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Chapter 152

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

Even though their mouths were speaking, their bodies were still moving roughly towards Tang San from two directions, and Zhu Zhuqing had already quietly pulled Ning Rongrong ten meters behind Tang San, the three vaguely forming a triangular encirclement around him, clearly prepared not to give him any chance to escape.

Tang San helplessly said:
“We haven’t met for five years, and you treat a brother like this!”

At the same time as he spoke, he immediately felt two equally tyrannical auras given off behind him. No need to ask, Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong had also released their spirits.

He subconsciously inclined his head, gazing through the corners of his eye, and his heart couldn’t help twitching.

If Dai Mubai breaking through the sixtieth rank could still be said to be within his expectations, then Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong also both possessing six spirit rings was something he wouldn’t have imagined.

Equally two yellow, two purple, two black, two beautiful women both releasing the radiance of six spirit rings.

Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda seemed a bit larger, six rings of light moving rhythmically up and down, that dazzlingly beautiful light exceptionally mesmerising.

After Zhu Zhuqing released her spirit, her whole body seemed to have become even colder, it seemed as if her entire body had an illusory feeling. Even though she stood there quietly, she made people unable to capture her intact silhouette.

Of four comrades, three had broken through the sixtieth rank. Tang San inwardly sighed in praise, and at the same time he also couldn’t help being a bit dissatisfied with his own pace.

Actually, his cultivation in the two years he followed Tang Hao really wasn’t slow.

In his two years of massacre in Slaughter City, as well as his final year of cultivation in the Moon Pavilion, he had actually advanced in different areas, while his spirit power cultivation had instead slowed.

Zhu Zhuqing always had a persevering character, and back then she had obtained enormous benefits from the immortal herb Tang San supplied. As for Ning Rongrong, in order to find relief from her pain in these five years, she had practically cultivated both day and night, and also not long ago broken through the sixtieth rank great bottleneck.

When she successfully broke through, Ning Fengzhi had announced within the sect that she was the next generation Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master.

Sensing his comrades’ improvement, Tang San’s mind was suddenly filled with a somewhat heroic feeling. Even though he still hadn’t broken through the sixtieth rank, his progress also hadn’t been any less than theirs!

Thinking of this, Tang San couldn’t help a long whistle,
“You don’t believe my identity, then I’ll use force to prove it. Besides us Shrek Seven Devils, who could still possess this kind of strength?”

Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun weren’t prepared to talk nonsense with him. In their hearts concerned for Tang San’s safety, the two moved practically simultaneously.

Dai Mubai’s feet slid a step, his whole body blossoming with golden light, his first spirit ability White Tiger Barrier already launching. At the same time, he suddenly accelerated, tiger palm swinging out, clashing straight on with Tang San.

A muffled voice echoed from Tang San’s mouth. Four clusters of blue light was emitted from different places on the ground, Blue Silver Emperor’s ten thousand year fourth spirit ability, Blue Silver Prison.

The four clusters of Blue Silver Emperor simultaneously enveloped Dai Mubai’s quartet, including the dashing forward Dai Mubai, the four halted practically simultaneously.

Even Ma Hongjun’s blazing hot phoenix flame was unexpectedly also completely suppressed at this moment.

Appearance could be faked, but not spirit abilities.

Right now, Tang San had already released his Blue Silver Emperor, the sight of the distinctive black color of the fourth spirit ring distracting Dai Mubai.

But those tiger claws still subconsciously grabbed the Blue Silver prison in front of him.

At this moment, a layer of deep blue light releasing from Tang San, the appearance of the Blue Silver Domain.

The greenery in front of the Shrek Academy gate was rather good, and wherever there were plants, how could there be any less of the tenaciously growing blue silver grass? In the split second the Blue Silver Domain released, Tang San felt his mind connecting to all the blue silver grass in the surroundings.

Led by the imperial aura of the blue silver world, all the blue silver grass grew frantically, in the blink of an eye changing to the appearance of blue silver emperor, extending with lightning speed to the surroundings of the Blue Silver Prisons Tang San released, coming into contact.

Instantly, the four Blue Silver Prisons turned dazzlingly golden. Even though Dai Mubai’s incomparably sharp tiger claws cut at it, they only rebounded rigidly.

Zhu Zhuqing was also confronted with an equally bitter experience, and Ma Hongjun was even more comprehensively suppressed. Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor had been nourished by the top quality fire attribute immortal herb Infernal Precious Apricot, and even though his phoenix flame was powerful, it was still impossible to burn down Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor.

“Appearance and temperament may change. Don’t tell me my abilities would change too? Boss Dai, watch closely.”

Tang San bowed slightly, his five spirit rings brightening, and at the same time, along with the sound of tearing cloth, the like carved from crystal Eight Spider Lances burst through his back. Simultaneously, Tang San’s eyes also emitted a crystal clear blue light.

Withdrawing the Blue Silver Emperor in his hand, black light surged out, the Clear Sky Hammer appearing in his left hand as the Blue Silver Prisons also subsequently disappeared.

Twin spirits, fourth ten thousand year spirit ability, Eight Spider Lances, mind condensing wisdom skull bone, this moment Tang San was completely revealed in front of his companions.

Seeing this scene, Dai Mubai who was just preparing to use more powerful spirit abilities turned sluggish,
“You really are Tang San? But, how did your appearance change so much?”

Tang San said with a wry smile:
“As long as you give me a chance to explain, of course I’ll tell you.”

Ma Hongjun looked at Dai Mubai, then again looked at the Eight Spider Lances on Tang San’s back,
“Boss, even though these Eight Spider Lances are a bit different from before, they really don’t seem fake.”

Dai Mubai nodded, gazing at Zhu Zhuqing to the side. Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong looked eye to eye, also nodding simultaneously. If the Tang San in front of them really was fake, then everything was too coincidental.

After all, each Spirit Master’s abilities were unique and unmatched.

Compared to five years ago, even if Tang San had become even more powerful, the most basic things still hadn’t changed. Especially the Heavenly gifted twin spirits could be even less easily copied.

Just as Dai Mubai was preparing to ask Tang San just what was actually going on, the sound of noisy footsteps came from the side of the Shrek Academy.

Before anyone arrived, a deep thick voice reached them,
“Who dares pretend to be our little monsters, and even dare fight. Let me have a look.”

A valiantly built big middle aged man walked out from the Shrek Academy, still followed by another two middle aged men. It seemed the Academy teachers had appeared.

Seeing this person, the Shrek Five Devils all smiled. The arrival was no stranger, but Motionless Bright King Zhao Wuji.

Zhao Wuji had received the reports of the on duty students. Such matters originally didn’t require him to personally come out, but at the same time his current work as vice dean was very light, and that wild boiling blood in his bones made him come running over shouting out of interest to take a look at who dared pretend to be the Shrek Seven Devils. Teaching them a lesson in passing would also count as a bit of exercise.

Right now, as he truly left the gate, and saw the five people standing there, he quickly rubbed his eyes.

Right now, even though Tang San among the Shrek Five Devils had withdrawn his Blue Silver Emperor and didn’t have the sparkle of spirit rings, the Eight Spider Lances was still on his back, and the other four all had the twinkling radiance of spirit rings.

If everyone’s appearance could be said to still require some discerning, then the spirits and imposing manner they currently displayed, and still the might represented by the spirit rings, all helped Zhao Wuji come to a conclusion.

Besides the Shrek Seven Devils, who could still possess this kind of might at such an age?

“Fuck me, it’s actually really you pack of little monsters.”
Laughing heartily, Zhao Wuji went to meet them.

The two teachers following him as well as the on duty student who informed him were all stared blankly, the dazzling spirit ring radiance in front of them already flashing and blossoming to their eyes. Further adding Zhao Wuji’s words, they immediately understood that these people in front of them were unexpectedly really those who had shined with extraordinary splendor five years ago, in one stroke becoming championships of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, members of the Shrek Seven Devils!

Dai Mubai was the closest to the Academy gate, and immediately went forward, giving this Motionless Bright King a bearhug.

“Fuck me, be a bit gentler.”
Zhao Wu immediately groaned in Dai Mubai’s hug. Even though his strength had also greatly improved in these years under Grandmaster’s instruction, right now Dai Mubai had released a spirit that was in itself widely known for its strength. This excited hug made the bones in Zhao Wuji’s entire body issue cracking sounds.

“Teacher Zhao.”
Tang San and the other three simultaneously called out respectfully.

Their hearts were all brimming with respect towards the initial several teachers of the Shrek Academy.

The rims of Zhao Wuji’s eyes were already somewhat reddened, and after releasing his hug with Dai Mubai he turned to look at the others after clapping his thick and solid arm. His gaze first of all fell on the big Fatty Ma Hongjun, and seeing Fatty seem about to come hug him he hastily dodged to the side,
“Go away, Fatty, keep some distance, or are you going to burn my clothes with that flame?”

Ma Hongjun awkwardly scratched his head, then hastily withdrew his spirit, smiling towards Zhao Wuji without daring to speak.

Zhao Wuji very quickly also looked at Ning Rongrong flickering with gem-like light and Zhu Zhuqing at her side,
“You’re Rongrong and Zhuqing. We haven’t met in five years, but you’ve both become great ladies, and increasingly beautiful. Yi, you’re little San?”

Rubbing his eyes hard, Zhao Wuji didn’t dare believe his eyes as he looked at Tang San.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

Tang San smiled:
“Couldn’t it be me? My outside has changed a bit. How about letting us inside first, then I’ll explain it. Dean Flender, vice dean Liu Erlong, and teacher, are they well?”

Even if Zhao Wuji still didn’t quite dare believe this kind of graceful and elegant youth was Tang San, the Eight Spider Lances behind his back and the Clear Sky Hammer in his hand weren’t fake. Immediately nodding, he said:
“They’re all well. Let’s go, we’ll go inside first. What were you up to here, with swords drawn and bows bent? Don’t tell me you were tearing down the Academy?”

Dai Mubai swiftly pulled out a long gown from his spirit tool, wearing it the instant he withdrew his spirit,
“A misunderstanding, this is all a misunderstanding. We also didn’t recognize little San. Until now we still didn’t dare believe it. But, you shouldn’t know the time we set for our reunion!”

Tang San somewhat helplessly said:
“I’ll tell you about it after we’ve gone back. Actually, Teacher saw me in this appearance. He also told me the time for this gathering. When meeting Teacher, you’ll naturally believe it.”

Zhao Wuji nodded, saying:
“I heard Grandmaster say you came back once, but rushed off again in a hurry. Don’t stand around, let’s go inside at once. You are all the pride of the Academy, if that miser Flender learns you’re back, I’m afraid he might fly to Heaven from excitement.”

Led by Zhao Wuji, there were naturally no obstructions, and the Shrek Five Devils followed him to enter the Academy.

Due to the strength Tang San revealed just now, as well as his simple explanation, Dai Mubai and the others gradually came to believe him.

After all, right now Tang San was also on the five ring level. At this age, there were really far, far too few people able to reach such a level.

“Third brother, tell me, what did you once give me as a present?”
Ning Rongrong asked, walking next to Tang San.

Tang San smiled:
“Still don’t believe me? Has the Flying God Claw been useful to you afterwards? There are still those hidden weapons, does the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School still equip them?”

Ning Rongrong’s eyes revealed a light of understanding,
“It seems you really are third brother. Only, how would you change this much? It’s too inconceivable. And you’ve still become so handsome.”

Dai Mubai walking furthest ahead also couldn’t help turning his head to look at Tang San, smiling wryly:
“If you really are little San, I’ll have to be jealous. Your talents were originally better than ours, and now you’ve become so handsome as well, won’t you let people live?”

Tang San smiled:
“You’ve got Zhuqing, and no concern for more beautiful women, what are you still doing thinking about this? Zhuqing’s affection won’t change because you’re not as handsome as I am. Are you still dissatisfied? I’ll explain it once we see teacher and the others, and save telling it twice.”

Shrek Academy’s main building was twice as large as before, but the number of enrolled students hadn’t changed, it was only the equipment and facilities that were much more complete than before. The mimicry cultivation areas were fundamentally robust, suiting cultivation for students with all kinds of spirits.

“Why is little Ao still not here? Don’t tell me he forgot what day it is?”
Tang San puzzled asked.

Hearing this, the rims of Ning Rongrong’s eyes couldn’t help reddening again. By now, everyone had already entered the teaching building. Dai Mubai turned around, clapping Tang San’s shoulder,
“Don’t ask. We’ll talk when we see Grandmaster again. We haven’t met for five years, let’s chat properly.”

Flender leaned back at ease in his enormous office chair. These years his life could even be said to have been leisurely. Even though he was the dean, a lot of the troubles of the Academy no longer needed his personal attention, the Academy affairs were managed by Liu Erlong, and teaching the students was handled by the super theorist Grandmaster.

As the dean he needed to worry even less about funding for the Academy. Everything required for the Academy’s operations was specially allocated by the Heaven Dou Empire.

Further adding the importance the Empire attached to it, right now his status in the Heaven Dou Empire was extremely high, the target of innumerable influential officials.

Perhaps it was related to his mood, but in these years his spirit power had progressed a lot, already reaching the eighty third rank, formally becoming a Spirit Douluo. Even Zhao Wuji had already just broken through the eightieth rank. Besides that Poison Douluo who never showed either head nor tail in the Academy, there were also these two Spirit Douluo. Liu Erlong was currently also seventy ninth ranked, only a thin line away from breaking through the eightieth rank.

This lord dean was just considering whether to have a taste of the new tea sent over by the imperial household, when the bell outside the office door rang.

“It’s open, come in.”
Flender said lazily.

Only a few people would come to his office, and they were all very familiar faces, naturally he’d be very casual.

The door opened, and Zhao Wuji’s familiar figure stepped inside.

“Boss, what’s up?”
Zhao Wuji walked towards Flender, smiling and giggling.

Flender shot him a glare, then grinned, saying:
“You came just in time, I was just going to prepare some tea. Since you came, you do it. Saves me standing up.”

Zhao Wuji looked dumbstruck at Flender,
“My lord dean, you’re getting lazier and lazier.”

Flender immediately assumed a righteous and cold appearance,
“As Shrek Academy’s dean, my mission is to plan the overall situation, there’s naturally no need for me to personally attend trifles. So that Shrek Academy can nurture even more outstanding talents, is the future development direction I rack my brains over each day.”

Zhao Wuji laughed out loud,
“Alright, you’re not only getting even lazier, you’re also getting more and more vulgar. Brats, look at what your lord dean has become. Come in all of you.”

Flender stared blankly a moment, he naturally didn’t need to guard his heart in his own office, and hearing Zhao Wuji say this, he sensed auras outside of his office through spirit power fluctuations.

The door opened, and a group of five people walked inside. Seeing them, our lazy and vulgar dean immediately opened his eyes wide.

“You, you’re……”

Flender excitedly stood from behind his desk, his gaze sweeping across the five faces in front of him. The Shrek Seven Devils were always the pride of his heart. They were also the pride of Shrek Academy. Watching these children appear once again, he was actually beside himself with emotion.

Ma Hongjun swiftly took a few steps forward, giving his teacher a powerful bearhug,
“Teacher, I’ve missed you.”

Dai Mubai smiled:
“Dean Flender, did you forget our five year appointment? Today is the day.”

Flender forcefully hugged Fatty, his gaze turning to everyone again.

As his gaze fell on Tang San’s face, he couldn’t help staring blankly a moment. The others he could naturally recognize, but seeing this handsome and graceful white clothed youth, he couldn’t help hesitating:
“You are……”

Tang San smiled wryly:
“Dean Flender, I’m little San!”

Flender rubbed his eyes in disbelief,
“You’re little San? Heavens, no wonder last time Grandmaster said your appearance had changed after your Blue Silver Grass’ second awakening. It seems it was true. I’ll have to be jealous, your talent was originally good, and now you’ve actually changed even on the outside. It’s really too inconceivable.”

“Jealousy. Jealousy is useless. This can only explain my insight and knowledge.”
Two people stepped through the door, it was Grandmaster and Liu Erlong who had just received the news.

Tang San of course hoped to first see Grandmaster on his return to the Academy, but Flender was after all the dean, and when everyone returned together they would also come here first. Zhao Wuji sent people to notify Grandmaster and Liu Erlong.

Tang San’s mood abruptly became moved, no longer able to maintain that grace, he turned to Grandmaster, already bowing deeply.

Grandmaster supported Tang San’s shoulder, without letting him bow, his stiff face expressed a smile, and the excitement in his eyes equally couldn’t be concealed,
“It’s good that you’ve returned, it’s good that you’ve returned. It seems your strength has also improved somewhat.”

Ning Rongrong said cutely:
“Lord dean, where is your tea? I’ll steep some for everyone.”

Flender also wasn’t polite, laughing out loud:
“That’s good, I heard Rongrong has already been decided as successor to next sect master. To have the future Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master steep tea for me, I’m very honored.”

To the side, Zhu Zhuqing couldn’t help smiling,
“Then I’ll help Rongrong.”

Dai Mubai said:
“En, that’s right, Zhuqing is now the Star Luo imperial crown princess.”

Zhu Zhuqing shot him a melodramatic glance,
“Did I marry you?”

Dai Mubai grinned:
“That’ll happen sooner or later.”

Flender was just going to hand over the tea to Ning Rongrong, and looked at Dai Mubai:
“Mubai, you were instated as crown prince?”

Everyone present were familiar people, and Dai Mubai had completely matured after five years, not hiding anything, he smiled and nodded,
“That is inseparably related to the instruction of dean and Grandmaster back then. If not for those many things you taught me, I wouldn’t have returned today.”

Everyone knew that Dai Mubai’s words were no idle courtesy, each of his words came from the heart.

It was just because of being together with the Shrek Seven Devils, studying at the Shrek Academy, that had helped him re-establish his confidence. After taking the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, in these five years, besides assiduous cultivation, he had also worked hard to perfect his plans for rulership, amply obtaining the approval of his clan.

That frustrated older brother of his had already grown less and less able to contend against him.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

When Tang San, Ning Rongrong and Ma Hongjun heard this they were even more a bit touched. As crown prince, Dai Mubai’s position in the Star Luo Empire was extremely important, but he had taken the risk to rush over for this gathering. First let alone the threat from Spirit Hall, as heir to one of the Continent’s two great empires, if the Heaven Dou Empire knew he was within their borders, some sort of action would be normal.

The tempering of the future heir to the Star Luo Empire could even be called extremely harsh, before taking the throne, there absolutely wouldn’t be anyone dispatched for protection. Only in constant trials and tribulations would there be some growth. Survival of the fittest.

As a result, the Star Luo Empire went from originally holding a third of the Continent’s area, to now being equal to the Heaven Dou Empire. Even to the extent that even domestic factional powers had begun to be suppressed.

If not for the intervention of Spirit Hall, perhaps the Star Lou Empire would have already become a completely united great empire by now.

Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing went to make tea for everyone, and Flender hurriedly called everyone to sit.

His office was exceptionally expansive, seating these people wasn’t a problem.

Dai Mubai said to Tang San:
“Little San, now tell us how you changed into this appearance. I’m very curious, just how did you became that handsome?”

Ma Hongjun said:
“You all already have whore faces, what do you still want to be more handsome for? If someone wanted to change their appearance, it should be me! The pitiful me has until now still been cut off from others, no one who wants to follow me.”

Dai Mubai smiled:
“Didn’t you want to pursue Jiang Zhu[1] back then? What? Did she reject you?”

Ma Hongjun’s expression was bitter:
“She ignored me after learning my age. Don’t tell me being young is wrong?”

Seeing that deliberately assumed appearance as well as the scrunched up fat on his face, everyone couldn’t help laughing out loud.

Grandmaster sat near Tang San,
“Little San. Tell everyone about your experiences. Last time we met in a rush, and I also very much want to know.”

Tang San nodded, his experiences in these years certainly had a somewhat fantastical tint. Next, he began to talk about what happened after his father brought him away back then. Even so much that he didn’t hide Xiao Wu’s identity as well as his own experiences in Slaughter City and afterwards returning to the sect.

Listening to Tang San’s calm narration, each person’s heart had a kind of core shocking feeling.

Separating from Xiao Wu, assiduous tempering, Slaughter City’s danger, his mother’s fate, returning to the sect and receiving the trial, in a brief five years, Tang San had experienced so much.

Even Dai Mubai who spent all day submerged in power struggles couldn’t help gasping in surprise. Whether in terms of facing danger or blows to the heart, all of Tang San’s experiences were clearly above his.

Hearing Tang San finish speaking about the process of Blue Silver Grass’ second awakening, everyone became completely convinced the youth in front of them was the Thousand Hands Asura from back then.

“ I’ve temporarily gained the approval of the sect. Uncle sect master let me return to the sect again after I’ve reached Spirit Douluo, to pass on the true skills of the Clear Sky Sect. My current main spirit is Blue Silver Grass, it’s not suited to cultivating some of the sect’s created abilities.”

Listening to Tang San’s story, the rims of Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing’s eyes had both become somewhat red. Whether it was Tang San’s life experiences or his helplessly leaving Xiao Wu, both were so moving.

Ning Rongrong had originally felt that she’d already suffered a lot, but compared to Tang San, at least she still had a complete family, as well as the father and relatives that loved her. But Tang San had to carry the responsibilities of his father, had no mother, and his father had also crippled himself. What kind of suffering was that?

After a brief silence, Grandmaster sighed, saying:
“Let the past be the past. Everything must move forwards. If my guess is correct, the three requirements the Clear Sky School elders raised should actually be a test for you. Your gifts should already have won them over. These three conditions test you in three kinds of different abilities. Reaching eightieth rank before thirty is a test to your perseverance. Killing a Spirit Hall Title Douluo and obtaining a hundred thousand year spirit ring tests your courage and wisdom. It seems that they are paving the road for the future success of the Clear Sky School. If I’m not mistaken, as long as you can complete these three conditions, it will be time for the Clear Sky School to reenter the world.”

Tang San was Grandmaster’s disciple. What Grandmaster could think of, he had naturally also though of.

Frankly, he had never had any interest in the position as Clear Sky School master. His biggest dream since arriving in this world was to rely on what he had learned to rebuild that Tang Sect.

Taking the Continent’s number one sect, the Clear Sky School, didn’t really suit him. However, for the responsibilities his father had left him, he couldn’t shrink back from the Clear Sky School’s matters.

Flender laughed out loud, saying:
“Let’s not talk about that, why, there’s still another ten years. What’s impossible for others to accomplish isn’t necessarily any kind of difficulty when placed in front of little San. Tell me, what is you little monsters’ strength like? And also, that fellow little Ao? Why isn’t he here?”

Ning Rongrong’s mood had already recovered a lot after the previous release when they met, and simply described her events with Oscar. The rims of her eyes reddened once again, but this time she didn’t cry.

Zhao Wuji couldn’t help saying:
“I really didn’t see it before, that little Ao that fellow would be so firm. Leaving without a sound, and his current whereabouts also unknown.”

Ning Rongrong hung her head:
“What I fear for is his safety, he’s after all only a food system Spirit Master. Even with the hidden weapons third brother handed out, if he really encounters some great danger, I’m afraid……”

Liu Erlong embraced Ning Rongrong’s shoulders, letting her lean against her bosom,
“Silly girl, there’s no use for you to think about that now. It’s already been five years. If danger were to appear, it would have already done so long ago. Since you’ve decided to wait for him, then you have to have faith in him. It’s already been half of ten years. In another five years, there will be a result. Perhaps, he will appear in front of you in less than five years.”

Ning Rongrong nodded silently, still unable to smooth the expression on her face.

Flender clapped the plump Ma Hongjun next to him,
“Fatty, in your so-called five years of learning through experience, what’s your spirit power rank reached? Don’t tell me you haven’t progressed at all.”

Ma Hongjun said aggrieved:
“Originally my progress wasn’t small, but compared to these abnormals, it doesn’t count for anything. Teacher, right now I’m at fifty seventh ranked spirit power. That still counts as pretty good.”

Flender stared blankly a moment, pleasant surprise flashing in his eyes. In fact, Ma Hongjun still wasn’t twenty years old. Fifty seventh rank at this age, and moreover with him possessing the top quality spirit, Fire Phoenix, as well as having obtained a flame right arm spirit bone, he had absolutely risen to the rank of celebrity within the young generation.

“And you all?”
Flender looked at the others.

Dai Mubai said:
“I’m about to advance to the sixty fourth rank. Zhuqing just reached the sixtieth rank and got her sixth spirit ring. Just now I saw that Rongrong’s cultivation might be about the same as hers. As for little San, it seems like he’s quickly approaching the sixtieth rank.”

Tang San nodded,
“Right now I’m at the peak of the fifty ninth rank, I should be.”

Flender, Grandmaster, Liu Erlong, Zhao Wuji, these four great Shrek Academy seniors all looked face to face.

“Abnormals, monsters.”
Practically the same words leapt from four mouths.

In fact, these children in front of them were universally around twenty! back then, Spirit Hall’s Golden Generation trio were twenty, and their spirit power was also barely more than fiftieth rank.

But these little monsters in front of them were universally all already dithering around the sixtieth rank. In the Spirit Master world, this could even be said to be unprecedented in history.

Actually, even though the Shrek Seven Devils were good in terms of talent, there was hardly any difference from Spirit Hall’s Golden Generation. The reason why they could have their present progress was inextricably linked to the immortal treasure herbs Tang San provided. Those immortal treasure herbs not only made their strength increase substantially, but even more importantly gave them a solid foundation, imperceptibly changing their bodies.

Those immortal treasure herbs had all passed Tang San’s careful selection, selecting the most suitable herbs for each of them to take.

Only Xiao Wu didn’t eat the immortal treasure herbs, and she was a shape changed hundred thousand year spirit beast, her cultivation speed was naturally a lot faster than ordinary Spirit Masters.

It was all these kinds of circumstances that created these little monsters in front of them.

Flender glared at Ma Hongjun,
“You look at the others, all around the sixtieth rank, just you are lacking. You definitely haven’t been doing anything decent in these years. Don’t sleep and laze around all day. It’s lucky your spirit is so good.”

Ma Hongjun said with a wronged expression:
“Teacher, it’s not that I didn’t try hard, rather that these fellows are too abnormal!”

Grandmaster smiled:
“Fine, Flender, don’t cover it up, your heart is actually desperately happy. Even though Fatty’s spirit power is somewhat modest, with the power of that Evil Fire Phoenix of his, his strength isn’t below little San and the others. You don’t have to short-change him.”

Liu Erlong suddenly asked Tang San:
“Little San, when are you planning to go find Xiao Wu?”

Tang San said without the slightest hesitation:
“Originally I was planning on going directly to the Star Dou Great Forest. After all, I’m about to reach the sixtieth rank. I planned to first return to the Academy for everyone, and once I leave I’ll go directly to search for Xiao Wu. Accompanying her to cultivate in the Star Dou Great Forest, once she’s broken through the sixtieth rank, I’ll bring her back to see you all.”

The expression in Liu Erlong’s eyes softened,
“Be good to her. Even if she’s a hundred thousand year spirit beast reincarnated, you also said that after her transformation is complete, she won’t be any different from a human. You can’t have any notion of discriminating against her, otherwise I won’t be able to forgive you.”

[1] Jiang Zhu - the Healing Scepter Spirit Master that was among the substitute members on the Shrek Academy team.

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