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Chapter 130

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

Red line after red line appeared from the gigantic Clear Sky Hammer. Tang Hao’s hundred thousand year red spirit ring abruptly flared, that black giant hammer suddenly turning all red in an instant.

“Supreme Pontiff Palace, a nice Supreme Pontiff Palace. Hahahahahahaha……”
WIth an arrogant laugh, Tang Hao’s right hand moved.

The more than one hundred meter long supersized hammer abruptly dropped. Not towards the three Title Douluo, but rather to smash the Supreme Pontiff Palace behind them.

Instantly, the air in all of Spirit City became distorted, each Spirit Master not a Title Douluo unable to even budge at this moment.

“Tang Hao, you dare!”
Bibi Dong was insanely furious. She and Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo soared up practically simultaneously, going to meet the enormous hammer in the sky. And at the same time, another four silhouettes shot out of Supreme Pontiff Palace like bolts of lightning. Altogether seven figures collided with the giant hammer in the air.


Blankness. The minds of all Spirit Masters under the seventieth rank turned completely blank, fainting from that indescribably violent explosion. An enormous sound like the punishment of Heaven shook all of Spirit City.

The seven silhouettes that rushed into the air were smashed back simultaneously, and the enormous hammer in the air also disappeared.

Facing the sky and spitting out a mouthful of blood, Tang Hao laughed madly,
“Bibi Dong, just wait. The debt that Spirit Hall owes me will be reclaimed in full. This day is not far.”

Figure flashing, Tang Hao disappeared. And disappearing together with him were Tang San and Xiao Wu on the ground.

Tang Hao’s deep voice gradually grew more distant,
“Grandmaster, Flender. You have taught my son for many years, words are not gratitude enough, this Tang will owe you.”

As Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong struck the ground, her face was flushed red. Drawing a deep breath, that flush gradually disappeared. Behind her, besides Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo, were still another four people wearing the robes of elders, faces faintly shimmering from blocking. These four were all white haired, clearly not young.

That hammer of Tang Hao’s had to be blocked. He didn’t attack the Supreme Pontiff, but rather a symbol of Spirit Hall, the Supreme Pontiff Palace. If the Supreme pontiff had attacked him together with Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo at that time, Tang Hao would inevitably have been seriously injured. But the Supreme Pontiff Palace would certainly also have ceased to exist. The true might of the Clear Sky Hammer being fully used by the Clear Sky Douluo couldn’t have been truly judged without experiencing it.

Seven of them repelling the enemy, had also only hurt Tang Hao, and nothing more.

“Your Holiness Supreme Pontiff……”
Not only Bibi Dong was angry, the six people behind her were all furious.

“No need to chase, it’s useless.”
Bibi Dong’s voice was disappointed. For these past years, she had always done her utmost in training, finally reaching the Title Douluo level. The enemy she had always pictured in her heart, was Tang Hao. However, in her confrontation with Tang Hao today, she still discovered that even though their spirit rings were exactly the same, she was still far inferior in imposing manner. Tang Hao was in the end still Tang Hao, a Clear Sky Douluo, the Clear Sky Douluo.

“That bastard Tang Hao is too rampant. Your Holiness, it concerns the dignity of Spirit hall.”
The Ghost Douluo couldn’t keep from calling Bibi Dong’s attention.

Bibi Dong’s eyes were blood red, her voice angry,
“Shut up. Don’t tell me I don’t understand? If Tang Hao was so easy to deal with, could he still live to this day? It still isn’t the time to deal with him.”

Yue Guan said:
“Then what about these people?”

The Golden Iron Triangle still stood there under the spirit fusion ability effect, but the remaining Shrek Seven Devils were all on the ground. Poison Douluo Dugu Bo was just loosing a breath, turning to grin at the Supreme Pontiff’s side.

Seeing that smile brimming with satire, Bibi Dong almost spit blood. Sharply waving her hand, she left with a brush of her sleeves,

Finished saying this, she returned straight to Supreme Pontiff Palace.

The four elders that appeared at the end didn’t speak up, only following the Supreme Pontiff back to Supreme Pontiff Palace.

A cold smile appeared on Bibi Dong’s face. The top of the character for ‘endure’ was a knife[1]. Right now, she had to endure no matter what. What she wished for the most was for everyone to underestimate Spirit hall. ‘Tang Hao, the hatred between us will be settled sooner or later. You just wait.’

Everything gradually calmed down. Under the gazes of numerous Spirit Hall Spirit Masters, the Golden Iron Triangle slowly withdrew their spirit power.

Ning Fengzhi reached them with Sword Douluo and Poison Douluo, and with the help of the several powers, the Shrek Five Devils gradually recovered consciousness.

As Ma Hongjun opened his eyes, he couldn’t help saying:
“Fuck me, too powerful. Third brother’s dad is so awesome! I’ve decided, from here on, third brother’s dad will be my idol.”

The remaining five looked at each other. Right now each of their hearts held a lot of doubts, but this situation right now clearly wasn’t the time to ask them.

Flender sighed. He suddenly felt somewhat disappointed, even if he was also a Spirit Sage level power, those true powers were still too far away. If not for Tang Hao’s appearance today, perhaps not one of them would have been able to leave.

“School master Ning, you bring Rongrong away. The tournament is over, and these children have also graduated. You also saw that we offended Spirit Hall here, the later days might not be so easy.”

Ning Fengzhi nodded, saying:
“Rongrong has been gone for so long, she should return with me. However, Spirit Hall is unlikely to cause trouble for your Academy. As long as Shrek Academy keeps a low profile from now on.”

“School master Ning, I don’t know if it’s possible for me to join Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School?”
Oscar took courage and asked Ning Fengzhi.

Hearing his words, Ning Rongrong’s face immediately turned somewhat unnatural.

She had originally planned to tell Oscar about the rules of the school after the end of the tournament, but as time passed, she had already become used to being together with Oscar, and almost forgotten about it. Suddenly hearing Oscar say he wanted to enter the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, Ning Rongrong’s heart immediately fell, and for a moment she was at a loss.

It couldn’t be denied that Oscar was the most handsome among the men of the Shrek Seven Devils, and moreover, anyone with eyes could see the great effort Oscar had made since Ning Rongrong agreed to to temporarily go out with him.

Even if he had also eaten the immortal treasure herb Tang San gave him, as a food system Spirit Master, that there hadn’t opened up a gap between him and his companions showed how much effort he had invested.

Ning Rongrong’s heart had for a long time been nibbled away by him, bit by bit. Especially when Oscar, a support Spirit Master without any battle strength, had protected her whenever they were in danger. She wasn’t old, but this feeling of the first awakening of love had made her unwilling to explain the school rules.

Because she was afraid to lose Oscar, lose this beautiful feeling.

Hearing Oscar’s words, Ning Fengzhi revealed a moment of distraction, then immediately afterwards displayed a smiling expression,

“Of course you can, if any one among you wants to enter the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, the school will welcome you.”

While speaking, his gaze swept across Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing and Ma Hongjun.

Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing immediately shook their heads, Dai Mubai said:
“Many thanks for school master Ning’s kind intentions, but me and Zhuqing are from Star Luo Empire. We’ve been gone for so many years, and should also return home.”

Ning Fengzhi’s gaze again turned to Ma Hongjun,
“And you?”

Ma Hongjun laughed out loud, saying:
“Count me out as well. Me and third brother are the same, we both love freedom. Having finally graduated, I want to go strolling all over the Continent, increasing my experiences. Afterwards I’ll return to Shrek Academy to help my teacher.”

Flender looked with some astonishment at this only disciple of his. Ma Hongjun had always showed a dim-witted appearance, never with any concern for matters other than his interest in women. He had never expected his disciple to actually say something like this, and couldn’t keep all sorts of feelings from welling up in his heart, feeling as if choking on something.

Ning Fengzhi smiled slightly, saying:
“Since it’s like this, I won’t press the issue. But remember, no matter when, the gates of Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School will always stand wide open for you children. Dean Flender, we’ll take our leave. Rongrong, Oscar, we’re leaving.”

Since the time the Shrek Seven Devils first gathered in Shrek Academy, it was finally time to separate. It was difficult to avoid a burst of reluctance. But each of them had their own lives and their own future. If the seven always stayed with each other, their reliance on each other would grow greater and greater, until it was harmful to their development.

Even though Tang San was the most outstanding among the seven, which of the Shrek Seven Devils wasn’t an alarmingly talented little monster? As school master of one of the seven great sects, Ning Fengzhi couldn’t help but reveal a cheerful look at obtaining Oscar. After all, the Shrek Seven Devils were able to defeat the team dispatched by the holy land of Spirit Masters, Spirit hall.

Moreover, their average age was at least five years younger. Describing them as geniuses among geniuses wasn’t enough.

Before leaving, the five agreed that, after five years, if it suited everyone, they would return to gather at Shrek Academy. The Shrek Seven Devils, this combination of young talent, finally separated after victory in the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament finals.

Nighttime. The cool night breeze brushed the leaves, leaving behind uneven shadows of trees dancing in the moonlight.

Xiao Wu slowly returned from unconsciousness. She practically subconsciously suddenly sat upright, looking all around.

What was first reflected in her eyes was a fire, flames brightly burning firewood, issuing crackling sounds, each accompanied by a burst of sparks.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

Next to the bonfire were still two people other than her. One was Tang San, still unconscious on the ground, the other uncle seemed extremely dispirited, his whole body worn out, Tang Hao.

If she only looked at Tang Hao, Xiao Wu wouldn’t have believe that he dared publicly humiliate Spirit Hall in front of the Supreme Pontiff Palace, facing several formidable Title Douluo by himself.

“You’re awake.”
Tang Hao’s gloomy deep voice reached Xiao Wu’s ear.

Silently nodding, Xiao Wu’s gaze was constantly fixed on Tang San,

“Thank you.”

Tang Hao waved his hand, saying:
“Don’t mention it. From the point of view of a Spirit Master, I should lock you up until Tang San needs it and kill you then, giving him your spirit ring and spirit bone. But, from the point of view of a husband, I’ll pick another choice.”

Raising his head, Tang Hao’s gaze fell on Xiao Wu. Tang Hao’s eyes seemed to hold a particular gravity, and Xiao Wu couldn’t help looking towards him. This moment, Tang Hao’s eyes were no longer muddy, but rather extraordinarily bright, even the stars in the night sky lost their splendor in comparison.

“Is it because of my relationship with Tang San?”
Xiao Wu asked in a low voice.

Tang Hao shook his head, his gaze shifting from Xiao Wu to Tang San lying on the ground, his face displaying a faint smile. If Tang San saw this, he would definitely be shocked. Because in his memory, he had never seen Tang Hao smile.

“Because of his mother. Before, I always believed he was more like his mother. Kindhearted, careful, stubborn. But when I saw him and you together, I suddenly discovered that he was actually more like me. Just as foolish as me. Girl, did you know? Tang San’s mother was like you, also a hundred thousand year spirit beast. But different from you, she was in the hundred thousand year level’s mature phase, and you’re only in the immature phase.”

“You, what are you saying?”

“Tang San’s mother, was also a spirit beast?”

Tang Hao nodded silently, but didn’t continue on the subject,
“You should leave. If you stay at Tang San’s side, there will only be trouble for you.”

Xiao Wu despondently said:
“You oppose us being together?”

Tang Hao spilled a smile,
“No. Why would I oppose it? Back then, didn’t I make the same choice? Only, comparing you with me and his mother, there’s still a difference. When me and his mother were together, my spirit power already surpassed the seventieth rank, and his mother was also a mature stage hundred thousand year spirit beast. But what’s your current level?”

“You really have some guts. Don’t tell me your elders didn’t teach you anything? A hundred thousand year spirit beast before the mature stage will be the target of all Spirit Masters. If not for that flower, if the first Title Douluo to see you wasn’t me, I’m afraid you would’ve long since become the spirit ring and spirit bone of another.”

“Are you always by little San’s side?”
Xiao Wu shocked asked.

Tang Hao shook his head,
“No, but at least I will be for a long time. Go, return to where you should be. That’s the safest place for you. Wait until the day he can protect you, and you can also defend yourself. I won’t oppose you meeting, but that’s not now.”

Xiao Wu bit her lip, gathering courage, and said:
“Can’t I wait until he wakes, and leave then?”

Tang Hao calmly said:
“Do you believe that after he wakes up, he would let you leave like this? Go. We’re close to Start Dou Great Forest, if I’m not mistaken, your family should be there. If I can offer you a bit of advice, don’t leave that place before the mature phase. Originally, I though myself strong enough, but me and little San’s mother’s conclusion was still tragic. I don’t want to see you children experience the same tragedy.”

Xiao Wu nodded silently, slowly walking to Tang San’s side. Squatting by his side, staring at that seemingly very ordinary face. A sparkling and translucent teardrop rolled from the corner of her eye, falling on Tang San’s chest.

Raising a somewhat shuddering hand, she softly caressed Tang San’s face,
“You are the first man to comb my hair, and also the only one. Forever and ever. No matter our future, in my heart, there is no gap in my heart for another.”

Despite Tang Hao by the side, Xiao Wu lowered her head and softly kissed Tang San’s lips, leaving behind the salty taste of tears and her breath. Standing fiercely, she shot away, and disappeared in the distance in a few leaps.

Looking in the direction Xiao Wu disappeared, Tang Hao’s aged face revealed an expression,
“What about humans? What about beasts? The feelings of beasts are even more sincere.”

Talking to himself, he raised his hand to pat Tang San. Tang San groaned, moved, and slowly opened his eyes.

On seeing Tang Hao, Tang San immediately leapt from the ground with excitement. Even though his body was still weak right now, his mind was extremely excited. Eight years, a whole eight years had passed. Seeing his father again, how couldn’t he be excited?

Tang Hao pointed to the ground in front of him. Different from when he faced Xiao Wu, confronting Tang San, his expression had turned as grave as before.

Tang San hurriedly sat in front of Tang Hao. His gaze turned all around, and when he didn’t find the figure he was looking for, some of his excitement disappeared.

“No need to look, she’s already gone. Don’t worry, she’s safe.”
Tang Hao said indifferently.

“Gone? Why would Xiao Wu leave?”
Tang San couldn’t help asking.

Tang Hao spoke in a low voice:
“Because she had to. Let me ask you one question, in your present condition, could you protect her?”

Hearing his father’s words, Tang San couldn’t help but inwardly remember the promise he once made Xiao Wu. Protecting her for a whole lifetime, yes, with his present strength, how could he protect her? When confronting those truly formidable Spirit Masters, his own speck of strength didn’t count for anything.

Tang Hao looked at Tang San’s desponded appearance, and frowned,
“She’s very safe, returned to where she should be. Only there will there be no danger to her. A man, a man of character, must adapt to the circumstances. There will come a day when you will be able to truly protect her, it won’t be too late to go find her then.”

“Dad, you’re not opposing me and Xiao Wu being together?”
Tang San astonished looked at Tang Hao.

Tang Hao’s eyes revealed a trace of a perplexed light,
“Eight years have passed, little San, don’t you hate me for throwing you aside for these eight years?”

Tang San frowned,
“No, I don’t.”

Tang Hao asked.

Tang San’s mood had already relaxed somewhat by now. Even though he couldn’t see Xiao Wu again, Xiao Wu was, after all, safe. To him, this was most important. His face revealed a natural smile,
“Because you’re my father. My life was given by you. Without you, how would there be a me? Children never have the right to blame their parents.”

Listening to Tang San, Tang Hao only felt his heart skip a beat. Looking at this fourteen year old son in front of him, he could no longer restrain his feelings, and fiercely pulled Tang San into his arms, his forceful arms hugging Tang San tightly.

Ever since his birth, this was the first time Tang San felt Tang Hao’s love for him. Such a sincere feeling, despite having lived two lives, this was the first time he possessed it. Even the Grandmaster he’d always treated as a father, also couldn’t give him this feeling.

Tang Hao’s actions were rough, the strength of his arms even making Tang San’s bones creak, but being pulled into his father’s steel-like embrace, Tang San still felt unprecedentedly relaxed. Family love, was this the feeling of family love?

“I know you have a lot of questions for me.”
Tang Hao pushed away Tang San, letting him sit in front of him anew. Tang San discovered that his father’s eyes were somewhat red.

Tang San nodded.

Tang Hao said:
“When you used the Tool Spirit Avatar that day, the voice you heard was mine. There are a lot of matters that you still don’t need to know about. Because you still lack the strength to know about them. Starting from now, you will cultivate according to my arrangements. Until one day, after you’ve met my requirements, when I will tell you about everything. Cough cough.”

At this point, Tang Hao coughed twice, spitting out dark red blood to the side.

“Dad, are you injured?”
Tang San wanted to stand, but was pushed down by Tang Hao.

“It’s nothing, I just pulled open some old injuries today.”
Tang Hao’s expression recovered its calm, as if he wasn’t the one injured.

“Of the questions you want to ask, I can first answer two. First, the others from Shrek Academy are fine. Each of them will make their own choices. It was time for you all to part. The master can lead you through the door, but cultivation is individual. Grandmaster is undoubtedly an exceptionally outstanding teacher, but always following at his side will substantially hinder your improvement.”

“Second, regarding Xiao Wu. Don’t you find it very strange that, as a hundred thousand year spirit beast, Xiao Wu isn’t particularly strong?”

Tang San immediately nodded. This was something he had always wondered about. Even Grandmaster’s descriptions of hundred thousand year spirit beasts were very simple. After all, that community was far, far too small, and Grandmaster’s research had never reached deeply, because he didn’t have subjects to study.

Tang Hao said:
“I’ll give you a simple explanation, and you’ll understand.”

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

“Spirit beasts start to cultivate from the time they’re born, separated into ten year, hundred year, thousand year, ten thousand year, and hundred thousand year levels. Crossing between each level, to spirit beasts, is a qualitative change. After a spirit beast’s cultivation breaks through ten thousand years, their intelligence will improve quickly, and after a certain point, they won’t be inferior to humans.”

“In some sense, spirit beasts are linked to us Spirit Masters’ spirits, even though the cultivation age limit decides their strength, their own innate talent is equally important. Just like Spirit Masters with full innate spirit power like you, who are stronger than common tenth ranked Spirit Masters even at that time. The spirit beast’s species is like a spirit’s quality. But, this isn’t absolute.

“As the spirit beast’s cultivation finally reaches the hundred thousand year level, any spirit beast will reach a remarkable stage. In practice there’s very little difference in strength between spirit beasts of this stage. Like your Xiao Wu, originally she was only a Soft Boned Rabbit, but after her cultivation reached the hundred thousand year level, she wouldn’t be inferior even to a Titan Giant Ape on the same level. However, having reached the hundred thousand year level, spirit beasts must also face a choice.”

Tang San focused his attention on listening carefully. Tang Hao’s description of hundred thousand year spirit beasts was something not even Grandmaster had spoken about.

To him, this was like an all new area.

“The position of hundred thousand year spirit beasts among other spirit beasts is like that of Title Douluo among Spirit Masters. Having reached the summit, at this time, their strength is extremely formidable. In one against one, it would be very difficult even for Title Douluo to defeat them. They might even be killed. But, with intelligence not inferior to humans, they face a choice of two paths at this time.”

“One path is to maintain their strength, and go on like that. Having reached the hundred thousand year level, they’re already an existence opposing Heaven, and even the most powerful hundred thousand year spirit beasts can at most only live for another thousand years. After a thousand years, they will inevitably die. And the other path, is nevertheless the risky path. That is to change shape.”

“Change shape?”
Tang San looked at Tang Hao with astonishment.

Tang Hao nodded, saying:
“That’s right. Changing shape. Taking the shape of a human. Because, among all organisms, humans have the greatest potential.”

“After taking human form, the spirit beast has to cultivate anew. If they can cultivate to the Title Douluo Level, and again smoothly break through the hundredth rank pass, their lifespan will no longer be restricted, reaching eternal life. Becoming an existence like a god.”

Tang San said:
“Then wouldn’t all spirit beasts make this choice? Living forever, I think this is a goal all creatures pursue.”

Tang Hao calmly said:
“Among the small number of hundred thousand year spirit beasts, do you know how many take the second option?”

Tang San shook his head.

Tang Hao said:
“According to the accounts of our Clear Sky School, among known hundred thousand year spirit beasts, less than one in ten pick the second choice.”

Tang San astonished said:
“Why? Didn’t you say that by choosing the first option, they can only live for a thousand years? With the second path they can live forever. Why wouldn’t they take it?”

Tang Hao laughed coldly,
“How would it be that easy? Spirit beast cultivation is an unknown number of times more difficult than for humans. After choosing to take human form, it’s irreversible. In other words, after taking human form, unless the hundred thousand year spirit beast is killed, it’s impossible to again take beast form. Their true form would change into the human form’s spirit, and all their previous abilities would disappear completely. Their spirit power must be regained bit by bit. Even though their cultivation speed is a lot faster than that of normal humans, and have no need to go killing spirit beasts to gain spirit rings, they must be in contact with humans during this cultivation process, must feel the aura of humans, or they will be unable to progress.”

“Moreover, choosing this road, their lifespan will be the same as humans. If they can’t break through the hundredth rank within a human’s lifespan, then they will only be able to live for a hundred years. A thousand years and a hundred years, you should understand what the majority of spirit beasts choose.”

“Even more, even though normal Spirit Masters won’t notice human form hundred thousand year spirit beasts, as long as a Spirit Douluo or higher level observes carefully, they will still be discovered. Especially in front of Title Douluo, they won’t have any way of hiding. The reason why Xiao Wu was never discovered, was because of carrying that flower. That bizarre flower concealed her aura, making her always safe together with you. It was because that flower left her side today that her identity was exposed in front of the Supreme Pontiff and those others.”

“Consider, confronted with a hundred thousand year spirit beast, and moreover a weak little human form hundred thousand year spirit beast, would those people from Spirit Hall let her go?”

“After taking human form, a hundred thousand year spirit beast’s cultivation will be split into three stages. Before their spirit power has reached the sixtieth rank is the immature phase, in this phase, Spirit Masters of the Spirit Douluo level and higher can discover them. After the sixtieth rank, they will become a lot safer, and will also require even closer contact with humans. This is called the mature stage. Even Title Douluo will be unable to tell what they are after they’ve gained sixty ranks of spirit power. Therefore, hundred thousand year spirit beasts can also be said to truly have become human at the sixtieth rank. By then there’s already no difference between them and humans in any way.”

“And after reaching the ninetieth rank, a hundred thousand year spirit beast’s cultivation will enter the final divinization phase. Just like us human Title Douluo, they attack that undying eternity.”

“Undying eternity.”
Tang San repeated Tang Hao’s words. To him, this phrase wasn’t particularly meaningful. Undying? Could people truly not die?

He didn’t want to think too much on this. Right now, his mood was already gradually recovering from the excitement of seeing his father and Xiao Wu leaving.

At least, the original certain death situation turned into him and Xiao Wu being alright due to his father’s appearance, this was already a very good outcome. Or one might say, another beginning.

“Then that means, Xiao Wu chose to change shape, and moreover, she’s still a hundred thousand year spirit beast in the immature phase?”

Tang Hao nodded,
“Just so. Even though she’s a hundred thousand year spirit beast, observation suggests that before she took human shape, she probably never left the place she cultivated. Her heart is as blank as paper. Consequently, she’s actually no different from any ordinary girl, just that if she dies, a spirit ring and spirit bone will appear.”

Tang San nodded silently. Originally, after he saw that Xiao Wu was a spirit beast, his heart had also struggled. But just as Tang Hao said, in his heart, Xiao Wu was neither human nor beast, but his little sister, and there was also that hazy love.

Tang Hao said in a low voice:
“I’ve already told you what you want to know. From here on out, before you gain my approval, I will carry out a series of special training for you. Choosing the path of a Spirit Master, relying on high-sounding words to appear in front of Spirit Hall, you’re already without a way out other than growing more powerful. Otherwise, you will never be able to do more than live in the darkness like a rat. Rest. Recover as fast as possible, afterwards I’ll bring you somewhere.”

Finished speaking, Tang Hao slowly closed his eyes.

Tang San suddenly called out.

Tang Hao didn’t open his eyes.

Tang San clenched his teeth, but still asked the question he most wanted to know the answer to,
“Was mom killed by Spirit Hall?”

Tang Hao’s whole body jolted, his eyes abruptly opening, his strict gaze like two flashes of lightning in the night.

The light of his father’s gaze on him, Tang San even felt stabs of pain.

A fiercely fluctuating mood flashed across Tang Hao’s face,
“I said, there are still many matters you don’t need to know about. If you want to learn everything, become strong as fast as possible, reach the level I require.”

This was the last thing Tang Hao said to Tang San this night. Tang San also didn’t ask anything else, and father and son sat next to the fire like that and started to cultivate.

Early the next day, having eaten some simple rations, Tang Hao brought Tang San away. After a night of rest, Tang San’s durable body had already recovered by more than half, only the itchy feeling on his back growing even stronger. He knew that the Eight Spider Lances were regenerating within.

Tang Hao returned to his previous taciturn appearance, not speaking, only stepping forward with large strides. Following behind him, Tang San had to condense his spirit power to be able to keep up.

Tang Hao walked in the direction of Heaven Dou Empire. On the way, he didn’t walk on roads, but turned to find complicated terrain to pass through. For the first several days, Tang Hao’s speed wasn’t too fast.

But along with Tang San’s body recovering, Tang Hao’s speed forward began to accelerate. By the time Tang San had completely recovered, he had to condense all of his spirit power to be able to keep up with his father.

Because they advanced so quickly, Tang San was already unable to tell where they were heading. By the seventh day, he no longer knew where they were, and could only approximately feel that they were somewhere within the borders of Heaven Dou Empire.

The time Tang Hao stayed to rest was only four hours each day, and the remaining time was all travelling. Practically each day would bring Tang San close to the limits of his body.

However, having once experienced Grandmaster’s hell training, along with his body recovering completely, he still managed to endure.

After half a month, Tang Hao finally stopped.

[1] Endure (忍) and Knife (刀)

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