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Chapter 1 (Part 1)

Memories are unreliable and forgetting can be beautiful.

Hu Xiaotian does not have any attachment to the past. He is not even bothered to recall it. His past life is not what you can particularly beautiful, so he would rather forget it in this life.

He finally understood that the real meaning of life lies in ‘enjoying’ life. He has no ideals nor ambition. He just wants to become a rich man that need not to have worries about food and clothing in this world. He would spend little money every day, and then marry a beautiful wife and give birth to both handsome and lovely children, even twins. It is best to have two children, a girl and a boy, at least it is what he prefers. When his daughter gets married and his son gets married, he starts to take care of himself and his wife as they spend their rest of their life together. On a warm afternoon, he takes a loyal old yellow dog and sits in a fragrant courtyard, bathes in sunshine, makes a pot of good tea, plays two or three chess games with the children.

Originally, he should be able to easily realize this wish, because his father was Hu Buwei, minister of the household department of Da Kang. In Hu Xiaotian’s past memory, this position was equivalent to that of finance minister. Now, he is an official of Zheng Sanpin in Da Kang. He holds the financial power of Da Kang and is deeply trusted by the royal family of Da Kang. Even after two generations of emperors, his position has always been stable.

Hu Xiaotian, the only son of the court official, was naturally regarded as the apple of the Hu family’s eye by the top and bottom. Unfortunately, there are also regrets of one kind or another in this world. Hu Xiaotian’s consciousness sprouted just six months ago. On October 15 last year, he had a natural vision. The red moon was in the sky. The 100 – year – old Cycas tree in front of the flow cup pavilion in the back garden of Shangshu House blossomed that night. Almost at the same time, the second generation of official, who had been mute for 16 years and had dementia, suddenly regained his sanity.

[Editor: don’t try and speed through here as it is a little bit confusing]

The first thing Hu Xiaotian remembered after waking up was that he still had two surgeries left undone. Prior to this, he had been working on the operating table for 32 hours in a row. Because he was too tired and exhausted to work on the operating table, Hu Xiaotian’s consciousness crossed the long river of time and space and drifted away from 3,000 worlds before finally settling in the body of the dementia son, Shangshufu, Department of Family Affairs, Dakang.

His age magically changed to 16 years old, and his name also added a small character. From this day on, Hu Tian became Hu Xiaotian, and his 28 – year – old ideology was also integrated into this empty body. Fortunately, his appearance did not change much, but he was only a little younger. That is, from this day on, he decided to begin to enjoy life and live a life of ease and contentment. However, ten percent of life’s disappointments * *, can’t forget the memory, can’t put off the worry, it didn’t take long for Hu Xiaotian to find that being a wise man is not necessarily better than being a fool to live a happy life.

[Editor: ** in the Raws]

In the eighth year of Da Kang Long Qi, it was the last ten days of April when Hu Xiaotian was sitting lazily in a delicate upper room. The room was carved with beams and painted buildings. The interior furnishings were also extremely exquisite and luxurious. Outside was a long corridor, with eight scarlet pillars separating the sunlight. Outside the corridor was a square courtyard with about one mu. The courtyard was full of spring flowers and clusters of flowers. In the tender yellow leaves, the flowers were blooming and the breeze was passing. The vines like silk sash rippled with the wind and a faint fragrance came quietly, making people relaxed and happy.

Sunlight passing through the gaps of the branches and leaves and panes, leaving mottled light and shadow. Hu Xiaotian took a deep breath from the flowers, carried both in his hands, he slowly walked into the ‘light and shadow’ (shade). Every blade of grass is so kind and familiar, and there is no difference with everything in his memory. It is just that he has never paid close attention to the beauty of life in the past, let alone any enjoyment. Memories are boring and more boring for him. He seems to find no bright spot of pleasure except his single-minded research on medical technology. Without affection, friendship, love, that kind of life is not worth his nostalgia.

Liang Dazhuang [1], a bloated cap [Editor: fat?] , is a member of the Shangshu House. He was ordered to wait on the young master half a year ago. He crept up and smiled when he saw Hu Xiaotian. His small eyes narrowed into two slits. His moustache tilted slightly and the folds of his eyes decorated this fellow’s big face like an oversize meat bun: ” Congratulations to the young master, master He Xi!”

Slave is himself (Liang Dazhuang) , while the master naturally is Hu Xiaotian.

Hu Xiaotian also spent half a year to understand and adapt to all the changes that have taken place around him, but now he has been able to face it calmly and cope with it freely, which is often said that he has completely entered the role.

With a lazy narrowed pair of eyes, the same expression appeared on different people’s faces [Mc and fatty], and it presents two completely different expressions, in Liang Dazhuang is flattering so as to please, and in Hu Xiaotian it exudes a nobly atmosphere, a fool’s body of course there will be no noble spirit as Hu Xiaotian is not the original owner, but when the body was suddenly given the consciousness of the medical doctor, his every move is vivid and ‘wise’ : “Speak of the matter you want to dicuss.” Of course, language will not become an obstacle on Hu Xiaotian’s way forward. Ever since he was 20 years old, he was already familiar with the six representative languages in the world at that time. Da Kang’s language and characters are not much different from those in the past, just like a variant of Chinese characters, with slightly different pronunciations. His diction is half-written and half – white. For him, who once easily obtained a master’s degree in Chinese studies, there is no problem at all.

Liang Dazhuang bowed his head and bowed. ” Master, I heard that the master and the wife have just made a marriage for you!”

Hearing this, Hu Xiaotian’s expression instantly became depressed and distressed. In Dakang, he did not advocate any free love. His parents’ orders from matchmakers still held an absolutely dominant position. Although there was no freedom of love and marriage, there was also an advantage. Polygamy was legal in Dakang. As long as you had money and power, you could marry several houses. This is an era when the strong are king. As long as you have enough strength, you can occupy as many resources as possible, including money, land, real estate and beautiful women.

Big kang set up an example of a young marriage, and also pays attention to the match [couple], such as Hu Xiaotian an officer of the second generation is born from a demand [politics], his mother became pregnant in March and has set a marriage thereafter, in-laws Zhou Ruiyuan used to be the first product of the dynasty official as such officials worship big Kang including the right prime Minister. And in accordance to Prince Taishi and with academician bachelor’s ordered it to be posted for all to know as Big Kang was prominent for the while. The Hu family is also a climbing branch, because, although Hu is not holding financial power, after all, Hu Xiaotian is only a third product officer.

[Editor: This paragraph gave me a slight headache because of the absence of conjuctions. I more or less able to convey the paragraph above.]

Although officers kill people, Hu Buwei of course did not dare to say anything in front of the first-class official in the current dynasty. He could only honestly give the marriage back. He not only lost his smile, but also had to accompany him. However, he hated Zhou Ruiyuan deeply in his heart. Three years ago, Prince Longyelin of the Eastern Palace was abolished due to his lack of favor. Zhou Ruiyuan, a prince’s surname, was inevitably implicated. Hu Buwei also did not miss this opportunity to fall into the pit. He followed all the courtiers to participate in this product, which directly led to Zhou Ruiyuan’s dismissal as a member of the people, and was also considered to be out.

Although Hu Xiaotian’s dementia is almost well known in the capital, there are still an endless stream of people who want to join the family. Of course, all of them are junior officials. No one really wants to marry his daughter to a fool especially to those of high ranking. What they value is nothing more than the power of Hu Buwei, the minister of household affairs.

Hu is an official for many years, of course, know the real intention of these people as he is good at speculation, but in his heart he despise this help from the ‘snobbish’ people, although his son is a fool he still want his son to be married, but he also cannot be used by others for no reason, locking him into a stalemate between decisions, in the end, Hu Xiaotian who was already 16 years old till today is still unmarried.

Hu Buwei had originally planned to support his foolish son in this way for the rest of his life. It is obvious that he cannot make contributions and prosper with his child’s qualification, but he can at least live a safe and carefree happy life under his protection. Hu Buwei is not a man without ambition, but no matter how ambitious he is, he has to lower his head in front of reality.

Hu Xiaotian’s sudden awakening brought great surprise to Hu. At the same time, it also made his hidden ambitions stir up again. He soon chose Hu Xiaotian an in-laws who were Jiannan Xichuan’s envoy, Dr. Guanglu, the minister of the Ministry of Defense of the People’s Liberation Army, Li Tianheng, who had 3,000 households in Pingzhang, Xi Zhou Yin, Xichuan’s Founding Duke and Shiyi. Although he was the same as him in Dakang, he was indeed an inexorable [cannot be changed] government official and won the trust of today’s Prince Longye Qing. When the prince ascended the throne in the future, in court and also one must be familiar with history, grasp the present and look to the future. Hu’s refusal to offer marriage with Li family is precisely for this political purpose.

In fact, Hu Buwei had already hinted in this respect that marriage is false and alliance is true. Li Jia has a daughter who is paralyzed and is said to be ugly. Even so, Li Tianheng would not be willing to betroth his daughter to a fool. However, after confirming that Master Hu suddenly regained his sanity and speech ability, Li finally agreed, and the two exchanged birthdates and set a wedding date. The wedding date is on the 6th of October, less than half a year before the wedding date.

A piece of engagement made Hu Xiaotian realize immediately that his dream of a leisurely life has become an extravagant hope. There is no happiness at all when he marries a wife he has never met, whose lower limbs are paralyzed, and who is said to be a peerless ugly woman.

It was Liang Dazhuang’s mention of the incident that made Hu Xiaotian unhappy. He sighed and said, ” Don’t mention it!”

Although Liang Dazhuang looks stupid, but his brain is not stupid. He is especially good at seeing things, otherwise he will not be entrusted with important tasks by Hu Jintao and become Hu Xiaotian’s personal servant. Seeing that Hu Xiaotian was in a bad mood, Liang Dazhuang said cautiously: ” Master, it’s a fine day today. Why don’t I go out with you to relax?”

Hu Xiaotian nodded and said: ” All right!”

The son of the ministers of the household department goes out of the house, although there is no need for the gongs and drums to open the way, he can be crowding round, and it is absolutely necessary to shout, drink and break. In addition to Liang Dazhuang, there are also three family members accompanying him. The three family members’ small had caps on, with their heads up behind Hu Xiaotian’s shoulders, throw their weight around. They are the most appropriate people to use for these circumstances. However, the family members of the family of the high-ranking officials feel good about themselves.


[1] Should I just call him meat bun fatty or just fatty? Because it is much easier to remember.

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