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Not too long later, the four Hu family servants  limped up together, they were all glorious in today's conflict, the worst was Liang DaZhuang, his nose was blue- his face was swollen and his eyes were slanted, like he was beaten into a pig's head.

The four family servants went to the front and kneeled down with a 'plop' sound, they said: "Have mercy, ah, the elder is giving us a chance ah!"

Hu BuWei gave a cold grunt, he takes the tea and drinks it, his performance made it seem like he was an outsider.

Hong BaiQi also did not let this group of slaves get up, and calmly reverberated: "Let me tell you this clearly, the next questions asked by the officer- you must answer it very honestly, if dare lie, you will be severely punished!" He was used to hitting the gravel on the table, but what he hit was the teacup, only after he got up, could it gently fall, light quietly shined in Hu BuWei's eyes, you have to watch the owner beat the dog, the reason why Hong BaiQi showed such harshness, is to give both sides the impression of impartiality, scaring a few minions was nothing, he was quite polite to Hu XiaoTian, the righteous child.

Hu BuWei knew that Hong BaiQi was acting, he also knows that Hong Baiqi's purpose to find out his opinion, so his expression remains silent.

Hong BaiQi can only continue to ask: "You guys tell me honestly, after miss Tang fell into the water, what happened?"

Liang DaZhuang said with a mouth full: "Under the skies of my master, at that time the Tang family rode a big red horse rampaging the shores of CuiYun lake, we were accompanying the young master who was walking by the lake, when saw her horse galloping, I was thinking to protect the young master at that time, but the horse was too fast, I could not make it in time, seeing that my master was hit by her mount, she promptly arrested her horse, we wanted to go up to see what happened, but the young master said, good men, do not fight with women, although unharmed, the matter would be over, I never thought that……"Liang da shuang's face made a sad and devastating look.

These goods were beaten like a pig, making an expression at this time not only lets one feel sympathy – but it also look ridiculous.

The hu servant's followed: "None of us thought that the Tang family was so savage, using the same whip to beat a horse to beat our master's face, master tried to block……but was hit."

Hu XiaoTian shook his head, and sighed, he pulled up his sleeves and showed a clear whip mark on his arm to everyone.

Hu BuWei's heart shorted praises, good son, the silence speaks, this was called after-threatening attack, let the Tang family speak first, after they finish speaking, make a counter attack, demonstrate your lies with real evidence, hehe, the bully went to our Hu family first, Tang WenZheng ah Tang WenZheng, you have a six horse bridle and you still dare to challenge my official position, I don't think you want to get mixed up in the capital.

Tang Wenzheng saw Hu XiaoTian's sudden appearance of a wound-and was inwardly startled, knowing his daughter, he knew that her arrogance was indiscriminate, a horse in a busy market was actually illegal, if what this family of activist's words were true, then that his daughter must've whipped Hu XiaoTian, girl ah girl, you may have stunned heaven's weakness ah!

Tang QingXuan was originally hiding in the hands of Murong FeiYan, but after listening to this she couldn't stay silent, she suddenly opened her eyes, which gave MuRong FeiYan a shock, Tang QingXuan angrily said: "It’s must have been you who disturbed my horse, which pushed me into the water."

Hu XiaoTian sighed in his hear, this lad/girl was really not kind, I did not planned to care about you, but you keep turning black and white in front of everyone, didn't even ask about you fainting-then it went to addressing the wrong thing, this old man looks at you all youthful and beautiful-but didn't think that your heart would be so sinister, mama drop, you're really forcing me to be cruel!

Hong BaiQi frowned and said: "Miss Tang, please think clearly, just now you said the horse was frightened, and you were thrown off, why now say that they pushed you into the water?"Hong BaiQi was rather hardened, deep in his heart he sided with Hu BuWei, to size the mistakes in Tang's words, and enlarge them.

Tang QingXuan said with tears in her eyes: "I'm sure elder understands, this little girl was just shy, I couldn't even run wild on the lake, it was their masters and servants who saw a little girl's appearance, that birthed evil, the stepped forward to**me, I-a weak women was scared, the horse wanted to escape, but it was malicious! He……" she stretched her finger to Hu XiaoTian, malicious evil intentions of course refers to Hu XiaoTian.

This Tang QingXuan was obviously not a fuel-efficient lamp, face changes whenever when wants it to change, tears fall non-stop like a string of broken beads, over there was still just now's valiant and uncertainty, a completely humiliating and weight-bearing weak women: "His……his filthy mouth spewing, all sorts of things**……how do little girls fight their attackers, anxious to whip up in self-defence……Elder……"

Hu XiaoTian coldly looked at Tang QingXuan, little girl hiding, such a hard to see lie-how beautiful, this performance was not bad, not a full score but eighties, whiplash self-defence?Self consolation is also similar, it depends on you and you still want to hang onto me, you've really broken your pair of eyes.

Tang WengZheng was angry, he was really furious, in his opinion-everything that Hu XiaoTian said was a lie, but his daughter affirms that the sentence was true, this Hu family was too deceptive.

Hong BaiQi originally wanted to be a gentleman and old man, let the differences be in harmony, and to make it all happy and unpleasant, but it can be seen from the situation, that the development was full of twist and turns, it is a very difficult situation to handle, he comforted Tang QingXuan: "Miss Tang, don't cry, let's first make things clear."

Tang QingXuan stood in front of the Hu family servants, her beautiful eyes locked with the Hu family servants': "At that them was it you who hit my horse?"

The Hu servants eyes turned to look at Hu XiaoTian, he had a young master look.

At this moment Hu XiaoTian was the calmest, he laughed: "Just tell the truth, you’re not a woman, stop telling lies! " Hu XiaoTian's implication was that Tang QingXuan was lying, but he was not anxious to expose her, it was all depending on this lad/girl's performance.

At this the Hu family servants understood, without any fear in their hearts, nodded and said: "Yes, at that time I saw that the horse was going to hit my master, so I took the nearest thing I could find, and broke in between it's legs!" these servants were originally of no quality, speaking was straightforward and plain. But when they said this, many people couldn't help but laugh, even Hu BuWei couldn't help but smile.

Tang QingXuan was red with anger, today even if you can fight back, it was shameful, she bit her lip tightly: "My horse was shocked by them, jumping up and down, and threw me off, then fell into CuiYun lake, this little girl can't swim, and was almost killed by them……elder, you must help me serve justice……" she started crying again.

Liang DaZhuang couldn't look past this, and said loudly: "You are simply black and white, after you fell into the water, it was our young master who rescued you from the lake, do you have any conscience?"

Tang TieHan said: "It is you who is black and white, when you kidnapped my sister, Hu XiaoTian, didn't you put a dagger to my sister's neck and threaten us to give you the horse, although we gave you the horse, you then kidnapped her to ShuangShu mansion?"

Liang DaZhuang said: "At that time you took a few hundred people to attack us, if the young master do not do it, we have already been minced by you at this moment."

Tang TieHan said: "We were here to save people, not here to kill you?"

Liang DaShuang still wanted to say something, but Hu XiaoTian made a gesture to stop them from speaking, and whispered: "You guys leave first!"

The Four Hu family servants looked at Hu XiaoTian, their eyes showed their puzzlement, they really did not understand their master, he had to be clear- he didn't even say a word, did he really want to put the pot back down?

After the waiting for the four to leave, Hu XiaoTian slowly made his way in front of Tang QingXuan, and looked at her: "Miss Tang, you said I was at CunYun lake**you?"

When Tang QingXuan saw him come near, and stared into her eyes, she could not help but feel panicked, nodded his head and said: "Do you at this moment not admit it?"

Hu XiaoTian said: "You do have some colour, but do you think that that colour came from your devastating beauty, which is unparalleled in this world, let me restrain myself, must I be placed on the streets?"

Tang QingXuan of course did not think that she was an unparalleled beauty in this world, with long black eyelashes hanging down: "What kind of bad thing do you not dare do?"

Hu XiaoTian laughed out loud, he turned to Murong FeiYan and said: "Miss MuRong, you and Miss Tang have a good relationship, she should be good at martial arts, and it's not bad at all, I don't know anything about martial arts, my four follower's martial arts skills are very sleazy, but according to you- even if we have 5 people together, are we able to beat miss Tang?"

MongRong FeiYan secretly said in her heart why did you ask me? She had just witness the fight just now, and very clearly at that, Hu xiaoTian had no martial arts skills what so ever, Tang QingXuan was a good friend of hers, She knows about Tang QingXuan martail arts, and now she was stuck on a fence, in reality,it was not a problem for Tang QingXuanto beat more than a dozen  strong man. She lowered her voice and said: "Miss Tang cannot swim!" Her sentence was in a disguised form-saying that if Tang QingXuan had not fallen into the water, Hu XiaoTian that 'Saviour' was not able to beat her, taking a step back, it's not a problem if Tang QingXuan cannot win.

Hu XiaoTian said: "After Miss Tang drowned in the water, was what she could not recall at all, it was me who saved her, there were many people at the scene, it is not difficult to find a witness."

Officer Hong BaiQing slowly nodded.

Hu XiaoTian said again: "Tang TieHan said that I put his sister's head between my legs, but at that time, when she drowned in lake water, I used my knee against her stomach, pressing down on her, to squeeze out the lake water in her stomach, Tang QingXuan, you think about it carefully, at that time was I wearing pants?

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