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Chapter 147

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

The arm strength of this grey clothed man already on solid ground was extremely frightening. Even just half of a kilometer long iron cable was still astonishingly heavy, and there were still three people on top of that. But in his hands it was all like nothing, and the iron cable swiftly brought the trio up.

At last reaching the mountaintop, Tang San didn’t feel anything, but those two grey clothed men he saved both had pale faces.

Returning from struggling at the edge of life and death, nobody would feel any better than them.

That leading grey clothed man also loosed a large breath, his gaze fixed on the still gracefully calm Tang San, and suddenly struck at his shoulder with a fist.

Tang San’s shoulders shifted slightly, then stopped. He didn’t block, because he clearly sensed that the grey clothed man’s fist didn’t hold any malice.

The fist landed on Tang San’s shoulder with a thump, and the leading grey clothed man laughed out loud,
“Good brother, many thanks.”

Tang San smiled wryly:
“Big brother, go a bit easier next time, your fist is really heavy!”

The grey clothed man forcefully clapped Tang San’s shoulder,
“Give me a break, it’s clearly your bones that hurt my hand. I really don’t know how you’ve trained. I’m Tang Long[1]. It’s fine if you call me big brother. In our generation, I’m the oldest. These two are Tang Tian[2] and Tang Yu[3], they’re also our directly related brothers. This time you saved their lives.”

Tang Tian and Tang Yu’s faces were long since filled with gratitude, and the two nodded to Tang San. Tang Tian said:
“Brother, your favor can’t be repaid in words.”

Tang San valiantly said:
“We’re all brothers, don’t mention it. If you were in my place, you’d also have saved me just the same, no?”

Tang Yu had a bitter expression:
“We would if we had that ability! I heard you had twin spirits. Was that just now your main spirit Blue Silver Grass?”

Tang San nodded.

Tang Long smiled:
“Second aunt’s boasted about you like a deluge of heavenly flowers, I didn’t believe it before, but I do now. Being able to have your present cultivation at your age, really isn’t easy. You seem to have broken through the fiftieth rank. Not any less than these two.”

Tang Tian and Tang Yu looked face to face. Even though they didn’t say anything, in their hearts they thought, ‘How is it just ‘no less’, previously he could even spare spirit power to help us speed up.’

Without speaking of anything else, as three people fell simultaneously, he could react to save others and himself, this reaction speed wasn’t something average people could compare to.

Tang Long looked over the broken iron cable, and said unhappily:
“This worn out thing should have been changed. Today really was unlucky, we actually ran into a bird. We can only blame my carelessness, if I paid a bit of attention and discovered it a bit ahead of time, there wouldn’t have been such a careless mistake. I’ll definitely be scolded back at the sect.”

Seeing him dispiritedly hanging his head, Tang San couldn’t help smiling a bit. This seemingly somewhat forthright sect brother really was straightforward.

Tang Tian said:
“Big brother, let’s go back quickly. Don’t keep the sect master waiting. This cable breaking also can’t be blamed at you. We were just unlucky. If the sect master punishes anyone, we’ll bear it together.”

Tang Long grinned, saying:
“Good kids. The next time there’s good wine, I’ll invite you to drink. Let’s go.”

This fifth peak was also the final one to enter the Clear Sky School. The secluded sect was located on this mountain.

Even though there were no pavilions and kiosks, there was still a castle-like building. It was entirely grey, appearing as if part of the mountain. It occupied practically the entire mountaintop.

Somewhat more familiar with the three people, Tang San also no longer kept his distance from them like before, and couldn’t keep from asking:
“Big brother Tang Long, with our Clear Sky School in this kind of rugged terrain, how are the necessary supplies brought in? Is it also via these iron cables?”

Tang Long nodded, saying:
“This is a special training method of the sect. Every sect disciple over sixteen will participate in moving supplies. Of course, ordinarily the safeguards used aren’t just like what we use today. Then there’s a kind of safety rope, so even if the iron cable breaks, it can at least guarantee your safety. Who could have thought that we’d be so unlucky today. I remember the first time Tang Tian was going to cross the iron cable. He was so scared he was crying and his nose leaking. Haha.”

Tang Tian embarrassed looked at Tang Long, unhappily saying:
“That was so many years ago. Why are you still bringing up my embarrassing past in front of brother Tang San? Let’s return to the sect quickly, don’t keep the sect master waiting.”

Tang San understood that them bringing him via the iron chain without giving him that safety was perhaps in order to test his strength. He smiled wryly at the same time, ‘Aunt, what did you tell people to cause such hostility?’ But now it seemed that these blood related brothers were very straightforward.

As the four set out once again, their relationship had clearly became a lot more harmonious, especially the leader Tang Long who clearly had a very direct character. His original assumed arrogance was now completely obliterated, and affectionately pulled Tang San towards the sect by the shoulder.

The enormous stone building was just like a fort. The main gate was five meters tall, and even though it couldn’t compare to Spirit City, this stony edifice was extremely stocky. Above the gate, three words were boldly carved into the rock, with a grandness that could oppose the surrounding mountains —— Clear Sky School.

Before the gate, two equally grey clothed youths hastily bowed in salute as they saw the four approaching, but one of them still blocked Tang San’s path,

“Please display your sect credentials.”

Tang San stared blankly a moment. He of course didn’t know what these so-called credentials were, and couldn’t help somewhat puzzled looking to Tang long.

Tang long smiled:
“It’s the Clear Sky Hammer! Don’t tell me there’s anything that could better prove that we’re directly related sect disciples than the Clear Sky Hammer? They’re not familiar with you, so just show them. Those are the rules. Let them have a look. Only us directly related sect disciples can enter here. The sect’s subordinates and outer sect disciples are all in that village outside.”

At this point, his mood fell somewhat, his gaze at Tang San also held something. Indeed, judging by the appearance of the village one could tell there were just a few hundred people. The subordinates of the Clear Sky School were already so few, it clearly showed how difficult the sect’s situation was now.

The expression in Tang San’s eyes darkened somewhat. He of course understood the reason why these brothers’ looks at him changed. Even though it couldn’t be said that the Clear Sky School’s present situation could be completely blamed on his father, it was still inextricably linked to him.

Turning over his left hand, black light surging, the chi long Clear Sky Hammer appeared in his palm.

Tang Long’s trio had already heard from Tang Yue-Hua that Tang San had twin spirits, and his current main spirit really wasn’t the Clear Sky Hammer, and so it was nothing to them. But those two gatekeeper disciples didn’t see it that way. Since Tang San was together with Tang long’s trio, they originally believed Tang San’s strength should be fairly high.

But he unexpectedly didn’t even have one spirit ring on his Clear Sky Hammer.

Their originally respectful gazes immediately turned a bit indifferent.

In the Spirit Master world, especially the Spirit Master sects, strength often represented a great many things. Despite not saying anything, their gazes had already become strange.

Tang Long unhappily clapped one of them,
“What are you looking at, still not getting out of the way.”

The two disciples then stepped aside, but inwardly thought that it was no wonder they’d never seen him before, he was a silver coated wax spear. His appearance was pretty good, but he didn’t have any strength.

Past the gate, the first thing inside was a spacious courtyard, followed by a tall stone building. Tang Long gave Tang San an introduction:
“There are about four generations of the directly related sect disciples, adding up to over two hundred people. We’re considered the third generation. We also boast the largest number of people, not far short of a hundred. This is the front courtyard, used when the sect master gathers everyone. The rear courtyard is even bigger, that’s our training area. The sect emphasizes actual combat, and each month the third and fourth generation children will conduct real combat drills under the elders’ supervision. That sets the strength ranking.”

The youngest, Tang yu, smiled:
“Boss has already been the representative of our third generation several years in a row. He’s afraid you’ve come to fight over his position, that’s why he had that face before!”

Tang Long laughed out loud, forcefully clapping Tang San’s shoulder,
“I won’t hide it from you, that’s really what I thought. Brother, we’ll exchange pointers later.”

“How could I be big brother’s match, there’s no need to compete.”

With Tang San’s intelligence, his mind was like a mirror. He knew that the position of third generation chief was definitely related to the sect master succession. He had never had any interest in the position of Clear Sky School sect master, and only hoped to be able to help the sect by relying on his own strength.

Even more, he’d come to know his ancestors and sect and even more importantly for his father’s forgiveness, he couldn’t be ambitious and competitive.

Tang Long’s expression changed, gravely saying:
“Brother, don’t be so modest. You’ll understand later. Come, we’ll quickly go see the sect master. I reckon we’ve kept him waiting. Tang Yu, you go speak to fourth uncle, the matter of the iron cable outside can’t be delayed.”

Tang Yu turned around and left, while Tang Long and Tang Tian brought Tang San into the Clear Sky School’s main building.

The Clear Sky School’s buildings didn’t give the slightest impression of lavishness, but neither were they plain. their overall greatest characteristic was the word massive.

Entering the main building, also that castle-like place, passing through wide hallways, they ascended to the second floor via stairs inside.

On the way they saw a lot of Clear Sky School disciples, all dressed in grey clothing. The Tang Long brothers brought Tang San to a halt before an arched door in the innermost part of the second floor.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

Tang long raised his hand and knocked twice,
“Sect master, we’ve brought Tang San.”

A deep rich voice echoed from within the room. To Tang San’s ears, it was extraordinarily familiar, because this voice was eighty percent similar to his father Tang Hao’s.

Tang Long pushed open the door and signaled Tang San with his eyes, then took the lead to go inside. Tang Tian didn’t follow, but rather stood by the door.

This room was more than a hundred square meters, the interior decorated very simply, a wide table, bookcases covering both walls, as well as two long sofas.

Tang Yue-Hua sat gracefully on a sofa. Seeing the white dressed Tang San follow Tang Long inside, the smile on her face instantly grew wider.

Tang San naturally glanced at his aunt, but his attention was still drawn by the stalwart figure behind the table.

More than two meters tall, the back of a tiger and waist of a bear, a chiseled face and short grizzled hair.

He was equally dressed in grey, but sitting there, he was like the core of this castle.

Two meters was perhaps not very tall, but if Tang San had to describe this person in words, perhaps he could only call him ‘towering’.

His father’s eyes were muddy, caused by those old injuries, and this man who was seventy or eighty percent similar to his father seemed even a bit younger. His bright and full of expression eyes were like torches. In a short while of staring at Tang San, a vast and wild aura covered the sky and hid the earth, without any attempt at restraint, the enormous pressure enveloped Tang San all at once.

But ingeniously, this pressure completely bypassed Tang Long, without subjecting him to a bit of its effect.

Tang Long wasn’t weak, and his complexion swiftly changed. As he looked at Tang San again, his gaze couldn’t help being somewhat anxious.

But astonishing Tang Long was that Tang San stepped into the room, confronting that assault of pressure without his expression changing in the slightest. His feet standing in a faint T-shape, his waist and back perfectly straight. The graceful expression faded away, replaced by respect.

Both knees bending, two vague layers of blue and white light could be faintly distinguished around Tang San. Kneeling on the ground with a putong sound, he saluted the man behind the table releasing the vast pressure.

“Tang San pays his respects to sect master.”
Only a few words, but each syllable was pronounced extremely distinctly, and also exceptionally coherently.

The pupils of Tang Long’s eyes enlarged somewhat. Was this fellow really human? Confronting the sect master’s powerful pressure, he could actually still move into a kneeling salute, and even speak.

‘Could his strength really be greater than mine? But, second aunt said he was only twenty.’

In fact, he couldn’t know how immense the pressure Tang San endured right now was.

That immense pressure was like a cloud piercing mountain, pressuring him until he was unable to breathe. Tang San appeared very calm right now, but in fact he had already released both his great domains.

The Deathgod Domain made up the inner layer, covered by the Blue Silver Domain outside, making the outside world unable to sense the aura he released.

Moreover, his body was also already completely taut.

That was after all a physique that had passed the forging of two great immortal herbs and countless experiences. The pressure Tang San endured right now was like when he trained his hammer under the waterfall.

Each of his movements actually looked for the weakest area in the pressure that confronted him, and by these movements he could reduce the stress the pressure caused him.

As for the words he spoke, they were spat out with inner strength.

The man behind the table withdrew his gaze, and all the pressure instantly disappeared. Tang San only felt his surroundings empty, as if all his strength had been spent. If not for his steady balance practiced under the waterfall for a long time, perhaps he would’ve made a fool of himself and toppled over. But he was in the end still able to stabilize himself, his upper body swayed once, but he still maintained the salute.

“Get up.”
The deep voice came from that man. That’s right, this person was the Clear Sky School’s current sect master, Tang Hao’s elder brother, Tang Xiao[4]. One of Clear Sky School’s twin Douluo. His title was Howling Sky.

Tang San didn’t get up immediately, but rather kowtowed three times to Tang Xiao, three dong dong dong sounds echoing as his forehead impacted the floor.

Tang Yue-Hua’s brows wrinkled, hastily stepping forward to pull up Tang San,

Whether her or Tang Xiao, both naturally understood that Tang San made these three headbumps for Tang Hao to Tang Xiao.

Tang San hung his head and got up,
“A father’s debts pass to the son, this is Heaven’s law and earth’s principle. Sect master, I hope to assume responsibility for everything on behalf of my father.”

Ever since Tang San stepped through the door, Tang Xiao’s expression had been somewhat indeterminate. Hearing these words, Tang Xiao fiercely slapped the stone table in front of him with a palm, furiously shouting:
“What can you assume?”

With a soft chi sound, the table in front of Tang Xiao quietly collapsed, unexpectedly turning into fine powder just like that, against expectations without influencing anything in the surroundings. Imperceptibly, he had already revealed his profound and frightful cultivation.

Tang Long standing to the side was inwardly speechless. That was a two ton table carved from the most solid granite. Breaking it wasn’t difficult, but noiselessly turning it into dust was.

Tang Xiao shot Tang long a glare,
“What are you sticking your tongue out at? Get out, go to the back mountain and make a table. No food until it’s done properly.”

Tang Long’s expression turned painful, looking at Tang Xiao without daring to retort.

Tang Xiao glared,
“Want me to repeat myself?”

“I’m going, I’m going.”
Tang Long appeared very impressive in front of third generation disciples, but in front of Tang Xiao he was like a meek kitten, and hastily ran off.

Tang San knelt once again,
“I don’t know whether I can assume it, but I hope to use this life for the sake of the sect, to exhaust all my abilities on the command of the sect.”

Tang Xiao turned around, pushing open the window behind him. With a pull of his right hand, the stone powder on the floor was unexpectedly drawn out just like that, quickly flying into the air outside.

“He actually lets a child assume his own matters. Oh, Tang Hao, will you really always keep shirking?”

Hearing Tang Xiao’s words, Tang San couldn’t help having his father’s one armed one legged melancholy appear before his eyes,
“Sect master, father isn’t shirking. He said, he was unable to face the sect. That he wasn’t qualified to return.”

Tang Xiao couldn’t keep his voice from trembling,
“He’s still well?”

Tang San nodded silently,

“Father’s very well, he’s keeping company at mother’s side every day. He’s prepared to pass his remaining days like this.”

“Keeping company at your mother’s side?”
Tang Xiao sharply turned his head, and Tang San clearly saw that the rims of his eyes were already somewhat red.

Tang San said:
“After mother passed away, she incarnated as blue silver grass. Father’s always accompanied her.”

Tang XIao stared blankly a moment, then drew a deep breath,

This time he seemed a lot older, his gaze at Tang San also gradually softening.

With a flash of light, Tang San held that long black box, supporting it in both hands,
“Sect master, this is what father had me bring. He said that this was the only thing he could do for the sect.”

Tang Xiao waved an upraised hand, effortlessly making a pulling motion in empty air, and that heavy black box fell into his palm as if it was nothing.

Lightly flicking a finger, the black box opened. As that tremendous energy filled the room, as the two spirit bones within appeared before Tang Xiao’s eyes, he couldn’t keep his expression from changing greatly, his hair and beard all trembling.

Tang San only saw a blur before his eyes, before Tang Xiao already stood in front of him, one hand grasping the front of his jacket, pulling him close in front of him. Tang Xiao said in an almost trembling voice:
“Tang Hao, brother Hao, he……”

Tang Yue-Hua had by now also seen the two spirit bones in the long black box. Her mind went blank white, standing there stupidly, tears flowing uncontrollably.

“Father said that if he didn’t do this, he would be unable to keep mother company at peace for the rest of his life. Father’s old wounds were also settled by severing his limbs. Originally, he already did this after he left me at aunt’s place. Sect master, you……”

“Call me uncle[5].”
Tang Xiao shouted angrily, the shock numbing Tang San’s ears.

This time, as Tang San was in contact with Tang Xiao, he could clearly sense Tang Xiao’s violently fluctuating mood. Even though they hadn’t met for decades, his feelings for his little brother hadn’t lessened a bit.

“Second brother, second brother, he……”
Tang Yue-Hua was now sobbing, unable to speak. Looking at those two spirit bones, her whole body trembled violently.

Tang Xiao closed the black box with a pa sound, simultaneously releasing his grip on Tang San’s lapels,
“Little San, that’s what your father calls you.”

Tang San nodded.

Tang Xiao’s gaze gradually calmed,
“Did you know, in fact, I never thought your father did anything wrong. If Ah Yin had chosen me, perhaps I would have done the same as him, and even more violently than he did. Therefore, no matter what others say hereafter, I don’t want Tang Hao’s matters to become your burden. Working hard for the sect is something you must do, but not because of your father, but rather because you’re a member of the sect.”

Tang San felt as if something was choked in his stomach. Lowering his head, he said especially sincerely:
“Thank you, uncle.”

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

Tang Xiao looked at Tang San, his gaze changing somewhat,
“You look a lot like your mom, but your character is like your dad’s. Yue-Hua, don’t cry, perhaps brother Hao’s mind will be a bit more comfortable like this. Tomorrow will be little San’s ceremony for recognizing his ancestors and clan. You arrange it.”

Tang Yue-Hua wiped her tears, her brows wrinkling slightly, she said:
“Big brother, don’t you need to inform the sect elders first? After all, they……”

Tang Xiao waved his hand to her,
“You go arrange it, I know what to do. Rather than notifying them in private it would be better to keep it above the table. You first bring little San to rest. Little San, in tomorrow’s ceremony for recognizing your ancestors and clan tomorrow, remember that the Clear Sky School is different from the outside world. You can’t use the etiquette you learnt at your aunt’s school to find your place in the sect. I’ll leave you with one word, unyielding. Here, strength is the authority to speak. If you want to replace your father in sect affairs, you must first use your strength to prove yourself to the sect. Otherwise, you won’t be able to do anything.”

As she brought Tang San from the sect master’s room, Tang Yue-Hua still hadn’t recovered from her sadness. Just think, the second brother who was so brave and prosperous back then, the Douluo Continent’s youngest Spirit Douluo, whose feat of striking down and killing the Supreme Pontiff while under siege brought unprecedented humiliation to Spirit Hall. But now he had ruined his body, no longer the hero of those days, only able to wait for the day his life would end between the mountains and fields. What kind of dismal ending was this?

The ones living in the Clear Sky School castle were the sect’s second generation as well as the first generation elders. The third and fourth generation all lived in stone houses behind the castle.

Tang Yue-Hua arranged a residence for Tang san, then carefully asked Tang San about his trip back to see Tang Hao. While listening to Tang San finish his story and heard that there was hope for Tang San’s mother’s recovery, her mood calmed somewhat.

The rooms arranged for Tang San were very simple. A very small room for receiving visitors, only around seven or eight square meters, a ten square meter bedroom, as well as a very small bathroom with all the amenities to live. This was the standard provided for the Clear Sky School’s third generation children.

“Little San, I really want to go see your dad.”
Tang Yue-Hua sobbed.

Tang San sighed lightly,

“Just when I saw dad had cut off his limbs, I was also very distraught. But I came around later. Perhaps now he will be able to be together with mom every day without worrying about future trouble, it’s what’s best for him. You can go when you have the time. It’s after all quite far.”

Tang Yue-Hua nodded,
“Alright, let’s not talk about your father’s matters for now. Tell me, what’s your plan, returning to the sect this time?”

Tang San said:
“Dad hoped I could pay my respects to grandfather, then help the sect as much as I can.”

Tang Yue-Hua said:
“The situation in the sect is very complicated right now. If we see it from your father’s point of view, the sect is internally split into two camps. One faction led by your uncle believes the matters back then wasn’t your father’s fault, but rather a conflict caused by Spirit Hall being overbearing. Even if Spirit Hall’s Supreme Pontiff died, your mother also passed away. Spirit Hall relying on its formidable influence to suppress the Clear Sky School was harmful to the sect, so we had no choice but to draw a clear line between us and your father. But in fact, your father didn’t do anything wrong. The other faction is lead by a few still living first generation elders. The believe that your father’s actions were ill conceived, that marrying a spirit beast caused the later conflict, and almost led to the sect colliding with Spirit Hall head on, producing irreparable consequences. Moreover, it still caused your grandfather to die from anger, an unpardonable sin. Tang Long and the others you met today are all on your uncle’s side, your uncle adopted Tang Long as a son from a junior. He’s the number one in the third generation.”

Tang San’s eyes displayed a deeply pondering light,

“Aunt, you’re telling me that my matter of recognizing my ancestors and clan will be obstructed by the sect elders?”

Tang Yue-Hua nodded,
“Just so. I fear tomorrow’s business won’t go over too smoothly. Even if your father has returned the two spirit bones, I’m afraid it will still be very difficult for them to forgive him. Second brother also separated himself from the sect, drawing a clear line. I’m afraid they won’t easily allow you to recognize your ancestors and sect.”

Tang San’s brows wrinkled,
“If the elders don’t consent, what will the result be?”

Tang Yue-Hua’s face turned gloomy,
“In the worst case, you’ll be expelled from the sect, your spirit crippled. Even so much that they would use you as bait to find your father, investigating his guilt from back then. Of course, this is practically impossible, big brother is after all the sect master, and the elders will still give him some face. If I don’t guess too much, the elders will compromise in the end, driving you away from the sect, not recognizing you as a child of the Clear Sky School.”

Tang San looked at Tang Yue-Hua and said:
“Then what should I do? Since you agreed to let me return, you should already have thought of a countermeasure.”

Tang Yye-Hua nodded,
“Even though the elders are outdated, they always attach most importance to the sect. In order to gain their recognition, you must first do as your uncle said, prove your own strength in front of them. Use strength to conquer them. Afterwards make some contributions to the sect. Like that they’ll be unable to oppose you recognizing your ancestors and clan. The reason your uncle’s hint was ‘unyielding’ was in order to tell you that in our Clear Sky School, the strong eat the soft. Originally your uncle and your dad’s position in the strength was completely gained by fighting. Whoever refused got a beating, that’s how they established their authority. When your uncle returned to the sect to take over as sect master, the elders also called him into question, since he was always together with your father. Your uncle relied on his strength to defeat all the elders, thereby gaining their approval, becoming the new generation’s Clear Sky School sect master. Therefore, the process of your recognizing your ancestors and sect tomorrow won’t be effortless, there’s no harm in being a bit unyielding, use strength to prove you have the capability to help return the sect to its glory.”

Tang San nodded slowly,

“Aunt, I understand.”

Tang Yue-Hua stood up, touching Tang San’s head,

“Then rest well. Preserve and nurture your spirit. I still have some matters to prepare. The sect general assembly will begin tomorrow morning, aunt will watch your performance then.”

Finished saying this, Tang Yue-Hua told Tang San that someone would specially deliver his meal, letting him rest properly.

With Tang Yue-Hua gone, Tang San sat crosslegged on his bed, recalling his return to the sect today. His uncle and aunt were clearly partial to his father’s side. He had seen that when uncle mentioned his father he was always constraining his emotions, and as he said he looked like his mother, his eyes revealed a gentleness that couldn’t be concealed. Apparently, even though his father suffered, he was at least together with his mother. Even though his uncle had become the sect master, the suffering he bore wasn’t any less than his father’s.

Whether he could smoothly accomplish his father’s wishes, would perhaps have to be seen tomorrow.

Thinking thus, Tang San drew a deep breath and slowly closed his eyes, entering a cultivating state. Even though his improvement speed had slowed somewhat in his year at the Moon Pavilion, he had had instead mastered the subjects of his study. Especially after now having completely connected all eight extraordinary meridians, even though his overall strength hadn’t improved much, his inner strength was like a great river, deep and unending, far from something opponents of the same level could compare to.

In the evening.

Soft knocks echoed from the door.

Tang San slowly opened his eyes,
“Please come in.”

The door opened, and first to stretch inside was a head. That was a young lady, her hair combed into two adorable little pigtails, appearing around thirteen or fourteen years old.

“Are you uncle San?”
The sharp and clear voice was very pleasant, a pair of spirited big eyes looked curiously at Tang San.

Tang San smiled slightly,
“Who are you? Come in.”

The young girl pushed open the door, holding a box of food,
“You still haven’t told me if you’re uncle San.”

Tang San smiled:
“If you’re bringing food for Tang San, then that’s right. It’s me.”

The young girl giggled, big eyes curiously studying Tang San,
“Uncle San, you really look pretty. Much better looking than my dad.”

Tang San stared blankly a moment,
“Who’s your dad?”

The young girl said:
“My dad’s called Tang Hu[6], he’s the third generation chief.”

Tang San puzzled said:
“Isn’t the third generation chief big brother Tang Long?”

The young girl shook her head, saying:

While speaking, she placed the food on a table next to Tang San’s bed, her big eyes looking somewhat resentfully at Tang San.

Tang San smiled wider, saying:
“Over time, luck is also a part of strength. I still don’t know your name.”

The young girl said:
“I’m called Tang Tiantian[7]. Uncle San, you can call me Tiantian.”

Tang San smiled:

Looking at this cleareyed pure little lady in front of him, Tang San couldn’t help recalling when he was her age. At that time, he had already met Xiao Wu, met the other Shrek Seven Devils. Everyone were putting all their effort into cultivating together.

Tiantian smiled at Tang San,

Finished speaking, the young girl ran out, bouncing and vivacious.

The meal was very simple, one dish of beef, four steamed rolls, one stir fried cabbage, as well as a big bowl of egg soup. Tang San ate with good appetite, this was his first meal back at the sect. No matter what was said, this place was also considered his home in this world.

After an uneventful night, early the next morning, Tang San customarily got up at dawn and stepped outside.

[1] Tang Long - (唐龙) “Tang Dragon”

[2] Tang Tian - (唐天) “Tang Heaven”

[3] Tang Yu - (唐玉) “Tang Jade”

[4] Tang Xiao - (唐啸) “Tang Howl”, could also be hiss, whistle, or any number of similar sounds.

[5] Uncle - He asks Tang San to use a rather informal way of addressing an uncle (大伯)

[6] Tang Hu - (唐虎) “Tang Tiger”

[7] Tang Tiantian - (唐甜甜) “Tang Sweetie”

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