be an important reason for how he could endure.

Tang San swore that he wouldn’t let Xiao Wu be separated from him no matter what. Whether it was when eating or sleeping, in these days after leaving Star Dou Great Forest, he always had Xiao Wu beside him. In the eyes of others, a grown man hugging a little rabbit was very strange. What man would raise a rabbit as a pet? But Tang San didn’t hold her as a pet, but as his lover!

On the road from Star Dou Great Forest to Heaven Dou City, Tang San had carefully reflected on his future plans. In order to shake Spirit Hall, first of all he had to increase his strength and influence. Tang San wasn’t too interested in influence, but strength was crucial. He wasn’t a common Spirit Master, he was from Tang Sect. He possessed Tang Sect’s poison and hidden weapons refining methods. Just relying on this was enough to have Spirit Hall greatly lose out.

But right now the hidden weapons he originally refined were already largely used up. Therefore, after returning to Heaven Dou City, he decided to first go find his Teacher for consultation. Afterwards he’d begin closed door bitter cultivation, and at the same time forge more hidden weapons.

Once he had saved a certain amount of strength, he’d begin moving on Spirit Hall.

As for the ten thousand year ninth grade Ginseng King, Tang San wasn’t in a hurry. He clearly understood that with his current strength, even if he found it he might not be able to bring it back. He could only wait until he was strong enough, then go look for it.

Just as he walked down the street, suddenly, hurried hoof noise came from up ahead. Even though Tang San didn’t look at the road, he had his formidable spiritual force as eyes, and he naturally wouldn’t collide with anyone while walking, but the ten riders galloping head on already took up the whole road. Dashing, dust flying, the pedestrians walking on the road dispersed in a hurry, in an instant the wide avenue was in a panic like scared chickens and dogs.

[1] Slaughter Assault - (杀戮突击)

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