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Chapter 159

(TL by Bagelson)

Even though Xie Yue carried Tang San, having reached the sixtieth rank, a Spirit Master’s body was already fairly powerful, and it didn’t lower his speed. Tang San also leaned on him, quickly recovering his spiritual force. He was also constantly in blue silver grass’ environment, so even though his spiritual force had been seriously injured, his recovery speed was still extremely astonishing. While the Blue Silver Domain only affected him, barely perceptible to the naked eye blue silver grass energy was constantly rushing into his body, complementing his losses. Of course, on the surface he still appeared that weak.

Sensing the gradually approaching location where his spiritual force previously scouted, Tang San’s heart once again grew nervous. Even if the two auras from before were so formidable, the strength of these Spirit Hall people wasn’t low either. Could those two formidable auras really protect Xiao Wu?

“Welcome to Star Dou Great Forest.”
Suddenly, a soft and tender voice came from ahead, making Ghost Douluo furthest ahead swiftly halt.

Hearing this voice, even if he always hid it, Tang San’s body still couldn’t help trembling a moment. Five years, five years had passed, he finally heard this touching voice again. If it wasn’t Xiao Wu, then who?

Chrysanthemum Douluo’s figure flashed, already at Ghost Douluo’s side. The two glanced at each other, Chrysanthemum Douluo gesturing to the Spirit Hall experts behind him, the formation of twenty Spirit Sages immediately changing. The formation tightened, becoming a circle, surrounding the Golden Generation and Tang San in the middle. At the same time they released their spirits. Twenty Spirit Sages simultaneously releasing their spirits was absolutely a spectacular scene, in an instant, with them as the center, the air violently distorted within a hundred meters. One dazzling spirit ring after another appeared on them.

The Golden Generation trio’s spirits also released simultaneously. Xie Yue supported Tang San with one hand, Moon Blade already appearing in his other hand. Each person looked ahead, brimming with vigilance.

“Haven’t you looked for me for a very long time? Now you’ve found me, don’t you dare come over?”
The gentle voice rose once again. The peace within that voice gave all the Spirit Hall experts a kind of strange feeling.

Chrysanthemum Douluo gave Ghost Douluo a nod, the two taking the lead to step forward. Having found their target with great difficulty, even if there really was a trap ahead, they still had to step inside. If they missed this opportunity, they didn’t know how long it would take to find this crafty rabbit again.

Passing through a dense stretch of forest, the line of sight directly ahead opened up to a wide panorama. The pupils of each person from Spirit Hall contracted almost simultaneously, because, appearing in front of them, was an indescribably beautiful scene.

The clear little lake made the atmosphere become even more humid. The large trees all around were invertedly reflected on the surface of the lake, everything illuminated by sunlight, making everything reflected on the water sparkle.

Next to such a moving scene crouched an extremely large silhouette. That was an existence like a mountain, covered with black fur, sparkling with faint luster under the faint sunshine. Even though its four limbs were on the ground, the height of its shoulders still surpassed seven meters. If it stood upright, perhaps it would be over fifteen meters.

By appearance, this was a creature like an ape or chimpanzee, besides the lantern sized eyes twinkling like yellow crystals, it was pitch black all over.

This big fellow was really too majestic, majestic on an inconceivable degree. Not only was its body enormous, but each part of its body was moreover covered with muscles more terrifyingly solid than granite, bulging like small hills. Its entire body was like a combination of power and perfection.

If it could be said to represent masculinity, then the silhouette on its shoulder was the peak of gentleness and beauty.

Wearing a long white dress covering even her feet, delicate features just like a fairy where not even the slightest flaw could be found, long black hair scattered over her back hanging all the way down to the giant ape’s shoulder, if seen from behind it would look like a black waterfall hiding her entire body.

Each strand of hair seemed supple and unyielding, her elegance at the peak of the world. Her beauty came not only from herself, but was a union with her surroundings. This moment, even with Hu Liena’s confidence in her own beauty, had a somewhat inferior feeling.

Tang San had long since opened his eyes. At this moment, the expression in his eyes was stupefied.

Five years had passed, and Xiao Wu was even more beautiful, a little taller, also a little more ample, that immaturity already transformed into a representation of beauty. A pair of big eyes glittering with soft light overlooking the Spirit Hall team across the lake, as if she was the center of everything around her. Right now, she was like the goddess of the forest incarnate, quietly standing on the shoulder of the incomparably majestic Titan Giant Ape.

The majority of the Spirit Hall experts’ gazes focused on Xiao Wu, but the two Title Douluo rigidly watched the Titan Giant Ape under Xiao Wu’s feet. The Titan Giant Ape didn’t release its oppressive aura, but just by crouching there, it gave people an impression of a profoundness like a lofty mountain.

Only now did they understand why there would be so few formidable spirit beasts nearby, it was because this was the domain of the king of the forest! What common spirit beast would dare court death by entering the forest king’s domain?

There were no ripples in Xiao Wu’s gentle gaze, quietly watching the two Title Douluo,
“You’ve been looking for me for a very long time, then, today we’ll settle it here.”

As her words fell, the yellow crystal like eyes of the Titan Giant Ape she stood on abruptly brightened. Even though it was daytime, they were still like two suns, an aura as towering as a mountain majestically released, forming ripples on the surface of the lake in front of it.

Ghost Douluo and Chrysanthemum Douluo hadn’t expected that they would run into a terrifying spirit beast like the Titan Giant Ape here. They of course knew that if they could kill the Titan Giant Ape, the advantages they would gain wouldn’t be any different from that human form stage hundred thousand year spirit beast Xiao Wu. However, what kind of existence was the Titan Giant Ape? King of spirit beasts. Even equal level spirit beasts could only tremble and kneel before it.

The position of the Titan Giant Ape among spirit beasts was even higher than that of dragon and phoenix spirits among spirits. In their experience, they had only ever heard of one person defeating a Titan Giant Ape, and that person was the one who had killed the previous Spirit Hall Supreme Pontiff, Clear Sky Douluo Tang Hao.

The Titan Giant Ape’s enormous body stood upright, an aura with a pressure just like Mt. Tai raising giant waves on the lake surface. Xiao Wu still stood on its shoulder, black hair fluttering from the currents in the surroundings. But the expression on her face was still quiet and calm.

The human firework aura she had gained in those days together with Tang San, in five years, had been calmed in the quiet of the forest. It seemed as if these formidable enemies in front were unrelated to her.

Ghost Douluo and Chrysanthemum Douluo simultaneously released their spirits, nine spirit rings erupting from each of them, then withstood the imposing manner of the Titan Giant Ape. Ghost Douluo said in a low voice:
“Chrysanthemum Guan, you block this big fellow for a while, I’ll grab that rabbit first. If we succeed, we’ll immediately withdraw.”

The two had worked together for many years, and Chrysanthemum ouluo naturally understood his meaning. The Odd Velvet Heavenly Chrysanthemum in his hand shook against the wind, rapidly growing larger, his seventh spirit ring subsequently brightening. Confronting the Titan Giant Ape, he at once released his Spirit Avatar.

Ghost Douluo shouted loudly,

As he shouted, he was already soaring through the air, his entire body completely illusory, even the nine spirit rings around him couldn’t be seen clearly.

Quickly growing to five meters long, the enormous golden chrysanthemum swept under Chrysanthemum Douluo’s feet. Gui Mei became a line of mirages shooting straight for the other side, and Chrysanthemum Douluo Yue Guan didn’t stand still either, equally soaring up, travelling over the waves, swiftly dashing after Ghost Douluo towards the opposite bank, one person above and one below. Even though Ghost Douluo was fast, that giant Chrysanthemum in the advancing Chrysanthemum Douluo’s hand had already flown out first, the golden flower still growing larger in the air, each golden petal appearing dazzlingly beautiful.

Yue Guan seemed to be connected to that giant Odd Velvet Heavenly Chrysanthemum he threw out, pulling him with a speed that for a short time wasn’t inferior to the ghostly Ghost Douluo.

The Titan Giant Ape’s two eyes revealed a trace of disdain. Confronting the charge of two Title Douluo, he shrugged his shoulders, making Xiao Wu standing there fly up, falling behind it. The instant Xiao Wu left, it also moved.

The king of the forest was the king of the forest, in a flash erupting with speed completely disproportional to its build, going to directly collide with the Ghost Douluo in the air. As for that Odd Velvet Heavenly Chrysanthemum and Chrysanthemum Douluo flying at it, it basically ignored.

Gui Mei clearly felt that, the moment the Titan Giant Ape threw itself towards him, everything around him seemed to congeal, his body as heavy as if injected with lead, his original speed like a ray of light or flitting shadow abruptly slowed. Everything before his eyes seemed to distort.

Domain, this was the power of a domain. Ghost Douluo immediately recognized this ability. His conjecture was extremely accurate, as king of the forest, Gravity Control Domain was one of the Titan Giant Ape’s abilities. Among countless kinds of spirit beasts, there weren’t more than ten kinds that could truly grasp the power of a domain, and the spirit beasts among these ten kinds that could cultivate the domain were even fewer. Ghost Douluo had undoubtedly drawn first prize.

The Titan Giant Ape’s Gravity Control Domain was different from common Gravity abilities. Within this domain, it could casually control any change in gravity, maybe amplifying it, or maybe suddenly reducing it.

As an agility attack type Douluo, Ghost Douluo was most skilled in speed. However, when the Gravity Control Domain fell on him, it immediately counteracted his most skilled speed.

The Titan Giant Ape was in no way as honest and straightforward as it seemed on the surface. His Gravity Control Domain focused on Ghost Douluo alone, and in an instant the gravity around Ghost Douluo became ten times greater. The mirage grew clear, Ghost Douluo’s true features appearing.

That was the face of a gloomy middle aged man, emaciated, dark skinned, a pair of reserved eyes right now displaying a shocked expression.

The Titan Giant Ape’s immense fist swung out, and Ghost Douluo could clearly feel all the earth element in the surrounding air condensing on this one fist.

If it was under normal circumstances, confronting such a giant as the Titan Giant Ape, he could have dodged without problem. But the sudden tenfold increase in gravity caused him enormous trouble. Even throwing it off with his Title Douluo strength was difficult. But he dared even less allow himself to collide with this fist. Enduring the fist of the king of the forest head on could perhaps only be accomplished by an abnormal like the Clear Sky Douluo.

Without the slightest hesitation, Ghost Douluo’s seventh spirit ring flashed, Spirit Avatar abruptly releasing, making his whole body instantly become even more illusory. If he could previously be described as layers of shadow, then, at this moment he became almost transparent.

The Titan Giant Ape’s enormous yellow crystal eyes displayed a disdainful mockery. Just when Ghost Douluo used his seventh spirit ring ability, suddenly, the originally ten times stronger gravity instantly disappeared. Even more terrifying was that the ten times stronger gravity in a split second became ten times weaker instead.

Ghost Douluo had all along tried to throw on the restrictions of the Gravity Control Domain on him, and when the gravity suddenly changed so violently, he basically didn’t have a chance to react, instead practically speeding up towards that terrifying Titan Giant Ape fist.

Hong—— An intense explosion of energy resounded in the air, that transparent shadow flying out without the least suspense, being directly blasted back to the Spirit Hall experts’ shore.

In fact, after Ghost Douluo released his Spirit Avatar, he was immune to physical attacks, capable of phasing through any physical attacks, as if his body was intangible.

But even under such circumstances, the Titan Giant Ape’s terrifyingly heavy force still blasted him away, the amount of power contained in that fist was obvious. As one of the peak existences among spirit beasts, its strength was just like Tang San estimated. Already above the majority of Title Douluo.

Chrysanthemum Douluo Guan Mei’s attack still hadn’t fallen on the Titan Giant Ape. He saw Gui Mei being blasted away face to face, and immediately gave up on the original battle plan, not daring to give any attention to Xiao Wu behind the Titan Giant Ape’s back.

But just at this moment, a feeling of intense crisis abruptly came from below him. Chrysanthemum Douluo’s reaction couldn’t be called slow, pulling down the originally forward charging Strange Velvet Heavenly Chrysanthemum with all his strength, heavily whipping the surface of the water below his feet, and he drew on the opposing force from his spirit attack to soar high into the air.


Countless splashes turned to dazzlingly beautiful rays of light, instantly drowning that Strange Velvet Heavenly Chrysanthemum. The air suddenly became humid, a more than four meter diameter giant bull head abruptly bursting from the water. That Strange Velvet Heavenly Chrysanthemum strike was unexpectedly shocked to rebound off it, in fact, right now this Chrysanthemum was in a Spirit Avatar state.

Thick blue scales, an incomparably enormous body charging towards the sky. This bull headed serpent’s enormous monstrous mouth spit, a blue light shooting out, and the Chrysanthemum Douluo in the air following in Ghost Douluo’s dust, flying out, in an instant falling back to the opposite back, his expression changing successively.

“Second oldest, get rid of them, leave none behind.”
The bull head mouth spit out human words, its ice cold gaze just like a sharp sword, watching everyone on the shore. Everything in the surroundings suddenly turned into a blue colored world, and including Tang San, everyone belonging to Spirit Hall suddenly felt their bodies instantly seem to slow, their speed dropping by at least thirty percent.

Domain, another domain.

Ghost Douluo and Chrysanthemum Douluo’s expressions had now turned disastrous. This was the first time they saw this bull-headed serpent-bodied monster, but by its imposing manner and the human words it spit out, its strength was actually even above the Titan Giant Ape. This blue light should be something similar to a Slow Domain. Just like the Titan Giant Ape’s Gravity Control Domain, within the range of the domain, this monster could definitely control various effects of speed.

Piercing out from the water was the forest emperor, the true lord of this Star Dou Great Forest, the Sky Blue Bull Python. The Slow Domain wasn’t in order to fight the enemies, but rather to keep them from running away. As the lord of this great forest, how couldn’t he know that these people were always looking for Xiao Wu? Drawing them here today was to smash them in one stroke.

Hou—— The Titan Giant Ape issued a Heaven overflowing roar, its powerful hind legs helping its body shoot out in an instant.

What did a suddenly flying mountain look like? It was a suitable description for the Titan Giant Ape right now. Even though it was enormous, under the effect of the Gravity Control Domain, it leapt over as if it weighed nothing.

In terms of strength, even back when Xiao Wu was still a hundred thousand year spirit beast, she was still far from equal to these two brothers. But from childhood, Xiao Wu was still a few years older than them. When the Sky Blue Bull Serpent was still a Small Blue Serpent, Xiao Wu saved him. In the hearts of these two brothers, Xiao Wu was like their big sister. Even if they later grew stronger than her, this relationship had never changed.

Each threat to Xiao Wu was like a threat to them, it had to be strangled.

“Final move.”
Ghost Douluo suddenly shouted loudly. A different tint from the black he usually released was abruptly emitted from within him.

That was a glittering silver flame, soaring high in practically an instant. And next to him, Chrysanthemum Douluo Yue Guan simultaneously emitted a golden flame. At this moment, both their nine rings flared practically simultaneously, rendering their gold and silver flames even more dazzling and radiant.

Facing each other, four hands grasped each other, Gui Mei and Yue Guan’s bodies abruptly merging, their altogether eighteen spirit rings abruptly merging together, one massive gold and silver colored ring of light quietly flying out.

Tang San saw a flash before his eyes. Suddenly, heaven and earth seemed to have turned gold and silver, everything in the surroundings also seemingly completely still at this moment. Ghost Douluo and Chrysanthemum Douluo’s bodies had both disappeared as that gold and silver ring of light formed, and that giant ring of light had already flown into the sky, in the blink of an eye becoming a more than hundred meter in diameter giant halo. At this moment, even the soaring Titan Giant Ape had also become absolutely still in midair. The blue light the Sky Blue Bull Python just spit out was also frozen.

The words ‘spirit fusion ability’ abruptly appeared in Tang San’s mind, his originally exceedingly relaxed heart tightened in an instant.

How formidable was a spirit fusion ability formed by two Title Douluo? Even though the Sky Blue Bull Python was so powerful it amazed him, could these two formidable spirit beasts truly resist the spirit fusion ability of two Title Douluo?

“We can only trap these two spirit beasts for a while, grab that rabbit immediately and leave. Quick.”
Ghost Douluo’s strained voice echoed from the gold and silver ring of light. The next moment, the brilliance abruptly converged, the Sky Blue Bull Puthon and the Titan Giant Ape both had a layer of gold and silver light, rigidly trapped within that narrow range.

Strangely, the range confining the Titan Giant Ape was still in the air, showing just how formidable this gold and silver ring shaped spirit fusion ability was.

Ghost Douluo and Chrysanthemum Douluo always operated together, not only because they had a close relationship, but even more importantly this spirit fusion ability. This in itself was a great secret of Spirit Hall. In the current Continent, there were very few Spirit Masters capable of holding a spirit fusion ability, and Title Douluo possessing spirit fusion abilities were even rarer. The full name of this gold and silver glittering ring of light before them was Two Level Immobilization Domain, it was also a dual attribute domain, able to simultaneously immobilize the opponent’s abilities and movements.

Even though the Titan Giant Ape and the Sky Blue Bull Python were powerful, confronting a dual attributed domain with such excessively powerful control power, even they would end up temporarily restrained.

Of course, in order to fully use this ability, Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo also had to throw in their complete mental and physical efforts. When their spirit power was unable to endure, this domain would naturally also be rescinded. If there was still a Title Douluo level power here, cooperating with the Two Level Immobilization Domain’s effect, they could very possibly have inflicted heavy injuries on the two great forest kinds. If there were two Title Douluo, they might kill them. This was where this domain was ferocious.

Of course, the reason why Ghost Douluo and Chrysanthemum Douluo could succeed, was also that the two great spirit beasts had contemptuously not prepared adequately.

Unfortunately, there were just some Spirit Sages with Chrysanthemum and Ghost Douluo. Their strength basically wasn’t enough to break their defenses, let alone injuring the two great spirit beasts.

Plentiful combat experience made the thinking of the two Title Douluo extremely clear. It was clearly impossible for them to defeat the two great spirit beast powers by contending with them from the front, however, relying on their spirit fusion ability, they could successfully trap the spirit beasts, then even if their strength was formidable, it was still impossible to easily get free of this domain. But that Xiao Wu wasn’t strong, still just in the human form youngling stage. With more than twenty Spirit Master experts, as long as they could catch her and quickly retreat, they would have reached their goal. In the retreat, even if the two great spirit beasts could pursue, they could still use her to coerce them.

As Ghost Douluo’s orders fell and the two great spirit beasts were simultaneously trapped, the first to respond wasn’t Spirit Hall’s people, but rather Tang San.

Ghost Douluo and Chrysanthemum Douluo had admittedly planned very well, the two great spirit beasts had also been trapped due to their excessive contempt. However, they had still failed to account for Tang San.

The moment Ghost Douluo gave the orders, Tang San began to move.

His arm had all along hung over Xie Yue’s shoulders, with Ghost Douluo’s orders, Tang San’s arm abruptly tightened over Xie Yue’s shoulders, forefinger turning a jade color, poking directly at Xie Yue’s chest.

This point was very carefully chosen, just hitting Xie Yue’s shan zhong acupuncture point. As a hidden weapons expert, Tang San’s familiarity and precision regarding acupuncture points was unquestionable.

Shan zhong acupuncture point. Connecting meridian: conception vessel, the ample great yang and lesser yin, engaging greater yin and lesser yang; the meeting point of the conception vessel. After being struck, inner qi scatters, heart in disorder, mind confused. One of the body’s thirty six great acupuncture points.

To Xie Yue, Tang San’s actions were really too sudden. He basically had no time to react, the spirit power he just gathered to release his spirit scattering in a moment, his chest turned stuffy, his whole body already falling into Tang San’s arms.

Hu Liena was after all pretty good to Tang San. Xie Yue was also her elder brother, so Tang San’s actions weren’t a killing move. Of course, this was even more related to him requiring his full strength to deal with even more people.

Left hand dealing with Xie Yue, his right hand abruptly released two long since prepared Cluster Life Taking Soul Chasing Balls. With a resounding crack, smoke rose in front of him and Xie Yue, countless tiny poison needles flying out, immediately enveloping six Spirit Sages in front.

Hidden weapons were originally used for sneak attacks, and only in a sneak attack could hidden weapons release their greatest potential. The abruptly rising change in the situation caught people unprepared. The purpose of the Cluster Life Taking Soul Chasing Balls’ tiny needles was to break inner Big Dipper Qi. In this world, their target was naturally protective spirit power. Even though these Spirit Sages had already released their spirits, they didn’t use protective spirit abilities. With a series of muffled grunts, the six Spirit Sages in front of Tang San abruptly fell to the ground.

Being struck by Cluster Life Taking Soul Chasing Ball poison needles at such close range, even immortals would find it difficult to save themselves.

“What are you doing?”
Hu Liena cried out in alarm.

Xie Yue’s body was thrown away by Tang San, falling straight at Hu Liena. At the same time he flickered as if illusory, countless hidden weapons sprinkling from his hands. The back of his jacket instantly split open, glinting blue golden Eight Spider Lances excitedly coming out.

Azure divine light shot from his eyes like lightning, blasting at one Spirit Sage. Even though that Spirit Sage had already reacted, how might even his fastest Spirit Ability use be faster han Purple God Light? Amidst an explosive blast, another one collapsed. Even though he wasn’t dead, he had lost the ability to fight.

Eight Spider Lances braced against the ground in a flash, Blue Silver and Deathgod Domains simultaneously spreading out, the blue silver grass on the ground instantly growing wildly. Tang San’s five spirit rings appeared simultaneously, the fourth spirit ring radiating brilliance, Blue Silver Prison variant ability, Blue Silver Thrust, activating.

All this came too suddenly, Tang San had erupted with almost his full capability in just a split second. Seven Spirit Sages fell under his sneak attack, further adding Xie Yue with his great acupuncture point struck, the twenty three Spirit Hall experts had instantly lose eight. Even though it was impossible for the Blue Silver Thrust formation to harm the others once prepared, the delaying effect still gave Tang San enough time to separate from them.

Eight Spider Lances braced, and the next moment they had already pushed Tang San into a high leap. The Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone flying ability launched in midair, making him fly in Xiao Wu’s direction like a meteor catching up to the moon.

“Xiao Wu, let’s go.”
Tang San shouted loudly, a strand of Blue Silver Grass already thrown out towards Xiao Wu.

His actions were really too fast. WHen Xiao Wu noticed, it was already when countless poison needles were revealed, striking and killing six Spirit Sages.

Even if Tang San’s appearance had changed, his temperament had changed, there were still a great many things that wouldn’t change.

The fourth spirit ability ten thousand year spirit ring, formidable hidden weapons, the changed Eight Spider Lances and Blue Silver Grass. These were all marks of his identity, and even more importantly, the split second Tang San had used Eight Spider Lances to shoot himself out, his gaze had already met Xiao Wu’s in the air.

His appearance had changed, his temperament had changed, but the expression in his eyes didn’t change, especially the expression when Tang San looked at Xiao Wu.

Xiao Wu’s gaze was no longer serene, even more without the quiet from before. Even the recovering large number of Spirit Hall experts already pursuing was unable to influence the joy overflowing her heart.

Without any resistance, letting that Blue Silver Emperor twist around her slender waist, Xiao Wu’s long and slender legs leapt, sending her up to meet Tang San.


This shout hadn’t been heard for five years, both their appearances had changed, but the sincere feelings held in this should hadn’t changed a fraction. Tang San was still Tang San, Xiao Wu was also still Xiao Wu. The moment their gazes met, Tang San’s throat felt as if choked by something.

‘I will protect her, even if it costs me my life.’

This was the only thought in Tang San’s heart right now. The next moment, with a pull of the Blue Silver Emperor, their bodies met in midair.

Arms lightly stretching, that delicate body Tang San had missed for five years was held to his chest. Urging the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone flying ability with his full strength, he was pushed like a bolt of lightning to penetrate the dense forest in front.

“Bastard. Kill him.”
Yan shouted furiously, chasing swiftly in Tang San’s direction with the remaining thirteen Spirit Sages. The three flying Spirit Masters among the Spirit Sages immediately took to the air, forming an air to surface formation with the other Spirit Masters, quickly going in pursuit.

Holding tightly on Tang San’s neck, Xiao Wu’s heart beat violently. When Da Ming and Er Ming had been trapped by the two Title Douluo, she already had an unclear premonition. She of course knew that it was impossible for the current her to contend against the remaining Spirit Hall experts.

At that moment, what she had thought of wasn’t her own safety, but only one thought. If, before she died, she could see Tang San again, then she could still die without regret.

And when that thought still hadn’t faded from her mind, those familiar Eight Spider Lances, familiar hidden weapons, and still those familiar eyes, had already appeared in front of her.

At this moment, buried in that warm embrace, Xiao Wu’s heart was completely steeped in happiness.

Back after she originally left Tang San, she had thought of many, many things. She had also once despaired when thinking she might never see Tang San again. But even with the slightest chance, she would still never give up. Finally seeing her beloved again, Xiao Wu felt that even if she were to die right now on the spot, all this would still be worth it.

Both hands tightly wound around Tang San’s neck, feeling his changed aura and equally warm embrace, Xiao Wu was already a bit silly.

But right now Tang San still didn’t have time to be happy. Bringing Xiao Wu to swiftly enter the forest, he immediately felt at least ten auras locking in on him. At this moment he couldn’t pause, he could only run into the forest.

If the Sky Blue Bull Serpent and the Titan Giant Ape could promptly break free of that spirit fusion ability that would of course be good, but he couldn’t place his hopes on them. The more than ten Spirit Sages behind him were powerful, with such strength, even he and Xiao Wu would still be easily drowned. His flying speed wasn’t necessarily the fastest, especially within the forest. Tang San basically didn’t dare leave the range of the trees, otherwise he’d immediately become the target of multitudes of arrows in the air.

Feeling the auras behind him swiftly approach, he gave up on flying, floating to the ground, both hands drawing Xiao Wu close, Eight Spider Lances replaced his feet, swiftly advancing. At the same time, his spiritual force spread out completely, examining the movements of the pursuit behind them. Whenever the enemies wanted to surround them, he could find the best direction to escape.

There were altogether fourteen people chasing, Golden Generation’s Yan, as well as thirteen Spirit Sage level Spirit Hall experts.

Hu Liena stayed where she was without moving. After catching her brother, she discovered that Xie Yue’s complexion was pale, already unconscious. This wasn’t the reason she didn’t go to chase Tang San and Xiao Wu. Because she didn’t want to believe that everything that had happened in front of her was real.

With Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances on his back, when the Blue Silver Grass and hidden weapons simultaneously erupted, with her intelligence, how couldn’t she make the connection between this man who had been branded in her heart and mind and the one who dealt Spirit Hall such enormous humiliation, Tang San. Connecting all kinds of things in the pasts, the riddles in her heart suddenly opened up in a flash of understanding. But the more it was like this, the more intense the pain in her heart became. In her blank pain, she no longer knew what she should do.

Yan was currently already in an extreme rage. What he wanted to do right now was tear Tang San into ten thousand pieces. Seven Spirit Sages, those were seven Spirit Sages exhaustively cultivated by Spirit Hall! Right now their survival was unknown.

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