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Chapter 108

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

Dugu Bo couldn’t help staring blankly as he saw the suddenly blossoming radiance in Tang San’s eyes,
“Little freak, don’t be feverish. Didn’t you understand what I just said? Those spirit bones aren’t for you to dream of.”

Tang San didn’t speak, what is called ‘take what you hear to be false, only believe it when you see it’. Raising his right hand, faint blue light bubbled out of his palm, and under his precise control, only one tiny Blue Silver Grass stretched its way out. That was just one blade of grass, seemingly no different than wild blue silver grass. The appearance of the spirit, naturally also meant the spirit rings appeared.

Yellow, yellow, purple, black. Four spirit rings hovered quietly. The yellow rings of light were bright and spirited, the purple spirit ring noble and threatening, but that black spirit ring was just like a bottomless abyss, brimming with terrifying charm.

Dugu Bo shot to his feet, his gaze going through myriad changes in an instant as he looked at Tang San, a strict imposing manner abruptly burst out of him, pressing in on Tang San from all directions.

Under the effect of the external pressure, Tang San’s four spirit rings brightened. Only the Blue Silver Grass in his palm still swayed softly.

“No, this is impossible.”
Dugu Bo rubbed his eyes hard, shaking his head again, carefully staring at that black spirit ring over Tang San.

Tang San smiled slightly, saying:
“Did you forget? Turning the impossible into possible is what I’m best at. Do you think I can match Spirit Hall’s people now?”

Dugu Bo drew a deep breath, slowly suppressing his shock, saying something Tang San hadn’t expected,
“Give up on this tournament. With your age, you can still participate next time. At that time, there shouldn’t be anybody who could oppose your team.”

Tang San stared wide-eyed.

Dugu Bo lowered his voice:
“If your strength was still like before, or perhaps if your fourth spirit ring was only on the thousand year level, then I wouldn’t be worried. But this is different. Your fourth spirit ring reaching the ten thousand year level will bring you endless troubles. Do you think Spirit Hall wouldn’t take note of you? If you were Spirit Hall and encountered a genius like this, what would you do? There are only two options. Subdue or destroy. If my guess is correct, then right now your information is at least laid out on a platinum bishop’s desk. Spirit Hall wouldn’t try to act behind your back, they would completely exploit this tournament, arranging for you to have an ‘accident’ on stage in a just and honorable match. To Spirit Hall, the rules of the tournament is only a game to toy with.”

Tang San smiled wryly:
“So you’re saying you still aren’t optimistic about me?”

Dugu Bo looked deeply at him,
“There are three people in Spirit Hall’s so-called Golden Generation. I don’t know their specifics, and I also don’t know what their spirits and spirit abilities are. But I can tell you one thing: among these three, the one with the lowest spirit power is fifty first rank, and the other two are fifty second rank. They’re all only twenty three or twenty four years old. As they broke through the fiftieth rank and obtained their fifth spirit rings, the Supreme Pontiff personally awarded them Spirit Hall’s Purple Record Medal, and they also set Spirit hall’s record. And of the others forming their team this time, nobody has less than forty fifth ranked spirit power. This is all I know.”

Even though Tang San had always known Spirit Hall was formidable, it was only now that he understood just how frightening.

Fiftieth rank, even three at fiftieth rank…… And the rest were all over forty fifth rank. What did this signify?

Even though Tang San had absolute confidence in himself, now he saw a chasm that really was difficult to bridge. The lowest members on the other side were higher ranked than his side’s highest ranked. Could they really prevail over opponents like these?

Seeing Tang San’s alarmed expression, Dugu Bo sighed, saying:
“At your age, your current level is even more frightening than theirs, let alone when you still have the external spirit bone. Don’t think too much about it, there will be chances. As long as you don’t waste time, there will be a day when you surpass them.”

Tang San suddenly smiled. Perhaps it was because of Dugu Bo’s pointer undoing his issues, but right now his mind was incomparably incisive.

“Old freak. Didn’t you say it just now? As a Spirit Master, confidence is vital. If I really avoided a confrontation now, the blow to my confidence would be unimaginable. So what if we lose? Even if we can’t defeat them, don’t tell me we can’t defend ourselves? Only all out battle can show the gap between both sides. I won’t give up.”

Looking at Tang San, something unconsciously crept into Dugu Bo’s eyes,
“Forget about it, I don’t care about you. Just do as you wish. I’ll leave first. After returning from so far away, I still haven’t had a meal. I’ll go scavenge.”

Finished speaking, jade light flashed, and Dugu Bo’s lofty silhouette was already gone.

A warm feeling spread. Dugu Bo had just returned but came to see him first, that wasn’t for the sake of those Cluster Soul Chasing Life Taking Balls, but out of concern for him. By now there was nothing left of the initial intense vigilance.

Even though their ages differed by multiples, Tang San still sensed a feeling similar to Grandmaster from Dugu Bo, even so much that there was something of camaraderie, spanning the difference in years.

With Dugu Bo gone, the first thing Tang San did wasn’t to cultivate, nor was it to reflect, but to sleep.

Two days and two nights without rest had long ago already overtaxed his mind. Without sufficient rest, how could he start to test his vision? Therefore, he didn’t hesitate to choose to rest, and moreover very quickly entered dreamland.


The dazzling platinum bishop’s office, an expansive room with an area surpassing two hundred square meters, arranged with all kinds of precious toys.

Salas sat behind a massive, somewhat exaggeratedly gorgeous desk. In front of him was a file, a file transferred from Nuoding City.

It had to be said that Spirit Hall was incredibly efficient. In just a month they had found this kind of needle in a haystack document by searching the records the Spirit Halls in each town.

It was already the seventh time Salas had read this document, but in his heart he still didn’t dare believe what he was looking at was real.

The documents in front of him was a Spirit Master profile, for a Spirit Master named: Tang San.

The profile was very detailed. From the first time Tang San registered at Spirit Hall, confirming his status as Spirit Master, to each time he drew the Spirit Master stipend and each title upgrade after obtaining a spirit ring. All the details were there.

What kind of spirit rings he obtained, what rank spirit power, this wasn’t what had made Salas read it seven times. The reason why he repeatedly looked it over was actually only one number, a number representing age.

Fourteen, only fourteen years old. Still several months away from fifteen. Spirit Ancestor over fortieth rank. Spirit Ancestor at fourteen. Still with a fourth spirit ring at the ten thousand year level.

Clapping a hand to his forehead, Salas really didn’t want to believe it was true.

Standing, Salas walked over to a bookcase behind the desk, raising a hand to pull out a thick book. With a burst of mechanical sounds, the bookcase slowly moved to the side, exposing the wall.

On the wall was a square metal plate, emitting faint spirit power fluctuations. Clearly, this metal plate was a spirit tool. Pressing his right hand to it, immediately, a layer of faint red light emitted from the metal plate, instantly covering Salas’ palm.

With another burst of mechanical sounds, the square plate fell inwards, exposing a square space. The space wasn’t large, only one square chi[1], with a pile of documents inside.

Salas simply rummaged through and pulled out a file marked with the words ‘Top Secret’.

There were only three sheets of paper inside the file, with three profiles. Salas quickly looked them over, and very soon found what he was looking for.

“Fifteen, sixteen, sixteen, the youngest of those three was still fifteen when reaching fortieth rank spirit power.”

Abruptly closing the file, Salas quickly closed the hidden space with a peng sound. Returning to his desk with big strides, he once again picked up Tang San’s data, looking at that number for the eighth time.

“Still one year earlier than the Golden Generation. Blue Silver Grass, trash spirit? Truly interesting. It’s fortunate he only has Blue Silver Grass. But this Tang San’s spirit power growth rate is a bit too fast. Full innate spirit power Blue Silver Grass. It seems it should be a variation.”

Salas clearly hadn’t been influenced by emperor Xue Ye’s unyielding attitude earlier today. Picking up a pen, he very quickly wrote a letter. On the envelope was written ‘Top secret, for the Supreme Pontiff’.


Nightfall, a slender silhouette quietly entered the forest behind Shrek Academy, quickly moving along a familiar path, carrying a wooden case.

Her pace was very fast, each time her legs hit the ground she would be propelled at least five meters. In just a moment, she had already reached the log cabin in the woods.

Body shooting up, quietly crossing the fence, in just two leaps she stood in front of the log cabin’s door.

Quietly moving into the log cabin, before she had time to even move, a strand of durable Blue Silver Grass had already quietly twisted around her long legs. A cold voice echoed from within the darkness,

“Ge, it’s me.”

Along with the sweet voice rising, Blue Silver Grass quietly withdrew, and Tang San lit an oil lamp in the cabin.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

The arrival was Xiao Wu. She placed the lunch box she carried on the table and looked somewhat worriedly at Tang San, but didn’t ask anything.

Even though nobody else knew Tang San’s condition in these two days, she had brought food to him every day, and the corners of her eyes revealed her concern.

After asking Grandmaster several times, Grandmaster had only told her that Tang San would have to sort out his problems on his own.

Even Grandmaster hadn’t expected Tang San to be in even more danger than he had expected.

Under the lamplight, Xiao Wu’s charming countenance seemed even more beautiful, a pair of black big eyes, long scorpion braid, and still those somewhat exaggeratedly long legs. Even though she only wore the simple school uniform, the air around her was still pervaded with a fresh and clean air.

“Ge, eat something first.”
Xiao Wu opened the lunch box, taking out the dishes inside one by one, four dishes and one soup, as well as several steamed buns. Extremely sumptuous, and right now still piping hot.

This was also an important reason why Xiao Wu had rushed over, she was afraid the food would go cold.

Rubbing Xiao Wu’s head, Tang San pulled out a chair and, without any trace of politeness, quickly ate in big bites. He had gone two days without tasting what he ate, and now that his issues had been resolved, his appetite naturally returned. He swept clean the dishes in front of him like wind scattering clouds.

Watching Tang San eating heartily, Xiao Wu first looked distracted a moment, then very quickly had a somewhat smiling expression. The two had been together for so many years, how couldn’t she spot the changes in Tang San’s mood? Seeing that Tang San had already passed the danger zone, Xiao Wu’s taut heartstrings relaxed automatically.

“Ge, I’ll tell you something good. My spirit power is already thirty ninth rank.”

Tang San somewhat astonished raised his head. While chewing a mouthful of food, he said with delighted surprise:
“So quickly, then perhaps by the finals you’ll also have broken through to the fortieth rank. Even if you haven’t, just breaking through one rank of spirit power will boost strength somewhat.”

Xiao Wu smiled and shook her head, saying:
“Fortieth rank might be impossible in time for this tournament. That’s after all a bottleneck to break through. But it shouldn’t be too far away. I’ll try as hard as I can, so you have to try hard too! That match couldn’t be blamed on you. After all, our cooperation with Tai Long and the others really was a bit lacking. Once we reach the finals, our Shrek Seven Devils can go up together. The result will definitely be different then. All of us will support you. Everyone’s been together for so long, experienced so much, the final champions will definitely be us.”

In a short while of work, Tang San had swept the plates clean. When he smiling looked at Xiao Wu quietly clear the bowls and chopsticks, for some reason he unexpectedly didn’t feel like thinking about cultivating.

“Ge, we haven’t exchanged pointers in quite a while. You rest a bit first, then how about we compare notes later? No spirit abilities and hidden weapons.”

Seeing Xiao Wu’s as if smiling without smiling appearance, Tang San said:
“Aren’t you looking to bully me? Truly well said. Only, even without spirit abilities, right now you still might not beat me.”

If it was without using spirit abilities and hidden weapons, before when Tang San and Xiao Wu exchanged pointers he would frequently be beaten by her. Her flawless Soft Skill really was too overbearing.

If caught, let alone equal level, even opponents one level higher than her wouldn’t stand a chance. In terms of physical fighting capability, among the Shrek Seven Devils, Xiao Wu absolutely wasn’t inferior to Tang San, even above Dai Mubai.

Xiao Wu pouted, saying:
“No way. My Soft Skill has improved again recently. We haven’t had this kind of physical fight in more than half a year?”

Tang San nodded, saying:
“More or less. In this half year everyone’s been constantly drilling tactics.”

The advantages of Xiao Wu’s Soft Skill were clear, and the flaws were equally clear.

That was the need to get close, and when confronting some formidable Spirit Masters, once spirit abilities were released, getting close would be extremely difficult. Even when teleporting.

Like against Huo Wu’s Defying Flame Ring that could push away the opponent at any time, Xiao Wu’s Soft Skill would naturally be unable to show effect.

Tang San and Xiao Wu had also once carefully researched this bit, but so far they hadn’t found a perfect solution. Even though they could resolve it by cooperating, Xiao Wu’s lone combat capability still couldn’t effectively improve.

“Come, we’ll try it now. Let me see to what degree your close combat ability has reached.”
Tang San smiling said to Xiao Wu. He wasn’t an ordinary person, and even though he had just eaten a lot, it still wouldn’t influence a bit of exercise.

The two went outside, facing each other under light of the the seemingly smiling moon.

“Ge, then I’ll start.”

Tang San smiling crooked a finger at Xiao Wu.

Everyone’s strength had improved, and Tang San’s Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track had gradually reached a degree of perfection along with the progress of his Mysterious Heaven Skill. Even though Xiao Wu’s close combat ability was very strong, as long as he didn’t let her get close enough to use force, what was the use of even more power? Therefore, Tang San basically didn’t believe he could lose.

Xiao Wu moved. She really was very fast, before he even saw her legs bend, she had already appeared in front of Tang San in a flash. The long scorpion braid behind her whipped out, covering a large area, and she simultaneously stretched out her hands, hugging towards Tang San’s neck.

Tang San swiftly took three steps, his body flickering successively as if illusory, his upper body simultaneously bending backwards, extremely ingeniously breaking out of Xiao Wu’s attack range. He didn’t attack, but swiftly retreated using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track.

Xiao Wu naturally wouldn’t leave it at that. Upper body suddenly leaning over, her pace swiftly accelerating, and with a slight swaying of her upper body, Tang San only felt something blossom before his eyes. In that instant, Xiao Wu’s body seemed to become illusory, as if three of her appeared simultaneously.

If he wasn’t exceedingly familiar with Xiao Wu’s spirit abilities, Tang San would have believed she had used her abilities. But reason told him that it wasn’t any kind of spirit ability. The reason why three silhouettes suddenly appeared was her speed.

At the same time as the three silhouettes emerged, Xiao Wu’s speed had reached a terrifying degree. Even though it couldn’t compare to teleport, she had pulled close the distance to Tang San in just a split second, three silhouettes, two empty and one real, surrounded Tang San all at once.

The scorpion braid whipped out once again.

“So fast!”
Tang San gasped in admiration, but his feet didn’t pause. If Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track could be broken so easily, then it wouldn’t be Tan Sect’s secret lore. As a support skill for hidden weapons, lightness skill had always been extremely important at Tang Sect.

Seeing Tang San’s body also becoming illusory, truly like a shadow flickering several times, he was obviously escaping to the left, but in fact his body had already moved to the right. Xiao Wu, determined to win, still only pounced at empty air.

Pausing, Xiao Wu fuming looked at Tang San,
“What are you doing running away so quickly, I’m not going to eat you.”

Tang San grinned, saying:
“What’s wrong in running when I can’t win? If you have the skill, catch me.”

Xiao Wu snorted,

While speaking, her right hand pulled at her scorpion braid.

“I’m looking forward to it.”
Tang San teased her.

Xiao Wu’s one hand held her braid, upper body swaying once again, she charged directly at Tang San. Just when Tang San prepared the same old trick, once again using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track to dodge, Xiao Wu suddenly moved.

The scorpion braid flung out, suddenly coming undone. The originally long braid suddenly became like a black cloud that enveloped Tang San completely. Even though Tang San was fast, all this was really too sudden. He only saw his vision go black, and he subconsciously retreated.

The scorpion braid itself could be called Xiao Wu’s tool to extend her attack distance. When it was a braid, it was more than one meter sixty long, but now that it suddenly opened, the braid’s length abruptly shot up to two meters and change, making Tang San misjudge the distance. Even more importantly, the braid was originally like a whip, and its attack range was after all limited.

But now that the hair dispersed, not only did the area it covered turn from a string to a surface, at the same time it also instantly covered Tang San’s field of vision.

Xiao Wu was even faster than Tang San imagined. If Tang San could see the expression in Xiao Wu’s eyes right now, he would definitely see a crafty glint within. In that attack before, she basically hadn’t used her speed to its full limit. But now, if Zhu Zhuqing was here, she would definitely discover that Xiao Wu’s speed unexpectedly wasn’t inferior to hers, at most Xiao Wu was only a bit less agile than her.

The braid suddenly separated into five parts, separately binding Tang San’s neck, arms and legs. Tang San’s Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track also only let him dodge the two parts below, his arms and neck tightening simultaneously.

Tang San secretly cursed, both arms immediately turning in reverse to grab and remove Xiao Wu’s braid. Simultaneously he immediately leapt up, just managing to get away from Xiao Wu’s twisting long legs.

Grabbing Xiao Wu’s hair, Tang San suddenly had a strange feeling. That hair had a faint delicate fragrance, supple where he grabbed, slipping out of his hands, and basically couldn’t be grabbed firmly. Moreover, the hair had an indistinct tenacity, agile as if it was alive.

Suddenly, the hair wound around Tang San’s neck and arms released, slipping through the cracks between his fingers. No matter how much strength Tang San used, he was still unable to hold back the smooth black hair.

Xiao Wu’s lovable laughter also echoed at this time,
“Ge, this time I want to see how you’ll still run.”

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

Right now Tang San had also realized he was in a bad position. In order to avoid Xiao Wu’s long legs, he had already leapt into the air, planning to rely on the hair he had grabbed to change direction. But the hair suddenly slipped through his fingers left him without anything to pull, and he soared straight up into the air.

No matter how miraculous Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, it still needed some place to exert strength. Where could Tang San exert any strength now?

Xiao Wu’s leg lock maneuver was a feint, and at the same time as she withdrew her hair, she already crouched slightly, and in the next moment shot up, chasing after Tang San in midair.

Delicate little hands once again wound around Tang San’s neck, and helplessly, Tang San could only pour strength into his arms to block. But were Xiao Wu’s hands so easy to resist? Hands with arms so soft as to being boneless stretched along Tang San’s arms, smoothly winding around his neck, her entire body already pasted to him.

Tang San only felt something tighten around his waist as Xiao Wu’s powerful long legs wrapped around him. Whether arms or legs, Xiao Wu gave him a feeling of extreme pliability and toughness, even a bit more durable than his Blue Silver Grass. Most terrifying was that Xiao Wu’s toughness was as slippery as her long hair. The strength Tang San used dissipated immediately with a slight sway of Xiao Wu’s body.

If it was described using Tang San’s martial skill in his last life, then the skill Xiao Wu used right now was the most powerful four liang pushing a thousand jin[2]. No matter how you used strength, you would be unable to throw her off. Even Tang San’s arms were completely locked up by Xiao Wu’s arms around his neck, and he couldn’t attack even if he wanted to.

If he was facing an enemy right now, all Tang San could have done was a headbutt. But how could he want to do that to Xiao Wu, what could be done if Xiao Wu was by some chance injured? What’s more, if Xiao Wu really was an enemy, then Waist Bow would have already launched the instant she caught his neck, without giving him any chance to resist.

But Xiao Wu didn’t use Waist Bow. The long hair fluttering behind her back, arms tightly wound around Tang San’s neck, the two fell from the sky, face to face.

Until they stood firmly on the ground, Tang San still couldn’t believe this was real. Looking at Xiao Wu almost within reach, exhaling fragrantly, he couldn’t help being speechless.

Tang San was certain he absolutely hadn’t been careless. He knew Xiao Wu’s close combat ability, and he had used Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track from the start. But finally it had still ended like this. The key was Xiao Wu’s long hair and the changes in her body.

Xiao Wu’s close combat had clearly become even more powerful, but this didn’t seem to be something given her by spirit rings. Tang San was very curious as to what she had actually done.

“I’ve won.”
Xiao Wu giggling looked at Tang San. Her legs twisted around his waist didn’t let go, the two touching so closely they could smell each others’ breath.

Right now looking at Xiao Wu at such close range, Tang San’s gaze froze somewhat. A ball of flame ignited deep in his heart, and his breathing clearly became more ragged.

Xiao Wu very quickly discovered the changes in Tang San, and the smile on her face gradually faded. Staring at him equally fixedly, slowly moving the arms twisted around his, releasing Tang San’s arms, but both her hands still embracing his neck, her small butt right now stuck to Tang San’s abdomen. Her breathing also started to become equally rough, and she could even hear her own heart beat faster.

Tang San’s hands subconsciously embraced Xiao Wu’s slender waist, pulling her closer. Xiao Wu’s arms also used strength at the same time. A trace of confusion spread through their hearts simultaneously.

The call of a nocturnal bird suddenly smashed the tranquility, clearing Tang San’s mind, and he hastily curbed his state of mind.

‘She’s my little sister, what am I doing?’

Subconsciously releasing the hands pulling Xiao Wu’s waist closer, Tang San somewhat panicked grabbed Xiao Wu’s shoulders, tilting his head,

All Tang San could do at this moment was to change the subject, only like that could he somewhat ease the embarrassment he felt.

Sensing Tang San’s mood cooling, Xiao Wu also gradually calmed. But she still wasn’t willing to separate from the contact with Tang San at this point. Even though her legs slipped from Tang San’s waist, she still embraced Tang San’s neck, her body leaning against his, her head resting on Tang San’s shoulder, her face naturally displaying a faint smiling expression.

Tang San wanted to push away Xiao Wu, but also couldn’t bear it. Xiao Wu spoke up,
“Ge, do you know why my close combat ability grew so much stronger?”

Tang San blankly shook his head. Even though he was intelligent, right now he had somewhat lost the ability to think.

Xiao Wu said:
“I know the flaws of my own abilities, but not long ago I also understood the ‘soft’ in Soft Skill. Spirit abilities might not necessarily come from spirit rings. True powers also have a lot of capabilities not inferior to spirit abilities. Just like your Purple Demon Eye mental attack, right? We all have a lot of potential ourselves, and developing one is a kind of spirit ability. A spirit ability created by oneself will have an even deeper understanding than one brought by a spirit ring, and they’re also even more practical.”

Listening to Xiao Wu, Tang San couldn’t help looking distracted a moment. He forgot about pushing away Xiao Wu, immediately sinking into deep thought. Xiao Wu’s words could be described as having opened another door for him. If Dugu Bo’s pointer before could be described as having created the thought of a prototype for his future abilities, then Xiao Wu’s words erased the vagueness before his eyes, making everything become clear.

Xiao Wu leaned against Tang San’s shoulder,
“Also, when we use spirit abilities we can also be more meticulous, coordinating our own spirit abilities, and coordinating with our companions’ spirit abilities. Even if it isn’t a spirit fusion ability, the effect should still be even more powerful than adding one plus one to make two.”

Tang San astonished said:
“When did your insight become so penetrating, this is also what I’ve wanted to tell everyone. The coordination of our spirit abilities can still improve, especially the coordination of our own spirit abilities. Like your three spirit abilities right now, I think the best way of coordinating them is Demon Confusion, Teleport, Waist Bow. Using Demon Confusion to deadlock the opponent, teleport to instantly get close, then erupting with the strength of Waist Bow. That way it can doubtless show its greatest fighting strength. As long as the opponent is a little bit careless, they won’t have the power to resist further.”

Release the hands encircling Tang San, Xiao Wu took the initiative to separate from his wide chest, smiling at Tang San under the moonlight:
“Since you’ve already figured it out, then I’m at ease. Ge, I believe you will definitely be the most capable Spirit Master. I won’t disturb you, I’m leaving first.”

Finished speaking, she walked into the log cabin, collecting the lunch box and prepared to leave.

“Wait a moment.”
Tang San stopped Xiao Wu, reaching behind her in a few steps, cautiously pulling up the long hair already trailing on the ground.

“I’ll help you comb your hair, you can leave afterwards.”

A blush bloomed on Xiao Wu’s cheeks. Stretching back her hand and handing over a comb, she softly lowered her head.

The two meter long hair was so supple it originally didn’t need any great effort to comb, but Tang San spent a full hour. Compared to last time, the braid he made this time was a lot better. In that peace and warm fragrance, his heart suddenly became incomparably penetrating.

Once Xiao Wu left, Tang San didn’t return to the log cabin, but rather walked into the woods, slowly roaming the forest with the log cabin as the center, walking without pause. If one observed carefully, one could discover that his pace was unusually measured, the distance of each step practically exactly the same.

Even more peculiarly, Tang San always had his eyes closed. Walking without using his eyes to see, he still didn’t bump into any trees, using the best path to unhurriedly advance.

Faint white light began to gradually appear over his body. In the places he passed, the exuberant blue silver grass on the ground would subsequently sway rhythmically.

Tang San walked just like this a whole night. After the night, as he returned to meditate in the log cabin, the blue silver grass in the forest seemed to have become more lush than before.


One month’s time isn’t particularly long, but this one month couldn’t be called relaxed for the Shrek Seven Devils. Tang San only spent ten days in seclusion in the log cabin, returning to his companions after the ten days to accept Grandmaster’s hell training alongside them.

The training Grandmaster gave them wasn’t the same as before. According to what Grandmaster told them, this time’s training was called the potential stimulating plan.

How was potential stimulated? Grandmaster explained it very simply, the greater the pressure, the greater the propulsion, the easier it would be to stimulate their potential.

Therefore, this potential stimulation plan consisted of constant battle. The Shrek Seven Devils didn’t confront a lot of opponents. Only one. Slaughtering corner, Liu Erlong.

Liu Erlong’s spirit power wasn’t the strongest in the Academy. Compared to Zhao Wuji and Flender she was roughly a bit lower.

But in terms of combat ability, neither Zhao Wuji or Flender would dare confront her. Her attack methods consisted completely of that kind of berserk oppression, as frantic as an erupting volcano. She basically wouldn’t give her opponents any chance to catch their breath.

Before Tang San emerged from the log cabin, Dai Mubai and the others would every day learn the intricacies of masochism under Liu Erlong’s torrential attacks, but after Tang San’s return, this situation changed. Even though they were still beaten, it wasn’t as unsightly.

“Seven as one.”
Tang San shouted loudly, swiftly retreating.

Right now he was already completely unable to breathe. An enormous flame in the shape of a giant dragon hiding the sky and covering the earth rushed out. Even though he was immune to fire, the tremendous force of impact contained within that flame wasn’t something he had the ability to withstand.

[1] 1尺 = ⅓ m

[2] A small force diverting a large force.

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