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Chapter 168: Powerful Dark Clouds!

The stunned crowd did not know what to say.

To the left of the owner of the small building was the leader of the robbers, Thrall, and on the right was his son, Earl.

The few of them just stood there and stared blankly at the two swords that kept flying.

Even Stark did not notice when he walked in front of them.

It wasn’t until Stark spoke that he reacted and hurriedly replied, “I’m not looking at anything.”

Seeing the owner of the small building hurriedly answering his question, he also smiled.

Then, he turned to look at the orange-red giant-armed zombie.

At that moment, the two swords finished clearing the remaining zombies and flew back to him.

Thrall looked at the Sword of Zeus in Stark’s hand with envy.

Just as he was about to say, “Can you let me experience this sword?”

He thought for a moment and said, “Forget it. It’s hard to say if it’s misunderstood.”

As he watched Stark walk towards the mutant zombie, Thrall reminded him from behind, “This zombie is different from the previous ones. It might be a different kind of zombie!”

Hearing Thrall’s words, Stark paused and continued walking forward.

“Detection Spell!”

[Ding! There is a mutated female zombie in front of us. It may have gone through a second mutation! Please be careful, host!]

After reading the message, an interested look appeared in Stark’s eyes.

“A mutated female zombie may have gone through a second mutation. Isn’t this just a large experience gift?!”

After saying that, the two swords that had been floating around him disappeared.

This made Thrall and the owner of the small building very curious.

They had never known about the existence of the system space, nor did they know about the existence of the system.

They just thought that he had something like a space gem on him.

Thrall felt that the sky was a little dark. He looked up at the sky.

His expression changed abruptly. He saw that the sky was like a piece of white cloth that was dripping with ink and gradually turning gray.

Slowly, the clouds in the middle began to turn gray, and there were flashes of lightning from time to time.

Looking at Stark, who was in the middle, his emotions were complicated. Previously, he was the one who wanted to rob Stark, but now he was saved by him.

Just as Thrall looked at Stark with a complicated gaze, a yellow light flashed in the sky!


Suddenly, there was an explosion. The sound of the thunder woke Thrall and the others up!

They looked at the sky and the cloud that was dozens of meters in diameter.

At the same time, in a town, Barran’s eyes were locked on the city where Stark was.

At this time, the sky phenomenon caused by Stark could be seen as long as it was in the Kingdom of Vilya.

Stark had no idea that the entire kingdom of Vilya knew about the sky phenomenon caused by him!

Meanwhile, an old man in his eighties came to the main hall of the castle.

He sat on a chair made of good wood at the very end of the hall and said, “Invite all the ministers in the castle who are still alive to the main hall!”

Cough! Cough!

After saying that, he violently coughed twice.

When the guard next to him heard the old man cough, he quickly handed the medicine over.

He held a bowl made of gold in his hand, filled it with water, and bent over to give it to the old man.


He watched the old man swallow the medicine. Afterward, he disappeared into the palace.

Not long after, the old man suddenly clutched his heart, his body convulsing as he lay on the table.

He never got up again!

Whether it was the actions of the people in the castle or the actions of the other survivors, Stark had no idea at all.

Thrall looked at the dark clouds in the sky with a serious look in his eyes.

Then he glanced at the zombies in front of him, wondering if he could hold on!

Just as Stark was about to release the energy, the people behind him saw the dark clouds and quickly ran into the distance.

They were afraid that they would be affected and turn into charcoal!

Not long after, Stark arrived in front of the giant-armed zombie.

This distance was relatively close and safe.

This way, he could see as much as possible to reduce the number of mutant zombies.

Thus, he had one less thing to study. After all, he still had the system.

Thinking of this, Stark suddenly remembered that he hadn’t signed in yet.

He immediately decided to check in first before killing this zombie!

“System! I want to check in!”

[Ding! Check-in successful! Congratulations, host, for obtaining the following item:

Six Paths Extermination Cannon! One-time use item]

“Six Paths Extermination Cannon?”

“What is this? It looks very useless.”

After saying that, he looked at the introduction of the six paths extermination cannon.

[One-time use item: Six Paths Extermination Cannon

Power: ∞

Number of times: 1

Restrictions: Limited to the real world. Can not be used in other worlds!

Description: This is a weapon of ancient times. The strongest person of the ancient race had extracted the power of the six paths and fused it with some rare materials to form this weapon.

Although it’s a good material, because the power of the six paths would make the material no longer sturdy, so don’t refine it into this weapon!]

Looking at the ancient aura emanating from the backpack, his eyes turned from calm to admiration.

Except for these people, no one else would be able to draw power from the six paths of the Netherworld, right?

At that moment, a roar came from in front of him

For a moment, Stark was stung by the smell, and it took him a while to react.

He glanced at the zombie with a look of disgust and muttered, “I didn’t expect this zombie to have bad breath!”

After saying that, he turned around and prepared to leave. Everyone stood in the distance and watched the dark clouds that were gradually descending.

One by one, they stood up, wanting to witness the moment when the dark clouds exploded.

Thrall and the owner of the small building stood close.

The dark clouds seemed to know that they were going to give the ugly guy in front of them a heavy blow!

There were already several bolts of lightning on their ‘bodies,’ but now, they were continuously flashing!

When the giant-armed zombie saw Stark turning around to leave, it immediately leaned forward and started running!

With its 400-pound body, it ran like a high-speed truck.

Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

The ground trembled with every step it took, accompanied by loud noises!

When Stark heard the noise, it quickly dodged to the left, causing the zombie to miss.

Boom! The wall that was already full of cracks in the ruins collapsed!

Dust flew everywhere. The dark clouds that were still forming began to drift toward the ruins.

The giant-armed zombie was stuck in the walls of the ruins. It was unable to pull out its giant arm!

It could only watch the dark clouds fall toward it.

The dark clouds floated above the ruins, temporarily covering the whole area!

For a moment, a burst of blue light bloomed!

It was so sharp that no one could open their eyes. They were forced to cover their eyes with their hands!

After a while, the light finally disappeared.

What appeared in front of everyone was a ruin covered in dark clouds.

It was as mysterious as a mountain!

Boom! Roar!


Inside was the sound of the mutated zombie being struck by lightning, and the sound of the ruins collapsing from time to time!

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