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Chapter 107

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

Huo Wushuang sighed,
“Silly little sister, if you really want to beat him, then you have to cultivate ceaselessly, rely on your own strength to win. What use is there to senselessly make trouble like this? Work hard, we still have a chance in the ranking competition. To face an opponent that restrains us completely, we’ll have to think of some new methods. Even though he’s immune to fire, he can’t be immune to energy attacks, or did you forget what Shui Bing-Er did?

“That’s right, that’s right, there’s still me. Little sister Huo Wu, I didn’t encounter him in the qualifiers, but once we’ve reached the ranking competition, I’ll definitely help you beat him.”
Feng Xiaotian had come over from somewhere without anyone noticing, speaking with a face full of righteous indignation.

Returning directly to the Academy from Heaven Dou Great Spirit Arena, Tang San’s mind was still constantly replaying the whole process of today’s confrontation with Skywater Academy.

To him, this wasn’t just a simple tie. This was the most difficult challenge in the whole qualifiers. It was admittedly because the opponents’ spirit fusion ability was especially familiar, but at the same time, this difficulty was also because they were restrained from the start.

Tang San clearly saw that it was because of him that the whole team had been at a disadvantage. Shui Bing-Er taking the control had destroyed his original plans. At the same time it had also finally let him experience the formidability of other control system Spirit Masters. Next was the ranking competition, which was a stage for people to show off. But, after that came the finals, and that was still a team battle.

Any Spirit Master had flaws, and he was no exception. Only by a team complementing each other could a Spirit Master’s strength be revealed to its greatest degree, this had always been a natural law of the Spirit Master world. That was also an important reason why this Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament relied mainly on team battles.

He didn’t think much of emperor Xue Ye’s olive branch, that wasn’t a question he should consider yet. What he needed to think about right now was how he could help his team even more, how to let his own strength grow even more powerful.

Tang San had always been a stubborn person, it was true in his previous life at Tang Sect, and it was still true in this world.

Consequently, after returning to the Academy he immediately went to Grandmaster to propose he go into closed door cultivation for a time, in order to think about some things.

Grandmaster was understanding, and also understood that this was an important phase to Tang San. As long as he could pierce through this barrier in his heart, he would mature even more, and also become even more formidable. At this time there was nobody that could help him, the only one he could rely on was himself. Only his own understanding, comprehension, could he solve his own problems. Even a wise man like Grandmaster couldn’t reply with anything that would have any better effect right now.

That wall within was different for each person, and nobody could know what problems others faced. Tang San’s problems could only be settled by Tang San himself.

Watching Tang San’s gradually disappearing back, the other six Shrek Seven Devils couldn’t help feeling somewhat lonely. They also understood Tang San’s current feelings. Ever since the formation of the team, even though today’s match wasn’t their most challenging, to Tang San it was still truly a suppressed battle. They could completely understand Tang San’s mood.

Xiao Wu wanted to catch up to and comfort Tang San, but was held back by Liu Erlong,
“Silly girl, don’t go disturb him right now. It’s better if he can understand on his own. Believe in him. Give him a little space.”

Xiao Wu looked at Liu Erlong. Liu Erlong softly pulled her into her embrace, gently stroking her long braid.

Grandmaster coughed once, attracting everyone’s attention,
“Well, Tang San has gone into seclusion. The next month is also a time for you to get into shape. This past month of high density matches has had different degrees of benefit for each of you. But this is still far from enough. I think you’ve all seen that you’re not the only talents in this world. Tang San has met an opponent that restrains him, and you will also do the same. You’re all as one, in order to help prevail and obtain the ultimate victory, you will have to pay even more. Therefore, I’ve decided that in the next month’s recuperation interlude, I will once again conduct a period of strengthening training for you. What are those faces for? Stand up properly. If anyone has any objections, I don’t mind doubling the training.”

Blood curdling screams echoed simultaneously in the hearts of the Shrek Six Devils. Right now they suddenly envied Tang San. At least, in seclusion Tang San didn’t need to undergo anymore hell training…...  

The place Tang San chose for his seclusion was still that log cabin in the middle of the forest. The secluded surroundings, the quiet world, was most suitable for his cultivation.

When he’d already spent two days here, Tang San still sat vacantly. He didn’t cultivate, his mind always enveloped in a dense fog. He couldn’t find any way out of his problems, and he also didn’t understand in what direction he should grow. He even doubted whether the control system route he’d walked until now wasn’t a mistake.

In two days Tang San had thought a lot, but the more he thought, the more confused he became.

Two days and two nights had passed, he didn’t even rest, not eating anything, completely passing the time in this kind of hazy condition. This kind of painful feeling wreaked havoc in his heart. He didn’t even know why he was in pain.

Ever since the day he became a Spirit Master, he had always stood at the summit of his peers. Blue Silver Grass wasn’t any formidable spirit, it was even a trash spirit, but cultivating under Grandmaster guidance, his strength had never been below those Spirit Masters of his age who possessed more formidable spirits. He was even ahead of everyone. As time had passed, Tang San had even already forgotten about the issues of his Blue Silver Grass, he’d always stood on equal footing with Spirit Masters with formidable spirits, he’d even felt somewhat superior.

However, now that he calmed down and thought it over, he discovered that if it wasn’t for having the external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances, if it wasn’t for always having the support of his comrades at his side and his luck in obtaining those spirit rings, perhaps, he wouldn’t be much of anything.

Each of his spirit rings were of better quality than other peoples’, but in his previous confrontation with Shui Bing-Er, it couldn’t be said his spirit abilities held any advantage. Perhaps these kinds of circumstances should have appeared before, only in previous matches and fights, he had always used tactics to cover up this gap. But after Blue Silver Grass’s own defects were revealed, Tang San immediately discovered his problem.

A truly formidable control system Spirit Master needed not only control, but also spirit abilities with a certain attack capability. Shui Bing-Er’s spirit fusion ability was even better quality. However, could his Blue Silver Grass do that? No. Even if he already possessed a ten thousand year spirit ring at fortieth rank, without really using his external spirit bone he didn’t have any advantage of Shui Bing-Er.

Rather than saying that his previous opponents had lost in strength, it would be better to say they had lost in tactics. Once an opponent appeared who wasn’t below him in planning, then the flaws of his control would immediately be exposed. This was still when he had taken the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot. If he didn’t have these two immortal treasure herbs, perhaps his weakness would have been exposed even earlier, even Huo Wu could have easily beaten him.

‘Why, why is it like this? Don’t tell me all these years of effort have been a waste?’ Tang San very clearly understood that the innate flaws of a spirit would gradually appear along with the growth of spirit power.

‘No, it can’t go on like this. Blue Silver Grass basically isn’t a good spirit, I’m still young, there’s still time to give it up.’

Tang San couldn’t hold back the thoughts of his other spirit, Clear Sky Hammer. The hereditary spirit of one of the Spirit Master world’s seven great schools, Clear Sky School. If he had chosen to cultivate the Clear Sky Hammer from the start, then his current strength wouldn’t just be like this. He could only become more formidable.

The more he thought, the lower Tang San’s confidence in Blue Silver Grass became. His heart was just like a raging sea, all kinds of chaotic thoughts making him feel somewhat crazy.

Two days had passed, without any cultivation. In the past this was something Tang San couldn’t even have imagined, that was how diligent he was. However, right now he didn’t have a trace of desire to cultivate.

“Little freak.”
A green silhouette appeared in the yard outside, the sudden voice snapping Tang San out of his whirlpool of suffering.

Perhaps it was because these two days had consumed too much mental strength, but even though that voice sounded familiar, Tang San still couldn’t make out who it belonged to.

Standing, Tang San walked out of the cabin. After sitting too long, as the glaring sunshine hit him, he couldn’t keep from swaying a moment.

“Little freak, what’s going on?”
In practically the next moment, the green silhouette was already in front of Tang San, one powerful hand directly clasping Tang San’s shoulder, mellow spirit power somewhat overbearing and somewhat coarsely penetrating his body, rousing Tang San’s mind somewhat. Then he clearly saw who it was.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

It wasn’t a stranger, but rather Shrek Academy’s honorary dean, one of the formidable Title Douluo, Dugu Bo.

Dugu Bo looked doubtfully at Tang San. Right now Tang San’s appearance was somewhat scary, his hair in a mess, his facial hair unkempt, both eyes bloodshot, a completely dispirited appearance.

“Old freak, you’re back.”
Managing to squeeze out a smile, the spirit power within Tang San’s body operated automatically, clearing his rigid blood vessels, letting him stand upright.

Dugu Bo doubtfully said:
“Little freak, what’s going on? Weren’t you still well when I left, how would you become like this in a few days? Come on, let’s go inside first.”

Dragging Tang San into the log cabin, Dugu Bo’s expression was somewhat serious. He could of course see how lacking Tan San’s mental state was right now. As a formidable Title Douluo, he was only too clear on the cultivation circumstances of Spirit Masters, and Tang San’s current condition was extremely dangerous. In case of a nervous breakdown, he would either go insane or be totally ruined.

“Little freak, tell me, what actually happened to strike you into this kind of appearance. In my memory, you little freak was always a freak among freaks. Don’t tell me you met someone even more freakish than you?”

Looking at Dugu Bo, the rims of Tang San’s eyes suddenly reddened somewhat. Grandmaster absolutely hadn’t expected his current condition. After all, nobody knew Tang San was a person of two lives, his mind was far beyond his peers, but it was also because of this that it was even easier for him to get stuck bashing his head against a brick wall.

Dugu Bo’s appearance made Tang San recover somewhat. Especially his mind had a somewhat hopeful feeling.

“Old freak, can you tell me, if I cultivate my spirit power beyond the seventieth rank, will I still be as far ahead as I am now?”

Dugu Bo’s brows puckered,
“Why would you ask that? Little freak, what happened to your confidence? What’s actually gotten into you? You should understand how important confidence is to a Spirit Master, If you don’t have the most elementary confidence, if you don’t believe in yourself, then later you won’t make even a centimeter of progress.”

Tang San smiled wryly:
“But, I don’t know what I should do. The spirit I’m cultivating is just Blue Silver Grass. Even though I’ve already reached the fortieth rank, as my level increases, Blue Silver Grass’s weaknesses will be revealed more and more clearly. In the future, can I really rely on this spirit to contend with other Spirit Masters?”

A jade light flickered in Dugu Bo’s eyes, staring at Tang San with a burning gaze,
“Go on.”

Tang San said:
“The reason why I’m considered powerful among my peers right now isn’t because of the strength of my spirit, but rather because I have better spirit rings than ordinary Spirit Masters, and even have the external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances. You should also have seen my second spirit before. I don’t need to hide anything from you, my second spirit is Clear Sky School’s Clear Sky Hammer. Right now I’m thinking that if I cultivated the Clear Sky Hammer instead, then wouldn’t the circumstances be different? Right now I have fortieth level spirit power. I only need four spirit rings that suit me to be able to bring out the Clear Sky Hammer’s strength. It’s far more formidable than Blue Silver Grass. Even though I’m still not fifteen, I’ve already spent far too much effort on cultivating, I don’t want to waste my later effort on a trash spirit like Blue Silver Grass. Does that make sense?”

Who was Dugu Bo? Anyone who could become a Title Douluo power was highly intelligent. From Tang San’s simpler and agitated words, he had already gradually understood the problem Tang San faced right now.

Waving his hand, he didn’t let Tang San speak further. Dugu Bo looked Tang San in the eyes, sternly saying:
“Little freak, do you know why I’ve always considered you a freak among freaks?”

Tang San stared blankly,
“Is it because of my knowledge in using poison?”

Dugu Bo shook his head, saying:
“That’s only a small part. Even more significant is your Blue Silver Grass.”

The pupils of Tang San’s eyes contracted violently. Looking at Dugu Bo, his eyes revealed deep doubt.

Dugu Bo indifferently said:
“That’s right, Blue Silver Grass is a trash spirit. Moreover it’s the best known trash spirit. In the past, it was basically impossible for anyone who possessed Blue Silver Grass as spirit to have the chance to cultivate. But. You? Tell me. What were the circumstances when your spirit awakened? I heard Grandmaster say it was full innate spirit power, right?”

Tang San nodded.

“What does full innate spirit power signify? It signifies the foundation of the spirit. Even my own granddaughter who inherited by Jade Phosphor Serpent Spirit only had seventh ranked innate spirit power. And you had tenth ranked. And moreover, you still cultivate Blue Silver Grass. What does this signify? It means your Blue Silver Grass is different from the masses. That’s not simple Blue Silver Grass. You can also guess who your father is. Think, with your father’s background and strength, would he be together with a woman who only possessed common Blue Silver Grass? If it really was common Blue Silver Grass, how would it produce a little freak with twin spirits like you?”

Tang San was naturally deaf to Dugu Bo’s explanation of full innate spirit power, because he always believed that it was the result of his own diligently cultivated Mysterious Heaven Skill, and not bestowed by Blue Silver Grass. Even more, at the time he awakened he also had a Clear Sky Hammer, even if the spirit truly had assigned him some spirit power, that should also be from Clear Sky Hammer.

However, Dugu Bo’s later words made him somewhat startled. Yes, his Blue Silver Grass really was somewhat uncommon, especially not long ago when he had the feeling of being in contact with the natural wild blue silver grass. That throbbing came from his spirit itself. Just that no one had ever cultivated Blue Silver Grass to his present degree, Tang San also didn’t know whether this was something that Blue Silver Grass should be doing. But it was Dugu Bo’s last words that touched him the most. It was also an important question he’d always had.

His father was a directly related disciple of Clear Sky School, and also one of their greatest powers, would a woman who only possessed the a waste Blue Silver Grass Spirit be with him?

“Old freak, is there any relation between the strength of the parents’ spirits and twin spirits?”
Tang San’s breathing had clearly become hurried.

Dugu Bo grinned, saying:
“In this field, perhaps that teacher of yours doesn’t even know. Even though his spirit research is very thorough, you’re after all the first person he’s met who has twin spirits. Before, I once read some top secret information in Spirit Hall. It was a written account of twin spirits. Spirits are hereditary, generally coming from the parents, so tell me, what’s the relation between inheriting the parents’ spirits.”

Having followed Grandmaster for so many years, this kind of question naturally wasn’t difficult for Tang San, and he answered without the slightest hesitation:
“Generally speaking, the spirit inherited is the relatively more powerful one of the parents’ spirits.”

Dugu Bo went on:
“Then when there’s hardly any difference in strength between the spirits, or even when they’re identical, what will happen?”

Tang San said:
“Under such circumstances, it will be inherited randomly, but under such circumstances there’s also a higher chance of spirit variation.”

Dugu Bo nodded, saying:
“Worthy of being Grandmaster’s disciple, your explanation is quite right. But, do you know, what are the odds of twin spirits appearing under such circumstances? The reason twin spirits are so rare, is because the conditions are so harsh. This is what’s written in Spirit Hall’s records. The birth of twin spirits mainly has two preconditions, first, the parents’ spirits can’t be identical, the more they differ, the higher the odds of bringing about twin spirits. At the same time, the closer the quality of both sides’ spirits, the higher the odds of bringing about twin spirits. In other words, if there’s a gap in quality between the spirits, it’s basically impossible to birth a child with twin spirits. Even if these conditions are met, the probability of issue with twin spirits is only one in a thousand, or even one in ten thousand. Understand?”

Tang San was clever, even though his mental state wasn’t very good right now, he still very quickly caught on to what Dugu Bo meant. Dugu Bo was using this example to tell him his Blue Silver Grass Spirit absolutely wasn’t simple. Capable of possessing qualitative parity with Clear Sky Hammer, what kind of Blue Silver Grass was that?

According to Grandmaster’s research, twin spirits was a kind of spirit variation, only the circumstances in which it arose were really too rare, and therefore so very few had appeared on the Continent. Dugu Bo’s analysis wasn’t bad, and Tang San immediately recalled the other two cases of twin spirits Grandmaster had talked about. Sure enough, the quality of the twin spirits really was extremely similar.

The originally vacant heart once again became burning hot. Tang San’s eyes finally began to focus again.

Dugu Bo unhappily glared at him, saying:
“Even if your Blue Silver Grass’s quality wasn’t good, do you think that really matters? How old are you this year? Still not even fifteen, but already fortieth rank. Your present worries are matters for later. Since you could obtain formidable spirit rings and spirit bones to pull open the distance with equally ranked Spirit Masters before, don’t tell me you couldn’t do it again? No effort is wasted. If you don’t have even this much confidence, then you’re not freakish, but rubbish.”

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

“Correct, if you cultivated Clear Sky Hammer now, your strength would indeed start rising again in a short time. As long as you have suitable spirit rings, you will immediately become powerful, even more powerful than fifty or sixtieth ranked Spirit Masters. But, haven’t you considered, if you began cultivating Clear Sky Hammer at ninetieth rank, getting nine spirit rings, what quality would they be? At that time, even if getting nine hundred thousand year spirit rings at the same time wouldn’t be impossible. Even if Blue Silver Grass was no good, it would still be enough to push you to that level, it wouldn’t be too late to prepare at that time. With your present cultivation speed, perhaps you will break your father’s record of becoming the youngest Title Douluo. What’s the rush?”

Dugu Bo clearly didn’t know about the deadliness of twin spirits, but his arguments were clear and easy to see.

‘Yes, I could obtain external strength before, why couldn’t I do it later? When others have ten thousand year spirit rings, I have a twenty thousand year spirit ring, when others have fiffty thousand year spirit rings, I’ll get a hundred thousand year. Relying on the effect of spirit rings can also pull closer the gap between me and the quality of others’ spirits. What’s more, right now I still have a spirit bone to trade. Aren’t these also my own advantages?’

The disorder in his mind gradually left, and the fog in his heart quietly dissipated. Right now, the only question that still remained was how to make himself stronger.

Dugu Bo looked at Tang San’s changing expression and knew this little freak had already figured out a lot from his pointer. Leaning back in his chair, he smiled:
“Little freak, do you know where I went this time?”

Tang San snapped:

Along with his mood recovering, he clearly became a lot more relaxed.

Dugu Bo grinned, saying:
“I went to exchange pointers with an old friend.”

“Eh? Win or lose?”
Tang San asked.

The green light in Dugu Bo’s eyes became agitated,
“I didn’t win, and I didn’t lose, it was at least a draw. Haha.”

Tang San mocked:
“Only a draw, what’s there to be proud about.”

Dugu Bo curled his lip, saying:
“You know farts. Every time I fought that fellow before I would be beaten into the dirt, battered and exhausted, if I didn’t rely on poison, I would be dead long ago. But this time he was the dirty one, were it not for this old man being compassionate and merciful, perhaps I’d have killed him.”

Tang San started, if Dugu Bo said this, then his opponent was definitely a Title Douluo. Otherwise, how could Dugu Bo be beaten ragged?

“Your strength progressed?”

Dugu Bo said with immense pride:
“That’s not it. This fellow’s spirit power has reached ninety sixth rank, considered an expert among Title Douluo, with even more astonishing power behind him. This time he almost fell, you tell me how I couldn’t be excited. Of course, this was also thanks to you.”

“Me? How is it related to me? That was a ninety sixth ranked Title Douluo, I’m forty something ranked.”

Dugu Bo grinned:

Thinking back at the happy sight, Dugu Bo couldn’t help laughing.

Cluster Soul Chasing Life Taking Balls? Tang San hadn’t used them since he made these hidden weapons. Suddenly, a great flash of divine light lit up his mind, his brain suddenly becoming sharp. ‘Hidden weapons. Hidden weapons, I’m from Tang Sect, I have hidden weapons.’

‘That’s right, Blue Silver Grass might not be a formidable spirit, but just like Teacher said, its plasticity is still extraordinarily formidable. If, if I can combine ny Blue Silver Grass with the hidden weapons I inherited from Tang Sect, then, what will the result be?’

His heart suddenly throbbed breathlessly. Tang San swallowed a big gulp of saliva. His mind was already impatiently reflecting on how he should combine Blue Silver Grass with the mysteries of his hidden weapon secret lore.

Dugu Bo saw Tang San suddenly tremble after hearing about him using the Cluster Soul Chasing Life Taking Balls. He immediately became lifeless, and also couldn’t help start.

“Little freak, what is it?”

“Ah? It’s nothing. Old freak, thank you for enlightening me, I’ve already figured it out.”

Dugu Bo assumed the appearance of a capable person,
“Me saving you can’t be free of charge. I already used up those Cluster Soul Chasing Life Taking Balls. Don’t you still have some? Give me another two. I can trade for something. Or pay.”

Tang San stared at Dugu Bo,

Four dark green spheres flew straight at Dugu Bo.

Dugu Bo was so scared he jumped, flustered catching the four Cluster Soul Chasing Life Taking Balls, grumbling:
“Stinking brat, are you after my old life! What if they exploded? Are you after my old life!”

Tang San smiled:
“If I didn’t have even this much confidence, how could I even make them. Moreover, with my spirit power, even if they really exploded, could they injure an old freak like you?”

Dugu Bo cautiously loaded the four Cluster Soul Chasing Life Taking Balls into a spirit tool, satisfied saying:
“These things of yours, not only is the attack range great, but the penetrating power is great. Especially after colliding. The more violently they collide, the more spirit power I use, the greater the piercing power. It’s a pity they’re not poisonous enough. Otherwise, they would be even scarier.”

Tang San reminded Dugu Bo:
“Old freak, don’t depend on them too much. Even though the Cluster Soul Chasing Life Taking Balls have great power, as hidden weapons, what’s most important is surprise. When confronting an opponent on the same level, if you lose the element of surprise, their effect won’t be so good. As for the poison, originally when I made them I didn’t have suitable drugs on hand, and even though I’ve gained some later, it’s very difficult to reinforce the poison after they’ve already been formed.”

Dugu Bo grinned, saying:
“That’s no good. Make some more.”

Tang San smiled wryly:
“You think they’re candy? It’s easier said than done. It requires a great amount of time. Right now I’m participating in the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, spare time must all be used for cultivating, how could I make them. Let’s talk about it once the tournament is over.”

Dugu Bo nodded, saying:
“I heard you already passed the qualifiers. Next should be the ranking competition. With a little freak like you overseeing it, you should be able to get a good place, perhaps you’ll even enter the top three.”

Tang San smiled:
“Why not champions? Don’t you have that much confidence in me?”

Dugu Bo shrugged, saying:
“That’s not a question of confidence. In front of absolute strength, what use is confidence? If you can enter the top three, that’s already a good achievement. There was never any doubt about who would win this tournament.”

Hearing Dugu Bo say this, Tang San couldn’t keep his heart from twitching,
“Eh? Since you say as much, do you know some team that’s especially strong?”

Dugu Bo sighed, saying:
“How is Spirit Hall so powerful? It’s because they recruit so many Spirit Master experts. Apart from the seven great schools, practically all formidable Spirit Masters belong to Spirit Hall. No one can possess more information about Spirit Masters and factors for cultivation than Spirit Hall. Under Spirit Hall’s careful fostering, a group of elite Spirit Masters will emerge with each generation. This time is no different. I’ve heard that Spirit Hall has a few little juniors with astonishing talent, even the Supreme Pontiff praises them as Spirit Hall’s Golden Generation, the masters of the future. And it’s precisely them that are representing Spirit Hall in this year’s Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament. They’re all barely more than twenty, and there’s no need to doubt their strength. Spirit Hall provided them with cultivation resources and outfitting in all areas, how could common advanced Spirit Master academies compare. Even you couldn’t do it. You’re after all still too young, perhaps you can catch up to them in another ten years.”

Dugu Bo was a Title Douluo, naturally he wouldn’t talk without thinking. Hearing him say this, Tang San’s mood immediately turned serious.

“Since you say this, Spirit Hall is determined to win this tournament?”

Dugu Bo nodded, saying:
“Don’t you know what the prize is for the final champions in this Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament?”

Tang San blankly shook his head.

Dugu Bo snorted coldly,
“Originally Spirit Hall was preparing to give those things directly to those geniuses of the Golden Generation, but were opposed by the elders of Elder Palace. As a result, the Supreme Pontiff compromised and decided to give them some training, and that’s this tournament. And Spirit Hall took out those things that were originally going to them as rewards for the champions. Tell me, how couldn’t they be determined to win?”

“What are those things?”
Tang San curiously asked.

Dugu Bo retorted:
“To Spirit Masters, what’s most precious?”

Tang San’s heart twitched,
“Don’t tell me it’s a spirit bone?”

Dugu Bo shook his head,
“No, not one, but three.”

Tang San turned pale with fright. Three spirit bones? What kind of concept was that? Something like spirit bones was a divine existence to Spirit Masters. Any one spirit bone could give a Spirit Master an enormous boost. Three spirit bones, that wasn’t something that could be weighed with money.

Dugu Bo said:
“These three spirit bones were set aside by Spirit Hall, left behind by their passed away elders. Since the Supreme Pontiff dares take them out as reward for the champions, you can imagine their confidence in their athletes. Do you still have thoughts of being lucky?”

“Of course.”

“Since they’ve taken them out, there’s no need for them to take them back again. Old freak, do you know the levels of Spirit Hall’s athletes in the tournament, and what their spirits are?”

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