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Chapter 133

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

Falling into the pool, feeling the surroundings wrap him up in clear coolness, he did his utmost to relax his body. He knew that, to him, this was only a brief moment of relaxation. He didn’t know what kind of cultivation method his father had in store for him next.

What he held in his hand was no longer the forging hammer sized wooden hammer, but rather a supersized hammer with a hammer head cross section diameter of two meters. And behind this kind of giant wooden hammer, the handle was only the width of a person’s arm.

As could be imagined, if it was only raising an ordinary hammer, perhaps the hammer handle would directly break under its own weight. But Tang San relied on ingenious control of force, using it to complete eighty one swings under the waterfall.

That was such an enormous waterfall’s force of impact, if he didn’t have this kind of giant hammer, how could he have instantly reversed it for ten meters? At this moment, his Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method was already practiced to its pinnacle.

Just as Tang San expected, as he returned to the side of the shore, his father was already waiting there for him. But different from the past, as he prepared to land, his father’s coarse hand appeared in front of him.

After being stunned for a moment, Tang San extended his right hand, clasping his father’s. Tang Hao exerted himself, and Tang San’s body broke through the water, landing in front of him.

Having been here for a full year already, Tang San had clearly become taller. Already close to sixteen, he completely had the body of an adult, and a tall one at that. He also grew more and more like himself in his youth. Even though he still wasn’t sixteen, his face had the resolution even a twenty two or twenty three year old ordinary man might not have.

Resolute, unwavering, persevering. All the excellent intrinsic qualities Clear Sky School’s directly related disciples could possess could be found on him.

Tang Hao was very satisfied with his son’s achievements. Even if he wouldn’t show it.

Without waiting for Tang Hao to do anything, Tang San already took the initiative to place the large sized wooden hammer to the side,
“Dad, what do I use next?”

In one year, he had already adapted to this kind of special training. He could also clearly feel himself improving through this training. In terms of application of strength, Tang San could now be said to have reached the pinnacle. He could even clearly control the path of each fraction of his strength.

Out of the pool, even the most minute force fluctuations couldn’t be hidden from his senses. Even a blade of grass could become a deadly weapon in his hands, even without spirit power.

Tang Hao raised his hand, pointing at the waterfall on the other side of the pool,
“Today you rest. Starting tomorrow, except when you’re cultivating, I don’t want to see the waterfall fall below thirty meters above the pool. Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method can be used head on, but it can also be used to counter, just like when you blocked that Stormwind Demon Wolf Thirty Six Successive Chops from that Feng Xiaotian of the Godwind Academy.”

Tang San looked somewhat nonplussed at Tang Hao,
“Dad, I don’t understand.”

Tang Hao calmly said:
“All the training is in order to let you master the Clear Sky Hammer better, to use your strength better. But if you always train with external objects, you will never be able to directly feel what the Clear Sky Hammer gan give you. Therefore, from tomorrow on, the hammer you will use under the waterfall is your own Clear Sky. You can use spirit power. Let me see just what level you can reach.”

While speaking, Tang Hao raised his hand to poke Tang San’s left shoulder. Tang San felt a great force, and he involuntarily spun around. Immediately afterward, a burning hot big hand stuck to the center of his back. A scalding stream of heat penetrated his body, instantly surging into his dantian. Before Tang San could react, the internal energy within the dantian erupted like a volcano and surged out.

Pushed down by a great force, Tang San unconsciously sat down under Tang Hao’s control.

“Calm your qi, cultivate spirit power.”
The few simple words were Tang Hao’s directions for Tang San. Originally thinking he could truly rest for a day, Tang San didn’t have time to think of anything else. Immediately grabbing the source, he guided the suddenly erupting internal strength within his body to circulate through the route of the Mysterious Heaven Skill.

Mysterious Heaven Skill was originally a kind of gentle inner strength, but right now it suddenly became berserk. Under Tang San’s minute control, it was like a flood bursting through a dam, scouring his incomparably durable energy channels.

With internal strength entering his body, Tang San sensed a great deal. The first thing he sensed was his spiritual force controlling his internal strength. Under the tremendous spiritual force effect, even though the rushing internal strength struck with enormous force, he could still manage to control it. The second thing he sensed was the change in his energy channels.

Even though it had already been one year since he had circulated his internal strength, his energy channels seemed to have widened, and moreover turned incomparably durable. No matter how the internal strength attacked, it still had to follow the paths of his energy channels.

The scrubbing under the waterfall was a forging of Tang San’s whole person, physique, energy channels, willpower, mind. One year of dry as dust training had brought unprecedented improvements.

Rupturing sounds constantly echoed within Tang San’s body. That wasn’t the bursting of energy channels, but rather the opening of blockages. In just three short circulations, of Tang San’s eight extraordinary meridians, including the ones already open from before, he had unexpectedly broken through six. Only two meridians still kept their barriers.

With six meridians connected, an even more tremendous internal strength entered, and a feeling like a smelting furnace appeared once again. Only this time, it was one Tang San made himself.

In fact, even Tang Hao didn’t know that in this year under the battering of the waterfall without his internal strength, the three immortal treasure herbs Tang San ate had completed a thorough merging process with his body.

The Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass, Infernal Precious Apricot, as well as the Piercing Gaze Begonia were finally completely fused with his body.

If he followed regular cultivation, this process would require at least ten years of slow absorption to complete. Even though absorbing the three herbs wouldn’t give Tang San any major breakthroughs in internal strength, the degree of pliability and toughness they provided his energy channels, bones and muscles was frightening. Each was brimming with explosive force.

Just like Tang Hao planned, Tang San was walking on the road of being forged into a divine tool.

All the burning heat finally condensed in the center of his back, rolling in reverse. That final point of condensation was precisely where his external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances was. As a spirit bone capable of evolution, Eight Spider Lances would also constantly evolve along with Tang San’s improvements.

The one day became seven days. Tang Hao stood guarding at his son’s side for the full seven days. In seven days, Tang San’s body underwent heaven and earth revolving changes.

On the first day, a layer of gray matter bubbled out of Tang San’s body. On the second day, the grey matter condensed into flakes and began to gradually peel off, exposing pink white skin, and under the skin, Tang Hao saw faint red and blue colors roaming.

And by the end of the seven days, Tang San’s entire body had become sleek like gemstone, to the extent that there even flowed a faint gem like light within him. Nothing in the outside world was important any longer. Tang San’s unprecedented breakthrough was forged from one year of pressure.

Tang Hao of course hadn’t simply sealed his spirit power. This spirit power suppressing trick was one of Clear Sky School’s methods, most suitable to use in the forty to fifty rank range. Originally Tang Hao was prepared to suppress Tang San for two years, but he hadn’t expected Tang San to complete his two year task in only one.

Tang Hao knew that if he continued to suppress it, it might have the reverse effect, therefore he helped him undo the seal today.

Such a method of erupting after suppressing could only be used once in a lifetime.

The timing Tang Hao chose, was undoubtedly the best.

Tang San’s spirit power fluctuations calmed over seven days. As he once again opened his eyes, Tang Hao saw a gentle gaze in Tang San’s eyes.

Tang San looked at his father.

Tang Hao suddenly swatted him with a palm. Tang San didn’t dare block it, allowing his father’s palm to strike his chest, sending him far into the deep water.

“Wash yourself properly.”

“Your spirit power has already reached the fiftieth rank bottleneck.”
While saying this, even if Tang Hao wanted to make his voice calm, he still couldn’t suppress his pleasant surprise.

Fiftieth rank, that’s right, right now Tang San’s spirit power had already reached the fiftieth rank bottleneck. As long as he obtained one more spirit ring, he could directly enter the Spirit King stage.

One year, in one brief year, he had gone from forty second to fiftieth rank. Tang San still wasn’t sixteen, this was something unprecedented in the history of the Spirit Master world.

Even though Tang San also felt he had made enormous breakthroughs, if Tang Hao didn’t tell him, he would still have been unable that the degree of his progress would actually be so terrifying. Eight ranks in one year, even a genius like him wouldn’t dare think of it. In fact, the higher the spirit power, the more difficult the cultivation.

Simply washing himself clean, Tang San once again climbed onto the shore. His first words were unavoidably a question for his father:

He knew about the six meridians connecting, but his spirit power progressing this tremendously, the feeling of that kind of leap still had him brimming with excitement.

Tang Hao nodded,
“My senses wouldn’t be wrong. You’re already fiftieth ranked. However, don’t be complacent. The later it is, the more troublesome the cultivation. Fiftieth rank to sixtieth rank is a watershed that I originally used five years to cross. I hope you can break through the sixtieth rank boundary before you’re twenty. Your road will be easier after that.”

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

This time, even Tang San saw the change in his father’s mood, Even though he was still instructing him, he still caught that faintly discernable smile on his father’s face.

Fiftieth ranked at sixteen, and possessing two spirit bones. Right now, even sixtieth ranked Spirit Masters could never defeat Tang San.

“Little San, the technique for throwing the Eight Spider Lances fragments you used in the final moment of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, was it your created spirit ability?”
Tang Hao suddenly asked.

Tang San looked distracted a moment, scratching his head, and said:

He could never say that it wasn’t a technique of this world. In some sense, after reaching this world, Tang Sect’s secret lore could all be considered his created spirit ability.

Tang Hao nodded, saying:
“Those techniques of yours are very good, don’t abandon them. From now on, you will train with the Clear Sky Hammer under the waterfall at night, and make your own plans for the daytime.”

Tang San’s couldn’t help saying:
“Dad, I’m already fiftieth rank, won’t we go look for a fitting spirit ring?”

Tang Hao indifferently said:
“Have you forgotten what Grandmaster taught you? One of his ten great core competitive forces, didn’t it propose that even if a Spirit Master doesn’t obtain a spirit ring after reaching the bottleneck, his spirit power will still constantly be stored, to appear after obtaining the spirit ring. There’s no need for you to fight right now, why rush to obtain a spirit ring?”

Tang San nodded, saying:
“I understand.”

Spirit power reaching the fiftieth rank was also equivalent to Mysterious Heaven Skill reaching the brink of the fifth tier. With stronger internal strength, some hidden weapon techniques that couldn’t be used before could be cultivated. Tang San had never forgotten the hidden weapons he had paid his previous life for. From this day on, like Tang Hao said, he began to cultivate Mysterious Heaven Skill and hidden weapons in the daytime, and train with the Clear Sky Hammer at night. The process of cultivating Mysterious Heaven Skill was his rest.

Right now Tang San was like a spring powered mechanism, seemingly never resting.

Supreme Pontiff Palace.

“Are you really thinking clearly?”
The Supreme Pontiff quietly looked at Hu Liena kneeling in front of her.

Hu Liena nodded firmly,
“Your Holiness. If I can’t break through to some extent somehow, I’m afraid Tang San will catch up to me sooner or later. For Spirit Hall, I’m ready to take the risk.”

Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong’s face grew a lot gentler,
“Actually, you don’t need to do it. You’re already extremely outstanding. Going there to train, there’s a large chance even you won’t return. Wouldn’t it be much better to go cultivate at Death Canyon like Xie Yue and Yan?”

Hu Liena shook her head,
“No. Your Holiness, even though Death Canyon is dangerous, it won’t be able to truly give me the sensation of death. I know you’ve always had Lord Chrysanthemum Douluo protect me in secret. Without truly experiencing the feeling of death, with my talent, I’m afraid I’ll be unable to compare to Tang San later.”

Bibi Dong smiled calmly,
“Even though it’s been two years, you still can’t forget that defeat.”

Hu Liena attentively watched the Supreme Pontiff’s eyes,
“Teacher. Didn’t you say that defeat is the mother of success? If I forgot the defeat, forgot the humiliation, how could I be worthy of your guidance? I hope that when I go there this time, you won’t dispatch anyone to protect me. I will definitely return alive.”

Right now her face didn’t have the slightest hint of seduction, only incomparable resolve.

Bibi Dong reached out to pull Hu Liena from the floor,
“Child. In you, I see the hope for Spirit Hall’s future. Fine, I’ll approve it. But you must remember, you have to return alive. Whether as the Supreme Pontiff of Spirit Hall, or as your teacher, this is my mission for you, as well as my request. Understand?”

Watching Bibi Dong’s exceptionally beautiful eyes, Hu Liena felt something in hers, and nodded forcefully,
“Teacher. I will.”

Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong raised her hand. On her hand was a ring glittering with light, and as she turned her palm, in her hand lay a white skull.

“Absorb it before you leave.”

Hu Liena was suddenly shocked,
“Teacher, this is too precious.”

Bibi Dong’s face dropped,
“Even the most precious things must be used to have value. Originally, that mind condensing wisdom skull suited you even better, but it went with Tang San and the others. The loss of three spirit bones was a great blow to Spirit Hall. However, in my heart, the three of you are more important than spirit bones. This skull is equally one that suits you. No worse than that wisdom skull. Take it.”

Hu Liena didn’t object again, gravely accepting what the Supreme Pontiff bestowed, her eyes were already moist.

The Supreme Pontiff lowered her voice:
“There’s still one matter I must remind you of. If you alone encounter Tang San, avoid a fight by any means. Even though your strength is above his, I don’t know what techniques he uses to counter your capabilities. You don’t stand any chance against him. There’s also no need for you to treat him as an opponent. I will deal with this person sooner or later. Just like his father. Without dealing with Tang Hao, that stomach ache, our plans will inevitably run into trouble.”

“Yes, teacher.”
Hu Liena lowered her head, agreeing deferentially. But her seductive big eyes revealed an unwilling expression.

She would never be able to forget the smile on Tang San’s face in the last moment, the scene of him tossing out the fragmented Eight Spider Lances before fainting. Just that attack had made them lose the spirit bones, and lose the championship. Becoming the sinners of Spirit Hall.

‘Tang San, just you wait. The humiliation you caused me, I will definitely repay you in blood.’

The broad waterfall fell from the sky, flourishing with water vapor.

Violent explosive sounds constantly echoed below the waterfall. If someone stood at the side to watch this bizarre scene, they would definitely be unable to conceal their shock.

The entire two hundred meter tall waterfall revealed an extremely bizarre scene right now. The waterfall was unexpectedly completely split fifty meters from the bottom. The falling water scattered in waves in all directions at that point, becoming a vast curtain of water that poured down in torrents in the distance, making the entire pool below the waterfall constantly ripple from the battering drops.

Within that water screen, one could just vaguely see a figure like a rain dragon. Standing underneath the waterfall, body constantly whirling, a small black hammer flying up and down in his hands.

With each swing of the hammer, the falling water would rise somewhat in the air, the fifty meter distance constantly climbing.

Sixty meters, seventy meters, eighty meters, ninety meters. Within that water curtain, one could vaguely see that frightening black light climb towards the top of the waterfall like a rising black dragon.

The frightening scene still continued. When the waterfall was struck back a hundred meters, suddenly, the silhouette below the waterfall suddenly stopped. All motions turned into one final point, then forcibly stopped there.

All the condensed light erupted in this instant.


The ‘black dragon’ dashed towards the sky, and the torrential enormous waterfall was unexpectedly scattered in all directions in that instant, no longer able to gather, the two hundred meter tall waterfall, in that instant, completely disappeared from view. The giant black dragon issued a violent howl, as if roaring, as if displaying its terrifying might.

Tang Hao stood quietly by the side of the pool, watching the overwhelming scene in front of him, his face revealing a satisfied expression. Making the waterfall disappear completely, he asked himself if he could have done that even at twenty five.

But his son had done it.

That sky shaking ‘black dragon’ was caused by Tang San.

After two years, a whole two years of time, Tang Hao had never brought Tang San to obtain his fifth spirit ring in the second year of cultivation. And Tang San himself also discovered that his spirit power growth rate had clearly slowed.

It might be said that the spirit power required to rise one rank became greater later on. Because he hadn’t obtained the fifth spirit ring, he also didn’t know what rank his spirit power could reach. But he was certain it wouldn’t surpass fifty three at the most.

After reaching the fiftieth rank, gaining two ranks every year was already an exceptionally fast pace.

After reaching the seventieth rank, a Spirit Master might not rise one rank in several years. It clearly showed the trouble of later stage cultivation.

Despite his spirit power promotion speed dropping greatly in the second year, Tang San had still thoroughly familiarized himself with his Clear Sky Hammer. Even though it didn’t have a single spirit ring, with the control of his fiftieth rank spirit power, the Clear Sky Hammer could already produce an extremely terrifying attack power. The present scene was the eruption of the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method’s nine by ninth, eighty first swing.

For spirits with support capability, it was undoubtedly the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda. In attack power, no other spirits could reach Sword Douluo Chen Xin’s Sacred Sword. But in tyranny, in force, in burst strength, the Clear Sky Hammer held the throne at the summit without submitting to anything.

Otherwise, how could the Clear Sky School be called something like the number one sect of the Spirit Master world?

Despite not having any abilities from spirit rings, the Clear Sky Hammer could still be infused with spirit power. It was still a divine tool-like existence.

Two years ago, before the special training started, Tang Hao had once asked Tang San what his biggest flaw was.

At that time, Tang San had replied with burst strength, a lack of instantly erupting attack power.

But now, this issue was resolved as easily as a knife splits bamboo.

Even though Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer was still the same size, in Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method, or perhaps it should be said with the boost of Tang San infusing spirit power, the erupting attack it could produce right now had already reached an extremely terrifying degree.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

Even more dreadful, after the Clear Sky Hammer was combined with Tang San’s Tang Sect hidden weapons, as long as Tang San’s spiritual force locked onto the opponent, unless the opponent had spiritual force far greater than his, and moreover was proficient in teleportation type capabilities, he would only be able to stiffly block it. Basically without the chance to dodge.


The halted waterfall fell, ferociously smashing Tang San standing on the round rock. But Tang San stood there without moving a single jot, like a nail hammered into the rock. His face even displayed a somewhat pleasurable expression. Immersed in the enormous waterfall, spitting out a breath, profound Mysterious Heaven Skill covered his body in a layer of faint white Big Dipper Qi.

Figure flashing, Tang San had leapt from the round stone. The Clear Sky Hammer in his hand quietly disappeared, replaced by several dozen strands of Blue Silver Grass striking downwards, lashing the surface of the water. Tang San used the momentum to soar out, landing directly next to Tang Hao on the shore.

When Tang San soared over, Tang Hao’s facial expression had already returned to solemnity. As he looked at his son smoothly landing next to him, he said indifferently:
“Think you’re very powerful, yes?”

Tang San scratched his dripping wet hair,
“Dad, I understand, I won’t be conceited, I will definitely continue working hard. Only, most recently I’ve felt that progressing in the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method with more practice is very hard.”

Listening to his son, Tang Hao couldn’t hold back a burst of helplessness in his heart. He still hadn’t said anything about his special training, but was already stumped by this astute brat. Still thinking to progress with the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method? How can one progress after already reaching the peak? Besides the Clear Sky Hammer not having the influence of spirit rings. Tang Hao asked himself, with this hammer method alone, would he be able to do any better than his son?

“The Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method training ends today. Little San, let me ask you, how do you feel about your fighting strength?”
Tang Hao asked.

Tang San thought it over. He first wanted to say he was confident, but recalling his father’s formidable strength, he still changed his words,
“Still lacking by far.”

“Then do you know where you are lacking?”
Tang Hao continued asking.

Tang San looked blank a moment. Saying he was lacking by far was somewhat modest, now hearing his father ask this kind of question, no immediate answer appeared.

Tang Hao apparently also wasn’t looking to hear Tang San’s answer, and went on:
“In theory, Grandmaster is unparallelled. His instruction methods for you were exceptionally proper, letting you build a solid foundation. Since you took him as teacher, your growth rate has been extremely fast, and you’ve also undergone a great many battles. You still have some real combat experience. No need to undervalue yourself. However, you still lack the essence of real combat.”

“Essence? What’s the essence of real combat?”
Tang San hurriedly asked. His father should be a character reckoned among the best even among Title Douluo. Even though he didn’t say much, Tang San benefited from each word of guidance. He now hurriedly focused his attention to listen.

Tang Hao spoke in a low voice:
“What is real combat? A true battle with life and death in the balance is real combat. But the real combat you’ve experienced has for the most part been in the format of competitions. You haven’t encountered many life crises. People, only in a test of life and death, will their potential be completely roused. By constantly struggling at the edge of death can one be said to truly possess the capability of battle. Your mind and battle control strength are both pretty good. But you lack one thing. The purest murderous spirit. Sense my aura.”

His words falling, the pupils of Tang Hao’s eyes abruptly disappeared. In that instant, he suddenly emitted an extremely ice cold aura. This aura didn’t seem to have any burst power, but as it earnestly enveloped Tang San, he immediately felt as if he had fallen into an ice house. Every single hair on his body stood up.

Ice cold, awe inspiring, evil, terrifying, the formidable murderous spirit making people tremble was like confronting a pouncing giant beast. Tang San clearly felt everything he did become slower within this incomparably tremendous murderous spirit. Even having the Purple Demon Eye with that Purple God Light, he didn’t dare look face to face with Tang Hao.

Even more shocking to Tang San was that the droplets flowing down his body had apparently slowed, the gradually dripping water condensing into strings of ice beads, hanging from his body.

Murderous spirit turned substantial? This was one description Tang San’s mind put out. Grandmaster once told him that, as his own strength reached a particularly terrifying level, his killing intent could even reach the level of substance, going from intangible to material. But this kind of level was as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns even among Title Douluo.

The ice cold killing intent retreated like a tide, and Tang Hao’s voice shocked Tang San awake,
“What you felt, that was murderous spirit. Don’t you want to ask how to use murderous spirit? Murderous spirit actually doesn’t mainly influence the opponent, but rather yourself. It can let you disregard life and death, let you display your own strength to the greatest degree, even surpass your level. It can even let you act faster. Possessing intense killing intent proves that you have once crawled from massive heaps of corpses. That you have experienced the edge of far too many life and death struggles. Even when confronting opponents far more formidable than yourself, you can still not be the slightest bit timid. Killing intent is a kind of imposing manner. In some areas it can even be equalled to courage. Perhaps it could be said that killing intent is the sublimation of courage.”

Tang Hao’s explanation of killing intent was undoubtedly somewhat extreme, but he made Tang San clearly understand his meaning.

“Dad, please teach me how I should obtain murderous spirit.”
Tang San’s looked at his father with a resolute gaze.

Tang Hao shook his head,
“No, I can’t teach you. I’m unable to teach you. You are, after all, my son. Even if I released even denser killing intent, you still wouldn’t believe that I’d kill you. Murderous spirit can only rely on your own understanding and what you possess. You can relax thoroughly today. Tomorrow morning, we’ll set out. I’ll bring you to a place where you can truly cultivate your murderous spirit.”

Hearing Tang Hao’s words, Tang San couldn’t help being somewhat happy. Staying here for two years, training without rest, even if this place was even more beautiful, it would still make people weary of aesthetics in the end. He could finally leave.

The father and son ate and slept in the wind, and didn’t have anything to put in order. Early the next morning, Tang Hao took the lead, and the two left the pool, left this valley.

Tang San knew his father didn’t like being wordy, and therefore he also didn’t ask Tang Hao where they were going, only silently followed behind his father.

Passing two years of assiduous cultivation, by now Tang San’s physical strength had already reached a shocking level. As if his whole body cultivated his Mysterious Jade Hand, it expressed a gem-like luster. His eyes had a reserved splendor, and if one didn’t look carefully, it would be very difficult to notice the deep blue color in his pupils.

Even though Tang San hadn’t made great efforts to cultivate his spiritual force in these two years, his spiritual force had still made sufficient progress. The cultivation with unswerving will and stubbornness had not only forged his body, but also forged his mind.

After five days, Tang Hao had brought Tang San to an unknown forest.

Just as they arrived, Tang San immediately sensed a familiar atmosphere. After his spiritual force had grown powerful, his senses for the outside world had also clearly grown sharper. This was the atmosphere of danger.

Tang Hao halted in front of the forest,
“You will soon go to the place where you can truly train in real combat. Therefore, it’s necessary for you to obtain your fifth spirit ring. There are spirit beasts that suit you in this forest.”

Finally going to get the fifth spirit ring? Tang San couldn’t help being somewhat excited.

Obtaining the fifth spirit ring would also completely pull out his spirit power. In two years of cultivation, Tang San’s Conception Vessel had also been connected. The only meridian that remained now was a Governing Vessel.

The goal Tang San gave himself before the sixtieth rank was to also connect the Governing Vessel. Then, his Mysterious Heaven Skill could reach another stage.

After connecting the eight meridians, he could use protective Big Dipper Qi. This was something Spirit Masters didn’t have. In the terms of this world, it should be called spirit power materialization.

Tang Hao pointed to the ground.

Tang San was blank a moment, but still followed his words and sat cross legged on the ground. Only he was somewhat unclear on just what his father would actually have him do.

Tang Hao didn’t explain, but walked to Tang San’s side,
“Release your Blue Silver Grass, afterwards use your heart to feel. With your present spiritual force, you should be able to sense it. Originally, I wasn’t going to let you obtain this capability so early, but with the growth of your spiritual force so far, it should be time to receive it.”

Tang San didn’t understand the meaning of his father’s words, he only vaguely heard that the spirit ring ahead of him was something his father had planned for long ago.

Without thinking of anything else, he immediately closed his eyes. Blue Silver Grass released automatically, revolving around his body and slowly spreading. Condensing his spiritual force, he scattered it into his surroundings.

As a plant, blue silver grass was universal across the Continent.

Very soon, Tang San entered that realm he had once entered before. The surrounding blue silver grass seemed to call out to him, his spiritual force strengthened substantially, making his senses become especially clear.

He could even distinguish the mood of each blue silver grass.

His senses gradually spread along with his spiritual force, and Tang San felt the aura of the blue silver grass grow more and more tremendous.

Gradually, he became soaked in this feeling. He discovered that all the blue silver grass seemed to have a kind of nourishing mood towards him.

It was like they were his children, blabbering to their father in excitement.

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