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Chapter 128

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

But at this moment, layer after layer of black light abruptly rose below Dai Mubai’s feet, strands of Blue Silver Grass. The Blue Silver Grass immediately condensed together after rising, becoming extremely hard. Not only did it block the twisting streams of air outside, but at the same time also formed a fully seven layered barrier around Dai Mubai.

With Dai Mubai in this kind of crisis, Tang San couldn’t help the spirit power consumption and launched the ten thousand year spirit ring’s ability, Blue Silver prison. Altogether seven Blue Silver Prisons directly aimed at Dai Mubai.

An ear-piercing grinding sound instantly erupted where the Moon Blade and the Blue Silver Prison touched.

One side was the Moon Blade supported by tyrannical spirit power, and moreover the amplification of the spirit fusion ability, while the other side was the unprecedented fourth ten thousand year spirit ability. Which would win in the end?

Layer after layer of Blue Silver Prison broke under the grinding Moon Blade, but the Moon Blade’s red radiance also clearly weakened.

Soaring through the air, Tang San didn’t stay idle. Dropping from the sky, his Eight Spinder Lances stretched out, directly throwing him at Xie Yue.

With Eight Spider Lances plus four limbs, Tang San could at most attack Xie Yue from twelve different directions. On the surface it seemed that Xie Yue was already suppressed to a disadvantage, with Tang San’s battle capability able to completely unleash a twelve directional attack.

However, at this moment Xie Yue revealed his power as one of the Golden Generation. He only used one simple move to break Tang San’s abrupt power.

Body rotating one turn like lightning, the other Moon Blade surged out, spinning at high speed as it cut towards Tang San, releasing an ear-piercing sharp hiss. In terms of attack power, it was unexpectedly even more powerful than the attack on Dai Mubai.

The attack on Dai Mubai had to be unexpected, so Xie Yue couldn’t use his full strength in order to reduce the sound, but for this attack on Tang San, he naturally wouldn’t hold back.

Seeing that Moon Blade coming towards him, Tang San couldn’t help being shocked. Because he discovered that the speed of that Moon Blade was extremely terrifying even when locked on with his Purple Demon Eye, and in fact, that Moon Blade even left after images. Tang San immediately judged that even his Eight Spider Lances wouldn’t be able to withstand that cutting power.

By now, on the other side of the battle, the seven Blue Silver Prisons Tang San used to defend Dai Mubai were already completely smashed, but that Moon Blade also lacked enough remaining strength. Dai Mubai’s tiger claws ejected to swat the Moon Blade flying. But that Moon Blade practically only touched his tiger claws before it abruptly disappeared, reappearing in Xie Yue’s hand.

A sneer appeared at the corners of Xie Yue’s mouth. Since the start of the match, it was finally entering his control. ‘So what if you can see me in the Charm Demon ability? By letting me take the advantage, you won’t have any chance again.’

In midair, Tang San saw that Dai Mubai’s crisis was already dissolved. Even though he was blasted flying by a fist from Yan as he struck down the moon Blade, it shouldn’t be any major issue. Yan was also simultaneously pushed several meters away by a Hell Decapitation from Zhu Zhuqing, and on the surface the situation was still in equilibrium.

The Moon Blades sharp whistling sound and the increasingly enchanting red lines on its surface provided enormous pressure on Tang San. But at this moment, his real combat attainment was revealed.

Seeing the Moon Blade cut through the air as if pulled towards him, Tang San spread his arms and sharply withdrew them, simultaneously deviating in midair, as his left hand sharply flew out, the more than five hundred jin[1] Clear Sky Hammer emerged to meet it.

With a loud explosion, Clear Sky Hammer and Moon Blade shot out practically simultaneously.

What the Moon Blade held was the superiority of Xie Yue’s rich and powerful spirit power, while the Clear Sky Hammer had the effects of its own hardness and five hundred jin terrifying weight. Consequently, the result of these two great spirits colliding was to fly off simultaneously.

Xie Yue’s face changed slightly. Right hand beckoning, left hand waving, that flying through the air Moon Blade quietly returned to his palm. But the other Moon Blade was already in the air, rushing once again towards Tang San. At the same time, he also immediately threw out the Moon Blade that had returned to his hand.

‘So what if you can use the Clear Sky Hammer to withstand my Moon Blade? You only have one Clear Sky Hammer, while I have two Moon Blades. I want to see how you can block one attack after another.’

To Tang San, the Moon Blade was like a large size Returning Wind Willow Leaf Knife. Seeing those two Moon Blades arcing towards him like meteors catching up with the moon, he couldn’t help a twinge in his heart. A magnificent hidden weapons grandmaster was actually taken for a target by the opponent, this kind of feeling was really hard to take.

His body dropping in the air, right now Tang San became extremely calm. Purple golden rays of light shot out of his eyes, and his hands simultaneously completely turned a jade color.

He couldn’t use his hidden weapons, so all he could rely on was to recall the Clear Sky Hammer.

If he held the Clear Sky Hammer to knock away the opponent’s Moon Blades, Tang San could be certain the opponent’s vastly superior spirit power would be bound to injure him, that was in no way desirable.

The pupils of his eyes suddenly contracting, what Tang San used was still the Clear Sky Hammer.

This time he didn’t send it straight. The dark Clear Sky Hammer spun through the air, seemingly slow, but just right to meet the first Moon Blade.

Exactly the same as last time, the Clear Sky Hammer and the Moon Blade were simultaneously sent flying. But miraculously, that knocked off course Clear Sky Hammer unexpectedly intercepted the other Moon Blade in the air, colliding once again.

Even though the force was lacking this time, it was still enough to change the course of that Moon Blade, flying out obliquely, unable to threaten Tang San.

Xie Yue’s first reaction was that it was impossible. Could it be a coincidence?

This was of course no coincidence. Tang San relied on Purple Demon Eye as well as the rebound speed of the first time the Moon Blade collided with the Clear Sky Hammer to precisely judge the necessary angle to collide with the Moon Blade and the directional change of the rotation to strike two with one, successfully knocking away the Moon Blades.

Among Tang Sect’s hidden weapon techniques, this was called Two Birds With One Stone.

There wasn’t any brilliant technique to it in itself, but the difficulty lay in Tang San right now using this five hundred jin heavy hidden weapon. The requirements in control, and still the accuracy of the calculations, undoubtedly sufficiently displayed his strength as a hidden weapons grandmaster.

The two Moon Blades had returned to Xie Yue’s hands anew, and Tang San also had his feet on the ground. In the exchange this time, both sides had tied, neither holding the advantage.

Xie Yue was somewhat indignant. Even if the opponent had a spirit bone, right now his strength was combined with Hu Liena’s. Judging by Tang San’s movements, spirit power, as well as reaction, the opponent received very little influence from the Charm Demon’s ability, even to the extent that it was negligible.

But even so, with so much higher spirit power, was he unable to defeat the opponent for such a long time?

No, this was simply impossible.

The androgynous Xie Yue’s pupils began to rapidly contract, blue veins standing out on the hands gripping the pair of Moon Blades, both arms slowly extending to either side, swinging the Moon Blades, composing a circle. Fixing his eyes on Tang San, his gaze wa just like a demon deciding on a person to devour.

Tang San was still calm. Even a landslide wouldn’t change his complexion. This was a basic requirement for Tang Sect hidden weapons. Being able to remain uninfluenced in the Charm Demon’s barrier wasn’t only due to the counteracting effect of the Eight Spider Lances on his back, but equally significant was the Purple Demon Eyes that allowed him to see clearly, as well as his hearing that could determine position from sound.

Drawing a deep breath, Xie Yue apparently wasn’t worried, his gaze fixed on Tang San,
“You are the first person to test my created ability. To be able to fall to my created ability, you should feel honored.”

Tang San coldly said:
“You still haven’t won. When Feng Xiaotian used his Stormwind Demon Wolf Thirty Six Successive Chops against me, he should have thought the same. He could tell you the result.”

With a disdainful smile, Xie Yue’s eyes held an enchanting radiance,
“Could a rookie like Feng Xiaotian be mentioned in the same breath as me? My created ability doesn’t have any weakness. Taste it, Full Moon[2].”

Xie Yue moved just like a whirlwind. In an instant, his entire body and the two Moon Blades disappeared practically simultaneously. Appearing in front of Tang San was only an immense white disk.

Without any grinding noise or whistling wind, it seemed as if all sounds had been swallowed up by that disk. The red fog within the Charm Demon barrier rotated around that white disk like a whirlpool.

In order to defeat Tang San, Xie Yue finally used his most powerful attack.

In terms of spirit power, there wasn’t much difference between Xie Yue and Hu Liena, and Yan, and everyone had their expert spirit abilities. The reason he was able to become the leader of the Golden Generation, was because of this created ability. And fully using this ability while in the spirit fusion ability, was his single most powerful attack. Relying on this move, he had with his own hands defeated his sixty eighth rank teacher, thereby earning his place as the number one of Spirit Hall’s young generation.

Full Moon sounded like such a beautiful name, and at this moment, appearing in front of Tang San, was a faultless created spirit ability.

The circle was the most consummate form, without any gaps. With just a glance, Tang San knew that this tracelessly target seeking formidable attack wasn’t something he could resist with Disorder Wind Splitting Hammer.

Xie Yue didn’t exaggerate. This Full Moon ability of his really exceeded the Stormwind Demon Wolf Thirty Six Successive Chops by far, and in attack speed, the difference between the two was far, far too much.

What seemed like a white disk was actually formed by Xie Yue driving his two Moon Blades to rotate at astonishing speed.

Tang San knew that with using this ability at full strength after fighting with spirit fusion ability, even if Xie Yue won, he and Hu Liena would have barely any spirit power remaining.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

At this moment, he truly felt somewhat defeated. Because he clearly sensed that this ability before him wasn’t something he could resist on his own.

Blue Silver Grass, Binding ability launched, immediately followed by a third spirit ability Spiderweb Restraint. Tang San wouldn’t wait helplessly for death, he would use every method he could think of to defeat the opponent before him.

As the Blue Silver Grass touched that white disk, it quietly shattered. Spiderweb Restraint’s green ball of light covered it, and was instantly scattered and smashed. Two abilities unexpectedly couldn’t make the opponent’s speed forward drop in the slightest.

Tang San understood that even if he used his fourth spirit ability Blue Silver Grass to arrange a defense ten deep, it would still be cut apart by that rapidly rotating Full Moon.

Tang San’s eyes brightened, and he began to move. To be precise, he also began to rotate. The Eight Spider Lances on his back extended perfectly straight, and the rotating Tang San immediately turned into a whirlwind.

Tang San rotated in the opposite direction the opponent did. Right now, his entire spirit power was condensed on his Eight Spider Lances. He knew that this was his last and only chance. Arriving at this moment, no techniques had any use.

The only thing effective was a head-on collision between both sides. Swallowing the stimulating pink sausage, Tang San would give it his all.


Tang San’s ad hoc rotating whirlpool met the Full Moon. A spur of the moment countermeasure colliding with the opponent’s created ability, the result could be imagined. Even more, the opponent’s spirit power was still far higher than his.

The first Eight Spider Lance was thrown against the Moon Blades, causing the first explosion.

The Full Moon slowed for a moment, and Xie Yue and Hu Liena’s fused form could briefly be seen within. But Tang San spouted a mouthful of blood, and that Eight Spider Lance was smashed to pieces as a result.

The violent pain made all of Tang San’s rotating body convulse. But he knew that he couldn’t stop now. Drawing on the stimulation from that pain, he on the contrary spun even faster.

A second explosion resounded once again, the two colliding practically as soon as they separated, and the same scene appeared once again. Another Eight Spider Lance was smashed.

In fact, as an external spirit bone, Eight Spider Lances had long since become a part of Tang San’s body, just like his own bones. Having two of them shatter in succession, how enormous must the pain he had to endure be?

Even more desperate collisions still followed, a third, fourth, fifth, all the way until the shattering of the sixth Eight Spider Lance, when Xie Yue’s created ability Full Moon became a bit slower.

Next was the seventh. Tang San spurted a seventh mouthful of blood. His body was completely enveloped in a layer of ping radiance, his spirit power reaching its peak from the stimulating pink sausage.

With the final Eight Spider Lance remaining, Xie Yue and Hu Liena’s fused body could no longer be completely concealed within the moonlight, due to the speed of Full Moon dropping.

With a practically heroic effort, Tang San swung his last Eight Spider Lance.

This time was no longer an explosion, but rather an ear-piercing grinding noise. Tang San watched his eighth Eight Spider Lance constantly being cut piece by piece as it collided with the opponent.

He was only too clear on the solidity of the Eight Spider Lances. Eight Eight Spider Lances being shattered, Tang San’s back was already dyed red with blood flowing from the skin being torn open at the base of the Eight Spider Lances. Right now his complexion was already pale.

However, Tang San’s resistance still hadn’t ended. He didn’t have a ninth spider leg, however, he had something else.

Clear Sky Hammer. It finally appeared in this final rotation. Shooting out under the impetus of Tang San’s whirlwind-like rotation, it heavily pounded against the opponent’s Full Moon.

An ear-piercing grinding rumble as well as countless sparks erupted from the heart of the collision between the two sides.

Clear Sky Hammer flew into the air, and Tang San was also finally unable to persevere with the severe spinning. Flung out with a putong sound, he fell heavily on the ground.

But that rotating Full Moon was also stopped by that final strike.

Xie Yue’s had a shocked expression. When using Full Moon, he had wanted to kill Tang San in one hit. But the degree of solidity of the Eight Spider Lances had far exceeded his expectations. Tang San would admittedly lose an Eight Spider Lance with each collision, but his spirit power would equally be substantially consumed. With that final collision with the Clear Sky Hammer, his Full Moon had finally been unable to be used further.

And he and Hu Liena’s spirit power was also finally unable to support the continuation of that spirit fusion ability.

The Charm Demon disappeared. The red fog dissipated. The gazes of practically all the spectators focused on Tang San and Xie Yue appearing in the middle of the red fog.

On the Shrek Seven Devils’ side, everyone’s hearts fell. But for the Spirit Hall people, their faces all revealed smiles.

Fallen to the ground, dyed red with blood, Tang San twitched weakly. Despite him struggling to crawl up, right now everyone saw that, being two, Xie Yue and Hu Liena held an absolute advantage.

On Xie Yue’s Moon Blades were several dozen densely packed little nicks, and Hu Liena’s face was pale. But at least they were still standing.

Right now, in the battle on the other side, the two sides were about equally matched. Yan had already used his fifth spirit ability, and Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai and also finally used the spirit fusion ability, Hell White Tiger. Judging by the overall situation, the Shrek Academy side even held a slight advantage.

Even though Yan was powerful, he was alone against two, and was completely suppressed by the Hell White Tiger. And on the other side, even though Xiao Wu and Ma Hongjun had consumed a great deal of spirit power at the start, they were backed by the supprot of two auxiliary system Spirit Masters.

Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda constantly alternated the light it shot out, boosting them comprehensively. Three Aperture Governing Heart’s ease and freedom like moving an arm or a hand, was extremely pure, always providing the most correct support for Ma Hongjun and Xiao Wu just when they needed it the most.

And Oscar’s array of sausages constantly flew from his hands to theirs to provide replenishment and supply. Consequently, even though the remaining two opponents had spirit power over the forty fifth rank, they were still being vividly beaten. The ones holding the advantage were on the contrary their two opponents, forcing them to always having to guard against Xiao Wu once again using that Invincible Golden Body.

The disappearance of the spirit fusion ability Charm Demon had undoubtedly broken the balance between the two sides. Even though Xie Yue and Hu Liena’s consumption seemed enormous, as long as they attacked Tang San one more time, they could throw themselves into the battlefield.

When the Charm Demon faded, the Spirit Hall Academy team’s support Spirit Master immediately shot out two rays of light, separately falling on Xie Yue and Hu Liena, helping the two recover. The scales of victory had already begun to shift.

Xie Yue looked somewhat regretfully at Tang San. He of course saw the situation in the ring clearly,
“You’re very powerful. I heard you’re still only fifteen this year. It’s truly difficult to imagine your genius. In talent, I’m not your equal.”

Being able to have the Golden Generation’s number one say something like this, was undoubtedly a recognition of Tang San.

But at this moment, Xie Yue also raised the Moon Blade in his hand.

He knew that even though Tang San was enormously exhausted, it still wasn’t to the degree of the mission Spirit Hall had given him. Soon Tang San already managed to crawl from the floor with some difficulty.

On Tang San’s back, the Eight Spider Lances’ enormous fractures seemed extremely frightening, especially his green uniform was already dyed red with blood, making it even more shocking that he still stood like that.

The only thing that hadn’t changed from the start of the competition, was Tang San’s eyes. The gaze in his eyes was still stubborn and calm. Gazing at Xie Yue, Tang San straightened his back. No matter when, his spine could never bend.

“Don’t think you’ve won.”
Tang San’s right hand slowly rose. Right now, his spirit power was largely consumed, to the extent that he could only maintain Mysterious Jade Hand on one hand. And that raised right hand was filled with chips of the shattered Eight Spider Lances.

Hearing Tang San speak, Xie Yue couldn’t help looking distracted a moment. Right now the situation was completely under their control, Yan and the others had started to use force to suppress the other Shrek Seven Devils from coming to Tang San’s aid.

Even the recovery sausages Oscar threw over were stopped by Hu Liena. The only support Tang San had was a stream of spirit power amplification from Ning Rongrong.

“Don’t tell me you still have some means to reverse the situation?”
Perhaps it was because the situation was already settled, but Xie Yue still spoke right now.

Tang San smiled calmly,
“You’ve used your created ability, I still haven’t. I’ve already experienced your true strength, but what my true strength is, do you know?”

“Created spirit ability? In your present condition, can you still use the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method? Even though the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda is miraculous, it still can’t create a miracle for someone whose spirit power is exhausted and spirit bones smashed.”

“Is that so? Then I’ll let you see what my true strength is.”

Tang San’s action was only a movement of his right hand. Arm swinging, his underarm trembling with a bizarre rhythm, five fingers spreading open in a split second, his fingers seeming to disappear and turn into mirages. And those Eight Spider Lance splinters in his hand shot out in all directions.

Tang San previously held altogether sixteen fragments, for the most part barbs and some sharp splinters from the Eight Spider Lances that he had collected when he crawled up from the ground before.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

Sixteen fragments flew out simultaneously, but not one flew towards Xie Yue and Hu Liena, at least not as far as they saw.

Xie Yue smiled,
“This is your so called created spirit ability?”

Tang San also smiled, but he didn’t have anything to say. Rather, he fell heavily to the ground with a gudong sound, already unconscious. Despite this, the smiling expression on his face didn’t change in the slightest.

Tang San’s smile at Xie Yue, was at the first person who had the guts to mock Tang Sect’s tenth ranked hidden weapons technique, Batwing Rebound.

Batwing Rebound, tenth ranked of Tang Sect’s hidden weapons techniques. Usable with any hidden weapons, capable of shooting at most thirty six hidden weapons simultaneously. With Tang San’s present strength and control, he could at most use only eighteen, and the sixteen he launched right now was already the limit before he fell unconscious.

Sixteen fragments, each one flying in a straight line, completely scattering in an arc.

The instant Tang San fell to the ground, Xie Yue’s complexion changed. He simultaneously sensed two strong winds arriving from either side of him.

Without the slightest hesitation, simultaneously raising both Moon Blades, he knocked away the two fragments.

With two light dingding sounds, the two fragments simultaneously flew away. Equally startled as him was Hu Liena, who was assaulted by especially many fragments, as many as four. However, she was after all a Spirit King. Even though her spirit power was also close to exhausted, with the aid of their side’s support Spirit Master, she was still barely able to use her fingernails to flick away the four fragments.

At the same time as they loosed a breath, the two of them practically simultaneously felt a tingling. With incredulous gazes, they touched the splinters embedded in their shoulders.

They hadn’t seen that at the same time as they knocked away the six chips attacking them, they had unexpectedly simultaneously flown towards the other person, and moreover once again in arcs. However without the sound of cutting the air due to their slight size and not being too powerful.

If the Batwing Rebound technique was that easily broken, it wouldn’t be fit to become Tang Sect’s tenth ranked technique. Even though Tang San didn’t have much spirit power left when he launched it, he had already attained the result he wanted.

The chips that hit Xie Yue and Hu Liena’s shoulders weren’t few. Xie Yue had the four that previously attacked Hu Liena, and Hu Liena had two. None of the six fragments had failed to hit.

The power of these chips really wasn’t much, only managing to cut open their clothes and a layer of skin as they hit.

If it had been Xie Yue and Hu Liena in their peak condition, they could both have blocked Tang San’s Batwing Rebound technique by releasing spirit power with their full strength, but at the moment they basically weren’t able to. And all of this was planned out by the already unconscious Tang San.

Cutting open the skin was already sufficient. Don’t forget that the Eight Spider Lances contained terrifying toxin that would give even the Poison Douluo a headache.

In just a moment, Xie Yue and Hu Liena discovered that their shoulders had already gone numb. As they became alarmed, even cutting off their arms to prevent the poison was already too late, because the numbness had already spread to their chests.

Without the slightest hesitation, the siblings swiftly sat cross-legged on the ground, doing their utmost to urge their little remaining spirit power to resist the spread of the poison. This was all they could do.

Putong, putong, putong, putong. Four falling sounds rose practically simultaneously. Apart from Yan, the other four Spirit Hall Academy team members sat on the ground practically at the same time as Xie Yue and Hu Liena, the weakest among them, the support Spirit Master, had even directly fallen unconscious.

Tang San had thrown out sixteen splinters with the Batwing Rebound technique. Besides the six used for Xie Yue and his sister, the other ten all flew at the other five.

The instant he threw the fragments, to pursue accuracy, Tang San’s mind had worked hurriedly with the judgement of Purple Demon Eye to even estimate the movements of the five targets within the next several seconds. It was also because of overexerting his mind in a state of weakness that he fell unconscious.

Those other ten fragments were extremely similar, not only did they fly in arcs, but moreover still flew close together. Even though some were promptly blocked by reacting opponents, the chips flew out once again after being blocked, finding other targets.

Besides the vigilant and most powerful Yan releasing his full spirit power, successively blocking the Eight Spider Lances fragments, the other four were completely infected.

In anyone’s impression, the battle situation had changed dramatically. The ones previously holding an absolute advantage suddenly lost six people, leaving only Yan.

The scales of victory shifted once again, and moreover this time they leaned so heavily.

Xiao Wu and Oscar ran directly towards Tang San. There was no longer any need for them in this battle. Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda was unleashed, boosting the Hell White Tiger. Ma Hongjun used all his remaining spirit power, attacking from the flank with his full strength using Phoenix Firewire under the effect of Phoenix Ascension and Bathing Fire Phoenix.

It had to be said that Yan’s strength really was formidable. Under such unfavorable conditions, he still stubbornly endured. Even though his resistance grew weaker and weaker, and each attack from the Hell White Tiger would leave him with several wounds, he still persisted.

No matter how staunch Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong’s willpower was, even she couldn’t keep her expression from changing when confronted with the situation before her.

Tang San hadn’t violated the rules of the tournament, what he had thrown were the splinters of his own Eight Spider Lances, a part of his own body. It really wasn’t a weapon. Who could have anticipated that victory or defeat would actually be settled with a light toss like that?

A voice suddenly echoed by the Supreme Pontiff’s ear,
“Your Revered Holiness Supreme Pontiff, I must warn you.”

Chrysanthemum Douluo Yue Guan was just about to shout ‘audacious’ before he saw who dared suddenly speak to the Supreme Pontiff. He discovered that this person was equally a Title Douluo, but part of the Shrek Academy group, Poison Douluo Dugu Bo.

Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong coldly shot Dugu Bo a glance,
“What does Poison Douluo want to warn us about?”

Dugu Bo smiled faintly. Anyone could see how fake his smiling expression was, but he did after all have his position. Among Spirit Masters, Title Douluo were forever sublime.

“Your Holiness Supreme Pontiff, the poison contained in Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances, I couldn’t dissolve either. Only he is able to detoxify it. Moreover, the three cold and hot as well as the Man Faced Demon Spider poisons the Eight Spider Lances have, as mixed poisons, will flare up extremely quickly. Even though spirit power can slow down the flare up, it has a limited effect. If you delay further, I’m afraid you will have only one left of your Golden Generation.”

Dugu Bo’s words no doubt had a mocking intention, but nobody would distrust what he said. With a Title Douluo’s dignity, it was impossible to lie. He was a loner, and even though Spirit Hall’s authority reached the sky, he still didn’t particularly care. To be precise, Dugu Bo was backed by the Heaven Dou imperial family.

The Supreme Pontiff’s expression flickered between gloomy and clear. In the ring, the faces of the six people sitting cross legged grew increasingly more purple and black, and Yan would also soon be unable to endure under the combined assault of the Hell White Tiger and Ma Hongjun.

The originally certain victory unexpectedly devolved into such a scene, Bibi Dong really couldn’t quite accept it. But she was after all the most outstanding Supreme Pontiff of Spirit Hall’s recent generations. Weighing the alternatives, she promptly stood,
“Spirit Hall Academy team, concedes.”

The Supreme Pontiff’s words had just fallen when, next to her, Ning Fengzhi stood. Raising his hand, the lustrous gem light of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda appeared in front of him. Ning Fengzhi lightly shouted,

The pagoda in his hand spun three turns and floated out, instantly growing larger in midair. In that instant, the entire front of the Supreme Pontiff Palace erupted with the light of gems. As Ning Fengzhi’s Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda floated forward, its volume rapidly expanded. In just the blink of an eye it had unexpectedly already become a more than ten meter tall pagoda, floating unsupported in midair. A faint hazy light shot out from between Ning Fengzhi’s eyebrows, directly fusing into the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, and his body and the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda flickered with equal radiance.

This was the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda’s Tool Spirit Avatar, also known as Seven Treasure Avatar.

Sword Douluo Chen Xin also stood simultaneously, quietly standing at Ning Fengzhi’s side. Even though he didn’t release his spirit, he still exuded an extremely sharp aura, secretly protecting Ning Fengzhi.

A magnificent light surged out from the pagoda’s fifth floor, directly shining on Tang San. And next to Tang San with anxious faces, Oscar and Xiao Wu were flung out tumbling by this radiance.

In her fall, a blooming fresh flower quietly slid out from Xiao Wu’s chest. Xiao Wu’s complexion abruptly changed, and she swiftly stretched out a hand for the Yearning Heartbroken Red, once again tucking it into her chest.

In just this brief time, in front of Supreme Pontiff Palace, four pairs of eyes immediately focused on her. Revealing astonished expressions one after the other, these four gazes came from Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong, Chrysanthemum Douluo Yue Guan, Ghost Douluo Gui Mei, as well as Sword Douluo Chen Xin.

The four faces all revealed shocked expressions, and simultaneously still unsuppressable emotional waves. Showing the same kind of expression as them was also the not distant Poison Douluo Dugu Bo. The gazes of five great powers focused on Xiao Wu in practically an instant.

Xiao Wu clearly felt the pressure from them. Face instantly paling, lowering her head, she resisted with great difficulty a poisonous light from entering her eyes.

[1] 500斤 = 250 kg

[2] (圆月)

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