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Chapter 132

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

“Rongrong. What are you doing?”
Oscar closed the door in passing.

Ning Rongrong turned and walked inside. The present Oscar was more mindful about his appearance than before. He was clean shaven, his hair also combed neatly, wearing the pale gold Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School standard clothes, setting off his handsome features even more.

Especially those big eyes that made even girls jealous, made Ning Rongrong even more afraid to meet his eyes.

Catching up to Ning Rongrong in a few steps, Oscar pulled out something from his chest and placed it on the desk.

“Just now on the way past, I saw that your lights were still lit and came over. Why aren’t you resting this late?”

Ning Rongrong had her back to Oscar, saying:
“I’ll sleep soon.”

After Oscar joined the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, Ning Fengzhi had let him directly join the inner sect. In fact, the absolute majority of the inner sect were the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s directly related disciples, only especially outstanding outsider Spirit Masters could enter.

As Ning Fengzhi declared in front of all the sect that Oscar would directly enter the inner sect, he didn’t know how many jealous and envious gazes fell on him.

“Afterwards when you can’t always stay up late like this. It’s no good to the body, and it will make you age prematurely.”
Oscar teased.

Ning Rongrong said:
“I’m fourteen, where am I old?”

Hearing her voice, Oscar couldn’t help looking distracted. Ning Rongrong hadn’t spoken to him like this in a very long time. It sounded like her mood was somewhat amiss today.

“Rongrong, what’s going on? Are you ill?”
Oscar asked in a low voice.

Ning Rongrong didn’t answer. Originally she had already drummed up enough courage, but as she saw Oscar, for some reason the courage in her heart shrunk. When it finally reached her mouth, she was unable to say it.

Seeing that Ning Rongrong didn’t speak up, Oscar couldn’t help frowning. Sighing lightly, he said:
“Then I’ll return first. Rest early. I brought this for you to eat, eat it and then sleep. It’s a pastry good for digestion.”

Raising his hand to touch Ning Rongrong’s long hair, but in the end still restrained himself. He reluctantly glanced at Ning Rongrong’s beautiful figure from the back, then turned to leave.

As Ning Rongrong heard Oscar say that he had brought her food, she could no longer hold back the tears in her eyes.

She suddenly cried out.

Oscar started and halted. When he just turned around, a fragrant wind hit him in the face, as Ning Rongrong leapt into his arms like a swallow, rushing fiercely into his embrace. Holding tightly to his waist.

After a brief shock, Oscar gradually reacted. Even though Ning Rongrong had already agreed to go out with him, over these days, they had never been as close as now.

The soft jade tender fragrance filled his arms, that kind of feeling was so pleasurable it was difficult to describe. Turning his hands to hold on to Ning Rongrong, Oscar’s pulse sped up uncontrollably.

A man and woman alone in a room, the beautiful woman throwing herself into his embrace.

Oscar was no gentleman, all sorts of fantastic thoughts rose in his heart.

However, very quickly he felt something was wrong. Because Ning Rongrong’s tender body was twitching slightly in his arms.

His chest gradually grew moist.

“Rongrong, what’s wrong?”
Oscar asked somewhat regretfully. One hand gently caressing Ning Rongrong’s satiny long hair, he quietly asked.

“Why are you so good to me? Why?”
Ning Rongrong said, choked with sobs.

Oscar slowly smiled, saying in his heart, ‘so this girl let me feel moved’. Inwardly unable to keep from feeling proud, he said with a smile:
“Coming to Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, you’re the only one I know, and also the person I love the most. If I wasn’t good to you, who would I be good to? I’ve long since been without parents, and when Heaven has sent you to me, if I didn’t know what to cherish, wouldn’t that shame the good intentions of Heaven?”

Oscar was originally consoling Ning Rongrong, but who could have imagine that before he finished speaking, Ning Rongrong had already burst into loud crying. The hands holding him also tightened.

Sensing Ning Rongrong’s pain, Oscar was somewhat at a loss. The previous beautiful feeling completely obliterated, he didn’t know how to best comfort Ning Rongrong this time.

“Rongrong, don’t cry, your tears break my heart. What’s happened? Tell me. As long as I can do it, I will definitely help you.”

Ning Rongrong’s crying gradually subsided, tightly holding Oscar’s waist, completely burying her body in his arms, lowering her head, not daring to look at him, she almost stammered:
“Did you know? We can never be together.”

Just at the start, Oscar didn’t hear it clearly. When Ning Rongrong repeated herself once again, he immediately felt as if struck by lightning, his whole body trembling fiercely, he clasped Ning Rongrong’s charming face with both hands and raised her head,
“Rongrong, what are you saying?”

Oscar’s voice was somewhat trembling. He had never loved someone as wholeheartedly as now, but, what Ning Rongrong said, how could he bear it?

Ning Rongrong’s silvery teeth clenched. She knew that if she didn’t tell him the truth this time, it would only hurt Oscar even more in the future. Closing her eyes, she resisted the pain in her heart, saying:
“I said, it’s impossible for us to be together. I’m sorry.”

Oscar looked stupidly at her, a grotesque smile floating onto his face.

“Rongrong, do you know? I very rarely shaved before, I never cared anything for anyone else. Even if dean Flender said I was a genius, I still didn’t feel like cultivating. I only wanted to quietly and happily live my life.”

“Until I met you. When I saw you for the first time, I couldn’t help liking your fairy-like mien. Once when you were arrogant and domineering, even at that time, your shadow in my heart didn’t fade. Only I told myself that it was impossible for you and me. You were the magnificent eldest daughter of an influential family, but I was only a common Spirit Master.”

“Just when I wanted to erase your presence in my heart as far as possible, you began to change. With everyone’s help, you were no longer like before. You began to grow gentle, provoking people’s affection even more. Your faults gradually disappeared, and your shadow, also became more and more distinct in my heart. Until that day, when you told me you wanted to temporarily go out with me, do you know what I felt? Even for a hundred spirit bones, I still wouldn’t trade away the the feeling of that moment. I believed, that my spring had come.”

“In order to be together with you in the future, in order to gain your father’s recognition, I began to stake my life on cultivation. What I liked the most before was sleeping, but from that day on, I practically never slept, each day was passed constantly cultivating. Even when alone, when in pain, as long as I recalled your smile, I could easily kick the pain aside. I discovered, that I truly loved you. Perhaps I was lowly, each time you were in danger, when I could protect you, I always felt joyous.”

Tears flowed down Oscar’s cheeks. He gradually let go of Ning Rongrong’s face, step by step gradually retreating. What his eyes revealed wasn’t sadness, but rather a light close to despair.

“You didn’t say. Oscar, I, I……”

Oscar smiled, a sneer, not towards Ning Rongrong, but at himself,
“I truly am foolish. I actually already knew it was impossible for us. As the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s invaluable eldest daughter, how would you be together with a poor kid like me? No matter how much effort I made, it would still never be possible for me to be on the same stage as you. In the future, you are the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s school master. And me? Nothing. I really am far too foolish. However, why would you lie to me? Knowing it was impossible, why would you give me that chance? Why?”

Hearing Oscar’s practically hysterical roar, Ning Rongrong fiercely raised her head. Her eyes were already red from crying, and she equally practically roared back,
“Because I also loved you.”

“What did you say?”
Oscar was dumbfounded. Looking at Ning Rongrong’s red face, the despair in his eyes once again rose to a hopeful luster.

Ning Rongrong looked at Oscar, tears making her eyes hazy:
“Yes, in the beginning, I never considered you. Even though you were very handsome, I’d seen handsome men since I was a child. But, I gradually discovered, that you truly were good to me. To me, you could invest everything. This still wasn’t important, as you began to work hard at cultivating, when you would naturally block in front of me each time we fought, my heart was conquered by you bit by bit. That day, promising to go out with you, that wasn’t a lie. Because I wanted to clearly see, just what place you really had in my heart.”

“When we were truly together, when I could see you each day, see you grow thinner day by day because of cultivating hard, I understood that all you did was for me. Your mark on my heart also gradually grew larger. I discovered that my reluctance to part with you grew stronger and stronger. Originally, I should already have told you long ago, it’s impossible for us to be together, but, I really couldn’t say it. It’s not that I didn’t have the heart to hurt you, but rather that I didn’t want to give up that feeling. That kind of feeling should be called love.”

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

“Oscar, I know how much you’ve invested for me, but do you know the suffering in my heart? I constantly told myself that, once the tournament was over, I would tell you the facts. Like that I wouldn’t influence your cultivation. But, within my heart, I didn’t want to tell you the truth, because I didn’t want to leave you. I didn’t want to leave the first man I’ve loved in my life. Do you understand?”

If Oscar could previously be described as somewhat hesitant, then as he now heard Ning Rongrong’s weeping and complaining sobs, his heart gradually softened.

Seeing the tears constantly flowing down Ning Rongrong’s face, listening to her speak her mind, Oscar discovered for the first time that what he had invested wasn’t wasted. This was the first time the two of them revealed their hearts, and Oscar’s gaze began to become gentle.

“Then why do you say we can’t be together?”
His voice gradually calming, he asked the question on his mind.

Nong Rongrong said tearfully:
“Because of the school rules. You also know that our Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School directly related disciples are all support type Spirit Masters. Despite having the glory of the number one support spirit, in fact, we’re never able to break away from the fact that we have no attack power. This is also why I originally approached third brother to have those hidden weapons made. Therefore, in the school rules, all spouses of directly related disciples must be battle Spirit Masters with extremely formidable strength, to protect us. If it was another related disciple, perhaps there would still be a chance for flexibility. But I’m my father’s only daughter, and the only future heir of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. It’s impossible for my father to be accommodating with these rules for me. I can only find a future spouse who can use spirit power to protect me.”

Oscar looked at Ning Rongrong in a daze,
“This is the reason we can’t be together? Because I’m a support type Spirit Master?”

Ning Rongrong nodded with eyes hazy with tears.

“Our Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School has never discriminated against ordinary Spirit Masters. As long as you entered the school, the school would treat you sincerely. But I don’t have the power to change these rules. Not even when I become the sect master. I know you’re good to me, and I also truly like you. But, if we go on, it will only be more painful in the future. I don’t want to drown you in this pain. A brief pain is better than prolonged ache, it’s still not too late to tell you now. You’re sixteen. You still have a beautiful future. I’m sorry, Oscar. Truly sorry……”

At this point, the sobs made her unable to speak.

Oscar looked bitterly at Ning Rongrong. Could he truly blame her for this?

No, of course not. This wasn’t Ning Rongrong’s fault. When he heard Ning Rongrong say she loved him, the softest part of his heart was already completely touched.

To him, that Ning Rongrong felt for him was more important than anything.

“Too late. It’s already too late. Even if I’m only sixteen, in my heart, there will never be room for a second woman. Rongong, do you know? It’s already too late for you to tell me now. I love you, forever and ever, even if the seas run dry and the stones go soft, this won’t change.”

An incomparably resolute splendor flickered in Oscar’s peach blossom eyes. Taking a few steps forward, he grabbed Ning Rongrong’s shoulders.

“Rongrong. Look at me.”
Oscar’s voice suddenly calmed.

Ning Rongrong stared blankly, raising her head to look at him. Suddenly, she saw a special light in Oscar’s eyes she had never seen before, a light she had only seen in Tang San and Dai Mubai’s eyes at the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament finals.

“Rongrong, listen to me. I won’t give up. I will never give up. I’m very happy, because it’s the first time I heard you say that you like me. There are difficulties before us, but as long as we love each other, the difficulties might not be insurmountable. The rules of your Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School is nothing more than a hope for directly related disciples to possess powerful protection. Unfortunately, I can’t do that right now, I’m only a food type Spirit Master, but that doesn’t mean it will never be possible for me. Rongrong, will you wait for me? Give me ten years, I’ll definitely find a way to become powerful, a way to gain the strength to protect you.”

No matter what, Ning Rongrong hadn’t expected Oscar to react like this. Seeing the stubborn light in his eyes, she suddenly discovered that this man was worthy of relying on. Practically without the slightest hesitation, she nodded.

Releasing his grip on Ning Rongrong’s shoulders, Oscar turned sharply, all reluctance to part hidden completely within the deepest parts of his heart,
“Rongrong, I’m leaving. Ten years, wait ten years for me. After ten years, if I still haven’t returned, get married. If I’ve succeeded, I will definitely return to find you. In ten years, you will be twenty four, in your prime. As long as I don’t die, I will succeed.”

Finished speaking, Oscar didn’t pause, dashing out like a gust of wind. He wouldn’t stay longer at Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. He knew that he would never be able to find the true answer here. He had to go, had to leave this place, go to the outside world to search for the things he needed. Could a food system Spirit Master truly not protect the ones he loved?

No, he believed he could achieve it. For the stubborn love in his heart, anyhow and anyway, he would achieve it.

Looking at Oscar’s disappearing back, Ning Rongrong was already stupid. At this moment, she clearly discovered that she couldn’t control her heart from falling for this handsome man who was good to her, who invested everything for her. She was reluctant to see him leave, she truly wanted to have him stay, but she knew that if she said so, she and him would truly be forever unable to be together.

A gloomy sigh echoed behind Ning Rongrong, a forceful big hand falling on her shoulder.

“Silly girl, don’t cry. If he truly can return within ten years, perhaps you truly will be able to be together.”

Ning Rongrong turned around, looking at Ning Fengzhi who had quietly appeared at some point. She threw herself fiercely into her fathers arms and lost her voice in bitter tears.

Sword Douluo Chen Xin and Bone Douluo Gu Rong stood there quietly. The two great Title Douluo looked face to face, and the always taciturn Sword Douluo suddenly said:
“Suppose with time, this kid isn’t something in the pond. Like he said himself, if he doesn’t die in ten years, then after ten years, he will certainly shock the Spirit Master world. Shock us. Let him go temper himself.”

Ning Rongrong, as the heir to the school master, having so much noise appear on her side, how couldn’t Ning Fengzhi and the others notice? The three were here long ago, and also heard the majority of Ning Rongrong and Oscar’s discussion, even if they didn’t reveal themselves. As Ning Fengzhi heard Oscar’s final decision, his eyes shone with admiration.

The Shrek Seven Devils, they really weren’t ordinary characters. Perhaps this kid’s talent couldn’t compare to Tang San, but the unswerving determination hidden in his heart was enough to deal with a great many troubles.

Ning Fengzhi didn’t hold back Oscar. He also wanted to see what kind of shock this youngster could give him in the future. If that shock was enough to offset the school rules, then he wouldn’t mind being his father in law.


Tang San wasn’t clear on how many times this was that he’d been blasted into the pool.

The two hundred meter high torrential waterfall struck with enormous force, this was something he could only truly understand from experience.

With sealed spirit power, let alone practicing with the hammer in the waterfall, even climbing onto the large round rock was difficult to achieve. A whole three days had passed, and Tang San had never stood firmly on that incomparably sleek rock. He hadn’t even swung the hammer once.

Each day he would exhaust all his energy, with difficulty climb onto land, recover his energy, and once again return to make an effort under the waterfall.

Tang San’s temperament had always been known for perseverance, he had never known anything called defeat.

If the first time didn’t work he would do it twice, if twice didn’t work then thrice. He firmly believed that there would be a reason to what his father had him do.

Under the effect of the wisdom skull bone, Tang San began to determine the degree of sleekness of that rock, began to determine the force of impact of the water, looking for the best place to cut through to stand on the rock, and began to with great effort dodge the impact of the water.

Exploiting every fraction of strength in each part of his body.

The heavy forging hammer no doubt helped him. The heavier he was, the harder it was to be dashed into the pool.

Tang Hao always sat meditating in the cave he made, never paying any attention to what Tang San did. Tang San had stockpiled a great amount of drinking water and food in the Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, enough to let two people persist for a month.

Therefore, in this month, Tang San didn’t go to pick any fruit.

Whenever he came up to rest, he would separate some food and bring it to his father’s cave, arranging it in front of his father.

After eating he would immediately rest, and once his energy recovered he threw himself into the water.

Tang Hao occasionally opened his eyes, his gaze involuntarily falling on Tang San. Watching his son again and again be dashed down and climb up again, his eyes would reveal a faint gratification.

‘Foolish kid, do you know? This waterfall is a hammer to forge you. What it forges is your body. As the only Divine Craftsman on the Continent, what I want to do is forge you yourself into a true divine tool.’

Five seconds. He finally endured for five seconds.

On the fifth day, Tang San could already endure on the rock for five seconds.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

Finally on the fifth day, Tang San could endure for five seconds on the round rock.

Even without the aid of spirit power, standing on the rock, his body could move softly according to the rhythm of Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step, unloading the force of impact from the waterfall, as far as possible finding the best position to endure the strike.

Even when it was difficult to breathe, he still endured for every moment possible.

To Tang San, this was undoubtedly a good start. Just as they say, all things are difficult at the start. The first perseverance is undoubtedly the most painful. Not only did Tang San have to endure the tyrannical battering of the waterfall, but he still had to endure the pain while unable to use spirit power.

Just like an adult suddenly turning into a small child, when strength abruptly dropped, one would need some time to adjust.

And five days was just this time for adaptation. in five days, in the constant battering of the water, the pain of being unable to use Mysterious Heaven Skill gradually faded. Relying on the wisdom skull’s intelligence boost, he gradually grasped the technique.

From the sixth day on, the time he could stay on the round rock rose geometrically, and he could also finally start to swing the forging hammer in his hand.

Using strength on the slick and smooth round rock was no doubt an extremely painful matter. But Tang San was astute, he didn’t anxiously start to practice the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method, and rather first adapted himself to the strength of the waterfall as far as possible, making great efforts to control his balance, allowing the waterfall to wash him.

When Tang San could finally stand firm under the waterfall without getting pounded into the water, Tang Hao finally gave him a word of advice.

Cultivate. Cultivate spirit power. Of course, to Tang San, that was cultivating Mysterious Heaven Skill.

For a while Tang San was astonished by his father’s words. His Mysterious Heaven Skill internal strength was already sealed, how would he still cultivate? But as he truly cultivated, he discovered that the seal his father had given him was extremely odd. Even though he couldn’t use the Mysterious Heaven Skill internal strength, it didn’t influence his cultivation.

Whenever he started to cultivate the emptiness in his body, after circulating the accumulated internal strength once, it would automatically merge into that fiery seal, fusing with his own original internal strength.

Even though Tang San was unable to feel to what degree his Mysterious Heaven Skill progressed like this, after cultivating, the recovery speed of his body would clearly accelerate.

Therefore, from this day on, Tang San would cultivate for six hours each day, training under the waterfall for the remaining time.


The forging hammer caused an enormous splash within the waterfall, circling once, and returning over Tang San’s head.

Success. Tang San exulted. But he was only joyous for a moment, because as his will wavered, the waterfall blasted him into the pool.

Today was already the fifteenth day since coming here. After unrelenting effort, he could finally successfully do the first Disorder Splitting Wind swing, without sliding from the round rock from the force.

With the first swing came the second. With Tang San’s constant training, the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method began to emerge in his hands.

The forging hammer was after all no Clear Sky Hammer, and its weight wasn’t that dreadful. Even more, its weight could help Tang San stand steadily on the rock. Gradually, his Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method grew more and more skillful from practising in the waterfall.

At the start he could only cause some splashes, but as it danced it would be impervious to the elements. It was like a round barrier beneath the waterfall, constantly blocking the battering of the waterfall, water blooming in large splashes.

The forging hammer’s swinging frequency swiftly and steadily rose. In an instant, three months had passed.


The final swing lashed out. Tang San’s body soared up like an artillery shell, meeting the battering waterfall for ten meters. Within ten meters, the falling water was struck back against the stream, and under the drive of his figure, issuing an immense explosive rumble. Even that rainbow spanning the pool was turned disorderly at this moment.

That of course wasn’t something Tang San could achieve with his present strength, but rather a property of the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method.

One swing was more powerful than the last, the force of the swings overlapping. If not for the inner qualities of Tang San’s physique being extremely powerful, that enormous impact would be enough to rip the muscles from his bones.

The moment the nine by nine, eighty one swings, were completed, the eighty one overlapping forces condensed together. Despite not being able to use the slightest bit of spirit power at the moment, that instantly erupting terrifying attack power still surpassed his peak.


The force faded away. Tang San’s body in the waterfall was smashed heavily into the pool, but at this moment the excitement in his heart was difficult to describe.

Three months, he had finally completed his father’s requirement, finally managed the eighty first swing.

Right now, Tang San’s skin was brimming with a healthy bronze color, his height increased somewhat. Even though his hair and the beard on his face seemed extremely disorderly, his eyes like cold stars tilted dazzlingly.

The instant the waterfall reversed, Tang Hao sitting in the cavern had already opened his eyes, an astonished light flashing past the corners of his eyes. Even as the youngest Title Douluo of the continent, right now he still couldn’t help sighing in praise at his son’s accomplishments. Back when he completed this step, it had taken him a full half year. But Tang San, with unswerving will and the help of his talent, had unexpectedly used just three months.

Jumping onto the shore from the pool, Tang San held the forging hammer in one hand, and he first of all looked his father in the eyes.

Tang Hao’s gaze swept across his son. In these three months, Tang San’s muscles had become more distinct. Even though none was exaggeratedly enormous, his skin held a faint hazy light. With the eyesight of a Title Douluo, he could naturally detect the accumulated explosive power within.

“Dad, I succeeded. Eighty one swings.”
Tang San somewhat proudly said to Tang Hao. Eighty one swings, eighty one unrestrained swings, that transcendence of heart and body made him extremely excited.

Tang Hao nodded to him, giving him two words,

“Very good. Only, you can still do better.”

While speaking, Tang Hao grabbed the forging hammer from Tang San’s hands. With a casual flick, the forging hammer soared away like a shooting star, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Paying no attention to the somewhat lifeless Tang San, Tang Hao’s one hand grabbed a large tree next to him. His hand cut into the tree trunk like a sharp blade, cutting it like it was soft tofu.

As Tang Hao’s hand moved, Tang San only saw a cloud of wood shavings in the air and Tang Hao’s illusory palm.

In fact, his Purple Demon Eye had already reached the peak of the third tier, and that he couldn’t clearly see Tang Hao’s movements with his present eyesight, showed just how fast Tang Hao was.

When Tang Hao stopped, yet another hammer had appeared in his hand, exactly identical to the previous forging hammer, but made from the wood of the tree.

Stuffing the wooden hammer into Tang San’s palm,
“Next, use it to practice the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method. If the hammer breaks, make one yourself.”

Leaving these words behind, Tang Hao returned to his cave again. Only a few simple words, but what he had given Tang San was an even more difficult challenge.

When he first got the hammer, Tang San didn’t feel anything. For three months he had used the several dozen jin forging hammer, now holding this wooden hammer, it was practically light as air.

As he once again swam back to the waterfall, he was a lot more relaxed than before. The wooden hammer was buoyant, and moreover so light, it saved him practically a fifth of the time before he reached the waterfall.

However, when he climbed onto the round rock under the waterfall, he immediately felt something amiss. Under the immense impact of the water, his body swayed, and he was unexpectedly almost smashed onto the rock.

In fact, these three months of training had long since let him stand stable on the round rock like a nail hammered into a board. Having his steps suddenly falter, how could he not be shocked?

Very quickly, Tang San realized the problem. The forging hammer in his hand had turned into a wooden hammer, and the weight was massively different. The center of his gravity as well as his familiarity with the stream of water had all changed.

With different weight, it was naturally even more difficult to stand steadily. Having figured this out, Tang San immediately understood some of his father’s intentions.

Astutely, he didn’t immediately swing the wooden hammer after standing firm, but rather stood there stably, controlling the wooden hammer to swing it softly, feeling the sensation of the wooden hammer in the stream.

The seemingly light as a feather wooden hammer unexpectedly received even greater resistance in the water than the forging hammer from before. It suffered the double influence of its own buoyancy and the water’s impulse, making Tang San’s control even more difficult.

When Tang San felt he could once again stand firmly, he began to use the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method again.

The first and second swings still continued as normal, just not so easy. But when the third swing arrived, the frail wooden hammer snapped the instant it would split the water. One wooden hammer, broken.

From this day on, Tang San entered the second stage of training.

He didn’t have internal strength. Unable to infuse the wooden hammer with internal strength to protect it, what he could do was to control his use of strength as far as possible, controlling the force constantly exerted on the wooden hammer to keep it from breaking under the water. From breaking from his own swings.

The abruptly growing problem didn’t make Tang San shrink back, on the contrary it made his mind even more focused, starting an even more arduous special training.

After nine months.

Within an ear-piercing roar, the tremendous water screen soared up. This time it wasn’t only the part of the waterfall above, but an entire section almost ten meters wide. Under the waterfall, that soaring figure’s whole body twinkled with a bronze radiance, glittering like gold under the sunlight.

Eighty one swings, Tang San had already forgotten how many times this was that he had completed the eighty first swing.

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