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Two fists collided moving at the speed of light, each time the two fists hit each other a surge of wind blew across Hell. "You're incredibly strong Issei!"

"To inherit Hell from our father... I must train. my hardest." Issei looked as he had a black and red aura growing around him. "I will be the first demon to break through the 40th wall," Issei said as he would let out a yell and the aura around him grew. "And you must too, isn't that right Delilah."

"Yes, big brother," Delilah said as she increased her power and the two began to move faster.

Kaito looked around himself. Standing before him was an enormous academy. Kaito looked amazed to see a pathway of marble tiles laying in front of him. And to his side was a long pasture of emerald which was radiating of the grass. Kaito glanced back to see a swarm of people coming through the gate. Before Kaito had even realised he felt lost in the crowd that had suddenly walked past him.

Kaito tried to break through the people surrounding him. Once he had found his way to the front Kaito saw the large entrance before him. He glanced back once more to see the others had stopped. Kaito was quite puzzled as to what had caused the pause.

Kaito decided to press forward until he heard a low voice whisper. “Stop!” Kaito looked back to see someone signalling him to move backwards. At that moment the doors swung open. Kaito looked to see a tall white man with a small grey beard and hair which was gelled up. He seemed as if he was in his fifties. He finally made his way to the stairs before he spoke.

“This is Diamond's Academy and as you know. Today is the initiation day where we decide whether or not we want you accepted in this school. I am the holy saint Raphael the vice principal of the school. Due to God's state, you all know he will be unable to attend. Without further delay let us press forward to the endurance exam.” Raphael turned around and then walked into the school.

Kaito was completely bewildered. What had happened to God? Wasn't he omnipotent? Kaito's mind was racing with thoughts. At that second he felt someone nudge him. “What are you doing just standing there?” a voice said softly.

Kaito looked to his side to see a female standing next to him. She had long blonde hair and baby blue eyes which seemed to sparkle when Kaito gazed into her eyes. For almost a split second Kaito felt himself to be lost in it. Kaito was surprised to see that she was about the same height as him and her chest seemed to have blossomed. Kaito quickly shook his head and smiled. “Sorry, my mind must've drifted. I'm Kaito.” He said pulling his arm out for her to shake.

The female smiled, she then shook Kaito's hands and said. “My name is Chuyā.” She then began to walk and dragged him by his hand. “We should start going now.” as she pulled him to the stairs.

Kaito sighed. “I'm coming.” He said as he would walk up the stairs and then he realised Chuyā had released his hand. The two began to walk for a while before catching up with the other students. Kaito and Chuyā were just in time to hear Raphael's final speech.“ This here is our simulation room. Each one of you will take an opportunity to use this device. We will be monitoring each one of you.” Raphael walked towards the start engine and looked to the others. “This will be added to your results. Line up now.”

All the 200 students lined up in an orderly fashioned line, Kaito had ended up in the middle of that. Once they had lined up, Raphael gave each student a card with digits Kaito was candidate one-hundred.

In front of the contenders was a giant TV where everyone could monitor how the candidates in the simulation were doing.

Kaito had no particular interest in what happening in front of him he was trapped in his mind and lost with thoughts. Kaito was thinking of what had happened to God. Kaito had realised that ever since he had been aware of his new-found power his mind often drifted.

Kaito's trail of thought was interrupted by the loud cheering of the students. Kaito's eyes looked up at the TV to see Chuyā in front of him. She had single-handedly taken down fifty-six demons. Kaito looked amazed to see Chuya doing so well. He began to clap his hands once he had seen her come out of the simulation.

Kaito had spent so much time day-dreaming he hadn't realised that it was his turn.

Kaito cracked his knuckles he walked up to Raphael and was told to sit down. Kaito closed his eyes and a ray of light beamed straight onto his face.

Kaito opened his eyes. He looked around to see that every building around himself was in ruin. Kaito looked shocked. He saw a flock of demons heading straight for him.

Kaito gulped as he would then yell out. "Awaken..." Kaito felt himself be lifted up and a luminous aura engulfed Kaito. 

He dropped down as he opened his eyes and his dark silver eyes glistened. Kaito yelled out. "Divine Swords." Appearing in Kaito's palms was two swords which were 150cm long. 

Kaito sprinted forward as he would easily manoeuvre himself past all the demons and slice each one of them down.

Kaito had just cut down about three demons and approaching him was a swarm of more demons. Kaito stood there smirking. He knew that this form of his was quite unstable since he had only used it once other than now. But a sense of excitement filled his body as whenever he entered this form.

Kaito watched as he saw a flood of demons rush at him and at that moment. Kaito bent his knees and twisted himself round moving swiftly. Kaito began to spin himself as if he was a spinner top. Kaito cut through the flood of demons leaving each one of them battered and bruised on the floor.

At that moment a large screen appeared in front of him notifying Kaito that he only had 5 seconds and he had defeated 43 demons.

Kaito looked as he would concentrate his power and sprouting his wings out his back and he soared into the sky searching for more demons but unfortunately left with only 43.

Kaito spawned back into the academy. He heard some people congratulate him as he walked over to Chuyā. "Heh! I guess I didn't do as well as you."

Chuya smiled."You were amazing!" She said with joy.

Just then two boys came over to the Chuyā and Kaito. "Yeah, you two got the second and third-highest!" They said clapping his hands.

Kaito looked over to one of the boys."What? Chuyā came second? Who could have possibly beat her?" Kaito said almost baffled to hear someone got over 50 demons.

The boy pointed at another angel who was laying back against the wall with his head down. "He got eighty-two demons."

Kaito's mouth flew open in shock. "Eighty-two demons?! That must be impossible!"

The other boy chipped in."He's one of the child prodigies. He's been training on his angel skills from the age of eight."

"But I thought all angels bloom at 13." He looked at him wondering just how strong he was.

"There is some exception to having some early bloomers, the youngest angel with powers is six." The boy continued.

"What?!" Kaito was amazed.

"I'm Clover, by the way, this is my twin Ace." The four of them shook hands with each other and chattered amongst themselves for a while.

Raphael called out to everyone."We will now be moving onto the one on one match to see how you fair against each other."

"The digits presented on the card bestowed upon you will be a way in which you will use to be put up against one another."

Raphael then sprouted his wings out of his back and flew up in the air. He pointed at the chairs."The people not fighting will sit here. "

Raphael then flew back to the ground and walked off to the side. "Go sit down everyone." He said as he laid back and waited for everyone to be seated.

He snapped his fingers and what rose from the ground was a mid-sized lever which came up.

"The rules are simple. If you give up or knocked unconscious you lose." Raphael said.

A giant tv appeared in the line of sight in which everyone could see it.

Raphael wrapped his hands around the lever and pulled it. Once that happened random numbers began to spin round and round until it landed on the numbers 99 vs 54.

Raphael yelled out. "Number 99 and 54 step forward!" Kaito knew 101 was Chuya but intrigued to see who number 54 was and to his surprise the one who walked to the arena as Ace.

Ace and Chuyā exchanged looks with one another. The two reached the arena and smiled at each other. "Let's make this fight fun."

Raphael yelled out loud. "Begin!"

At the same time, Chuyā and Ace yelled out. "Awaken!"

Luminous colour engulfed both Ace and Chuyā and their angel form.

Chuyā spread out her wings and flew up into the sky."Divine bow!" She yelled out.

"I won't go easy on you." She smirked as she put five arrows on her bow and a golden aura surrounded arrows, Chuyā sent it straight at Ace heading at 150 miles per hour.

Ace manoeuvred himself past three of the arrows and smiled. Infront of him was two arrows coming at him at 150 miles per hour. He quickly used his powers of fire blasts sending it to them.

Ace yelled out."Is this all you got?!" He threw five fireballs at Chuyā.

Chuyā smiled as a barrier surrounded him, she watched as she pointed behind Ace.

Clover shouted out. "LOOK OUT!" he pointed at three arrows which were just about to impale Ace.

Ace widened his eyes as it was too late, he watched as one arrow impaled right into his arm and just as the other two was about to hit him he teleported away.

Ace held his arm as the other watched blood flow from his arm."GRR!' Ace felt an enormous sense of rage awaken inside him, he yelled out."Divine scythe!" He closed his eyes and in his right hand appeared a long scythe.

Kaito turned round to Clover."Why out of all those weapons would he choose a scythe of all weapons?"

Clover smiled. "Ace has been training for a year non-stop to earn the title of the Angel reaper... He uses a scythe because he wants to be the one who exterminates all the demons. Four years ago our father the angel reaper went on a mission to the 13th wall along with a whole army of elemental angels." Clover clutched his fists. "They were defeated by a child..."

Kaito's eyes widened. "A child?!"

"The son of the devil Issei..." Clovers voice went off trail."Once my brother heard the news, he shut out everyone around him; but he said one day that he had a dream. That he had spoken to our father and said he would be stronger than our father and he would personally kill Issei, our father used a scythe he decided to follow in his steps."

Kaito looked over to Clover."What happens when an angel dies?" He said wondering what would have happened to his mother and Ace's father.

"They are reincarnated into humans,"

"Oh..." Kaito then turned his head to the arena where the fight was commencing.

Ace looked up at Chuyā spinning his scythe in his hand. Ace dashed forward and leapt upwards attempting to slice right through her cheek. A line of blood fell from Chuyā's cheek as at that moment He would then teleported in front of Chuyā using the end side of his scythe to hit her stomach.

The moment his scythe connected to Chuyā he watched as she was sent flying into a wall.

Chuyā slowly got up with scratches on her face and arms. Chuyā then dashed at Ace attempted to punch him in his face.

Ace used his scythe to attempt to block the punch. Chuyā's punch had a lot of force and even with the blockage with the scythe Ace felt himself be sent back.

Due to his injured left arm, Ace was now at a disadvantage and unable to win in a fist fight. But it seemed as if he wouldn't be able to avoid a fist fight for much longer.

Ace backflipped back and landed on his feet. He sent a barrage of fireballs towards Chuyā and trying to create a barrier from any attack.

Chuyā yawned. "Is this all you got?" Chuyā made a barrier appeared in front of her.

Ace would smile. An aura surrounded him again and his eyes shined bright white. "Reaper's light speed." Ace muttered to himself.

Before the blink of an eye Ace's feet was lifted from the ground. He dashed forward punching the barrier with his right arm and hit it completely shattering it. He moved again appearing behind Chuyā strike her in her back sending her flying.

Chuyā hit the wall and laid there.

Raphael walked to Chuyā. "Hmm." He bent over and checked her pulse. "She's out cold." He snapped his fingers. Three medical angels picked Chuyā and took her away. Ace wins..."

Kaito looked amazed at Ace. "What was that?!"

Clover looked speechless for a few seconds. "I have no idea!"

Ace made his way to Clover and Kaito. "I should go see Chuyā see if she's ok later..."

Clover looked up at him. "What was that form?!"

Ace smiled. "Some people have to have their secrets." Ace tapped his nose and sat down.

Kaito and the others watched for a while to see the other fights that happened.

Kaito was quite bored but finally got interested when Clover's match began. Clover had easily defeated his enemy.

After many monotonous fights, he finally found himself staring at the screen.

Number 100 vs Number 1.

Kaito stood up and walked down to the arena to see the man with eighty-six demon kills.

"Are you ready to lose?" The boy said cockily.

A woman sat next to Clover and Ace "Your friend stands no chance against Chimon..."

Raphael shouted out. "Begin!" As the Kaito's battle with the prodigy, Chimon was about to commence.

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