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Chapter 100

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

The person walking furthest ahead was medium sized, with an extremely ordinary appearance, a pair of eyes flickering with red-hot radiance, broad shoulders, the contrast between a gold and red uniform and that not particularly handsome face still made him imposing and threatening.

This person was Blazing Academy’s team captain, Huo Wushuang[1]. A forty second ranked power attack system Battle Spirit Master. His spirit was somewhat similar to Liu Erlong’s, a Fire Dragon. Only Liu Erlong’s Fire Dragon was more partial to Yin flame, while his Fire Dragon was a One-Horned Tyrant Dragon, completely walking the explosive route. In these qualifiers he was already known among Spirit Masters as most powerful head-on. He was also Blazing Academy’s unyielding mainstay attacker.

All the seven Blazing Academy students stood very close, and directly behind Huo Wushuang was another power attack system Spirit Master, thirty eighth ranked, without any outstanding features. Data showed that this person’s spirit was a Fire Leopard. Further behind were two people, two youths with gloomy expressions. Their appearances were exactly identical, unexpectedly a pair of twins. One was called Huo Yun[2] and the other Huo Yu[3], their spirits were Fire Crane[4]. They were also the agility attack system fire element Battle Spirit Masters Grandmaster spoke about. Their spirit power had both reached the thirty ninth rank, only a fine line away from the fortieth rank.

Furthest behind were two men and one woman, the two male Spirit Masters were extremely tall and wide, their faces valiant, and if going by appearance, they would absolutely be taken for power attack system Spirit Masters. But Grandmaster had told the Shrek Academy team that the two weren’t power attack system, but rather auxiliary system. Only their support contained a certain attack capability. If the opponents weren’t especially powerful, their support characteristics wouldn’t even be seen. Their spirits were also strangely identical, both had Sparks[5]. That’s right, Sparks, a kind of unusual spirit.

And between the two was the whole Blazing Academy team’s only woman, an extremely beautiful girl, the golden uniform she wore complementing her, matched with deep red long hair, able to stir any man’s fire, she was extremely attention grabbing.

Even though she was the only woman among the Blazing Academy, she was the tallest among the seven members, and her body was extremely well shaped. Standing in the middle with a constant faint smile, there was a faint red light around her.

If someone thought she was the Blazing Academy’s weakest member in a fight, then that would be a fatal mistake. Because apart from the captain, this girl was Blazing Academy’s other fortieth ranked Spirit Master, and even the highest ranked in the whole team. Forty third ranked control system Battle Spirit Master, Huo Wu[6]. She was the soul of the team, as well as their vice captain. Her spirit was she herself, using her own shadow, Fire Shadow[7].

Before the start of the match, Tang San only had time to look over the Spirit Master formation on the other side. It wasn’t that Shrek Academy had received the information late, but rather that Grandmaster deliberately gave them a rough run down of the opponents before the match. Winning was admittedly important, but to Grandmaster, it was even more important for the children to mature. In battles between Spirit Masters, you would frequently have to adapt to the enemy. When confronting the enemy, they would never tell you about their circumstances. What Grandmaster wanted to cultivate was Tang San’s ability to judge the enemy. As the soul of the team, his adaptability was clearly the most important.

Of the seven opponents, the one that drew Tang San’s attention the most wasn’t the one reputed as the most powerful frontal attacker, Huo Wushuang, but rather the control system Spirit Master Huo Wu between the two auxiliary system Spirit Masters in the rear.

Even though the opponents this time were still inferior to Elephant Armored Academy in terms of spirit power, what with having only two fortieth ranked Spirit Ancestors, since they could defeat the Elephant Armored Academy, there was no need to doubt their strength.

The referee walked into the middle,
“Both sides, salute.”

The altogether fourteen members of both teams lined up, saluting their counterparts. Dai Mubai’s gaze met Huo Wushuang’s, and Tang San couldn’t keep his gaze from meeting Huo Wu. The competition still hadn’t started, but the smell of gunpowder filled the space between them.

Huo Wushuang glared at Dai Mubai, their gazes colliding. In a low voice he said:
“Today is the moment your winning streak ends.”

Dai Mubai faintly said:

“That’s what I wanted to say. Today, one of our two teams will be unable to keep winning.”

Huo Wushuang’s gaze shifted to Tang San at Dai Mubai’s side,
“It’s a pity. If your control system Spirit Master wasn’t a plant type, then perhaps you still might have had some chance. But, now…… I advise you to forfeit, that way you can at least conserve your strength for the next match.”

Dai Mubai sneered in reply. In fact, inwardly he was also uncertain.

How couldn’t he know that plant type Spirit Masters were naturally suppressed by fire type Spirit Masters?

And the seven opponents were all fire type.

Tang San was undoubtedly the most important part of the Shrek Academy team. If he was suppressed by the opponents, then beating Blazing Academy with their current formation was undoubtedly lunatic ravings. Even if he and Zhu Zhuqing had the Hell White Tiger, they still might not be able to beat all the opponents.

To say nothing of the fact that Zhu Zhuqing wasn’t in this fight. To whom the deer would fall, was still a riddle.

“You can release your spirits.”
The referee’s voice rose once again. In an instant, the central stage was covered by light.

Intense spirit ring light flooded the whole stage, without doubt, both sides had optimal spirit ring configurations. Comparing spirit rings, they were completely balanced. Both sides had two fortieth ranked Spirit Ancestors along with five thirtieth ranked Spirit Elders.

Both sides were completely balanced in level. Of course, there was still a gap in Tang San’s terror-inducing ten thousand year spirit ring.

But how did a team fight? As a whole. A small gap absolutely couldn’t become a key to change the entire battle.

Tang San’s gaze swept across the formation, but always landed on the tall young woman called Huo Wu.

Her name was the same as Xiao Wu, both having the word ‘wu’. But this girl gave Tang San a very unusual feeling.

Even if she was always smiling, her aura was extremely reserved. Even with Tang San’s strength and Purple Demon Eye, he was still unable to clearly see what strength this girl hid.

Spirits leapt up, and intangible pressure squeezed both sides like two immense walls.

After the referee retreated, both sides simultaneously returned to their familiar formations. Blazing Academy still had a triangular formation, while the Shrek Academy side still had Dai Mubai, Tai Long, and Huang Yuan in front, Jiang Zhu in the back, and Tang San, Xiao Wu, and Jing Ling in the middle.

Going by formations, no doubt the Blazing Academy arrangement seemed even more offensive, while the Shrek Academy’s side seemed relatively conservative.

“Match begin!”
Along with the referee’s command, both sides moved in the first instant.

Dai Mubai abruptly took a step forward, making the whole stage shake. Huang Yuan and Tai Long followed at his side, the three simultaneously pressuring their counterparts with the weight of five thousand tons of thunder. At their waists appeared a slender and extremely durable strand of Blue Silver Grass.

Hong—— At this moment, raging flames leapt up in a flash in the middle of the enemy ranks. Fiery red light filled half the stage with scorching hot air.

Raging flames rose practically simultaneously from all the seven Blazing Academy team members, each person’s first spirit ring releasing dazzling light.

Sparks radiated all around the two auxiliary system Spirit Masters, countless little flecks of light in the air swiftly condensed towards those sparks. Along with the red flecks of light gathering, the sparks swiftly grew larger, spiraling over the heads of all the seven.

Huo Wushuang brazenly stepped forward with the other power attack system Spirit Master. A resonant dragon’s roar rose from his throat, and the raging flames all over his body vaguely took the shape of a dragon behind him. Spirit Body Enhancement made his body swell a size, covering his skin with a layer of blazing hot deep red scales.

The two agility attack system Spirit Masters Huo Yun and Huo Yu detoured around them, a pair of dazzlingly beautiful wings extending behind their backs. Even though they couldn’t fly, they still advanced in a bizarre curving way, gliding around, their target at the center of the Shrek Academy team, Tang San.

After the dazzling sparks condensed in the air one after another, they swiftly poured into the others. As each spark entered, it made the Blazing Academy students’ flames even fiercer.

Without a doubt, this was a team with extremely tacit cooperation; the match had only just started, but they had already established a total advantage.

On the battlefield, there were only three people that didn’t move. On Shrek Academy’s side was Tang San and Jiang Zhu, and on the opposing side, control system Spirit Master Huo Wu.

Jiang Zhu being motionless was because of her healing capability, and now still wasn’t the time to heal. But Tang San and Huo Wu were still looking at each other, neither acting.

Xiao Wu and Jing Ling simultaneously flashed out to the side, meeting the opponents’ two agility attack system Spirit Masters, loudly colliding together head-on on the battlefield.

Dai Mubai and Huo Wushuang loudly erupted with their second spirit abilities, both jolted simultaneously. Huo Wushuang retreated a step, but Dai Mubai didn’t move a hair’s breadth.

The two both had extremely powerful spirits, but Dai Mubai still had an edge in spirit power.

However, Dai Mubai also wasn’t unscathed. His tiger palms were already somewhat licked by flames, emitting a scorched smell.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

Wu Shuang was clearly enormously unreconciled to being pushed back. With an explosive roar, he once again stiffly charged forward without using any spirit abilities, striking at Dai Mubai without any garishness. His defense was his own unparallelled ‘head-on’ reputation.

The other Blazing Academy power attack system Spirit Master was somewhat out of luck, facing the attacks of both Tai Long and Huang Yuan.

Tai Long’s spirit was Vajra Orangutan, and now under Spirit Body Enhancement, his body’s sturdiness was already extremely frightening. Even if he still couldn’t compare to those abnormal Elephant Armored Academy fellows, his muscles like coiling serpents gave a feeling of even more power. His attack was also the simplest, pure force. Basically no matter who the opponent was, he would let the opponent bombard him, and he would equally throw out his fists. And Huang Yuan swiftly leapt up, yellow light releasing from his sharp claws, going straight for the opponent’s chest.

When there was little difference in level, a two against one battle should be without any suspense. But at this moment, Blazing Academy’s strength immediately emerged.

Those constantly condensing sparks in the air were originally evenly distributed across the all the other five team members, but when the combined attacks of Huang Yuan and Tai Long struck that Fire Leopard Spirit Master, the sparks in the air suddenly accelerated, their collected power shooting into the body of the Fire Leopard Spirit Master in a flash.

Immediately, a circle of golden red light released from within the Fire Leopard Spirit Master, a tremendous energy suddenly expanding, unexpectedly repelling both Tai Long and Huang Yuan’s attacks.

Even if it didn’t injure the two, the Fire Leopard Spirit Master’s crisis was already easily resolved. He immediately went straight for the seemingly weaker of the two, Huang Yuan. Whether attack power or speed, both had abruptly increased when that big cloud of sparks had poured in.

‘Good auxiliary control.’ Tang San’s eyes brightened, he had already clearly judged the opponents’ condition.

That trio of two support and one control should actually be considered a trio of control system Spirit Masters. The two big fellows weren’t just common auxiliary system Spirit Masters, but of an exceptionally uncommon auxiliary control system.

In a battle, relying on their support capabilities to conduct control, selectively helping their team members. In some sense, this method was somewhat similar to the Shrek Seven Devils’ Ning Rongrong.

Even though their spirits weren’t as out of the ordinary as the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, when the two simultaneously supported one person, it could undoubtedly substantially boost his strength for a short time. This was also an important reason why they only had two power attack system Spirit Masters.

Having seen this clearly, Tang San finally moved. With the speed of thought, Blue Silver Grass abruptly withdrew, pulling back Huang Yuan and Tai Long, simultaneously having them retreat in one direction under Tang San’s precise control. And withdrawing at the same time was Dai Mubai who was fighting Huo Wushuang.

Dai Mubai and Huo Wushuang could be said to be evenly matched. Both were power attack system Spirit Masters, both had overbearing spirits, there was very little difference in spirit power, making the fight between them inspire a kind of unrestrained feeling.

But just as they were happily trading blows, Dai Mubai’s sudden retreat was undoubtedly beyond Ho Wushuang’s comprehension, but his feet unconsciously followed, automatically pulled along, both fists simultaneously bursting out, straight at Dai Mubai’s chest.

However, the moment Huo Wushuang’s dashed forward, he already felt something amiss.

Dai Mubai’s retreat was too fast, and at the same time as he advanced, Huang Yuan and Tai Long also simultaneously retreated to either side, the three forming a perfect triangular formation, with him in the center.

Even though this wasn’t the first time Tang San used these tactics in a fight, with Blue Silver Grass’s increasingly accurate control, it could often acquire enormous effect. In the ten previous fights, at least six team captains had been ensnared in Tang San’s control like this.

Even though Huo Wushuang wasn’t weak, in a moment, he would become the seventh.

Dai Mubai and Tang San had been cooperating for a very long time, and as he retreated, he had already understood Tang San’s intentions. Without the slightest hesitation, he directly unleashed his potent third spirit ability, White Tiger Vajra Transformation.

Instantly, white fur burst with golden splendor, and even though he was retreating, his imposing manner instantly increased. Seeing the encirclement almost complete, Dai Mubai stepped down, halting his backwards momentum. He crouched like a tiger about to pounce, and immediately afterward, struck like lightning.

Everything happened extremely fast, this encircling and annihilating joint attack was fast, precise, fierce, exploiting numerical advantage and instantaneous burst power to first destroy the strongest of the opponents. As long as they could smash Huo Wushuang, the rest of the battle would no doubt become a lot easier for the Shrek team.

However, was it really that easy?

Grandmaster had always observed the other team’s matches, so how couldn’t the other teams also have paid attention to Shrek Academy’s ten successive victories?

The moment both sides were about to complete their encirclement, suddenly, a red whirlwind erupted from the floor.

Even though Tang San manipulated his Blue Silver Grass, his gaze had never left the opposing side’s control system Spirit Master, Huo Wu. Sure enough, at this moment, Huo Wu moved.

Huo Wu acted without any warning, her movements also extremely simple, but what shone was her third spirit ring. The dazzling purple light mixed with the golden red around her, and a dazzling ring-shaped flame instantly erupted where it was needed the most.

Her control was extremely precise, and when that great ring of flame arrived, was precisely when Dai Mubai’s trio completed their encirclement and attacked.

Bizarrely, even though that instantly erupting ring of flame appeared extremely grand, the moment it touched, it still didn’t make any sound.

Whether it was Dai Mubai, Huang Yuan or Tai Long, none of them felt any threat of harm to them, the trio was only sent flying in a split second by a scorching hot powerful elasticity.

It wasn’t just them being ejected, even Xiao Wu and Jing Ling who were fighting to two opposing agility attack system Spirit Masters.

These five were struck practically simultaneously by that bizarre ring of fire, flying out in five different directions, perfectly destroying the Shrek team’s formation all at once.

Tang San, originally protected in the middle of everyone, was immediately exposed. That flame ring disappeared just in front of him, without flinging him away with the others.

This was Huo Wu’s third spirit ability, Defying Flame Ring[8]. This ability didn’t have any attack power, but its greatest characteristic was the ability to eject all enemies within the range of the Defying Flame Ring a certain distance.

As for how far they were rejected, and differentiation between friend and foe, that was up to the Spirit Master’s own control. It the ability of a kind of peculiar spirit beast.

This spirit ability would appear to be used to save one’s life, when it appeared in the hands of an outstanding control system Spirit Master, it wasn’t that simple. Even though Dai Mubai, Huang Yuan and Tai Long were all bound by Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass, the instant they were shot out by the Defying Flame Ring, Tang San was still left by himself.

And without opponents to block them the two agility attack system Spirit Masters, along with Huo Wushuang, and the other power attack system Spirit Master, practically simultaneously pounced at Tang San, and moreover from four different directions. Right now, even Tang San didn’t have enough time to use Blue Silver Grass to pull back his team members to help him.

From the start of the battle, this situation was what the Blazing Academy had arranged for Tang San, using Shrek Academy’s best team tactic against them to deal with Tang San.

Four against one, they had even taken Tang San’s Spider Web Restraint into account.

Attacking from different directions, Tang San’s Spider Web could at most only restrain one person. There absolutely wasn’t enough time for him to launch a second.

And that moment, he would already be besieged by three people, not even luck could save him then.

Anyone who looked could see that Tang San was the core of the Shrek team, as long as he was routed, the Shrek Team would be like a toothless tiger, and dealing with them would be a lot simpler without the threat of Tang San’s ten thousand year spirit ring, and even more without his powerful control capability.

For insurance, the Blazing Academy’s two auxiliary system Spirit Masters’ third spirit rings flared simultaneously, and the previously constantly condensing sparks in the air unexpectedly split from one into two, from two into four, instantly increasing fourfold, and rushed at the four responsible for the attack.

Dazzlingly beautiful balls of flame fell from the air like a meteor shower, blazing flames already impassably surrounding Tang San.

The four people attacking Tang San simultaneously launched their third spirit abilities. Regarding this one attack, they were determined to win.

Sharp claws appeared on Huo Wushuang’s hands, his body swelling once again, golden red light erupting from the scales. His third spirit ability and Dai Mubai’s White Tiger Vajra Transformation were different approaches leading to the same outcome. His whole body erupted with raging flames.

With two crane calls, two enormous flame crane shadows flew out, Flame Shadow Doppelgängers.

The Fire Leopard Spirit Master erupted with seven deep blue flame bullets.

The quadruple attack sealed all Tang San’s routes of escape.

Confronted by four people attacking him, Tang San seemed very serene, very calm.

However, within his body burned a raging inferno. He longed to fight, longed to use his own true strength to smash these four people before him.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

Perhaps he would be injured, but he believed he had that kind of strength. But, could he really do that? No, he couldn’t. It still wasn’t time to expose his true strength.

In such a moment of crisis, Tang San still had time to glance at that Huo Wu, her charming face already showing a trace of pride after releasing that Defying Flame Ring.

Huo Wu was very beautiful, her build somewhat like Xiao Wu, only somewhat more well rounded than Xiao Wu. Deep red waves of long hair hanging to her waist, a fair face with exquisite facial features, a pair of big eyes faintly flickering with silvery light. If the most beautiful women in the tournament were lined up, she would definitely be in the top five.

If others looked at her, Huo Wu would definitely think it was out of admiration. However, as her gaze met Tang San’s, she saw his gaze was still brimming with confidence and stubbornness. Tang San’s lips moved, and even though he didn’t make a sound, Huo Wu could still vaguely make out what he was saying.

“You’re too naive.”

Indeed, this was what Tang San wanted to say. The next moment, he shot out like an arrow from a bow. Moreover, what he chose was the most difficult route out, attacking the densest seven star balls of the Fire Leopard Spirit Master.

Huo Wu was somewhat dazed. She couldn’t understand why Tang San would make such a suicidal charge, he was only a control system Spirit Master! Without control, a control system Spirit Master was nothing. Could he really want to collide head on with a power attack system Spirit Master? And still a power attack system Spirit Master’s third spirit ability? Wasn’t that suicide?

Even more, Huo Wushuang, Huo Yun, and Huo Yu’s attacks would follow directly afterward. Let alone breaking through the Fire Leopard Spirit Master’s obstruction, even if he did have that strength, as long as the Fire Leopard Spirit Master’s attack slowed him down for just a moment, he would be met with three powerful attacks from behind.

Was Tang San truly suicidal? Impossible.

The Fire Leopard Spirit Master couldn’t help inwardly exulting when he saw Tang San dashing at him. He immediately arrayed his third spirit ability, Explosive Seven Star Bullets, in a perfect formation to hit Tang San. He had complete confidence in his spirit ability, especially when under the boost of the two auxiliary system Spark Spirit Masters. Even if it couldn’t compare with most Spirit Masters’ fourth spirit abilities in strength, it wasn’t far off.

Indeed, the Fire Leopard Spirit Master’s third spirit ability was very powerful. Even Tang San would inevitably be injured if he was hit, let alone going on to block the attacks coming from behind. But the Fire Leopard Spirit Master had forgotten one thing, or perhaps it should be said he basically hadn’t expected it to happen. Even the most powerful spirit abilities were useless if they didn’t hit the opponent.

Tang San had never been a simple Spirit Master, that had never been his destiny ever since arriving in this world. Because he came from the Tang Sect of a different world, and he had inherited Tang Sect’s peak secret skills.

Could the scattering Explosive Seven Star Bullets truly block Tang San’s every path forward? Seventy might, but never seven.

To the eyes of the Fire Leopard Spirit Master, Tang San’s body suddenly seemed to have become illusory, completely turning into light and shadow. He seemed weightless, twisting bizarrely in the air a few times, stepping at a mysterious pace that unexpectedly let him bore straight past the seven energy bullets. Not only didn’t he touch even one, he didn’t even make a sound. Everything he saw was like a hallucination.

The Fire Leopard Spirit Masters’ pupils abruptly expanded, he also had plentiful combat experience. Even though he didn’t know how Tang San had been able to simply ‘walk’ through his attack like that, he still reacted instantly, using all his strength to control the Explosive Seven Star Bullets he had shot out to return and strike Tang San’s back. In terms of spirit ability control, this was already the limit of what he could accomplish.

However, no matter how exquisite his control was, those seven energy bullets were still only chasing a back. And Tang San advanced.

In the crisis, the Flame Leopard Spirit Master’s battle ability erupted completely. Extending both hands, a ball of intense flames erupted from his palms. In this limited time, all he could use right now was his first spirit ability, Flame Howl[9].

He knew, as long as he could block Tang San for a moment, his closely following Explosive Seven Star Bullets as well as his companions’ attacks would catch up. At that time, Tang San would be defeated.

Even though he knew that Tang San’s spirit power was higher than his, he still didn’t believe that his strength wasn’t enough to block Tang San for just that long.

This moment, besides the ongoing fights on the other four stages, the entire arena became silent. Almost all the gazes from the onlookers were focused on Tang San. They all wanted to see just how the soul of Shrek Academy’s team, possessing a ten thousand year fourth spirit ring Tang San, would face this situation.

Could he be blocked? Tang San gave the answer under the gazes of several tens of thousands of spectators. Using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step, he didn’t just step past the attack of the seven Explosive Seven Star Bullets, but simultaneously also stepped past the Fire Leopard Spirit Master.

He really was too fast. Even though he wasn’t an agility attack system Spirit Master, relying on Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, with just one slightly staggering movement, he had already moved around the Fire Leopard Spirit Master.

Just this one simple action completely changed the situation. The one confronting the attacks of the three Blazing Academy team members from behind and the attack of the Seven Star Bullets was no longer Tang San, but rather the Fire Leopard Spirit Master himself.

Standing stably, dropping his shoulder, striking back. The three motions were as smooth as breathing, Tang San didn’t give the Fire Leopard Spirit Master any more time to react, before his shoulder heavily struck his opponent’s back.

Accumulated Mysterious Heaven Skill erupted in a flash. The Fire Leopard Spirit Master only felt an irresistible force spread from his back through his whole body, and immediately afterward he was launched flying.

The Flame Howl was confronted with the returning Seven Star Bullets, and those three pursuing comrades of his watched helplessly as foe became friend, and all they could do was to as much as possible redirect their attacks to the sky.

Otherwise, their team member would inevitably be turned to ash by their combined assault.

At this moment, Blue Silver Grass quietly acted. The Blue Silver Grass twisting around Dai Mubai, Tai Long, and Huang Yuan’s waists suddenly tightened, their speed increasing in the blink of an eye.

From surrounding the enemy, from being surrounded by the enemy under the Defying Flame Ring’s effect, then again back to surrounding them. Everything happened at lightning speed.

At this very moment, Tang San had for the first time in this Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament revealed his own talent for battle.

Spirit abilities would never be the full strength of Spirit Masters, and this was even more so for Tang San. Just relying on Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step and his own keen judgement, his tactics had already successfully reversed heaven and earth.


The Fire Leopard Spirit Master crooned miserably, his body scorched black by the bombardment of his own Seven Star Bullets. If not for his own fire attribute, and his exceeding familiarity with his own third spirit ability, this alone would have caused him serious injuries.

His three comrades also didn’t feel much better. The feeling of misusing strength to forcefully change direction of their spirit abilities was extremely painful, almost making them spit blood. The three staggered uncontrollably, and behind them, Dai Mubai’s trio already arrived swiftly.

If their attack struck, then the White Tiger Vajra Transformed Dai Mubai alone would have been enough to smash the three staggering opponents before him.

The battle had already advanced to a white hot stage, each moment could be the key to victory or defeat.

At this moment, the control system Spirit Masters of both sides completely showed their importance as the souls of the teams. Seeing absolute advantage turn to absolute disadvantage, Blazing Academy team’s control system Spirit Master Huo Wu acted once again.

Another ring of intense flame erupted, Defying Flame Ring appearing on the battlefield for the second time. Practically the same scene as before appeared again. The instant Shrek Academy was about to defeat their opponents, they were shot out by the Defying Flame Ring. While on the brink of catastrophe, the crisis of Blazing Academy’s main assault force was resolved.

Even though Huo Wu had saved her teammates at the crucial moment, right now she was already covered with a layer of sweat. She knew that even though she already had a high estimation of Tang San, she had still underestimated him.

His close combat abilities were in no way as simple as an ordinary control system Spirit Master’s. That bizarre footwork, could it be some spirit ability? But, he couldn’t have any more spirit abilities. Then, was it a spirit bone?

It was in no way just Huo Wu thinking along these lines. In the VIP seats, a lot of people already had similar notions.

“Was that the power of a spirit bone?”
Nobody knew who spoke first.

Sitting in the front row of the VIP section, emperor Xue Ye, as well as Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi and platinum bishop Salas shook their heads practically simultaneously. At this moment, their eyes were filled with shock.

But the three could still be certain, that wasn’t the power of a spirit bone.

Because Tang San’s pace lacked the particular spirit power fluctuations that came with the use of a spirit bone. That should only be a technique, a simple close combat technique.

Ning Fengzhi held his forehead, laughing wryly in his heart, ‘Ah, Tang San, how many times are you going to shock me before you’re done?’

[1] (火无双) “Fire Incomparable”

[2] (火云) “Fire Cloud”

[3] (火雨) “Fire Rain”

[4] (火鹤) The term is also the name for Anthurium andraeanum, Fire Crane Lily, but in this case it should simply be the literal meaning.

[5] (火星) Literally “Fire Star”

[6] (火舞) “Fire Dance”, same wu as in Xiao Wu.

[7] (火影) Alternatively “Fire Reflection”

[8] (抗拒火环) Or “Resisting Flame Ring”, “Anti Flame Ring”.

[9] (火啸)

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