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Chapter 157

(TL by Bagelson)

Even though he deduced this very quickly, Tang San also didn’t mind. Spirit Masters hunting spirit beasts was very common in the Star Dou Great Forest.

The reason why he stayed here to rest tonight was because he had already reached the border between the thousand year and ten thousand year spirit beasts. Continuing deeper inside, he would come across ten thousand year spirit beasts. When facing such dangers, the cowering effect of the Deathgod Domain would be greatly reduced, and he would have to carefully deal with these spirit beasts to avoid danger.

Consequently, he first stayed here to let his condition reach its peak. The more dangerous it was, also meant that he was closer to Xiao Wu. Therefore, apart from a faint nervousness, there was even more excitement.

Even though his relationship with Xiao Wu had been somewhat vague as brothers and sisters until they separated, these feelings not only hadn’t been diluted, but on the contrary made Tang San think much, much more. He was astonished to discover that Xiao Wu since long ago wasn’t just as simple as a sister. He could simultaneously also feel that Xiao Wu’s regards towards him weren’t such pure feelings.

What about spirit beasts? She was a hundred thousand year spirit beast, wasn’t that the same level as his mother? Tang San only cared about the feelings between him and Xiao Wu, all the rest he basically didn’t think about.

When he left the Clear Sky School he had also carefully reflected on what was the most difficult part of those three tasks for him. It wasn’t killing a Spirit Hall affiliated Title Douluo, not was it reaching the eightieth rank within ten years, but rather killing a hundred thousand year spirit beast.

Perhaps hundred thousand year spirit beasts could be found. But hundred thousand year spirit beasts could take human form, and his mother and Xiao Wu were just such existences. When confronting a formidable hundred thousand year spirit beast, could he truly do it? The answer to this, even Tang San himself didn’t know. He’d let nature take its course. He would have to wait until he was eightieth rank or so before he could possess that kind of spirit ring.

Tang San didn’t know, he truly didn’t know, and right now he wasn’t willing to think about it. There was still a lot of time. Five years had passed, how would Xiao Wu’s delicate features have changed? He really looked forward to it. He even had an urge to immediately hold Xiao Wu in his embrace.

After simply eating a bit, Tang San sat cross legged and began his cultivation. His spirit power’s distance to the sixtieth rank was only a fine line, and since he’d come to the Star Dou Great Forest, he couldn’t return empty handed. As long as he could obtain some spirit beast that suited him, he’d naturally kill it in passing and get his sixth spirit ring.

Just as Tang San prepared to start cultivating, suddenly, a warning came through the surrounding blue silver grass. Even though the information inferior organisms like these blue silver grass could bring him was limited, in a great forest brimming with dangers like this, even just a shred of warning feelings made Tang San immediately wake up.

After all, that the blue silver grass could be made to warn him proved that the blue silver grass hut he had made for himself wasn’t enough to protect him, or even more that the warning was for something unknown.

If it was a spirit beast, Tang San wouldn’t mind too much. But if he came across humans hunting spirit beasts, the danger would rise a lot.

In the outside world, Spirit Masters would for the most part maintain balanced relationships, and wouldn’t easily encroach on each other. But in a spirit beast forest it was different. Just like back when Tang San and the others first came to the Star Dou Great Forest and ran into the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent couple, it would very easily lead to hostilities. Especially when one party was far stronger than the other, people would even kill each other.

The place where Tang San stayed was already where he could at any time encounter the threat of ten thousand year spirit beasts. In other words, the chance of spirit bones appearing would be very high, and a powerful hunting party would almost certainly move against a weaker party, just in case they could loot a spirit bone, that would truly be massive fortune.

Consequently, with the warning through the blue silver grass, Tang San immediately dispelled his thoughts of cultivation, the blue ring of light once again emitting from within him, the surrounding thick and solid blue silver grass swiftly withdrawing, in the blink of an eye already sinking into the ground. Everything in the surroundings was still so quiet, as if that blue silver grass hut had never existed.

Leaping up, first finding a big tree to hide in, afterwards Tang San thoroughly opened up his Blue Silver Domain, his spiritual force completely permeating the surrounding blue silver grass. Tang San discovered that, as his spiritual force completely merged with the surrounding blue silver grass, within the range he could ordinarily spread his spiritual force, it was like he could see with his eyes, and even a bit further, his senses were also quite clear. The range he could touch could only be described as frightful. Only he was still unable to use blue silver grass to see clearly within range.

Like this, the range Tang San could completely sense was roughly a five hundred meter diameter area. This was already a very large area, in fact, within this area, Tang San could sense everything that happened. He could even clearly perceive tree leaves sliding to the ground.

As he possessed the Blue Silver Domain longer, Tang San gradually came to understand that it wasn’t that his Blue Silver Domain was unable to sense an even larger area, but rather that larger areas would gather even larger amounts of information in his mind. His current level of spiritual force was already insufficient to process such tremendous information.

Therefore, if he wanted to display the effects of the Blue Silver Domain even better, what he had to improve wasn’t only the strength of the Blue Silver Grass, his spiritual force was equally important. Only when his spiritual force reached an even more tremendous state could Blue Silver Grass possess even more frightening effect.

Right now there wasn’t anything that could draw Tang San’s attention within a five hundred meter range, but along with Blue Silver Domain opening, the warning in Tang San’s heart also grew clearer and clearer, this warning came from the south.

Tang San’s spiritual force focused, and the originally scattered Blue Silver Domain probe subsequently also congealed, aggregating and releasing in one direction, and the search distance in a straight line immediately began to swiftly increase. When he focused all his energy in one direction, the original search distance would increase to roughly three times that of the original, one thousand five hundred meters.

The five meters wide and one thousand five hundred meters long probe returned all the information within the search area to Tang San’s brain in the blink of an eye. This time, he finally saw what the Blue Silver Domain warned him about.

The target was large, it really was people, but rather than one person, it was a more than twenty people quietly advancing in the forest, gradually approaching Tang San’s location.

Relying on Blue Silver Domain’s help, Tang San could clearly see these more than twenty people. As he saw their appearances, he couldn’t help being shocked, cold sweat running down his back.

He carefully counted altogether twenty people. Walking furthest ahead was a white clothed middle aged man, but Tang San could clearly tell that this absolutely wasn’t a simple middle aged man, because he was Spirit Hall’s Chrysanthemum Douluo Yue Guan. Behind Yue Guan, Hu Liena, Xie Yue, and Yan were following closely. Even further behind was altogether twenty Spirit Hall subordinates in black fighting uniforms, with grave manners, between forty and fifty years old. From the aura they distributed, Tang San could clearly sense that these peoples’ strength was still above that of the Golden Generation youths.

And bringing up the rear, was Guie Mei. Ghost and Chrysanthemum Douluo always operated together, so Tang San could naturally tell who this smear of human shadow that Tang San couldn’t see clearly was.

Two Title Douluo, adding the three most outstanding people of Spirit Hall’s young generation as well as large numbers of experts, what were these people doing in Star Dou Great Forest?

It couldn’t be because of hunting spirit beasts because someone in the Golden Generation needed one, what level was the Golden Generation? With two Title Douluo going out to fight, they were enough to even handle a super power on the level of the Titan Giant Ape. Even more when they still had those experts. Other people weren’t worth the help of Title Douluo moving.

Thinking of this, Tang San’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. Could it be they were here for the same reason as him, also for Xiao Wu? Spirit Hall’s power was enormous, finding Xiao Wu in this Star Dou Spirit Forest wasn’t something impossible.

Thinking of this, Tang San immediately burned with worry. Even his control of his spiritual force was somewhat unstable. Fortunately his spiritual force would be hidden by the blue silver grass while in the Blue Silver Domain, otherwise, even these minute spirit power fluctuations would draw the attention of the two Title Douluo.

What Tang San feared the most was that they had already succeeded. If they really were here for Xiao Wu, with such a formidable troop formation, how could Xiao Wu resist? Even if the Titan Giant Ape from back then was Xiao Wu’s friend, could they resist these kinds of Spirit Hall powers?

Tang San had never been as terrified as right now, his heart that had already matured especially after going through the experiences in Slaughter City, right now couldn’t be calmed. Perhaps this was chaos from concern.

As Tang San was reflecting, the Spirit Hall party halted, stopping at a distance of about five hundred meters from Tang San.

Twenty Spirit Hall experts swiftly dispersed, cutting down the surrounding trees, clearing up an open space, setting up the cut down trees at the edges as simple fortifications. But the two Title Douluo and the Golden Generation trio clearly had a higher status than them, especially the two Title Douluo who gathered together and sat quietly in the center of the clearing, while Hu Liena’s trio stood deferentially behind them.

Those twenty experts were very quick, and in a moment’s work they had already cleared the surroundings and constructed barricades, simultaneously raising tents. They were clearly planning to rest here.

The two Title Douluo were staying in one tent, Hu Liena’s trio in another. It didn’t seem like Hu Liena got any special treatment for being a woman. The other twenty people were split over five tents, the layout vaguely surrounding the two tents in the middle.

Throughout the entire process, they actually didn’t exchange any words, even when chopping wood they reduced the noise as far as possible. The two Title Douluo and Hu Liena’s trio very soon entered the tents to rest, and those twenty people left five people to patrol the surroundings, the others taking out rations to simply process them, without making any fire.

In this time, Tang San’s spiritual force was all along highly concentrated, carefully observing everything he could. When he didn’t discover any trace of Xiao Wu, his mind calmed a bit.

As a control type Spirit Master with extremely powerful calculation capabilities, Tang San hadn’t felt as at a loss as he did right now for a very long time. He didn’t know what he should do about these Spirit Hall people. Hide, follow them? If they truly were here for Xiao Wu, there was no point to him doing this.

With two formidable Title Douluo existences, ambushing them even in a place like this where blue silver grass grew all over was impossible. If he was discovered, the opponent would definitely attack him heavily.

First go find Xiao Wu? But Tang San didn’t know where Xiao Wu was, he needed to search as well. Then he would be unable to grasp the movements of this frightful Spirit Hall team, and it would only be even more dangerous for Xiao Wu.

Compared to this team, no matter if it was Tang San or Xiao Wu, they were both too weak. There was basically no chance of contending them. Even if these people found Xiao Wu, how could Tang San stop them? Even if Tang Hao in his prime was here, he still might not be able to do something about them with a frontal attack.

Anxiety was gradually subdued by reason. Tang San’s mind began to swiftly analyse, weighing all kinds of pros and cons and possible circumstances. Just when the Spirit Hall team had finished making camp, he had already made his choice. A brazen and dangerous choice.

Leaping down from the tree, he quietly withdrew the Blue Silver Domain, no longer concealing his aura. Assuming a careful appearance, he quickly walked towards the Spirit Hall camp.

The reason for this choice was first of all because Tang San first wanted to know why these people came to the Star Dou Great Forest. Of course, this was also due to their troop having Hu Liena, with an acquaintance like Hu Liena there, he believed he could ask for some information a lot easier.

With Tang San’s intelligence, he naturally sensed Hu Liena’s feelings toward him back then. For Xiao Wu, he would also exploit this. If they didn’t come to find Xiao Wu, then he could directly follow them out of the Star Dou Great Forest, ensuring Xiao Wu wouldn’t be found, then again return to the forest to look for her tracks. This was undoubtedly the best circumstances.

On the other hand, if these people really did come for Xiao Wu, matters would become troublesome. Even though Tang San was unable to stop them, or even assassinate them, he could always make a warning. He could also equally fo along with the troop, giving hints to Xiao Wu in the forest along the way, helping her evade them until they lost patience and left.

To Tang San, even though this was a bit dangerous, it was undoubtedly the most active way of dealing with it, making it easier to take the initiative.


Still a hundred meters from the Spirit Hall encampment, Tang San was already discovered, at least four silhouettes already reaching his side when the voice appeared, this strict shout was still issued since they saw he was human.

Tang San assumed a distracted appearance, his expression on guard.

By now he was already surrounded, four Spirit Hall Experts with in a circle with him in the center. His previous senses from his spiritual force and Blue Silver Domain connection wasn’t very strong, but now he could clearly tell that these four people next to him completely suppressed his strength. In other words, their spirit force was at least ten ranks above his.

These were four Spirit Sage level powers! Tang San already grew more and more certain of his estimate. If it wasn’t for a hundred thousand year spirit beast, why would so many powers be dispatched?

“Who are you all?”

The ice cold voice brimming with vigilance, Tang San’s natural grace already having faded away, leaving only ice chill and killing intent, just in keeping with his appearance back when he first left Slaughter City. The Deathgod Domain instantly spread open without holding anything back, a white light halo instantly spreading, mixed with an extremely ice cold aura. Relying on the capabilities of the tyrannical domain, he stiffly cut open the suppressive lock the four had on him. Using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, his figure flashed, and he had already separated from the opponents’ encirclement.

The four Spirit Sages simultaneously stared blankly, they had naturally also sensed the spirit power aura Tang San deliberately released. A Spirit Master with strength clearly below theirs could unexpectedly break away from the combined locking pressure of their side’s four Spirit Sages, and moreover the ice cold energy, brimming with blood thirsty killing intent, even made their souls shiver.

However, these people were worthy of being Spirit Hall’s specially cultivated powers. Immediately after Tang San broke out of the encirclement, the four moved practically simultaneously, each flanking from different directions. As they focused once again, Tang San was already surrounded by them again. The entire process passed in only the blink of an eye. It was also just at this time that these four people’s spirits completely released.

Tang San drew a deep cold breath. Appearing in front of him right now were altogether twenty eight spirit rings. The pressure from the release of the spirits made the surrounding air seem to thicken. Even though Tang San had already guessed they were Spirit Sage level, simultaneously being surrounded by four Spirit Sages still made his entire body tighten.

With his present capabilities, he wouldn’t fear confronting one Spirit Sage by himself, but there were four opponents, if it truly came to a fight, he would perhaps only be able to flee.

Those four Spirit Sages were also equally startled. They were all part of the secret strength Spirit Hall had cultivated over the years, not only did they have the support of formidable spirit power, but their combat experience and all aspects of inner qualities could also be considered outstanding on the same level. Facing this youth whose spirit power was clearly lower than anyone on their side, still felt indistinct, especially especially that instant just now when he separated from their control was even more like confronting an opponent at a higher level than theirs.

In front of the opponents’ formidable pressure, Tang San’s Deathgod Domain operated at its peak. The Clear Sky Hammer quietly appeared in his hand, shifting it from his left hand to his right. The spirit power within him frantically surged into the Clear Sky Hammer, even though there were no spirit rings added, the Clear Sky Hammer’s own profound aggressiveness immediately released, it and the Deathgod Domain bringing out the best in each other, allowing him to temporarily withstand the four opponents’ pressure.

Faint blue light appeared in Tang San’s eyes, at the same time his left hand also quietly stroked the Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, two Cluster Soul Seeking Balls already in his grasp. Confronting so many powerful enemies, even if he already had a plan, he still had no choice but to be cautious and timid. Just in case events didn’t develop in the direction he anticipated, he would still defend himself.

The instant the four Spirit Sages were preparing to release spirit abilities, suddenly, another ice cold aura spread out from another direction, colliding with the cold currents Tang San released, the two identically attributed ice cold killing intents moving rhythmically under the violent collision. In an instant, the surrounding air was full of flickering white light, immeasurable bone piercing chill overlaying in the forest, making the trees within range all violently shudder. With each shudder, the leaves seemed about to fall.

But those four Spirit Sages halted because of this sudden change, the bone piercing cold currents piercing their bodies just like countless steel needles, leaving them no choice but to focus on defending themselves, subconsciously retreating a step to maintain their guard.

“It’s really you?”

A pleasantly surprised voice echoed, three silhouettes walking out of the depths of the forest, it was Spirit Hall’s Golden Generation. Due to the changes in their status, the one walking furthest ahead now wasn’t Xie Yue from back then, but rather the one who obtained the Deathgod Domain together with Tang San, Hu Liena.

Tang San’s face, displaying an ice cold expression, the blue light in his eyes immediately vanishing as he saw at Hu Liena, turning into a stunned appearance.

“Why would you be here?”

The changes in his body and temperament were really too large, back then Hu Liena didn’t recognize him, and neither did Xie Yue and Yan now.

Hu Liena quickly stepped forward, reaching Tang San in a few steps, a pleasantly surprised light repeatedly flickering in her eyes. She wanted to say something, but also seemed somewhat apprehensive. Looking at Tang San’s handsome appearance, all the experiences in Slaughter City back then couldn’t help appearing in her heart. It had already been more than a year, but she was unable to forget that brief journey no matter what.

After obtaining Deathgod Domain and returning to Spirit Hall, recalling everything that happened before, Hu Liena herself was also somewhat startled. Why would she deliver her life and death to an unknown stranger’s hands at a time like that? But he hadn’t disappointed her either, and had safely brought her out of the Hell Road. Even though he hadn’t said anything, she could imagine what great troubles he had encountered on the later part of the road. Rather than saying she had walked out of the Hell Road, it would be better to say he had helped her out. If not for him, she might not have been able to successfully obtain the Deathgod Domain, and also even more unable to return to Spirit Hall.

Towards Tang San, besides appreciation, Hu Liena still had a kind of feeling mixing gratitude and something else.

“Everyone, he’s my friend.”

Hu Liena said to the four Spirit Sages encircling Tang San.

The four Spirit Sages glanced at her, silently withdrawing their spirits. Even if their strength was still above Hu Liena’s, they were still extremely respectful towards this future Supreme Pontiff successor.

Xie Yue and Yan also walked forward now. They had been together with Hu Lian the longest, and among them Xie Yue was also Hu Liena’s big brother. To some extent sensing the somewhat peculiar mood Hu Liena gave off, Xie Yue was astonished, and Yan looked at Tang San with an unfriendly gaze, even so much that it could be said to be brimming with hostility.

In fact, since the change in their positions, Hu Liena wasn’t only the leader of the Golden Generation, but simultaneously also the future successor of all of Spirit Hall. Such an exalted position forced even those Title Douluo level powers to show some consideration for her. In Spirit Hall, Hu Liena had already gradually gained what could be considered her own dignity. But where did her present appearance still hold a hint of the flavor of Spirit Hall’s Holy Maiden?

Tang San now secretly loosed a breath in his heart. When the Deathgod Domain Hu Liena released collided with his, he knew he had already reached his goal. What he wanted to exploit was this relationship between him and Hu Liena.

“I wouldn’t have thought I would see you again here.”

Tang San said faintly.

Hu Liena smiled slightly, big eyes brimming with charm staring fixedly at the ice chill in Tang San’s eyes without blinking,

“I didn’t expect it either. Did you come to hunt spirit beasts?”

Tang San nodded silently,

“I’m at the sixtieth rank.”

These words appeared, and Xie Yue and Yan behind Hu Liena were simultaneously gobsmacked. Even though they had also already reached the sixtieth rank level, that was only recently. Their goal in coming here with this troop this time was also to obtain their sixth spirit rings, but this youth in front of them who couldn’t be older than them, had unexpectedly also reached the same level. In fact, they were outstanding figures even among all the several tens of thousands of Spirit Masters in Spirit Hall.

Yan really couldn’t stand it, and asked Hu Liena:

“Nana, who is he? How come we haven’t met before?”

He and Hu Liena had grown up together, cultivated together. They had been together for the majority of more than twenty years. Hu Liena knowing people he unexpectedly didn’t know, this was also an important reason Yan was filled with hostility towards Tang San. Yan had always believed that only he could suit Hu Liena. Of course, whether this was his own wishful thinking, only Hu Liena knew.

Hu Liena’s brows wrinkled slightly, faintly saying:

“He’s my friend.”

Only a simple explanation, then she once again turned to Tang San,

“Tang Yin, just now was a misunderstanding. Don’t mind it. Our camp is not far ahead. They’re standing guard. Why did you come to hunt spirit beasts by yourself, isn’t that too dangerous?”

Tang San looked at Hu Liena, his eyes displaying a bit of loneliness,

“If not alone, who would I ask to come and help me?”

Hu Liena stared blankly a moment. For some reason, as she saw that loneliness in Tang San’s eyes, her heart ached without any reason. She practically blurted out:

“You still have me!”

She reacted just as the words left her mouth, hastily supplementing:

“We’re friends. Moreover, don’t tell me your sect wouldn’t help you get spirit rings? You should know that, at this level, if you want to obtain a spirit ring that suits you well, it’s very difficult to reach by relying only on your own strength.”


Tang San smiled, the smile somewhat sorrowful,

“I haven’t been part of a sect for a long time.”

Hu Liena looked distracted once again. The meaning in Tang San’s words was very clear, but she found it very difficult to believe the Clear Sky Sect would renounce an outstanding disciple like Tang San.

Tang San was of course cheating her. Regarding cheating Spirit Hall’s people, Tang San didn’t feel a trace of guilt, especially for Xiao Wu’s sake.

He had learned a great many things with his aunt at the Moon Pavilion in the past year. Concealing the true opinion in his heart as well as concealing his mood was one of his compulsory subjects. Tang Yue-Hua had personally instructed him in how he could change his temperament, and in different situations, in contact with different people, face them using different methods and manners, only like this could things be accomplished best. As a celebrity in this batch of graduating students, Tang San had undoubtedly already obtained the essence of this.

It was just because he didn’t say much and avoided stating it clearly, that it was also even easier for people to believe. As for this play, he did it for Hu Liena.

“Since it’s a misunderstanding, then I’ll leave.”

Speaking, Tang San turned to walk towards the depths of the forest.


Just when Hu Liena prepared to call Tang San to stop, Yan to the side rushed to speak up first.

Tang San slowly turned around, looking at this youth who was completely releasing intense hostility, and calmly said:

“Is there anything else?”

Yan coldly said:

“Immediately leave Star Dou Great Forest. This isn’t a place you should come to. Our Spirit Hall has business in Star Dou Great Forest right now, other Spirit Masters can enter in half a year.”

Tang San smiled. In that faint smiling expression, the ice chill on his face quietly disappeared, replaced by a noble grace,

“Is Star Dou Great Forest your Spirit Hall’s property?”

Looking at that as if cleansed in the spring wind smile on Tang San’s face, and still the grace he suddenly displayed, Hu Liena’s gaze couldn’t help turning somewhat lifeless. She had never seen Tang San with such a temperament. This moment, the man in front of her seemed to suddenly have changed, going from the original ice cold to warm, leaving her very uncomfortable. But it was just because of this discomfort that the handsome face was deeply imprinted in her mind.

Yan grew angry, coldly saying:

“You’re challenging? Challenging Spirit Hall’s authority?”

Tang San smiled calmly,

“You’re Spirit Hall’s people, I’m not. I’m only a free Spirit Master. You’re the one challenging, not me. I’m friends with Hu Liena, not with you.”

Finished speaking, he turned around to leave without the slightest hesitation.

A scorching heat abruptly exploded behind his back, even the pitch black forest was also illuminated in fiery red at this instant.


Hu Liena’s voice resounded in practically the first moment.

Tang San didn’t turn around, but rather swiftly moved three steps forward. These three steps were very carefully chosen, not at all in a straight line, but rather one step forward to the left, afterwards again to the right, then again turning left for the third step. The split second movement immediately made his silhouette seem to sway, and especially in that instant, his aura became unfathomable.

When his third step touched the ground, using the tops of his toes as axis, his entire body spun at an astonishing speed, the Clear Sky Hammer held in his hand shooting out in passing, surging black light abruptly spreading, a tyrannical current spreading in the blink of an eye, heavily colliding with a more than one meter in diameter fireball.

Even without one spirit ring, Tang San’s body had long since been transformed by the Blue Silver Emperor spirit rings, and his Clear Sky Hammer was also urged on by his fifty ninth ranked spirit power. So what if he didn’t use spirit abilities? He was still a fifty ninth ranked Spirit King.

With a loud explosion, countless sparks flew in all directions, the fireball completely shattering, and Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer also turned a deep red. But he didn’t withdraw a hair’s breadth. Bathed in the aftermath of the scorching hot flame, he didn’t suffer a trace of injuries from the elemental force.

The fireball exploded, revealing behind it, body already extremely expanded, whole body overflowing with heavenly flame, Yan.

Yan’s spirit was a Flame Lord, and after body enhancement, he possessed extreme might. Right now six spirit rings revolved around him, fluctuating, the light of the second spirit ring just vanishing.

“Yan, what are you doing?”

Hu Liena stepped sideways, already blocking in front of Tang San.

Because of anger, her lovable face already seemed somewhat pale, releasing her spirit almost without the slightest hesitation, fiery red long hair scattering across her back, and still that astonishing curve of her back and butt that even Tang San with his steady mind didn’t dare look at.

“Nana, we can’t let him leave, this person despises our Spirit Hall, we have to call him to account. Moreover, you also saw, his spirit is the Clear Sky Hammer! Isn’t he a Clear Sky School person? We’ll arrest him and bring him back, that’s a meritorious deed. If he leaves, and by any chance alarms our target, won’t we have wasted all our previous efforts on this trip? You also won’t be able to explain that to Her Holiness the Supreme Pontiff.”

The expression in Hu Liena’s eyes chilled, as if she had returned to those days in the Hell Slaughter Arena. Seeing the expression in her eyes, Yan couldn’t help being shocked, Hu Liena had never used this kind of manner against him.

“I said, he is my friend. Yan, out of consideration for our many years of friendship, I’ll let you off this time. If there’s a next time, don’t blame me for being blunt. Mounting a sneak attack from behind, is that the work of a great man?”

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