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Chapter 109

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

It was the last day before the ranking competition, and this day was also the Shrek Seven Devils’ last time confronting Liu Erlong.

Without the slightest hesitation, Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun simultaneously interposed themselves in front of Tang San, blocking stiffly.

Dai Mubai’s body had already expanded to the limit, White Tiger Barrier and White Tiger Vajra Transformation used simultaneously. But Ma Hongjun burst with Bathing Fire Phoenix and Phoenix Ascension, his chubby body soaring in midair, blocking above as Dai Mubai did below. Fully using their spirit power, they obstructed Liu Erlong’s attack, giving Tang San time to fight.

At the same time, the others didn’t stay idle either. Three lines of light shot out simultaneously, two of them falling on Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun, releasing an aura of defense, while the third fell on Xiao Wu with a speed boost. The user of these three lines of light was Ning Rongrong. The Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda in her hand shone brilliantly, providing the optimum support while saving the most spirit power.

Xiao Wu had already leapt, pouncing straight at Liu Erlong. But Liu Erlong didn’t seem to see her, both hands spreading, two lines of Fire Dragon energy struck at Zhu Zhuqing approaching from the side, suppressing her.

But at this moment, a silhouette soared high up in the air, incorporeal wings flapping behind his back, Tang San.

Using a flying mushroom to provide one minute of fast flight, let him soar far into the air.

Liu Erlong practically unconsciously raised her head to look at Tang San, but what met her was two beams of purple golden light.

Even if Liu Erlong was a Spirit Sage, she still shuddered a moment under that powerful mental attack. The spirit ability she had just prepared to use was immediately obstructed. And this moment was when Xiao Wu only was five meters away from her.

The Soft Bones Demon Rabbit’s second spirit ability, Demon Confusion, launched.

Under normal circumstances, Xiao Wu’s Demon Confusion would clearly have been ineffective on Liu Erlong, she would even have been injured by Liu Erlong’s mental strength backlash. But right now was different. Liu Erlong’s mind was at its weakest when under Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye mental attack. Xiao Wu’s Demon Confusion ability immediately showed results, increasing the time Liu Erlong was deadlocked by two seconds.

Hardly sparing her spirit power, the next moment, Xiao Wu’s third spirit ability, Teleportation, launched. Her body abruptly appeared behind Liu Erlong, subconsciously avoiding a frontal attack. Her legs wound around Liu Erlong’s waist, and Waist Bow launched.

Liu Erlong’s spirit power really was too great. Even if Xiao Wu’s Waist Bow instantly doubled her strength, it still wasn’t enough to throw Liu Erlong. But under this kind of stun, Liu Erlong still couldn’t stand firm. The spirit power within her body erupted, wanting to shock Xiao Wu loose.

But, the degree of toughness of Xiao Wu’s body was so valiant that even with Liu Erlong’s spirit power, it still wasn’t easy to shake her off in an instant. And confronting her adopted daughter, Liu Erlong was also unwilling to use her flame attack to injure Xiao Wu.

Only at truly close range could the frightfulness of Xiao Wu’s Soft Skill be experienced.

Her bone maggot-like attack method basically didn’t give the opponent any chance to strike back. After getting close, none of the other Shrek Seven Devils could match Xiao Wu in use of strength. Right now, even though she was unable to throw Liu Erlong, Liu Erlong had no doubt also lost her agility.

Zhu Zhuqing suddenly stopped after her retreat, her figure flashed, turning into three. It was her fourth spirit ability, Hell Shadow Doppelgänger. Immediately afterward, her third spirit ring also flared. The three claws of the figures rose simultaneously, launching Hell Decapitation.

Zhu Zhuqing’s Hell Shadow Doppelgänger wasn’t like the mirages Xiao Wu produced with speed, for a brief moment, her doppelgängers had the power to attack.

And this moment coordinating the third spirit ability Hell Decapitation was doubtless like three separate Hell Decapitations simultaneously striking in one direction.

Coordinating the fourth spirit ability with the third spirit ability, no doubt made her attack power increase geometrically.

At this moment, Ma Hongjun and Dai Mubai erupted as well.

The two both fully used two spirit abilities, White Tiger Barrier and White Tiger Vajra Transformation already raised Dai Mubai’s spirit power to its peak condition, and Fatty’s phoenix flame also equally reached its peak under the boost of Phoenix Ascension and Bathing Fire Phoenix.

Under such circumstances, the two turned from defense to offense in an instant. Dazzling white meteors fell from the sky, blasting at Liu Erlong. Fatty already swiftly flew in front of Liu Erlong under Phoenix Ascension’s effect.

Xiao Wu’s delicate body leapt backwards, her mission already complete. And the split second she leapt back, the Spider Web Restraint Tang San shot from the air landed on Liu Erlong.

Tang San, Dai Mubai, Ma Hongjun, Zhu Zhuqing, the four main attackers were simultaneously suffused with a layer of pink light, the might of their spirit abilities reaching the peak in a split second. And the splendor of the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda also changed at this moment. Altogether eight rays of light separately falling on the four of them. Each person had support from two rays of light, Ning Rongrong’s spirit power boost and attack power boost.

Under the support of the pink stimulating sausage and Ning Rongrong’s all out dual boost, right now the attack power of Tang San and the others had doubtless reached the limit.


The first to erupt was Fatty’s Phoenix Cry Sky Strike, the distorted space just taking the place of Xiao Wu’s Demon Confusion, accurately acting as a follow up strike. An enormous pillar of flame burst up, its attack power erupting completely.

The attack from below shocked Liu Erlong’s body, even though her flame resistance was very high, the adhering properties of Fatty’s phoenix flame were extremely powerful, finally having an enormous restrictive effect on her fire dragon breath.

And those three Hell Decapitations and the White Tiger Meteor Shower in midair also all accurately struck Liu Erlong.

From Tang San’s use of Purple Demon Eye, up to the quadruple cooperative attack, the whole process left Liu Erlong without any chance to resist. The initial and follow-up restraining abilities completely restrained her from acting.

“Fuck, you little bastards.”
Enduring White Tiger Meteor Shower and three Hell Decapitations finally brought Liu Erlong back from the daze. Under such circumstances, even she had no choice but to use her most powerful defensive ability.

Magnificent flaming radiance burst out from within her body, Fire Dragon Avatar erupted.

But at this moment, in the ground below Liu Erlong, suddenly, countless knife sharp incomparable Blue Silver Grass abruptly exploded out, a one diameter circle of Blue Silver Grass caught up to her in a flash. The timing when the Blue Silver Grass erupted was the moment after Liu Erlong had taken White Tiger Meteor Shower, Hell Decapitation, and Phoenix Cry Sky Strike, when her defense was at its weakest, just transforming into Fire Dragon Avatar.

Tang San’s forth spirit ability Blue Silver Prison’s variant version Blue Silver Thrust, launched.

Tang San had waited for this opportunity all along. Ten days of secluded cultivation let him figure out a great many things. Blue Silver Prison wasn’t powerful in itself, but its superiority lay in ease of control. Under the effect of his fourth spirit ability, Blue Silver Grass would become incomparably hard, and utilizing this fact, Tang San had developed this Blue Silver Thrust. The same as Blue Silver prison, the most terrifying part of Blue Silver Thrust wasn’t its attack power, but rather its unexpectedness. Right now, even Liu Erlong couldn’t help jumping with fright.

Tyrannical piercing power once again slammed at the not yet completely turned into Fire Dragon Avatar Liu Erlong, and at this moment, a black little hammer dropped from the sky, just falling on top of Liu Erlong’s head.

A dizzy feeling spread through her entire body, and Liu Erlong’s Fire Dragon Avatar was forcibly interrupted by that intense daze. Immediately afterwards, her ears caught a burst of mechanical sounds.


A ragged Liu Erlong fell to the ground. Even if she hadn’t suffered any true injuries by relying on the defensive abilities she had launched at the start of the battle as well as her formidable spirit power, right now her clothes were already substantially damaged, the qi and blood within her body roiling, for a moment unexpectedly unable to use spirit abilities of her third spirit ring and higher.

And at this moment, she also clearly saw the Shrek Seven Devils. These seven little fellows each had a black square box in their hands, just smiling and chattering looking at her. Clearly they didn’t intend to shoot her, but Liu Erlong still felt a chill run down her back.

No matter how she couldn’t understand why these little monsters suddenly became so ferocious today. Just yesterday they had still been oppressed by her. But in this fight today, Liu Erlong had been completely unable to display her strength.

“Alright, it’s over. Erlong, you lost.”
Grandmaster’s slightly stiff voice echoed.

Unwinding the mechanisms, the Shrek Seven Devils simultaneously withdrew their Godly Zhuge Crossbows, stretching out their right hands and making victory signs. Ning Rongrong was even shouted excitedly.

Yes, even if there were seven of them, the one they defeated today was an immense seventy something ranked Spirit Sage, and moreover had terrifying attack power, burst strength so tyrannical she was known as the Slaughtering Corner, Liu Erlong. How couldn’t they be excited?

“I don’t accept it.”

“Why did I lose? They didn’t even really hurt me. If it went on, I would definitely win. Even those Godly Zhuge Crossbows of theirs might not be able to really hurt me.”

Seeing Liu Erlong seething, Grandmaster raised a hand to help her sort out her disorderly red hair. Shaking his head with a smile, he said:
“No, you already lost. Didn’t you notice they already went easy on you? Mubai and Zhuqing’s spirit fusion ability wasn’t used, and Tang San still held back his external spirit bone.”

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

“Since they could link up other spirit abilities, then they shouldn’t be unable to join together two powerful abilities. You lost out of carelessness, when Tang San stunned you with Purple Demon Eye, you had already lost any chance. These little fellows basically wouldn’t give you the time to retaliate. Constantly hit with restraining abilities, what could you have done? Even if your strength exceeds theirs by far, that’s still no good against an explosive bombardment maneuver like theirs. You were outsmarted by them.”

Liu Erlong turned fiercely, looking at the Shrek Seven Devils excitedly celebrating their victory,
“Hurray, you little bastards, how long have you been scheming against an old woman?”

Oscar grinned, saying:
“You’re too strong, if we didn’t do this, how could we be your opponent?”

Liu Erlong angrily said:
“This old woman should fully use her spirit avatar once, then teach all of you a proper lesson.”

“Useless. They have too many interrupting abilities. They wouldn’t give you the chance to use spirit avatar. Your other abilities also aren’t enough to beat them. With two auxiliaries, they can completely boost the strength of two or three people above the fiftieth rank. These little monsters have basically perfected their teamwork. If it was Flender here, the result would still be the same.”

Grandmaster looked at the group of children in front of him with satisfaction, they had clearly grown a lot in just this one month. Moreover, their growth speed was faster than even he had imagined. Not just Tang San, but all of them.

Right now, the spirit power of the seven had also reached the limit of their rank under Liu Erlong’s pressure, already not far from promoting.

Grandmaster very naturally embraced Liu Erlong’s shoulders,
“These seven little monsters started planning against you at least three days ago. With this kind of teamwork, even if you could defeat them, it wouldn’t be easy to oppress them like you did the last few days. They were showing weakness to the enemy, making you drop your guard. They are clearly unable to defeat you in true strength, but in circumstances where they’re showing weakness, it would be impossible for you to take the initiative and use your more powerful spirit abilities. Consequently, your defeat today.”

Liu Erlong looked fiercely at the Shrek Seven Devils,
“Hurray. You seven little creatures actually dared scheme against me. You’re toast. Come, let’s continue exchanging pointers. If this old woman doesn’t beat you until you’re crying today, then my name isn’t Liu Erlong.”

Before Liu Erlong even charged, the Shrek Seven Devils were already screaming. Everyone’s pleading gazes fell on Grandmaster.

Grandmaster raised his head to look at the sky, very flatly saying:
“Even though your tactics were pretty good, the one you schemed against was after all your teacher’s wife. Let her vent her anger. Erlong, start off a bit leniently.”

The Shrek Seven Devils,

In the next several hours, the classes in Shrek Academy’s main school building could all clearly hear blood curdling screams echoing continuously. Apparently, the forest behind the academy had become a world of misery.

Most miserable were Tai Long’s quartet. They didn’t have any part in the scheme against Liu Erlong, but they still couldn’t avoid their share of the beating.

The Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament ranking competition wasn’t as bustling as the qualifiers. In order to protect the privacy of the spirit masters, and also out of security considerations, not spectators were allowed at the ranking competition.

The ranking competitions were still held by the two great empires, the thirty teams selected in the qualifiers competing in each of their empires. But the three teams seeded to participate in the finals didn’t participate.

On the Heaven Dou Empire’s side, including the five teams that passed the Heaven Dou City qualifiers, altogether fifteen teams had already completed their registration procedures in the morning, gathering at the ranking competition site.

The teams were few, but being capable of passing the qualifiers, they were no doubt all the elite of the elite.

The ten teams from the five kingdoms and duchies all came a bit earlier in order to familiarize themselves with the surroundings. At the same time, they also carried numerous promises from the kingdom or duchy they represented. If they could make a good showing, the rewards they could obtain might be even greater than what emperor Xue Ye promised.

After all, those kingdoms and duchies all had even greater thirsts for talents. Who didn’t wish to grasp even more formidable spirit masters in their hands?

Spirit Masters had long since become the decisive element on the battlefields of Douluo Continent, and the number of high level Spirit Masters was also the basis when weighing the power of the sides. It was also because of this that Spirit Hall held such a high position. Even the two great empires didn’t dare lightly offend them, fully aware that those kingdoms and duchies were all secretly backed by Spirit Hall. They dared be angry, but not say anything.

The imperial household hunting grounds were fifty kilometers southwest of Heaven Dou City. The hunting grounds were a vast area with varied terrain, both hunting grounds and training area for imperial household staff.

On ordinary days, commoners weren’t allowed anywhere near. It was patrolled and protected by ten thousand imperial household knights, who simultaneously drilled here. The duty roster was rotated into training every three months, to maintain fighting strength.

The imperial household knights regiment was considered the most powerful force at the disposal of Heaven Dou Empire’s imperial household.

In order needless trouble and conflicts, and also to prevent the strength of each team entering the ranking competition from being observed by others, all the fifteen advanced spirit master academy teams entering were arranged in separate resting areas.

The Heaven Dou imperial household had clearly prepared for the competition far in advance, and the first thing the Shrek Academy party saw when they arrived early in the morning, was the enormous imperial household knights regiment.

Without exception, the entire Heaven Dou imperial household knights regiment wore brightly shining silvery armor, the solid plates possessing astonishing defensive power. Even their mounts were carefully chosen, Skysoul Horses possessing a degree of spirit beast blood. Horses like these didn’t have any kind of offensive capability, but their surprising speed, enormous carrying capacity, as well as outstanding endurance, always made these the first choice for cavalry.

The horses also wore armor, but even with the weight of the knights in bright armor, it couldn’t influence the speed of these steeds.

If a team of cavalry like this launched a charge, their power would inevitably be astonishing.

The imperial household knights regiment was the result of the efforts of the Heaven Dou imperial household to create a group of elite troops. There were fifty thousand men in all, and all hundred men captains and higher were spirit masters. This was also an extremely expensive army, but its military power was equally tremendous. At least there was no way the several great kingdoms and duchies subordinate to Heaven Dou Empire dared act blindly without thinking under its threat.

“Please present your letter.”
The Shrek Academy party was blocked by a group of imperial household knights. The so-called letter was the proof of advancement qualifications.

Flender handed over the proof to the counterpart, and that silver armored, red-tasseled knight immediately saluted.

“Welcome, Spirit Masters of Shrek Academy. I am Heaven Dou imperial household knights regiment’s third brigade captain Roxon, please follow me.”
Finished speaking, he didn’t mount up, but led the Shrek Academy’s more than ten people into the hunting ground under escort of fifty fully armed imperial household knights.

Cresting a small hill, everyone suddenly saw a wide open space emerge in front of them. It was an expansive grassland, stretching to the horizon, giving a liberating feeling, indescribably pleasurable.

A large area of barracks formed a circle in the grasslands. Roxon pointed at the camp,
“The Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament’s ranking competition will be held at the center of the barracks. We can absolutely guarantee the safety and privacy of all the guests.”

Tang San’s heart twitched, thinking to himself that the Heaven Dou imperial household had spent a lot of painstaking effort. Holding the ranking competition among these barracks would certainly mean the imperial household knights would become spectators. A showdown of Spirit Masters would inevitably have a certain energizing effect on the knights, rousing their diligent resolution and fighting spirit even more.

The Shrek Academy party was led into the camp and allocated five rooms for their rest area. The army’s barracks naturally couldn’t be called luxurious, but they were swept unusually clean. Clearly it was prepared in advance of their arrival.

Until the end of the ranking competition, the Shrek Academy’s fourteen members would all stay here.

The ranking competition would also follow a round robin format, but since there were a lot fewer teams, the time allocated for the competition dropped from one month to half a month. After another half month of rest, the finals would ultimately be held on the border between Heaven Dou and Star Luo Empires.

Roxon gave Flender a standard military salute,
“Sir dean, please rest early. The ranking competition will officially start tomorrow. At that time, special guides will bring you to the competition area. The ranking competition doesn’t have an opening ceremony, and will start directly with matches. The outcome of the matches will be decided jointly by the Empire and Spirit Hall, to ensure fairness.”

“Thank you, captain Roxon.”
Flender returned the salute with a smile.

Roxon, somewhat overwhelmed with the favor, said:

Capable of becoming the imperial household knights regiment third brigade captain, he was naturally also a Spirit Master. But only at the forty fourth rank. Facing the dean of an advanced Spirit Master academy, he was naturally brimming with admiration.

Flender assigned everyone to the rooms very quickly. Liu Erlong and Xiao Wu to one room, Ning Rongrong, Jiang Zhu and Zhu Zhuqing to one room. He and Grandmaster to one room. The remaining two rooms were split between Tang San, Dai Mubai and the other male students.

Just when they had settled in, this temporary dwelling also received two guests. If saying that the arrival of Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi came as a surprise to Tang San, then the person who came with him was even more unexpected.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

Between the five barracks was an independent courtyard. Tang San had just left his luggage in the courtyard to stretch, when he saw the two approaching.

“Hello uncle Ning, your Highness, how come you’re here too?”

The person with Ning Fengzhi wasn’t a stranger, but Heaven Dou Empire’s crown prince, Xue Qinghe.

Xue Qinghe wore common noble’s attire, without anything particularly luxurious. He gave an impression of an average noble, especially when standing next to the elegant Ning Fengzhi. The contrast alone kept him from drawing attention.

If Tang San hadn’t met him before, he absolutely wouldn’t have thought he had such noble status.

Xue Qinghe had a mild smile,
“Brother Tang, I didn’t come for you. This time I’m here with my imperial father to watch the ranking competition and took the chance to come look in on you. How is it? Is this place suitable? If you have any complaints, I’ll call over someone to move you somewhere else.”

Tang San hurriedly shook his head, saying:
“No need to take the trouble, here is already very good. Many thanks for your Highness’ concern.”

Xue Qinghe’s brows wrinkled slightly, saying:
“Brother Tang, there’s no need to keep calling me crown prince, crown prince. I’m a few years older than you, so if you don’t mind, just call me big brother Xue. Can I call you by your name?”

Tang San still had a very favorable impression of Xue Qinghe. Compared to his little brother Xue Beng, the two were practically as different as heaven and earth.  Even though Xue Qinghe wasn’t very old, his shrewdness was very deep. But no matter how you put it, on the surface he gave people a very comfortable impression.

Not only didn’t he have any of the arrogance of a crown prince, that amiable and approachable impression was very easy to accept. Even if he clearly had the intention of recruiting Tang San, he didn’t force the issue.

“Alright, big brother Xue. Then I’ll address you like this from now. Please, come sit inside.”
Tang San hastily showed Xue Qinghe and Ning Fengzhi into the barracks.

Ning Fengzhi smiling shook his head, saying:
“We won’t sit down, we’re only here for a look. Rongrong is? Not having seen that girl for a while, I’ve really missed her.”


“Why did you come?”
Directly throwing herself into Ning Fengzhi’s embrace, Ning Rongrong had an excited expression.

By now, the others had also all walked out from the rooms. Xue Qinghe made a hushing gesture at Tang San who immediately caught on: clearly he didn’t want his identity known, and naturally also no inappropriate introductions.

Flender and Grandmaster came to greet them,
“School master Ning, hello.”

Ning Fengzhi smiled:
“Dean Flender, we’re passing by. We heard you’d already checked in, and came to take a look in passing. At the same time I would still be so presumptuous as to ask a favor.”

“Eh? School master Ning, please speak.”
Flender looked with some astonishment at this character with a decisive role among the seven great schools. He didn’t understand what matter he would come to him for.

Ning Fengzhi said:
“Rongrong is indebted to your noble institution’s dean and teachers for all the care and instruction. Her strength has advanced by leaps and bounds, I don’t know how much stronger she has become compared to when she was at the school. It seems that my Seven Glazed Tile School’s internal education has still has a great many issues. Therefore, when next semester starts, I want to have some school disciples enroll at Shrek Academy, I don’t know whether that would be inconvenient?”


“School master Ning, is this appropriate? How could our Academy compare to the instruction of your noble school?”

Ning Fengzhi smiled:
“There’s nothing inappropriate, isn’t Rongrong the best example? I’ll say it directly, my decision to have school disciples study at your Academy is mainly to interact with Grandmaster. I believe that Grandmaster’s capability to instruct students is second to none on the Continent, Grandmaster’s intellectual knowledge is also worthy to sigh in praise over.”

Flender suddenly understood. Indeed, even though Grandmaster was previously known for his theoretical knowledge, his reputation in the Spirit Master world originated even more in their Golden Iron Triangle trinity combination.

But along with Tang San revealing his outstanding talent, as a perspicacious person, Ning Fengzhi naturally understood that this was inextricably linked with Grandmaster’s instruction. Since Grandmaster could instruct one genius, he could naturally instruct a second, a third, and even more. Ning Fengzhi was worthy of being the school master of one of the three upper sects, his insight made Flender secretly sigh in praise.

Grandmaster’s expression twitched. He just wanted to say something, but seeing Flender’s imploring gaze, his words went back down. If the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School could cooperate with Shrek Academy, it would have an enormous impact on the future growth of Shrek Academy.

With the backing of Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, Shrek Academy would doubtless immediately be promoted to the level of the Continent’s most famous academies.

Even though Grandmaster really didn’t want to be tied down to a routine, recalling everything Flender had done for him and Liu Erlong all these years, he really didn’t have the heart to refuse again. He could only agree.

Ning Fengzhi didn’t seem to see the embarrassment on Grandmaster’s face, and smiled at Flender:
“As for the concrete arrangements, I’ll wait to speak with dean about it until after the end of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Tournament. The ranking competition is the stage to reveal the strength of the individual, and it’s also the best opportunity to temper these children. Here, let me be the first to congratulate Shrek Academy on achieving a good record.”

Flender hurriedly expressed his thanks.

At this point, Xue Qinghe to the side said:
“Teacher, it’s getting late. We should leave.”

Flender’s gaze turned to Xue Qinghe,
“I still haven’t asked, this is?”

Ning Fengzhi smiled:
“He’s my disciple, called Xue Qinghe.”

Xue Qinghe took the initiative to salute Flender, saying:
“Greetings, dean Flender.”

Flender was also a person experienced in the ways of the world, and even though Xue Qinghe’s clothes weren’t particularly outstanding, his temperament absolutely wasn’t something common nobles possessed. But he wouldn’t unmask anything, and only immediately returned the politeness, smiling and nodding to Xue Qinghe.

Ning Rongrong somewhat resentfully said:
“Dad, you’ve only just come and you’re leaving again! It’s a pity I’m auxiliary system and can’t go on stage in the ranking competition, otherwise I’d definitely show you my present strength!”

Ning Fengzhi laughed out loud, saying:
“No need to see it, don’t tell me I couldn’t feel relieved handing you over to dean Flender and the others? Continue working hard, you’re the hope of the school’s future. I’ve talked it over with the school’s inner elders, once you’ve graduated from Shrek Academy, you’ll be formally declared the successor as the next sect master.”

Ning Rongrong stuck out her tongue. Clearly she wasn’t particularly interested in the position of Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master.

Ning Fengzhi’s expression was flat,
“This isn’t a responsibility you can avoid. Dad has a daughter like you, if I can’t hand over the sect to you, who else? No need to be dissatisfied. With dad’s current health, enduring for another few decades isn’t any problem, is that still not enough time for you to play?”

Ning Rongrong saw how her father worried, and immediately couldn’t help but blush. But in her heart she still wasn’t happy, and subconsciously, her gaze floated sideways, falling on the not distant Oscar, a burst of nervosity springing up unbidden.

Even though she had already decided to tell Oscar about the school rules after this tournament, but for some reason, as time passed, she found that the courage in her heart was growing less and less.

Ever since she agreed to give Oscar a chance, for half a year, Oscar had trained as if his life depended on it every day, and his gifts had also gradually emerged. He laughed and joked a lot less, and his strength had truly advanced.

His growth was so fast it astonished even Grandmaster. Grandmaster had said that Oscar was the second person after Tang San to advance to the forty second rank.

Even as a food system Spirit Master, his growth speed was unexpectedly faster than Zhu Zhuqing, Ma Hongjun and the others. This could only prove that he expended more effort than anyone else.

Ning Fengzhi once again said his goodbye’s to Flender and Grandmaster.

“Tang San, see you again. I’ll wait to see your elegance in the ranking competition.”
Ning Fengzhi also called out to Tang San, and the two left the courtyard, seen off by everyone.

Returning to the camp, Flender pulled Tang San aside,
“Little San, who was that person with Ning Fengzhi just now? Wasn’t he the prince of Heaven Dou Empire?”

Tang San’s heart twitched, thinking to himself that ginger really grew spicier with age,
“He’s Heaven Dou Empire’s crown prince. I met him once before.”

Flender’s expression shifted slightly, a trace of a smile at the corner of his mouth,
“It seems that along with you revealing your talent, our Shrek Academy will really bask in the reflected light.”

The ranking competition didn’t have multiple stages like the qualifiers, but rather only had one competition area, the great drilling field of the imperial household knight regiment.

Altogether fifteen teams participated in the ranking competition, conducting a round robin tournament of fourteen rounds. Each day was one round, and each day would have one team rest, and seven matches. They were all conducted in this one space.

The great drilling field had been remodeled, with a one hundred meter in diameter area drawn in the center. Compared to the stages of the qualifiers, this space was even wider, and naturally also even easier to fully use their strength.

On the north side of the great drilling grounds, VIP seats were built facing south, and these were also the referee seats. This time there weren’t as many VIP spectators as last time.

There were a lot fewer nobles. As far as the eye could see, apart from emperor Xue Ye, Ning Fengzhi and platinum bishop Salas in the first row, the seats behind were all taken by people dressed like generals and high level attendants from Spirit Hall’s Heaven Dou City Spirit Temple.

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