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Chapter 302: 302
Chapter 302: You Were Called Only To Carry Things (3)

Ji Mingzhe did not wish to talk to him and simply walked ahead to look for Mo Beihan .

The three men set off in the early morning and had been walking for an entire morning . Mo Beihan only stopped when there were traces of large animals in the surroundings .

“Let’s lay some traps in the surroundings . We will go forward later . ”

For the umpteenth time, Ji Mingzhe said, “Brother, do you still want your life? This place is already dangerous as it is but you still want to go even deeper into the mountains?”


Ji Mingzhe: …

Lin Dongxu was very obedient and followed whatever Mo Beihan said without asking . Now, he already ran to dig and lay traps very obediently .

Ji Mingzhe completely surrendered to these two people!

Mo Beihan had been to this forest plenty of times before so he was very familiar with it .

It was spring now thus there were many animals like chicken, rabbit and deers . There were even all sorts of wild vegetables, mushrooms and most importantly, herbs .

His Yao Yao liked these the most .

After setting up the traps, he told Ji Mingzhe and Lin Dongxu to pluck those mushrooms and wild vegetables while he searched for herbs .

In his hands was the powder that Gu Qingyao gave him . It was extremely tempting when the powder was laced on those baits as the scent could travel a far distance . Hence, Mo Beihan was not at all worried that there would be no prey .

There were rarely any humans in here thus herbs were still aplenty . Mo Beihan only stopped plucking herbs when he filled an entire sack .

He went hunting afterward . He had the concoction that Gu Qingyao made for him . It was similar to anesthesia – by wiping a layer of the concoction on a hidden weapon, the prey which touched the weapon would collapse immediately . The effects would wear off after a period of time, thus it was not dangerous at all .

Mo Beihan only stopped after catching a few deers and silly roe deers as well as some chicken and rabbit .

When he saw the two, they had two entire sacks of mushrooms, vegetables and fungus .

Mo Beihan chuckled . “You all got so much but are you all able to bring them back?”

Ji Mingzhe: …

Lin Dongxu, “…”

Looking at the sack in his hands that was filled to the brim, Ji Mingzhe’s lips twitched!

There was no choice . It was the first time he went hunting so deep in the mountains and there were plenty of items here . There were too many people in the periphery who plucked vegetables and whatnot and bit by bit, the citizens looted them all . It was unlike here .

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There were goods everywhere?

Excited, he collected too much .

Meanwhile, Lin Dongxu was always protective of food . As he was too poor last time, he was not picky and collected every edible item that he saw . And by accident, he collected a massive amount .

This was not the first time already but every time he came out with Mo Beihan, he could not change this habit!

Mo Beihan needed herbs, thus he collected more of those .

But wild vegetables and mushrooms were not as important . Almost every family had these at this generation, hence it did not have a high monetary value .

Only those people in the city who did not go to the mountains to pluck vegetables would occasionally require these items .

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Although it was not very important, they were reluctant to leave it behind too, so they still decided to keep everything .

There was a river ahead and Mo Beihan mainly came to catch fish this time .

There were especially many fishes in this river and many were very large-sized as nobody came to fish for a long time . He knew this since his previous lifetime thus he came here now .

After placing their items down, Mo Beihan took out a fishing net and the three cooperated to catch fish .

After pulling up the net, Ji Mingzhe’s eyes bulged out at the sight of the number of fishes in the net .

“There’s… there’s so many fishes here?”

Mo Beihan’s lips curled up . He used the item that Yao Yao gave him and lured many fishes over before casting the net .

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