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Chapter 101

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

Salas’ expression became extremely heavy, without letting anyone know what he was thinking. The calmest was instead emperor Xue Ye, a faint smile at the corners of his mouth. Watching Tang San on the stage, there seemed to be a praising light in his eyes.

Their attack was broken by the Defying Flame Ring yet again, and this time even Tang San was thrown out, temporarily halting the battle between both sides,

Having escaped disaster, Huo Wushuang and the others didn’t hesitate to swiftly form up with the other three team members, returning to their original triangular formation. On the other side, the Shrek Academy’s seven also gathered.

Jiang Zhu’s healing scepter was already stuck to the ground, releasing ring after ring of recovering light, dispelling the influence the fire attribute spirit power had on everyone. Her healing was many-sided, and one of her spirit abilities could expel all kinds of abnormal conditions.

Refreshing bursts transmitted into the Shrek Academy team members, making their spirits swiftly recover.

Both sides looked at each other, neither anxiously starting the fight again. On the surface it seemed both sides had come out equal, but in fact, it was still the Shrek Academy side that held the advantage.

Practically all the Blazing Academy team members had used their third spirit abilities all out, while on the Shrek Academy side, only Dai Mubai had used his White Tiger Vajra Transformation. Huang Yuan and Tai Long hadn’t fully released their third spirit abilities.

In terms of spirit power consumption, it was clear who held the advantage. Even more, ever since the start of the battle, the mainstay and soul of the team, Tang San, hadn’t used even the simplest spirit ability. He’d just used the basic Blue Silver Grass.

Huo Wushuang turned his head, looking face to face with Huo Wu. The moment their gazes met, they simultaneously gave an imperceptible nod.

Huo Wu slowly raised her hands, a pair of orange flames emitting from her palms, rising a meter high.

This seemed to be a signal, and the other six Blazing Academy members moved simultaneously.

The fiery light around the two auxiliary system Spirit Masters grew, and they released their third spirit abilities once again, without sparing any effort. But this time their target was only one person, the one whose hands was releasing flames, Huo Wu.

Cloud after cloud of condensed sparks poured into Huo Wu. The orange flames in her palms became increasingly bright, but still didn’t rise excessively, but rather gradually changed color. From orange it turned to white orchid, from white orchid to incandescent white.

The previously scorching fiery light abruptly vanished the instant the flame turned white, as if it no longer was a flame.

As for the four attackers, led by Huo Wushuang, the four stood in a line in front of Huo Wu, keeping a defensive formation. Their third spirit rings all simultaneously flared with light, clearly prepared to block any sudden attack from Tang San’s side.

Purple color blossomed. The color of a spirit ring, but it was no longer the third, but the fourth. Huo Wu’s fourth spirit ring.

The purple light fused together with the incandescent white in her palm, the light of the flame making her seem illusory.

Tang San’s expression became a bit more serious. He could of course see that under the support of the two auxiliary system Spirit Masters’ full strength, Huo Wu’s fourth spirit ability would in no way be as simple as common fourth spirit abilities. It’s might could even outstrip a fire attribute Spirit Master’s fifth spirit ability.

Her spirit was even a bit more tyrannical that Huo Wushuang’s Fire Dragon.

As a fire control Spirit Master, this Huo Wu was who Tang San thought of as the most powerful enemy in this match.

“Huo—— Wu——, Brilliant—— Sun——[1]!”
Huo Wu called out in a clear bright voice, with each word, the incandescence in her became a bit more intense, and along with the last ‘sun’ word, an enormous ball of white flame had condensed over her head, radiating light like a true sun. At this moment, even the real sunshine in the sky was eclipsed by it.

In the VIP seats, Ning Fengzhi agitatedly said:
“The power of the flame is introverted, without emitting outwards at all. This young miss has already reached a terrifying degree of spirit control. That shouldn’t be her own strength, but that of three people. This time Shrek Academy will perhaps be in trouble.”

Tang San saw that Huo Wu had chosen her fourth spirit ability exactly the opposite of him. What he had chosen was group control capability. But she had chosen an extremely potent attack capability. But it was an attack capability that could use the full power of their combined team.

He could clearly sense that, hidden under that incandescence, Huo Wu’s gaze was firmly fixed on him. And that sun, brimming with white heat, was also locked on him. Had she combined the strength of three people to defeat him? It really seemed that way.

A trace of a faint smile showed at the side of Tang San’s mouth, the seriousness on his face fading as he watched the seven opponents. Because, he knew that it was already impossible to stop Huo Wu’s spirit ability, and he didn’t need to conceal anything.

Dai Mubai and the others were all brimming with anxiety, because until this moment, Tang San still hadn’t given any instructions.

As the soul of the team, the Shrek team’s attacks had always been managed by him, but now he still gestured at everyone to keep back, just watching the opponents accumulate power.

Did they still have any advantage under these circumstances? As captain, Da Mubai was deeply concerned.

And at this moment, Tang San still repeated the signal to hold back behind him, but he himself, just like that walked towards the seven opponents.

Advancing step by step, Tang San’s pace was extremely relaxed, still a trace of a smile on his face. When confronting seven opponents, he seemed to say, ‘Don’t you want to deal with me? Fine, I’ll put myself in front by myself and let you attack.’

Huo Wushuang’s expression had changed somewhat. Even though Tang San was smiling, his smile as he looked at Huo Wushuang held naked provocation. If they hadn’t arranged their tactics long in advance, he would have been unable to keep from rushing out to punch him.

Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass was now already connected to each of the Shrek Academy team members, but he didn’t move it. By now, he was already five meters in front of the team.

“You’re very powerful, even more powerful than I imagined.”
Huo Wu suddenly spoke up. Her voice trembled somewhat, but still hadn’t lost its sweet melodiousness. That trembling was clearly caused by that ‘sun’ above her head. Her gaze was just like Tang San had sensed, fixed on him.

“But, victory is still ours.”
Huo Wu was finally unable to persevere, with the spirit power of three people coursing into her fourth spirit ability under her control, storing power for this long was already her limit.

The sun had shifted, floating forward half a meter. As Tang San clearly saw Huo Wu attentively gazing at him, that sun had already become a stream of light, abruptly bombarding towards him.

This couldn’t be dodged in any way. Different from the previous Seven Star Bullets, the moment it was launched, this dazzling sun had already completely locked on Tang San, and its speed exceeded what even the fastest agility attack system Spirit Master could achieve.

Tang San didn’t flee, he didn’t even move. Even more, he didn’t call out to his team members to assist him. He simply sat down, and only used the simplest spirit ability.

Blue Silver Grass first spirit ability, Binding, launched.

Fine Blue Silver Grass quietly gathered around Tang San. Since it was his first spirit ability, it was clearly the fastest to use.

In just a split second, the Blue Silver Grass that was originally wound around his companions had already completely twisted around him, to the extent that it didn’t even show any skin.

Everyone just saw Tang San’s first spirit ring flash and Blue Silver Grass winding around him, the next moment, he was already completely swallowed by that incandescent sun.

Xiao Wu shrieked and was about to run forward, but was held back by Dai Mubai.

“What are you doing?”
Xiao Wu practically roared.

Even though Dai Mubai’s face was also hesitant, he still rigidly held on to Xiao Wu’s arm,
“Trust him, don’t tell me you think he’s a person who would do anything without being sure of the outcome?”

Hearing Dai Mubai’s words, Xiao Wu couldn’t help looking distracted a moment, just what is called being confused out of concern, her brows wrinkled slightly, and then she also calmed a bit. But her gaze was still filled with anxiety.

Seeing Tang San already completely swallowed by that incandescent light, the seven Blazing Academy team members clearly loosed a breath, all showing relieved expressions.

Huo Wu’s rather looked fatigued. Controlling such enormous energy, and releasing her third spirit ability twice in succession and her fourth spirit ability once, her spirit power already approached exhaustion. The two auxiliary system fire attribute Spirit Masters next to her had also exhausted more than fifty percent of their spirit power.

But they all believed that as long as they could defeat Tang San, the remaining Shrek Academy members were no threat.

Even if the other person required to use their spirit fusion ability was on stage, how could they still be able to win this battle?

Huo Wu had already considered whether she should weaken the strength of her spirit ability. Just in case Tang San lost his life in that white-hot flame, wouldn’t that disqualify the Blazing Academy?

Just at this moment, something nobody had anticipated happened. A clear and calm voice transmitted out from that white flame.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

“You’re too naive. That’s what I wanted to say before, you’ve been mistaken all along.”

The pupils of Huo Wu’s eyes instantly contracted, Huo Wushuang’s eyes opened wide, his eyes brimming with disbelief.

As the white hot flame gradually faded, it had even melted a big hole in the ground. However, within that gradually weakening flame, floated a large cocoon. No, to be precise, it was suspended over the hole by Blue Silver Grass. Several strands of Blue Silver Grass were connected to the edges of the hole to support it.

That big cocoon was completely formed from Blue Silver Grass, only now the Blue Silver Grass had completely turned a fiery red, revealing a dazzling radiance. Along with the incandescent flame fading, they also began to slowly separate, automatically weaving a big net over the hole, supporting that person.

Tang San stood there quietly, straightening his somewhat creased uniform, his gaze flatly watching the not distant, already completely lifeless, seven Blazing Academy team members.

“Did you really think I didn’t use spirit abilities out of fear of your flames? Not all plants fear fire. There will always be exceptions. You were lead to make this false conclusion by me from the very start. You thought to rely on your fire attribute spirits to massively restrict my capabilities. That’s why you used such unscrupulous attacks, right? Unfortunately, your judgement was in error. I didn’t use spirit abilities in order to have you continue being mistaken. Until now, you have already consumed far, far too much spirit power. Let me tell you a fact. My Blue Silver Grass, is fireproof.”


The stands seemed to explode. All kinds of commenting voices rose and fell, those supporting Shrek Academy cheered, those supporting Blazing Academy shouted indignantly. But none of this could change the result of this match.

Black light burst from Tang San, his gaze once again falling on Huo Wu, meeting her absent-minded stare. The two of them had been fighting from the very start. But at this moment, this fight was already over. Over, without any suspense.

Seven beams of black light shot up, blue silver cages forming instantly, completely enveloping the seven Blazing Academy students. Let alone the spirit power they had used up, even if they hadn’t, breaking through the restraint of this ten thousand year spirit ability wasn’t that easy. At least, they couldn’t rely on fire to break it.

Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass, Infernal Precious Apricot, it was the first time the effect of the two great immortal treasures appeared in a fight. Relying on their forging in the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, not only Tang San’s body, but even his spirit possessed immunity to fire and ice.

If it wasn’t out of consideration for his clothes, previously when he faced that flame attack, Tang San didn’t even have to use Blue Silver Grass to defend.

When Huo Wu condensed her fourth spirit ability, Tang San had already seen that this spirit ability relied completely on high temperature to attack, without any impact. Therefore, let alone when condensing the fire attribute spirit power of three people, how could even thirty have any effect? Right now it wouldn’t be easy even for a Title Douluo’s flame ability to burn Tang San.

The appearance of seven Blue Silver Prisons put the end to this match. Perhaps the Blazing Academy students still had some strength they still hadn’t used, but when Tang San broke Huo Wu’s fourth spirit ability, this match had already ended. Because the Blazing Academy team had already completely lost their fighting spirit. Even their captain, Huo Wushuang, was no exception.

“We, con——cede——.”
The words were practically squeezed out between Huo Wu’s clenched teeth. Grinding her teeth, she constantly stared fixedly at Tang San. They were equally fortieth something ranked Spirit Masters, but the feeling this youth who still seemed younger than her gave her was deep and immeasurable. He was like an endless mine, constantly revealing new abilities, bit by bit.

And each time, his opponents would suffer defeat.

Just as Dai Mubai said Tang San would never do something without a chance of success, and today was no exception. Since he dared step away from the team to confront the Blazing Academy, he was naturally certain. And this certainty was based on his fire immunity.

If it was a frontal confrontation, perhaps the Shrek Academy side would have to expend a lot of strength. After all, the gap in strength between both sides wasn’t large. But Tang San relied on his ingenious planning in a battle of wits with Huo Wu. Without spending much of either his or his companions’ spirit power, he had obtained ultimate victory, defeating the second of the five elemental academies.

If the fight against the Elephant Armored Academy had made a name for Shrek Academy, then, the present fight had finally pushed Shrek Academy’s name to the summit of the qualifiers. This moment, nobody doubted they would be competing for the number one position in the qualifiers.

The audience weren’t fools, they still clearly remembered that Shrek Academy had brought out four Spirit Ancestors over fortieth rank in the fight against the Elephant Armored Academy. But this time there were only two. This proved something, proved that they still had strength left.

Withdrawing the Blue Silver Prisons, both teams got back into formation as the referee came back on the stage. The result of this match was already settled, even without anyone being injured. But right now the expressions of both teams had already made a complete reversal.

The faces of the seven Blazing Academy members no longer had the confidence from before, replaced by unreconciliation. Especially Huo Wu. Her big beautiful eyes stared rigidly at Tang San, as if she wanted to bite him. She was unreconciled, truly unreconciled.

Always in the past, she had been a darling of the academy. Among the five great elemental academies, her strength was absolutely in the top five, maybe even the top three. But losing like this to a nameless opponent, and moreover losing in both intelligence and strength, that was absolutely an unpleasant feeling.

This fight was an enormous blow to her, and that helpless feeling when facing Tang San was especially painful.

How they had ultimately lost even though she felt they were stronger than the opponents, and even the loss was somewhat mysterious, all because of the simple word ‘fireproof’.

“We’ll still meet again. Next time, you won’t have such luck.”
Huo Wu glared at Tang San with burning eyes.

Tang San smiled calmly,
“Any time.”

Shrek Academy, eleven fights and eleven wins. Blazing Academy, eleven fights with ten wins and one loss. Even though it was only one loss, it was still enough to separate them from the true leading group.

Both sides withdrew under the cheers from the audience. Tang San had just stepped off the stage when Oscar, Ma Hongjun and the others already came rushing over.

Oscar laughed out loud, saying:

They all knew about the ice and fire immunity of Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass, but being able to use it like this had broadened everyone’s minds. A fight that should originally have been bitter had ended so easily.

No doubt that boosted the Shrek Academy team’s confidence to the peak.

When the Shrek Seven Devils and the others walked into the rest area, whether it was contestants who still hadn’t fought or who had already fought, all looked at them with somewhat reverent gazes, especially when they looked at Tang San.

In these Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament qualifiers, Tang San could be said to be in the strongest limelight.

Especially when they confronted the Elephant Armored Academy and in their match against Blazing Academy just now, he had even more managed to reverse heaven and earth.

Naturally the Blazing Academy team members also returned to the rest area, they were all unreconciled, but what could they do even so? Following the end of the match, they gradually calmed down.

Whether it was Huo Wushuang or Huo Wu, both understood that even if they hadn’t been outsmarted by Tang San, it would still have been very difficult to defeat Shrek Academy.

Tang San, the soul of the team, possessed fire immunity. That was too large a restriction on them.

With the existence of such a control system Spirit Master, they wouldn’t have any chance.

“Huo Wushuang, in a few days we’ll take revenge for you.”
While the Blazing Academy party was depressed, a somewhat deep voice echoed. Everyone looked in the direction of the voice, seeing a contestant in a cyan uniform walking over towards them.

The cyan uniform was embroidered with decorations in silver thread, reflecting dazzling light at the Blazing Academy uniforms. It was another of the five elemental academies, Godwind Academy.

The speaker was Godwind Academy’s captain, and simultaneously their team soul, the Godwind Academy team’s control system Spirit Master, Feng Xiaotian[2].

Even though he spoke to Huo Wushuang, his gaze was all along settled on Huo Wu, an unconcealable blazing heat in his eyes.

Huo Wushuang snorted coldly,
“We couldn’t do it, are you certain you can?”

Feng Xiaotian grinned, saying:
“Wushuang, you know that’s not what I mean. You didn’t lose in strength, but rather in attribute restraint. That Tang San just happened to be immune to fire, otherwise, little sister Hui Wu’s fourth spirit ability might have already destroyed him. However, even if he’s immune to fire, he might not be immune to wind. Even though those Thunderclap Academy fellows can restrain us, this Shrek Academy won’t be able to. There are a great many circumstances where restraining attributes can decide victory or defeat in battles between Spirit Masters, you don’t need to be so depressed.”

Listening to Feng Xiaotian’s explanation, the expressions of Huo Wushuang’s team improved a bit. Just at this moment, Huo Wu suddenly spoke up:
“Feng Xiaotian, aren’t you very interested in going out with me?”

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

Feng Xiaotian’s eyes opened wide. Even though he’d always had that intention, having it pointed out by Huo Wu in front of everyone still left him embarrassed.

“Are you or aren’t you?”
Huo Wu didn’t seem to pay any attention to the many gazes currently focused on them.

Feng Xiaotian looked distracted a moment. He looked at Huo Wushuang to the side, but right now Huo Wushuang was equally astonished, he couldn’t understand why Huo Wu would say something like that at this time. He and Huo Wu were siblings, and he’d always been extremely doting towards this little sister.

“Are you a man or not? If you are then be one, if not, then don’t. Don’t tell me you won’t even speak?”
Huo Wu’s voice was somewhat cold, perfectly opposite to her spirit attributes.

“Yes, I’ve always liked you very much.”
Feng Xiaotian didn’t want to become a laughingstock, and if he didn’t confess now, perhaps he would never have the chance to pursue Huo Wu again.

Huo Wu nodded to him, saying:

Finished speaking, she took the lead to head outside, leaving behind the stunned Godwind Academy group.

Huo Wu had grown up in an environment where she was the focus of everyone’s attention. Even as a girl, whether at home or at the academy, she’d always been cherished. Further adding her extraordinary talent, she had always been at the summit of her peers. This year she was nineteen, and had already reached fortieth ranked strength. At Blazing Academy this could be said to be unprecedented. Her pride was justified. In appearance, strength, background, she didn’t lack the capital for pride. However, right now she was unable to forget Tang San’s expression, and even more unable to forget Tang San calling her naive.

To Huo Wu, she hadn’t lost just a match, but at the same time she had lost her pride and dignity. The outcome of this match was really a huge blow to her. What she was most unable to accept was that Tang San’s attributes restraining hers left her without the chance to turn the tables on him.

Even Huo Wushuang was unable to completely understand his little sister’s mind, and for the moment he could only catch up.

Feng Xiaotian stupidly looked in the direction Huo Wu disappeared, only returning to his senses after her silhouette was completely gone.

‘What did she say? She said she’d give me the chance to date? As long as I can defeat Shrek Academy’s Tang San, she’ll agree to be my girlfriend? Heavens, this is practically meat pies falling from heaven.’

As he gradually returned to his senses, unstoppable excitement began to set his heart on fire, liking Huo Wu wasn’t a matter of a day or two. Godwind Academy and Blazing Academy were very close, and they also interacted frequently. When he first saw Huo Wu six years ago, he had at once fallen for this beautiful and talented young woman. In order to pursue Huo Wu, he had even put aside his dignity to make friends with Huo Wushuang, and when exchanging pointers with these two siblings, he had never won. But even like this, Huo Wu had always been neither cold nor warm towards him. Now that the chance had finally come, Feng Xiaotian’s heart was blazing with the power of love. He suddenly discovered that Shrek Academy’s team members were so cute, their victory today had been so timely. ‘This really is excellent. The chance is finally here, Huo Wu, just wait, I’ll use strength to prove I’m the man who suits you the most.’


The Shrek Academy group naturally didn’t know about the agreement the Godwind Academy and Blazing Academy had reached, and without resting long, directly returned to the Academy.

Just as they entered the door, Tang San was called over by Grandmaster. The others were all long since used to this, after all, Tang San was Grandmaster’s direct disciple.

Following grandmaster to his office, Tang San closed the door.

Even though Grandmaster’s expression was calm, his brows were slightly wrinkled. With a wave of his hand, he indicated Tang San should sit first.

“Little San, you overdid it somewhat.”

Grandmaster’s unexpected words left Tang San distracted, but he didn’t utter a word, calmly waiting for his Teacher’s rebuke.

Grandmaster said in a low voice:
“What I mean is that you’ve already exposed too much of your strength. Among the academy team members in the tournament qualifiers, your show is too distinct. By now, not only is every academy paying attention to you, even those fellows in the VIP seats might be following you extremely closely. This isn’t a good thing.”

Tang San said with a wry smile:
“Teacher, you’ve also seen that our opponents are strong. This isn’t what I wanted, but if I didn’t do it, it would be very difficult for us to win.”

Grandmaster sighed lightly, saying:
“I understand. This wouldn’t be a problem if you had the backing of a formidable power. But don’t forget that last time Blue Sunshine Academy’s Shi Nian tried to assassinate you. Why did he dare try that? Because you don’t have enough strength behind you. The tallest tree in the forest will be broken by the wind. Right now I’m considering whether to start keeping you out of the matches until the finals.”

Tang San shook his head, firmly saying:
“No, Teacher, I have to appear. And furthermore, I have to continue leading everyone to continue winning. It’s always better if I alone draw attention than if the whole team does. The opponents’ attention always being on me will no doubt relax their guard against the others. We Shrek Seven Devils are as one. I think this is the only way that can let us go even further in the finals, when our opponents become even more difficult to deal with.”

Grandmaster smiled slightly, walking to Tang San’s side and clapping his shoulder,
“You see very far. Your way of handling things isn’t mistaken. However, you must remember, even if the team’s strength is hidden even deeper, if something happens to you, it will also lead to the collapse of the whole team. I won’t oppose your way of handling things, but from now on, every day when you go to and from the stadium, I will have Erlong go with you. Moreover, no matter when, you must be together with your companions. I don’t want you to have any accidents.”

“Yes, Teacher.”

Grandmaster continued:
“Today you’ve revealed your fire immunity and close combat ability. Honestly, even I didn’t know your close combat had reached such a level. In later matches, there’s no harm in using some of your own fighting skills. With your present spirit power and spirit ring amplification to your body, unless there’s another opponent with a spirit bone, it should be very difficult for people to contend against you without using spirit abilities. You must grasp this point properly. As long as you can do it well, you won’t be just a control system Spirit Master, but also a power attack system Spirit Master. But you must also pay attention in matches, your opponents will also try to restrain you according to your strength. Although your control capability in matches is pretty good, you still can’t draw out the full strength of your team members, otherwise you would have it a lot easier. This is also where you must pay attention. Among your later opponents, there’s still the Godwind, Skywater, and Thunderclap Academies. Among them, I’m not too worried about Skywater Academy. Your greatest threats are the other two academies. Whether it’s Godwind Academy’s speed or Thunderclap Academy’s burst power, they’re both difficult to handle. What I mean is, I hope you can give up on these two matches. Like this, while you won’t take the first position going into the next phase, but at the same time you won’t have to reveal too much of your strength.”

In terms of strategy, Grandmaster’s proposal was no doubt perfect, as long as they could reach the top five in the qualifiers they would be in the clear, however, did they really had to avoid fighting?

Tang San hesitated moment, but still firmly shook his head,
“Teacher, after the end of this tournament, we will all have to graduate. Let us leave behind something for the Academy.”

Grandmaster smiled slightly, saying:
“I knew you’d say that. On the surface you seem very mild mannered, but in fact, deep in your heart you’re actually extremely rigid. This kind of unyielding spirit is admittedly good, but you must remember, it’s easier to break what’s rigid. Back in those days, your father apparently suffered because of this.”

“My heart being rigid is perhaps because of your influence.”

Hearing Grandmaster mention his father, Tang San couldn’t keep his eyes from darkening. Recently he’d obtained a lot of information about his father, even about his life’s experience, but, where was his father really? In all these years, he had never returned to see him. If it really was as Grandmaster said, and father really cared for him, then why didn’t he return? Even seeing him once would be good!

“You’re still young, I hope you can cultivate without distractions. If you really can obtain victory in this tournament, then I’ll arrange for you to enter a long period of secret cultivation. Let the outside world forget about you. Because right now, you’re not strong enough to protect yourself, and even more unable to keep you out of the whirlpool of struggle between all sides.”

What Grandmaster said made Tang San’s heart shiver, master and disciple looked eye to eye, and Tang San silently nodded.


One day later, Shrek Academy met their twelfth opponent.

This opponent made Tang San somewhat excited, and left him even thirstier for victory than against Blazing Academy. Their twelfth opponent wasn’t the five great elemental academies, but Blue Sunshine Academy.

The academy led by the Shi Nian who once had almost condemned Tang San to hell.

It was less than an hour to the start of the match, and all academy teams were already waiting in the rest area. This time Shrek Academy wouldn’t appear in the first round, but in the third.

[1] (耀阳)

[2] (风笑天) “Wind Laughing Sky”

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