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Chapter 151

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

Tang San said with a wry smile:
“Facing the possible retaliation of a Title Douluo, how couldn’t I be nervous?”

The seventh elder angrily said:
“With my status, would I retaliate against you? That, whatever I said to you just now, I take it back. If you agree to a bet you must accept to lose. I shouldn’t have cursed at you. I also agree to you recognizing your ancestors and clan.”

Hearing these words, Tang San on the contrary stared blankly. He couldn’t help staring at the seventh elder’s eyes.

“What are you looking at? If you agree to a bet you must accept to lose, can’t you understand what I’m saying!”
Finished saying this, the seventh elder didn’t stay longer, turning around and leaving. In a few bounds he had already disappeared out of sight.

This moment, Tang San found that this elder didn’t seem to be so disagreeable. His ‘daring to love and daring to hate’ character on the contrary made him even more likeable.

His gaze turning to Tang Xiao and the other elders, the second elder nodded to Tang San,
“We’ll keep our promises. You won in the contest just now. We’ll allow you to recognize your ancestors and clan.”

Tang San somewhat moved asked:
“Then may I offer sacrifice to grandfather?”

Hearing these words, the several elders’ faces all seemed somewhat gloomy. Clearly they all thought of the old sect master’s unwillingness at the time of his death, but the second elder still nodded,
“You may not. Because of your father’s errors, you still don’t have the qualifications to offer sacrifice to the old sect master. You said before that you would repay the mistakes your father made, rendering service to the sect. That’s right.”

Tang San’s heart tightened, but he still inwardly loosed a breath. After all, this was already considered the first step for him to gain forgiveness on behalf of his father,
“Yes, I said so. Then what must I do do be able to offer sacrifice for grandfather?”

The second elder said:
“Since it’s like this, we require you to do three tasks for the sect. As long as you do these three tasks, consider it gaining forgiveness on behalf of your father. Not only will you recognize your ancestors and sect, we can also let your father return to the sect again, to offer sacrifice for the old sect master together with you.”

Tang San was shocked, the rims of his eyes immediately somewhat red. Even though his father hadn’t mentioned these kinds of expectations, Tang San knew that separating from the sect was an eternal pain in his father’s heart. If his father could return to the sect, could offer sacrifice to his grandfather, it would undoubtedly be an enormously happy occasion for his father.

Of course, someone as astute as him naturally understood that with the second elder giving him such generous conditions, those three tasks would definitely be difficult. However, right now he basically didn’t have leeway to choose.

For his father, and also for the Clear Sky School, he was duty bound.

“Very well, I agree.”
Tang San drew a deep breath, moderating his mood. He had to analyse even more calmly. Glancing at the expressionless Tang Xiao next to him, Tang Xiao didn’t reveal any hint, clearly approving of the second elder’s way of handling things.

The second elder gave a calm smile, saying:
“At present it’s impossible for you to complete these three tasks. We’ll also give you a very long time limit. The first task, within ten years, your spirit power must break through the eightieth rank.”

Gaining twenty ranks in ten years might not be difficult for lower level Spirit Masters if they did their utmost. But the second elder’s requirement was from sixtieth rank to eightieth rank. This span was a bit too large.

Very many Spirit Masters would find it difficult to reach this kind of level even by the end of their life. Let alone in a brief ten years. Tang San was now twenty, in ten years he would be thirty. Breaking through the eightieth rank at thirty, in the entire Spirit Master world, would definitely be a terrifying event.

“Fine, I believe it can be done.”
Tang San agreed without the slightest hesitation. He had already done far too many impossible things, he didn’t care about this one.

The second elder nodded with satisfaction. He rather appreciated the stubborn conviction revealed in Tang San’s eyes.

“The second task, within ten years, you must bring back the head of a Spirit Hall Title Douluo. It doesn’t matter what method you use, we only want the result.”

The pupils of Tang San’s eyes contracted. Killing a Title Douluo? Drawing a deep breath, he once again gave a resolute nod.

The second elder’s gaze now also grew heavy, speaking in a serious voice,
“The third task. We require your eighth spirit ring to be a hundred thousand year spirit ring.

If the previous two tasks could still be described as possible, then the third task the second elder gave Tang San gave him a feeling of a fairy tale.

How could hundred thousand year spirit rings be so easily obtained? Among the Title Douluo Tang San knew, only his father and the Spirit Hall Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong each had a hundred thousand year spirit ring. Moreover, his father’s hundred thousand year spirit ring still came from his mother.

First never mind mentioning how difficult it was to kill a hundred thousand year spirit beast, just finding a hundred thousand year spirit beast was already extremely difficult. Even more when it still was the eighth spirit ability.

The second elder spoke in a low voice:
“Your fourth spirit ring is already on the ten thousand year level, your fifth spirit ring has even more at least surpassed thirty thousand years. Once it’s time for you to got your eighth spirit ring, with the power of your body, absorbing a hundred thousand year spirit ring shouldn’t be an issue. While obtaining this spirit ring, besides that the sect won’t help you, you can draw support from any outside forces. We only want the result. You have ten years. In ten years, we hope we can see you here. Moreover with these three tasks completed. If you can succeed, the two spirit bones your father returned to the sect will also be yours. Don’t you want to help the sect re-found its glory? I can promise you right now that, if you complete these three tasks, you will be the next sect master. Only in this position can you guide the Clear Sky School to recreate its bearing from those days.”

Tang San’s gaze froze. he knew that he basically didn’t have any margins to haggle. First let alone these elders not allowing him to haggle, whatever he said would also let them look down on him.

“Fine, I will do it.”
Tang San spoke through practically clenched teeth. He had to complete these three tasks, for his father, for himself, and for the sect.

Heaven Dou City, Shrek Academy.

Just like five years ago, there was nothing different about the exterior of the Shrek Academy, but the interior facilities were even more perfect. Five years had passed, and this place had already become a revered advanced Spirit Master academy of the Heaven Dou Empire.

Since the Shrek Seven Devils revealed their outstanding brilliance in the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament five years ago, defeating numerous powerful enemies one after another, especially after defeating the Spirit Hall Team’s Golden Generation in the final moment, Shrek Academy’s reputation had grown into a great clamor.

The enthusiasm of public opinion even put it above the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy.

After the news of their triumph spread back, heavenly emperor Xue Ye immediately honored his promise, conferring titles on the Shrek Seven Devils. Unfortunately, none of the seven devils returned to the Academy, leaving the Heaven Dou imperial household no choice but to give up on their intentions to rope them in. But even so, heavenly emperor Xue Ye still saw the outstanding education capabilities of the Shrek Academy.

Especially as he understood Grandmaster’s importance to the Shrek Academy under the reminder of Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi.

In order to be able to retain Grandmaster, emperor Xue Ye personally visited Shrek Academy. He didn’t try to tempt him, but finally moved Grandmaster with his sincerity.

Grandmaster agreed to temporarily settle in Heaven Dou City, but he wouldn’t leave Shrek Academy. Emperor Xue Ye conferred Grandmaster the title of Imperial Spirit Master Minister, awarding him the rank of count. In times of need, the imperial household’s affiliated Spirit Masters would enter Shrek Academy to accept Grandmaster’s instruction.

At the same time, the imperial household allocated funds to expand Shrek Academy.

Emperor Xue Ye had originally planned to have Shrek Academy merge with Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, with Flender still serving as dean, but he was tactfully refused by Flender and Grandmaster.

They didn’t want Shrek Academy’s students to be influenced by those nobles.

There were no back doors into Shrek Academy, it relied entirely on strength. On this point, Flender obtained emperor Xue Ye’s complete approval. Possessing such a deep background, Shrek Academy naturally wouldn’t suffer any inconveniences.

In the past five years, it had developed and flourished. Even though it didn’t have any more alarmingly talented little monsters like the Shrek Seven Devils, they could still be considered winning success and recognition, producing a lot of powerful young Spirit Masters, giving the Heaven Dou imperial household a new generation of Spirit Masters.

When Tang San was at the Moon Pavilion, Tang Yue-Hua had forbidden him from going out, and after finishing his studies he had anxiously gone to see his father. That year, he only stealthily left the Moon Pavilion once to see Grandmaster, announcing his safety to his teacher. At that time he also only exchanged a few words with Grandmaster before immediately returning to the Moon Pavilion.

The sunshine illuminated everything, a blue sky without a cloud for ten thousand li.

A gentle breeze enveloped the Shrek Academy in scorching heat. A lot of students wearing that particular green uniform could be seen moving inside the Academy.

The once derided as snot green uniform had now already become the signature apparel of the Shrek Academy. Young Spirit Masters all wore this uniform with pride.

The sun was right at its zenith, when one man and one woman arrived at the front gate of the Shrek Academy.

They both appeared to be around twenty, the young man the older, the young woman somewhat younger. That youth possessed a head of golden long hair, unrestrained and unruly scattering across his back. His eyes had double pupils, his face a somewhat moved expression. Standing there just staring at the particular monster carving inscribed on the board above the the Shrek Academy gate.

The young woman’s face was ice cold, her extremely fiery and perfect figure forming a clear contrast to the chill in her expression, making her even more intensely attractive. Unlike the youth’s black clothing, she wore a long white dress, covering most of her snow white skin.

The golden haired youth sighed,
“Time really passes quickly, five years have passed in the blink of an eye. I wonder how they are.”

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

The young woman didn’t say much,

Below her ice cold exterior, a pair of beautiful big eyes also held some excitement.

The two Shrek Academy on duty at the gate had long ago already taken note of these two people. Seeing them stand in front of the Academy gate seemingly assessing the head and discussing the feet, one student strode over.

“What noble errand brings you two here? Please don’t stand in the way in front of our Academy gate. If you’ve come to enroll in our Academy, you’ve come too late. The time’s already passed.”

The student walking forward also seemed around twenty. After all, generally speaking, advanced Spirit Master academy students were all around that age.

The golden haired youth and the white clothed young woman looked face to face, and couldn’t help smiling,
“We didn’t come to enroll. Are dean Flender and Grandmaster here?”

The student on duty frowned,
“I don’t know where the dean and vice dean are. But the Academy rules state that no outsiders are allowed inside. If you want to see the dean, please first make an appointment. If you want to enter the Academy through back channels, please go back, our Shrek Academy doesn’t welcome students like that.”

Judging by the youth and woman’s outstanding appearance and temperament, the on duty student could be certain that these two were nobles, and immediately took them for people trying to enter through influence.

The blonde youth smiled,
“Junior, you’re very responsible and diligent. However, I think I don’t need to return to the furnace of the Academy again. Please inform the dean that Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing have returned. I think the dean will welcome us.”

This young man and woman with the outstanding appearance were precisely the oldest among the Shrek Seven Devils, Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai, and the seventh oldest Hell Civet Zhu Zhuqing.

Five years had passed. They hadn’t forgotten the agreement from five years ago, even though they had a lot of troublesome business in the Star Luo Empire.

How could they forget that time from five years ago? Those years they spent in the Shrek Academy was a time of their lives that left profound marks.

Five years had passed, and they both wanted to return to see Shrek Academy, to see Flender, Grandmaster, Liu Erlong and the other elders that had instructed them.

Of course, even more important was looking forward to that exciting moment of meeting the seven devils.

Therefore, they had returned. The excitement in Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s hearts could even be seen on their faces.

Against all their expectations, the on duty student still remained calm. Right now he was already brimming with disdain,

“You are Dai Mubai? Then I’m senior Tang San. Stop acting, you’re already the twenty third group trying to enter the Academy by pretending to be the seniors. I won’t be tricked. Tactfully leave at once. Otherwise I’ll have people drive you off.”

Dai Mubai stared blankly. He of course wouldn’t be angry with this junior schoolmate so much younger than him, and rubbed his nose,
“People passing themselves off as us? Zhuqing. It seems we really left behind a profound impression on the Academy.”

Compared to five years ago, the current Dai Mubai was even taller, standing there with composed dignity, he faintly released a royal air. Zhu Zhuqing had also grown from the little miss in those days to an extremely beautiful young woman. Even though she still didn’t have the charm of maturity, her beauty still seemed able to cause the downfall of nations. The reasons for the on duty student’s constant politeness was inseparable from their appearance.

The on duty student was finally somewhat unable to stand it, his gaze at Dai Mubai even holding some envy,
“Leave quickly. Otherwise I won’t stay polite.”

“Eh? This junior’s got a big temper. He actually wants to be impolite to our boss Dai. No small courage!”
An eccentric voice came from the side.

Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s gazes were drawn there. Under the shade of a tree next to the Academy gate stood a big fatty, looking at them with a bantering expression.

This fellow gave the feeling of being as round as he was tall. Large and plump, on top of a plump head was short messy hair, and a lewd smile on his face.

Even though it had been five years, even though he had changed that much, Dai Mubai still immediately recognized this fatty. The little fatty had grown into a big fatty, wasn’t that the fourth oldest of the seven devils, Evil Fire Phoenix Ma Hongjun?

“Fuck me, damn Fatty, you’re even fatter.”
Dai Mubai strode forward to Ma Hongjun in big strides. Ma Hongjun laughed out loud, spreading his fat arms, ferociously going to meet him, resolutely embracing Dai Mubai. One could tell how forceful they were from the sounds of creaking bones they emitted.

“Boss Dai. How come you’re still so violent? Actually, I wanted to go hug Zhuqing.”

A blood curdling scream…...

“Fine. My mistake, let me off. Boss. This petite body of mine can’t stand up to your abuse, don’t tell me you’re like this when you hold Zhuqing too-aaaaa——”
A blood curdling scream…...

Zhu Zhuqing watched from the side, the rims of her eyes already somewhat reddened.

The other Shrek Academy student on duty at the gate also came forward, mumbling:
“The act this time really is alike! A lot better than the previous several times.”

“Act your face.”
Ma Hongjun glared unhappily, with great difficulty struggling free of Dai Mubai’s bear hug, a surging and profound pressure, brimming with ruthless energy, abruptly releasing from him.

Those students dispatched to stand duty naturally wouldn’t be any outstanding children, their strength still only at the thirty something level. Under the tyrannical pressure, their expressions immediately changed greatly, and they hastily retreated.

Ma Hongjun threateningly gestured with his big round fist,
“With my strength, do I still study again?”

“In five years without meeting, Fatty, your body isn’t any smaller, but you’re even more unbridled!”
A melodious voice came from the distance.

Without changing his awe-inspiring manner, Ma Hongjun sharply turned back. On seeing who came, he immediately spread his big arms wide, dashing forward as if flying,
“Wah, Rongrong’s become a great beauty! Quickly give big brother a hug.”

A pink top, pink trousers, long hair draped across her shoulders and down to her butt, Ning Rongrong had also grown up. Her beauty was different from Zhu Zhuqing. Zhu Zhuqing had a dazzling beauty of scorching hot figure and a cool and elegant face, while her beauty was overall gentle and beautiful, her whole body displaying a particular nobility, just like her spirit, Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda.

Even though she still wasn’t twenty, she still already had a graceful bearing.

“Fatty, drop dead.”
A spear sharp blade energy made Ma Hongjun rigidly halt his dash forward. Zhu Zhuqing had already dashed out like a mirage, embracing Ning Rongrong.

Dai Mubai’s big hand fell on Ma Hongjun’s fleshy shoulder,
“Damn Fatty, still thinking about taking advantages! Even if little Ao is a food system Spirit Master, if you touch Rongrong once, he’d still stake his life against you.”

Ma Hongjun sighed,
“I should also be considered vigorous and eminently handsome, the pride of a generation, how come there are no beautiful women with me in their eyes? Look at each and everyone of you forming couple, I’m jealous!”

Dai Mubai snapped:

Saying this, he called to Ning Rongrong:
“Rongrong, little Ao?”

Ning Rongrong stiffened while hugging Zhu Zhuqing, the rims of her eyes immediately reddening,
“I also don’t know if he’ll come.”

Five years had gone, and there hadn’t been any message from Oscar, even to the extent that not even a speck of news had travelled back to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. It was as if he’d disappeared into thin air.

Ning Rongrong always waited for him, but as time passed day by day, she still had never seen his returning silhouette.

She hadn’t felt it in their time together, but when they were truly separated, Ning Rongrong had profoundly understood what place Oscar held in her heart. That kind of heart tearing, lung rending feeling was difficult for her to escape.

She discovered that after Oscar left, she had instead fallen deeper in love with him.

Whenever she recalled that dreadful expression of unswerving determination Oscar had before leaving, recalled the ten year appointment he made, she couldn’t keep the sharp pains from her heart, the tears from her eyes. Ten years, the longest ten years of a lifetime.

She could even imagine the experiences Oscar would go through in these ten years.

She frequently went up into the mountains on her own, shouting at the void, ‘Oscar, come back to me. I don’t want you to be formidable, as long as you return to me. As long as you return to my side, even if the sect rules are even stricter, I still won’t separate from you.’

However, no matter how she shouted, her only answer was the echoes in the void, still no news of Oscar, a goose flying in the dark.

Ning Rongrong deeply regretted that she didn’t show a stronger opinion at that time, that she couldn’t think of a way to be together with him. She truly was afraid, afraid that one day she would suddenly see the sect disciples bring back his corpse.

In order to keep herself from thinking of him, in these five years, Ning Rongrong had cultivated as if her life depended on it to anesthetize herself. Even the driest and dullest cultivation was a lot preferable to that inconsolable heartache.

Seeing Ning Rongrong’s expression, Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun became aware of something being amiss, and the two swiftly gathered around Ning Rongrong and, along with Zhu Zhuqing, the three asked her in low voices.

On the other side, the two on duty students had clearly been frightened by Ma Hongjun, speaking in low voices, one of them swiftly ran back inside to notify the Academy.

Facing the comrades she hadn’t seen for five years, Ning Rongrong no longer restrained the sorrow in her heart, and as her tears flowed, she recounted Oscar’s departure.

Hearing her account, Dai Mubai’s trio were all silent, even Ma Hongjun curbed his laughs and giggles.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

Dai Mubai sighed,
“Little Ao, that fellow, ordinarily he always seems laughing and giggling, but in fact, he has a very strong sense of self respect. Moreover, he truly loves you. Back then, it was in order to be with you that he spent a lot more effort in cultivation than us. Ten years, I hope these ten years are good to him.”

Zhu Zhuqing pulled the sobbing Ning Rongrong to her chest, angrily saying to Dai Mubai:
“Talk a bit less. Rongrong’s already suffered enough. This can’t be blamed on her, it’s only fortune playing with men.”

Hearing Zhu Zhuqing, Ning Rongrong’s crying grew even more severe. In the past five years she’s always made great effort to suppress her emotions, and now seeing the companions she’d once gone through life and death with, she was no longer able to restrain herself, and unleashed the pain in her heart as much as she liked.

Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun also hadn’t expected that what should originally have been an extremely exciting reunion would develop into such a sorrowful scene. Ma Hongjun couldn’t help saying:
“I wonder how third brother and Xiao Wu are. They should be alright.”

Dai Mubai’s eyes revealed a trace of longing,
“Unfortunately, they don’t know about our five year reunion, we might not see them this time. Everyone are scattered all over, I don’t know when we can meet again.”

Among the Shrek Seven Devils, Dai Mubai was always the boss, but through their constant battles, Tang San had always become their core. If there was no Tang San, it would’ve simply been impossible for them to go that far in the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament. If each of them seven could be described as monsters, then Tang San was undoubtedly a monster among monsters.

Outsiders only saw Tang San as a genius, and only the Shrek Seven Devil’s side knew just how talented he was. If Dai Mubai were to give Tang San one assessment, then he would only call it ‘capable of everything’.

Zhu Zhuqing pulled in Ning Rongrong, consoling:
“Heaven helps the worthy, Rongrong, don’t cry. Little Ao will definitely return safely. Didn’t you agree to ten years? Wait for him at the sect. You have to have faith in him.”

Ning Rongrong said distressed:
“Besides waiting, what can I do? I really regret letting him leave back then. Regret that I couldn’t resist a bit more firmly. He’s only a food system Spirit Master! Without others to help him, it’s basically impossible for him to even obtain spirit rings. It’s all my fault.”

“Who provoked our Rongrong to such grief?”
A clear and sonorous voice echoed from nowhere. This voice was somewhat unfamiliar to these four Shrek Seven Devils present. They were troubled because of Oscar, suddenly hearing the unfamiliar voice, and moreover coming from outside, they all couldn’t help frowning.

Ning Rongrong’s weeping came to rest, raising her head to look in the direction of the voice.

A youth more than one meter ninety tall, broad shoulders and wide back, built extremely proportionally, appeared in their line of sight. A set of white clothes seemed elegant and at ease, each casual movement displaying manners particular to nobility.

The handsome face wore a moderate smile, deep blue long hair quietly draped across his shoulders, a pair of eyes like sapphires filled with a somewhat extraordinary spirit.

Even Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong whose hearts were already taken, couldn’t help stare stupidly as they saw this youth. They discovered that they actually couldn’t find the slightest flaw in this youth. No matter if it was temperament and appearance, or figure and voice, everything gave people a kind of casually perfect impression.

He didn’t appear to be walking quickly, but still reached them in a few steps.

His age was around twenty, but as geniuses among geniuses among the young generation, the Shrek Four Devils had an impenetrable impression of this youth.

Perhaps it was because like repels like, but Dai Mubai took a step forward, standing furthest ahead of the four people. Evil eyes bursting with cold light, an intangible powerful aura mixed into that distinctive royal air and released without restraint, speaking coldly:
“Who are you?”

The blue haired youth smiled faintly, walking up in front of the four,
“You really break my heart! Just five years have passed, but you don’t recognize me? Boss Dai, is this your manner to your brother? Fatty, you’ve grown even fatter.”

Dai Mubai was somewhat dazed. Going by the appearance, voice and temperament of this youth in front of him, there absolutely wasn’t such a person in his memory. But the familiarity of his words didn’t seem fake. Especially hearing his voice would cause a familiar feeling to grow in his heart.

Suddenly, Ning Rongrong cried out in alarm,
“Ah! How come you have third brother’s Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse and Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges?”

The girl was always comparatively observant. Hearing Ning Rongrong’s words, Dai Mubai’s trio also immediately noticed the two top quality spirit tools on the blue haired youth’s waist.

Dai Mubai’s face immediately changed, his imposing manner growing steeply,
“Just who are you? How come you have little San’s things?”

This blue haired youth was naturally Tang San. However, he had changed far, far too much in these five years. Not only his appearance, along with the Blue Silver Emperor’s second awakening, and gaining the two great domains, compared to five years ago, by now his temperament had already undergone a Heaven and earth revolting change. Dai Mubai naturally didn’t recognize him.

Hearing the intense hostility and part anxiety in Dai Mubai’s voice, Tang San couldn’t help being secretly moved. Comrades were comrades, they were concerned for his safety!

No longer teasing everyone, Tang San earnestly said:
“Boss Dai, I’m Tang San!”

“You’re Tang San?”
Dai Mubai stared at him with eyes wide.

Tang San hurriedly nodded. In order to get Dai Mubai to believe him, he specially displayed extreme sincerity. After the several elders had raised their three conditions to him at the Clear Sky Sect that day, they had at once carried out his ceremony for recognizing his ancestors and clan.

Even though he couldn’t offer sacrifice for his dead grandfather, he had still at long last returned to the Clear Sky School.

The three tasks the sect had him do wasn’t something that could be accomplished in a short time, and Tang San also felt that his distance to breaking through the sixtieth rank wasn’t far.

Originally when the Shrek Seven Devils had separated, he and Xiao Wu left first, and naturally didn’t know about the five year reunion. But when he returned to the Shrek Academy while studying at the Moon Pavilion, Grandmaster had told him about it, and therefore he had first rushed over here to meet everyone.

Seeing the four again, everyone’s appearance had changed somewhat, but they were still in the same mold, and right now his mood was also surging.

“Boss Dai, five years have passed, we’ve all grown up. A bit of change is normal.”
Even though Tang San knew what he said wasn’t very persuasive, he still smiled wryly and said it.

Dai Mubai looked towards Ma Hongjun,
“Do you believe him?”

A cold light flickered in Ma Hongjun’s little eyes,
“It’d be a wonder if I did. Let’s catch him before anything else. He’s got third brother’s things, I’ll see if he doesn’t tell the truth with a bit of violence.”

Even though they hadn’t met for a few years, their former teamwork still flowed in their blood. As Ma Hongjun’s words fell, Dai Mubai was already striking with a palm at Tang San’s stomach. A profoundly vigorous aura instantly burst forth, compared to before, there was a somewhat expansive energy within his spirit power. Even though he didn’t release his spirit, with this tiger palm of his, the air around Tang San had already become heavy and stinging.

Tang San was very helpless, Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun basically didn’t give him the chance to explain.

He was only too clear about Dai Mubai’s strength. In a few years without seeing each other, this boss’ strength should have progressed greatly again. Even he didn’t dare take on the Evil Eye White Tiger’s violent attack head on.

His feet shifting slightly, Tang San had already slipped backward, both his hands swinging to either side, a simple motion of one up and one down.

Dai Mubai immediately felt an intense attractive force striking his spirit power sideways, falling into empty air.

But this moment, Ma Hongjun had already released his spirit.

With an explosion, a vast flame abruptly soared from his body, fiery red splendor leaping up no less than five meters. Bizarrely, the clothes he wore didn’t show the slightest sign of damage from this flame.

His gaze turned sharp, his hair extending from the back of his head in a mohican, his entire body turning fiery red. At the same time, a pair of enormous fiery red wings unfurled from Ma Hongjun’s back, his whole body grew a bit taller, and the excess fat also seemed to contract somewhat. Most peculiar was that his little eyes unexpectedly seemed to be giving off flames.

Two yellow, two purple, one black, five spirit rings moved neatly and rhythmically over him, the scorching heat brought by his tyrannical spirit power also made everything in his surroundings illusory, rippling like water.

“Good Fatty, you’ve improved a lot! Take a look at me too.”
Dai Mubai shouted. Amidst a tiger’s roar, an instant gale erupted, his golden hair instantly turning white, his body abruptly expanding, in the blink of an eye already more than two meters fifty tall, his whole body covered in white and black striped fur, two massive tiger palms extending, each finger ejecting a chi long golden blade. From him, besides valiance, one could still sense a wild aura, the fiercely swelling muscles already bursting through his clothes.

Two yellow, two purple, two black, a full six spirit rings appeared neatly over Dai Mubai. He had actually already broken through the sixtieth rank bottleneck, reaching the Spirit Emperor level.

Ma Hongjun couldn’t help being alarmed:
“Boss is worthy of being the boss, you’re a Spirit Emperor, I’m just fifty seventh rank. It seems my efforts haven’t been enough!”

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