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Chapter 3.3
Doctoring the World – Chapter 3/3

May 5, 2018jinxcharllet

MuRong FeiYan looked at the scene before her and felt, was not only
not disappointed, on the contrary, lucky, Hu TianXiong this time-lending a hand could mean that everyone could be back in big trouble, although her shank sword was not a peerless magician, it was also created with fine steel , it was stronger than an ordinary sword, Tang QingXuan had been training in martial arts since she was young, her arm strength is extraordinary, in addition to her angry and fighting spirit, her power is no trivial matter, if this sword stabbed Hu XiaoTian, him not dying was also a serious matter.

Hu TianXiong’s martial arts was the strongest in Shangshu mansion, the moment he was here the situation flipped, immediately right foot on the fence- mind cleansing pond, and then flew away, although it was not like Tang QingXuan’s or MuRong FeiYan’s style of elegant and graceful posture, but he was flying high and fluttering down, In mid-air forward rollover and rotating at the same time, he stood in front of Hu XiaoTian to protect him when he landed, in his hand he pull out a glittering flower knife, using one hand to lift the robe, another hand to use the knife in a waist position horizontal grip, blade outwards, a typical hero appearance posture, a strong chest, taking in a big breath and shouted: “Duo! Daring rats, with me Hu TianXiong here, who dares to harm my young master!”

Actually Hu XiaoTian was grateful at first at this situation’s timely rescue, but seeing his stance, and after listening to this servant that was scared of who did not know that he was Hu TianXiong to fill his superiority complex, I’ll say, will you die if you are not loaded?

Tang QingXuan didn’t care who he was, right now in her heart she was only thinking of killing Hu XiaoTian, while thinking of stubbornly charging in, she was caught by MuRong FeiYan , MuRong FeiYan this time learned to be obedient, Tang QingXuan was angry till her eyes were red, most likely hand out her hand, simply hugged Tang QingXuan from behind to hold her still, and whispered :“QingXuan, stop creating trouble!”

Tang QingXuan struggled for a while, but couldn’t break away, at this moment Tang TieHan and Tang TieChen came together as brothers and rushed over, the two brothers saw that their sister had been successfully rescued, immediately hesitated,Tang TieChen shouted: “Brothers, rise, lets kill

this sheep theif, and bring my sister justice!”

They brought more than a hundred brothers in his encouragement immediately under the emboldened, unanimously exclaimed: “Kill the prostitute, revenge for Mistress Tang!” Voices of more than a 100 people at the same time this movement was extraordinary, within a radius of a mile I’m afraid I can hear clearly.

Although Hu Buwei to priority in sending a personal bodyguard to Hu XiaoTian, on the surface calm as usual, but was sad in his heart, towards his son Hu XiaoTian’s IQ, Hu Buwei’s heart didn’t really feel much about this, because half a year ago his son miraculously restored his mind, and was suddenly able to speak, but for Hu Hu Buwei this situation was strange, it was hard to say that his son’s illness will not be repeated, so when he heard today that Tang wenzheng was talking about this, his first reaction was that his son may be sick again.

Tang wenzheng was sitting in Hu Buwei’s carriage, his heart was also burning, although the carriage was already running very fast, he wished the carriage could grow wings, and immediately fly to shangshu mansion to save his baby daughter, before he went to find Hu Buwei he already knew that his two sons went to Shangshu mansion to save people, Tang wenzheng side already had already sent people to stop his two sons from trouble , at the same time went in person to find Hu Buwei. Tang wenzheng regretted to kill Hu Buwei’s son, after all they are officials of the same dynasty, Hu Buwei was the minister of Shangshu mansion, ranked higher than him, deep in his heart he still held the feeling of doubt, Tang wenzheng at this moment cannot think about it, in the unlikely event the his daughter was tainted by Hu Buwei’s idiot son, how will they go about solving this problem then?

The two were outside of Shangshu mansion’s gate when they just so happen to hear an earthshaking voices of murder.

“Kill the prostitute, revenge to Mistress Tang!”

Tang wenzheng had heard very clearly, and was immediatelly shocked, in his heart-he shouted not good, had his daughter suffered by the hands of prostitution, ai ya ya ya [哎呀呀呀], if something happen were to happen to my qing xuan house, I Tang wenzheng will fight for my life but I will not go find trouble with you Hu to seek justice!

When Hu Buwei heard this shout he was terrified, he only

only had one precious son, 16 years of being an idiot, cannot even say a few words, and just gained consciousness for only six months, but to provoke such a disaster, Hu Buwei now isn’t worried how much trouble his son has caused, but whether or not he is safe and sound.

For a time the crowd was turbulent, the situation was overwhelming, although Hu XiaoTian was strong and powerful, but double fist difficult enemy with four hands, Shangshu mansion’s guards saw the situation in front of them was not good, each were scared until they wanted to hide .

Tang brothers and sisters and more than a 100 brothers and friends were ready to punish Hu XiaoTian soon after, MuRong FeiYan saw that the situation was critical and tightly hugged Tang QingXuan, then shouted in a loud voice: “Everyone listen to me, Hu XiaoTian there is no law that cannot discipline evil, only official discipline, you guys don’t be so impulsive.” She obviously putting on face in front of the tang brothers and sisters to protect Hu XiaoTian, in fact it is for the Tang family’s sake, MuRong FeiYan after all is from the government , of one as powerful as her there must be some understanding.

Hu XiaoTian in this case did not show half the colour of fear, his face still shows a smily expression, going along with her nodding his head saying: “MuRong is correct, being implusive is being the devil, dda Kang has it’s own country laws, what is right or wrong has its own government to decide!”

MuRong FeiYan glared at him, in her heart silently cursed him, this bastard is really shameless to the extreme, after making this shameless situation, to now actually say some shameless words, you dare to carry out the laws of the country that you know!

Hu XiaoTian at this point seen his father’s presence at the courtyard door, followed by a dark strong middle aged man, both is officials clothing, from the official uniform the difference can be seen, Hu Buwei chest pattern is a peacock, crowned with a ruby, in conjunction with a luohua flower above. Tang wenzheng was a ranked six officer, his chest pattern was a egret, wearing a crown with small sapphires, on the top was a giant clam.

Peacock and cormorant were very different in terms of contrast it was obvious that the former had a more high end atmosphere, as for the crown jewels, Hu Buwei’s piece of ruby seemed to

seemed to be larger than Tang wenzheng small sapphire at least four times larger, as the saying goes people than people are dead, goods than goods are thrown [tln: people should not compare with each other, everyone has their own talent, there are advantages and disadvantages between each other its not right to compare]. Three officers and six officers were stationed outside, the differences can be seen. In fact if one of them were 180 cm tall, or more than 180cm tall. Hu Buwei was medium build, reuctantly he was only 170 cm tall, but Hu Buwe was wearing a 7 centimeters thick official boots, the increase in effect was quite obvious, coupled with his own anger-his stature did not pose such a manner, standing next to Tang wenzheng, can be said that all aspects of Tang wenzheng looked sharp, but all his seemed to look was shabby.

Hu Buwei saw the chaos of the situation in front of him, from the crowd trying to find his baby son, seeing that he was unharmed, immediately him heart calmed down, he snorted and said: “Nonsense!” His voice was not very loud, but it was fierce, an appearance that has attention attracted over.

Tang wenzheng was concerned about his daughter, seeing that his sons and daughter were standing there, him too in his heart took a sigh of relief, and shouted : “Everyone stop this instance! ”his throat played a role. after all the scene mostly comprised of members of the Tang family, seeing their father, the tang brothers and sister calmed down, at home Tang wenzheng was extremely authoritative, since the head of the family arrived, another big burden was how the fathers were going to deal with this situation.

Tang QingXuan saw that her father was here, and her eyes brightened up, gently twist to break free from MuRong FeiYan grasps, she yelled father, then flew to over, and rushed into his arms, suddenly burst into tears, she usually has a strong and tough character, ain’t many times when she would cry in front of somebody, but today she was humiliated by Hu XiaoTian, she felt extreme anguish in her heart, after seeing her father, with all her sorrow and grief that was filed in her heart, tears flowed uncontrollably without stopping.

Tang wenzheng saw his daughters crying sad face, his eyes can’t help but turn red, he whispered :“my dear daughter don’t cry, let your father handle this situation!” After saying this he coldly glared at Hu glared at Hu Buwei, the meaning of his expression was very obvious, you the son of Hu Buwei thinking that you did a good job, oday i will seek justice!

Tang TieHan and Tang TieChen, to say that the two boys are not shrewd goods, Tang TieHan with a coarsed voice said :“Father, that bastard Hu XiaoTian actually robbed my sister, we cannot forgive him!”

Hu Buwei after listening to the boys words of anger, wrinkled a frown slightly, and without saying anything, slowly walked towards Hu XiaoTian.

MuRong FeiYan saw the staff of Shangshu mansion approaching, and bowed down panicky, using small steps to move out of the way, this is called paying tribute, coming to about 7 feet away to the place, hands to chest, a micro bow, minimen arm movements, slightly bent knees, this was the female version of paying tribute, she was only an eight rank guard, in front of this third ranked officer one must have enough enough manners.

Hu XiaoTian looked at MuRong FeiYan every move, and found that the etiquette of Da Kang and ancient china to be very similar, his knowledge of china was quite profound, seeing their demeanor, unconsciously used to contrast.

MuRong FeiYan respectfully said :“Da Kang Ministry’s escort MuRong FeiYan greets big boss Hu!”

Hu Buwei nodded his head slightly, with a gently expression and said:” I never would have thought that the two houses of Hu and Tang would come together to shock Jing Zhao!” Hu Buwei was craftly cunning though he did not denounced the woman in front of him, his sentence had pointed out two important points, first he criticised the conflicts of today as chores, in this premise if Jing Zhao intervene it meant nothing.

MuRong FeiYan said:“Hu big boss……”

But Hu Buwei wasn’t listening to her, and walked past her, like she was insignificant in his eyes. Eyes staring at his precious son Hu XiaoTian, immediately become agitated, he roared : “Evil creature, I’ll deal with you later!” normally one would ask ten people what the hell is going on? but Hu Buwei will not make this mistake, in his eyes everything was there, ten of them have the truth on the Tang family’s side, he did not want to question the matter in full view. If in front of so many people were there when his son forced the girl, , the situation would be more unfavourable, when people want to investigate, I’m sure that it was impossible to get out of this situation.

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