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Chapter 155

Early the next morning, when Cheng Yang left his Meditation Hall, he found Liu Hau waiting in the pavilion .

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“You’re fast, Koko . ” Cheng Yang greeted his friend . The night before, he’d sent someone to fetch Liu Hau to transfer to his unique class . “You must have started walking before dawn . ”

“A little after actually . I was lucky not to run into any monsters . ”

“Let’s go see how awesome a Battle Master is . ”

The two walked over to the Warrior Class Change Statue . Then, Cheng Yang sacrificed the Battle Master’s Blade to the statue . After a brief flash, the statue’s original weapon was replaced by a shining steel sword .

Once Liu Hau switched to the unique subclass, Cheng Yang checked his system pane .

Liu Hau
Phoenix Empire Official
Joyous River Village Governor
Class: Warrior
Subclass: Battle Master
Profession: Blacksmith
Level: High-Grade Apprentice (52 . 1%)

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19 Life Span 150 HP 331 . 8 MP 69 . 1 Physical Attack 36 . 2 Magic Attack 6 . 9 Physical Defense 24 . 6 Magic Defense 6 . 9 Attack Speed 17 . 1 Movement Speed 32 . 1

Innate Abilities

Receive 40% more stats in the Movement Speed attribute when you level up Receive 30% more stats in the Attack Speed attribute when you level up
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Movement speed is increased by 200% Warrior Spirit: Movement Speed and Attack Speed increased by 30% Two-Weapon Fighter: Replaces the Shield equipment slot with another Sword equipment slot


Meditation (High-Grade): Meditate to absorb experience fragments and level up Extricate (High-Grade): Using a Mana imbued blade deal increased damage to both your target and their equipment Damage: 52 . 3 Cost: 4 MP Cooldown: 3 min Durability Damage: 5% Proficiency: 14% Spirit Shield (Standard-Grade): Rouses your spirit and uses your Mana to reduce damage taken Damage Absorption: 10 Cost: MP proportional to damage taken Duration: 3 min Cooldown: 3 . 5 min Proficiency: 32% Disabling Strike (Low-Grade): Sprint forwards at 200% speed for twenty-five meters and stun the target when you attack Damage: 36 . 2 Cooldown: 34 sec Stun Time: 2 . 5 sec Proficiency: 34% Warden’s Wall (Low-Grade): Quadruple the size of your shield, doubling its Damage Reduction at the cost of your Movement Speed Penalty: Movement Speed becomes 0 Penalty: Cannot use weapons Proficiency: 0%


Bloody Long Sword (Black-Iron): This blade has survived thousands of battles and as a result is permanently bloodstained Increases Physical Attack by 2 Durability: 29/60 Adamantium Armor (Black-Iron): High-quality armor made from solid adamantium Increases Physical Defense by 5 Durability: 57/60 Gladiator’s Helmet (Green-Bronze): Designed for use by gladiators, this helmet mildly affects the wearer’s adrenaline levels Increases Physical Defense by 2 and Physical Attack by 1 Durability: 34/50 Sky Wizard’s Boots (Purple-Silver): Although these boots were originally designed by the Sky Wizard Sprad to walk on air as if it were solid ground, the millennia have degraded them Increases Movement Speed by 3 Durability: 67/80 Star-Spotted Gloves (Black-Iron): Gloves made from the hide of a star spotted deer, which are famed for their sturdy leather Increases Attack Speed by 2 and Physical Defense by 1 Durability: 34/60 Ring of Dexterity (Green-Bronze): A classic ring often made by novice Enchanters as a right of passage Increases Movement Speed by 1 Durability: 45/50 Healer’s Ring (Green-Bronze): Distributed to war-time medics, this ring increases the wearer’s natural healing processes Increases Health Regen by 2 Durability: 46/50

Cheng Yang was filled with admiration when he saw Liu Hau’s attributes .

After becoming a Battle Master, Liu Hau’s Movement Speed was increased to the extreme . Even Enlai wouldn’t be able to catch up with him . It was so high that it began to affect not just his speed when running but also his body and even his mind . With a little training, he would be able to dodge every leaf in a windy forest .

When you considered his absurd Attack Speed as well, he became a monster in close combat . His control of both his body and weapon pushed beyond human limits, allowing him to unerringly strike his opponent while they hit nothing but air .

It was, without a doubt, a powerful subclass . The only major downside was the relatively low damage . If he and Cheng Yang were to fight, Cheng Yang would only win thanks to his superior equipment .

The subclass also removed the Warrior’s flaw as a damage dealer by replacing the shield with another weapon . The change was similar to the assassin subclass but with two swords instead of dual-wielded daggers .

Once Liu Hau adapted to the Battle Master fighting style, he would become, and remain, one of the world’s powerhouses .

“Yoko, thank you so much!” Liu Hau smiled sincerely .

“Why are you acting like that? We’re friends! Brothers even!”

“Even so, I’ll repay this favor by defending the empire you’ve built . Even if a dragon attacks our territory, I’ll stand firm in my defense!” Liu Hau declared .

“Careful what you say, I’ve seen a dragon, and you’d better pray it doesn’t come anywhere near us . ” cheng Yang chuckled at the thought of Liu Hau valiantly facing the dragon only to be defeated by a single sneeze . “Since you can use two words now, get yourself another when you return to Joyous River Village . If you can’t find a light enough one, wait until you can smith one yourself . ”

“As long as its not a heavy weapon, I can still reluctantly use a longsword . ” Liu Hau mused, “I’ll also need to find someone to give my old shield to . I’ve gotten attached to it, so don’t like giving it up, but there’s no helping it . ”

“You’ve only had it for ten days, and in a month, you’ll need to switch out your swords for better ones . Are you planning to horde every piece of equipment you’ve ever used?”

“It’s just a habit from when I played MMOs . ” Liu Hau dismissed Cheng Yang’s concerns .

Before Liu Hau left, they had a chat over tea . When they were done, Cheng Yang prepared to visit Copper Tomb Village .

Before he could leave Phoenix Village, he found Pang Sun blocking his path . It was only then that Cheng Yang remembered his promise to bring her with him .

Pang Sun was worried about her boyfriend ever since he left, so when she heard Cheng Yang was in the village, she immediately confronted him .

After a short explanation, Cheng Yang had Enlai carry her to Copper Tomb Village with him .

After three days, Copper Tomb Village developed into a suitable base of operations . With Cheng Yang’s there for guidance and protection, everything proceeded smoothly .

Every night, he would return to Phoenix Village using a Stone of Return to train using the Nirvana Feather .

Phoenix Village was also developing smoothly . A large number of soldiers leveled up recently, allowing the territory’s income to exceed ten thousand Experience Fragments .

After leveling up, they had more Experience Fragments to spend, which filtered back to the territory through taxes . The Bank also made significant taxed gains as ordinary soldiers took out loans for equipment .

Fortunately, the taxes paid by the Bank were calculated based on its profits . If it weren’t, Cheng Yang might find his investment drained away .

Thanks to his sale of the Stones of Return, his account had a balance of nearly two million . As a result, of the Bank’s profit of twenty-thousand Experience Fragments a day, Cheng Yang received almost a tenth as interest .

Of course, the money wasn’t all of Cheng Yang’s assets . He had a million Experience Fragments on his person and six hundred thousand distributed among his generals and officers .

He had no plans of retrieving those funds, which allowed his officers experience bars to fill rapidly .

More than three hundred people leveled up in just a few days, and that number increased hourly . In addition, on the twenty-sixth day of the apocalypse, May 9th, the Class Change Statues underwent a qualitative change as they leveled up .

With that, the total number of soldiers in Phoenix Village exceeded seven thousand . If you counted the soldiers in the satellite villages, Cheng Yang had a total of thirteen thousand soldiers under his control . Although this was an order of magnitude less than those under the control of Yuan Jianzhe, each one was far more powerful thanks to the Class Change Statue research bonuses .

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