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The Doctor was looking out of the window, watching Yates, Benton and a squad of UNIT troops trying to get the TARDIS off its pile of rubble and onto a waiting lorry. They were using a ricketty-looking improvised derrick, made from ropes and wooden beams.

The TARDIS gave a sudden lurch, and the Doctor uttered an indignant yell. 'Hey, just you be careful with that-it's the only one I've got!

Cloak flying behind him, he dashed out of the room, obviously determined to supervise operations himself.

The Brigadier collected his hat, gloves and swagger-stick.

'Come along, Miss Grant. It looks as if we'll have the Doctor with us for some time yet. Good job we've got you to keep an eye on him!

Jo smiled to herself. Maybe the Doctor would defeat the Time Lords and get away from Earth-some day. She couldn't help hoping that it wouldn't happen too soon.

She crossed to the window. The Doctor had joined the little group around the pile of rubble, together with Sergeant Benton and Captain Yates. All three were arguing furiously, waving their arms, disputing the next move in rescuing the TARDIS. The Brigadier joined them, and the arguments broke out afresh. Jo grinned, and went down the stairs to join in. It was nice to see things back to normal...

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