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Chapter 135

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

Tang San gazed at his father without yielding,

“Dad, promise me. I don’t have a mother, I can’t also be without a father.”

Tang Hao looked at his son, unable to keep from being somewhat blank.

“If you don’t promise me, my body for yours, then I’ll accompany you in death.”
The points of the Eight Spider Lances already stuck to Tang San’s skin. Even if Tang Hao was even more powerful, it would still be impossible to stop his suicide.

Seeing the resolve in his son’s eyes, Tang Hao knew that Tang San wasn’t playing a joke on him. From childhood he had never shown any intent of disobedience, but right now, his son seemed to have already completely left his control.

Tang San’s appearance had become handsome, even more like his mother. Tang Hao’s eyes turned somewhat misty, it seemed as if the one standing in front of him wasn’t his son, but his wife.

“Dad, if mom was still alive, she wouldn’t want you to disregard your health. For me, and for mom, promise me.”

Drawing a deep breath, Tang Hao faced the sky and sighed,
“It seems I’ve really grown old. Really unable to do anything. Fine. Once you’ve grown up, I’ll go accompany your mother by her tomb. Let’s go.”

Finished speaking, he walked forward without turning his head.

His father’s compromise was a weight off Tang San’s mind. His face revealing a genuine smile, he followed his father with quick steps.

In the direction Tang Hao brought Tang San, they first reached the side of a small river.

“Take a look at your present appearance.”

Tang San stared blankly, present appearance? He lowered his head to look his body over, but there was nothing clearly distinct. Only his muscles didn’t seem as protruding as before, but the proportions of his body were even better.

Walking to the side of the river, when Tang San saw his reflection in the water, he couldn’t help staring blankly.

His skin was somewhat fairer than before, dark blue eyes bright and filled with expression, a head of beautiful deep blue long hair, a handsome face with a somewhat steadfast imposing manner. It was as if his face was peeled with a knife, releasing the spirit stored within.

“This. Is this me?”
If Tang San was described as ordinary before, then, right now, he would absolutely be on the same level as Dai Mubai and Oscar. Even though the style wasn’t the same, right now he wouldn’t pass without attention like before.

“Your eyes are bigger, more like your mom. Having inherited her blood, you would naturally also inherit some of the genes she always hid within you.”

Touching his smooth face,

Tang San’s expression became a bit softer. Laughing wryly in his heart, he didn’t know if Xiao Wu and the others would still recognize him now.

Carefully watching the reflection in the river, what had changed wasn’t only his appearance. The current him had even changed in temperament, seemingly a bit more refined and serene than before, just like an elegant beautiful youth.

“Dad, who was mom really?”
Tang San really couldn’t help but voice the doubts in his heart, asking his father. Who was his mother after all? Why would his mother possess the Blue Silver Emperor Spirit?

Tang Hao shook his head,
“I said I’d tell you after you completed all my special training. Let’s go. We must go to where you should go.”

Once on the road again, Tang Hao’s words returned to being as sparse as before. Tang San judged by the sun in the sky that he hand his father were always heading north. As for where they were going, he had no idea. Only the atmosphere gradually grew colder.

Tang Hao still followed the trails between the mountains. To them, the cold of the outside world didn’t count as anything.

After eating the wind and sleeping outside for half a month.

Ahead was a small town. This was the first time Tang San had seen a town since starting Tang Hao’s special training. Inwardly he couldn’t help be suffused with a different kind of feeling.

This little town wasn’t large, but just as they entered, Tang San felt an odd atmosphere in their surroundings. He couldn’t say why, but he always thought the people around them had a kind of unusual coldness.

Tang Hao brought Tang San to a tavern in the small town and entered.

The atmosphere in the tavern was extremely turbid. Tang San noted that the decorations here were unexpectedly all black. Even though it was daytime outside, inside this place was a gloomy and cold dark feeling.

Right now the tavern was about thirty percent full or so. Even though the atmosphere was turbid, people rarely spoke, giving an extremely quiet impression.

Tang Hao and Tang San’s arrival attracted a lot of gazes, but for the most part they were only quick glances flitting across them.

Tang Hao found a place to sit with his son in the corner. A waiter in black clothes and apathetic expression walked over.

“What do you want?”

Tang Hao coldly said:
“Give me two Bloody Mary.”

The waiter’s face changed slightly,

Swept with Tang Hao’s ice cold gaze, he didn’t dare say anything else, turned his head and left.

After a moment, two cups of muddy liquid were carried over. The liquid seemed dark red, distributing a strong stink, as if the nose was assaulted by blood.

Tang San frowned, but Tang Hao raised a cup and emptied it in one gulp. Raising his head to look at his son,

“Drink it.”

Tang San hesitated a moment, slowly raising the cup,
“Dad, what is this?”

Tang Hao shot him a glance, repeating:
“Drink it.”

Tang San drew a deep breath, suddenly closing his eyes, pouring the liquid in the cup into his stomach in one mouthful.

The liquid was somewhat salty, and moreover a bit acrid. A strong taste of blood suddenly pervaded Tang San’s sense of taste and smell.

Tang Hao looked at him, calmly saying:
“This is a cup of human blood.”

Tang San’s face instantly turned pale. The next moment, he couldn’t help leaning his head over to the side, throwing up.

The violent vomiting broke the calm within the tavern, and also attracted the eyes of all the people there. Roaring laughter rose.

“Where did this chick come from? Fuck off back home. This isn’t a place you should be.”

“Can’t even enjoy a cup of Bloody Mary, and still wants to gain the qualifications to enter?”

“Haha, go back home and suck your mommy’s tits.”

All kinds of vile voices filled the tavern. The restrained emotions of those customers seemed to have found an outlet, and struck Tang San without restraint.

Emptying everything in his stomach still couldn’t completely get rid of the taste of blood, and Tang San almost spit out even his gall.

As Tang San raised his head to look at his father, Tang Hao raised his hand, pointing at those jeering people,
“Kill them.”

The jeering voices screeched to a stop, each person looking at Tang Hao with suddenly monstrous gazes.

Tang San hadn’t thought that his father would give him this requirement either, and inwardly he was immediately somewhat hesitant.

Tang Hao spoke in a low voice:
“Didn’t you say you wanted to take my place to finish my business? Then, do as I say.”

Drawing a deep breath, constraining the nauseous feeling, Tang San slowly stood.

Tang Hao’s voice came from behind him,

“Kindness to the enemy, is cruelty to yourself. None of the people capable of leaving this place have walked a road without death. Including you, including me. Kill them, leave none alive.”

Before Tang San could move, a big man nearby had already stood suddenly,
“I’ll kill you first.”

A horn handled dagger thrust out in a tricky angle, straight at Tang San’s heart. This person was clearly very experienced, and he aimed the dagger just where it could pierce the cracks between Tang San’s ribs.

Slaughter intent, was this his father cultivating his slaughter intent? Tang San moved. He had never been a charitable person; kindness to the enemy, was cruelty to oneself.

His left hand stretching out like lightning, catching the dagger with a keng sound. The dagger wielding big man only felt as if his dagger was stuck in solid rock, unable to advance, unable to withdraw.

Tang San took a step with his right foot, his gaze already cold, his mouth still flooded with that taste of blood, an ice cold chill emanated from his eyes.

Peng—— Tang San’s shoulder struck the big man’s chest, and a layer of white light abruptly emanated from Tang San’s body. That wasn’t in order to attack, but to shield him from the blood spraying from the big man’s mouth.

That tall and sturdy man was directly sent flying from the strike, his entire chest caving in, the sounds of bones snapping spreading throughout every corner of the tavern, making people’s teeth ache.

Tang San had moved, his movement concise and forceful.

Sparkling and translucent Blue Silver Grass flew out in all directions, frantically spreading.

By now he already clearly saw that there were twenty three people in the tavern besides him, his father, and the waiter. He had killed one, twenty two still remained.

Among those twenty two people, five swiftly released their spirits, the remaining seventeen without the slightest hesitation pulling out their weapons. Unexpectedly, none ran away.

“This is a test, a test for us from Slaughter City[1]. Kill him, and we’ll be able to enter Slaughter City.”
Nobody knew who shouted, but everyone’s eyes turned red, charging at Tang San as if crazy.

Twenty two people, only five were Spirit Masters, and the strongest one had no more than four spirit rings.

A blue aura fluctuated and rose, and along with that instantly spreading Blue Silver Grass, five spirit rings quietly rose from below Tang San.

Yellow, yellow, purple, black, black. Five terrifying spirit rings quietly appeared.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

The light of the fourth spirit ring abruptly flared. The next instant, the entire tavern was already filled with a layer of sparkling and translucent blue.

Strand after strand of bulky Blue Silver Grass protruded from underground, solid awl-shapes piercing one body after another.

Blue Silver Emperor’s fourth variant spirit ability, Blue Silver Thrust, launched.

Everything seemed to stop. Even that Spirit Ancestor couldn’t escape the fate of being skewered. Not a single body could obstruct that Blue Silver Grass that was as sharp as the Eight Spider Lances after evolving. One after another, the lifeless corpses were pushed up. They were completely skewered, the breath of life swiftly passing.

“You shouldn’t insult my mom.”
The blue at the corner of Tang San’s eyes abruptly grew stronger. As he turned around, once again sitting across from his father, his spirit rings and the Blue Silver Grass disappeared simultaneously.

Putong, putong, putong…… Corpse after corpse fell to the ground, blood dying the floor of the tavern red. But right now Tang San’s expression was very calm, calm enough to astonish Tang Hao.

Nodding, Tang Hao calmly said:
“It seems I still underestimated you. Remember, entering Slaughter City, you can only rely on yourself. I won’t be by your side, much less protecting you. There are no friends or companions there, only enemies. Kill everyone that can threaten you. Obtain the championship in the Hell Slaughter Arena, I will naturally receive you.”

The waiter in the tavern didn’t lose his head because of a couple dozen people getting killed. He was as calm as Tang San, apparently long since used to the sight.

He naturally also heard Tang Hao talking to Tang San, only his face grew even more disdainful.

“Want to enter Slaughter City by killing a few people? He still isn’t qualified.”

“Can’t even take a cup of Bloody Mary, how could he enter? Eh……”

Ceng—— Spear sharp Blue Silver Grass shot out of his chest. Tang San didn’t turn around to look, only calmly said:
“Am I qualified now?”

The waiter clearly couldn’t answer. He had never expected Tang San to actually act against him too, and his eyes gradually grew larger. The Blue Silver Grass swayed gently, and the corpse was flung aside. Blood pooled, mixing with that of the previous corpses.

“You adapt very quickly.”
Tang Hao looked at Tang San.

Tang San looked at his father,

What he didn’t say was that, in order to protect his family, lover and companions, in order to realize his own hope of survival, he wouldn’t shrink back.

Tang San was an astute person on his own, and after obtaining the wisdom skull, his brain had become even sharper. When throwing up, he had already understood that he could only choose to slaughter in this world of slaughter his father had brought him to. Otherwise he would be killed. That time of vomiting was the only weakness he would allow himself. He wouldn’t be weak a second time.

Finished speaking, Tang San stood and walked over to the tavern counter with large strides, not caring about the two additional stunned waiters behind it. Raising his hand, one palm heavily swatted the counter.

With a loud explosion, the counter turned into splinters flying in all directions, revealing the ground.

The two waiters looked on stupidly. Tang San’s blue light had already vanished by now, and in his left hand, that black little hammer had appeared at some point.

“The entrance to Slaughter City, should be here.”
Twisting, calves generating force, the pitch black little hammer turned into a black streak of light, heavily striking the floor.

Tang San’s spiritual force had long since probed a difference here. There was an empty space beneath this counter. It was definitely impossible for this little town to be Slaughter City. An entrance was the most rational explanation. He wouldn’t go look for some mechanism. In a different place, he’d need to use a different method.

With a loud explosion, an enormous hole was revealed in the ground. A gloomy and cold wind brushed out of the cave. Tang San turned his head to look to where his father sat before, but discovered that Tang Hao had already disappeared. Without hesitation, he leapt down, directly into the pitch dark ground. His body was instantly swallowed up by the darkness, without a trace.

Entering the darkness, Tang San only fell several meters before he had his feet firmly planted on the ground. He didn’t need any light, his Purple Demon Eye could clearly see everything in the darkness.

This was a large tunnel, sloping downwards. A gloomy and cold air constantly caressed Tang San, but he still advanced with large strides.

When Tang San had walked one thousand four hundred sixty two steps, an ice cold voice suddenly came from all around,
“Welcome to Slaughter City. This is the capital of Hell, a world brimming with slaughter. Here, you can obtain everything you want, at the price of your life.”

He released his spiritual force, but Tang San immediately sensed that the material of this passage was extremely unusual, his spiritual force unexpectedly unable to penetrate it. Face changing slightly, Tang San’s expression became a bit frozen, but his pace didn’t slow. In the darkness, his Blue Silver Grass stretched out to explore first, with him behind.

Tang Hao said that killing intent was equal to bravery in some sense. But bravery didn’t med impetuousness. Tang San seemed to advance boldly, but he never lacked caution.

Turning a corner, a vague light came from up ahead. Tang San squinted, operating Purple Demon Eye, and the illumination in front immediately grew before his eyes. That was an open door. On the other side of the door, were signs of life.

Advancing with big strides, Tang San vaguely heard noise. As he walked out of the passage, in front of him appeared one hundred and one men.

Completely covered in black armor, even their faces hidden behind helmets. One hundred of them carried heavy swords, and only one sat on a tall war horse, his horse also covered with thick black armor.

“You’ve broken the rules.”
The deep voice sounded extremely cold, as if not from a human mouth. The speaker was the mounted black armored knight.

Tang San didn’t look at him, but rather shifted his gaze behind him. What he saw was a black city. The solid black walls were extremely thick, that was unexpectedly truly a city. And in the air above the city, a purple moon was unexpectedly suspended. The moon hung very low, seemingly only five hundred meters distance from the ground. Looking further up, everything was black, as if a night sky.

“What should be done if I broke the rules?”
Tang San asked indifferently.

The black armored knight’s voice was still cold, without a trace of human aura,
“Then you must accept the penalty. Defeat me, and you will possess the right to enter Slaughter City.”

“Not kill you?”
Tang San asked calmly.

The black armored knight slowly raised the lance in his hand, and the black armored warriors on either side of Tang San slowly withdrew, leaving a spacious arena.

“I am dread knight Scott.”

The war horse abruptly accelerated, the black armored knight charging at Tang San with a bitter aura.

An ice cold aura filled the air, a cold murderous spirit pouncing ahead. Compared to Tang Hao’s tremendous killing intent, even though the killing intent this black knight emitted was a lot smaller, it still had a sharpness.

Internal strength congregating, Tang San suddenly discovered that his spirit rings unexpectedly didn’t appear along with his Blue Silver Grass. As if all spirit abilities had already lost their effect at this moment.

Without a trace of panic, Tang San shifted and withdrew Blue Silver Grass. In his left hand only a Clear Sky Hammer appeared. At this moment, he finally understood why his father once had him cultivate with his spirit power sealed. This Slaughter City unexpectedly had special rules. Here, all spirit abilities were ineffective. Even Spirit Master could only use the most basic strength. The spirit’s most basic form.

The spirit abilities were gone, but there was still spirit power, as well as Mysterious Heaven Skill. Twisting, the Clear Sky Hammer in Tang San’s hand exploded out. Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method, first swing. What he met, was the impulse of that war horse mounted heavy armored dread knight.


The warhorse cried out, the immense impulse screeching to a halt. A more than four meter long heavy knight’s lance split the air, flying far into the distance.

Dread knight Scott was no longer on his horse. Just like his lance, he was already sent flying. And that warhorse, stopped by Tang San’s right hand, the immense impulse halted, and under the enormous forces, the warhorse flipped sideways, twitching violently. Its neck had already snapped in two by the forceful collision.

The burst strength the five hundred jin heavy Clear Sky Hammer could generate with one swing from Tang San, was something only Tang Hao understood best.

With two years of forging under the waterfall, Tang San’s body had long since become a weapon. Even though the impulse was tremendous, it was still basically unable to influence him.

Dread knight scott slowly crawled from the ground. The armor on the right hand that previously held his lance had already ruptured and flown off, the same even went for the armor on his entire right arm. Equally ruptured was still the muscles and bones of his arm.

Tang San frowned. According to his initial estimate of the opponent, this one swing should have been able to take his life. But this dread knight’s strength was even a bit more than he had expected, leaving his life behind.

Advancing step by step, Tang San raised his head to look at that purple moon, thinking to himself: ‘Slaughter City where spirit abilities can’t be used. I’m here.’

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

“Ha-, halt.”
Scott shouted, trying to show a strong front.

Tang San looked at him coldly. Right now, Scott’s helmet had already fallen off, revealing the face of a vicious middle aged man. He saw the expression in Tang San’s eyes, and was already alarmed. Clearly, he hadn’t imagined how this kid’s strength would be so terrifying. Wasn’t he a Spirit Master?

“Obstruct me again, and I don’t care if I have to kill every one of you.”
Tang San said coldly.

“No, not obstructing you. You’ve already passed my test. You have the qualifications to enter Slaughter City.”
The dread knight spoke with some difficulty. What he least understood was, when ordinary Spirit Masters came here they would panic when they couldn’t use spirit abilities, but this youth in front of him didn’t seem to reveal a trace of influence from it.

He handed over a black tile in front of Tang San, and Tang San off-handedly took it. On the tile was carved a human skull, and below was a number. 9528.

“This is your Slaughter City ID. Please enter the city, someone will receive you at the gate.”

Holding the tile, Tang San advanced with large strides, without giving the dread knight a glance.

Gazing at Tang San’s gradually distancing back, Scott drew the saber at his waist. Swinging it fiercely he cut off his own already completely ruined right arm. Scarlet blood soaked the black soil, the stench of blood filling the air.

The pitch black city gates gave people a kind of extremely oppressive feeling. Tall words were hung on the enormous city gates, Slaughter City.

Two black armored warriors stood silently in front of the gates. Before Tang San could reveal the token in his hand, a woman with a black muslin mask stepped out to greet him.

“Welcome to Slaughter City.”
The woman’s voice was very pleasant. Stepping aside from in front of Tang San, she made an inviting gesture.

Even though this underground city made Tang San extremely astonished, especially the restrictions on spirit abilities, he maintained a calmly accepting attitude, following that woman through the gates. Perhaps it was because of the identification badge in his hand, but nobody stopped him.

Entering the city, what Tang San saw was a blue purple world. Lanterns were hung on both sides of the street, all of them issuing only these two colors of light. Making him somewhat astonished was that there were no few people here, and nobody paid attention to an outsider like him. Besides everything appearing that dim, what he saw was unexpectedly no different from an ordinary city.

“I’m your guide. You can ask me about anything you don’t understand. Within twenty four hours, I will answer all your questions. After twenty four hours, this is the place where you’ll live, and you’ll formally become a Slaughter City citizen.”

Tang San nodded, saying:
“Slaughter city, what kind of place is it?”

The black masked young woman said:
“A paradise. A paradise of depravity.”

Tang San frowned,
“So simple?”

The black masked young woman nodded agreement.

Tang San said:
“Then how was Slaughter City founded?”

The black masked young woman’s answer this time was more to Tang San’s satisfaction,
“Slaughter City has already existed for a thousand years. According to legend, it’s the domain left behind after a formidable Spirit Master broke through the hundredth rank. Here, all Spirit Master abilities are ineffective, people can only rely on their own instinct and physical strength to survive. Spirit power can be used as a source of strength.”

Tang San looked at the black masked young woman,
“Then what are the rules here?”

The black masked young woman said serenely:
“The rules here are that there are no rules. As a citizen of Slaughter City, you can do whatever you want here. Even if a Title Douluo came here from the outside world, he would still grow weak due to losing his spirit abilities. But under the rule of our Slaughter King, there’s basically no need to fear them. In Slaughter City, as long as you have the ability, you can do whatever you want. But I must warn you, precisely since there are no rules here, you may face mortal danger at any time. In some sense, this is a paradise of crime.”

“Paradise of crime?”

“Yes. There are a lot of people who come here precisely because they can’t exist in the outside world, and have no choice but to enter. After coming here, there’s no need for them to worry about pursuit again. Each citizen of Slaughter City will enjoy Slaughter City’s protection.

Tang San hardly paid attention to this protection. Since he could come here through force of violence, that meant any power could do the same. Even without spirit abilities, there was still spirit power. Title Douluo were still powers among powers here. Were the criminals here really safe?

“Mister 9528. I understand what you’re thinking.”
The black masked young woman suddenly said.

Tang San stared blankly a moment,
“You know what I’m thinking?”

“You’re definitely wondering how Slaughter City can protect its people, yes?”

Tang San’s heart twitched,
“How do you know?”

The black masked young woman said:
“Because every new arrival to Slaughter City will think the same thing. But very soon, they will give up on this idea. Entering Slaughter City requires undergoing the test and slaughter examination. Even though you entered via a peculiar method, you carry sufficient killing intent. Moreover, you defeated the lord dread knight. Therefore you obtained permission to join. However, there’s one thing I must warn you of. Entering Slaughter City is simple, but leaving is practically impossible.”

“Can only enter, never leave?”
Tang San somewhat shocked looked at the black masked young woman. He didn’t believe he would be unable to break out.

The black masked young woman nodded, saying:
“There are special law enforcement teams within Slaughter City. You met lord dread knight Scott, but he’s only one member of the enforcement team. The mighty Slaughter King controls everything here, and the powers of the enforcement team are all Spirit Douluo who the Slaughter King have granted the ability to use spirit abilities. The captain is even a Title Douluo. Once a lot of people wanted to break out, but there are no exceptions to the end result.”

Tang San was shocked. If saying Title Douluo that couldn’t use spirit abilities were still formidable, then Title Douluo that couldn’t use spirit abilities would definitely be unable to defeat Spirit Douluo that could. Furthermore, according to what the black masked young woman said, the captain of Slaughter City’s law enforcement was actually a Title Douluo that could use spirit abilities. No wonder she would say it was impossible to leave.

“Is there no way out?”

The black masked young woman calmly said:
“Not quite. There’s only one way to leave Slaughter City. That is to become the champion of Hell Slaughter Arena, obtaining the qualifications to challenge the Hell Road, and after breaking through the Hell Road, then you can leave Slaughter City. Every power who does so will be bestowed with the title of Deathgod[2]. In Slaughter City’s thousand year history, there has appeared altogether eight Deathgods.”

Eight in a thousand years, what kind of unbalanced figure was that?

“Then if one fails the challenge?”
Tang San questioned closely.

The black masked young woman smiled:
“Slaughter City, has no defeat. Only success and death. This is so for all matters.”

Tang San smiled slightly,
“It seems this place really is worthy of being Slaughter City.”

The black masked young woman said:
“There is no currency within Slaughter City, any food and drink are provided free of charge. Of course, poisonous ones are not excluded. Here, dead people are the most valuable. The number of human skulls each person possess symbolizes their strength. The blood and skulls of the opponents you’ve personally beheaded can be used to trade for other goods.”

A cold light flashed in Tang San’s eyes. It seemed that it was as his father said, anyone here had come by the road of death.

“Fine, bring me to Hell Slaughter Arena.”
Tang San said indifferently.

The black masked young woman stared blankly a moment,
“You’re sure? Entering there, less than one in ten can return alive. That’s the place where it’s the easiest for our Slaughter City population to decrease. Each person will be required to enter Hell Slaughter Arena once each year. As long as they can pass one fight, they can life in Slaughter City for another year.”

Tang San calmly said:
“I’m sure, let’s go now.”

With Purple Demon Eye, Tang San could vaguely see the elegant eyebrows of the young woman’s face wrinkle slightly behind the black muslin.

“Since it’s like that, follow me.”
Finished speaking, the black masked young woman walked towards the center of the city. The pace she kept was very measured, following at Tang San’s side all along, just half a step ahead of Tang San.

Tang San wasn’t urgent about anything either, only calmly observing everything around him.

As they walked, a figure suddenly stood up on the side of the road. He had previously been in a dark corner, and even Tang San hadn’t noticed him.

“Oh, there’s a rookie, it seems there’ll be a new Bloody mary. Gaga.”

His gaze sweeping this person, Tang San couldn’t help frowning. The speaker’s age couldn’t be discerned, because his stature was really too extraordinary. His entire body didn’t seem to have two liang[3] of flesh put together. If he didn’t have a layer of skin, it might’ve been easy to mistake him for a human skeleton. Moreover, simple observation told Tang San that this wasn’t because he had cultivated any special methods. His qi and blood were both empty, he could die at any time.

“Can people like him also pass the Hell Slaughter Arena battles once a year?”
Tang San asked the black masked young woman.

That skeleton then saw the black masked young woman on Tang San’s other side, and seemed as if he had encountered something terrifying, no longer daring to say anything, and swiftly vanishing into the darkness again.

“Of course not. Not everyone needs to pass the baptism of the Hell Slaughter Arena. After all, the mortality rate here is too high. Besides experiencing a fight in the Hell Slaughter Arena every year, there’s still one other way survive in Slaughter City. That is to contribute two cups of Bloody Mary every month.”

[1] (杀戮之都) “Slaughter Capital City”, or “Massacre Metropolis”

[2] (杀神) “Killing God” or “Murder God” to be specific, but Deathgod reads better.

[3] 2两 = 100g

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