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Chapter 129

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

The Supreme Pontiff looked eye to eye with Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo next to her, their eyes revealing a difficult to suppress joy.

Right now, it even seemed as if she’d forgotten the matter of Spirit Hall Academy’s defeat.

The healing light of the sixth floor of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda completely enveloped Tang San, glittering with a peculiar radiance.

Tang San’s wounds were closing with extremely astonishing speed, and not only that, the injuries to his internal energy channels caused by the shock from Xie Yue’s created spirit ability Full Moon also swiftly healed.

The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda’s fourth floor also released a stream of light, the light of spirit power amplification.

With Ning Fengzhi’s strength, as the school master of Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, the amplification capability he was capable of with the Seven Treasure Avatar far exceeded what Ning Rongrong could compare to.

Under the dual effect of the healing light and the spirit power amplifying light, the wounds on Tang San’s back from the fracturing Eight Spider Lances closed little by little, the broken stubs of the Eight Spider Lances withdrawing into Tang San’s body. Tang San’s complexion also started to grow rosy.

At this moment, another six rays of spirit power amplifying light sprinkled out. This time they were for the six Spirit Hall Academy team members sitting cross legged on the ground.

Ning Fengzhi wouldn’t cure them, but relying on the formidable spirit power boost, he could give a bit more time to resist the poison to these close to crumbling Spirit Masters.

Flender, Grandmaster and Liu Erlong rushed into the ring one after another, reaching Tang San’s side.

The light Ning Fengzhi gave Tang San gradually faded, and Flender hastily raised him, extending a hand to push on his back and slowly infusing his own spirit power into Tang San. Tang San groaned, and slowly opened his eyes.

The aches all over his body had already faded away, but the hollow feeling within him couldn’t be patched.

Especially on his back, it seemed as if half his ribs were gone. His whole body was half limp. The rupturing of the Eight Spider Lances caused enormous injuries to his body, and even though the Eight Spider Lances would heal on their own and regrow anew, that would still take some time. For the moment, Tang San wasn’t able to fight further.

His vision gradually cleared. The other Shrek Seven Devils were already crowded around him, and Tang San looked at everyone by his side,
“We won?”

Dai Mubai forcefully nodded, the excited light in his evil eyes couldn’t be concealed,
“Yes, we won, we defeated the Spirit Hall Academy team. We’re the champions. The champions of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament.”

Tang San’s face revealed a satisfied smile. Having finally taken the championship, even though they’d invested much, getting this championship was also enough.

“Congratulations on obtaining the final victory, but now please first detoxify them.”
Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong’s voice arrived, rousing the soaked in joy Shrek Seven Devils.

Supported by Xiao Wu and Oscar, Tang San slowly stood. Even though his steps were still somewhat weak, under the effects of Ning Fengzhi’s healing and spirit power amplifying light, his body had already recovered a lot.

After swallowing one of Oscar’s recovery sausages, it was already enough to be able to move around to some extent.

Without saying anything else, Tang San picked up a long Eight Spider Lance fragment from the ground in passing, and walked over in front of Xie Yue. Stretching out his hand, he pricked Xie Yue’s shoulder.

A purple black radiance lit from the fragment, and rings after ring of light slowly flowed into Tang San via the fragment.

Xie Yue’s agonized expression gradually calmed, and the purple black color on his body swiftly retreated.

Tang San had another kind of feeling. He wasn’t only withdrawing the poison, but under the effect of the Eight Spider Lance fragment, he was still absorbing some of Xie Yue’s vitality in the process.

Very soon, the poison in Xie Yue’s body had faded, and he managed to open his eyes with some difficulty. But he was already so tired that he couldn’t get up, and with only a glance for Tang San, immediately started to cultivate where he sat.

Tang San sneered inwardly. Even though the poison was removed, the other side would inevitably be seriously ill from the aftereffects. As for whether it would influence his future cultivation, even he didn’t know.

Following the same pattern, Tang San helped the other five break the poison. With each person he removed the poison for, Ning Fengzhi withdrew the spirit power amplification light. His level of control wasn’t just that of Three Aperture Governing Heart, but rather Ning Fengzhi’s Seven Aperture Wishful Heart, far superior to the Three Aperture Governing Heart.

As Tang San finished detoxifying the six people, his mind on the contrary became better. At the same time as he withdrew the poison, he unavoidably absorbed a part of their vitality. Right now he didn’t only feel that his spirit power recovered a bit, but he also started to have an itchy sensation on his back, the Eight Spider Lances starting to recover under the support of the vitality.

By now, the Supreme Pontiff’s expression had already calmed. Having once again taken her seat, she smiled at Ning Fengzhi withdrawing the Seven Treasure Avatar next to her:
“Many thanks, school master Ning.”

Ning Fengzhi smiled slightly,
“As easy as lifting a hand. Not worth mentioning.”

Sword Douluo Chen Xin’s lips buzzed, saying something to Ning Fengzhi that made his complexion immediately change, his gaze immediately falling on Xiao Wu amidst the Shrek Academy group. The expression in his eyes immediately turned strange.

By now, having recovered somewhat, Tang San also felt something strange in the mood in the ring. Even though those powers concealed it, relying on the incisive vision of Purple Demon Eye, he discovered that the gazes of the most powerful people present all seemed to be directed at Xiao Wu next to him.

What was going on?

Right now, the others of the Shrek Seven Devils hadn’t noticed this detail, they were completely soaked in the joy of victory.

After the Spirit Hall Academy team’s seven members had recovered for a bit, they were helped down by Spirit Hall’s people, leaving only Shrek Academy in the plaza.

Each of their faces was brimming with pride. They were the champions, yes, they were the ultimate champions.

The Supreme Pontiff and the gaggle of Title Douluo all stood, Bibi Dong declaring with a calm expression,
“The final champions of this year’s Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, are Shrek Academy. Congratulations, talented young Spirit Masters.”

The Shrek Seven Devils stood in a row, and behind them were Grandmaster, Flender, Liu Erlong as well as Poison Douluo Dugu Bo.

Right now, among the Shrek Seven Devils, apart from Xiao Wu, the gazes of the others all fell on that brocaded plate with the three spirit bones.

At this time, the Supreme Pontiff displayed her proper ease, taking he brocade tray from the hands of the Spirit Hall staff member, her somewhat reluctant gaze sweeping across the three spirit bones.

The referee cardinal loudly declared:
“Representative of Shrek Academy, please step forward to receive the champions’ reward.”

The Shrek Seven Devils looked at each other. Tang San bumped Dai Mubai forward, indicating he accept the prize.

But Dai Mubai shook his head, his evil eyes looking at Tang San,

“Little San, this should be your honor. Even if I’m the captain, anyone with eyes can see that you paid the most for this final victory. You’ve always been the soul of us seven devils.”

“Go, third brother, don’t dodge it.”
Ma Hongjun stated his approval.

Turning his head to look at Grandmaster, again looking at the earnest expressions of the companions next to him, Tang San drew a deep breath and stepped forward with a steady pace, step by step walking towards Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong.

When he truly stood in front of Bibi Dong, he discovered that the Supreme Pontiff seemed astonishingly beautiful, noble, elegant, indifferent to fame or gain, all sorts of beautiful words seemed to apply to this woman. Even though she was no longer young, the years didn’t seem to leave any mark on her.

The Supreme Pontiff attentively watched Tang San, a bizarre luster flickering in her eyes,
“You’re very remarkable, even more so than I had imagined. Worthy of being his disciple. Do you wish to join Spirit Hall?”

Looking at the Supreme Pontiff’s eyes, Tang San knew that the Supreme Pontiff really wasn’t probing. Perhaps this was her final chance for him. Judging by Spirit Hall acting against him before, with the talent he had revealed, if it couldn’t be used for Spirit hall, they would inevitably erase him without hesitating.

But would he surrender? Tang San smiled calmly, shaking his head,
“Thank you for your kind intentions, Your Holiness Supreme Pontiff. However, I have my own plans for my life. I don’t want any restrictions.”

Bibi Dong’s expression changed slightly, but very soon recovered to normal. Somewhat regretfully, she said:

Speaking, she handed over the brocade tray in her hands.

Sensing the formidable aura of the three spirit bones, Tang San took the tray, unable to keep his heart from trembling violently. Three spirit bones, those were three spirit bones. Especially the mind condensing wisdom skull bone flickering with pale blue light in the middle seemed to pull at Tang San’s heart with tremendous attractive force.

Greedy gazes shot over from all around. As long as they were Spirit Masters, who wouldn’t thirst for spirit bones on seeing them? Tang San returned to his companions, practically submerged in a sea of avaricious gazes.

“I give up, none of these three spirit bones suit me.”
The first to speak up was Xiao Wu, only saying a faint line with her head lowered.

Dai Mubai nodded to the side,
“I also give up, none suit me just the same.”

Oscar said:
“I’m a food system Spirit Master, these spirit bones clearly don’t have any effect on my strength.”

Three of the Shrek Seven Devils had renounced their claims. Four still remained, and there were only three spirit bones.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

Grandmaster said:
“The rushing windchasing left leg most suits agility type Spirit Masters, certainly, it should go to Zhuqing. As for the burst incineration flame right arm, it most suites power type fire attribute Spirit Masters, Ma Hongjun, it’s yours. As for the mind condensing wisdom skull bone……”

At this point, Grandmaster halted, his gaze turning to Tang San and Ning Rongrong.

Right now, both their gazes clearly fell on this skull bone.

Whether to Tang San or Ning Rongrong, mind condensation was useful. Even though Tang San himself wasn’t a Spirit Master that relied mainly on mental strength, with the Purple Demon Eye’s capability, and being a control type, the benefits of the wisdom skull bone to his future was obvious. Moreover, among the three spirit bones, this spirit bone was clearly the most precious.

Tang San raised his head to look at Ning Rongrong, inwardly sighing, speaking up:
“I give……”


“Third brother, it should go to you. You’ve paid far, far too much for this final championship. My Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School also wouldn’t lack spirit bones, you take it. With it, you won’t be the soul of the team in name only!”

Tang San hesitated. Of course he desired this spirit bone extremely much, but as the vice captain of the team, how could he think only of himself?

Among the Shrek Seven Devils, the seven people were clearly split into four parts. Tang San and Xiao Wu were one, Ning Rongrong and Oscar’s relationship was vague, Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing were engaged, and Ma Hongjun was alone by himself.

Right now Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing had already obtained one spirit bone, given to Zhu Zhuqing. Ma Hongjun had also obtained one. If he took this one, that would leave Oscar and Ning Rongrong without any reward.

“Little San, give that spirit bone you’ve been holding on to to Rongrong. That spirit bone suits her even more.”
Grandmaster suddenly spoke up.

Tang San’s heart twitched, only then recalling that multi-colored spirit bone he got from Shi Nian. He now remembered, that was also a skull bone.

Raising his hand to swipe his Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, a bright light immediately appeared in his palm. Immediately, everyone present were in an uproar. Who would have thought that Tang San held on to yet another spirit bone?

Was there a Spirit Master who actually wouldn’t immediately fuse with a spirit bone and instead held on to it?

This was really too inconceivable. But it was exactly what Tang San had done.

Grandmaster smiled slightly, saying to Ning Rongrong:
“Rongrong, this spirit bone is mainly about illusions, and it’s also a wisdom skull bone. It suits you even more than the mind condensing wisdom skull bone.”

Ning Rongrong immediately exulted. She was originally going to give up, as Tang San had paid so much for the team, he should obtain a spirit bone by any means. But in her heart she had still been somewhat reluctant. Now that another skull spirit bone appeared, and one that suited her even more, it was to everyone’s delight and satisfaction.

Immediately stepping forward and taking the seven colored indistinct skull bone from Tang San’s hand, she excitedly turned to look towards her father. But on seeing her father’s expression, Ning Rongrong still looked distracted.

Because she discovered that right now, Ning Fengzhi’s expression was serious, without any happiness for their victory and Ning Rongrong obtaining a spirit bone.

“Are you done distributing them?”
The Supreme Pontiff didn’t leave because of a simple award ceremony, and the several Title Douluo also still stood there.

Everyone’s gazes were unconsciously drawn to the Supreme Pontiff. Grandmaster frowned, looking at Bibi Dong without understanding.

The Supreme Pontiff didn’t meet his eyes, calmly saying:
“Since the rewards have already been distributed, then the victory of this tournament is concluded. Elders Ghost Douluo and Chrysanthemum Douluo, seize that girl.”

As she spoke, Bibi Dong raised her hand to point directly at Xiao Wu.

Everyone was instantly alarmed, Tang San moved sideways practically subconsciously, blocking in front of Xiao Wu, the other Shrek Seven Devils also stepping forward practically subconsciously. Grandmaster’s expression was astonished, his voice furious:
“Your Holiness Supreme Pontiff, what’s the meaning of this?”

Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo wouldn’t halt because of Grandmaster, the two were just about to move when Ning Fengzhi swiftly moved sideways, blocking in front of them,
“Your Holiness Supreme Pontiff, won’t you first please explain?”

Bibi Dong looked coldly at Ning Fengzhi. Despite the school master of one of the three upper sects standing in front of her, the Supreme Pontiff didn’t show the slightest sign of stepping down,
“School master Ning, please conduct yourself. If you continue your obstruction, then Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School will be the enemy of Spirit Hall.”

Ning Fengzhi’s expression changed. What the Supreme Pontiff said was undoubtedly already very serious. Even though the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s foundation was deep, the richest of all schools, it still wasn’t willing to stand as an enemy in front of Spirit Hall. Raising his hand to stop Sword Douluo Chen Xin from blocking in front of him, sighing lightly, he stepped aside.

“Wait a moment.”
Grandmaster shouted severely, stepping forward with large strides until he stood in front of the Shrek Seven Devils. Flicking his wrist, that elder warrant tile appeared in his palm.

Flashing the warrant tile, Grandmaster shouted coldly:
“I’m an elder of Spirit Hall, I have the right to know the truth of the matter. Your Holiness Supreme Pontiff, you can snatch people, but you must first explain it clearly. Why are you grabbing a disciple of my Shrek Academy?”

The Supreme Pontiff frowned. Seeing Grandmaster’s furious gaze, she couldn’t help slowing her breathing somewhat, lowering her voice:
“You want to know why? Then why don’t you ask that disciple of yours. If she was only a student of Shrek Academy, why would I seize her? But if she was a spirit beast in human form, I would have ample reason to capture her.”

“What did you say?”
Grandmaster cried out involuntarily, turning sharply to look at Xiao Wu. Among the Shrek Seven Devils, besides Tang San, everyone also displayed extremely shocked expressions.

Others might not know, but Grandmaster knew it clearly. There would be only one circumstance where a spirit beast would take human form, that was when the spirit beast had cultivated to a hundred thousand years. Only hundred thousand year spirit beast had the chance to take human form.

Xiao Wu appeared very calm, not showing the slightest fluster from everyone’s gazes focusing on her. At this moment, on her face was only a faint ice chill. Coldly watching Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong.

The Supreme Pontiff watched Xiao Wu with a strict gaze,
“If I’m not mistaken, you’re the one that escaped the net back then.”

A profound poisonous hatred suddenly burst from Xiao Wu’s ice cold eyes,
“Yes, you’re not mistaken, I’m the fish that escaped the net back then.”

The Supreme Pontiff laughed coldly,
“I didn’t expect you to actually deliver yourself to our doorstep.”

Dai Mubai couldn’t keep from asking:
“Xiao Wu, what’s actually going on?”

At this moment, Tang San suddenly raised his hand to grab Dai Mubai’s shoulder,
“Eldest brother, don’t ask. Xiao Wu, she isn’t human.”

While speaking, Tang San finally slowly turned around to face Xiao Wu. Xiao Wu’s gaze also shifted from the Supreme Pontiff to him. As Xiao Wu looked into Tang San’s eyes, she couldn’t help being distracted. Because she discovered that, right now, Tang San’s eyes didn’t hold any astonishment, doubt, or shock. The only mood that appeared was tenderness.

“Ge, you……”

Tang San sighed lightly,
“No need to say anything, I understand. Actually, I’ve known you aren’t human for a long time.”

“You already knew?”
Xiao Wu looked at him incredulously.

Tang San nodded silently,
“Still remember when I ate that Penetrating Gaze Begonia? After eating that immortal herb, my Purple Demon Eye changed, gaining the capability to see through any deception. It’s also because of this that all illusion type spirit abilities are ineffective on me. It was at that time I saw that you’re not human.”

If saying she had already had a premonition about the Supreme pontiff’s order to capture her, then what Tang San said right now was something she couldn’t have imagined.

Stepping forward, Tang San raised both hands to clasp Xiao Wu’s charming face,
“Silly girl, there are no buts. So what if you’re human or not? So what if your a spirit beast or not? All I know is that you are my little sister. Also, the person I love.”

Hong—— Xiao Wu only felt as if something had exploded in her brain, teardrops gushing out uncontrollably.

When that Yearning Heartbroken Red had slipped out, letting her true aura leak out for a moment, her mind had already turned blank.

She knew that the Supreme Pontiff definitely wouldn’t let her slip away. She had also thought of how her comrades would think of her.

But the only thing she couldn’t have anticipated was that Tang San actually already long since knew she wasn’t human, and moreover that at this moment, he wouldn’t reject her, but rather confess his love.

Xiao Wu suddenly felt that everything else was insignificant, she wouldn’t care no matter how others looked at her, only the love Tang San revealed in this crisis melted deep into her heart.

Taking her into his arms, Tang San held Xiao Wu’s warm and soft body, using a voice everyone present could hear to say without fear:
“To grab her, you must first step over my corpse.”

Everyone present were quiet. Even the Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong didn’t add any more orders at this moment. Looking at Tang San drawing Xiao Wu into his embrace, she was already somewhat absent-minded.

Not so long ago, she had also felt this kind of love, trials and tribulations will reveal the truth.

At this moment, Tang San’s words weren’t empty talk.

A man willing to pay with his life for an inhuman loved one, how precious was this love.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

“The seven devils are one. As eldest brother, how can I watch my little sister get taken away?”
Dai Mubai stepped sideways, standing firmly at Tang San’s side, immediately followed by Zhu Zhuqing, Ma Hongjun, Oscar, and finally Ning Rongrong.

Five people, their faces all expressing the same kind of staunch resolution. At this moment, the Shrek Seven Devils were like strands twisted into a rope.

Flender suddenly smiled, looking face to face with Liu Erlong and Grandmaster. The Golden Iron Triangle simultaneously raised their right hands, and instantly, brilliant golden light appeared out of nowhere, the surging radiance drawing the outline of an incomparably dazzling golden triangle in the air.

“We’re this old but still haven’t died, we’re better suited to blocking in front than you kids. If you are able to return alive, remember that all the profit I’ve made are in the private room of the headmaster’s study. Give it to Zhao Wuji and let him manage our Shrek Academy.”

Flender loved profit, but he loved serious feelings even more. Otherwise, how would he have made the choice he did in the matter between Grandmaster and Liu Erlong back then? Dying was dreadful, that’s what he always believed, but if he chose to retreat from this situation, to him, it would be even more dreadful.

“Your Holiness Supreme Pontiff.”
Ghost Douluo reminded the somewhat lifeless Supreme Pontiff, waiting for her command. After all, the opponents had someone with an elder’s warrant tile.

Bibi Dong sobered from her confusion, her eyes revealing a complex and difficult to describe light. Drawing a deep breath, her gaze abruptly turned severe, gazing towards Grandmaster, she suddenly ordered,
“Catch her, for anyone who resists, kill without pardon.”

Ghost Douluo and Chrysanthemum Douluo moved simultaneously. The Golden Iron Triangle was admittedly a true three person spirit fusion ability, but confronting true Title Douluo like them, could Flender’s level lacking trio be able to resist? The answer was inevitably a negative.

Just at this moment, the Poison Douluo to the side suddenly moved. He didn’t charge at the Ghost Douluo and Chrysanthemum Douluo to obstruct them, but rather rushed at Tang San and Xiao Wu. He knew that as long as these two children left, there wouldn’t be any danger to the other Shrek Academy people.

The split second Dugu Bo moved, a cold snort reached his ear like a thunderous explosion. Dugu Bo groaned, half turning in midair, Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor instantly erupting.

The one issuing the cold snort was Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong. An enormous golden image rising behind her back, nine flittering spirit rings rising in a flash. The tremendous pressure instantly suppressed Dugu Bo, leaving him unable to budge.

Dugu Bo’s complexion changed. Even though he had long since guessed that the Supreme Pontiff should also have cultivated to the Title Douluo level, no matter what he still hadn’t expected the Supreme Pontiff to be formidable to this degree.

Both being Title Douluo, one side relying on her own pressure to completely suppress the other side. In the world of Title Douluo, this was practically impossible. But the Supreme Pontiff had done it.

Even more shocking to everyone were the nine spirit rings over the Supreme Pontiff. Two yellow, two purple, four black, one red.

Even if the first eight spirit rings didn’t cause too much shock, then the final glittering and sparkling translucent red spirit ring was enough to awe even each Title Douluo present.

What a red spirit ring meant, was the supreme existence among all spirit rings, that was a hundred thousand year spirit ring from a hundred thousand year spirit beast!

In the Spirit Master world, hundred thousand year spirit rings had always possessed the fame of being the number one most valuable treasure. That was no joke. If a hundred thousand year spirit beast was killed, besides the hundred thousand year spirit ring, there would inevitably also be a spirit bone. Both united as one, if absorbed by a Spirit Douluo level power, after this Spirit Douluo advanced to Title Douluo, his strength would exceed any of his peers.

A hundred thousand year spirit ring was only one level up from ten thousand year, but all Title Douluo knew the immensity of the gap between them. Spirit beasts having reached the hundred thousand year level could be said to be truly perfected. Absorbing the essence of heaven and earth, only one step remaining to break through the sky. Their position in the spirit beast world was like Title Douluo among Spirit Masters.

In the entire Continent, there weren’t a lot of Title Douluo; no more than twenty. But ones possessing hundred thousand year spirit rings were only a very small numbers. Hundred thousand year spirit beasts were too rare, and also too ferocious. Without a team possessing absolute strength for the capture, and moreover a certain degree of luck, they were absolutely impossible to obtain.

Seeing that red hundred thousand year spirit ring, Dugu Bo’s face changed greatly. He knew that if he moved again, then he would inevitably be met by Bibi Dong’s terrifying attack. That wasn’t something he could resist with his ninety second rank, weakest among Title Douluo.

Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo advanced very quickly. Even though they only confronted a Golden Iron Triangle combination much weaker than them, they didn’t show the slightest carelessness. Both released their spirits, each surrounded by nine circling spirit rings. In just an instant, four Title Douluo using their spirits had appeared in the plaza. To the Spirit Master world, this could absolutely be regarded a grand battle.

“One chrysanthemum, one imp[1]. You dare harm my son? Fuck off.”
A deep voice suddenly resounded, as if an explosion in the sky. The voice wasn’t loud, but its domination made everyone unconsciously shudder.

Hearing this voice, holding XIao Wu, using his back to conceal her, Tang San sharply raised his head, his eyes revealing an astonished radiance. And on the other side, Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong’s expression also immediately became heavy, releasing the pressure on Dugu Bo, staring at the sky.

With a muffled crack, Chrysanthemum Douluo Yue Guan and Ghost Douluo Gui Mei, the two grand Title Douluo were suddenly blasted back like artillery shells. Their expressions changed simultaneously. As Title Douluo, actually meeting this result when the two of them were confronted simultaneously, in all their years, this was the first time.

A black silhouette quietly appeared in midair, floating there calmly, as if he had been there all along.

That was a middle aged man, appearing around fifty years old, his body tall and sturdy, only his style of dress was something people wouldn’t dare comment on.

Wearing a torn robe, not even patched, exposing bronze colored skin, the originally considered proper features having a waxy yellow sheen, a sleepy-eyed appearance, hair a complete mess like a bird’s nest, a beard that had gone an unknown number of days without trimming.

Seeing this person, the always staunch Tang San seemed to half collapse. Tears that hadn’t flown even when he had decided to die with Xiao Wu flowed from his eyes, with difficulty slowly spitting out two words,
“Dad…… Dad……”

Yes, appearing out of nowhere, hanging in midair, was Tang San’s father who left him eight years ago, Tang Hao. Compared to when he left, right now Tang Hao only seemed a bit older, without any change in other respects. And floating unsupported behind him, was an immense incomparably black hammer.

“Tang Hao.”
Bibi Dong shouted severely. Her eyes glared poisonously at Tang Hao in midair, almost spitting fire.

Tang Hao confronted her calmly, without any fear. Figure flashing, he had landed in front of the Shrek Academy group.

Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo each retreated to the Supreme Pontiff’s side. The three great Title Douluo released their full strength spirit power, the incomparably enormous pressure making the surrounding Spirit Masters back away in panic.

But in front of these three enormous like mountain terrifying pressures, Tang Hao still stood unyielding, not even grabbing his hammer. Radiance suddenly shot from his yellow eyes,
“Want to avenge your teacher? Bibi Dong, do you think you can beat me?”

Supreme Pontiff waved a hand, the hand issuing a sharp whistle. As if in answer, within Supreme Pontif Palace, four sharp whistles rose simultaneously.

“Calling for people?”
Tang Hao smiled indifferently. He had a kind of special temperament, as if he would be indifferent even if a magnificent army of thousands of men and horses was arrayed in front of him.

One after another, spirit rings rose from below Tang Hao. The spirit rings didn’t rise quickly, but with the appearance of each ring, standing there, Tang Hao became more and more serious. The three enormous pressures in front of him were unexpectedly pushed back by his own gradually rising aura.

Yellow, yellow, purple, purple, black, black, black, black, red.

The ning spirit rings that appeared over Tang Hao were unexpectedly exactly the same as Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong, and the final spirit ring that appeared was astonishingly also a hundred thousand year existence.

Despite the spirit rings being the same, at this moment, the aura Tang Hao revealed was something even Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong couldn’t compare to.

Grandmaster was always haughty, but as he now looked at Tang Hao not far away, his eyes only held reverence. In the Spirit Master world, Tang Hao was his only idol. Before, as well as now. Daring to stand alone in front of Supreme Pontiff Palace to provoke three Title Douluo headed by the Supreme Pontiff, what kind of power was this?

Tang Hao coldly swept his eyes across the Supreme Pontiff Palace behind the Supreme Pontiff,
“Seven Title Douluo, Spirit Hall truly is worthy of being Spirit Hall. Unfortunately, even if there’s seven of you, so what? Watch carefully, this is the true Clear Sky Avatar.”

Tang San’s mind shook. Tang Hao’s last sentence was clearly spoken for him.

The seventh spirit ring brightening, that enormous black Clear Sky Hammer behind Tang Hao abruptly blossomed, intense black light surging, that tremendous Clear Sky Hammer turned windward, unexpectedly growing more than a hundred meters long. The gigantic hammerhead was just like a small mountain.

[1] Some wordplay here. First the familiar chrysanthemum-anus substitution. Second is “little ghost”, which refers to a mischievous demon or imp.

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