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Chapter 153

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

Tang San smiled and shook his head,
“Why would I? If I discriminated against Xiao Wu, wouldn’t that be discriminating against my own mother? Don’t forget that my mother was also a human form hundred thousand year spirit beast.”

Liu Erlong smiled:
“Good then. After you see her, remember to tell her that I miss her. Even though she’s actually a lot older than me, I’m still her godmother, this won’t change.”

Tang San smiled:
“Of course.”

After leaving the Clear Sky School this time, the highest priority on Tang San’s list was to go search for Xiao Wu, and afterwards continue cultivating. He wasn’t too worried about rising to the eightieth rank in ten years, he believed he had that ability. Of course, in this period of cultivation, he wanted to be together with Xiao Wu.

He’d already planned it out properly. After finding Xiao Wu, if Xiao Wu wished to stay in the Star Dou Great Forest, he’d accompany her there. If she wanted to leave with him, then he’d find a place to properly forge his hidden weapons, and cultivate further.

Tang San wasn’t particularly fond of the pretentiousness of the outside world. As long as he could be together with Xiao Wu, other things weren’t important. As for raising the Clear Sky Sect, that would also have to wait until he had the corresponding strength. Right now it was still premature.

Along with the rise in his strength, he already had a lot more Tang Sect hidden weapons secret lore he could cultivate, but the fiercer the hidden weapons cultivation, the more difficult, and they moreover had to pass an even more difficult refining process. Like those top quality hidden weapons that even more required a long forging process. Flender rolled his eyes, smiling:
“You’re all the pride of our Shrek Academy, we also can’t let you make this trip back in vain. How about showing off a bit of strength to the Academy?”

The Shrek Seven Devils smiled at each other. They knew that this lord dean wanted to squeeze them for any remaining value. But that was just Flender’s nature! They didn’t have any objections to this, on the contrary okaying it cheerfully.

Flender spoke with frank assurance,
“For young spirit masters, having a suitable idol would have very great benefits to their cultivation. I’m certainly not equal to Xiao Gang in actual training, but I can still grasp such a mind. If you don’t object, I hope you can reveal your strength in front of the students of the whole Academy once. Let them have a look at what level people of the same age can reach.”

Liu Erlong snapped:
“Boss, this might also have the opposite reaction. If by some chance the students get the impression they’re too lacking, and grow dispirited, what then?”

Flender unflinchingly said:
“Such students are unworthy of our cultivation. Xiao Gang. What do you think about my proposal?”

Grandmaster smiled faintly,
“I have no opinions. You’re the dean, you decide.”

Flender then looked at Dai Mubai, Tang San and the others, revealing an inquiring gaze.

Dai Mubai smiled:
“No problem for me, it’s just in time to also have a look at what level everyone’s cultivation has reached. Just now because we didn’t recognize little San outside the gate and fought him, it seemed that everyone has improved a lot. This is just the time to see what everyone’s true strength is.”

Tang San and the others also nodded simultaneously, expressing their approval of Dai Mubai’s idea. The Shrek Academy could be called their other home, they absolutely wouldn’t decline if they could do something for the Academy.

Flender smiled:
“Good then. Erlong, you go arrange it. The little fellows all have their own things to do, we can’t hold them up for too long. I think arranging it for tomorrow is good.”

Liu Erlong gave Flender a glance, her eyes revealing a crafty light. Nodding, she got up and left. As she walked out of Flender’s office, a smile already rippled at the corners of her mouth.

Two hours later, Shrek Academy was already plastered with enormous posters. The title was: Five Shrek Seven Devils return, tomorrow they invite all students to display the results of their cultivation by comparing notes with the joint forces of dean Flender and vice dean Zhao Wuji.

Pitiful Zhao Wuji and Flender, right now they were still full of joy and expectations, chatting with the Shrek Five Devils, unaware that they had already been sold out by Liu Erlong.

Northernmost Heaven Dou Empire. Icebound Forest.

The Icebound Forest consisted of needle-leaved trees most suited to the cold. The tracks of men were rare.

This was simultaneously also a spirit beast forest, only the environment was too nasty, the temperature very low. Therefore, only some Spirit Masters with cold attribute spirits would choose to come here to hunt for the spirit beasts they needed.

A party of more than ten people chewed on delicious sausage with big bites, the hot steam rising from their bodies showing how much they had spent themselves before.

The majority of people all sat on the ground, only one person still stood. In front of him was an enormous dying spirit beast, seemingly entirely covered in magnificent rings of light.

This spirit beast was more than seven meters long, the scales of its body extremely unusual. Each scale was like a small mirror. If it stood motionless, its body could reflect the surrounding scene, and basically couldn’t be discovered without careful observation.

But right now this spirit beast’s surroundings was already sprayed with blue blood and those seated men. Among those people swiftly recovering their strength, more than half were injured. Clearly that was caused by it.

Standing in front of the seven meter long spirit beast was a man of indeterminable age. The full beard across his whole face practically concealed his appearance completely. He was tall, his hair disheveled. The only parts of his features that could clearly be seen, was perhaps his pair of peach blossom eyes.

Below his left eye, a scar stretched from the corner of his eye straight down into the beard covering his jaw. Right now, those eyes flickered with extremely ice cold light.

Muttering to himself:
“Twenty thousand year cultivation Mirror Image Beast, I hope you can give me the spirit ability I expect.”

His hand rose, a dagger fell, the more than one chi long dagger in his hand thrusting deeply inside a wound at the Mirror Image Beast’s neck where it had lost its scales from a wound, ending the life of this formidable spirit beast.

Among the more than ten people behind him, right now at least half the faces all displayed an avaricious light, but looking at the three people standing next to the man there, they still forcibly restrained the voracious desire in their eyes. After all, those three were their bosses. They were also the most powerful of this hunting team.

“Little Ao, be quick about it. It’s not safe here, if we meet another few spirits beast as powerful as this, I’m afraid we’ll be completely wiped out.”

This man thrusting the dagger, killing the spirit beast, was just the figure Ning Rongrong yearned for day and night. Big Sausage Uncle Oscar.

By now, that face hidden beneath the full beard was already a lot more stalwart. Even though the scar on his face ruined his original beauty, he still seemed to have a particular male charm.

Five years, a full five years had passed. In these five years, he had experienced countless suffering, spending his sweat and blood in painful suffering. At that time, he had joined this hunting team with only one request, that was to help him hunt the spirit beast he needed when he needed it. And now, this twenty thousand year cultivation Mirror Image Beast, was just becoming his sixth spirit ring.

The previous speaker was a more than fifty year old man. Among everyone here, the imposing manner he released was the most impressive. He was also the one who stood closest to Oscar. He was also the only person Oscar could completely trust in this team.

This person was a seventy sixth ranked Spirit Sage. The highest ranked among the rest of the Spirit Masters in the team was only sixty fourth ranked. In spirit power alone, Oscar could already stand among the top five.

In order to kill this Mirror Image Beast, they had sought it for more than a month before finding an opportunity. The Mirror Image Beast was a kind of exceedingly rare and formidable Spirit Beast, otherwise those team members also wouldn’t have displayed such greedy gazes.

Sitting down cross legged in front of the Mirror Image Beast, just when Oscar prepared to close his eyes, suddenly, at the same time as he discovered that just dead Mirror Image Beast release its spirit ring, his dagger thrust out, revealing a faint beam of light.

His heart twitched, but Oscar didn’t move impatiently, only when he drew out the dagger, he subconsciously shifted the Mirror Image Beast’s position, using its body to suppress that wound from before.

He then sat cross legged in front of the Mirror Image Beast, starting to absorb the spirit ring.

His movements were extremely stealthy, even the not distant Spirit Sage near him didn’t notice.

To be able to display a light from within an already dead spirit beast, there was only one possibility, spirit bone. Oscar knew that after he had finished absorbing the spirit ring, the Mirror Image Beast in front of him would definitely be broken down.

The hunting team wouldn’t let anything valuable it had go to waste, and they would even more want to look for the possible appearance of a spirit bone.

The value of any one spirit bone was absolutely an astronomical sum.

To this hunting team, a spirit bone was absolutely a treasure that could cause a massacre. Oscar understood that it was impossible for him to take away the shining spirit bone while absorbing the spirit ring.

He could only absorb this spirit ring before anything else.

The others all quietly waited for Oscar to complete the absorption while recovering. That seventy sixth ranked Spirit Sage stood coldly at Oscar’s side with his eyes closed, resting, and the other two not far away from him also began to rest.

With the team’s three great powers gathered to protect Oscar, the others naturally wouldn’t have any ideas.

An ice cold current constantly revolved around Oscar’s body. Gradually, as that ice cold condensed to a certain degree, it began to charge around violently within Oscar.

Oscar understood that the more intense the pain meant that the strength was more formidable. Wasn’t it after enormous pain that Tang San possessed such powerful spirit abilities back then?

Five years had passed. He knew that he still only had five years remaining.

The fifth spirit ability hadn’t reached his desire, so this sixth spirit ability was all his hope. Because he wasn’t sure he could advance another ten ranks in the next five years to obtain the next spirit ability.

Five years of sharpening himself on the grindstone. The pressure on a food system Spirit Master’s spirit abilities in a team could be well imagined. In the eyes of those sects or nobles that seemed to thirst for talent, food system Spirit Masters were perhaps rare talents.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

But in this kind of spirit beast hunting team, he could only serve in the role of logistics and supply. Sometimes he would even be abandoned.

For Spirit Masters participating in hunting teams not only each had ample real combat experience, but most dreadful was their ice cold character. They joined such teams completely for the sake of profit. In the ultimate critical moment, even if it was a member of the same team, there was still nobody who would do anything for the person at their side, what was most important was protecting themselves. For a food system Spirit Master completely lacking attack power like Oscar, to be able to live in such an environment for five years was a miracle. This was admittedly related to his extremely useful spirit, but it was also closely related to his own wisdom.

It was just because of living under such enormous pressure, constantly reminding him, that Oscar could make another breakthrough in a brief five years, reaching the sixtieth rank level. In fact, these sixty ranks were far more difficult for him than ordinary Spirit Masters. This year he was only twenty two. Absolutely a genius among geniuses. Of course, in this team, only the Spirit Sage next to him knew his true age.

For a full two hours, in this world of ice and snow, Oscar sweated like rain, soaking his winter clothes. But even so, he didn’t utter a sound. With his persistent will, right now he wouldn’t be inferior compared to Tang San.

At last, the ice cold currents within his body flowed together, forming a faintly fluctuating ring, completely merged into his body, and Oscar slowly opened his eyes with his back to the majority of the others.

At the same time as he opened his eyes, drawn by the energy, that Spirit Sage in front of him also very naturally opened his eyes. Just as he was about to speak, he saw the expression in Oscar’s eyes shift.

The two hadn’t been working together for a short time. This Spirit Sage immediately became aware that something was up. Without opening his mouth, he shot him an inquiring gaze.

Oscar looked at him, then again looked at the already completely rigid spirit beast, his gaze pausing on the spirit beast’s head.

The pupils of the Spirit Sage’s eyes immediately contracted. He of course understood what the circumstances Oscar hinted at in front of him meant. His whole body slowly tightened, the expression in his eyes also gradually becoming sharp. He understood that with the appearance of this thing, there was already no meaning to the team in front of him. Even the two seemingly loyal subordinates closest to him wouldn’t easily let this thing slip past their eyes.

And as the strongest of the team, he would undoubtedly be mobbed after the discovery of the spirit bone.

Oscar’s gaze once again fell on the Spirit Sage. This time, the light in his eyes had already changed, that was an extremely sharp and fierce splendor. Ice cold chill was emitted from his eyes.

The Spirit Sage immediately understood his meaning. Within the entire team, only these two could completely trust each other. There was no time to consider, he could only softly nod to Oscar.

Releasing a breath, Oscar slowly spread his arms wide, standing from the ground. His spirit opening, two yellow, two purple, two black, six spirit rings simultaneously appeared over him. One more spirit ring was a qualitative leap, and his manners had already quietly changed.

“Congratulations. Congratulations.”
The hunting team’s gazes were immediately drawn to Oscar.

Oscar turned, saying with a smile:
“This is to everyone’s credit. Thank you all for helping me succeed. Anyway, my new spirit ability will also help the all of you in the future. Are you interested in having a look?”

To Spirit Masters, explaining their spirit abilities to others was a kind of display of trust. What Oscar did undoubtedly made the Spirit Masters present very satisfied. Of course, Oscar saying this also completely drew their attention. Nobody was in a rush to cut up the spirit beast’s corpse.

Oscar smiled:

His final words were spoken to that Spirit Sage. As he spoke, he still pulled out a chi long black box from his chest, swiftly fumbling with its surface, producing a series of mechanical noises. Previously, only Hao Te next to him had seen him use this thing.

Hao Te asked:
“How do you want me to help?”

Oscar said:

That he chose Hao Te to help him also seemed very ordinary to the others, and raised no doubts.

Hao Te frowned, but still stretched out his right hand in front of Oscar, the fingernail of his thumb pricking his forefinger, immediately opening a cut whence a drop of blood tumbled out.

“I, your father, have a mirror image sausage.”
The spirit incantation was still appalling.

Oscar moved very quickly. His sixth spirit ring abruptly flashed, a circle of black light bubbling out of his palm, instantly merging into that drop of blood. Immediately afterward, intense spirit power fluctuations surged from his palm, his sixth spirit ring also constantly expanding and contracting throughout the process.

Right now, everyone’s gazes fell on his hand. Within those intense spirit power fluctuations, a faintly silvery sausage quietly took shape.

Oscar said:
“Big brother Hao Te, please release your spirit.”

Hao Te nodded, a light flashing in his eyes. His imposing manner instantly turned ruthless, rich spirit power fluctuations spreading from him, as his entire body abruptly grew larger, his muscles expanding. Amidst the thick aura fluctuations, his hair had already become white.

Two yellow, three purple, two black, seven spirit rings abruptly released. The spirit this Spirit Sage called Hao Te possessed was actually a Snow Soul Demon Bear[2]. Concentrating on offense and defense as a whole, it possessed extremely powerful attack power and defensive capabilities.

Oscar spread his left hand, swiftly chanting two spirit incantations,
“I, your father, have a stimulating pink sausage, I, you father, have a stimulating pink sausage.”

Now his strength was already at the sixtieth rank, and again using his fourth spirit ability was naturally a lot faster than before, two stimulating pink sausages appearing in his palm before everyone’s eyes.

The others had no idea what he was doing, and further adding that he was a food system Spirit Master without any attack power, there was naturally nobody with doubts. Only expressions of curiosity were seen.

Oscar swallowed a pink sausage himself, and handed the other to Hao Te,
“Eat this first, afterwards use your seventh spirit ability.”

Hao Te swallowed the pink sausage without the slightest hesitation, and at the same time his seventh spirit ring grew radiant. The spirit avatar that he didn’t even use against that Mirror Image Beast before suddenly released.

Amidst the gasps of admiration of the other Spirit Masters, Hao Te’s clothes instantly burst, in the blink of an eye growing into an extremely thick and solid giant bear, seven meters tall.

His whole body covered with white fur, a frosty frozen air permeating out from within him, complemented even more by this very cold Icebound Forest. A profound aura seemed to make the surrounding air become tangible. Especially under the boost of Oscar’s stimulating pink sausage, his eyes were already filled with a pink layer, the energy over his whole body growing somewhat more ruthless.

At the same moment, Oscar swiftly stuffed that silvery sausage made from his sixth spirit ability into his own mouth, suddenly shouting,
“Do it!”

Sonorous mechanical cracks echoed, the Godly Zhuge Crossbow already spitting out deadly sharp bolts. At such close distance, and further adding the Godly Zhuge Crossbow’s own terrifying firing speed, the instantly erupting burst attack power of the sixteen crossbow bolts was absolutely terrifying.

Bearing the brunt were three closest Spirit Masters already within the attack range of the sixteen crossbow bolts. Of these three Spirit Masters, two were Spirit kings, one was a Spirit Emperor. If they were given enough time to prepare, they could naturally block by using their fourth or higher spirit abilities. However, what time did they have to prepare?

What kind of might did the Tang Sect hidden weapons Tang San make have? This moment was even more a complete ambush, just after having settled a formidable spirit beast, and Oscar had further obtained the advantage of a spirit ring. How could have thought that such a food system Spirit Master would actually suddenly rise in revolt at this moment.

More than ten puffs of blood mist exploded into the air. Without the least suspense, those three Spirit Masters’ bodies were already completely pierced through. Even more dreadful was that Oscar’s Godly Zhuge Crossbow Bolts were covered with Tang San’s personally made toxin, Meeting Blood Seals The Throat. Such poison, after passing Tang San’s special blending, wouldn’t lose effect after the crossbow bolts they were attached to were used. Each time it came into contact with blood, the poison would continue to condense.

The poison spread instantly, and with wide open eyes brimming with disbelief, those three Spirit Masters slowly fell limply. And now, having eaten the stimulating pink sausage, Spirit Sage Hao Te also moved. Fully using spirit avatar, and with the further boost of the stimulating pink sausage, he threw himself forward. Two Spirit kings didn’t even have time to reach before he had already smashed their heads to pieces.

Now there were still eight remaining Spirit Masters. These eight Spirit Masters consisted of four Spirit Kings and four Spirit Emperors. They were also long since battle hardened Spirit Masters. Even though they didn’t know why Oscar and Hao Te would suddenly rise in revolt, they still reacted in the first moments, swiftly retreating and releasing their spirits.

Oscar calmly rewound the mechanism of his Godly Zhuge Crossbow. Not only didn’t he retreat, he on the contrary followed the enormous Hao Te to charge forward.

Spirit Emperor and Spirit Sage, even though there was only one level difference, the difference lay in that spirit avatar. Using his spirit avatar, Hao Te was just like a tiger plunging into a flock of sheep. Amidst an eruption of wild force, leaving those eight spirit masters still unable to join hands essentially unable to resist, spirit abilities falling on his body one by one, basically unable to leave a mark, in the blink of an eye, another two Spirit Kings had perished by his hands.

“Get rid of that bastard Oscar first.”
Nobody knew who shouted, but two Spirit Emperors already swiftly moved around the sides to charge at Oscar. The other four reacted to swiftly form an encirclement. They of course wouldn’t hope to be able to kill Hao Te, but would at least first tangle with him. Once Oscar was dealt with, the six would at least have a chance to besiege Hao Te.

By now they for the most part already understood that Hao Te and Oscar suddenly revolting was definitely related to that killed Mirror Image Beast. Able to make them unleash a massacre without the slightest hesitation, would only be a spirit bone.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

“Hao Te, don’t mind me, kill them first.”
Oscar shouted calmly, at the same time he no longer advanced, but rather swiftly retreated.

Under normal circumstances, such actions were clearly unwise. Only when he was closer to Hao Te could Hao Te look after him. But right now he meticulously pulled open the distance between him and Hao Te, undoubtedly putting himself in danger.

One food system Spirit Emperor facing two agility attack type Spirit Emperors. To anyone it would seem like this should be an unequal confrontation. The two agility attack type Spirit Masters’ gazes focused on the Godly Zhuge Crossbow in Oscar’s hand. After all, the impression the Godly Zhuge Crossbow gave them before was too deep. A weapon capable of instantly annihilating three Spirit Masters was enough to make them fearful.

The two Spirit Emperors were cautious, both used a protective ability, relying on speed to swiftly get close to Oscar. It seemed to them that all Oscar could rely on was the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, and as for the stimulating pink sausage he ate, at most it could only increase his speed a bit.

However, they still underestimated Oscar. A food system Spirit Master capable of wandering this chaotic Icebound Forest for five years, that wasn’t something that could be accomplished with luck alone. Oscar had never before truly revealed his strength in front of others, but this time he wouldn’t hold back.

His body swiftly shot out, dashing madly to one side, the instantly erupting speed shocking the two agility attack type Spirit Masters. They clearly sensed that right now Oscar relied completely on his physical strength to run, and not some spirit ability. But his speed seemed a bit too fast.

How could they know that in his Shrek Academy training, Oscar had undergone Grandmaster’s devil training and the nourishment of Tang San’s immortal herbs. His physical body’s degree of strength wasn’t something a food system Spirit Master could compare to. To say nothing of when he had now eaten the stimulating pink sausage.

Of course, even if he was even faster it would still be impossible to match these two agility attack type Spirit Masters, and the distance between the three swiftly closed.

Suddenly, Oscar stopped. With his left foot as axis, his body swiftly rotated, the Godly Zhuge Crossbow in his hand already rising.

The two agility attack type Spirit Masters both had extremely good control over their own bodies, and even though they had released defensive abilities, they still weren’t willing to contend with that unknown weapon from the front. The two paused practically simultaneously, slipping to either side, not giving Oscar the opportunity to lock onto them. The closer of the two already stuck to the ground and arrived, bone spurs ejecting ejecting from the joints of both hands, thrusting straight at Oscar’s abdomen.

Oscar’s face revealed a cold smile, the muscles of his legs suddenly bracing.

With sonorous sounds, six crossbow bolts shot from his thighs practically simultaneously.

Hidden weapons had to be sudden. Right now the Godly Zhuge Crossbow in his hands was just raised, how could those two agility attack type Spirit Masters anticipate that he could actually make such an attack with his thighs? In haste, there was no time to attack Oscar, because he also didn’t know how powerful Oscar’s crossbow bolts were. Both hands clapping the ground hard, forcefully changing his forward momentum, speedily flipping over and moving away.

Despite this, he still only dodged three crossbow bolts. The other three still resolutely struck his defensive spirit ability, issuing a series of cracking sounds.

This agility attack type Spirit Emperor really was outstanding. In midair, his fourth spirit ability brightened, two intangible wings appearing behind his back. Even though these wings of his weren’t enough to fly, they could still change his direction, suddenly twisting in the air, he arrived above Oscar. Right now, his heart was already extremely regretful, both hands simultaneously scratching at Oscar’s head.

The other Spirit Emperor just arrived from the side. His distance to Oscar was also only five meters. Undoubtedly, to Oscar, this should be a certain death situation.

Just at this moment, Oscar suddenly made a motion that left the two uncomprehending. Shifting the Godly Zhuge Crossbow to his left hand, he sharply raised his right hand, blocking the two palms scratching towards his head. Simultaneously he raised his right foot, forcefully stomping on the ground. In an instant, his six spirit rings flared practically simultaneously, and moreover changed to a weird gray.

The change that appeared immediately afterward, left the two Spirit Emperors completely stupefied. Oscar’s upraised right hand suddenly grew larger without any warning, growing at least three times as large as before, his whole hand covered in a layer of snow white fur, firmly grabbing both striking palms of that midair Spirit Emperor. A great force issued, and the midair Spirit Emperor immediately felt a sharp pain in his wrists, his entire body seeming paralysed for a short moment.

And on the other side, where Oscar’s right foot stomped on the ground, an intense shockwave brazenly spread outwards. That Spirit Emperor mounting a sneak attack from the side abruptly stiffened, his entire body only knocking against Oscar out of momentum, his brewing spirit ability forcefully interrupted.

An ice cold voice issued from Oscar’s mouth. He simply swiftly lowered his head, right hand pulling downwards, a thick crossbow bolt abruptly firing from his neck, piercing perfectly straight into the throat of that Spirit Emperor in midair. And the Godly Zhuge Crossbow in his left hand once again spit out death.

The Spirit Emperor launching the sneak attack who had his spirit abilities interrupted and bumped against him, was sent flying as his body was hit by sixteen extremely powerful crossbow bolts, already turned into a sieve. The dying Spirit Emperor in the air was unable to understand how Oscar’s techniques could change like this, how a food system Spirit Master could actually use spirit abilities similar to Snow Soul Demon Bear Spirit Sage Hao Te’s Giant Spirit Palm and Seismic Wave.

With a swing of his right hand, the midair Spirit Emperor was flung to the ground. Oscar swayed once, his face immediately turning somewhat pale. But the light in his eyes was brimming with excitement. Killing two agility attack type Spirit Emperors was, to him, in no way as simple as just settling the current crisis. Even more important was that killing these two by relying on his own strength, signified an important shift in his Spirit Master career.

The twenty thousand year cultivation Mirror Image Beast was just what he hoped for, it finally gave him the spirit ability that most suited his needs. Mirror Image Large Sausage.

The effect of the mirror image sausage was copying. But when it was made it had to have the blood of a Spirit Master as basis. If the possessor of the blood had spirit power exceeding the producer, the producer could display seventy percent of the power of the spirit abilities equal to his level. If the target’s spirit power was equal to the producer, the producer could display eighty percent of the might of the blood donor’s spirit abilities.

It could be fully used for three minutes. In other words, eating that mirror image sausage before, within three minutes, Oscar possessed the spirit abilities of Hao Te at seventy percent power as a Snow Soul Demon Bear Spirit Master.

On the surface it seemed like this spirit ability of Oscar’s had effects out of the ordinary, he could after all duplicate all spirit abilities. But in fact, the restrictions of this spirit ability were equally large. With his present sixtieth rank, possessing seventy percent of Hao Te’s power for three minutes, was actually equivalent to just a roughly fiftieth ranked Hao Te, and those two agility attack type Spirit Masters before were actually above him in strength. The reason they were killed by him was mostly because of the unexpectedness.

And while only using seventy percent of the spirit abilities’ might, Oscar would pay a hundred percent of the spirit power cost to support them. The spirit power required to manufacture the mirror image large sausage was even more frightful, equivalent to one third of his present spirit power to make one.

However, to Oscar, the greatest bit of good news was that this mirror image sausage kept for a very long time. Each mirror image sausage produced could keep its effectiveness for one year. If there was a large number of high level Spirit Masters that donated blood to let him make them, under certain circumstances, he might also be considered a kind of Battle Spirit Master.

In terms of strength, with the battle capability he possessed Oscar wasn’t scary, but the suddenness was enough to shock any opponent. Who could imagine a food system Spirit Master to suddenly possess attack power?

Even more, back among the Shrek Seven Devils, in craftiness, Oscar was second only to Tang San. The situation just now was completely caused by his planning. Relying on the two great hidden weapons Tang San gave him, the Godly Zhuge Crossbow and the Back Tightening Flower Adorned Crossbow, as well as the suddenly appearing spirit abilities, he got rid of two Spirit Emperors in one move. Further adding the previous three he got rid of, among all the thirteen people, five were entirely killed by this food system Spirit Master.

When Oscar returned to the other side, those four Spirit Masters were already rigidly suppressed by Hao Te. Two Spirit Kings collapsed first in a flash. When the other two Spirit Emperors saw Oscar unexpectedly return, under the great shock they didn’t have a thought about fighting. But once they wanted to flee, how would Oscar and Hao Te give them the chance?

Relying on the obstruction of the final discharge of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow plus Hao Te’s overbearing spirit avatar, they forcibly got rid of these last two Spirit Emperors, putting an end to this unilateral massacre.

Hao Te changed back into his original form. Even though he was naked right now, because of his connection to his spirit, he didn’t fear the cold. He looked somewhat astonished at Oscar,
“Little Ao, you really had your wish fulfilled?”

Oscar didn’t hide it, telling Hao Te about the sixth spirit ability he just obtained. At the same time he also pulled off his sweat soaked, already frozen stiff, clothes, and changed into a new set from his spirit tool.

Looking at the surrounding corpses, Hao Te couldn’t help secretly sighing. Even though these hunting team members weren’t any good people, they had after all followed him for a time.

Oscar naturally saw the disappointed expression in Hao Te’s eyes,
“Big brother, don’t think about it. If we didn’t do it, once they discovered the spirit bone, if they started it ahead of us, I’m afraid we would be the corpses now.”

Hao Te nodded silently. He of course knew that what Oscar said was fact, if they didn’t do it first, it would very possibly be them dead at the end.

Especially him, the most powerful of this team, would inevitably be the primary target of those people.

[1] Hao Te - (浩特) “Grand unique”, also a word for nomadic camp (from the Mongolian word khot).

[2] Snow Soul Demon Bear - (雪魄魔熊)

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