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Hi, another new novel that will be worked on on this site!

This novel is really hard to translate, so it has to be split into two parts.

Here you go, the first part of the first chapter, enjoy! The rest will be out tomorrow.

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Translated by: A very tired Naervan.

Edited by: sinyueliang and JerryDaBaws


Chapter 1: Son of a treacherous court official, part 1!

Memory is not always reliable. Sometimes, forgetting is the best course of action.

Hu XiaoTian’s attitude towards everything in the past is one without any yearning. In fact, he doesn’t even wish to reminisce the past. His previous life wasn’t a beautiful one, so in this life, he would rather forget his past than remember it.


He could now finally understand the real value of life. It was the enjoyment of living. No longer did he possess ambition. No longer did he possess lofty goals. He only desired to live like the rich, who had no need to worry about living expenses and could pass their lives in luxury – squandering their money everyday, and then finding a delicate and beautiful girl to marry. The best would be to have two kids, a girl and a boy. When the daughter is off to marry, and the son off to settle down with his own family, Hu XiaoTian would start a life of his retirement. Then, after a certain afternoon nap, with a loyal old yellow dog, he would sit in a courtyard filled with flowers and fragrance wafting everywhere. He would bathe in the sunlight, steep a cup of good tea, and play a few rounds of chess, his descendents running around him as he lived of life of leisure and ordinariness.


Originally, he should have been able to easily fulfill this desire, but his father was the Prime Minister of Revenue, Hu BuWei. In Hu XiaoTian’s memories, this position was akin to the head of the Financial Affairs Department, but as of now, it is a principle third rank official in the Da Kang, and controls the central finance powers. The position was granted only to those who held the trust of Da Kang’s royal family, and having lasted the past two generations of rulers, was as unmovable as the Mount Tai.


Hu XiaoTian, as that court official’s only son and the only heir of the third generation, was naturally valued by the Hu family as their precious pearl. Regretfully, even in this world, there existed all kinds of regrets. Hu XiaoTian’s consciousness only began to develop half a year ago. Last year, on October 15th, a strange phenomenon occurred. The Blood Moon had risen in the sky, and the hundred year old iron tree in the flower garden behind the government building bloomed on this night. At almost the exact same time, Hu XiaoTian’s memories had begun to manifest in the body of this 16 year old mute and idiotic son of a rich official.


The first thing Hu XiaoTian remembered after awakening was that he still had two surgeries to do. Due to working in the operation room for 32 hours straight, he had over exhausted himself and died. His consciousness had floated in the vast stretches of time and space, traveling over three thousand worlds before finally landing in the Da Kang Ministry of the High Official Minister’s idiotic, retarded, stupid, useless waste of a scoundrel and piece of trash, of a son’s empty shell.


He had magically become 16 years old again, and his name now had a Xiao in it. From this day onwards, Hu Tian had become Hu XiaoTian. The consciousness of the 28 year old had entered this shell of a body. It was a good thing that his outer appearance had not changed too much, save for becoming slightly more youthful. It was also from this day onward that he had decided to live the life and leisurely pass his time. But fantasies will always remain fantasies, and there was no way for him to discard his memories of Hu Tian. As a result, he cannot discard his worries, and before long, Hu XiaoTian discovered that being a smart person doesn’t necessarily mean that you can live a happier life than that of an idiot.


Da Kang has prospered for eight years, and currently it was the last third of the fourth month. Hu XiaoTian was lazily seated in a delicately carved upper room. The room was richly decorated with various ornaments and all the furnishings were extremely expensive. Just outside the room lay a long walkway, eight vermillion red pillars splitting the sunlight. Outside of this walkway, there was a vast a spacious courtyard, and in the courtyard, fresh spring flowers bloomed. The orderly layout, adding to the tender yellow leaf clusters that exuded fragrant scents and the vines that drifted softly in the wind, gave one a feeling that they could  carefree and relax in this place.


The sunlight peeked through the leaves, passing through the windows and leaving behind motley shadows. Hu XiaoTian deeply breathed in the fragrance of the flowers as he slowly walked into the shadows cast by the light, both hands behind his back as he did so. Every blade of grass and tree trunk were so close and clear. They were so familiar, as if copied from his memories without a single flaw. Only, in the past, he had never taken a careful notice of the beauty in living. Don’t even mention joy, his memories only had a dry and dull flavor. He hadn’t done anything other than singlemindedly study the medical arts, and almost never found any happiness nor delight in living. No relationships, no friendships, no love. It wasn’t the kind of life that he wanted to recall.


Liang DaZhuang was the errand boy and servant of the household and possessed a great and fat body. He had started to follow and serve this young master half a year ago. This time, he walked quietly on his tip toes. When he saw Hu XiaoTian, he suddenly smiled, both of his eyes creasing into lines and his 八 shaped mustache slightly raised up. That, along with the folds around his eyes, made him appear like a large steamed meat bun*. “This servant congratulates the young master, and wishes young master happiness!”

[Jerry: Think of something like this]


The servant was himself, and the young master naturally was Hu XiaoTian.


Hu XiaoTian had used over half a year to understand the changes around him and get used to them. He could now deal with situations like this as if it was second nature to him. This was the so called getting into a role.


The lazy squinting of both eyes appeared differently on someone’s face depending on the person. On Liang DaZhuang, it caused him to appear as if he was pandering and fawning, but when Hu XiaoTian lazily squinted his eyes, it gave him an air of magnanimity. A previous idiot would, of course, not have any noble aura to speak of, but when this body had suddenly received a medical doctor’s vast knowledge, his every movement now seemed trenchant and sagacious. “What happy thing?” Eloquent words were not a barrier to Hu XiaoTian. One must know that when he was just 20 years of age, he was a renowned hexalingual. Da Kang’s language didn’t have much of a difference when compared to the languages that he used to know and the only noticeable difference lay in the enunciations as well as the incomplete words and phrases that were employed. To someone who could easily earn a national Master Degree, this was merely children’s play.


Liang DaZhuang lowered his head and bowed, saying, “Young Master, I heard that the Old Master and Madam had just determined your wedding!”


After hearing this, Hu XiaoTian’s expression suddenly became very gloomy and depressed. In Da Kang, there was no such thing as a romantic love between husband and wives, and the parents were the matchmakers and absolute decision wielders when it came to marriage. Although this was not as free as a romantic marriage, there was also a good side to this. In Da Kang, polygamy was legal. As long as you have enough money, you can have as many wives as you desired. This was a time where powerful individuals were respected, and as long as you had enough power and strength, you could have all the land, resources, gold, houses, and beautiful women that you wanted…


Arranging marriages between babies was a popular thing to do in Da Kang, and it involved matching the social status between families. People such as Hu XiaoTian, who were children of officials, were like hotcakes – they were in extremely high demand. When he had only been in his mother’s belly for three months, his wedding had already been set. The family of his fiancee was ZhouRuiYuan, a former first rank official whom had been directly serving under Da Kang’s Right Prime Minister, the Crown Prince, and the Imperial Tutor. They were from the Imperial Academy and were employed as the Imperial tutor of the Crown Prince and were also able to talk on the same level with those who were of higher rank. They were one of the dynasty’s upper pillars, and very celebrated figures in the Da Kang. For the Hu Family, this was akin to marrying up the ladder. Even though Hu BuWei held great financial power, he was only a third rank official. Just as Hu XiaoTian had turned two, other families caught wind that the Hu Family’s Young Master was a retard. As such, Hu BuWei was forced to cancel the engagement without any hesitation.

The power gap between a two ranks, even with only one rank of difference, could oppress a person to the point of death. Hu BuWei didn’t dare say anything in front of a first rank official, and could only subserviently cancel the marriage, all while smiling and apologizing, despite hating the ZhouRuiYuan family to his very bones. Three years ago, the east palace’s Crown Prince, Long YeLin, was crippled due to losing favor, and as the Crown Prince’s Imperial Tutor, the Zhou Family could not avoid getting involved. Of course, Hu BuWei wouldn’t let go of such a great opportunity to throw stones at the one who had fallen in the well, and so he followed in the footsteps of other officials and proceeded to ruthlessly participate in the robbing of this bastard’s assets. This directly caused the Zhou Family’s demotion to commoner status, and at long last, Hu BuWei could finally vent the frustrations that had settled in his chest.

Although the news that Hu XiaoTian is an idiot is known throughout all of the capital, the amount of people coming to apply for a marriage between their daughters and Hu XiaoTian did not decrease. Of course, they were all lower ranked officials. Nobody really desired to give their daughter to an idiot, and only valued the power and authority that Hu BuWei held as the Minister of Financial Affairs.

As an experienced official who had held a position for many years, Hu BuWei could easily see through the intentions of these people. Although he was an expert in the art of currying favor, he despised those who were like him the most, down to the very depths of his heart. As such, he rejected all of them. Even though his son was a retard, he would not allow him to be taken advantage of. As a result, this situation had come about over the course of time in which Hu XiaoTian remained single at the age of 16, with no marriage in sight.

Hu BuWei had originally thought that he had to feed and raise this idiotic son for the rest of his life. Due to the natural aptitude of his son, it was obviously hopeless to expect anything great for him. At least under his care, his son would be able to live in a carefree manner and enjoy life to its fullest. Hu BuWei was not someone without ambitions, but no matter how big ambitions can become, it still needs to lower itself in the face of reality.

Hu XiaoTian’s sudden awakening gave Hu BuWei a pleasant surprise, and at the same time, released the wild ambitions that he had locked up deep inside his heart. He quickly arranged a marriage between Hu XiaoTian and the daughter of the Jian NanXi province’s governor. The family head was known as the Glorious Grand Master, and was the Head of the Ministry of Warfare. He possessed great speaking power, and administered his own prefecture. With over three thousand households, his name was Li TianHeng. Although he was also only a third ranked official in Da Kang, he was a legitimate border official and possessed the deep trust of the current Crown Prince, Long YeQing. The day after the Crown Prince gained the throne would be the day that Li TianHeng rises up. Hu BuWei, as someone who lived in the court, was extremely familiar with the way the court operates and had a deep understanding of court history. As a result, he knew how to handle opportunities like this, watch the trend, and predict the future. Hu BuWei took the initiative to arrange the marriages between their two families precisely due to this matter.

In actuality, Hu BuWei had already hinted towards this much earlier, but the arranged marriage had been fake and only the alliance was real. The Li Family’s daughter was paralyzed, and rumors had it that she was ugly beyond words. Even so, Li TianHeng did not wish to pair his daughter with a retard.

The paper marriage allowed Hu XiaoTian to realize that his unrealistic fantasies were merely that – fantasies. To marry someone who he does not even know the appearance of, and one with a paralyzed lower body as well as rumored to be ugly beyond words… Was there even any fortune to speak of?

So when Liang DaZhuang mentioned this matter, Hu XiaoTian immediately became unhappy. He sighed and said, “It’s best not to not mention it!”

Liang DaZhuang looked very dumb, but his brain was not so.  He was actually very skilled at observing a person’s mood, else he wouldn’t have been able to become a servant of the Hu Family and take on heavy responsibilities such as becoming Hu XiaoTian’s personal servant. He could see that Hu XiaoTian’s mood wasn’t the best and so he said cautiously, “Young master, today’s weather is great. How about we go outside for a walk and relieve some of your boredom?”

Hu XiaoTian nodded and said, “Good suggestion!”

The Ministry of Finance’s noble son, despite not needing people to beat the drums and clear the way with heralds announcing his presence, needed for others to shout and yell everywhere so that people’s attention would focus on him. Other than Liang DaZhuang, there were three other servants accompanying him. All of them were wearing black clothes and a small cap as they walked with their heads held up high behind Hu XiaoTian. They bluffed as hard as they could while under the presence of their Young Master. It was a great example of a fox pretending to be a tiger in order to scare the dog. As a third rank official’s servant, they were at least comparable to a ninth ranked official in terms of authority. Their ego was enormous.


Son of a treacherous court official (Middle)


Even though it has already been over half a year since Hu XiaoTian hadrecovered his memories, he had to spend four months of that time recovering his body. The Heavens had given him an unhealthy body that was weak and pale, with all four limbs lacking strength, and weakness of breath. The Hu Family was very wealthy, and everyday clothes and food were provided, so according to reason, this should not have been caused by improper care. The real reason was because Hu XiaoTian had always feared sunlight in his entire 16 years of life, and as such, always hid in shady corners. He had spent long period of time without any exposure to the sun, and this affected his vitamin D production, which then affected his body’s ability to absorb calcium. In summary, not only had he not used his brain or body to do any extraneous activities in the last 16 years, he also lacked calcium.

In the span of half a year, during the time in which Hu XiaoTian had to understand this new world, he also planned his recovery and training. He indulged in the brilliant sunlight, fresh air, and unadulterated water sources, and at a myriad of nutritious and tasty foods. Hu XiaoTian only used four months to shape his battered body into one with an ideal shape. Only those who had experienced death could know of the importance of a healthy body. The body was the foundation to having a good life as that of enjoying life.

Hu XiaoTian walked at the very front, wearing light colored clothes. The collar and ends of the sleeves were embroidered with silver threads into an elegant and fancy design. At his waist, there hung a fanciful embroidered sash, and on his head rested a black silk official’s hat [TLN/EN: Something like this~] with a piece of blue jade embedded into the center of the forehead. He was six feet tall, and boot of his feet wore thin layered horse riding boots. Though they were said to be thin, they were actually three centimeters thick. They actually couldn’t be compared to the pair that his father wore for the sake of increasing height. They were a pair of official’s boots with seven centimeter thick soles, which gave a certain amount of height boosting effect. So Hu XiaoTian’s height naturally exceeded six feet, and although he was not at the level of a crane in a crowd of chickens when he walked among others, he was still at the level of where he would overlook the crowd.

Hu XiaoTian didn’t go outside in a sedan chair, but a horse was still necessary. Just like a certain President Hoover of the United States, one hand was holding a cane and the other was guiding the date red horse as it followed behind him. The imperial bell hanging from the horse’s neck made jingling sounds that attracted the looks of many people, and Hu XiaoTian thought at least once that if Hoover was here, he would only have the fate of leading his horse.

The Hu Family’s Young Master had many eccentric oddities that others didn’t understand, such as wearing nothing but his underwear as he bathed in the sunlight of the courtyard. Trying to sun tan his body of pale white into a healthy wheat brown color, or ordering people to dig a pool in the courtyard, but not planting lotus or keeping fishes in there and instead asking for blocks of limestone to be cut in orderly fashion and laid in there. He would then take off his clothing each day to swim in it, creating many awkward moments for the girl and old women servants as they were too embarrassed to walk in front of him and instead took the long way around as much as possible. If they couldn’t take the long way around, they would walk past with their eyes closed, and because of this, the female servants were often beaten by the walkways until they had a bloody nose and swollen face.

The most excessive thing was that he also hung several different sized sand bags on the large tree in the courtyard, and when he had free time he would go to punch and kick them as if he was an insane person, not stopping until he was entirely exhausted.

The Hu Family’s assets were vast, and they had horse carts, palanquins, and over hundreds of fine steeds, but every time this weirdo went out on one of his few outings, he would elect to walk. As for his fine red steed, almost every time he is seen with it he would be leading it Hoover style, and almost never had anyone seen him actually ride it.

In the eyes of the Hu Family, this Young Master was a masochist who loved tormenting himself and disliked enjoyment. Although he had recovered his consciousness and was able to speak, his mind was definitely not that of a normal one. To the Hu Family, even the slight change from a retard to an insane man was an acceptable thing to celebrate. After all, having experienced 16 years of being a retard, how bad could it get?

The bluish-green lakeside was packed with people. The calm mirror like surface of the lake and the deep greenish waters, under the dazzling afternoon sunlight, shone with silvery light. Rows of tour boats floated around the lake, startling many herons and causing them to fly up, creating a screen of pure white feathered curtain and lines of beautiful silver in the warm spring skies.

Hu XiaoTian’s sight was attracted to the beautiful spring scene, the clouds reflecting on the lake’s surface. He could see the fishes swimming through the clouds and the birds flying through the lake.

Magnolia crafted and pleasure boats floated randomly about, making sweet sounds like music. Occasionally the sounds of laughter would join in as well. In this kind of beautiful weather, a girl who spends the entire winter holed up in a room could finally take the chance to get a breath of fresh air. The lake side also had many scholars walking about it, in order to gather different life experiences. Of course, there were also many wealthy noble sons, who were taking the opportunity to come here as a righteous excuse to hunt for a romantic relationship.

Some nobles who were hunting for romance would naturally meet a girl yearning for romance. This season was one that nurtured these types of emotional sprouts, and Hu XiaoTian watched as many youthful young girls walked past his shoulders, some flawless beauties, some young and delectable, and every one of them dressed to fully display their feminine charms. Thinking back to the arranged marriage between himself and the Li Family’s daughter, who was said to be paralyzed for five years and a rumor to be ugly beyond description to boot, he went from happily enjoying the spring scene to a dark and vile mood. If he really must be joined to a paralyzed and sick person for a lifetime, it would hurt more than killing him.

[t/l : hue, dis guy speaks from experience xD]

The crowd of people in the front suddenly became erratic and disquiet, as the crowd split in two to allow something to pass. A set of hurried horse hooves thumped, the sound carrying through the warm air, as they ran on a limestone paved road and beat out a melodic temple, the blades of grass at the sides of the road slightly trembling in response.

A young girl wearing red clothing and sitting on a fine, rouge colored steed rode towards Hu XiaoTian’s direction in a fast gallop. As her horse ran, she yelled, “Get out of the way, get out of the way!” If it is said to be late, it could also said to be fast, and in the blink of an eye she had arrived in front of Hu XiaoTian.

Hu XiaoTian, due to being stuck in his dark thoughts, only realized the situation he was in when it was too late. He watched as the steed came close, about to hit his body. Thankfully, the red clothed girl had a swift eye and fast hands. Those snowy white and slender hands yanked on the reins, causing the charging steed to rear upright, almost as if it was standing.

The horse hooves slammed down, making a PENG sound as they hit the limestone road! It had rang out from not more than two feet away, and was a shock to the heart and soul. if that girl reacted one moment later, the horse would have definitely send Hu XiaoTian flying.

Hu XiaoTian’s servants, who were behind him, were all scared to the point that the blood had drained from their faces and turned them pale white. Their sole duty was to keep their precious Young Master safe, and if the Young Master had some sort of mishap, then the great minister would definitely skin them alive.

Hu XiaoTian was also startled by this unexpected event, and he raised his head to see a young girl wearing red clothes with sleeves straight like arrows, and a martial artist’s buttoned shirt, along with a brocaded cloak embroidered with a fine pattern of green jade silk. Red bloomers, a golden edged muslin skirt, embroidered black soled horse riding shoes, and hair that had been brushed and rolled into a loose knot atop her head, her black hair separated into two waterfalls that fell from the knot and lead into drapes that rested on her shoulders like a swallow’s tail. Her eyebrows were like art, complimenting her attire in order to create the image of a delicate and lovable person.

[Something like this]

When Hu XiaoTian saw this young girl, the first thing he thought was, what a beauty! After experiencing over 28 years of professional work, his love life had been like an empty field, and in this life, it can’t be said that his current arranged marriage was satisfactory in the least. With the spring scene that had moved his romantic side, and due to everyone loving beautiful people, as well as two lifetime’s worth of male hormones, this weirdo had become extra sensitive to females.

If the Li Family’s Young Lady looked like this, then how great would it be? Hu XiaoTian thought secretly – I wouldn’t mind sharing the bed with you, and wouldn’t mind following you through marriage and having children. Leisurely living out a life like that wasn’t a bad thing.

That red clothed girl’s delicate face was scarlet red from that wild gallop, and Hu XiaoTian was looking at her with a lusty expression. This was a time where special attention is paid to noblemen and they should not express their feelings, and not closely look at or touch a female, even when exchanging gifts.

The red clothed girl originally had a bad temper, and now the road had been blocked by Hu XiaoTian, and then she was stared at by him directly, without any manner, causing the fire of anger in her heart to suddenly rise up. She raised the horse whip in her hands and swung it down toward Hu XiaoTian’s head, yelling in a tender voice, “Shameless person, what are you looking at?!”

Hu XiaoTian couldn’t have predicted that this red clothed young girl would have attacked, and he hurried to block the whip with his forearms. It hit him with a pa!, splitting open the outer sleeves and leaving a long line of blood accompanied by scorching hot pain.

The four servants saw that this little girl had actually dared to attack and injure someone, and that someone who was targeted had been their Young Master! All of them surged forward, with the one in front being Liang DaZhuang. He was the personal servant of Hu XiaoTian, and when his master gets injured, he must naturally take charge. The red clothed girl’s fighting skill were not bad, her whip dancing in her hand as she willed it to, hitting where she pointed and tormenting the servants, who could only endure the attacks silently.

Hoover might have been the last one to make a move, but his method was the most superior. To capture a bandit, one must capture their head. Too shoot a person, one must first shoot the horse. This guy snuck around the scarlet horse and raised his cane, aiming at it between the cracks on the horse’s butt and shoved the cane forward. The meter long cane sunk half its length into the horse, causing it to jump up in pain. Hoover’s understanding of a horse’s behavior came from his long years of raising horses. To make a horse listen isn’t an easy thing, but he had hundreds upon thousands of methods to make a horse not listen.

The red clothed young girl might be good with a whip, but even if one can dodge a spear in front, they cannot guard against a hidden arrow. She never would have thought that her own mount would be the target of a person’s sneak attack, suddenly go wild, and throw her delicate body off at such a remarkable speed.

Hu XiaoTian had yet to recover from that whip slash, still hurting from it, when he had heard the red clothed girl cry out in a delicate voice as she flew off the horse. One must admit that this young girl flying through the air was something to be admired. She looked like a flying goddess, completing several graceful twirls as she was in the air.

But, no matter how graceful one is in flight, in the end landing was inevitable. After all, there existed something called gravity! Newton had proved this theory long ago. Hu XiaoTian’s sight followed this young girl’s flying body as he looked forward to seeing her face kiss the earth and become swollen and bloody. Who let you hit, I, your father? Evil tendencies. Hu XiaoTian’s evil tendencies had been abnormally large lately.

The red clothed little girl didn’t fulfill Hu XiaoTian’s wishes though, and the distance she flew had surpassed expectations. She flew off the horse’s back, flew across the paved road, flew across the grass on the lakeside, and flew in a straight line toward the crystal clear lake waters.


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Son of a treacherous court official (Down)


Hu XiaoTian pondered something inside his head. Could it be that this little girl knew a body lightening technique, and was using the situation at hand to create her own plan? In the end, she was still a beauty, ah, even taking a fall was this eyecatching.

When the red clothed girl saw the lake beneath her, she let out a sound from her mouth that could split people’s eardrums, and then with a back flip, landed in the water. Sadly, the move did not complete itself before she hit the surface of the lake, her butt leading the way. It made a huge wave of water that splashed the swimming ducks straight in the face, who looked towards the ripples with a miserable face before waddling their fat butts and swimming away rapidly.

The scene suddenly quieted down, and the people surrounding the area gathered near the spot the girl had fallen in, each and every one of the nobles and scholars pointing towards it as they shook their heads. Despite this, there was not one person who took the initiative to jump into the water and rescue her.

Hu XiaoTian also squeezed into the crowd, the four servants helping pave the way. He joined the line of people nearest to the edge of the lake; this was the best spot for viewing the scene.

The water splash created was huge, and one really couldn’t tell if such a small girl could have actually caused this large of a commotion. A butt hitting the water was a big no no when diving, and obviously it wasn’t a good method when it caused such large of a splash. If one went to the olympics with this sort of skill level, the judges would all give zeroes.

Splash, splash. The sound of water splashing rose, and the small girl with messy hair floated up to the surface of the lake, her hands making wild movements as her head bobbed nonstop, almost as if she had eaten a bobble head dan. “Help… *swallow*…” The small girl wasn’t calling gulping sounds, but rather she was calling for help. The words did not leave her mouth though, as lake water entered before they could. Only when one admires from afar would something be considered beautiful. The Feathered Cloud Lake needed a certain distance to appreciate its beauty. It was actually quite dangerous if one got too close, and was a great example of beauty tied in with danger. Especially for someone like the red clothed girl, who couldn’t swim at all.

Liang DaZhuang, who was next to Hu XiaoTian, said with a smirk on his face, “Young Master… it looks like this girl can’t swim!”

Hoover furrowed his brows, falling into deep thought. “Weird, how does one fall into the lake like this?” He knew the reason, but a person’s life was not something anyone would want to be connected with their own self.

The other two family servants also opened their mouths to laugh in a silly manner; it was a laugh that was from those who were enjoying the misfortune of others. It was not that the Hu Family didn’t have any sympathy, but because of the feelings that they had at the moment. Who let you be so crass and not know who the person you’re being rude is? To dare provoke the Hu Family, do you not know who our lord is? A third ranked official in the court – the Minister of Financial Affairs. Even when you beat the dog, you must look at the owner. To actually dare hit our Young Master… serves you right! The emphatic owner will have emphatic servants, and the corrupt owner will have corrupt servants.

The people who had gathered to enjoy the commotion had reached a number large enough to compose up a huge crowd. There were some people who were yelling out, “A beauty fell into the water! Someone help!”

The one who yelled the loudest was standing just to the right of Hu XiaoTian. This bastard, at the same time that he was calling for others to go to the rescue, looked at Hu XiaoTian. Hu XiaoTian looked back at him. You ass, if you like yelling so much then why don’t you go and jump in there yourself? His evil tendencies were threatening to surface. In the past, he did not like using cuss words, but right now he couldn’t resist calling out, “Cold and detached human emotions, hypocrisy of the world!”

[t/l an ancient style of prose.]

The head of the red clothed girl popped up from the water, her hair scattering everywhere. What had happened from the beautiful pose earlier? This was the perfect example of the female ghost from The Ring.This time she wasn’t even able to start screaming for help before she gulped in more water.

Hu XiaoTian looked left and right. “Somebody Help!”

Liang DaZhuang swallowed some spit with a gulp. Hoover and the other two family servants also followed in his stead, gulping loudly. These four family servants were a bunch of drought born ducks!

[JerryDaBaws: ducks that were born during a drought, having nowhere to swim and thus they can’t swim XD]

Hu XiaoTian’s feelings were gloomy to the max. “Ahhhh, a bunch of trash! Idiots!” Hu XiaoTian could only take off his own long shirt and shoes.

Liang DaZhuang hurried and grabbed his arm, saying, “Young Master, the water is deep and dangerous. Think about your own identity! Don’t be rash and get into danger for that little girl!” Hoover and the other three servants all nodded their heads in agreement.

“Go cool off on the sides!” Hu XiaoTian said angrily. This bastard stripped down until he was only in his underpants, then, while in full view of everyone, jumped into the lake waters. Liang DaZhuang only pretentiously pulled on his arm for a moment before letting go. He clearly understood the swimming abilities of his master. The Young master almost took a swim in the Hu Family’s newly dug pond every day, swimming back and forth for hours on end. If he got into the mood, he would also float around spread eagled. This level of swimming ability was definitely comparable to that of a duck’s.

The lake water was a lot more shallow than what Hu XiaoTian had been expecting. When he reached the red clothed girl, he saw that she was still struggling, though clearly exhausted. Hu XiaoTian found that the spot they were at was no deeper than three meters. No matter how he looked at it, the girl should be at least 1.5 or 1.6 meters tall, and yet, just being underwater for a brief moment had made her like this. Hu XiaoTian dragged the girl out of the water, picking her up before heading towards the far shore. This time, the girl had become much more honest, and wasn’t even moving the slightest while in Hu XiaoTian’s embrace, one of her arm’s dangling like a corpse’s.

The people who were watching the commotion all started to murmur and whisper to each other. Could this little girl have drowned?

Hu XiaoTian knew for a fact that the girl wasn’t dead. She had only fainted from taking in too much water. The surrounding girls who were watching the scene saw a perfectly toned male body walk out of the water, their faces all flushing bright red as their heartbeats quickened and they turned their heads away. Hu XiaoTian, in these past four months, had not wasted a single second. His wheat colored skin was glistening, and his defined muscles rippled, showing the flexibility and power contained within.

In this type of time period, even the guys would rarely show their bodies. The april weather was slightly cold, and no matter if it was a refined scholar or a worldly noble, all of them believed that only by wrapping themselves up in long robes and large billowy sleeves could they show their refined and cultured sides. Every era has it’s own aesthetics, but the appreciation for a perfect body would never change.

Hu XiaoTian’s body-builder physique had been exposed to the crowd. This type of scene rarely ever happened. The girls who were in the surroundings all wanted to peek, even though they all felt embarrassed, thinking it wasn’t proper. Girls also had the power to appreciate beauty and a desire to do so. The more sneakily they could peek at something, the more flushed and excited they would get.

There were ten pleasure boats that had been floating around when this had happened, and the many ladies and daughters of officials hiding inside the boats all peeked out through the various pearl drapes and thin silks to observe Hu XiaoTian’s perfectly toned backside. The lad water had completely soaked Hu XiaoTian’s underpants, and this guy’s firm and full butt played hide and seek with the viewers as he moved, naturally turning many of the girls’ eyes red with lust. The braver girls had already lifted the drapes as they publicly watched the spectacle, and others were even doing investigations of Hu XiaoTian’s background.

Hu XiaoTian hadn’t exposed his toned body on purpose. This guy had never been an exhibitionist by nature, but because he didn’t care too much about putting on clothing under the current conditions, he had ended up in this situation. He carried the girl under a shady tree, and then let four of his servants spread out to shoo away some members of the crowd that had gotten too close. After, he made them stand with their backs facing Hu XiaoTian and the girl, as if to cover them up.

A doctor’s heart. Although Hu XiaoTian had decided that he would not be a doctor again after he had recovered his memories, he was still unable to ignore someone who needed his help. As a result, he did not have the slightest hint of hesitation when he had made his decision.

Hu XiaoTian’s first action was to untie the girl’s skirt knot – something that was fashionable in this area. The little girl’s waist was really thin, but she had still tied the silk band, a palm width silk cloth with gold embroidery sewn in the pattern of a turquoise, around it really tight, making untying a pain in the ass.

As Liang DaZhuang shooed away the people who had gathered around, he took a peek at his Young Master’s actions. When he saw his Young Master untying the girl’s skirt, he suddenly felt a bit sluggish. This was in bright daylight, under the full view of everyone! Young Master, ah, you must have some integrity ahhh. Only a retard would do this kind of thing under this kind of situations. Taking off clothes then untying the belt before taking the next step…

Hoover also took his thinking down the same line, and gestured with his mouth at Liang DaZhuang, hinting for him to go stop the Young Master. Liang DaZhuang also hinted with his mouth. Who was the Young Master? Isn’t he an idiot who had stayed as a mental retard for a full 16 years? Who knows what kind of shameful thing he’d commit, else the minister wouldn’t have sent so many of them to look after him. But, the minister had only said to protect the Young Master and hadn’t said anything about letting them stop his actions, therefore they only needed to follow orders and everything would be fine.

Although the surrounding people had been scatter away by the servants, they could still see what was happening over there. Though the Hu Family servants’ bodies were not skinny, there was no realistic way to completely cover up the two behind them. When Hu xiaoTian undid the girl’s skirt, many people saw it happening clearly, and they all began to yell out accusations. “So shameless, to actually do this sort of outrageous thing under the bright sun.”

“Is there any order anymore, are there any laws anymore…?”

Some people had already found out who Hu XiaoTian was. “Better to avoid unnecessary trouble. That person is minister Hu BuWei’s only son. I hear he’s an idiot, and no matter what that idiot does, it won’t land him behind bars…”

“This is really preposterous!”

Some cursed in low voices, some pointed and gestures, some just waited to watch what would unfold, and some were enjoying the scene with open glee, but none actually dared to go up and stop Hu XiaoTian’s evil actions. Almost all who watched had the air of “that’s not happening to me, so why should I care?”. Just speaking words that condemned him were more than enough to fulfill their sense of justice.

Hu XiaoTian picked out a few blades of water grass from inside the girl’s mouth and then plucked off a few water snails that were sucking on her face. He then cleared the passageways of both her nose and mouth. Seeing that her belly was slightly bulging out, he knew that she had obviously drank in too much lakewater. So Hu xiaoTian knelt down with one knee, bending the other, and placed the girl on his bent leg. Pressing down on her head so that she was facing the ground, he then placed his other hand on her back.

The people looked on from afar, and although they couldn’t see too clearly, they could still see the son of the minister stick the red clothed girl’s head in between his legs. The f*ck, this bastard really was shameless, actually forcing that girl to do that kind of thing in public… Aiyah, this really was a disgrace to the refined and cultured! Really cannot keep on watching! But those nobles and scholars didn’t have the slightest intention of closing their eyes, with one hand pointing and condemning, and the other showing extreme expectation. This kind of scene was really something exciting.

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