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Chapter 257: 257
Chapter 257: Midway Interception (4)

The Gu Qingyao in the past rarely left the house and the clothes she wore were very low-key and almost all were old . It was not that she did not have new clothes – in contrast, she had many .

Her elder brothers frequently gave her money and cloth coupons, and even specially sent back any good materials when they came across them outside .

However, she rarely wore those, or at least, she rarely wore them out .

The past Gu Qingyao was very cautious .

Now, because of her engagement with Mo Beihan, she did not restrict what she wore as much as before .

Everyone knew that Mo Beihan was rich .

Not wanting to care about this kind of person, Gu Qingyao walked away .

However, Wang Li rushed over and stopped Gu Qingyao . “Stop!”

She spread her arms open and stopped in front of Gu Qingyao . Gu Qingyao came to a stop .

Sun Mei spoke and acted in a superior manner . “What’s that in your hands?”

Gu Qingyao’s lips curled into a faint smile . “Food . ”

“Delivering it to the Mo family?”

Gu Qingyao did not reply .

Sun Mei walked over and simply reached out for the crock in Gu Qingyao’s arms . “I’m familiar with the Mo family . I go to the Mo family’s house frequently to chat with Auntie Jiang . I will deliver it for you . You can leave already . ”

Indeed, all kinds of strange people exist in the world .

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Gu Qingyao abruptly retreated and pushed Sun Mei’s hands away . “There’s no need . I know where the Mo family’s house is . There’s no need to trouble you . ”

Sun Mei and Wang Li were stunned for a moment as they did not expect Gu Qingyao to reject them . But subsequently, anger emerged on Sun Mei’s face though she did not lose her cool .

But Wang Li did .

She shouted, “How bold of you . Sister Sun Mei told you to give her so you should give it to her . Why are you going to the Mo house for no reason? Are you shameless?”

Gu Qingyao smirked . “That’s my fiance’s house . I can go whenever I like . ”


Wang Li pushed Gu Qingyao out of anger . “What’s this attitude? I see that the Gu family is not educated well . You all should be dragged out to be given a good punishment to change this landlord family’s missy attitude of yours . ”

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Gu Qingyao remained at her spot and smirked . “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with my attitude . Instead, it’s you two who rushed up to me for no reason and want to steal my things . I did not agree and you all even want to hit me . What do you all want to do? Snatch by force?

“You will be caught for robbery . Who gave you all the courage to be so arrogant in your own brigade in the day? Who did you learn this bandit-like attitude from? How is this any different from the landlords who once bullied the citizens?”


Wang Li turned pale and stepped back out of surprise .

She was unruly but she did not have much experience nor knowledge and was instantly frightened when she heard what Gu Qingyao said .

Evidently, Sun Mei was also startled by Gu Qingyao’s attitude . The past Gu Qingyao was not like this .

Back then, she was very timid and dared not utter a word .

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Why did she suddenly become like this?

Did she become bolder after being engaged to Mo Beihan?

At the thought of that, Sun Mei’s expression turned even uglier and her words were even nastier .

“I said, give me . I already said that I’m very familiar with the Mo family and I always go to their house to chat with Auntie Jiang . When Brother Beihan left, he told me to take care of Auntie Jiang . Give that to me . ”

Seeing that Sun Mei wanted to snatch again, Gu Qingyao pushed her away and said with a cold expression, “Is there a problem with your brain? What has it got to do with me whether you are familiar with the Mo family or not? What has it got to do with you when I am delivering something to the Mo family? Bring your own things to the Mo family if you want to go and care for them, won’t you? What’s with snatching other people’s things in the middle of the road?”

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