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Chapter 112

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

Watching the cold faced Huo Wu walk into the ring, Tang San drew a deep breath. Even though he didn’t seem any different from the start of the first fight, in fact, right now he was already extremely tired.

His spirit power had been conserved as far as possible, but in the previous six matches, he had after all still faced three fortieth ranked opponents. Besides Huo Wushuang, Huo Yun and Huo Yu’s Fire Crane Spirits gave him no small trouble, especially their strongest spirit abilities made Tang San spend considerable spirit power in order to dodge and escape their attacks.

Even more, to save on his spirit power he had to use the most precise degree of control possible with each ability, the requirements for this were enormous.

Consequently, even though Tang San had only consumed forty percent or so of his spirit power, his mental strength had already been exhausted by seventy percent. He was an arrow at the end of its flight.

Right now the spectators, whether the imperial household knights or the other academy Spirit Masters, all only wanted to see one thing: whether Tang San could defeat the whole Blazing Academy with his own strength, completing a heroic feat of one beating seven.

Attentively watching Tang San, Huo Wu now instead became calm. She knew that this match was not only a matter between her and Tang San, but also related to the reputation of Blazing Academy.

If she lost, letting the opponent complete one against seven, then Blazing Academy would never be able to raise their heads among the five elemental academies. Therefore, she couldn’t lose no matter what. She couldn’t lose.

It was precisely this conviction in victory that made Huo Wu calm down. This year she still wasn’t twenty. In Blazing Academy she was the youngest genius in history. This period of painstaking training let her spirit power advance a level, reaching the forty fourth rank. She believed that she should be above this youth in front of her, whether in spirit or spirit power.

But how, how was the entire Blazing Academy unable to defeat him alone? Was it because he was a control system Spirit Master? Because of his fire immunity? No, it definitely wasn’t just this.

Tang San calmly watched Huo Wu standing thirty meters away from him. He was astonished to discover that Huo Wu’s aura seemed to have undergone a bizarre change. He and Huo Wu didn’t have any interaction, but every time he had seen her it seemed as if she distributed an incendiary aura. In some respects, it was extremely similar to Liu Erlong.

But now that she had calmed down, Huo Wu was like a different person. Her originally extremely slender figure seemed even more alluring as her skin reflected a red light, as if it could ignite the hearts of all men.

With a shake of her body, a faint orange shadow gradually appeared behind Huo Wu. It was identical to her, a vague flame shadow with an illusory feeling. But this was her spirit, Fire Shadow.

The fire element shadow was an extremely peculiar spirit, but able to display the fire element to its greatest degree.

It was clearly already impossible for Blazing Academy to win in the ranking competition today, after all, Shrek Academy still had another six people. However, Huo Wu was already rigidly set on winning this fight, no matter what.

The match began.

Tang San had always wondered what method Huo Wu would use to attack, and the moment the referee declared the start, she gave him the answer: Running.

Huo Wu’s slender and powerful legs moved swiftly, dashing directly at Tang San.

Even though her speed couldn’t compare to that of an agility attack system Spirit Master, by the forty fourth rank, the added attributes from spirit rings and the effect of their own spirit power made a Spirit Master far superior to ordinary people. This all out charge had astonishing speed, and the distance between the two quickly shrank.

A strand of Blue Silver Grass surged out, sweeping horizontally. Its target was Huo Wu’s slender and powerful waist.

It was a probing attack. Tang San’s energy was greatly consumed by now, but sending out a few tests was better than idly waiting for opportunities.

He had chosen a strategy to guard and counterattack. With the advantage of fire immunity, if Huo Wu wanted her abilities to have any effect on him she could only use explosions like Huo Wushuang did.

Therefore, Tang San wasn’t very anxious.

If Huo Wu wanted to use her fourth spirit ability, the period for accumulating strength was enough for him to react.

Confronted with the sweeping Blue Silver Grass, Huo Wu not only didn’t dodge, but on the contrary sped up somewhat. The thirty meter distance between the two shortened to ten meters in the blink of an eye.

Huo Wu’s eyes brightened, both eyes flashing brightly, at the same time her third spirit ring also shone. A purple light halo filled the air, and she increased her speed a bit more.

Suddenly, light flashed in Tang San’s mind, and he immediately understood Huo Wu’s plan of attack. Blue Silver Grass swept unchangingly, and he swiftly started to move. He neither advanced nor retreated, but rather moved sideways, swiftly dashing out horizontally.

Huo Wu had apparently already anticipated Tang San’s reaction, and her original straight dash angled sideways, but still pressing in on Tang San.

The instant Blue Silver Grass was about to land on her, Huo Wu’s third spirit ability, Defying Flame Ring, launched.

A dazzling orange ring of light released in a flash. This spirit ability without any offensive power washed away the nearby Blue Silver Grass in an instant. The the spirit ability range reached and astonishing sixty meters, and right now Tang San was less than ten meters away.

The moment the thirty meter radius Defying Flame Ring removed the Blue Silver Grass, it also sent Tang San far away.

The whole ring had a diameter of a hundred meters, and Huo Wu’s Defying Flame Ring had a sixty meter diameter. It could be said to cover a substantial part of the ring. Pushed by the Defying Flame Ring, Tang San practically instantly reached the edge of the ring.

Leaving the ring meant defeat. Tang San had exploited this rule in the first fight against Huo Wushuang.

But the most frightening aspect of Huo Wu’s Defying Flame Ring was that it ignored any abilities and defense, anything within its range could be temporarily banished.

Of course, the opponent’s attack power couldn’t surpass her spirit power by more than ten ranks.

Huo Wu didn’t pause, just when Tang San was forced to the edge of the ring, another Defying Flame Ring flashed.

Tang San sighed inwardly. This girl might seem to have a fiery temper, but she was actually extremely shrewd. Control system Spirit Masters really weren’t ordinary. By exploiting the Defying Flame Ring, she had put him in trouble in an instant.

Right now, even if it was his fourth spirit ability, at most it could only temporarily block Huo Wu’s advance, but couldn’t stop the Defying Flame Ring from launching. Huo Wu’s use of this originally defensive ability had doubtless passed long consideration.

The Defying Flame Ring of course wasn’t absolute, otherwise, there would be no need to hold this ranking competition, Huo Wu could just rely on this ability to sweep away all opponents. The restriction of the Defying Flame Ring lay in altitude. The range of its effect was sixty meters in diameter, and three meters in height.

In other words, three meters in the air was out of the Defying Flame Ring’s effect. Unless Huo Wu directly aimed the Defying Flame Ring into the air.

Under these circumstances, no matter how wonderful Tang San’s Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step was, he was still unable to dodge the Defying Flame Ring’s attack. Therefore, he could only fly into the air. Watching Huo Wu’s second Defying Flame Ring about to take effect, Tang San leapt up, swiftly rising above the Defying Flame Ring.

Seeing this, Huo Wu’s face revealed a sneer. Even though she had wasted a lot of spirit power on these two Defying Flame Rings, her goal of forcing Tang San into the air was still reached.

A strange scene appeared. Huo Wu’s fourth spirit ring flashed the same moment Tang San leapt up, and the Fire Shadow behind her also instantly turned incandescent white.

“Ring Merging[1]?”
Outside the ring, spectating the match Grandmaster abruptly cried out.

Ring Merging wasn’t any kind of technique, but rather an innate ability. Only some extremely peculiar Spirit Masters could possess this kind of ability.

It used the simultaneous release of the spirit power of several spirit ring abilities at once, and could also be called an instant substantial spirit power release, making use of one spirit ability.

The greatest benefit of Ring Merging was burst power. Simply put, if a pool only had one exit, then the water could also only flow out of this one exit. Even though it would drain out eventually, it still couldn’t be compared to the speed of simultaneously flowing out of four exits.

Grandmaster had suspected Huo Wu possessed this ability since the qualifiers last time, only that time she still had the support of the auxiliary system Spirit Masters, and Grandmaster didn’t dare say for sure. But right now it was completely obvious, what she used was Ring Merging.

Under these circumstances her spirit power output would peak, right now the might of the spirit ability she used would also doubtless double.

The incandescence solidified in her palm. What Huo Wu released this time wasn’t blazing heat, but rather a condensed explosion.

An only egg-sized ball of white light floated out, flying straight for Tang San in the air. After releasing this white ball of light, Huo Wu’s complexion instantly turned deathly pale.

Different from Huo Wushuang’s attack, the instant the white ball of light had just left Huo Wushuang’s hands, Tang San felt his body suddenly stall, as if that not very large ball of light contained a boundless gravitational force. He was unable to dodge in the air, and watching that little ball of white light flying towards him, all he could do right now was to stiffly block it.

There were still a great many ways to block, and even though he was in a disadvantageous position, Tang San still hadn’t given up. Raising his right hand, his third spirit ability emerged for the first time today.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

A green ball of light shot out of Tang San’s palm, instantly expanding. Under his meticulous control, the range this spider web covered was a lot smaller, but that also made it a lot thicker. Even something like that white light ball couldn’t overcome it.

White and green, two lights flowed together in midair. The moment the two came into contact, Tang San’s face changed.

With a tearing sound, the white ball of light unexpectedly straight through that durable Spider Web Restraint. It was unexpectedly rotating at high speed, and that perfectly round surface was moreover actually brimming with a cutting force.

A strand of Blue Silver Grass whipped out immediately afterward, but just like that Spider Web Restraint it was completely unable to hold back that white ball of light. When Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass lashed it, it was unable to change its direction. Only the Blue Silver Grass itself broke.

After coming into contact with it twice, if Tang San still didn’t have a grasp on the power of this white ball of light, then he wouldn’t deserve being Grandmaster’s disciple. He instantly understood that the spirit power contained in this white ball of light should be everything Huo Wu still had after releasing her third spirit ability twice, and it was furthermore compressed. The ball was completely locked on him under her mental control. In his current condition, unless he had an ability to completely condense all his spirit power like her, he was unable to block it.

Of course, Tang San overlooked one thing. This white ball of light was not only Huo Wu’s entire output, but also her entire output after using Ring Merging. Its power surpassed even the total sum of her whole spirit power.

In order to defeat Tang San, she had already given up on the rest of the match. Her goal was only to beat this youth in front of her.

The moment that white ball of light was about to strike Tang San, Tang San suddenly disappeared.

That disappearance naturally wasn’t without reason. Blue Silver Grass was ineffective against the white ball of light, but that didn’t mean it was useless.

Two strands of Blue Silver Grass struck the ground forcefully, sending Tang San higher into the air using the opposite force. When that white ball of light chased after him from below and almost caught up, Blue Silver Grass shot out of Tang San’s hand, directly twisting around Huo Wu’s waist.

Right now, Huo Wu had already made use of her entire spirit power, basically without the strength to resist. She only felt her waist tighten, and the next moment, Tang San had already magnified in front of her.

Indeed, Tang San’s target was Huo Wu, using her body weight to change his direction in the air, directly dashing down at Huo Wu.

Under effect of the tension, his movement through the air was naturally even faster. The two weren’t far apart, and collided after practically an instant.

Huo Wu subconsciously raised her arms to push off Tang San, but Tang San only spread his hands, neutralizing her palms. The instant the two of them collided, Tang San had already used a strand of Blue Silver Grass to bind the two of them tightly together.

Huo Wu only felt a great rotating force as Tang San turned around. Huo Wu involuntarily blocked in front of him, just like a shield. And that white ball of light hurriedly chased after with a humming sound.

Emptiness. Instantly, in Huo Wu’s mind was only emptiness. After that white ball of light had locked on Tang San, it had already become an attack out of her control. But at this moment, she had become Tang San’s shield.

She hadn’t expected this battle to reach this kind of conclusion. She knew she had already lost. But, she really was unwilling. Unwilling……

Would she die? Huo Wu was only too clear on the power of her own attack. She knew that in her present condition, it was basically impossible to block that attack. She would only end up like Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass, torn apart.

‘If I die I die, but even if I die I’ll still pull you down to hell with me.’ Huo Wu suddenly spread her arms, tightly embracing Tang San, and moreover surrendering her final trace of spirit power defense. She believed that even after that white ball of light had pierced her body, it would still cause Tang San serious injuries.

As she tightly held Tang San, the rancor in her heart surged. She even bit down on the muscles at Tang San’s shoulder. This bite was extremely fierce, and the instant her teeth clamped down, she felt tepid liquid flow into her mouth.

But at this moment, Tang San’s voice suddenly sighed next to her ear,

Their bodies seemed to rotate, and her tightly clamped hands suddenly felt something rush out of Tang San’s back. No longer able to hold on, she involuntarily let go. But there was still Blue Silver Grass’ Binding between them, and they were still pressed close together.

Alas, Tang San didn’t have any time right now, and he also wasn’t in the mood to feel that flexible and scorching hot delicate body.

Huo Wushuang cried out in alarm, as did each member of Blazing Academy. But there wasn’t enough time for them to rush into the ring.

The Shrek Academy side was equally alarmed, both sides dashing into the ring practically simultaneously.

But what they saw was still Tang San suddenly rotating once again, not only didn’t he try to use Huo Wu as a shield again, but he instead turned himself into a shield for Huo Wu.

When Tang San bound him and Huo Wu together and turned her into a shield, he only had one goal, to force Huo Wu to give up on her attack. How could he have known that even Huo Wu herself was already unable to control it.

Seeing Huo Wu’s rancorous embrace, as well as the gaze in her eyes that seemed to view death as a return home, Tang San was shocked to discover that this girl was unexpectely ready to die to drag him along with her.

Tang San didn’t have any hostility towards Huo Wu, and it seemed to him that Huo Wu was nothing more than an aggressively competitive girl.

She was, after all, a girl, and he was a man. How could he truly be so coarse as to ruin a flower? In these circumstances, this was the only choice Tang San could think of.

Therefore, the instant the white ball of light was on the verge of arriving, he turned around while pasted to Huo Wu, using his back to confront the bombardment of the compressed energy ball.

Eight Spider Lances shot out, just enough to break open Huo Wu’s arms, leaving that attack completely for Tang San to withstand.

He didn’t let Eight Spider Lances extend completely, but only half a chi[2]. That ball of white light blossomed completely in the next moment, and it was basically impossible for anyone to pay attention to that momentary change on Tang San’s back.

The number of people with blank minds turned from one into two. Tang San only felt his body lighten, everything around him spinning. There was no pain, only a momentary numbnes, and his entire body became paralysed. Even though he focused his entire Mysterious Heaven Skill on his back, he still became numb.

Huo Wu also felt herself flying, the violent shcok making her briefly dizzy, and she practically unconsciously tightened her grip on Tang San.

The numbness changed into omnipresent pain in practically an instant. Tang San’s mind recovered a bit, and when they were about to hit the ground, he turned his body. Since he was acting the hero, he might as well do it to the end.

The two struck the ground with a rumbling sound. Tang San below, Huo Wu on top. The instant of gravitational force almost made Tang San lose consciousness.

The reason he used his back to hit the ground was also in order to hide Eight Spider Lances. He clearly felt Eight Spider Lances tremble, and he could even hear some minute cracking sounds behind him. But there wasn’t any pain on his back.

Coughing up a mouthful of blood, Tang San was still a bit lower than Huo Wu, and this mouthful of blood sprayed onto her chest. For the first time he learned the feeling of five organs burning, the blood and qi within his body constantly roiling, as if it was on fire.

Mysterious Heaven Skill really was worthy of being called a first class internal skill of the profound orthodox sects. It protected Tang San’s body as far as possible in the instant of the explosion, and further adding the protection of Eight Spider Lances, even though Tang San was seriously injured, it wasn’t life threatening.

This was the result of Tang San’s careful calculations. When he turned Huo Wu, he had already estimated that with his defense, there was no way he would die.

The Binding Blue Silver Grass between the two had already been torn apart by the explosive force, but Huo Wu’s hands still tightly clutched Tang San’s arms. Her whole body trembled, but whether it was because of fury or something else was unknown.

The team members from both sides were already rushing over. Tang San opened his eyes and looked at the very close Huo Wu with a slight smile. Even though his face was deathly pale, that still didn’t affect his unperturbed temper.

“Still haven’t hugged enough? You won.”

Huo Wu looked at Tang San, her eyes refocusing. Right now she discovered that her hands holding onto Tang San’s arms were already dyed red with blood.

That of course wasn’t her blood. Before, she had clearly felt spirit power surge out of Tang San’s body, using his not at all taller than her body to completely shelter her from harm. What she had endured was at most some shaking.

Won? Was she really the winner? A trace of bitterness blossomed at the corner’s of Huo Wu’s mouth. Right now her consciousness was still somewhat fuzzy, and even she herself didn’t quite know what she thought in her heart.

“Little sister, are you alright?”
Huo Wushuang pulled his little sister upright, carefully looking her over.

“I’m alright.”

And right now, Xiao Wu, with tears streaming down her cheeks, pulled Tang San into her embrace. Jiang Zhu’s healing halos were rushing out without a thought to how much spirit power was wasted. Oscar’s big sausage was already in Tang San’s mouth.

Were it not for Tang San promptly warning off Ning Rongrong, perhaps she would have used her four boost abilities on Tang San.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

“Silly girl, don’t cry! Big brother is fine.”
Tang San was going to raise his hand to rub Xiao Wu’s head, but discovered his arm wouldn’t rise for some reason.

Actually, when he faced Huo Wu he didn’t have any intention of winning this fight. In what is called ‘leaving a way out’, he had already defeated six people, Shrek Academy would definitely be the final victors of this ranking match, so why would he need to exterminate them to the last? It might be pleasurable to defeat seven alone, but that would also entail branding both sides with hatred. He didn’t wish for that.

After all, he didn’t hold any malice towards Blazing Academy.

Therefore, Tang San originally only planned to waste as much of Huo Wu’s spirit power as he could, leaving the end of the match for the next person going up to handle. But who could have thought that Huo Wu would target him so fiercely, with this being the end result.

When Dai Mubai helped Tang San up, revealing his back, the Shrek Academy group drew a cold breath practically simultaneously.

The clothes on Tang San’s back were already in pieces, full of badly mangled flesh and blood, in some places even the bone beneath was visible. Even his arms were already dyed red with blood, hanging limply by his sides.

What kind of pain was this? But Tang San’s face still held an unperturbed smile, as if this pain was nothing to him. Only the sweat beading on his forehead told people that he was injured.

Huo Wu’s white ball of light had even greater attack power than Tang San had imagined. If not for Eight Spider Lances, if not for his body being forged in the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, even if he didn’t die this time, he would still at least have been seriously injured.

But even though his injuries were ghastly to look at, they were nothing more than some flesh wounds. His bones and internal organs hadn’t suffered too much harm.

By now the referee was a walking over, calling out for medical staff to treat Tang San while declaring Huo Wu the victor of this fight.

Before Shrek Academy’s second team member appeared, Huo Wu had already declared that she conceded the next match. Whether her exhausted spirit power or the state of the heart, she no longer had neither the will nor ability to keep fighting.

Right now the Shrek Academy group couldn’t spare a thought to hate Huo Wu, their only concern was Tang San’s safety.

Tang San was carried out lying face down on a stretcher, this was the true end of this match. Even though Tang San hadn’t made too great of a show in the last fight, his previous six fights had long ago conquered everyone.

Moreover, had he truly lost the last fight?

He could completely have used Huo Wu’s body to shield himself from the attack. With his control strength, he would only have needed to infuse her body with some of his spirit power, letting that white ball of light detonate in Huo Wu. There wouldn’t have been any danger to him, and it wouldn’t even have been against the rules.

After all, that terrifying attack was used by Huo Wu, not Tang San.

“Will my ge really be alright?”
In the barracks, Xiao Wu looked with concern at the Heaven Dou Imperial court doctor.

The doctor was a forty something woman, and by appearances she should have been a beauty in her youth. She smiled calmly at Xiao Wu, saying:
“Little miss, this is already the seventeenth time you’ve asked me the same question. Don’t worry. Your big brother won’t have any major issues, only his skin and flesh was injured. His bones are intact and internal organs protected. Truly strange. The flexibility of his muscles is at least three times that of ordinary Spirit Masters, how did he train to become like this? Right now he’s only lost a bit of blood, he needs to rest a while. He will be able to move as usual in at most five days. However. It’s best if you don’t let him participate in any more matches in this ranking competition. Otherwise there’s a chance the wounds would be torn open.”

“Thank you, auntie doctor.”

The doctor smiled calmly, picking up her medical box:
“Alright, you take care of him properly, I’ll leave first.”

Seeing the doctor out, Xiao Wu’s expression finally relaxed somewhat. Right now Tang San was already deep asleep.

Watching his still deathly pale face, bursts of heartache like daggers in her heart attacked Xiao Wu. She would prefer she was the one injured rather than seeing Tang San wounded like this!

Grandmaster waved his hand to the Shrek Academy group in the room, saying:
“Alright, the rest of you all go rest. There’s still a match tomorrow. Let’s leave Xiao Wu to look after Tang San here.”

Everyone moved to quietly leave the room. As long as Tang San was alright, they were also at ease.

Inside the room, only Xiao Wu, Grandmaster and Tang San remained. Grandmaster looked at Tang San who lay on his stomach in the bed, deep asleep, and said with a slight smile:
“Little San really did the right thing.”

Xiao Wu raised her head, puzzled looking at Grandmaster,
“Grandmaster, are you still saying he did the right thing? He could clearly have let that Huo Wu take the attack.”

Grandmaster sighed, saying:
“What little San did was for the sake of the Academy’s reputation, and also for your future. First of all, the five elemental academies are like siblings. If he had truly defeated seven of the Blazing Academy singlehandedly, then he would inevitably have roused the anger of the other three academies. And this hatred would also bear considerable fruit. Second, if he had really used Huo Wu’s body to block that attack, Huo Wu would definitely have died. Huo Wu is the genius of a generation to Blazing Academy, if she died, first let alone any powers behind her back, the reprisals from Blazing Academy alone would have deluged us in trouble. Tang San wanted to see that even less. You’re all students, there’s no deep hatred or great regret, therefore he chose this conclusion. I believe that when little San used his body to block the attack he had certainly already calculated his endurance and the opponent’s attack power.”

Grandmaster had always regarded Tang San as his own child. Seeing Tang San injured, how couldn’t he feel regretful?

But Grandmaster was always an intellectual, as soon as he knew Tang San wasn’t in any grave danger, his reason immediately took the fore, and simple analysis allowed him to confirm Tang San’s actions. Of course, this didn’t mean he didn’t care about Tang San’s injuries.

Xiao Wu sighed lightly, and didn’t say anything else. What she thought in her heart right now was that as long as Tang San was alright, nothing else mattered.

Just at this time, Dai Mubai’s ice cold voice suddenly resounded from outside,
“What are you doing here? Get out.”

“We came to see Tang San, and to express out thanks.”
The voice belonged to Huo Wushuang. Hearing this voice, Xiao Wu couldn’t help frowning.

Outside the barracks, not only had Huo Wushuang come, but the full seven people of Blazing Academy’s main force were here, including the still pale Huo Wu.

They had calmed down after the end of the match. Huo Wushuang couldn’t help a burst of lingering fear. He of course had also seen his little sister’s danger in the match, and if not for Tang San being lenient, he wouldn’t have a little sister.

Even though Blazing Academy had lost in disgrace, only winning one fight, not only didn’t Huo Wushuang hate Tang San, but was on the contrary extremely thankful. Compared to any achievements in the tournament, his little sister’s life was clearly much more important.

And Huo Wu’s position in Blazing Academy was as central as the moon amidst the stars, so the other team members felt about the same. After returning to the camp, Huo Wushuang had immediately proposed they go see Tang San.

Dai Mubai’s ice cold gaze swept across them,
“No need for fake grief like cats weeping over dead mice. Tang San still isn’t dead.”

Huo Wushuang frowned,
“Dai Mubai, don’t be excessive. I came to see Tang San. To express my gratitude to him for letting off my little sister. It wasn’t to see you. Get out of the way.”

By now, hearing the voices, apart from Tang San and Xiao Wu, the other four Shrek Seven Devils had also come over. Just like Dai Mubai, they didn’t have any favorable impression of the Blazing Academy that caused Tang San such injuries. The four of them plus the four substitutes, eight people stood in a line, blocking the Blazing Academy’s path.

“Get out of here immediately. Otherwise, don’t blame us for being impolite.”
The double pupils in Dai Mubai’s evil eyes were converging, clearly he was already almost unable to suppress his anger.

Currently, the Blazing Academy seven main force members had just participated in the ranking competition, and they had all consumed their spirit power to some extent. If it really came to a fight they wouldn’t get off easy. Moreover, they originally came here to express their good will.

“I came to thank Tang San:”
The moment Huo Wushuang was about to erupt, Huo Wu suddenly stepped out, her pale charming face without any trace of irritability, instead it had become very serene. Her beautiful eyes held even more pondering and calm depth, like a changed person.

“No need. My ge is already asleep. Leave. Don’t disturb his rest.”
Xiao Wu stepped out of the room, staring icily at Huo Wu.

Even though Tang San’s injuries had been caused by him using his body to cover for her, the originator of all evil was still Huo Wu. Xiao Wu naturally wouldn’t have any good impression of this woman whose looks didn’t lose to her.

Huo Wu looked at Xiao Wu moving out of the barracks, nodded and said:
“Then sorry for the disturbance. Once he’s a bit better, I’ll come express my gratitude again.”

Xiao Wu declined without the slightest hesitation:

These words were equivalent to her pointing out that the two sides weren’t friends.

Blazing Academy’s people had just left when someone else came.

The arrival of Ning Fengzhi and Xue Qinghe was, on the surface, to represent the organizational committee to ask about Tang San’s injuries. But in fact, Tang San wasn’t the only person to be injured so far in the tournament, but only he had gotten this kind of attention.

After making certain Tang San wasn’t in any grave danger, the two exchanged a few words with Grandmaster, then left. The barracks also finally quieted down.

[1] (融环) “Melting/Blending/Merging/Harmony Ring”

[2] 半尺 = ⅙ m

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