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Hu XiaoTian was standing there smiling, like it wasn't anyone else’s business, as if the whole thing had nothing to do with him.

At this point, some people yelled: "Go to the office to get sentenced!" "Yes! Catch him to see the officers!" "Shangshu son is too ignorant!"

Hu BuWei's expression was like a still well that does not have ripple, he turned back to Tang wenzheng, and whispered: "Brother wenzheng, relax, today I will check the facts, but now we must not let anyone scatter from this place, such a noisy and chaotic situation, there people with ulterior motives, which will not only not solve the problem, but also make things worse and create more problems."

What Hu BuWei said was true, Tang wenzheng hugged his daughter, his heart was filled with anger, but also because of, the obscurity of the official position that he held, and was afraid to take action. When he was thinking about what to do, his two sons were overwhelmed, Tang TieHan shouted: "What is there to find out? It's so obvious, everyone saw it, that turtle's son abducted my sister, destroyed my little sister's innocence, this is a very heavy crime, if you don't kill him, he will never stop…." but he unable to finish his sentence, because Tang wenzheng had thrown a slap to his face, and angrily said: "Bastard child, what on earth do you think you are talking about?"

Tang TieHan deserved to be beaten, in the spur of the moment angrily scolded turtle's son out, Hu XiaoTian was the turtle's son, does that mean that Hu BuWei was an old turtle, in addition, he shouted that Hu XiaoTian had dirtied his sister's innocence, many people could hear this clearly, regardless of whether or not Hu XiaoTian had tainted Tang QingXuan's innocence, what will other people think later? The Tang family had excitedly brought a mob here, there was also the fact that Hu XiaoTian had to kidnap Tang QingXuan, but what had actually happened during that time? people cannot help but speculate/suspect. Even if nothing had happened, Tang QingXuan's reputation will inevitably be affected.

At this time Hong BaiQi from Jing Zhao government had come with a few men, with him was the Tang family's third-biggest Tang TieXin. Seeing the scene in front of him, Hong BaiQi secretly cried inside, how did the Hu and Tang Family even come to this conflict, but it wasn't like he had any choice on this matter, but today after hearing the news MuRong FeiYan was the first to react and came to ShangShu mansion, but he too could not avoid this as he is a part of it. If MuRong FeiYan had not participated in this matter,  Hong BaiQi would have been too lazy to trip on this muddy water, you two families want to keep fighting, after you guys finish fighting, until you are injured I will send you to the hospital, until you kill somebody I will recover the body, as for what is right or wrong, until you finish than say. Jing Zhao were difficult to deal with, Jing Zhao the name, when one listened, would be considered superior, reluctantly was also a big party, from a glance it seems like it was bigger than Jing Du,I don't know if his party was bigger than mine, not to mention a gang from the royal capital. These are officials from the capital, I have to be careful to take care of all the relationships that I make, if I was careless without knowing I would have offended someone, I must avoid the cracks in order to survive, this is really difficult.

Hong BaiQi first approached Hu BuWei and Tang wenzheng and stated his greetings, Hu BuWei said: "Sir Hong, your timing is great, I'll let you deal with this situation."

Hong BaiQi's heart cried, saying that you push all your family problem to me, are you purposely making me suffer? Hong BaiQi coughed and said: "Two big bosses, from what I have seen we could let the extra people that are not mixed in leave first then let us continue." These extra people that he was referring to was the man that the Tang brothers had brought for help.

Although Tang wenzheng was angry, it did not affect the way he thought, and even came to a conclusion, he was trespassing into ShangShu mansion, the fact that he was here to fight was true, so first letting these helpful men go first was the most reasonable thing to do now.

Tang TieHan just suffered a slap from his father, clutching his face to smoothen it, after hearing the Jing Zhao Official that had come just to ask them to leave, and he was full of anger again, he shouted in anger: "Why do we need to go, if you don't give us Tang family fairness, we will definitely not leave!"

The more people there are the power they hold, no matter how many people there are the law is not responsible for the public’s mental state, that’s why after listening to Tang TieHan's outburst they can't help but follow.

Tang wenzheng thought that this son of his was really at wit's end, curse this son of his that cannot read the situation properly.

At this time a lazy voice called out: "You really cannot let them go!"

People follow others with the bigger reputation, but saw Hu XiaoTian come out from the other side, not knowing where the blue robe came from that on his body, he was not wearing pants inside, exposing two smooth bare legs, its appearance was neither fish nor fowl. [tln: doesn't resemble anything]

Hu BuWei had a frown on his face, in his opinion his son was not at all smart, neither was he considered normal, only some people went away, this was a good thing because they only are at a disadvantage.

Hu XiaoTian said: "You wretch people, smashing my front door, beating my servants up, insulting my family's innocence, slander my name, after doing all these bad things, you actually want to leave, how can there be such a thing happening under the heavens!"

Tang TieCheng's eloquence was the best among the tree brother, he walked towards Hu XiaoTian and said: "You speak of the cuff, obviously it was you who robbed my sister, now you blame others."

Hu XiaoTian laughed: "You say I grabbed her where's your evidence?"

Tang TieCheng angrily said: "We have all seen it, my sister herself was a witness!"

Hu Xiaotian pointed at the grass patch that was still in flames: “That grass patch is it not you who burnt it?”

Tang TieCheng looked at the grass patch, he was a well-known man, thus he was not afraid to admit, and stared coldly: "So what? It was me who burned it!"

Hu Xiaotian said : “What other crimes did you commit?"

Tang TieCheng said: "Not only the broken grass pavilion, not to mention the burning, even if your grass patch is destroyed so what? Big deal we'll compensate a new grass patch to you!"

Hu Xiaotian hold a hand up to stop Tang TieCheng: "You are really tyrannical, actually want to dismantle the court, to build a new court, this is being disrespectful to Da Kang, you are clearly being rebellious ah!" They were talking about the grass patch, but he deliberately said court.

Tang TieCheng turned red from anger, and angrily said: "You dare slander me, what I said was to dismantle the grass patch when did I say court?"

"After forgiving you for overthrowing the court, looking at your sneaking looking guilty eyes, how can you be that courageous !"

Tang TieCheng stood there and withstood his shock, he bellowed: "What? This old man is not afraid, even if I overthrow the court so what……" Finishing what he said he realised that he was on the palm someone else’s hand, and instantly felt stupid on that spot.

On the side the Xu family were all scared white, heavens ah, this bastard really says anything he wants.

Hu Xiaotian profusely pointed at Tang TieCheng: “Ooo……to think you were such a treacherous traitor, you actually want to overthrow the court?"

Tang TieCheng was so angry that he was trembling, and shouted: "I said overthrow the grass patch……"

Everyone heard very clearly, that was overthrow the court.

Hu Xiaotian spread his hands in a helpless manner: "Everyone heard already, he wants to commit treason, why not you look at the situation?"

Tang TieCheng was unable to explain himself, and made a noise like wayaya, took out a knife and pointed it towards Hu Xiaotian: "Angrying me to death, traitor! Beg for your life……" A knife was out just a centimetre away from him, and was pressed backwards by Tang TieHan, Tang TieXin rush to hold him back firmly from behind, in a loud voice reminded him: "Second brother, calm down!"

Hu Xiaotian looked over the Tang brother's men that were behind: "Just now who else burned the grass?"

Looking at each other, nobody responded.

"Who else?

Hula, instantly over a hundred people were scattered clean, burning a grass patch meant prison, but if you burn a court you will be beheaded, just now Hu Xiaotian in front of everyone forced Tang TieCheng to be stress and go crazy, even the words 'overthrow the court' were said out, if it was true then all the blame should be put on his head, then it would execute the clan's nine generations, though there were not enough heads to cut. Who was that stupid, no one wanted to get involved in this matter of rebellion, at this time it was clear what would happen if one stayed.

Jing Zhao's government official Hong BaiQi watched over a hundred men be cleared clean from the site and didn't stop them, his handling of this matter to reconcile was like trying to smooth things over, turn big problems into small ones – turn small ones into none.

On this side Tang wenzheng was seven spirits missing six souls [tln: scared out of his wits], just realising that his son was made to dig a hole by Hu Xiaotian, if it was so easy to turn over the courtyard just like that – words should not be carelessly said, if this matter were to enter the emperor's ears, let alone his official position, his was even more afraid that his Tang family's heads will fall to the ground. Everyone says that Hu Buwei's son was a deaf and stupid-dementia child, but looking at today's events, one could tell that this kid was not only a clever yet insidiously cunning child, he was also evil to the extreme, but the intelligence of his own son and him was also like heaven and earth. although they were both sons, was the difference their upbringing?

Hu Xiaotian didn't really say anything much, in fact, his mind has been thinking on how to reverse this matter, the facts were before them, how to turn things around, to resolve this troublesome situation. Hu Xiaotian's remarks not only scared away over a hundred people from the Tang's family men. but also Hu Buwei – the father was shaking in indescribable shock.

As if looking for the first time – Hu Buwei turned to his son, in a stunned manner looking at him, fear and surprise was in his heart, is this really my son? Saying that black was white, making irresponsible remarks, turning the tables, turning the tides, it was obvious that the situation was very passive aggressive on one side, just a few words from him completely overturned the situation, grass! Court! Wonderful! Wonderful to the extreme, old Kang after the reign of two emperors, decades of officials, numerous of innocent people, and nobody has come up with such a brilliant idea, this son was certainly my own, how evil, how evil, how such shameful tricks can only be thought of by are, other than I – Hu Buwei who else would be able to give birth to such excellent goods, Hahaha, good!Good!The heavens have eyes, heavens have eyes, our Hu family can be saved, our Hu family has a way!

  Although Tang TieCheng said such tyrannical words like overthrowing the imperial court, Hong BaiQi could clearly see it in the sidelines, this little rascal-Hu Xiaotian was provoking the foolish boy for his own excitement, Hong BaiQi sympathised on this unfair treatment. At this moment, he was deaf, mute, only to hear nothing.

Hu Buwei at this moment opened his mouth and said: "Boss Hong, you see……" Although he didn't say much, but at this critical moment of significance this obscure moment was extraordinary, which was clearing forcing Hong BaiQi  to make a decision.

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