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"Hey! You've killed the born-again paladin of the 10th ordinary BOSS and passed the trial and got a trial certificate."

Xiaofeng spent more than half an hour on killing the born-again paladin. However, since it was the BOSS of the instance zone, the experience would be delivered to Xiaofeng after he finished the challenge.

But he could get the drops of the equipment.

The born-again paladin burned and turned into the black ash and disappeared. Then in addition to a pile of silver coins, there were four sparkling items under its feet, and Xiao Feng immediately stepped forward and picked them up.

Knight gloves

Quality: excellent

Equipment type: heavy armor for hands

Equipment level: 10

Equipment requirements: strength greater than 30


DNF: 6-7

Strength +6

Hit rate + 2%

Knight waist support

Quality: excellent

Equipment type: heavy armor for waist

Equipment level: 10

Equipment requirements: strength greater than 30


DNF: 7-8

Strength +6

Dodge chance + 2%

Knight shield

Quality: rare

Equipment type: one-handed weapon

Equipment level: 10

Equipment requirements: warrior profession, constitution greater than 30


DNF: 11-15

Health Points +30

Strength +6

Constitution +6

Block rate +2%

The killing of the BOSS was also rewarding despite that it was only a trail mission.

Three of them were equipment, including 2 pieces of green and 1 piece of blue clothes. Their attributes were good while they were not suitable for Xiaofeng. Moreover, they were dropped by the 10th-level BOSS, so only those who reached level 10 could wear them, so he threw them into the corner of his backpack.

The fourth item was strange.

The key to the seal (left): it has the chance of dropping only when players kill the born-again paladin and it drops only once

Effect: part of the keys which can open the magic array seal

Xiaofeng thought for a while and collected this incomplete seal key. Then he looked at the fifth item in his backpack. This was not dropped by the born-again paladin, instead, it was directly sent by the system to his backpack when he killed the born-again paladin.

Trial certificate: the certificate of your completion of the trail mission and you can be transmitted to the major cities in the place of the Novice Village head

Xiaofeng was surprised and didn't expect that he could get this. After all, he was only at level 6 and used the item of Ring of faith to enter the instance zone. But he still got the trial certificate after completing the trail mission.

Although he wanted to know whether he could be sent to the main cities by using the trial certificate, he could not leave at this moment. Because there was another BOSS in this instance zone and Xiaofeng didn't want to let it go.

He turned back to the stone cave and entered the other cave of the born-again paladin. Sure enough, the second BOSS of this trial mission was here.

Corrupted born-again clergy

Level: 10

Grade: ordinary BOSS

Health Points: 1150

INT: 60

DNF: 28

MGD: 38

Skills: holy light, the spear of holy light, holy word prayer, holy light of healing, the hammer of judgment

Introduction: one of the paladins who sealed the defector. After entering the Novice Village, his strength has dropped drastically. After his death, his corpse was resurrected by the evil forces but he still has the instinct of guarding the seal.

Features: a powerful paladin attached to the temple. Although his level was reduced to 10, he's still extremely difficult to deal with

It was still a paladin attached to the temple. But its profession was ranged and the damage was magical. Moreover, its Health Points and DNF were also lower than that of the born-again paladin, so it was easier for Xiaofeng to kill.

Xiaofeng ignored the skills of the born-again clergy and rushed straight forward. He knocked the wolf-bone staff on the born-again clergy who was surrounded by the black air.


The damage was considerable. Its DNF and HP were low and Xiaofeng thought that he could kill it in half an hour. But soon, Xiaofeng knew that he was wrong.


The born-again clergy could hardly move and it was just standing still and used various skills to attack Xiaofeng. Occasionally, it would wave the huge mace and knock down on him. But it posed no threat to Xiaofeng who was blocking all the time.

But soon, after Xiaofeng had reduced its HP by more than 200 points, the born-again clergy raised its hands and used the holy light. Suddenly, its HP which was falling became full once again.


Xiaofeng's face darkened immediately. Then he looked at the skill introduction of the born-again clergy and found that two of them were healing skills!


Xiaofeng broke out into curses. It was right that the priest had the strongest consumption ability, but this BOSS was also a priest...

While Xiaofeng was fighting with the born-again clergy, several major events also happened in the official website of Myth.

Myth was independently operated and maintained by the artificial intelligence Noah. There was no operator. However, in order to supervise the Myth world, a dozen of governments and large banks around the world worked together and formed an official group, and this was the origin of the official website.

The official group's interference in the Myth world was minimal while the official website and the forum section released by it were the exchange centers of global players, and the data traffic of these two parts was amazing.

Tonight was the second day of the official open service of Myth and the official website once again opened a section which was called the live center!

When the online games were prevalent in the past few years, the live broadcasting industry was very popular, and the major game anchors had many fans. Myth didn't open the live broadcasting section at the beginning, which made many players disappointed. They also expressed their opinions on the website. They didn't expect that it opened the live center on the second day of the official open service, and suddenly many players poured in.

Well-known anchors, senior players, and the masters of the Hall of Fame had entered this center. In less than half an hour, the number of players in this sector had exceeded 10 million.

Among the various broadcast booths, one named Lao Xu is the God of Strategy attracted more than 10 million players, which were far more than other booths. If you pay attention, you would easily find that some audiences were famous players, including the well-known top managers of major guilds and the senior players.

"Welcome to my broadcast booth. Myth has just opened service and I didn't expect that so many friends come here to exchange information with me. It really makes me feel flattered."

In the interface of the live broadcast, you could see a plain middle-aged man who was wearing the novice suit and wandering in the Novice Village. But when he spoke, the booth which had tens of millions of players became quiet immediately.

"Lao Xu, stop talking rubbish! Tell us the useful information! Myth opened service yesterday and what primary information do you know?"

"That's right! Tell us some strategies!"

Many well-known players replied immediately and ignored Lao Xu's ritual noises.

"Don't hurry, Myth has just opened service for 24 hours and it's managed by the independent server of Noah. The official group knows little information and so do I."

"Shit! You are the God of strategy and I believe you know all the game strategies!"

"Right! You are the best analyst of online games and be careful not to damage your reputation."

It was clear that the players in this booth were confident in Lao Xu. After all, he really lived up to his reputation as "the best analyst of online games". In the past several years when online games were popular, he knew all the information about them.

Even the famous Hall of Fame was made based on Lao Xu's information.

Moreover, the unofficial rankings developed by Lao Xu himself, such as the beauty rankings of the online game world, had convinced countless players.

In terms of intelligence and news, his influence alone was equal to that of the official group. He was really famous and no wonder that his booth had just opened half an hour ago and tens of millions of players followed him.

"Well, the game just opened yesterday and I can't find enough information."

It seemed that Lao Xu was helpless. He wandered in the Novice Village and talked with the NPC from time to time.

"Oh, no. Don't you know something about Myth?"

"Are you serious? We are waiting for your goddess list!"

Lao Xu was right to some extent. The game world had just opened and all players were at the Novice Village. It was normal that he knew little about the game.

"But you are famous and with your vision and experience, you should know something, right?"

There were also players who didn't believe it. And the vice president of a major guild asked with doubts.

"Well, you are right. Although I don't have vital news, I have more information about this game than the official website."

Sure enough, he did not disappoint the players and the number of players in this booth soared after he has said this.

"Stop talking rubbish! Tell us the information!"


Lao Xu said slowly while countless players were urging him.

"Myth is the first virtual world online game, then it's different from the traditional online games and we can't play them in the same way. I believe that everyone understands the importance and influence of this game world, then I don't need to talk much about it. The next information is also related to the game itself."

"Myth has a lot of sub-professions. For example, the warrior profession has the full-constitution shield warrior, the full-strength crazy warrior and the swordsman who adds the points of strength and agility and others."

"As for the professions, since we are at the novice stage now, I can't find the pros and cons of different professions and I can only tell you their prospects and future development."

"The biggest difference between Myth and traditional online games is the equipment. Although the types of equipment are different, for example, the plate armor mainly increases your constitution, the leather armor mainly increases your agility, the heavy armor increases your strength and the cloth armor improves your intelligence. However, all professions can wear them as long as they meet the equipment requirements. The various usages of equipment are interesting. For example, if the delicate mage wears the plate armor, the assassin who secretly attack him may find it difficult. Haha..."

The booth, which had tens of millions of people, was very quiet and everyone was listening to his words. This was definitely the first-hand game information and you could not find them on the official website.

He talked about the equipment, task, life skills, vice-professions, different places for the leveling up of different professions and the tips of tasks and strategies. These were all basic information about Myth, but many players also learned a lot from him.

"My ability is limited and I can only get the above information now. But I can answer some of your questions. Since my time is limited, I hope you can select some typical questions to ask."

The live broadcast had lasted for several hours and Lao Xu was exhausted. He was gonna close the broadcast and answer some questions before he left.

With the exception of Lao Xu, other players in the booth could not send voice messages, but countless responses also floated like smoke.

At last, there were only several questions in which the players at the current stage were interested.

"When does Myth open the currency exchange system?"

Most of the players who raised this question came from major guilds. In this global game world, these major guilds were ambitious, but everything was empty talk if they didn't have money.

At the same time, there were countless ordinary players who were concerned about this issue. They all relied on this game to earn money or survive.

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