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Chapter 114

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

Tang San warned Huo Wu.

Huo Wu bit her lip. Suddenly, she made an extremely shocking motion. Both arms twisting around Tang San’s neck, her red lips moving towards Tang San’s lips.

Tang San leapt with fright, but his neck was held by Huo Wu and he was unable to escape. Stunned, he could only turn his head to the side, and Huo Wu’s kiss didn’t meet his lips, but her soft and burning lips fell on Tang San’s cheek.

Their bodies separated as if by electric shock, and Tang San somewhat shocked said:
“What are you doing?”

Huo Wu’s breathing clearly became hurried, and her plump chest constantly heaved along with her breath. Using a voice only the two of them could hear she said to Tang San:
“No matter what you say, you saved my life that day. You can’t undo that. I will never owe anyone anything. This was my first kiss. From now on, neither of us owes the other anything.”

Finished speaking, Huo Wu turned and ran, gone in the blink of an eye.

Touching the place he had just been kissed, Tang San didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. But Huo Wu’s straightforward nature had instilled him zero favorable impression. He laughed helplessly, one life for one kiss, it seemed a bit uneven! He hoped she wouldn’t come look for him again later.

While thinking, Tang San decided to immediately find somewhere to wash his face, he couldn’t by any means leave behind any marks.

Tang San had also left. In a corner of the resting area, another shadow walked out.

With a face so gloomy it seemed water could drip out, Feng Xiaotian looked in the direction Tang San had left. Both his fists tightened, the bones in his arms issuing a series of creaks.

He hadn’t liked Huo Wu for just a day or two, and ordinarily he would naturally also keep his attention on her, and he had noticed when Huo Wu came to find Tang San just now. Seeing the two come to the rest area alone, part curious and part jealous, he followed them quietly. But he knew that Tang San and Huo Wu were both about as strong as him, and in order not to be discovered he could only watch from a distance.

He hadn’t heard Tang San and Huo Wu’s discussion clearly, but their sudden ‘embrace’, and the sight of Huo Wu kissing Tang San, he saw only too clearly. He had chased Huo Wu for so many years, but he had never even touched her, let alone been this affectionate. The goddess of his heart so profaned, at this moment, a tide of jealousy constantly beat at Feng Xiaotian’s heart like ocean waves.


Tang San returned to camp without talking to anyone, everyone else had apparently already returned to camp to rest. He felt his cheek subconsciously. Even though he had already washed, there was still some awkwardness in his heart, feeling guilty like a thief.

Just as he prepared to quietly return to his room, Xiao Wu’s voice came from the side,
“Ge, you’re back.”

“Ah? I’m back.”
Seeing Xiao Wu charmingly walk out of the barracks to the side, that trace of awkwardness in Tang San’s heart immediately grew somewhat.

Xiao Wu stepped over in front of Tang San with a few steps, somewhat doubtfully saying:
“Ge. Are you alright? What are you nervous for?”

Tang San really couldn’t stand it, this kind of guilty feeling was extremely painful to him. Smiling wryly he said:
“Fine, I’ll be honest. Otherwise I’ll be choked to death by this feeling. It’s like this……”

Immediately, he feeble-mindedly spoke of what Huo Wu said to him before, as well as without reservations describing Huo Wu kissing him.

As Xiao Wu listened to his description, her big eyes opened even wider, especially hearing Huo Wu trade her first kiss for her life made her even more unable to conceal her astonishment.

“Like that. En, saying it is a load off my mind.”

“Xiao Wu, are you alright?”

Xiao Wu’s expression gradually returned to normal, suddenly saying:
“This Huo Wu, too spoiled.”

Tang San looked at her without understanding.

A giggle escaped from Xiao Wu, and she said:
“Her life is only worth a first kiss? And she still has to devote her life to it. Ge, you really are foolish. It’s no wonder others would say you’re slow-witted.”

Xiao Wu really wanted to laugh. Not at Huo Wu, but rather at Tang San nervously recounting his previous chat with Huo Wu without holding anything back. If Tang San’s intelligence in battle counted as one hundred, then his intelligence in emotional matters was infinitely close to zero.

Looking at Tang San’s head-scratching appearance, Xiao Wu suddenly leapt up, both her legs twisting around Tang San’s waist, her arms winding tightly around his neck.

“Xiao Wu, what are you doing?”
Feeling the soft jade warm fragrance enter his embrace, especially the warm flexible pert butt sticking to his stomach, Tang San’s pulse immediately sped up.

Xiao Wu cupped Tang San’s face with a hand, suddenly looking seriously at Tang San,
“Ge, look at me.”

Tang San stared fixedly into Xiao Wu’s eyes.

Suddenly, Xiao Wu kissed Tang San on the lips with a speed that surpassed lightning.

If Huo Wu’s previous kiss only startled Tang San, then Xiao Wu’s current kiss instantly washed everything out of his mind. At this moment, every train of thought Tang San had instantly returned to nothing. That moist, soft and warm sensation seemed to make his very soul tremble.

Leaping off Tang San, Xiao Wu’s low giggle made Tang San gradually return to his senses, hearing Xiao Wu’s soft whisper next to his ear.

“Ge, this is my first kiss. It’s also your first kiss. Hee hee, I snatched it first. It’ll save later concern by other people.”

Once Tang San had truly returned to himself, Xiao Wu was already gone.

Returning to his room with a somewhat numb feeling, Dai Mubai, Oscar and ma Hongjun immediately gathered. The male students were split over two rooms, and the four of them from the Shrek Seven Devils were naturally together, the other room held Tai Long, Huang Yuan and Jing Ling.

“Little San, what are you smirking about?”
Dai Mubai asked.

Tang San felt his face,
“I, I’m smiling?”

A giggle escaped from Oscar,
“Little San, you’re done. It seems you’ve completely become Xiao Wu’s captive. Ai, if you later say you’re not hen-pecked, I won’t believe it.”


“What about being hen-pecked? I’m very proud.”

Finished speaking, under the trio’s dumbstruck gazes, he directly leapt onto his bed, sitting crosslegged to cultivate.

Even Xiao Wu herself hadn’t expected that this simple kiss would cut open the last restraints on Tang San’s heart. The relationship between the two also finally began to promote from siblings. Because Tang San suddenly discovered, after Huo Wu kissed his face, his first thought was to wash, why was this? When Xiao Wu also kissed him he understood it clearly, it was because of Xiao Wu. Because he was afraid Xiao Wu would misunderstand. And that kiss from Xiao Wu also seemed to open a window in Tang San’s heart, through which a wisp of tender feelings completely poured inside.

The later few days was a triumphant progress for Shrek Academy, consecutively defeating four opponents, including the other team Tang San had paid attention to. Relying on the strength of Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing, Xiao Wu and Ma Hongjun, in the next five matches, at most only three people appeared on stage from Shrek Academy. Dai Mubai also accomplished the feat of defeating seven by himself. So far, in the fourteen matches total, Shrek Academy had already obtained eleven successive victories. These eleven fights also included the Skywater Academy that had caused them so much trouble in the qualifiers.

In their victory against Skywater Academy, Ma Hongjun once again revealed his outstanding talent, consecutively defeating Shui Bing-Er and Xue Wu. Even though it was only two consecutive wins, he had defeated the two most crucial members. Without the advantage of the spirit fusion ability, Skywater Academy’s third member was utterly smashed in front of Dai Mubai. The Shrek Seven Devils amply revealed the power of their individual strength.

Eleven consecutive victories presently put them in first place in the Heaven Dou Empire ranking competition. However, this didn’t mean Shrek Academy would be number one in the end. Because, in in the last three rounds of the competition, they would face their most difficult test so far in the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament. In the space of three days, they would face two formidable opponents. The Godwind Academy and Thunderclap Academy they didn’t meet in the qualifiers.

“Teacher, let me go up today.”
Tang San looked somewhat anxiously at Grandmaster.

Their opponent today was Thunderclap Academy. So far in the competition, Thunderclap Academy had only lost one round, and that was when facing Godwind Academy. Their overall strength was a cut above Blazing Academy, and would clearly defeat Blazing Academy in circumstances where both sides attributes didn’t counter each other. And the conductivity of Skywater Academy’s water attribute spirit power made their confrontation with Thunderclap Academy completely without suspense. The destructive power of thunder and lightning was in some aspects even greater than flame, and Botanic Academy had also lost without any suspense. Thunderclap Academy’s only loss was when facing Godwind Academy.

Grandmaster looked at Tang San, saying indifferently:
“Little San, let me ask you one question. If you were to go up, how many opponents could you defeat?”

Tang San stared blankly a moment, he naturally wouldn’t dare boast in front of Grandmaster, and after hesitating a moment said:
“At least one. I don’t dare say more.”

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

Grandmaster said indifferently:
“That’s right. Even if your Blue Silver Grass has ice and fire immunity, it’s unable to resist lightning. Your control power is restrained to a degree when facing lightning spirits. Because your Blue Silver Grass is unable to be completely nonconductive. I think you should have discovered this problem originally when you confronted my nephew. If you lost today, if you were injured, then whether your mental condition or strength, they would both be weakened. If our luck is bad tomorrow, and we continue to draw Godwind Academy, do you think we could still continue to accomplish successive victories?”

Light flashed in Tang San’s eyes,
“Teacher, you mean to have me deal with Godwind Academy.”

Grandmaster nodded, saying:
“With your strength, going all out and prevailing over Thunderclap Academy wouldn’t be difficult. The key is that there is a fifty percent chance of meeting Godwind Academy in our next match. I’ve carefully observed Godwind Academy’s strength, among the five elemental academies, they are doubtless the most powerful team. In order to deal with them, you will need your full strength. For today’s match against Thunderclap Academy, trust in your comrades. I will now declare the order of appearance. The first person to go up is, Tai Long, after followed by Jing Ling, Huang Yuan, Xiao Wu, Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing, Ma Hongjun. Any questions?”

Everyone agreed loudly.

“Brothers, work hard.”
Tang San held out his closed fist.

Dai Mubai met his gaze, an intangible overbearing air spreading from him,
“Don’t worry, little San. Leave this match to us. As for Godwind Academy, we’ll look to you.”

Raising his hand, Tang San and Dai Mubai’s bumped fists, then again held them together. The others also put up their hands one after another, everyone roaring thrice. This moment, the whole eleven Shrek Academy participating students hearts’ completely came together, they, were truly one.

The match started very quickly. Tang San calmly sat in the audience. Trusting his team, that was his only choice. Renouncing two rounds in the qualifiers had meant Shrek Academy couldn’t take the number one seat, to Tang San this was a matter for regret. Even though the ranking competition was the least important round in the tournament, Tang San had long ago resolved not to lose again.

Thunderclap Academy was very powerful, there was no need to doubt the attack power of any thunder attribute Spirit Master, especially in explosiveness. They were brimming with a ruthless aura.

Thunderclap Academy had altogether four Spirit Masters surpassing the fortieth rank, in this respect they were the same as Godwind Academy. Even though Blazing Academy had finally caught up in this respect, that was after all not the same as the contestants of these two great academies that had surpassed the fortieth rank long ago.

Thunderclap Academy clearly also regarded this match as very important, the four fortieth ranked Spirit Masters were all concentrated at the rear of their lineup. They would prefer to give up morale in order to first clearly see Shrek Academy’s battle order.

In the first match, beyond expectations, the pure strength Tai Long defeated his opponent. What he relied on wasn’t his terrifying power to attack, but rather his ability to take a beating.

Pure strength Spirit Masters didn’t just have formidable attack, but their frightening strength also made their physical defense extremely abnormal. Tai Long just relied on the mentality of an immortal cockroach to rigidly withstand round after round of attacks from his opponent, obtaining ultimate victory by exhausting his opponent’s spirit power.

Before confronting Thunderclap Academy, Grandmaster had for the first time given his students some directions in tactics. The advice he gave Tai Long was only one simple word: Stall. Stall until the opponent’s spirit power is practically exhausted.

Having researched spirits for so many years, even though Grandmaster didn’t dare say he could identify every spirit in the world, his understanding of the merits and drawbacks of all kinds of spirits was really only too clear.

The greatest characteristic of thunder attribute spirits was terrifying attack power. Their burst strength was incomparable. But everything was balanced. Under the appearance of valiant attack power, thunder attribute spirits also hid its weakness.

There was no need to doubt the formidably explosive attack power, but equally, when it erupted, the spirit power it consumed was also more than other attribute spirits. Even though Tai Long didn’t attack his opponent, that didn’t mean he couldn’t dodge. And in order to defeat him, his opponent had to practically bring out one combat spirit ability after another. Even though attacks poured down on Tai Long like a torrent, that definitely wasn’t the full story. Just like this, as the opponent several blasted Tai Long to the ground several times, so that even his hair stood upright, and his clothes were damaged, when he believed he could defeat Tai Long, he was shocked to discover that he no longer had enough spirit power.

In the team, Tai Long was an absolute meat shield, and under Grandmaster guidance, his defensive strength had advanced one step further over the past days. The outward sorry appearance and true victory made his stiff face reveal a heartfelt smile. After all, the opponent he defeated was from Thunderclap Academy!

Tai Long’s ‘pleasant surprise’ for the Thunderclap Academy still hadn’t ended. In the second fight, with spirit power and spirit abilities completely focused on defense, he once again equally exhausted his opponent to death.

Even though thunder and lightning had powerful attack, it still fell short of that kind of focused piercing ability of the wind element. Until the third opponent, when Tai Long was finally unable to endure because of exhausted spirit power, he still exhausted a substantial part of the opponent’s spirit power before conceding.

The second person to go up, Jing Ling, provided his opponent even more of a headache. His spirit wasn’t considered too brilliant, but as an agility attack system Spirit Master, there was no need to doubt Jing Ling’s speed. His opponent was a power attack system Spirit Master. Grandmaster only gave him one word of advice: Dodge.

Even the most formidable spirit ability must still hit its target to have an effect. Jing Ling was clearly faster than his opponent, and no matter how fast thunder was, there were still signs before it was used. Jing Ling relied on his keen sense of judgement to several times one after another dodge the opponent’s attacks, forcing the opponent to use large scale attack spirit abilities to deal with him. However, when he prepared to use large scale attacks, just like the his two comrades before him, he discovered his spirit power was already in critical condition. He had still consumed too much when he defeated Tai Long.

Just like this, Jing Ling only used one spirit ability to defeat his opponent. Drawing out Thunderclap Academy’s final four.

There was a fundamental difference between Spirit Elders and Spirit Ancestors, and even though Jing Ling used the same tactics, Thunderclap Academy’s coaching teacher had clearly seen through his goal. The fourth student to go on stage basically didn’t give him a chance, and blasted Jing Ling out of the ring with two consecutive large scale attack spirit abilities.

A one-off consumption of spirit power was always better than mutually grinding each other down. Thunderclap Academy’s teacher immediately revealed the characteristic of fifteen tons of thunder.

The third to go up from Shrek Academy was Huang Yuan. He had neither Tai Long’s defensive strength or Jing Ling’s speed. But possessing the Lone Wolf Spirit, he won out in balance. With balanced attack and defense, even though he ultimately also lost to the tyrannical attacks of the opponents’ fourth Spirit Master, he also successfully wasted the vast majority of the opponent’s spirit power.

The Shrek Seven Devils finally took their turn. The fourth to go up from Shrek Academy was Xiao Wu.

Even though Xiao Wu still hadn’t reached the fortieth rank, her spirit power was still at the thirty ninth rank, and her opponent’s spirit power was already mostly used up and couldn’t use any formidable spirit abilities. Xiao Wu dodged a few times and attacked once, defeating him and drawing out the next.

Thunder Academy, fifth student to go up.

Lei Tian[1], forty second ranked power attack system Battle Spirit Master. Spirit: Thunder Hawk[2].

There were long since no longer any secrets between the two sides. Thunderclap Academy hadn’t been observing Shrek Academy for just one or two days. But even they hadn’t expected that they would continuously be at a disadvantage in the previous fights today, and the opponents only sent up a few thirty something ranked Spirit Elders.

Grandmaster’s arrangement of the battle order might appear very casual, but it perfectly countered the opponents, exploiting their characteristic advantages. If it wasn’t for Tang San’s name not appearing in the Shrek Academy’s list for the day, perhaps there would already have been issues with morale for Thunderclap Academy.

The students both sides had revealed so far weren’t their strongest members, but Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun had both single-handedly defeated seven opponents in the previous matches. There was no need to doubt their strength. At least before the turn of Thunderclap Academy’s vice captain they didn’t have a chance of victory. Therefore, whoever gained an advantage in the previous exhausting competitions, would also take the initiative between the two sides.

Right now, even though Xiao Wu was somewhat spent, she was only the fourth person to appear. And her opponent was already the fifth. The advantage clearly already lay on Shrek Academy’s side.

Lei Tian coldly gazed at Xiao Wu. To him right now, Xiao Wu wasn’t a beautiful woman, but an opponent. Outsiders didn’t know Shrek Academy’s internal ranking. After the matches so far, some people who studied Shrek Academy knew that Shrek Academy’s three most dangerous people were Tang San, Dai Mubai, and Ma Hongjun. Even though Xiao Wu had also obtained a lot of victories before, with only three spirit rings, the attention she drew was naturally a bit less. The name Shrek Seven Devils was only something they used among themselves. Consequently, it seemed to Lei Tian that Xiao Wu wasn’t any different from the previous several members who had appeared, and was only here to use up his strength.

The match reaching this stage was already its key moment. Lei Tian knew that he couldn’t be allowed to lose this fight, and he moreover had to defeat Xiao Wu while conserving as much spirit power as possible. He didn’t have any certainty in confronting Dai Mubai in the next fight, but he still had to consume as much of Dai Mubai’s strength as possible in order to prepare for the final fight.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

Blitzkrieg, this was the Thunderclap Academy coaching teacher’s instructions for Lei Tian.

Lei Tian immediately released his spirit, and along with a thunderclap, a pair of distorted lightning wings abruptly unfurled. His third spirit ring glittered with purple radiance, his body soaring up.

The advantage for flying type Spirit Masters was unquestionable, it put the wielder in an especially invincible position against opponents without ranged attack capability. But Lei Tian now flying into the sky wasn’t in order to avoid any attack Xiao Wu could launch against him, but rather to strengthen his own attack.

Xiao Wu stood there gracefully, her beautiful eyes following the opponent’s movements, but without moving herself.

Soaring in the air, Lei Tian spread his arms, his fourth spirit ring flaring after his third, the two purple spirit rings resonating with each other. Even to the extent that people could sense the lightning attribute elements in the air condense with frantic rhythm.

In order to quickly defeat Xiao Wu, he had pulled out his most powerful attack method.

Xiao Wu’s eyes squinted slightly, but she still only waited quietly, right hand pulling her scorpion braid out in front, that kind of next door neighbour little sister feeling provoking tender feelings.

With the two rings of light flashing simultaneously, blue purple serpents of lightning began to rapidly surge around Lei Tian, a deep blue silhouette appearing behind his back, precisely the avatar of his spirit, Thunder Hawk.

Serpent after serpent of lightning condensed on that goshawk avatar, and centered on Lei Tian’s body, formed a blue purple enormous five meter diameter sphere of blue purple light in the air. Under the pull of thunder and lightning, the entire sky seemed to darken. The more and more condensed lightning seemed as if it would erupt at any time, and Lei Tian’s eyes had now also turned blue.

The enormous pressure made the lapels of Xiao Wu’s clothes flap without wind, but she still didn’t move. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to interrupt her opponent, but rather that she was unable to.

Xiao Wu was a close combat type Spirit Master. Even though her leaping ability was powerful, and she also had Teleport to increase her altitude, Thunderclap Academy had clearly long since analyzed her characteristics, and Lei Tian’s current altitude was precisely beyond what Xiao Wu could reach. No matter what Xiao Wu did, it was impossible to reach her opponent in the air.

There was still another reason why Xiao Wu didn’t try it. If she was in the air, the chance to dodge would become even smaller. When hit by the opponent’s full attack power, how could she resist?

The Thunder Hawk grew. Lei Tian had once very earnestly listened to his teacher describe Xiao Wu’s capability. The reason he could calmly aggregate his thunder and lightning force like this, was because Xiao Wu didn’t have any way to attack him.

In a moment, that enormous Thunder Hawk had already grown to five meters. Lei Tian’s body quietly merged into that tremendous energy, and that spirit Thunder Hawk’s eyes brightened. Those were Lei Tian’s eyes, and his aura immediately locked in on Xiao Wu, the enormous Thunder Hawk dropping from the sky. With incomparable imposing manner and pressure, the attack range included the distance Xiao Wu could teleport.

Just the moment Lei Tian turned his head downwards, Xiao Wu finally moved. She directly used her third spirit ability, Teleport.

Her figure flashing, Xiao Wu was already five meters away. But her opponent had already locked in on her, and under the pull of the Thunder Hawk’s energy, it automatically slightly changed direction in midair, still dashing towards Xiao Wu. But at this moment, Xiao Wu’s eyes flashed.

Second spirit ability, Demon Confusion, launched.

Rays of pink light shot out of Xiao Wu’s eyes. The instant they came into contact with the Thunder Hawk’s eyes, that enormous energy stalled somewhat in midair. And at this moment, Xiao Wu’s legs bent, and with a whooshing sound, leapt up.

This seized the initiative. The opponent naturally already knew about Xiao Wu’s three spirit abilities. From the start of the match, Lei Tian had all along avoided looking Xiao Wu in the eyes. But even if he knew, so what? When Xiao Wu used Teleport, the Thunder Hawk changed direction, pulled by the aura. The Thunder Hawk’s eyes were also Lei Tian’s eyes, and when the Thunder Hawk changed direction, Lei Tian naturally subconsciously turned to look at Xiao Wu. And naturally he looked at Xiao Wu’s pink eyes.

Who could have thought that Xiao Wu’s goal in using her third spirit ability was actually only to let her use her second spirit ability. Her Teleport was only to make the opponent look at her.

But with this use, and forcibly using Demon Confusion to break the opponent’s lock on her, her long legs directly shot Xiao Wu more than ten meters away, temporarily outside the Thunder Hawk’s attack range.

Lei Tian was only stunned for a moment. After all, right now under the full use of his spirit power and two major spirit abilities simultaneously, his mental strength was naturally condensed to the most stable degree it could reach. After discovering his mistake, he hastily controlled himself to change direction, locking down on Xiao Wu once again.

But, Lei Tian very quickly discovered that he was already unable to do so.

Indeed, Xiao Wu’s spirit power was certainly lower than his, and she also had one less spirit ring, and she was further on the ground. But right now, whenever Lei Tian wanted to lock down Xiao Wu, he would immediately be interrupted by Xiao Wu’s teleport. At the same time, after Xiao Wu teleported, she would immediately swiftly leap to the side. Teleport followed by leap could escape his attack range in a flash, forcing Lei Tian to change direction, and once again aim at Xiao Wu.

When Xiao Wu leapt she would deliberately use Waist Bow, her body practically never pausing, constantly making large changes in her direction, the direction of her leaps always taking her into the Thunder Hawk’s blind spot.

Like this, Xiao Wu only needed to use Teleport to shift out of her opponent’s aim when she was unable to dodge, leaving the Thunder Hawk unable to take advantage of its attack power.

The advice Grandmaster gave Xiao Wu completely revolved around dodging. Even to the extent that when he gave his advice, Grandmaster had already anticipated that Xiao Wu would encounter this Lei Tian.

Even though Teleport consumed a lot of spirit power, this was after all a third spirit ability, and to Xiao Wu who was already thirty ninth rank, it wasn’t a consumption she couldn’t endure. Teleport didn’t have any attack power, and in terms of third spirit abilities, its spirit power consumption was quite small.

But Lei Tian was different. He had successively used his two most powerful spirit abilities, and even though that enormous Thunder Hawk seemed dazzling, at the same time it continuously consumed his spirit power reserves and concentration. Just each time he had to change direction consumed a considerable amount of spirit power to control. Under this lengthy expenditure, the original advantage of air superiority turned into a disadvantage because of the spirit power consumption.

Grandmaster had long since estimated what the opponents would do, that they would let their members on stage use their most tyrannical attacks to defeat their opponents. The strategy he had drawn up for Xiao Wu, basically didn’t include any offense.

If Lei Tian had only remained on the ground and relied on his four spirit abilities and advantage in spirit power to conduct a normal fight with Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu would inevitably be defeated. After all, the long distance thunder attacks in themselves countered Xiao Wu’s capabilities, especially when she was already somewhat spent from before.

But just as Grandmaster had guessed, Lei Tian wanted to defeat Xiao Wu in one move, and so let Xiao Wu train the battle method she was most proud of to its greatest degree. In fact, when Xiao Wu had trained for this, her target had been Ma Hongjun, using Phoenix Ascension and at any time prepared to strike her with Phoenix Cry Heaven Strike.

When the match reached this moment, it was already completely without suspense.

In the end Lei Tian couldn’t endure Xiao Wu exhausting his spirit power. He was pulled down by his two great spirit abilities and, unable to control his emblematic Thunder Hawk bombardment, he only left a big hole in the center of the ring. Without need for Xiao Wu to attack even once, the worn Lei Tian lost the ability to continue the fight. So she obtained victory in this match.

At this stage of the match, the Thunderclap Academy members’ faces were so heavy it looked like water might come dripping out. Shrek Academy had already revealed four people, and Xiao Wu was clearly also like an arrow at the end of its flight, but their fortieth ranked Spirit Masters still hadn’t fought, and they’d already defeated five people. Even though Tang San wasn’t on their list of names, Thunderclap Academy still knew that winning this match would be very, very difficult.

In the judges’ seats, the whole way through this fight emperor Xue Ye’s eyes were brightening again and again,
“Good, well done Shrek Academy. I hadn’t expected that when they faced Thunderclap Academy, they could still win this easily. So much that there isn’t even a need for Tang San to appear.”

Ning Fengzhi smiled calmly, saying:
“Your Majesty, I don’t know whether you can see how Shrek Academy is able to gain successive victories in this competition?”

“Of course it’s strength. These children are apparently even stronger than when in the qualifiers. They’re admittedly very powerful as a team, but I think they’re even stronger individually. That fortieth ranked little fatty didn’t even come out in the qualifiers. It’s no wonder school master Ning would be optimistic about them.”

Ning Fengzhi shook his head with a smile, saying:
“Your Majesty, you’ve only seen half. In my careful observations, in this match today, Shrek Academy has clearly changed. What you said is right. Their strength has apparently advanced, this should be the effect of constant battle and the advancement of their cultivation. But even like this, they still shouldn’t be able to hold such an enormous advantage as this. Just by sending out some people who aren’t part of their main strength, they’ve already prevailed over five Thunderclap Academy students, and still two fortieth ranked Spirit Masters among them. This isn’t as simple as only strength. In terms of strength, it would be impossible for Shrek Academy to accomplish this.”

[1] (雷天) “Thunder Heaven”

[2] (雷鹰)

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